DEVEL-CVS   [plain text]

                        CVS Development Policies

This file, DEVEL-CVS, contains the policies by which the CVS
development group operates.  Also see the HACKING file.

Charter for the devel-cvs mailing list:

The CVS Developers' List <> exists to help people
with access to the CVS source repository co-ordinate changes, make
releases, and administer the repository.

Everyone who has been given checkin access to the repository for the
CVS sources should read devel-cvs.  Only those with checkin access may
send messages to the list.

The devel-cvs list may be used to discuss:
- administrivia regarding the CVS source repository and release
  process, and
- changes and features intended for inclusion in the official CVS
  release (either source code or documentation), which someone plans
  to implement, or has implemented.

The devel-cvs list should not be used to discuss:
- changes or features to packages other than the CVS release
  (e.g., related packages like tkCVS, RAD/CVS, or other groups'
  distributions of CVS, like RCVS, etc.),
- changes which nobody has offered to implement, or
- the philosophy of CVS (as opposed to a specific change to CVS).
These topics should either go on info-cvs, or have a new mailing list
created for them.

The topic restrictions in this charter do not reflect the development
group's future plans for CVS; rather, they reflect a topic
classification which the group finds helpful.

Policies regarding the CVS source repository:

By checking items into the repository, developers agree to permit
distribution of such items under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Procedure for dealing with people who want to be developers:

People who want checkin access are first requested to send
patches and have them reviewed by a developer.  If they submit some
good ones (preferably over a period of time, to demonstrate sustained
interest), then one of the developers can ask the devel-cvs mailing
list whether it is OK to make this person a developer (after first
sending the prospective developer a copy of this file and then having
the prospective developer say they want to be a developer).  If there
are no objections, the person will be made a developer.

Policy regarding checkout-only access:

Checkout-only access to the CVS repository is available to all, on an
anonymous basis (no need for registration or other complications).
The exact technical mechanisms by which it is available are not
covered by this policy.