ChangeLog-9395   [plain text]

Note: this log overlaps in time with ChangeLog-9194.  There was a time
during which changes which had been merged into the official CVS
(which produced releases such as 1.4A1 and 1.4A2) went into what has
become ChangeLog-9194, and changes which existed only at Cygnus went
into this file (ChangeLog-9395).  Eventually the Cygnus release became
Cyclic CVS (as it was then called), which became CVS 1.5, so probably
all the changes in both (what are now) ChangeLog-9194 and
ChangeLog-9395 made it into 1.5.

Sun Dec 31 17:33:47 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* import.c (add_rev): Revert portion of 31 Aug 95 change which
	passes -u to ci instead of using a hard link.
	* (import): Add test for above-fixed bug.

Sun Dec 31 16:40:41 1995  Peter Chubb  <>
			  and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Call freevers_ts before returning.

Mon Dec 25 12:20:06 1995  Peter Wemm  <peter@haywire.DIALix.COM>

	* logmsg.c (rcsinfo_proc): initialise line and
	line_chars_allocated so they dont cause malloc problems within
	getline().  This was causing rcsinfo templates to not work.

Sun Dec 24 01:38:36 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): clarify protocol.

        * login.c (login): deprolixify the password prompt.

Sat Dec 23 10:46:41 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* myndbm.h, myndbm.c (dbm_store): New function.
	* myndbm.h (DBM): Add modified and filename fields.
	* myndbm.c (dbm_open, dbm_close): Manipulate new fields.  dbm_open
	no longer fails if the file doesn't exist and O_CREAT is set.
	* cvs.h (CVSROOTADM_VALTAGS): Added.
	* tag.c, cvs.h (tag_check_valid): New function.
	* update.c (update), checkout.c (checkout_proc), commit.c (commit),
	diff.c (diff), patch.c (patch_proc), rtag.c (rtag_proc), tag.c (tag):
	Call it.
	* Test for rejection of invalid tagname.

Fri Dec 22 18:21:39 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (start_server): don't use kerberos if authenticating
        server was specified.

Fri Dec 22 16:35:57 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): deal with new scramble methods.
        (get_cvs_password): same.

        * server.c (check_repository_password): remove arbitrary limit on
        line length.
        (authenticate_connection): use a separate variable for the
        descrambled password, now that we no longer scramble in place.
        Set `error_use_protocol' to 1 and just use error() where used to
        do its job inline.

        * cvs.h (scramble, descramble): adjust prototype.

        * scramble.c (scramble, descramble): return char *.

Fri Dec 22 13:00:00 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* release.c (release): If SERVER_SUPPORT is not defined, still
	set up arg_start_idx.

	* release.c (release): When calling unedit, set argv[1] to
	NULL (since argc is only 1).

	* edit.c: Pass dosrcs 0 to all calls to start_recursion.
	None of the fileprocs were using it, so it just slowed things
	down and caused potentially harmful checks for rcs files.

	* edit.c (send_notifications): In client case, do not readlock.

Thu Dec 21 16:00:00 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	Clean up Visual C++ lint:
	* client.c (read_line): Change input_index and result_size to size_t.
	(update_entries): Remove unused variables buf2, size_left, size_read.
	(handle_mode): Prototype.
	* client.c, client.h (send_to_server, read_from_server): Change
	len to size_t.
	* client.c (send_to_server): Change wrtn to size_t.
	(read_from_server): Change red to size_t.
	* client.c, myndbm.c, edit.c, fileattr.c: Include getline.h.
	* checkin.c, commit.c, update.c: Include fileattr.h.
	* commit.c, update.c: Include edit.h.
	* edit.c (onoff_filesdoneproc): Prototype.
	(ncheck_fileproc,edit_fileproc): Change "return" to "return 0".
	(notify_do): Cast a signed value to unsigned before comparing
	with unsigned value.

Thu Dec 21 15:24:37 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c: don't include socket headers twice just because
        both HAVE_KERBEROS and AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT are set.
        (start_kerberos_server): if fail to connect to kerberos, print out
        a more specific error message, mainly so pcl-cvs can know what
        happened and not panic.
        (start_server): don't assume sprintf() returns len
        written (only some systems provide this); instead, have
        send_to_server() calculate the length itself.
        (send_modified): same.
        (send_fileproc): same.
        (send_file_names): same.

Wed Dec 20 14:00:28 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* update.c (ignore_files): Move from here...
	* ignore.c (ignore_files): here.  No longer static.  Take
	new argument PROC.
	* cvs.h (ignore_files): Declare.
	* client.c (send_filesdoneproc): Split off from
	update_filesdone_proc.  Pass new function send_ignproc to
	ignore_files (to ask server about ignored file before printing
	* server.c: Rename outbuf from but_to_net and take it from
	do_cvs_command to a global.  Move initialization accordingly.
	(serve_questionable): New function.
	(requests): Add it.
	* update.c (update_filesdone_proc): Remove client stuff.  Pass new
	function update_ignproc to ignore_files.
	* cvs.h (joining, do_update): Move declarations from here...
	* update.h: here.
	* cvs.h: Include update.h.
	* update.c, client.c: Don't include update.h
	* ignore.c, cvs.h: New variable ign_inhibit_server, set on -I !.
	* import.c (import): Pass -I ! to server if specified.
	(import_descend): If server, ignore CVS directories even if -I !.
	* update.c (update), import.c (import): Only call ign_setup before
	argument processing; don't call it again afterwards in client case.
	* (ignore): Test above-fixed bugs and other ignore behaviors.
	(dotest): New function.
	Move modules checkin from modules test to start, so that other
	tests can use mkmodules without a warning message.

Wed Dec 20 13:06:17 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (send_to_server): don't check string's length twice.

Wed Dec 20 02:05:19 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): took out debugging printf's.
        (login): Removed unused variable `p'.

Wed Dec 20 00:27:36 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): prefix scrambled password with 'A', so we know
        which version of scrambling was used.  This may be useful in the
        (get_cvs_password): skip past the leading 'A'.
        Scramble $CVS_PASSWORD before returning it.

        * scramble.c: made this work.

Tue Dec 19 17:45:11 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (cvs_password): new static var, init to NULL.
        (login): scramble() the password before using it.
        Verify the password with the server.
        Check CVSroot more carefully to insure that it is
        (get_cvs_password): if cvs_password is not NULL, just return it.
        Never prompt -- just tell user why failed, then exit.
        Try CVS_PASSWORD environment variable first.
        (construct_cvspass_filename): try CVS_PASSFILE environment
        variable first.

        * client.h (connect_to_pserver): update prototype.

        * client.c (cvsroot_parsed): new static var.
        (parse_cvsroot): set `cvsroot_parsed' to 1 when done.
        (connect_to_pserver): return int.
        Take `verify_only' arg.  If it is non-zero, perform password
        verification with the server and then shut down the connection and
        Call parse_cvsroot() before doing anything.
        * server.c (authenticate_connection): deal with verification
        requests as well as authorization requests.
        descramble() the password before hashing it.

        * cvs.h: prototype scramble() and descramble().

        * build scramble.o.

        * scramble.c: new file, provides trivial encoding but NOT real

Mon Dec 18 20:57:58 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): don't insert extra newlines.  They were
        harmless, but confusing.

Mon Dec 18 15:32:32 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* hash.c, hash.h (findnode_fn): New function.
	* hash.c (hashp): Tweak hash function so that findnode_fn works.
	* update.c (ignore_files): Call findnode_fn, not findnode.

Mon Dec 18 09:34:56 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* myndbm.c: Remove arbitrary limit.

	* client.c: Fix comment--Windows 95 requires NO_SOCKET_TO_FD, not
	Windows NT.

Mon Dec 18 01:06:20 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (server_sock): replaces `server_socket'.
        (start_kerberos_server): added FIXME comment about how
        NO_SOCKET_TO_FD is not dealt with in the kerberos case.
        (connect_to_pserver): deal with NO_SOCKET_TO_FD case.
        (read_line): deal with NO_SOCKET_TO_FD case.
        (read_from_server): deal with NO_SOCKET_TO_FD case.
        (send_to_server): deal with NO_SOCKET_TO_FD case.
        (get_responses_and_close): deal with NO_SOCKET_TO_FD case.

        * client.c (send_to_server): error check logging.
        (start_server): error check opening of logfiles.
        (read_from_server): error check logging.
        (read_line): use fwrite() to log, & error_check it.
        Don't log if using socket style, because read_from_server()
        already logged for us.
Mon Dec 18 00:52:26 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (use_socket_style): new static var, init to 0.
        (server_socket): new static var.
        (connect_to_pserver): don't deal with logging here.
        Caller changed.
        (start_kerberos_server): don't deal with logging here either.
        Caller changed.

Mon Dec 18 00:40:46 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (send_modified): don't error-check `to_server';
        send_to_server() does that now.

Mon Dec 18 00:19:16 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (get_cvs_password): Init `linebuf' to NULL.
        free() `linebuf' and reset it for each new line.
        (login): same as above.

        * client.c: Removed all the varargs prototyping gunk.
        (to_server, from_server): make these static.
        (from_server_logfile, to_server_logfile): new vars.
        (start_server): init above two new vars to NULL.
        (send_to_server): return void.
        Correct bug in which amount to be written would be too high if the
        loop ever ran more than once.
        Log to `to_server_logfile' if it's non-NULL.
        (read_from_server): new func, does raw reading from server.
        Logs to `from_server_logfile' if it's non-NULL.
        (update_entries): just use read_from_server() instead of looping
        to fread() directly from `from_server'.
        (read_line): Log to `from_server_logfile' if it's non-NULL.

        * client.h: send_to_server() returns void now.
        (read_from_server): prototype.

Sun Dec 17 19:38:03 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc), client.c, lock.c (readers_exist),
	login.c, modules.c (cat_module, do_module): Remove arbitrary limits.

	* client.c (send_to_server): Fix typo (NULL -> '\0').
	(get_responses_and_close): Set server_started to 0 instead of
	setting to_server and from_server to NULL.
	* client.c: Make to_server and from_server static.

Sun Dec 17 17:59:04 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.h (to_server, from_server): don't declare these anymore.
        They are now entirely private to client.c (and in fact will go
        away soon there too).
Sun Dec 17 15:40:58 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.h: update prototype of send_to_server().

        * client.c, watch.c, update.c, tag.c, status.c, rtag.c, remove.c,
        release.c, patch.c, log.c, import.c, history.c, edit.c, diff.c,
        commit.c, client.c, checkout.c, admin.c, add.c:
        Convert all send_to_server() calls that used formatting to send
        pre-formatted strings instead.  And don't error check
        send_to_server(), because it does its own error checking now.
        * client.c (send_to_server): don't use vasprintf(), just fwrite a
        certain number of bytes to the server.  And do error checking
        here, so our callers don't have to.
        (send_arg): use send_to_server() instead of putc()'ing
        directly to `to_server'.
Sun Dec 17 14:37:52 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        Define to 1 but leave commented out, instead of #undef'ing them.
        This treats them like everything else in this file.

        * client.c: define server_started, init to 0.
        (start_server): set server_started to 1.

        * client.h: declare `server_started', extern.
        AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT moved here from cvs.h.
        * cvs.h: moved AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT stuff to client.h.

        * edit.c (notify_check): use new var server_started.

Sun Dec 17 00:44:17 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (get_responses_and_close): Really stop ignoring ECHILD
	errors.  The Nov 30 1995 change claimed to do this, but the code
	was not actually changed.

	* update.c (ignore_files): Revert H.J. Lu change; it was wrong for
	directories and sometimes looked at sb.st_mode when it wasn't set.
	* import.c (import_descend): Revert H.J. Lu change; it was wrong
	for directories and the extra lstat call was an unnecessary
	performance hit.
	* (import): Add test for the second of these two bugs.

Sat Dec 16 17:26:08 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (send_to_server): Remove arbitrary limit.  Also remove
	!HAVE_VPRINTF code; all relevant systems have vprintf these days.

Sat Dec 16 21:35:31 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * checkout.c (checkout): use send_to_server() now.

Sat Dec 16 21:18:16 1995  H.J. Lu (
                          (applied by
	* import.c (import_descend): We ignore an entry if it is
		1. not a file, nor a link, nor a directory, or
		2. a file and on the ignore list.

	* update.c (ignore_files): We ignore any thing which is
		1. not a file, or
		2. it is a file on the ignore list.

Sat Dec 16 00:14:19 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (send_to_server): corrected comment.

        * client.h: prototype new func send_to_server().

        * add.c, admin.c, client.c, commit.c, diff.c, edit.c, history.c,
        import.c, log.c, patch.c, release.c, remove.c, rtag.c, status.c,
        tag.c, update.c, watch.c: 
        Use send_to_server() instead of writing directly to to_server.

        * client.c: conditionally include the right stuff for variable arg
        (send_to_server): new func.
Fri Dec 15 23:10:22 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * error.c: expanded comments.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): verbosify errors.
        (connect_to_pserver): use send() and recv(), not write() and
        read().  Sockets are not file descriptors on all systems.

Fri Dec 15 22:36:05 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): oops, removed old debugging

Fri Dec 15 18:21:16 1995  Karl Fogel  (

        * client.c (auth_server_port_number): don't call htons();
        init_sockaddr() does that for us.
        (init_sockaddr): zero the sockadder_in struct before doing
        anything with it.  IBM TCP/IP docs recommend this, and it can't

Fri Dec 15 15:21:53 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): new var `port_number', initialize
        with new func auth_server_port_number() and pass to
        (auth_server_port_number): new func.  Right now it just returns
        `htons (CVS_AUTH_PORT)'.  We'll probably add the ability to
        specify the port at run time soon, anyway, so having this function
        will make that easier.

Wed Dec  6 18:08:40 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h: Add CVSREP.
	* find_names.c (find_dirs): Skip CVSREP too.
	* fileattr.h, fileattr.c: New files, to manipulate file attributes.
	* hash.c (nodetypestring), hash.h (enum ntype): Add FILEATTR.
	* hash.c, hash.h (list_isempty): New function.
	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Call fileattr_startdir before
	processing files in a directory and fileattr_write and
	fileattr_free (after files, before recursing).
	* watch.c, watch.h: New files, to handle notification features.
	* edit.c, edit.h: New file, to handle new read-only checkout features.
	* client.c, server.c: Add "Mode" request, to change the mode of a file
	when it is checked in.
	* main.c (cmds): Add "watch", "edit", "unedit", "watchers", "editors".
	* main.c: Split command help from usg into new variable cmd_usage,
	(main): Add --help-commands option to print out cmd_usage.
	* cvs.h: Declare watch, edit, unedit, watchers, editors.
	* client.c, client.h: Add client_watch, client_edit, client_unedit,
	client_watchers, client_editors.
	* client.c, server.c: Add notification stuff.
	* update.c (checkout_file, patch_file), checkin.c (Checkin): Check
	_watched attribute when deciding read-only or read-write.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Call fileattr_newfile to set attributes
	on newly created files.
	* release.c (release): 
	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Call notify_check.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Call notify_do after committing file.
	* client.c (get_responses_and_close): Set to_server and from_server
	to NULL so that it is possible to tell whether we are speaking to
	the server.
	* mkmodules.c (main): Add CVSROOTADM_NOTIFY to filelist.
	* (SOURCES,OBJECTS,HEADERS): Add new files mentioned above.
	* lock.c, cvs.h (lock_tree_for_write, lock_tree_cleanup): New
	functions, taken from old commit.c writelock code.  As part of
	this, fsortcmp and lock_filesdoneproc go from commit.c to lock.c.
	So does locklist but it gets renamed to lock_tree_list.
	* commit.c: Use lock_tree_*.

Fri Dec 15 10:37:00 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* tag.c (tag_usage): Added -r and -D flags to usage string.
	(tag): Detect when user specifies both -r and -D arguments.
	Pass -r and -D arguments to server.
Thu Dec 14 11:56:13 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (start_rsh_server): use RSH_NEEDS_BINARY_FLAG to
        conditionalize "-b" option to "rsh".

        * run.c (filter_stream_through_program): document return value and
        error behavior.

        * client.c (filter_through_gunzip): pass the supposedly
        superfluous "-d" option to gunzip, to avoid stimulating what seems
        to be an argument-passing bug in spawn() under OS/2 with IBM
        C/C++.  Yucko.

Wed Dec 13 20:08:37 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (RCSBIN_DFLT): Recommend specifying -b in
	inetd.conf for pserver.  That is a pretty good solution.

Wed Dec 13 18:29:59 1995  Preston L. Bannister <>
                          and Karl Fogel       <>

        * client.c (send_modified): make sure that vers and vers->options
        are non-NULL before strcmp()'ing them with "-kb".
        Initialize `bin' near where it is used, not at beginning of
        (update_entries): make sure `options' is non-NULL before
        strcmp()'ing with "-kb".
        Initialize `bin' near where it is used, not at beginning of

Tue Dec 12 18:56:38 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * (RCSBIN_DFLT): document the probable need for this
        to be set in the authenticating server.

Tue Dec 12 11:56:43 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (expand_proc): If mfile is non-NULL, return it too as
	part of the expansion.
	* (modules): Add tests for above-fixed bug.

Mon Dec 11 21:39:07 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * dog.c (flea_bath): Take `suds' arg.
        All collars changed.

Mon Dec 11 15:58:47 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): if client password file doesn't exist, create
        it, duh.

        * main.c (main): die if CVSroot has access-method but no

        * root.c: added some comments.

        * main.c: removed all code pertaining to the "-a" option.  We
        specify access-method in CVSroot now.

        * client.c (parse_cvsroot): new var, `access_method'.  If CVSroot
        is prepended with an access method (i.e.,
        ":pserver:user@host:/path"), then handle it.

        * login.c (login): use || when checking if CVSroot is "fully
        Prepend ":pserver:" before writing to ~/.cvspass.
        (get_cvs_password): Take no parameters; we'll just use CVSroot to
        get the password.

Mon Dec 11 12:43:35 1995  adamg  <>

	* error.c, client.c, remove.c, main.c: Add explicit casts for some
 	function pointers to remove warnings under MS VC.
	* main.c (main): remove use of NEED_CALL_SOCKINIT in favor of the
	more generic INITIALIZE_SOCKET_SUBSYSTEM.  Note that the code assumes
	that if INITIALIZE_SOCKET_SUBSYSTEM() returns, socket subsystem
	initialization has been successful.

Sat Dec  9 22:01:41 1995  Dan O'Connor  <>

        * commit.c (check_fileproc): pass RUN_REALLY flag to run_exec,
        because it's okay to examine the file with noexec set.

Sat Dec  9 20:28:01 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (update_entries): new var, `bin, init to 0.
        Use it in determining whether to convert the file.
        (send_modified): same as above.

Fri Dec  8 17:47:39 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (downcase_string): removed.
        (check_repository_password): don't deal with case-insensitivity

        * (CVS_PASSWORDS_CASE_SENSITIVE): deleted this.  No
        need for it anymore.

Thu Dec  7 21:08:39 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (check_repository_password): when checking for false
        prefix-matches, look for ':', not '@'.  Duh.

Thu Dec  7 18:44:51 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * (CVS_PASSWORDS_CASE_SENSITIVE): replaces
        CVS_PASSWORDS_CASE_INSENSITIVE; passwords are now insensitive by
        default.  Expanded explanatory comment.

        * login.c (get_cvs_password): Use memset(), not bzero().  I
        botched this change earlier.

        * server.c (check_repository_password): no need to check
        xmalloc()'s return value.
        (check_repository_password): check for false prefix-matches (for
        example, username is "theo" and linebuf contains user

Thu Dec  7 14:49:16 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* filesubr.c (isaccessible): Rename from isaccessable.
	Update callers.
	* cvs.h: Update prototype.
	* main.c (main): Update callers.
	* server.c (main): Update callers.

Thu Dec  7 12:50:20 1995  Adam Glass <glass@NetBSD.ORG>

        * cvs.h: "isaccessible" is the correct spelling.
        Also add "const" to second arg to make prototype match

Thu Dec  7 11:06:51 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c, login.c: memset() instead of bzero().

Thu Dec  7 00:08:53 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): document server's side of
        the Authentication Protocol too.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): when printing out "unrecognized
        response", also print out the offending response.

        * server.c (check_password): take `repository' arg too now.
        Call check_repository_password() before checking /etc/passwd.
        (check_repository_password): new func.

        * (CVS_PASSWORDS_CASE_INSENSITIVE): new define, unset
        by default.

Wed Dec  6 18:51:16 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (check_password): If user has a null password, then
        return 1 if arg is also null.
        Reverse sense of return value.  Caller changed.

Wed Dec  6 14:42:57 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (check_password): new func.
        (authenticate_connection): call above new func.

        * login.c (login): use construct_cvspass_filename().
        If CVSroot is not "fully-qualified", then insist the user qualify
        it before going on.
        (get_cvs_password): fleshed out.  Now reads from ~/.cvspass, or
        prompts if no appropriate password found.
        (construct_cvspass_filename): new func.

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): send ACK or NACK to client.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): check for ACK vs NACK response
        from server after sending authorization request.

        * login.c (get_cvs_password): new func.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): use new func get_cvs_password().
        Prototype it at top of file.  Hmmm.

Wed Dec  6 13:29:22 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c: same as below (AUTH_SERVER_SUPPORT).

        * main.c: same as below (AUTH_SERVER_SUPPORT where appropriate).

        * login.c: same same as below.

        * cvs.h: same as below.

        * client.c: use AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT, not CVS_LOGIN.

        replace CVS_LOGIN.

Wed Dec  6 00:04:58 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): expanded comment.

Tue Dec  5 23:37:39 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): read password from prompt for

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): if the password passes
        muster, then don't abort.

Tue Dec  5 22:46:37 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * subr.c (strip_trailing_newlines): new func.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): took out print statements.

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): removed print statments.
        Use new func strip_trailing_newlines() to purify `repository',
        `username', and `password'.
        Run a primitive password check, just for testing.

        * client.c (connect_to_pserver): use CVS_AUTH_PORT.
        Take tofdp, fromfdp, and log args.  Caller changed.
        (get_responses_and_close): either kerberos and CVS_LOGIN might
        have one fd for both directions, so adjust #ifdef accordingly.

        * cvs.h (CVS_AUTH_PORT): new define, default to 2401.
        Prototype strip_trailing_newlines().

Tue Dec  5 16:53:35 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * server.c (authenticate_connection): new func.

        * client.c (init_sockaddr): func moved here from login.c.
        (connect_to_pserver): same as above.  Take no args, now.
        Include <sys/socket.h>, <netinet/in.h>, <netdb.h>, if CVS_LOGIN.

        * cvs.h: Declare use_authenticating_server, as extern int.
        Declare connect_to_pserver().

        * main.c (main): call authenticate_connection().  Removed testing
        Add 'a' to the short-option string in the getopt() call.

        * login.c (connect_to_pserver): moved to client.c.

Tue Dec  5 16:01:42 1995  Peter Chubb <>
                          (patch applied by Karl Fogel <>)

        * update.c (join_file): if vers->vn_user is "0", file has been
        removed on the current branch, so print an error and return.

Mon Dec  4 14:27:42 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Version 1.6.3.

Mon Dec  4 16:28:25 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* release.c (release): add return (0) as last line

	* cvs.h: declare program_path

	* main.c define program_path
	  (main): set program_path

	* release.c (release): use program_path for update_cmd

Mon Dec  4 11:22:42 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Version 1.6.2.

Sun Dec  3 20:02:29 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.h (struct rcsnode), rcs.c (freercsnode): Add expand field.
	* rcs.h (RCSEXPAND): New #define.
	* rcs.c (RCS_reparsercsfile): Record keyword expansion in expand
	field of struct rcsnode.
	* update.c (checkout_file): Set keyword expansion in Entries file
	from rcs file if there is nowhere else to set it from.
	* client.c (send_modified, update_entries) [LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED]:
	If -kb is in effect, don't convert.

	* update.c (update_file_proc), commit.c (check_fileproc),
	rcscmds.c (RCS_merge): Direct stdout to DEVNULL rather than
	passing -s option to grep.  This avoids trouble with respect to
	finding a grep which support -s and whether we should use the (GNU
	grep) -q option if it exists.
	* Change "@ggrep_path@" to "grep".

Fri Dec  1 11:53:19 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_gettag): new parameter return_both force return both
	  tags: the symbolic and the numeric one.
	  (RCS_getversion): new parameter return_both is forwarded to

	* rtag.c, tag.c, commit.c, patch.c, update.c: pass 0 as additional
	  last parameter to RCS_getversion and RCS_gettag

	* rcs.h (RCS_gettag): new parameter return_both.
	  (RCS_getversion): new parameter return_both.

	* cvs.h (struct vers_ts): add vn_tag slot for symbolic tag name

	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): call RCS_getversion with 1 for
	  return_both and split output into vn_rcs and vn_tag
	  (freevers_ts): free vn_tag

	* update.c (checkout_file): use vn_tag instead of vn_rcs when
	  calling 'rcs co' to allow rcs expansion of :$Name :

Thu Nov 30 20:44:30 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (get_responses_and_close): undo previous change
        regarding waitpid().  The problem has been solved by modifying
        os2/waitpid.c instead of its callers.

Thu Nov 30 16:37:10 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c: All these changes are for OS/2, which will no longer have
        a separate client.c:
        (start_kerberos_server): new func, contains code that
        used to be in start_server().
        (start_server): moved kerberos code to above function, reorganized
        the rest.  Added authentication clause.
        (call_in_directory): test errno against EACCESS, if EACCESS is
        defined (this is for OS/2's oddball mkdir).
        (change_mode): don't set execute permission on anything if
        EXECUTE_PERMISSION_LOSES is defined.
        (get_responses_and_close): if START_RSH_WITH_POPEN_RW, then use
        pclose() instead of fclose().
        If waitpid errors with ECHILD, don't die.  This is okay.
        (start_rsh_server): alternate definition if

        * main.c: [all these changes conditional on CVS_LOGIN: ]
        Don't prototype connect_to_pserver, don't enter it in cmds[]
        (actually, it was never in there, I don't know why my previous
        change said it was).
        (use_authenticating_server): new global var.
        (main): if "-a", then set above new var to TRUE.
        (usg): document "-a" option.

Wed Nov 29 12:55:10 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c: Prototype connect_to_pserver(), and enter it in cmds[].
        (main): test some extremely primitive authentication.

        * login.c: Include <sys/socket.h>
        (connect_to_pserver): new func.
        (init_sockaddr): new func.

Mon Nov 20 14:07:41 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (TAGFILES): Separate out from DISTFILES, for C code.

Sun Nov 19 11:22:43 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Don't call server_pause_check if there
	are writelocks around.  Revise comment to reflect fact we are no
	longer relying on a writelock'd operations being "unable" to
	generate enough data to pause.

Sun Nov 19 10:04:50 1995  Peter Wemm  <peter@haywire.DIALix.COM>

	* server.c, server.h, Implement hooks for doing
	simple flow control on the server to prevent VM exhaustion on a
	slow network with a fast server.
	* recurse.c: Call the flow control check at a convenient location
	while no locks are active.  This is a convenience tradeoff against
	accurate flow control - if you have a large directory it will all
	be queued up, bypassing the flow control check until the next
	directory is processed.

Sat Nov 18 16:22:06 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c, update.c, vers_ts.c, server.c, rcs.c, lock.c,
        ignore.c, entries.c, diff.c, commit.c, checkin.c:
        Use new macro `existence_error', instead of comparing errno to
        ENOENT directly.

Fri Nov 17 14:56:12 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (start_server): removed alternate version of this func,
        since os2/client.c will now be used under OS/2.

Thu Nov 16 22:57:12 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (start_server): ifdef HAVE_POPEN_RW, use a different
        version of start_server().  This is maybe not the cleanest cut to
        make, but it's better than mucking around with yet more #ifdefs in
        the middle of the old start_server() function.  Once things are
        up, I may reposition this code.

Wed Nov 15 15:33:37 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c (main): ifdef NEED_CALL_SOCKINIT, then call SockInit().
        Only OS/2 needs this initialization.

Tue Nov 14 18:54:01 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* patch.c:
	- fix orientation of test for result of getline() call
	- use fputs() not printf() when just copying file out

	- add space after #!
	- new rcs id
	- allow version to be edited by Makefile.

	- make Makefile a dependent of all (this might not be perfect, but
	it at least gives you a chance to catch up on the second
	- filter in a manner similar to to get the
	version number set from version.c

Tue Nov 14 13:28:17 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Call old log file check.plog, not check.olog.

	* Convert remaining tests from old-style ('***' on fail
	and nothing on pass), to new-style (FAIL on fail and PASS on pass).

	* Fix ability to run only some of the tests (always run
	tests 1-4.75 to set up repository, document better how it works).

	* Change "completed successfully" to "completed" in
	message--many tests, but not all, exit if they fail.

Tue Nov 14 15:10:00 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* test 63 doesn't work and probably can't

Tue Nov 14 12:22:00 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* many minor tweaks:
	- make the optional arguments almost work
	- use a function 'directory_cmp' instead of 'diff -r'
	- fix up a few more tests that weren't working....

Mon Nov 13 07:33:55 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * cvs.h: ifdef USE_OWN_POPEN, #include "popen.h".  Only OS/2 has
        its own popen()/pclose() right now.

Mon Nov 13 04:06:10 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * cvs.h: conform to 80 column standard (yes, I'm a pedant).

Sat Nov 11 13:45:13 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * client.c (process_prune_candidates): use unlink_file_dir() to
        remove the directory, instead of invoking "rm" via run_exec().

Fri Nov 10 14:38:56 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c (main): removed "#define KF_GETOPT_LONG 1", since that
        change is no longer in testing.

Thu Nov  9 20:32:12 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * release.c (release): Use Popen(), not popen().

Wed Nov  8 10:20:20 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* entries.c (ParseTag): Remove dcl of unused local.

	* patch.c: Include getline.h.

Wed Nov  8 11:57:31 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* add configuration option STEXID_SUPPORT (default
	  is off i.e. old semantics)

	* filesubr.c (isaccessable): new function.  Checks access-rights
	for files like access(), but is getxid-safe.  Falls back to
	access() if SETXID_SUPPORT is not enabled.
	(isfile): replace stat() by isaccessable(file, F_OK)
	(isreadable): replace access() by isaccessable()
	(iswritable): ditto
	(make_directory): rename local variable buf to sb

	* cvs.h: add prototype for new function isaccessable.

	* server.c (serve_root): replace access() by isaccessable()

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): replace access() by isreadable()

	* main.c (main): replace access() by isaccessable()

Wed Nov  8 10:22:41 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* entries.c (fgetentent): change definition to static to match the
	declaration at the top of the file

Tue Nov  7 16:59:25 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getbranch, RCS_getdate, RCS_getrevtime, RCS_gettag,
 	RCS_getversion, RCS_head): Use assert() instead of attempting to
	"do the right thing" with a bogus RCSNode argument.

Mon Nov  6 14:24:34 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* vers_ts.c: Remove ctime define.  It is just asking for trouble.

Mon Nov  6 11:58:26 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * vers_ts.c: ifdef ctime, undef it before redefining it.  It is a
        macro on some systems.

        * lock.c: don't prototype ctime() here.  (See note below about
        fgetentent() in entries.c.)

Sun Nov  5 16:06:01 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * entries.c (fgetentent): don't prototype ctime here; we include
        cvs.h, which includes system.h, which includes <time.h>
        unconditionally (either as <time.h> or <sys/time.h>).  Anyway, IBM
        C/C++ chokes on mid-function, or even mid-file, prototypes.  Sigh.

Thu Nov  2 21:51:04 1995  Dan Wilder  <>

	* rtag.c (rtag): Fix typo ("-T" -> "-F").

Tue Oct 31 19:09:11 1995  Dan Wilder <>

        * diff.c (diff_dirproc): just return R_SKIP_ALL if dir not exist.
        (diff_file_nodiff): don't complain if file doesn't exist, just

Tue Oct 31 09:25:10 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* Use absolute pathname for mkmodules.

Sat Oct 28 01:01:41 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* entries.c (ParseTag): Use getline instead of fgets.

Fri Oct 27 13:44:20 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * cvs.h: do nothing about alloca ifdef ALLOCA_IN_STDLIB.  I am
        rather suspicious of this solution, and will not be surprised to
        find out that there's a Right Way to handle this situation ("this
        situation" being that OS/2 simply declares alloca in <stdlib.h>).
        Suggestions are welcome; see src/cvs.h and lib/system.h to see why
        I was getting a conflict in the first place.

Wed Oct 25 16:03:20 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* cvs.h (struct entnode): Add user field.
	* entries.c (fputentent): New function, write entries line.
	(write_ent_proc): Call fputentent to write entries line.
	(Entnode_Create): New function, construct new Entnode.
	(Entnode_Destroy): New function, destruct old Entnode.
	(AddEntryNode): Changed to take an Entnode argument instead of
	separate user, version, timestamp, etc. arguments.
	(fgetentent): Changed to return Entnode.
	(struct entent, free_entent): Removed.

Wed Oct 25 12:44:32 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Don't rely on ANSI C string concatenation;
	SunOS 4.1.3 /bin/cc doesn't support it.

Tue Oct 24 22:34:22 1995  Anthony J. Lill  <>

	* import.c (expand_at_signs): Check errno as well as return value
	from putc.  Some systems bogusly return EOF when successfully
	writing 0xff.

Tue Oct 24 14:32:45 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* admin.c (admin): use getcaller() instead of getpwuid

	* subr.c (getcaller): prefer getlogin() to $USER and $LOGNAME
	  (especially useful for NT where getuid always returns 0)

Tue Oct 24 06:22:08 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): Use getline instead of fgets.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Use getline instead of fgets.

	* entries.c (fgetentent): Use getline instead of fgets.
	Use xmalloc to allocate space for each returned entry.
	Since LINE is no longer static, save it in struct entent.
	(struct entent): New member, line.
	(free_entent): New function.
	(Entries_Open): Call it after each call to fgetentent.

Tue Oct 24 11:13:15 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* cvs.h: Declare valloc again, but this time with the right
	  signature (also changed in libs/valloc.c)

Mon Oct 23 12:17:03 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Check for errors from stdio calls.

Mon Oct 23 12:37:06 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h: Don't declare valloc.  Some systems (e.g. linux) declare
	it in stdlib.h in a conflicting way.

Mon Oct 23 08:41:25 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Use getline instead of fgets.

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Use getline instead of fgets.
	(rcsinfo_proc): Likewise.

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Lose if fclose of temp file output
	stream fails.

Mon Oct 23 11:59:41 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* cvs.h: add valloc declaration

	* server.h: add server_cleanup prototype

	* server.c: remove server_cleanup prototype

	* mkmodules.c (server_cleanup): fix parameter type

	* server.c: encapsulate wait_sig in #ifdef sun (it's only used in
	  code which is also encapsulated in #ifdef sun)

	* rcscmds.c (RCS_deltag, RCS_lock): add definition of noerr

	* error.c: include cvs.h instead of config.h, add USE(rcsid)

	* error.c (error): fix parameter type

	* update.c (join_file): encapsulate recent changes from garyo
	  within #ifdef SERVER_SUPPORT

Sun Oct 22 13:47:53 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* client.c (update_entries): Fix memory leak; free mode_string and
	(send_fileproc): Fix memory leak; call freevers_ts before exiting.

	* module.c (do_module): Partially fix memory leak; added
	variable so that the address of memory allocated by line2argv
	is retained, but comment out the call to free_names.  Freeing
 	the vector at that point loses because some of the elements
	may be used later in the function.
	(cat_module): fix memory leak.

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Fix memory leak; free return
	value of Name_Repository after it has been used.

Sat Oct 21 23:24:26 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* client.c (send_modified) [LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED]: Comment text
	after #endif.

Fri Oct 20 14:41:49 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Add test 87a, to test for bug fixed by garyo in
	change below.

Fri Oct 20 10:59:58 1995  Gary Oberbrunner  <>

	* update.c (join_file): send file back to client even if no
	conflicts were detected, by calling Register().

Fri Oct 20 10:46:45 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* lock.c: Add prototype for Check_Owner

Thu Oct 19 16:38:14 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* lock.c (Check_Owner): Declare function `static int'.

Thu Oct 19 14:58:40 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_variable): Fix typo ('*'->'(').

Thu Oct 19 14:58:40 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Check for errors from fopen,
	fgets, and fclose.

	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge): Remove comment about rcsmerge -E.
	Hacking CVS was never a very good solution; the situation is fixed
	in RCS 5.7, and is documented in ../INSTALL.

Thu Oct 19 15:06:15 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* filesubr.c (xchmod): Parenthesize arithmetic in operand of |
	to placate gcc -Wall.

	* expand_path.c (expand_path): Parenthesize assignments used as
	truth values to placate gcc -Wall.

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Remove dcls of unused variables.
	* lock.c (unlock): Remove dcl of unused variable.

Thu Oct 19 14:58:40 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* root.c (Create_Root): If noexec, don't create CVS/Root.

Wed Oct 18 11:19:40 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* lock.c (unlock): Change order of comparison so that Check_Owner
	is called only if other conditions are true.  This performance
	enhancement was broken when the AFS support was added.

Wed Oct 18 12:51:33 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c (main): check if argv[0] is "pserver" with else-if, not
        if, since we've already asked if it's "kserver".

Tue Oct 17 18:09:23 1995  Warren Jones <>
			  and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Deal with supplying a relative cvs filename, or
	with a cvs filename which doesn't have basename "cvs".

Mon Oct 16 15:58:31 1995  Vince Demarco <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): if the Keyword isn't ALL the current
	version doesn't use the expanded variable, It should.

Mon Oct 16 15:58:31 1995  Gary Oberbrunner <>
			  and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (server_register): Don't pass NULL to printf if tag,
	date, or conflict is NULL.

Thu Oct 12 12:13:42 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c (main): begin to handle "pserver"; support not complete
        yet, however.

Thu Oct 12 02:52:13 1995  Roland McGrath  <>

	* expand_path.c: Don't #include <pwd.h>, since cvs.h already does,
	and not all systems' <pwd.h>s are protected from multiple inclusion.
	* login.c: Likewise.

Wed Oct 11 15:23:24 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * login.c (login): handle everything correctly now.

Wed Oct 11 12:02:48 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_gettag): support RCS keyword Name

Tue Oct 10 19:11:16 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * (CVS_LOGIN): discuss, but leave commented out.
        The "cvs login" command is still under construction; however, the
        repository was changing so fast that instead of creating a branch
        and dealing with the attendant hair, I'm just developing on the
        trunk, making sure that everything is surrounded by "#ifdef
        CVS_LOGIN ... #endif" so I don't get in anyone's way.

        * login.c: include cvs.h before checking CVS_LOGIN, so it has a
        chance to get defined before we ask if it's defined.
        (login): oops, use semi not comma in `for' loop init.

        * (SOURCES, OBJECTS): include login.c, login.o.

        * main.c: added protoype for login().
        Added "login" entry to cmds[].
        (usg): added line about "login".

        * login.c: new file.

Tue Oct 10 18:33:47 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * (COMMON_OBJECTS): added error.o.
        (OBJECTS): took error.o out; it's in COMMON_OBJECTS now.

Tue Oct 10 12:02:37 1995  Thorsten Lockert  <>

	* Cater to lame versions of sh (4.4BSD ash) by using
	${foo-bar} instead of `if....`.

Tue Oct 10 12:02:37 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* remove.c (remove_fileproc): If noexec, don't remove file.  Check
	for error when removing file.

Sun Oct  8 12:32:15 1995  Peter Wemm  <peter@haywire.DIALix.COM>

	* run.c: detect/use POSIX/BSD style reliable signals for critical
	section masking etc.  Helps prevent stray locks on interruption.

Sat Oct  7 23:26:54 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* admin.c (admin): If group CVS_ADMIN_GROUP exists, allow only
	users in that group to use "cvs admin".
	* Default CVS_ADMIN_GROUP to "cvsadmin".

Sat Oct  7 23:05:24 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* add.c, checkout.c, commit.c, cvs.h, filesubr.c, import.c,
	lock.c, main.c, modules.c, New variable cvsumask
	which is used to set mode of files in repository (regardless of
	umask in effect when cvs is run).

Sat Oct  7 22:40:17 1995  Stephen Bailey  <>

	* lock.c: Include AFSCVS ifdefs to deal with AFS's lack of
	correspondance between userid's from stat and from geteuid.

Sat Oct  7 22:28:49 1995  Scott Carson  <sdc@TracerTech.COM>

	* add.c (add): Pass -ko, not -k -ko, to set keyword expansion options.

	* admin.c (admin): Don't skip first argument when sending to server.

Fri Oct  6 21:45:03 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Version 1.6.1.

Fri Oct  6 21:31:28 1995  Jeff Johnson  <>

	* cvs.h, admin.c, client.c, commit.c, log.c, modules.c,
	parseinfo.c, patch.c, recurse.c, rtag.c, status.c, tag.c:
	Prototype when dealing in pointers to functions.

Fri Oct  6 21:07:22 1995  Mark H. Wilkinson  <>

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): fix look up of command names in cvsrc file
	to use full name from command table rather than possible nickname
	in argv. Fixes errors with things like `cvs di' when cvsrc has
	`diff -u5' in it.

Thu Aug  3 01:03:52 1995  Vince DeMarco  <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Add code to call expand_path function
	instead of using built in code.

	* wrapper.c (wrap_add): Add code to call expand_path function to
	expand all built in variables.

	* expand_path.c (New file): expand things that look like
	environmental variables (only expand local CVS environmental
	variables) and user names like ~/.
	* cvs.h: Declare expand_path.

	* (SOURCES, OBJECTS): Added expand_path.c,

Fri Oct  6 14:03:09 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* ignore.c (ign_setup): Don't try to look for a file in CVSroot if
	client.  (The recent tightening of the error checking detects this).

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Don't try to pass options if it is "".

Thu Oct  5 18:04:46 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * unset CVSREAD, since it causes the script to bomb.

Thu Oct  5 18:29:17 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* remove.c, add.c, commit.c, cvs.h: Remove CVSEXT_OPT stuff; it
	has been broken for ages and the options are already stored in the
	Entries file.

Thu Oct  5 18:20:13 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): New argument options; pass it to RCS.
	(commit_fileproc): Pass it.

Tue Oct  3 09:26:00 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * version.c: upped to 1.6.

Mon Oct  2 18:10:35 1995  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c: if HAVE_SYS_BSDTYPES_H, include <sys/bsdtypes.h>.

Mon Oct  2 10:34:53 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * version.c: Upped version to 1.5.95.

Mon Oct  2 15:16:47 1995  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* tag.c, rtag.c: pass "mov" instead of "add" if tag will be moved
	(i.e. invoked with -F)

Sun Oct  1 18:36:34 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * version.c: upped to 1.5.94.

        * server.c: reverted earlier ISC change (of Sep. 28).

        * version.c: upped to 1.5.93, for Peter Wemm's new SVR4 patch.

Sun Oct  1 14:51:59 1995  Harlan Stenn  <>

        * main.c: don't #include <pwd.h>; cvs.h does that already.

Fri Sep 29 15:21:35 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * version.c: upped to 1.5.91 for another pre-1.6 release.

Fri Sep 29 14:41:14 1995  <>

        * root.c: start rcsid[] with "CVSid".

Fri Sep 29 13:22:44 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* diff.c (diff): Doc fix.

Fri Sep 29 14:32:36 1995  Norbert Kiesel <>

        * repos.c (Short_Repository): chop superfluous "/".

        * tag.c (pretag_proc): correct user-visible string.

        * rtag.c (pretag_proc): correct user-visible string.

Fri Sep 29 13:45:36 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * cvs.h (USE): if __GNUC__ != 2, expand to a dummy var instead of

Thu Sep 28 13:37:05 1995  Larry Jones <>

        * server.c: ifdef ISC, include <sys/bsdtypes.h>.

Fri Sep 29 07:54:22 1995  Mike Sutton  <>

	* filesubr.c (last_component): Don't use ANSI style declaration.

Wed Sep 27 15:24:00 1995  Del  <>

	* tag.c, rtag.c:  Pass a few extra options to the script
	named in taginfo (del/add, and revision number).

	* tag.c:  Support a -r option (at long last).  Also needs
	a -f option to tag the head if there is no matching -r tag.

Tue Sep 26 11:41:08 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * version.c: Upped version to 1.5.89 for test release preceding

Wed Sep 20 15:32:49 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* ignore.c (ign_add_file): Check for errors from fopen and fclose.

Tue Sep 19 18:02:16 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Remove sanity.el from this list; the
	file has been deleted.

Thu Sep 14 14:17:52 1995  Peter Wemm  <>

	* import.c: Recover from being unable to open the user file.

	* update.c (join_file): Print a message in the case where the file
	was added.

	* mkmodules.c: Deal with .db as well as .pag/.dir (for use with
	BSD 4.4 and real dbm support).

Mon Sep 11 15:44:13 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* release.c (release): Revise comment regarding why and how we
	skip argv[0].

Mon Sep 11 10:03:59 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * release.c (release): use return value of pclose to determine
        success of update.

Mon Sep 11 09:56:33 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* release.c (release_delete): Fix comment.

Sun Sep 10 18:48:35 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * release.c (release): made work with client/server.
        Don't ask if <arg> is mentioned in `modules'.

Fri Sep  8 13:25:55 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* When committing a removal, send stdout to LOGFILE;
	this is no longer a silent operation.

	* Remove OUTPUT variable; it is unused.

	* client.c: Add comment regarding deleting temp file.
	* main.c: Add comment regarding getopt REQUIRE_ORDER.

Thu Sep  7 20:24:46 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * main.c (main): use getopt_long(), accept "--help" and
        Don't assume EOF is -1.

Thu Sep 7  19:18:00 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* cvs.h (unlink_file_dir): Add prototype for this.

Thu Sep  7 14:38:06 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * ALL FILES: add semicolon, as indicated below.

        * cvs.h (USE): don't provide semicolon in the expansion of the USE
        macro; we'd rather the callers provided it themselves because that
        way etags doesn't get fooled.

Mon Sep  4 23:30:41 1995  Magnus Hyllander  <>

	* checkout.c: cvs export now takes -k option and does not default
	to -kv.
	* checkout.c, cvs.h, modules.c: Modules file now takes -e option
	for cvs export.

Mon Sep  4 23:30:41 1995  Kirby Koster  <>

	* commit.c: When committing a removal, print a message saying what
	we are doing.

Wed Aug  2 10:06:51 1995  Vince DeMarco  <>

	* server.c: fix compiler warnings (on NeXT) (declare functions as
	static inline instead of just static) functions: get_buffer_date,
	buf_append_char, and buf_append_data

Mon Sep  4 22:31:28 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (update_entries), import.c (expand_at_signs): Check for
	errors from fread and putc.

Fri Sep  1 00:03:17 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Fix TODO item pathname.

	* sanity.el: Removed.  It was out of date, didn't do much, and I
	doubt anyone was using it.

	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Don't change the modes of the files.

Thu Aug 31 13:14:34 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Change version to 1.5.1.

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Don't pass -d to "cvs server"
	invocation via rsh (restore change which was lost when NT stuff
	was merged in).
	* Add TODO item suggesting test for bug which this fixes.

Wed Aug 30 12:36:37 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* (basic1): Make sure first-dir is deleted before
	running this set of tests.

        * subr.c: Extract file twiddling functions to a different file,
	because we want to use different versions of many of these
	routines under Windows NT.
	(copy_file, isdir, islink, isfile, isreadable, iswritable,
	open_file, make_directory, make_directories, xchmod,
	rename_file, link_file, unlink_file, xcmp, tmpnam,
	unlink_file_dir, deep_remove_dir): Moved to...
	* filesubr.c: ...this file, which is new.
	* (SOURCES): Mention filesubr.c.
	(COMMON_OBJECTS): Mention filesubr.o.

	* subr.c: Extract process execution guts to a different file,
	because we want to replace these routines entirely under
	Windows NT.
	(VA_START, va_alist, va_dcl): Move this stuff...
	(run_add_arg, run_init_prog): and these declarations...
	(run_prog, run_argv, run_argc, run_argc_allocated): and these
	(run_setup, run_arg, run_args, run_add_arg, run_init_prog,
	run_exec, run_print, Popen): and these functions...
	* run.c: To this file, which is new.
	* (SOURCES): Mention run.c.
	(COMMON_OBJECTS): Mention run.o.

	* status.c (status): Call ign_setup, if client_active.  Otherwise,
	we don't end up ignoring CVS directories and such.

	* server.c (mkdir_p, dirswitch): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of mkdir.

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Use the isabsolute function instead of
	checking the first character of the path.
	* root.c (Name_Root): Same.

	* release.c (release): Use fncmp instead of strcmp to compare

	* rcs.c (RCS_parse, RCS_parsercsfile) [LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED]:
	Abort, because we have strong reason to believe this code is

	* patch.c (patch): Register signal handlers iff the signal name is

	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Don't try to include server_active in
	trace message unless SERVER_SUPPORT is #defined.

	* modules.c (do_module): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of mkdir.

	* mkmodules.c (main): Call last_component instead of writing it out.

	* main.c (main): Call last_component instead of writing it out.
	Break up the long copyright string into several strings; Microsoft
	Visual C++ can't handle a line that long.  Feh.
	Use fncmp instead of strcmp to compare filenames.
	Register signal handlers iff the signal name is #defined.

	* lock.c (readers_exist): Don't check return value of closedir.
	Most of the rest of the code doesn't, and some systems don't
	provide a return value anyway.
	(set_lock): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of mkdir.

	* import.c (import): Use the isabsolute function instead of
	checking the first character of the path.
	Try to delete the temporary file again after we close it, so it'll
	get deleted on systems that don't let you delete files that are
	(add_rev): Instead of making a hard link to the working file and
	checking in the revision with ci -r, use ci -u and restore the
	permission bits.
	(comtable): Include lines from SYSTEM_COMMENT_TABLE, if it is
	(add_rcs_file) [LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED]: Abort, because we have
	strong reason to believe this code is wrong.
	(import_descend_dir): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of mkdir.

	* history.c (read_hrecs): Open the file with OPEN_BINARY.

	* find_names.c (add_entries_proc, fsortcmp): Add prototypes.
	* entries.c (write_ent_proc): Add prototype.
	* hash.c (walklist): Add prototype for PROC argument.
	(sortlist): Add prototype for COMP argument.
	(printnode): Add a prototype, and make it static.

	* cvs.h (wrap_add_file, wrap_add): Add extern decls for these;
	they're used in import.c and update.c.
	* wrapper.c (wrap_add_file, wrap_add): Remove them from here.

	run_setup, run_args, run_exec, Popen, piped_child, close_on_exec,
	filter_stream_through_program, waitpid): Move all these
	declarations and definitions to the same section.

	* cvs.h (error_set_cleanup): Fix prototype.

	* cvs.h (isabsolute, last_component): New extern decls.

	* cvs.h (link_file): Function is deleted; remove extern decl.

	* cvs.h (DEATH_STATE, DEATH_SUPPORT): Move #definitions of these
	above the point where we #include rcs.h, since rcs.h tests them
	(or DEATH_SUPPORT, at least).

	* cvs.h (DEVNULL): #define this iff it isn't already #defined.
	config.h may want to override it.

	* cvs.h (SERVER_SUPPORT, CLIENT_SUPPORT): Don't #define these
	here; let config.h do that.  On some systems, we don't have any
	server support.

	* cvs.h: Don't #include <io.h> or <direct.h>; we take care of
	those in lib/system.h.

	* commit.c (commit): Open logfile with the OPEN_BINARY flag.
	(precommit_proc): Use the isabsolute function, instead of
	comparing the first character with /.
	(remove_file, checkaddfile): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of mkdir.

        * client.c (send_repository): Use larger line buffers.

        * client.c [LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED] (update_entries): If we've just
	received a gzipped file, copy it over, converting LF to CRLF,
	instead of just renaming it into place.
	[LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED] (send_modified): Convert file to LF format
	before sending with gzip.
	(send_modified): Don't be disturbed if we get fewer than
	sb.st_size characters when we read.  The read function may be
	collapsing CRLF to LF for us.

	* client.c: Add forward declarations for all the cvs command
	functions we call.

	* client.c: Add forward static declarations for all the
	handle_mumble functions.

	On some systems, RSH converts LF to CRLF; this screws us up.
	* client.c (rsh_pid): Declare this iff RSH_NOT_TRANSPARENT is not
	(get_responses_and_close): Use SHUTDOWN_SERVER if it is #defined.
	Only wait for rsh process to exit if RSH_NOT_TRANSPARENT is not
	(start_rsh_server): Declare and define only if
	RSH_NOT_TRANSPARENT is not #defined.  Use piped_child, instead of
	writing all that out.
	(start_server): Only try to call start_rsh_server if
	RSH_NOT_TRANSPARENT is not #defined.  Use START_SERVER if it is
	#defined.  Convert file descriptors to stdio file pointers using

	* client.h (rsh_pid): Don't declare this; it's never used elsewhere.
	(supported_request): Add external declaration for this;
	it's used in checkout.c.

	Move process-running functions to run.c; we need to totally
	replace these on other systems, like Windows NT.
	* client.c (close_on_exec, filter_stream_through_program): Moved
	to run.c.
	* run.c (close_on_exec, filter_stream_through_program): Here they

	* add.c (add_directory): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of straight mkdir.
	* checkout.c (checkout, build_dirs_and_chdir): Same.
	(checkout_proc): Use fncmp instead of strcmp.
	* client.c (call_in_directory): Use CVS_MKDIR instead of straight

	* client.c (handle_checksum): Cast return value of strtol.

Wed Aug 30 10:35:46 1995  Stefan Monnier <>

        * main.c (main): Allow -d to override CVSROOT_ENV.

Thu Aug 24 18:57:49 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h, rcscmds.c (RCS_unlock, RCS_deltag, RCS_lock): Add extra
	parameter for whether to direct stderr to DEVNULL.
	* checkin.c, tag.c, rtag.c, import.c, commit.c: Pass extra
	argument.  1 if stderr had been directed to DEVNULL before
	rcscmds.c was in use, 0 if it was RUN_TTY.

	* cvs.h: Add comment regarding attic.

Tue Aug 22 10:09:29 1995  Alexander Dupuy  <>

	* rcs.c (whitespace): Cast to unsigned char in case char is signed
	and value is negative.

Tue Aug 22 10:09:29 1995  Kirby Koster  <>
			  and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* update.c (join_file): If vers->vn_user is NULL, just return.

Tue Aug 22 10:09:29 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c, client.c: Add comments about modes and umasks.

Mon Aug 21 12:54:14 1995  Rick Sladkey  <>

	* update.c (update_filesdone_proc): If pipeout, don't try to
	create CVS/Root.

Mon Aug 21 12:54:14 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Don't pass -d to "cvs server"
	invocation via rsh.

	* server.c (serve_root): Report errors via pending_error_text.
	(serve_valid_requests): Check for pending errors.

Sun Aug 20 00:59:46 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Document usage of DIFF in update.c
	* update.c: Use DIFF -c, not DIFF -u.  The small improvement in
	diff size is not worth the hassle in terms of everyone having to
	make sure that DIFF is GNU diff (IMHO).

Sat Aug 19 22:05:46 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Doc fix.

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Clear error_use_protocol in the
	(server): Set error_use_protocol.

Sun Aug 13 15:33:37 1995  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Don't select on exceptions.

Fri Aug  4 00:13:47 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* (LDFLAGS): Set to @LDFLAGS@.
	(options.h): Depend on ../config.status and
	Add rule to build it from dependents.

	* add.c: Include save-cwd.h.
	(add_directory): Use save_cwd and restore_cwd instead of
	explicit getwd then chdir.
	* import.c (import_descend_dir): Likewise.
	* modules.c (do_module): Likewise.

	* recurse.c (save_cwd, restore_cwd, free_cwd): Remove functions.
	New versions have been broken out into save-cwd.c.
	(do_dir_proc): Adapt to handle status code returned by new versions
	of save_cwd and restore_cwd -- and one fewer argument to restore_cwd.
	(unroll_files_proc): Likewise.

	* wrapper.c (wrap_name_has): Add default: abort () to switch
	statement to avoid warning from gcc -Wall.
	(wrap_matching_entry): Remove dcl of unused TEMP.
	(wrap_tocvs_process_file): Remove dcl of unused ERR.
	(wrap_fromcvs_process_file): Likewise.

	* cvs.h: Remove prototype for error.  Instead, include error.h.
	Also, remove trailing white space.

Thu Aug  3 10:12:20 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* import.c (import_descend_dir): Don't print probably-bogus CWD
	in error messages saying `cannot get working directory'.

Sun Jul 30 20:52:04 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Revise comments and indentation.

Sun Jul 30 15:30:16 1995  Vince DeMarco  <>

        * history.c: put ifdef SERVER_SUPPORT around tracing code incase
        the client/server code is not compiled into the program.

Sat Jul 29 16:59:49 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* subr.c (deep_remove_dir): Use struct dirent, not struct direct.

Sat Jul 29 18:32:06 1995  Vince DeMarco  <>

	* add.c: Check wrap_name_has.

	* diff.c, checkin.c, import.c: have code call unlink_file_dir in
	the appropriate places instead of just calling unlink_file.

        * checkin.c: Remove one unlink call.

	* import.c (comtable): Add .m .psw .pswm.

	* import.c (add_rcs_file): Remove tocvsPath before returning.

	* subr.c (unlink_file_dir):  Add new function. unlinks the file if
	it is a file. or will do a recursive delete if the path is
	actually a directory.
	(deep_remove_dir): New function, helps unlink_file_dir.

	* mkmodules.c:  Added CVSROOTADM_WRAPPER (cvswrappers file) to the
	checkout file list.

Fri Jul 28 16:27:56 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Use PATH_MAX not MAXPATHLEN.

Fri Jul 28 19:37:03 1995  Paul Eggert  <>

	* log.c (cvslog, log_fileproc): Pass all options (except -l)
	to rlog as-is, so that users can put spaces in options,
	can specify multiple -d options, etc.
	(ac, av): New variables.
	(log_option_with_arg, options): Remove.

	(log_fileproc): Don't prepend `/' to file name if update_dir is empty.

Tue Jul 25 00:52:26 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Don't use PROTO in function definition.

Mon Jul 24 18:32:06 1995  Vince DeMarco  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location):  fix a compiler warning. (Declare
	safe_location). Changed code in safe_location to call getwd
	instead of getcwd. getwd is declared in the ../lib directory and
	used exclusively thoughout the code. (this helps portability on
	non POSIX systems).

	* wrapper.c: updated Andrew Athan's email address.

	* main.c:  fix an ifdef so the code will compile. syntax error in
	the ifdef for CVS_NOADMIN.

Mon Jul 24 13:25:00 1995  Del <>

	* checkout.c:  New procedure safe_location.
	Ensures that you don't check out into the repository

	* tag.c, rtag.c, cvs.h, mkmodules.c:  Added a "taginfo" file in
	CVSROOT to perform pre-tag checks.

	* main.c,  Added a compile time option to
	disable the admin command.

Fri Jul 21 17:07:42 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* update.c, status.c, patch.c, checkout.c, import.c, release.c,
	rtag.c, tag.c: Now -q and -Q options just print an error message
	telling you to use global -q and -Q options.  The non-global
	options were a mess because some commands accepted them and some
	did not, and they were redundant with -q and -Q global options.

	* rcs.c, cvs.h, commit.c, log.c, find_names.c: Remove CVS.dea
	stuff.  It is slower than the alternatives and I don't think
	anyone ever actually used it.

Fri Jul 21 10:35:10 1995  Vince DeMarco <>

	* (SOURCES, OBJECTS): Add wrapper.c, wrapper.o.
	* add.c, admin.c, checkout.c, commit.c, diff.c, import.c, log.c,
	remove.c, status.c: Call wrap_setup at start of commands.
	* add.c (add): Check for wrapper, as well as directory, in repository.
	* checkin.c: Add tocvsPath variable and associated handling.
	* cvs.h: Add wrapper declarations.
	* diff.c: Add tocvsPath variable and associated handling.
	* import.c: Add -W option, CVSDOTWRAPPER handling.
	(import_descend): check wrap_name_has.
	(update_rcs_file, add_rev, add_rcs_file): add tocvsPath
	variable and associated handling.
	* no_diff.c: Add tocvsPath variable and associated handling.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Check wrap_name_has.
	* update.c: Copy, don't merge, copy-by-merge files.  Attempt to
	use -j on a copy-by-merge file generates a warning and no further
	* update.c: Add CVSDOTWRAPPER handling.
	* wrapper.c: Added.

Fri Jul 21 00:20:52 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* client.c: Revert David Lamkin patch, except for the bits about
	removing temp_filename and the .rej file.
	* (errmsg1): Test for the underlying bug which Lamkin
	kludged around.
	* client.c (call_in_directory): Set short_pathname to include the
	filename, not just the directory.  Improve comments regarding what
	is passed to FUNC.

Thu Jul 20 17:51:54 1995  David Lamkin  <>

	* client.c (short_pathname): Fixes the fetching of the whole file
	after a patch to bring it up to date has failed:
	   - failed_patches[] now holds short path to file that failed
	   - patch temp files are unlinked where the patch is done

Thu Jul 20 12:37:10 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h: Declare error_set_cleanup
	* main.c: Call it.
	(error_cleanup): New function.

Thu Jul 20 12:17:16 1995  Mark H. Wilkinson  <>

	* add.c, admin.c, checkin.c, checkout.c, classify.c, client.c,
	client.h, commit.c, create_adm.c, cvs.h, diff.c, entries.c,
	history.c, import.c, log.c, main.c, modules.c, no_diff.c, patch.c,
	release.c, remove.c, repos.c, rtag.c, server.c, server.h,
	status.c, subr.c, tag.c, update.c, vers_ts.c, version.c: Put
	client code inside #ifdef CLIENT_SUPPORT, server code inside
	#ifdef SERVER_SUPPORT.  When reporting version, report whether
	client and/or server are compiled in.

Wed Jul 19 18:00:00 1995  Jim Blandy <>

	* subr.c (copy_file): Declare local var n to be an int,
	not a size_t.  size_t is unsigned, and the return values
	of read and write are definitely not unsigned.

	* cvs.h [HAVE_IO_H]: #include <io.h>.
	[HAVE_DIRECT_H]: #include <direct.h>.

Fri Jul 14 22:28:46 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* server.c (dirswitch, serve_static_directory, serve_sticky,
	serve_lost, server_write_entries, serve_checkin_prog,
	serve_update_prog): Include more information in error messages.
	(Thanks, DJM.)

	* Use /usr/sbin/sendmail, unless it doesn't
	exist, in which case use /usr/lib/sendmail.  (Thanks, DJM.)

	* server.c (server, server_cleanup): Use "/tmp" instead of
	"/usr/tmp" when the TMPDIR environment variable isn't set.  This
	is what the rest of the code uses.

Thu Jul 13 11:03:17 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* recurse.c (free_cwd): New function.
	(save_cwd, restore_cwd): Use it instead of simply freeing any
	string.  The function also closes any open file descriptor.

	* import.c (comtable): Now static.
	(comtable): Put braces around each element of initializer.

	* cvs.h: Add prototype for xgetwd.
	* recurse.c (save_cwd, restore_cwd): New functions to encapsulate
	run-time solution to secure-SunOS vs. fchown problem.
	(do_dir_proc, unroll_files_proc): Use new functions instead of
	open-coded fchdir/chdir calls with cpp directives.

        * Change out of TESTDIR before removing it.
	Some versions of rm fail when asked to delete the current directory.

Wed Jul 12 22:35:04 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* client.c (get_short_pathname): Add const qualifier to parameter dcl.
	(copy_a_file): Remove set-but-not-used variable, LEN.
	(handle_clear_static_directory): Likewise: SHORT_PATHNAME.
	(set_sticky): Likewise: LEN.
	(handle_set_sticky): Likewise: SHORT_PATHNAME.
	(handle_clear_sticky): Likewise: SHORT_PATHNAME.
	(start_rsh_server): Convert perl-style `cond || stmt' to more
	conventional C-style `if (cond) stmt.'  Sheesh.
	Remove dcl of unused file-static, SEND_CONTENTS.

	* history.c: Remove dcls of set-but-not-used file-statics,
	(read_hrecs): Don't set them.

	* import.c (add_rev): Remove dcl of set-but-not-used local, RETCODE.

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Remove dcl of set-but-not-used local,

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): Parenthesize assignment used as truth value.

Tue Jul 11 16:49:41 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* hash.h (struct entnode, Entnode): moved from here...
	* cvs.h: to here.

Wed Jul 12 19:45:24 1995  Dominik Westner (

        * client.c (server_user): new var.
        (parse_cvsroot): set above if repo is "user@host:/dir".
        (start_rsh_server): if server_user set, then use it.

Wed Jul 12 10:53:36 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * remove the TESTDIR after done.

        * (GNATS_ADDR): now again.

Tue Jul 11 15:53:08 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

        * depend on configure for grep and diff, now that
        changes to are applied.

Tue Jul 11 14:32:14 1995 Michael Shields  <>

	* (LDFLAGS): Pick up from configure.

Tue Jul 11 14:20:00 1995  Loren James Rittle  <>

	* import.c (add_rev), commit.c (remove_file, ci_new_rev),
	checkin.c (Checkin), subr.c (make_message_rcslegal), cvs.h:
	Always perform sanity check and fix-up on messages to be passed
 	directly to RCS via the '-m' switch.  RCS 5.7 requires that a
 	non-total-whitespace, non-null message be provided or it will
 	abort with an error.  CVS is not setup to handle any returned
 	error from 'ci' gracefully and, thus, the repository entered a
 	trashed state.

	* Add regression tests for new code and interactions
	with RCS 5.7.

Sun Jul  9 19:03:00 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* .cvsignore: added new backup file

	* our new finds the right diff and
        grep paths now....

	* subr.c: quote the string in run_print() for visibility
	- indent a comment
	- Jun Hamano's xchmod() patch to prevent writable files
	(from previous local changes)

	* logmsg.c: fix a NULL pointer de-reference
	- clean up some string handling code...
	(from previous local changes)

	* parseinfo.c: add hack to expand $CVSROOT in an *info file.
	- document "ALL" and "DEFAULT" in opening comment for Parse_Info()
	- fix the code to match the comments w.r.t. callbacks for "ALL"
	- add a line of trace output...
	(from previous local changes)

	* mkmodules.c: add support for comments in CVSROOT/checkoutlist
	- add CVSroot used by something other .o, ala main.c
	(from previous local changes)

	* main.c, cvs.h: add support for $VISUAL as log msg editor
	(from previous local changes)

	* status.c: add support for -q and -Q (from previous local changes)

Sun Jul  9 18:44:32 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        * log.c: trivial change to test ChangeLog stuff.

Sat Jul  8 20:33:57 1995  Paul Eggert  <>

	* history.c: (history_write): Don't assume that fopen(..., "a")
	lets one interleave writes to the history file from different processes
	without interlocking.  Use open's O_APPEND option instead.
	Throw in an lseek to lessen the race bugs on non-Posix hosts.
	* cvs.h, subr.c (Fopen): Remove.

	* log.c (log_fileproc): Pass working file name to rlog, so that
	the name is reported correctly.

Fri Jul  7 18:29:37 1995  Michael Hohmuth  <>

	* client.c, client.h (client_import_setup): New function.
	(client_import_done, client_process_import_file): Add comments
	regarding now-redundant code.
	* import.c (import): Call client_import_setup.

Tue Jul  4 09:21:26 1995  Bernd Leibing  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): Rename error to l_error; SunOS4 /bin/cc
	doesn't like a label and function with the same name.

Sun Jul  2 12:51:33 1995  Fred Appelman <>

	* logmsg.c: Rename strlist to str_list to avoid conflict with
	Unixware 2.01.

Thu Jun 29 17:37:22 1995  Paul Eggert  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_check_kflag): Allow RCS 5.7's new -kb option.

Wed Jun 28 09:53:14 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* (HEADERS): Remove
	Depend on options.h in addition to HEADERS.

Tue Jun 27 22:37:28 1995  Vince Demarco  <>

	* subr.c: Don't try to do fancy waitstatus stuff for NeXT,
	lib/wait.h is sufficient.

Mon Jun 26 15:17:45 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Remove RCS-patches and

Fri Jun 23 13:38:28 1995  J.T. Conklin  (

	* server.c (dirswitch, serve_co): Use CVSADM macro instead of
        literal "CVS".

Fri Jun 23 00:00:51 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* README-rm-add: Do not talk about patching RCS, that only
	confuses people.
	* RCS-patches, Removed (likewise).

Thu Jun 22 10:41:41 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* subr.c: Change -1 to (size_t)-1 when comparing against a size_t.

Wed Jun 21 16:51:54 1995 (Norbert Kiesel)

	* create_adm.c, entries.c, modules.c: Avoid coredumps if
	timestamps, tags, etc., are NULL.

Tue Jun 20 15:52:53 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* checkout.c (checkout): Remove dcl of unused variable.
	* client.c (call_in_directory, handle_clear_static_directory,
	handle_set_sticky, handle_clear_sticky, send_a_repository,
	send_modified, send_dirent_proc): Remove dcls of unused variables.
	* server.c (receive_file, serve_modified, server_cleanup):
	Remove dcls of unused variables.
	* subr.c (copy_file): Remove dcl of unused variable.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): Remove dcl of unused variable.

Mon Jun 19 13:49:35 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Fix commencement message --- the test suite says
	"Ok." when it's done.

Fri Jun 16 11:23:44 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* entries.c (fgetentent): Parenthesize assignment in if-conditional.

Thu Jun 15 17:33:28 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* server.c (get_buffer_data, buf_append_char, buf_append_data):
	  Don't conditionalize use of "inline".  Autoconf takes care of
	  defining it away on systems that don't grok it.

Thu Jun 15 13:43:38 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* (DIFF): Default to "diff" not "diff -a" since diff
	might not support the -a option.

Wed Jun 14 11:29:42 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* import.c (import_descend): Initialize dirlist to NULL.

	* subr.c (copy_file): Fix infinite loop.

	* server.c (serve_directory): fix a memory leak.

	* checkout.c, commit.c, diff.c, history.c, import.c, log.c,
	  patch.c, release.c, remove.c, rtag.c, status.c, tag.c, update.c:
	  Use send_arg() to send command line arguments to server.

	* commit.c (fsortcmp), find_names (fsortcmp), hash.c (hashp,
	  findnode), hash.h (findnode), rcs.c (RCS_addnode,
	  RCS_check_kflag, RCS_check_tag, RCS_isdead, RCS_parse,
	  RCS_parsercsfile_i), rcs.h (RCS_addnode, RCS_check_kflag,
	  RCS_check_tag, RCS_parse): Added const qualifiers as
	* rcs.h (RCS_isdead): Added prototype.

	* hash.h (walklist, sortlist): correct function prototypes.

	* ignore.c (ign_setup): don't bother checking to see if file
	  exists before calling ign_add_file.

Fri Jun  9 11:24:06 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* all source files (rcsid): Added const qualifer.
	* ignore.c (ign_default): Added const qualifier.
	* subr.c (numdots): Added const qualifier to function argument.
	* cvs.h (numdots): Added const qualifier to prototype argument.

	* client.c (change_mode): Tied consecutive if statements testing
	  the same variable together with else if.

	* import.c (import_descend): Build list of subdirectories when
	  reading directory, and then process the subdirectories in that
	  list.  This change avoids I/O overhead of rereading directory
	  and reloading ignore list (.cvsignore) for each subdirectory.

Thu Jun  8 11:54:24 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* import.c (import_descend): Use 4.4BSD d_type field if it is

	* lock.c (set_lockers_name): Use %lu in format and cast st_uid
	  field to unsigned long.

	* import.c (import): Use RCS_check_kflag() to check -k options.
	  (keyword_usage, str2expmode, strn2expmode, expand_names):
	* rcs.c (RCS_check_kflag): Added keyword_usage array from import.c
	  for more descriptive error messages.

	* subr.c (run_setup, run_args): Changed variable argument
	  processing to work on machines that use <varargs.h>.

	* subr.c (copy_file, xcmp): Changed to read the file(s) by blocks
	  rather than by reading the whole file into a huge buffer.  The
	  claim that this was reasonable because source files tend to be
	  small does not hold up in real world situations.   CVS is used
	  to manage non-source files, and mallocs of 400K+ buffers (x2
	  for xcmp) can easily fail due to lack of available memory or
	  even memory pool fragmentation.
	  (block_read): New function, taken from GNU cmp and slightly

	* subr.c (xcmp): Added const qualifier to function arguments.
	* cvs.h (xcmp): Added const qualifer to prototype arguments.

Wed Jun  7 11:28:31 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* cvs.h (Popen): Added prototype.
	  (Fopen, open_file, isreadable, iswritable, isdir, isfile,
	  islink, make_directory, make_directories, rename_file,
	  link_file, unlink_file, copy_file): Added const qualifer to
	  prototype arguments.
	* subr.c (Fopen, Popen, open_file, isreadable, iswritable, isdir,
	  isfile, islink, make_directory, make_directories, rename_file,
	  link_file, unlink_file, copy_file): Added const qualifier to
	  function arguments.

	* logmsg.c (logfile_write), recurse.c (do_recursion, addfile):
	  Don't cast void functions to a void expression.  There is at
	  least one compiler (MPW) that balks at this.

	* rcs.c (keysize, valsize): Change type to size_t.

	* add.c (add_directory): Don't cast umask() argument to int.

	* import.c (add_rcs_file): Changed type of mode to mode_t.

	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge): New function.
	* cvs.h (RCS_merge): Declare.
	* update.c (merge_file, join_file): Call RCS_merge instead of
	  invoking rcsmerge directly.

	* cvs.h: Include <stdlib.h> if HAVE_STDC_HEADERS, otherwise
	  declared getenv().
	* cvsrc.c, ignore.c, main.c: Removed getenv() declaration.

	* client.c (mode_to_string): Changed to take mode_t instead of
	  struct statb argument.  Simplified implementation, no longer
	  overallocates storage for returned mode string.
	* client.h (mode_to_string): Updated declaration.
	* server.c (server_updated): Updated for new calling conventions,
	  pass st_mode instead of pointer to struct statb.

	* cvs.h (CONST): Removed definition, use of const qualifier is
	  determined by autoconf.
	* history.c, modules.c, parseinfo.c: Use const instead of CONST.

	* add.c, admin.c, checkout.c, commit.c, diff.c, import.c, log.c,
	  main.c, mkmodules.c, patch.c, recurse.c, remove.c, rtag.c,
	  server.c, status.c, subr.c, tag.c, update.c: Changed function
	  arguments "char *argv[]" to "char **argv" to silence lint
	  warnings about performing arithmetic on arrays.

Tue Jun  6 18:57:21 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* version.c: Fix up version string, to say that this is Cyclic

Tue Jun  6 15:26:16 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* subr.c (run_setup, run_args, run_add_arg, xstrdup): Add const
	  qualifier to format argument.
	* cvs.h (run_setup, run_args, xstrdup): Likewise.

	* (SOURCES): Added rcscmds.c.
	  (OBJECTS): Added rcscmds.o.

	* rcscmds.c: New file, with new functions RCS_settag, RCS_deltag,
	  RCS_setbranch, RCS_lock, RCS_unlock.
	* checkin.c, commit.c, import.c, rtag.c, tag.c: Call above
	  functions instead of exec'ing rcs commands.
	* cvs.h: Declare new functions.

Mon May 29 21:40:54 1995  J.T. Conklin  (

	* recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion): Set entries to NULL
	  after calling Entries_Close().

Sat May 27 08:08:18 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* (check): Export RCSBIN only if there exists an
	`rcs' executable in ../../rcs/src.  Before, tests would fail when
	the directory existed but contained no executables.
	(distclean): Remove options.h, now that it's generated.
	(Makefile): Regenerate only *this* file when is
	out of date.  Depend on ../config.status.

Fri May 26 14:34:28 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* entries.c (Entries_Open): Added missing fclose().
	  (Entries_Close): Don't write Entries unless Entries.Log exists.

	* entries.c (Entries_Open): Renamed from ParseEntries; changed to
	  process Entries Log files left over from previous crashes or
	  aborted runs.
	  (Entries_Close): New function, write out Entries file if
	  neccessary and erase Log file.
	  (Register): Append changed records to Log file instead of
	  re-writing file.
	  (fgetentent): New function, parse one Entry record from a file.
	  (AddEntryNode): It's no longer an error for two records with the
	  same name to be added to the list.  New records replace older
	* cvs.h (Entries_Open, Entries_Close): Add prototypes.
	  (CVSADM_ENTLOG): New constant, name of Entries Log file.
	* add.c, checkout.c, client.c, find_names.c, recurse.c: Use
	  Entries_Open()/Entries_Close() instead of ParseEntries()/dellist().

	* add.c, admin.c, checkout.c, client.c, commit.c, diff.c,
	  history.c, import.c, log.c, patch.c, release.c, remove.c,
	  rtag.c, server.c, status.c, tag.c, update.c: Changed
	  conditionals so that return value of *printf is tested less than
	  0 instead of equal to EOF.

Thu May 25 08:30:12 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* subr.c (xmalloc): Never try to malloc zero bytes; if the user
	asks for zero bytes, malloc one instead.

Wed May 24 12:44:25 1995  Ken Raeburn  <>

	* subr.c (xmalloc): Don't complain about NULL if zero bytes were

Tue May 16 21:49:05 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* subr.c (xmalloc): Never try to malloc zero bytes; if the user
	asks for zero bytes, malloc one instead.

Mon May 15 14:35:11 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* lock.c (L_LOCK_OWNED): Removed.

	* add.c, checkout.c, client.c, create_adm.c, cvs.h, entries.c,
	  find_names.c modules.c, recurse.c, release.c, repos.c, update.c:
	  removed CVS 1.2 compatibility/upgrade code.

Mon May  8 11:25:07 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* lock.c (write_lock): Missed one instance where rmdir(tmp) should
	  have been changed to clear_lock().

Wed May  3 11:08:32 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* create_adm.c, entries.c, import.c, root.c: Changed conditionals
	  so that return value of *printf is tested less than 0 instead of
	  equal to EOF --- That's all Standard C requires.

Wed May  3 18:03:37 1995  Samuel Tardieu  <>

	* rcs.h: removed #ifdef CVS_PRIVATE and #endif because cvs didn't
	  compile anymore.

Mon May  1 13:58:53 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* rcs.c, rcs.h: Implemented lazy parsing of rcs files.
	  RCS_parsercsfile_i modified to read only the first two records
	  of rcs files, a new function RCS_reparsercsfile is called only
	  when additional information (tags, revision numbers, dates,
	  etc.) is required.

Mon May  1 12:20:02 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* (INCLUDES): Include -I. for options.h.

Fri Apr 28 16:16:33 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	(dist-dir): Renamed from dist; changed to work with DISTDIR
	variable passed from parent.

	We don't want to include a file the user has to edit in the
	* options.h: No longer distributed.
	* Distribute this instead.
	* ../INSTALL, ../README: Installation instructions updated.

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Send the remote command to rsh as a
	single string.

Fri Apr 28 00:29:49 1995  Noel Cragg  <>

	* commit.c: Added initializer for FORCE_CI

        * Fix tests added 25 Apr -- they were expecting the
        server to make noise, but the CVS_SERVER variable had been
        accidentally set with the `-Q' flag.  Ran all tests -- both
        locally and remotely -- to verify that the change didn't break

Thu Apr 27 12:41:52 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* Revise comment regarding check vs. remotecheck.

Thu Apr 27 12:52:28 1995  Bryan O'Sullivan <>

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): If the CVS_RSH environment variable
	is set, use its contents as the name of the program to invoke
	instead of `rsh'.

Thu Apr 27 12:18:38 1995  Noel Cragg  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): To fix new bug created by Apr 23 change,
        re-enabled "expand-module" functionality, because it has the side
        effect of setting the checkin/update programs for a directory.  To
        solve the local/remote checkout problem that prompted this change
        in the first place, I performed the next change.
	* server.c (expand_proc): Now returns expansions for aliases only.

Wed Apr 26 12:07:42 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* rcs.c (getrcskey): Rewritten to process runs of whitespace chars
	  and rcs @ strings instead of using state variables "white" and

Fri Apr  7 15:49:25 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* lock.c (unlock): Only call stat if we need to.

Wed Apr 26 10:48:44 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (new_entries_line): Don't prototype.

Tue Apr 25 22:19:16 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Add new tests to catch bugs in Apr 23 change.

Tue Apr 25 17:10:55 1995  Roland McGrath  <>

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Use getwd instead of getcwd.

Sun Apr 23 20:58:32 1995  Noel Cragg  <>

       	* checkout.c (checkout): Disabled "expand-module" functionality on
        remote checkout, since it makes modules behave like aliases (see
        longer note there).  This change necessitated the change below.
        Also merged the like parts of a conditional.

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Changed the algorithm that created
        nested and directories and the "CVS" administration directories
        therein.  The algoithm wrongly assumed that the name of the
        directory that that was to be created and the repository name were
        the same, which breaks modules.

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin), module.c (do_module), server.c
        (server_register), subr.c, entries.c: Added fprintfs for trace-mode

	* client.c (client_send_expansions): Argument to function didn't
        have a type -- added one.

	* server.c (new_entries_line): Arguments to this function are
        never used -- reoved them and fixed callers.

Sat Apr 22 11:17:20 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* rcs.c (RCS_parse): If we can't open the file, give an error
	message (except for ENOENT in case callers rely on that).

Wed Apr 19 08:52:37 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (send_repository): Check for CVSADM_ENTSTAT in `dir', not
	in `.'.

	* Add TODO list.  Revise some comments.  Add tests of
	one working directory adding a file and other updating it.

Sat Apr  8 14:52:55 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* (CFLAGS): Let configure set the default for CFLAGS.
	Under GCC, we want -g -O.

Fri Apr  7 15:49:25 1995  J.T. Conklin  <>

	* root.c (Name_Root): merge identical adjacent conditionals.

	* create_admin.c (Create_Admin): Rearranged check for CVSADM and
	  OCVSADM directories so that CVSADM pathname is only built once.

	* update.c (update_dirleave_proc): Removed code to remove CVS
	  administration directory if command_name == "export" and to
	  create CVS/Root file if it is not present.  Identical code
	  in update_filesdone_proc() will perform these same actions.
	  Also removed code that read and verfied CVS/Root.  This is
	  expensive, and if it is necessary should happen in the
	  general recursion processor rather than in the update

	* lock.c (masterlock): New variable, pathname of master lockdir.
	  (set_lock): removed lockdir argument, now constructs it itself
	  and stores it in masterlock.
	  (clear_lock): new function, removes master lockdir.
	  (Reader_Lock, write_lock): call clear_lock instead of removing
	  master lockdir.
	  (Reader_Lock, write_lock): #ifdef'd out CVSTFL code.

	* main.c (main): register Lock_Cleanup signal handler.
	* lock.c (Reader_Lock, write_lock): no longer register

	* main.c (main): initialize new array hostname.
	* lock.c (Reader_Lock, write_lock): Use global hostname array.
	* logmsg.c (logfile_write): Likewise.

	* recurse.c (do_dir_proc, unroll_files_proc): Use open()/fchdir()
	  instead of getwd()/chdir() on systems that support the fchdir()
	  system call.

Fri Apr  7 06:57:20 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c: Include the word "server" in error message for memory
	exhausted, so the user knows which machine ran out of memory.

	* For remote, set CVS_SERVER to test the right server,
	rather than a random one from the PATH.

	* commit.c [DEATH_STATE]: Pass -f to `ci'.

Thu Apr  6 13:05:15 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): If we didn't manage to fopen the file,
	don't try to fclose it.

	* client.c (handle_m, handle_e): Use fwrite, rather than a loop of
	putc's.  Sometimes these streams are unbuffered.

Tue Apr  4 11:33:56 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Include, ChangeLog, NOTES, RCS-patches,
	README-rm-add, ChangeLog.fsf,, sanity.el, and

Mon Mar 27 08:58:42 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): Accept `dead' state regardless of
	DEATH_STATE define.  Revise comments regarding DEATH_STATE versus
	CVSDEA versus the scheme which uses a patched RCS.
	* README-rm-add, RCS-patches: Explain what versions of CVS need
	RCS patches.

Sat Mar 25 18:51:39 1995  Roland McGrath  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Only do the abysmal kludge of waiting
 	for command and draining the pipe #ifdef sun.  The code makes
 	assumptions not valid on all systems, and is only there to
 	workaround a SunOS bug.

Wed Mar 22 21:55:56 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (mkdir_p): Call stat only if we get the EACCES.  Faster
	and more elegant.

Tue Jan 31 20:59:19 1995  Ken Raeburn  <>

	* server.c: Try to avoid starting the "rm -rf" at cleanup time
	until after subprocesses have finished.
	(command_fds_to_drain, max_command_fd): New variables.
	(do_cvs_command): Set them.
	(command_pid_is_dead): New variable.
	(wait_sig): New function.
	(server_cleanup): If command_pid is nonzero, wait for it to die,
	draining output from it in the meantime.  If nonzero SIG was
	passed, send a signal to the subprocess, to encourage it to die

	* main.c (usage): Argument is now `const char *const *'.
	* cvs.h (usage): Changed prototype.
	(USE): Make new variable `const'.
	* add.c (add_usage), admin.c (admin_usage), checkout.c
	(checkout_usage, export_usage, checkout), commit.c (commit_usage),
	diff.c (diff_usage), history.c (history_usg), import.c
	(import_usage, keyword_usage), log.c (log_usage), main.c (usg),
	patch.c (patch_usage), release.c (release_usage), remove.c
	(remove_usage), rtag.c (rtag_usage), server.c (server), status.c
	(status_usage), tag.c (tag_usage), update.c (update_usage): Usage
	messages are now const arrays of pointers to const char.

	* import.c (comtable): Now const.
	* main.c (rcsid): Now static.
	(cmd): Now const.
	(main): Local variable CM now points to const.
	* server.c (outbuf_memory_error): Local var MSG now const.

	* client.c (client_commit_usage): Deleted.

Sat Dec 31 15:51:55 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Allocate enough space for trailing '\0'.

Fri Mar  3 11:59:49 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Call it "Cyclic CVS" now, not "Remote CVS".  Call it
	version C1.4A, not 1.4A2-remote.  Send bugs to cyclic-cvs, not

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Put check for dead file inside
	"#ifdef DEATH_SUPPORT".

Thu Feb 23 23:03:43 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Don't pass the -E option to rcsmerge here,
	either (see Jan 22 change).

Mon Feb 13 13:28:46 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Send bug reports to, rather
	than to the ordinary CVS bug address.  This does mean we'll have
	to wade through GNATS-style bug reports, sigh.

Wed Feb  8 06:42:27 1995  Roland McGrath  <>

	* server.c: Don't include <sys/stat.h>; system.h already does, and
 	4.3BSD can't take it twice.

	* subr.c [! HAVE_VPRINTF] (run_setup, run_args): Don't use va_dcl
 	in declaration.  Declare the a1..a8 args which are used in the
 	sprintf call.
	* cvs.h [! HAVE_VPRINTF] (run_setup, run_args): Don't prototype
 	args, to avoid conflicting with the function definitions

Tue Feb  7 20:10:00 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* client.c (update_entries): Pass the patch subprocess the switch
	"-b ~", not "-b~"; the latter form seems not to work with patch
	version 2.0 and earlier --- it takes the next argv element as the
	backup suffix, and thus doesn't notice that the patch file's name
	has been specified, thus doesn't find the patch, thus...  *aargh*

Fri Feb  3 20:28:21 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* log.c (log_option_with_arg): New function.
	(cvslog): Use it and send_arg to handle the rlog options that take
	arguments.  The code used to use send_option_string for
	everything, which assumes that "-d1995/01/02" is equivalent to
	"-d -1 -9 -9 -5 ...".

Tue Jan 31 15:02:01 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* server.c: #include <sys/stat.h> for the new stat call in mkdir_p.
	(mkdir_p): Don't try to create the intermediate directory if it
	exists already.  Some systems return EEXIST, but others return
	EACCES, which we can't otherwise distinguish from a real access

Sun Jan 22 15:25:45 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* update.c (merge_file): My rcsmerge doesn't accept a -E option,
	and it doesn't look too important, so don't pass it.

Fri Jan 20 14:24:58 1995  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* client.c (do_deferred_progs): Don't try to chdir to toplevel_wd
	if it has not been set.
	(process_prune_candidates): Likewise.

Mon Nov 28 09:59:14 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (client_commit): Move guts of function from here...
	* commit.c (commit): here.

Mon Nov 28 15:14:36 1994  Ken Raeburn  <>

	* server.c (buf_input_data, buf_send_output): Start cpp directives
	in column 1, otherwise Sun 4 pcc complains.

Mon Nov 28 09:59:14 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (add_prune_candidate): Don't try to prune ".".

Tue Nov 22 05:27:10 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c, client.c: More formatting cleanups.

	* client.h, client.c: New variable client_prune_dirs.
	* update.c (update), checkout.c (checkout): Set it.
	* client.c (add_prune_candidate, process_prune_candidates): New
	(send_repository, call_in_directory, get_responses_and_close):
	Call them.

Wed Nov 23 01:17:32 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Don't select on STDOUT_FILENO unless
	we have something to write.

Tue Nov 22 05:27:10 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* remove.c (remove_fileproc): Only call server_checked_in if we
	actually are changing the entries file.

	* server.c (server_write_entries): New function.
	(dirswitch, do_cvs_command): Call it.
	(serve_entry, serve_updated): Just update in-memory data
	structures, don't mess with CVS/Entries file.

Mon Nov 21 10:15:11 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (server_checked_in): Set scratched_file to NULL after
	using it.

	* checkin.c (Checkin): If the file was changed by the checkin,
	call server_updated not server_checked_in.

Sun Nov 20 08:01:51 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (send_repository): Move check for update_dir NULL to
	before where we check last_update_dir.  Check for "" here too.

	* client.c (send_repository): Use new argument dir.

	* client.c: Pass new argument dir to send_repository and

	* server.c, server.h (server_prog): New function.
	* modules.c (do_modules): Call it if server_expanding.
	* client.c: Support Set-checkin-prog and Set-update-prog responses.
	* server.c, client.c: Add Checkin-prog and Update-prog requests.

Fri Nov 18 14:04:38 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (get_short_pathname, is_cvsroot_level,
	call_in_directory): Base whether this is new-style or
	old-style based on whether we actually used the Directory request,
	not based on whether the pathname is absolute.  Rename
	directory_supported to use_directory.
	* server.c: Rename use_relative_pathnames to use_dir_and_repos.
	* client.c (send_a_repository): If update_dir is absolute, don't
	use it to try to reconstruct how far we have recursed.

	* server.c, server.h, client.c, client.h, vers_ts.c, update.h:
	More cosmetic changes (identation, PARAMS vs. PROTO, eliminate
	alloca, etc.) to remote CVS to make it more like the rest of CVS.

	* server.c: Make server_temp_dir just the dir name, not the name
	with "%s" at the end.
	* server.c, client.c: Add "Max-dotdot" request, and use it to make
	extra directories in server_temp_dir if needed.

Thu Nov 17 09:03:28 1994  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c: Fix two cases where NULL was used and 0 was meant.

Mon Nov 14 08:48:41 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (serve_unchanged): Set noexec to 0 when calling Register.

	* update.c (merge_file): Don't call xcmp if noexec.

Fri Nov 11 13:58:22 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Deal with it if reposdirname is
	not a subdirectory of toplevel_repos.

Mon Nov  7 09:12:01 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* patch.c: If file is removed and we don't have a tag or date,
	just print "current release".

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Treat dead files appropriately.

Fri Nov  4 07:33:03 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* main.c (main) [SERVER_SUPPORT]: Move call to getwd past where we
	know whether we are the server or not.  Set CurDir to "<remote>"
	if we are the server.

	* client.c: Remove #if 0'd function option_with_arg.
	Remove #if 0'd code pertaining to the old way of logging the

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Don't invoke the server with the
	-d option.
	* server.c (serve_root): Test root for validity, just like main.c
	does for non-remote CVS.
	* main.c (main): If `cvs server' happens with a colon in the
	CVSroot, just handle it normally; don't make it an error.

Wed Nov  2 11:09:38 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (send_dirent_proc): If dir does not exist, just return

	* server.c, client.c: Add Directory request and support for
	local relative pathnames (along with the repository absolute
	* update.c, add.c, checkout.c, checkin.c, cvs.h, create_adm.c,
	commit.c, modules.c, server.c, server.h, remove.c, client.h:
	Pass update_dir to server_* functions.  Include update_dir in
	more error messages.

Fri Oct 28 08:54:00 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c: Reformat to bring closer to cvs standards for brace
	position, comment formatting, etc.

	* Remove wrong "last mod" line.  Convert more tests to
	put PASS or FAIL in log file.  Change it so arguments to the
	script specify which tests to run.

	* client.c, client.h, server.c, checkout.c: Expand modules in
	separate step from the checkout itself.

Sat Oct 22 20:33:35 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* update.c (join_file): When checking for null return from
	RCS_getversion, still do return even if quiet flag is set.

Thu Oct 13 07:36:11 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (send_files): Call send_repository even if
	toplevel_repos was NULL.

	* server.c (server_updated): If joining, don't remove file.

	* update.c (join_file): If server and file is unmodified, check it
	out before joining.  After joining, call server_updated.  New
	argument repository.

	* server.c, server.h (server_copy_file): New function.
	* update.c (update_file_proc, join_file): Call it.
	* client.c (copy_file, handle_copy_file): New functions.
	* client.c (responses): Add "Copy-file".

	* client.c, client.h: Make toplevel_wd, failed_patches and
	failed_patches_count extern.
	* client.c (client_update): Move guts of function from here...
	* update.c (update): here.

	* client.c, checkout.c: Likewise for checkout.

	* client.c (is_cvsroot_level): New function.
	(handle_set_sticky, handle_clear_sticky,
	handle_clear_static_directory): Call it, instead of checking
	short_pathname for a slash.

	* client.c, client.h (client_process_import_file,
	client_import_done): New functions.
	* import.c (import, import_descend): Use them.
	* import.c (import_descend): If server, don't mention ignored CVS
	* import.c (import_descend_dir): If client, don't print warm
	fuzzies, or make directories in repository.  If server, print warm
	fuzzies to stdout not stderr.
	* client.c (send_modified): New function, broken out from
	(send_fileproc): Call it.

	* client.c (handle_clear_sticky, handle_set_sticky,
	handle_clear_static_directory, handle_set_static_directory): If
	command is export, just return.
	(call_in_directory, update_entries): If command is export, don't
	create CVS directories, CVS/Entries files, etc.
	* update.c (update_filesdone_proc): Don't remove CVS directories if

	* client.c (send_a_repository): Instead of insisting that
	repository end with update_dir, just strip as many pathname
	components from the end as there are in update_dir.

	* (remotecheck): New target, pass -r to
	* Accept -r argument which means to test remote cvs.

	* tag.c (tag), rtag.c (rtag), patch.c (patch), import.c (import),
	admin.c (admin), release.c (release): If client_active, connect to
	the server and send the right requests.
	* main.c (cmds): Add these commands.
	(main): Remove code which would strip hostname off cvsroot and try
	the command locally.  There are no longer any commands which are
	not supported.
	* client.c, client.h (client_rdiff, client_tag, client_rtag,
	client_import, client_admin, client_export, client_history,
	client_release): New functions.
	* server.c (serve_rdiff, serve_tag, serve_rtag, serve_import,
	serve_admin, serve_export, serve_history, serve_release): New
	(requests): List them.
	* server.c: Declare cvs commands (add, admin, etc.).
	* cvs.h, server.h: Don't declare any of them here.
	* main.c: Restore declarations of cvs commands which were
	previously removed.

	* cvs.h: New define DEATH_STATE, commented out for now.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i), commit.c (remove_file, checkaddfile)
	[DEATH_STATE]: Use RCS state to record a dead file.

Mon Oct  3 09:44:54 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* status.c (status_fileproc): Now that ts_rcs is just one time,
	don't try to print the second time from it.  (Same as raeburn 20
	Aug change, it accidentally got lost in 1.4 Alpha-1 merge).

	* cvs.h (CVSDEA): Added (but commented out for now).
	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i) [CVSDEA]: Also look in CVSDEA to see if
	something is dead.
	* commit.c (ci_new_rev, mark_file) [CVSDEA]: New functions.
	(remove_file, checkaddfile) [CVSDEA]: Use them instead of ci -K.
	* find_names.c (find_dirs) [CVSDEA]: Don't match CVSDEA directories.
	* update.c (checkout_file): Check RCS_isdead rather than relying
	on co to not create the file.

	* Direct output to logfile, not /dev/null.

	* subr.c (run_exec): Print error message if we are unable to exec.

	* commit.c (remove_file): Call Scratch_Entry when removing tag
	from file.  The DEATH_SUPPORT ifdef was erroneous.

Sun Oct  2 20:33:27 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Instead of calling isdir before
	attempting to create the directory, just ignore EEXIST errors from
	mkdir.  (This removes some DEATH_SUPPORT ifdefs which actually had
	nothing to do with death support).

Thu Sep 29 09:23:57 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* diff.c (diff): Search attic too if we have a second tag/date.
	(diff_fileproc): If we have a second tag/date, don't do all the
	checking regarding the user file.

Mon Sep 26 12:02:15 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* checkin.c (Checkin): Check for error from unlink_file.

Mon Sep 26 08:51:10 1994  Anthony J. Lill  (

	* rcs.c (getrcskey): Allocate space for terminating '\0' if

Sat Sep 24 09:07:37 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Set got_message = 1 when calling
	do_editor (accidentally omitted from last change).

Fri Sep 23 11:59:25 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	Revert buggy parts of Rich's change of 1 Nov 1993 (keeping the
	dynamic buffer allocation, which was the point of that change).
	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Reinstate message arg, but make it char
	**messagep instead of char *message.  Change occurances of message
	to *messagep.  Char return type from char * back to void.
	* cvs.h: Change do_editor declaration.
	* commit.c: Reinstate got_message variable
	(commit_filesdoneproc, commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc): Use it.
	* import.c (import), commit.c (commit_fileproc,
	commit_direntproc): Pass &message to do_editor; don't expect it to
	return a value.
	* client.c (client_commit): Likewise.
	* import.c (import): Deal with it if message is NULL.

Wed Sep 21 09:43:25 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (server_updated): If the file doesn't exist, skip it.

	* diff.c, client.h, client.c: Rename diff_client_senddate to
	client_senddate and move from diff.c to client.c.
	* client.c (client_update, client_checkout): Use it.

Sat Sep 17 08:36:58 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Don't pass NULL to Register for
	version.  (should fix "cvs co -r <nonexistent-tag> <file>"
	coredump on Solaris).

Fri Sep 16 08:38:02 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Set top_rev from vn_user, not vn_rcs.
	Rename it to user_file_rev because it need not be the head of any
	(diff_file_nodiff): After checking user_file_rev, if we have both
	use_rev1 and use_rev2, compare them instead of going on to code
	which assumes use_rev2 == NULL.

Thu Sep 15 08:20:23 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* status.c (status): Return a value in client_active case.

Thu Sep 15 15:02:12 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* server.c (serve_modified): Create the file even if the size is

Thu Sep 15 08:20:23 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* lock.c (readers_exist): Clear errno each time around the loop,
	not just the first time.

	* client.c (start_server): Don't send Global_option -q twice.

	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Check for error from unlink.

	* no_diff.c, cvs.h (No_Difference): New args repository,
	update_dir.  Call server_update_entries if needed.  Use update_dir
	in error message.
	* classify.c (Classify_File): Pass new args to No_Difference.

	* server.c (server_update_entries, server_checked_in,
	server_updated): Don't do anything if noexec.

	* client.c (send_fileproc): Rather than guessing how big the gzip
	output may be, just realloc the buffer as needed.

Tue Sep 13 13:22:03 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* lock.c: Check for errors from unlink, readdir, and closedir.

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Pass repository and update_dir to
	(sticky_ck): New args repository and update_dir.
	* server.c, server.h (server_update_entries): New function.
	* classify.c (sticky_ck): Call it.
	* client.c: New response "New-entry".
	* client.c (send_fileproc): Send tag/date from vers->entdata, not
	from vers itself.

Mon Sep 12 07:07:05 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c: Clean up formatting ("=  (errno)" -> "= errno").

	* cvs.h: Declare strerror.

	* client.c: Add code to deal with Set-sticky and Clear-sticky
	responses, and Sticky request.
	* server.c: Add code to deal with Sticky request.
	* server.c, server.h (server_set_sticky): New function.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin), update.c (update, update_dirent_proc),
	commit.c (commit_dirleaveproc): Call it.
	* client.c, client.h (send_files): Add parameter aflag.
	* add.c (add), diff.c (diff), log.c (cvslog), remove.c (cvsremove),
	status.c (status),
	client.c (client_commit, client_update, client_checkout): Pass it.
	* client.c (client_update): Add -A flag.

Fri Sep  9 07:05:35 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* entries.c (WriteTag): Check for error from unlink_file.

	* server.c (server_updated): Initialize size to 0.  Previously if
	the file was zero length, the variable size got used without being

Thu Sep  8 14:23:05 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (serve_repository): Check for error from fopen on

	* update.c (update, update_dirent_proc): Check for errors when
	removing Entries.Static.

	* client.c: Add code to deal with Set-static-directory and
	Clear-static-directory responses, and Static-directory request.
	* server.c, server.h (server_clear_entstat, server_set_entstat):
	New functions.
	* update.c, checkout.c, modules.c: Call them.
	* server.c: Add code to deal with Static-directory request.

	* server.c, client.c: Use strchr and strrchr instead of index and

	* server.c (serve_unchanged, serve_lost): Change comments which
	referred to changing timestamp; we don't always change the
	timestamp in those cases anymore.

Wed Sep  7 10:58:12 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): Don't call getenv() three times when one
	  time will do.

	* subr.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Change type of bytes argument from
	  int to size_t and remove the test that checks if it is less than
	* cvs.h (xmalloc, xrealloc): Update prototype.

Thu Sep  1 12:22:20 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* update.c (merge_file, join_file): Pass -E to rcsmerge.
	(merge_file): If rcsmerge doesn't change the file, say so.

	* recurse.c, cvs.h (start_recursion): New argument wd_is_repos.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Use it instead of checking whether
	command_name is rtag to find out if we are cd'd to the repository.
	* client.c, update.c, commit.c, status.c, diff.c, log.c, admin.c,
	remove.c, tag.c: Pass 0 for wd_is_repos.
	* rtag.c, patch.c: Pass 1 for wd_is_repos.

	* classify.c, cvs.h (Classify_File): New argument pipeout.
	* classify.c (Classify_File): If pipeout, don't complain if the
	file is already there.
	* update.c, commit.c, status.c: Change callers.

	* mkmodules.c (main): Don't print "reminders" if commitinfo,
	loginfo, rcsinfo, or editinfo files are missing.

Mon Aug 22 23:22:59 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* server.c (strerror): Static definition replaced by extern

Sun Aug 21 07:16:27 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* client.c (update_entries): Run "patch" with input from
	/dev/null, so if it's the wrong version, it fails quickly rather
	than waiting for EOF from terminal before failing.

Sat Aug 20 04:16:33 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* server.c (serve_unchanged): Instead of creating a file with a
	zero timestamp, rewrite the entries file to have "=" in the
	timestamp field.
	* vers_ts.c (mark_lost, mark_unchanged): New macros.
	(time_stamp_server): Use them, for clarity.  Interpret "="
	timestamp as an unchanged file.  A zero-timestamp file should
	never be encountered now in use_unchanged mode.

	* client.c (start_server): If CVS_CLIENT_PORT indicates a
	non-positive port number, skip straight to rsh connection.

	* status.c (status_fileproc): Fix ts_rcs reference when printing
	version info, to correspond to new Entries file format.  Don't
	print it at all if server_active, because it won't have any useful

Thu Aug 18 14:38:21 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* cvs.h (status): Declare.
	* client.c (client_status): New function.

	* client.h (client_status): Declare.
	* main.c (cmds): Include it.
	* server.c (serve_status): New function.
	(requests): Add it.
	* status.c (status): Do the remote thing if client_active.

	* client.c (supported_request): New function.
	(start_server): Use it.

	* server.c (receive_partial_file): New function, broken out from
	serve_modified.  Operate with fixed-size local buffer, instead of
	growing stack frame by entire file size.
	(receive_file): New function, broken out from serve_modified.
	(serve_modified): Call it.
	(server): Print out name of unrecognized request.

	More generic stream-filtering support:
	* client.c (close_on_exec, filter_stream_through_program): New
	(server_fd): New variable.
	(get_responses_and_close): Direct non-rsh connection is now
	indicated by server_fd being non-negative.  File descriptors for
	to_server and from_server may now be different in case "tee"
	filtering is being done.  Wait for rsh_pid specifically.
	(start_server): Use filter_stream_through_program for "tee"
	filter, and enable it for direct Kerberos-authenticated
	connections.  Use dup to create new file descriptors for server
	connection if logging is enabled.
	(start_rsh_server): Disable code that deals with logging.

	Per-file compression support:
	* cvs.h (gzip_level): Declare.
	* main.c (usg): Describe new -z argument.
	(main): Recognize it and set gzip_level.
	* client.c (filter_through_gzip, filter_through_gunzip): New
	functions to handle compression.
	(update_entries): If size starts with "z", uncompress
	(start_server): If gzip_level is non-zero and server supports it,
	issue gzip-file-contents request.
	(send_fileproc): Optionally compress file contents.  Use a
	slightly larger buffer, anticipating the worst case.
	* server.c (gzip_level): Define here.
	(receive_file): Uncompress file contents if needed.
	(serve_modified): Recognize "z" in file size and pass receive_file
	appropriate flag.
	(buf_read_file_to_eof, buf_chain_length): New functions.
	(server_updated): Call them when sending a compressed file.
	(serve_gzip_contents): New function; set gzip_level.
	(requests): Added gzip-file-contents request.

Wed Aug 17 09:37:44 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* find_names.c (find_dirs): Use 4.4BSD filesystem feature (it
	  contains the file type in the dirent structure) to avoid
	  stat'ing each file.

	* commit.c (remove_file,checkaddfile): Change type of umask
	  variables from int to mode_t.
	* subr.c (): Likewise.

Tue Aug 16 19:56:34 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Don't use diff_rev* because they're
	invariant across calls -- add new variable top_rev.
	(diff_file_nodiff): After checking possible use_rev* values, if
	top_rev is set drop it in as well (if we don't already have two
	versions) and then clear it for next time around.

Wed Aug 10 20:50:47 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): if ts_user and ts_rcs match, then the
	file is at the top of the tree -- so we might not even have a
	copy. Put the revision into diff_rev1 or diff_rev2.

Wed Aug 10 14:55:38 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Use waitpid.

	* subr.c (run_exec): Always use waitpid.

	* (CC, LIBS): Define here, in case "make" is run in
	this directory instead of top level.

Wed Aug 10 13:57:06 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* client.c (krb_get_err_text): use HAVE_KRB_GET_ERR_TEXT to
	determine if we need to use the array or the function.
	* main.c: ditto.

Tue Aug  9 16:43:30 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* entries.c (ParseEntries): If timestamp is in old format, rebuild
	it in the new format.  Fudge an unmatchable entry that won't
	trigger this code next time around, if the file is modified.

	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp): Only put st_mtime field into timestamp,
	and use GMT time for it.  With st_ctime or in local time, copying
	trees between machines in different time zones makes all the files
	look modified.
	(time_stamp_server): Likewise.

Tue Aug  9 19:40:51 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* main.c (main): use krb_get_err_text function instead of
	krb_err_txt array.

Thu Aug  4 15:37:50 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* main.c (main): When invoked as kserver, set LOGNAME and USER
	environment variables to the remote user name.

Thu Aug  4 07:44:37 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* client.c: (handle_valid_requests): if we get an option that has
	rq_enableme set, then send that option. If it is UseUnchanged, set
	use_unchanged so that the rest of the client knows about
	it. (Could become a more general method for dealing with protocol
	(send_fileproc): if use_unchanged didn't get set, send an
	old-style "Lost" request, otherwise send an "Unchanged" request.
	* server.c (serve_unchanged): new function, same as serve_lost,
	but used in the opposite case.
	(requests): add new UseUnchanged and Unchanged requests, and make
	"Lost" optional (there isn't a good way to interlock these.)
	* server.h (request.status): rq_enableme, new value for detecting
	compatibility changes.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): swap meaning of zero timestamp if
	use_unchanged is set.

Tue Jul 26 10:19:30 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* Separate CVSROOT_FILENAME, which must be the filename
	of the root, from CVSROOT, which can include a hostname for
	testing remote CVS.  (but the tests aren't yet prepared to deal
	with the bugs in remote CVS).

	* import.c (update_rcs_file): Change temporary file name in TMPDIR
	from FILE_HOLDER to cvs-imp<process-id>.

	* Add ">/dev/null" and "2>/dev/null" many places to
	suppress spurious output.  Comment out tests which don't work (cvs
	add on top-level directory, cvs diff when non-committed adds or
	removes have been made, cvs release, test 53 (already commented as
	broken), retagging without deleting old tag, test 63).  Now 'make
	check' runs without any failures.

Fri Jul 15 12:58:29 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* (install): Do not depend upon installdirs.

Thu Jul 14 15:49:42 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c, server.c: Don't try to handle alloca here; it's
	handled by cvs.h.

Tue Jul 12 13:32:40 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (update_entries): Reset stored_checksum_valid if we
	quit early because of a patch failure.

Fri Jul  8 11:13:05 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (responses): Mark "Remove-entry" as optional.

Thu Jul  7 14:07:58 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* server.c (server_updated): Add new checksum argument.  If it is
	not NULL, and the client supports the "Checksum" response, send
	* server.h (server_updated): Update prototype.
	* update.c: Include md5.h.
	(update_file_proc): Pass new arguments to patch_file and
	(patch_file): Add new checksum argument.  Set it to the MD5
	checksum of the version of the file being checked out.
	(merge_file): Pass new argument to server_updated.
	* client.c: Include md5.h.
	(stored_checksum_valid, stored_checksum): New static variables.
	(handle_checksum): New static function.
	(update_entries): If a checksum was received, check it against the
	MD5 checksum of the final file.
	(responses): Add "Checksum".
	(start_server): Clear stored_checksum_valid.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Pass new argument to server_updated.

	* client.h (struct response): Move definition in from client.c,
	add status field.
	(responses): Declare.
	* client.c (struct response): Remove definition; moved to
	(responses): Make non-static.  Initialize status field.
	* server.c (serve_valid_responses): Check and record valid
	responses, just as in handle_valid_requests in client.c.

	* diff.c (diff_client_senddate): New function.
	(diff): Use it to send -D arguments to server.

Wed Jul  6 12:52:37 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): New function, parse RCS file
	referenced by file ptr argument.
	(RCS_parsercsfile): Open file and pass its file ptr to above function.
	(RCS_parse): Likewise.

Wed Jul  6 01:25:38 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (update_entries): Print message indicating that an
	unpatchable file will be refetched.
	(client_update): Print message when refetching unpatchable files.

Fri Jul  1 07:16:29 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* client.c (send_dirent_proc): Don't call send_a_repository if
	repository is "".

Fri Jul  1 13:58:11 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (last_dirname, last_repos): Move out of function.
	(failed_patches, failed_patches_count): New static variables.
	(update_entries): If patch program fails, save short_pathname in
	failed_patches array, only exit program if retcode is -1, and
	return out of the function rather than update the Entries line.
	(start_server): Clear toplevel_repos, last_dirname, last_repos.
	(client_update): If failed_patches is not NULL after doing first
	update, do another update, but remove all the failed files first.

Thu Jun 30 09:08:57 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (requests): Add request "Global_option".
	(serve_global_option): New function, to handle it.
	* client.c (start_server): Deal with global options.  Check for
	errors from fprintf.

	* client.c (send_fileproc): Split out code which sends repository
	into new function send_a_repository.  Also, deal with update_dir
	being ".".
	(send_dirent_proc): Call send_a_repository.
	* add.c (add): If client_active, do special processing for
	(add_directory): If server_active, don't try to create CVSADM

Thu Jun 30 11:58:52 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (update_entries): If patch succeeds, remove the backup
	* server.c (server_updated): Add new argument file_info.  If it is
	not NULL, use it rather than sb to get the file mode.
	* server.h (server_updated): Update prototype for new argument.
	* update.c (update_file_proc): Pass new arguments to patch_file
	and server_updated.
	(patch_file): Add new argument file_info.  Don't use -p to check
	out new version, check it out into file and rename that to file2.
	If result is not readable, assume file is dead and set docheckout.
	Call xchmod on file2.  Close the patch file after checking for a
	binary diff.  Set file_info to the results of stat on file2.
	(merge_file): Pass new argument to server_updated.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Pass new argument to server_updated.

Wed Jun 29 13:00:41 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (krb_realmofhost): Declare, since it's not the current
	(start_server): Save the name returned by gethostbyname.  Call
	krb_realmofhost to get the realm.  Pass the resulting realm to
	krb_sendauth.  Pass the saved real name to krb_sendauth, rather
	than server_host.

	* update.c (update_file_proc): Pass &docheckout to patch_file.  If
	it is set to 1, fall through to T_CHECKOUT case.
	(patch_file): Add docheckout argument.  Set it to 1 if we can't
	make a patch.  Check out the files and run diff rather than
	rcsdiff.  If either file does not end in a newline, we can't make
	a patch.  If the patch starts with the string "Binary", assume
	one or the other is a binary file, and that we can't make a patch.

Tue Jun 28 11:57:29 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (update_entries): If the patch file is empty, don't run
	patch program; avoids error message.

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Return T_CHECKOUT, not T_PATCH, if
	the file is in the Attic.

	* cvs.h (enum classify_type): Add T_PATCH.
	* config.h (PATCH_PROGRAM): Define.
	* classify.c (Classify_File): If user file exists and is not
	modified, and using the same -k options, return T_PATCH instead of
	* update.c (patches): New static variable.
	(update): Add u to gnu_getopt argument.  Handle it.
	(update_file_proc): Handle T_PATCH.
	(patch_file): New static function.
	* server.h (enum server_updated_arg4): Add SERVER_PATCHED.
	* server.c (server_updated): Handle SERVER_PATCHED by sending
	"Patched" command.
	(serve_ignore): New static function.
	(requests): Add "update-patches".
	(client_update): If the server supports "update-patches", send -u.
	* client.c (struct update_entries_data): Change contents field
	from int to an unnamed enum.
	(update_entries): Correponding change.  If contents is
	UPDATE_ENTRIES_PATCH, pass the input to the patch program.
	(handle_checked_in): Initialize contents to enum value, not int.
	(handle_updated, handle_merged): Likewise.
	(handle_patched): New static function.
	(responses): Add "Patched".
	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Handle T_PATCH.
	* status.c (status_fileproc): Likewise.

	* client.c (start_server): If CVS_CLIENT_PORT is set in the
	environment, connect to that port, rather than looking up "cvs" in
	/etc/services.  For debugging.

Tue Jun 21 12:48:16 1994  Ken Raeburn  (

	* update.c (joining): Return result of comparing pointer with
	NULL, not result of casting (truncating, on Alpha) pointer to int.

	* main.c (main) [HAVE_KERBEROS]: Impose a umask if starting as
	Kerberos server, so temp directories won't be world-writeable.

	* update.c (update_filesdone_proc) [CVSADM_ROOT]: If environment
	variable CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT is set and repository is remote,
	don't create CVS/Root file.
	* main.c (main): If env var CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT is set, don't
	check CVS/Root.

Fri Jun 10 18:48:32 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* server.c (O_NDELAY): use POSIX O_NONBLOCK by default, unless it
	isn't available (in which case substitute O_NDELAY.)

Thu Jun  9 19:17:44 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* server.c (server_cleanup): chdir out of server_temp_dir before
	deleting it (so that it works on non-BSD systems.) Code for choice
	of directory cloned from server().

Fri May 27 18:16:01 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (update_entries): Add return type of void.
	(get_responses_and_close): If using Kerberos and from_server and
	to_server are using the same file descriptor, use shutdown, not
	fclose.  Close from_server.
	(start_server): New function; most of old version renamed to
	(start_rsh_server): Mostly renamed from old start_server.
	(send_fileproc): Use %lu and cast sb.st_size in fprintf call.
	(send_files): Remove unused variables repos and i.
	(option_no_arg): Comment out; unused.
	* main.c (main): Initialize cvs_update_env to 0.  If command is
	"kserver", authenticate and change command to "server".  If
	command is "server", don't call Name_Root, don't check access to
	history file, and don't assume that CVSroot is not NULL.
	* server.c (my_memmove): Removed.
	(strerror): Change check from STRERROR_MISSING to HAVE_STRERROR.
	(serve_root): Likewise for putenv.
	(serve_modified): Initialize buf to NULL.
	(struct output_buffer, buf_try_send): Remove old buffering code.
	(struct buffer, struct buffer_data, BUFFER_DATA_SIZE,
	allocate_buffer_datas, get_buffer_data, buf_empty_p,
	buf_append_char, buf_append_data, buf_read_file, buf_input_data,
	buf_copy_lines): New buffering code.
	(buf_output, buf_output0, buf_send_output, set_nonblock,
	set_block, buf_send_counted, buf_copy_counted): Rewrite for new
	buffering code.
	(protocol, protocol_memory_error, outbuf_memory_error,
	do_cvs_command, server_updated): Rewrite for new buffering code.
	(input_memory_error): New function.
	(server): Put Rcsbin at start of PATH in environment.
	* Add @includeopt@ to DEFS.

Fri May 20 08:13:10 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* cvs.h, classify.c (Classify_File): New argument update_dir.
	Include it in user messages.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc), status.c (status_fileproc), update.c
	(update_file_proc): Pass update_dir to Classify_File.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc), update.c (checkout_file):
	Include update_dir in user messages.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc) update.c (update_file_proc): Re-word
	"unknown status" message.

	* server.c (server_checked_in): Deal with the case where
	scratched_file is set rather than entries_line.

	* entries.c (Register): Write file even if server_active.
	* add.c (add): Add comment about how we depend on above behavior.

Tue May 17 08:16:42 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* mkmodules.c: Add dummy server_active and server_cleanup, to go
	with the dummy Lock_Cleanup already there.

	* server.c (server_cleanup): No longer static.

Sat May  7 10:17:17 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	Deal with add and remove:
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): If CVSEXT_OPT or CVSEXT_LOG file does
	not exist, just	silently keep going.
	(remove_file): If server_active, remove file before creating
	temporary file with that name.
	* server.c (serve_remove, serve_add): New functions.
	(requests): Add them.
	* server.c (server_register): If options is NULL, it means there
	are no options.
	* server.c, server.h (server_scratch_entry_only): New function.
	New variable kill_scratched_file.
	(server_scratch, server_updated): Deal with kill_scratched_file.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): If server_active, call
	server_scratch_entry_only and server_updated.
	* add.c (add): Add client_active code.
	(add): If server_active, call server_checked_in for each file added.
	* remove.c (remove): Add client_active code.
	(remove_fileproc): If server_active, call server_checked_in.
	* main.c (cmds), client.c, client.h: New functions client_add and
	* Move declarations of add, cvsremove, diff, and cvslog from
	main.c to cvs.h.
	* client.c (call_in_directory): Update comment regarding Root and
	Repository files.
	(send_fileproc): Only send Entries line if Version_TS really finds
	an entry.  If it doesn't find one, send Modified.
	(update_entries): If version is empty or starts with 0 or -,
	create a dummy timestamp.

Thu May  5 19:02:51 1994  Per Bothner  (

	* recurse/c (start_recursion):  If we're doing rtag, and thus
	have cd'd to the reporsitory, add ,v to a file name before stat'ing.

Wed Apr 20 15:01:45 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* client.c (client_commit): Call ign_setup.
	(client_update, client_checkout): Likewise.
	* diff.c (diff): If client, call ign_setup.
	* log.c (cvslog): Likewise.
	* update.h (ignlist): Change definition to declaration to avoid
	depending upon common semantics (not required by ANSI C, and not
	the default on Irix 5).
	* update.c (ignlist): Define.

Tue Apr 19 00:02:54 1994  John Gilmore  (

	Add support for remote `cvs log'; clean up `cvs diff' a bit.

	* client.c (send_arg):  Make external.
	(send_option_string): New function.
	(client_diff_usage):  Remove, unused.
	(client_diff):  Just call diff, not do_diff.
	(client_log):  Add.
	* client.h (client_log, send_arg, send_option_string):  Declare.
	* cvs.h (cvslog):  Declare.
	* diff.c (do_diff):  Fold back into diff(), distinguish by checking
	(diff):  Remove `-*' arg parsing crud; use send_option_string.
	* log.c (cvslog):  If a client, start the server, pass options
	and files, and handle server responses.
	* main.c (cmds):  Add client_log.
	(main):  Remove obnoxious message every time CVS/Root is used.
	Now CVS will be quiet about it -- unless there is a conflict
	between $CVSROOT or -d value versus CVS/Root.
	* server.c (serve_log):  Add.
	(requests):  Add "log".

Mon Apr 18 22:07:53 1994  John Gilmore  (

	Add support for remote `cvs diff'.

	* diff.c (diff):  Break guts out into new fn do_diff.
	Add code to handle starting server, writing args,
	sending files, and retrieving responses.
	(includes): Use PARAMS for static function declarations.
	* client.c (to_server, from_server, rsh_pid,
	get_responses_and_close, start_server, send_files,
	option_with_arg):  Make external.
	(send_file_names):  New function.
	(client_diff):  New function.
	* client.h (client_diff, to_server, from_server,
	rsh_pid, option_with_arg, get_responses_and_close, start_server,
	send_file_names, send_files):  Declare.
	* cvs.h (diff):  Declare.
	* main.c (cmds):  Add client_diff to command table.
	* server.c (serve_diff):  New function.
	(requests):  Add serve_diff.
	(server):  Bug fix: avoid free()ing incremented cmd pointer.
	* update.h (update_filesdone_proc):  Declare with PARAMS.

Sat Apr 16 04:20:09 1994  John Gilmore  (

	* root.c (Name_root):  Fix tyop (CVSroot when root meant).

Sat Apr 16 03:49:36 1994  John Gilmore  (

	Clean up remote `cvs update' to properly handle ignored
	files (and files that CVS can't identify), and to create
	CVS/Root entries on the client side, not the server side.

	* client.c (send_fileproc):  Handle the ignore list.
	(send_dirent_proc):  New function for handling ignores.
	(send_files):  Use update_filesdone_proc and send_dirent_proc
	while recursing through the local filesystem.
	* update.h:  New file.
	* update.c:  Move a few things into update.h so that client.c
	can use them.

Fri Mar 11 13:13:20 1994  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* server.c: If O_NDELAY is not defined, but O_NONBLOCK is, define

Wed Mar  9 21:08:30 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	Fix some spurious remote CVS errors caused by the CVS/Root patches:
	* update.c (update_filesdone_proc): If server_active, don't try to
	create CVS/Root.
	* root.c (Name_Root): Make error messages which happen if root is
	not an absolute pathname or if it doesn't exist a bit clearer.
	Skip them if root contains a colon.

Mon Nov  1 15:54:51 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* client.c (client_commit): dynamically allocate message.

Tue Jun  1 17:03:05 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (zoo at

	* server.h: remove alloca cruft

	* server.c: replace with better alloca cruft

Mon May 24 11:25:11 1993  Jim Kingdon  (

	* entries.c (Scratch_Entry):  Update our local Entries file even if

	* server.c (server_scratch, server_register): If both Register
	and Scratch_Entry happen, use whichever one happened later.
	If neither happen, silently continue.

	* client.c (client_checkout): Initialize tag and date (eichin and
	I independently discovered this bug at the same time).

Wed May 19 10:11:51 1993  Mark Eichin (

	* client.c (update_entries): handle short reads over the net
	(SVR4 fread is known to be broken, specifically for short
	reads off of streams.)

Tue May 18 15:53:44 1993  Jim Kingdon  (

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Fix fencepost error in setting

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): If terminated with a core dump, print
	message and set dont_delete_temp.
	(server_cleanup): If dont_delete_temp, don't delete it.

	* client.c (get_server_responses): Don't change cmd since we
	are going to "free (cmd)".

	* server.c: Rename memmove to my_memmove pending a real fix.

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Set num_to_check to largest descriptor
	we try to use, rather than using (non-portable) getdtablesize.

Wed May 12 15:31:40 1993  Jim Kingdon  (

	Add CVS client feature:
	* client.{c,h}: New files.
	* cvs.h: Include client.h.
	* main.c: If CVSROOT has a colon, use client commands instead.
	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): If repository arg is NULL, don't worry
	about the repository.
	* logmsg.c (do_editor): If repository or changes is NULL, just don't
	use those features.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin), callers:  Move the test for whether
	the repository exists from here to callers.
	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Don't test whether the repository exists
	if client_active set (might be better to move test to callers).

	Add CVS server feature:
	* server.{c,h}: New files.
	* cvs.h: Include server.h.
	* checkin.c (Checkin): Call server_checked_in.
	* update.c (update_file_proc, merge_files): Call server_updated.
	* entries.c (Register): Call server_register.
	(Scratch_Entry): Call server_scratch.
	* main.c: Add server to cmds.
	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): If server_active, call new function
	time_stamp_server to set ts_user.

For older changes, there might be some relevant stuff in the bottom of
the NEWS file, but I'm afraid probably a lot of them are lost in the
mists of time.