ChangeLog-9194   [plain text]

Thu Sep 15 08:20:23 1994  Jim Kingdon  (
	* subr.c (run_setup, run_args): Check USE_PROTOTYPES if defined
	instead of __STDC__, just like cvs.h does.

Thu Sep 15 00:14:58 1994  david d `zoo' zuhn  <>

	* main.c: rename nocvsrc to use_cvsrc, don`t read ~/.cvsrc when -H
	  has been seen

Wed Sep 14 21:55:17 1994  david d `zoo' zuhn  <>

	* cvs.h, subr.c: use size_t for xmalloc, xrealloc, and xstrdup

	* cvsrc.c: optimize away two calls of getenv

	* commit.c, subr.c: use mode_t for file mode values (Thanks to

	* main.c: update copyrights in -v message

Tue Sep  6 10:29:13 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* hash.c (hashp): Replace hash function with one from p436 of the
	  Dragon book (via libg++'s which has *much* better

Wed Aug 17 09:37:44 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* find_names.c (find_dirs): Use 4.4BSD filesystem feature (it
	  contains the file type in the dirent structure) to avoid
	  stat'ing each file.

Tue Aug 16 11:15:12 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* rcs.h (struct rcsnode): add symbols_data field.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): store value of rcs symbols in
	  symbols_data instead of parsing it.
	  (RCS_symbols): New function used for lazy symbols parsing.
	  Build a list out of symbols_data and store it in symbols if it
	  hasn't been done already, and return the list of symbols.
	  (RCS_gettag, RCS_magicrev, RCS_nodeisbranch, RCS_whatbranch):
	  Use RCS_symbols.
	* status.c: (status_fileproc): Use RCS_symbols.

Thu Jul 14 13:02:51 1994  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

	* src/diff.c (diff_fileproc): add support for "cvs diff -N" which
	  allows for adding or removing files via patches. (from
	  K. Richard Pixley <>)

Wed Jul 13 10:52:56 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

	* cvs.h: Add macro CVSRFLPAT, a string containing a shell wildcard
	  expression that matches read lock files.
	* lock.c (readers_exist): Reorganized to use CVSRFLPAT and to not
	  compute the full pathname unless the file matches.

	* rcs.h: Add macro RCSPAT, a string containing a shell wildcard
	  expression that matches RCS files.
	* find_names.c (find_rcs, find_dirs): Use RCSPAT.

Fri Jul  8 07:02:08 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* entries.c (Register): Pass two arguments to write_ent_proc, in
	accordance with its declaration.

Thu Jun 30 09:08:57 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Fix typo ("c)continue" -> "c)ontinue").

Thu Jun 23 18:28:12 1994  J.T. Conklin  (

        * find_names.c (find_rcs, find_dirs): use fnmatch instead of
        re_comp/re_exec for wildcard matching.
        * lock.c (readers_exist): Likewise.

Fri May 20 08:13:10 1994  Jim Kingdon  (

	* modules.c (do_module): If something is aliased to itself, print
	an error message rather than recursing.

Fri May  6 19:25:28 1994  david d zuhn  (

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): use open_file for error checking

Sat Feb 26 10:59:37 1994  david d zuhn  (

        * import.c: use $TMPDIR if available, instead of relying on /tmp

Mon Jan 24 19:10:03 1994  david d zuhn  (

	* update.c (joining): compare join_rev1 with NULL instead of
	  casting pointer to an int

	* options.h: remove S_IWRITE, S_IWGRP, S_IWOTH macros

	* logmsg.c: #if 0 around gethostbyname prototype

	* hash.c (printnode), find_names.c (add_entries_proc),
	  entries.c (write_ent_proc): correct declaration for function
	  (added void *closure)

	* cvs.h: header include order reorganization: First include the
	  program config headers (config.h, options.h).  Then include any
	  system headers (stdio.h, unistd.h).  Last, get the program
	  headers and any cvs supplied library support

	* commit.c: use xstrdup instead of strdup

	* cvs.h: redefined USE(var) macro; comment after an #endif

	* all .c files: remove the semicolon from after the USE(var)

Sat Dec 18 00:17:27 1993  david d zuhn  (

	* cvs.h: include errno.h if available, otherwise declare errno if
	  it's not somehow else defined

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): remove unused file argument from
	  RCS_nodeisbranch call

	* rcs.c (RCS_nodeisbranch): remove file from arguments (was unused)

	* rcs.h (RCS_nodeisbranch): remove file from prototype

	* main.c: don't use rcsid when printing version number (the CVS
	  version number is independent of the repository that it comes

	* hash.c (printlist, printnode): use %p to print pointers, not %x
	  (avoids gcc format warnings)

	* cvs.h: define USE if GCC 2, to avoid unused variable warning

	* all .c files: use USE(rcsid)

	* (VPATH): don't use $(srcdir), but @srcdir@ instead
	  (COMMON_OBJECTS): define, and use in several places
	  (OBJECTS): reorder alphabetically

	* hash.c (nodetypestring): handle default return value better

	* modules.c (do_module): remove extra argument to ign_dir_add

	* main.c (main): initialize cvs_update_env to 0 (zero)

	* modules.c (do_module): return error code when ignoring directory
	  (instead of a bare return).  error code should be zero here

	* cvs.h: add prototypes for ignore_directory, ign_dir_add

	* ignore.c: add comments about ignore_directory

	* root.c (Name_Root): remove unused variables has_cvsadm and path

	* checkin.c (Checkin): only use -m<message> when message is non-NULL

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): make sure homeinit is never used while
	  uninitialized (could have happened if getenv("HOME") had failed)

	* cvs.h: include unistd.h if available

Fri Dec 17 23:54:58 1993  david d zuhn  (

	* all files: now use strchr, strrchr, and memset instead of index,
	  rindex, and bzero respectively

Sat Dec 11 09:50:03 1993  david d zuhn  (

	* version.c (version_string): bump to +104z

	* set standard directory variables, CC, and other
	  variables needed to be able to do 'make all' in this directory

	* import.c: implement -k<subst> options, for setting the RCS
	  keyword expansion mode

	* all files: use PROTO() macro for ANSI function prototypes
	  instead of #ifdef __STDC__/#else/#endif around two sets of

Thu Nov 18 19:02:51 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* add.c (add), import.c (import), commit.c (commit): change
	  xmalloc & strcpy to xstrdup.

	* commit.c (remove_file): correct another static buffer problem.

Wed Nov 10 15:01:34 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): directories in repository but not
	  in working directory should be added to dirlist.  Fixes "update
	  -d dir" case.

	* version.c (version_string): bump to +103r.

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): mkdir attic only if it does not already
	  exist.  comment changes.  changed diagnostic about adding on a
	  branch.  if a file is added on a branch, remove and replace the
	  internal representation of that rcs file.

Tue Nov  9 18:02:01 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* add.c (add): if a file is being added on a branch, then say so;
	  add quotes around file names in error messages.

Thu Nov  4 16:58:33 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* version.c (version_string): bump to +102r.

	* recurse.c (unroll_files_proc, addfile): new files, forward
	  decls, and prototypes.
	  (recursion_frame): new struct.
	  (start_recursion): rewrite to handle the case of "file1 file2

	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile): trap and error out on the case where
	  getrcskey tells us it hit an error while reading the file.

	* commit.c (lock_filesdoneproc): add comment about untrapped error

	* hash.c (addnode): comment change.

	* subr.c: add comment about caching.

	* updated copyright.

Wed Nov  3 14:49:15 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* version.c (version_string): bump to +101r.

	* hash.c (walklist): add a closure for called routines.  All
	  callers, callees, and prototypes changed.

	* hash.c (nodetypestring, printnode, printlist): new functions for
	  dumping lists & nodes.

	* tag.c (tag_fileproc): fatal out on failure to set tag.

Tue Nov  2 14:26:38 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* version.c (version_string): bump version to +99.

Mon Nov  1 15:54:51 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	Change buffer allocation for check in messages from static to
	* add.c (add): dynamically allocate message.
	  (build_entry): check (message != NULL) now that message is a
	* commit.c (got_message, commit, commit_fileproc,
	  commit_filesdoneproc, commit_direntproc): removed.  Replaced by
	  (message != NULL).  Dynamically allocate message.
	* cvs.h: adjust do_editor prototype and forward decl.
	  (MAXMESGLEN): removed.
	* import.c (import): dynamically allocate message.
	* logmsg.c (do_editor): change return type to char *.  Remove
	  message parameter.  Slight optimization to algorythm for
	  removing CVSEDITPREFIX lines.  Add comment about fgets lossage.

	* subr.c (xmalloc): change error message to print number of bytes
	  we were attempting to allocate.

Fri Oct 29 14:22:02 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* add.c (add): prevent adding a directory if there exists a dead
	  file of the same name.

	* update argument to diff from "+ignore-file" to

	* (TAGS): extend to work from an objdir.

Mon Oct 18 18:45:45 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

	*  tag.c, rtag.c: change the default actions to make writing over
	existing tags harder (but not impossible)

Thu Oct 14 18:00:53 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

        CVS/Root changes from Mark Baushke (

	* added new file called root.c

	* create_adm.c: will create CVS/Root at the same time that the
        other CVS files are being created

	* cvs.h: new CVSADM_ROOT define plus new function externs

	* main.c: default to using CVS/Root contents for CVSROOT 
	if neither the environment variable or the command line 
	"-d" switch is given. If either are given, perform a
	sanity check that this directory belongs to that repository.

	* update.c: if CVS/Root does not exist, then create it
	during an update -- this may be removed if CVS/Root becomes a
	standard feature

	* root.c: implement new functions to manipulate CVS/Root
	[this may be integrated with other utility functions in
	a future revision if CVS/Root becomes a standard feature.]

Wed Sep 29 17:01:40 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): output an Index: line for each file

Mon Sep  6 18:40:22 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

	* cvs.h: wrap definition of PATH_MAX in #ifndef PATH_MAX/#endif

Tue Aug  9 21:52:10 1994  Mark Eichin  (

	* commit.c (remove_file): actually allocate space for the
	filename, not just the directory.

Tue Jul  6 19:05:37 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (

	* diff.c: patches to print an Index: line 

Mon Jun 14 12:19:35 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (zoo at

	* update install target

Tue Jun  1 17:03:05 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (zoo at

	* link cvs against libiberty

Wed May 19 14:10:34 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (zoo at

	* ignore.c: add code for keeping lists of directories to ignore.

	* modules.c: new syntax for modules file, !dirname is added to
	the list of directories to ignore
	* update.c: don't process directories on the ignore list

Tue Apr  6 14:22:48 1993  Ian Lance Taylor  (

	* cvs.h: Removed gethostname prototype, since it is unnecessary
	and does not match prototype in <unistd.h> on HP/UX.

Mon Mar 22 23:25:16 1993  david d `zoo' zuhn  (zoo at

	* rename installtest to installcheck

Mon Feb  1 12:53:34 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* (check, installtest): set RCSBIN so that we
	  explicitly test the appropriate version of rcs as well.

Fri Jan 29 13:37:35 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* version.c: bump version to +2.

Thu Jan 28 18:11:34 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* import.c (update_rcs_file): if a file was dead, be sure to check
	  in the new version.

	* update.c (checkout_file): if file_is_dead and we *did* have an
	  entry, scratch it.

Tue Jan 26 16:16:48 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* parcel into pieces for easier truncation when

	* update.c (checkout_file): print the "no longer pertinent"
	  message only if there was a user file.

Wed Jan 20 17:08:09 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* update.c (checkout_file): remove unused variable s.
	  (join_file): remove unused variables rev & baserev.  Fix a typo.

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): remove unused variable magicbranch.

	* bring back test 45 even though it fails.  Update
	  tests against imported files.

	* add.c (add_directory): move declaration of unused variable.

	* (xxx): when building in this directory, pass CC for
	  the recursion.

Mon Jan 18 13:48:33 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* commit.c (remove_file): fix for files removed in trunk
	  immediately after import.

	* commit.c (remove_file): initialize some variables.  Otherwise we
	  end up free'ing some rather inconvenient things.

Wed Jan 13 15:55:36 1993  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* (check, install, installtest): use the sanity test.

	* sanity.el: make into real functions and bind to sun keys.

	* bring back to working order.  Add test for death
	  after import.

Tue Dec 22 17:45:19 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* commit.c (remove_file): when checking in a dead revision to a
	  branch as we are creating the branch, do not lock the underlying
	  revision.  Also free some malloc'd memory.

Wed Dec  2 13:09:48 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (

	* RCS-patches: new file.

Fri Nov 27 20:12:48 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (

	Added support for adding previously removed files, as well as
	adding and removing files in branches.

	* add.c (build_entry): add new argument, tag, so as to store in
	  Entries the per directory sticky tag under which a file is
	  added.  Changed prototype and caller.
	  (build_entry): Do not prevent file additions if the file exists
	  in the Attic.
	  (add): if the file being adding was previously dead, say so, and
	  mark the Entries file with the addition.
	* checkin.c (Checkin): adding with a tag no longer means to add,
	  then tag.  Hence, remove the tagging operation.
	* classify.c (Classify_File): if the base RCS version is dead,
	  then the file is being added.  If a file being added already
	  exists in the attic, and the base RCS version is NOT dead, then
	  we have a conflict.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): add the list of srcfiles to calling
	  convention.  Change prototype and callers.
	  (remove_file): add message and list of srcfiles to calling
	  convention.  Change prototype and callers.  When removing a file
	  with a tag, remove the tag only when the tag does not represent
	  a branch.  Remove files by committing dead revisions in the
	  appropriate branch.  When removing files from the trunk, also
	  move the RCS file into the Attic.
	  (check_fileproc): when adding, and looking for previously
	  existing RCS files, do not look in the Attic.
	  (commit_fileproc): adding files with tags now implies adding the
	  file on a branch with that tag.
	  (checkaddfile): When adding a file on a branch, in addition to
	  creating the rcs file in the Attic, also create a dead, initial
	  revision on the trunk and stub in a magic branch tag.
	* cvs.h (joining, gca): added prototypes.
	* rcs.c (RCS_getbranch): now global rather than static.
	  remove prototype and forward decl.
	  (parse_rcs_proc): use RCS_addnode.
	  (RCS_addnode): new function.
	  (RCS_parsercsfile): recognize the new RCS revision
	  newphrase, "dead".  Mark the node for the revision.
	  (RCS_gettag): requesting the head of a file in the attic now
	  returns the head of the file in the attic rather than NULL.
	  (RCS_isbranch): use RCS_nodeisbranch.
	  (RCS_nodeisbranch): new function.
	  (RCS_isdead): new function.
	* rcs.h (RCSDEAD): new macro for new rcs keyword.
	  (struct rcsversnode): new field to flag dead revisions.
	  (RCS_nodeisbranch, RCS_isdead, RCS_addnode): new functions,
	  new prototypes, new externs.
	  (RCS_getbranch): now global, so prototype and extern moved
	  to here.
	* subr.c (gca): new function.
	* update.c (join_file): add entries list to calling
	  convention.  Caller changed.
	  (update): also search the Attic when joining. 
	  (checkout_file): when joining, checkout dead revisions too.  If
	  a file has died across an update then say so.
	  (join_file): support joins of dead files against live ones, live
	  files against dead ones, and added files.  Change the semantic
	  of a join with only rev specified to mean join specified rev
	  against checked out files via the greatest common ancestor of
	  the specified rev and the base rev of the checked out files.
	  (joining): new function.
	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): ALWAYS get the rcs version number.

	* update.c (update): write the 'C' letter for conflicts.

	* cvs.h (ParseTag): remove duplicate extern.

	* add.c (add_directory): do not prompt for interactive
	  verification before adding a directory.  Doing so prevents
	  scripted testing.

Wed Feb 26 18:04:40 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (

	*, removed traces of namesubdir,
	  -subdirs, $(subdir), $(unsubdir), some rcs triggers.  Forced
	  copyrights to '92, changed some from Cygnus to FSF.

Tue Dec 10 01:24:40 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at

	* diff.c: do not pass an empty -r option to rcsdiff.

	* update.c: fix bug where return code from rcsmerge wasn't being
	  handled properly.

	* main.c: "rm" and "delete" now synonyms for "remove".

	* commit.c: abort if editor session fails, but remember to clear

	* remove conf.h and checkin.configured on clean.
	  infodir belongs in datadir.

Thu Dec  5 22:46:03 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at

	* idestdir and ddestdir go away.  Added copyrights
	  and shift gpl to v2.  Added ChangeLog if it didn't exist. docdir
	  and mandir now keyed off datadir by default.

Wed Nov 27 02:47:13 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at sendai)

	* brought's up to standards.text.

	* fresh changelog.

For older changes, there might be some relevant stuff in the bottom of
the NEWS file, but I'm afraid probably a lot of them are lost in the
mists of time.