ChangeLog   [plain text]

2005-09-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_path): Fix memory leaks.

2005-09-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (main): Simplify commitid creation.

	* main.c (main): Not all hosts support O_NOCTTY for open.
	Try to use more random data when time() returns -1.
2005-09-29  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Check for error return from time().

2005-09-29  Paul Eggert  <eggert@CS.UCLA.EDU>
	    Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (handle_m, handle_e): Remove incomplete workaround for
	O_NONBLOCK problem; no longer needed because of the fix below.
	* cvs.h (piped_child): New bool argument saying whether O_NONBLOCK
	fix is needed.  All uses changed.
	* rsh-client.c (start_rsh_server): We need the O_NONBLOCK fix,
	so pass 'true' to piped_child to enable the workaround.
	* run.c (work_around_openssh_glitch): New function.
	(piped_child): Use it if the fix is requested.  Avoid call call to
	vfork with undefined behavior.

2005-09-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (main): Rename N as COMMITID_RAW_SIZE.
	Use base62 encoding for non-urandom case.

2005-09-29  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input), client.c (handle_m, handle_e): Use new
	fd_select in place of select.

	* subr.c: Remove select includes - the sleep functions are now in

2005-09-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (N, RANDOM_BYTES): New constants for base62 conversion.
	(divide_by): Used in base62 conversion.
	(convert): Ditto.
	(main): Set global_session_id using more random data and the
	current time in base62 if possible, otherwise fallback to the old

2005-09-25  Conrad T. Pino  <>

	* rcs.c: Use "#ifdef HAVE_FSYNC" just like every where else.

2005-09-25  Conrad T. Pino  <>

	* buffer.c client.h socket-client.h:  Remove HAVE_WINSOCK_H macro &
	change <winsock.h> to <sys/socket.h> include.

	* server.c:  Remove HAVE_WINSOCK_H and <winsock.h> include.

2005-09-25  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcs_internal_unlockfile): Fsync files before renaming them.
	Patch from Rahul Bhargava <>.

	* cvs.h, filesubr.c, main.c, server.c:

	* main.c (get_cvs_temp_dir): Use new get_system_temp_dir function.
	(push_env_temp_dir): Move to...
	* filesubr.c (push_env_temp_dir): to split from Windows.
	(get_system_temp_dir): New function.
	* cvs.h (get_cvs_temp_dir, push_env_temp_dir): Add protos.

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input): Fix spelling in header comment block.

2005-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* socket-client.c: Check HAVE_CONFIG_H, not HAVE_CONFIG.

	* socket-client.c, socket-client.h: Minor cleanup.

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Move socket-client.[ch] to...
	(EXTRA_cvs_SOURCES): to avoid compiling them.
	* socket-client.c (init_sockaddr), socket-client.h (init_sockaddr):
	Move to...
	* client.c (init_sockaddr), client.c (init_sockaddr):

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_input): Avoid overflow problems.

	* socket-client.c: General cleanup.

2005-09-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (export_usage): Note that -r requires a tag.

2005-09-22  Derek Price  <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Correct comment.

2005-09-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* patch.c (patch_usage): Document -k option.

2005-09-22  Derek Price  <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): If a file had a conflict and the
	timestamp hasn't changed, it still has a conflict.  Add comment about
	how T_MODIFIED could later turn out to have conflict markers and why
	it should not be checked in this function.
	* client.c (send_fileproc): Don't send contents for files known to have
	conflicts unless this is for `cvs diff'.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc): T_CONFLICT should be handled like
	T_MODIFIED, since force could be requested.  Simplify logic since
	T_CONFLICT can now be trusted.
	* rcs.c (RCS_Checkout): Comment noexec behavior in header block.
	* server.c (serve_unchanged, serve_is_modified): Handle conflicts.
	* status.c (status_fileproc): Trust T_CONFLICT to simplify.
	* subr.c (file_has_conflict): Removed.
	* subr.h (file_has_conflict): Remove proto.
	* update.c (update_fileproc): Trust T_CONFLICT.
	(RegisterMerge): New function factored from...
	(merge_file, join_file): ...these two functions.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): Handle = conflict timestamps in server
	* (files-12): Account for slight behavior improvement.
	(status, conflicts, mwrap): Account for corrected behavior.
	(join-readonly-conflict-10): Correct comment.
	(binfiles-con1b): New test for correct behavior.

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Consolidate redundant conditionals.

2005-09-21  Derek Price  <>

	* entries.c: Remove obsolete comment.

2005-09-20  Derek Price  <>

	* myndbm.c: #include getdelim.h for Windows.

	* main.c: #include setenv.h for Windows.

2005-09-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (modules5-8): Rename...
	(modules5-8r): this and comment Mac OS X failure.
	Comment Solaris 9 failure below with a `FIXME?' tag.

	* Remove previous hack in favor of setting TESTDIR on
	Solaris (and Mac OS X) until problem is solved correctly.

2005-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* Use /bin/pwd to verify current dir since Solaris 9 is
	sometimes resolving symlinked paths.

2005-09-14  Derek Price  <>

	* edit.c (edit_usage, unedit_usage, editors_usage), watch.c
	(watch_usage, watchers_usage): Add quotes and reword for clarity and

	* edit.c (edit_usage): Add missing syntax.  Reword description for
	clarity.  Mention default behavior.

2005-09-13  Derek Price  <>

	* ($anyusername): Reduce charset to that allowed on Linux.

	* ($anyusername): Make more robust and expand comments.
	Reported by Mark D. Baushke <>.

	* Split $username into $username & $username8.  Rename
	$author as $anyusername.

2005-09-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (username): Cut $username down to 8 characters when longer,
	since that is all that appears in output.

2005-09-11  Derek Price  <>

	[bug #14504]
	* main.c (main): Set server_hostname before it is used by
	(Report from Serguei E. Leontiev <>.)

2005-09-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (parseServerOptions): getopt() returns int, not char.

2005-09-07  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_parse): Minor reformatting.

	Close <>.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parse): Free variable *after* using it for the last time.

2005-09-06  Derek Price  <>

	* (tempfile): All CVS temp files start with "cvs".

	* (tempfile): New var.
	(tempname): Set to $TMPDIR/$tempfile after $TMPDIR is set.
	(info): s#$TMPDIR/##.

	* rcs.c (RCS_putdtree): Remove unused variable.

2005-09-06  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	Close <>.
	* rcs.c (RCS_putdtree): Avoid stack overflow which may be
	possible with excessive recursive calls to RCS_putdtree().
	(Patch from Serg Masyutin.)

2005-09-06  Derek Price  <>

	Close <>.
	* kerberos-client.c (start_kerberos4_server): Pass new root arg to
	(Patch from <>.)

	* server.c: Reorganize includes slightly and alphabetize sections.

	* server.c: #include canon-host.h.
	(gserver_authenticate_connection): Print out canon-host errors.
	* subr.c: #include canon-host.h.
	(isThisHost): Print out canon-host errors.

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Don't check hostname without client
	or server support.

	* main.c (main): Set cvs_cmd_name before calling parseServerOptions.

2005-09-05  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (Tmpdir): Remove global decl.
	(get_cvs_tmp_dir, push_env_tmp_dir): New protos.
	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): Use get_cvs_tmp_dir.
	* main.c (Tmpdir): Remove global.
	(tmpdir_cmdline, tmpdir_env): New globals.
	(get_cvs_tmp_dir, push_env_tmp_dir): New functions.
	(main): Discard most tmpdir overhead in favor of new globals and
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Parse TmpDir.
	* (config4): New tests.
	* server.c (serve_root): Set env TMPDIR after parsing config.  Create
	tmpdir here instead of...
	(serve_co, server): ...either of thse locations.
	(server_cleanup): Use new function in favor of obsolete Tmpdir.

	* (config2): Don't overwrite potentially significant config.

	* (info): Use $tempfile instead of reproducing the regex.

	* (info): Accept `.' in temp file names.

	* main (main): Set the actual PID, not a pointer to a string.

2005-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (config3): Generalize.

	* main.c (main), server.c (serve_root, switch_to_user): Replace putenv
	with GNULIB setenv.
	* (HAVE_PUTENV): Remove.
	* (env): Remove reference to $HAVE_PUTENV.

	* (tests): Add config2 & config3.

	* server.c (isSamePath, isThisHost): Move to...
	* subr.c (isSamePath, isThisHost):
	* subr.h (isSamePath, isThisHost): Add protos.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Handle [rootspec] syntax.
	* main.c (main): Always set server_hostname.
	* (config3): New tests for same.

	* server.c (gserver_authenticate_connection): Output hostname in
	error message.

	* server.c (isThisHost): Fix typo.

	* server.c (isThisHost, gserver_authenticate_connection): Simplify
	using canon_host().

	* root.c (free_cvsroot_t): Update header comment.

	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t): directory is not client-specific.
	(free_cvsroot_t): Declare static.
	* root.h (free_cvsroot_t): Remove proto.
	* server.c (server_init): Don't free cvsroot_t when finished with it.

2005-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* root.h (cvsroot_t->isremote): Update comment.

	* history.c (read_hrecs_file): Suppress signed/unsigned char warning.

	* root.h (cvsroot_t->isremote): Declare bool.
	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t): Initialize isremote to false instead of 0.

	* add.c (add_usage): Standardize usage message somewhat.

2005-09-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Improve error messages for lock_RCS failure.
	* release.c (release): Improve error message for pclose failure.

	* root.h (struct cvsroot_s): Always declare isremote to simplify
	other code.  Simplify referencing code.
	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t): Always initialize isremote.
	* server.h: Always declare server_active to simplify other code.
	Simplify referencing code.
	* server.c: Always define server_active.

2005-09-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Variable declarations must precede
	executable code for pre-C99 compilers.  Pass correct line number
	variable to expand_path.

2005-09-01  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c: Update bug report email address.

2005-08-31  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (expand_path): Update proto.
	* expand_path.c (expand_variable): Accept and use cvsroot arg inplace
	of global.
	(expand_path): Accept and pass through cvsroot arg.
	* main.c (main): Prescan args for config path before config options are
	used.  Pass config path on as needed.  Update comment. 
	* modules.c (do_module): Update expand_path call.
	* (Parse_Info): Ditto.
	(allowed_config_prefixes): New global.
	(parse_config): Accept configPath arg, update expand_path calls, and
	expand LockDir path.
	* parseinfo.h (parse_config): Update proto.
	* root.c (root_allow_add, get_root_allow_config): Accept new configPath
	arg and pass through to parse_config.
	* root.h (root_allow_add, get_root_allow_config): Update protos.
	* server.c (gConfigPath, server_usage): New globals.
	(parseServerOptions): New function.
	(server): Use new usage var.
	(pserver_authenticate_connection): Update get_root_allow_config call.
	* server.h (parseServerOptions): New proto.
	* wrapper.c (wrap_add): Update expand_path calls.
	* (server): New tests for setting config file path.

2005-08-31  Derek Price  <>

	* (close-stdout): Remove archive dir when done.

2005-08-31  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (import_descend): Lock repository directory during import.

2005-08-31  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSamePath): Compare args rather than assuming values.

2005-08-29  Derek Price  <>

	Add %{sV} format string to verifymsg script.
	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Accept change list arg, pass through to...
	(verifymsg_proc):, to pass through to format_cmdline.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc), import.c (update):
	Update all callers of do_verify.
	* cvs.h (do_verify): Update proto.
	* (info): Test new verifymsg format strings.

2005-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* Remove debugging echo.
	(watch6, watch6-0): Clean up properly.

2005-08-03  Jim Hyslop <>

	* edit.c, watch.c, watch.h, fixed problems with watch not
	setting default attributes, when directory specified.

2005-07-20  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: s/

2005-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c, buffer.h, client.h, expand_path.c, history.c, myndbm.h,
	release.c: Add copyright notices.

2005-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Update fwrite usage to use size & count in the standard

2005-07-11  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c, buffer.h, client.h, expand_path.c, history.c, myndbm.h,
	release.c: Update license notices.

2005-06-28  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_co): Remove obsolete support for Repository request.

2005-06-10  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c, ignore.c, import.c, vers_ts.c: Include "lstat.h".

2005-06-10  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (logmsg_list_to_args_proc): Add format character for
	destination tag.
	(Original patch from Todd Vierling <>).

	* tag.c (pretag_list_to_args_proc): Likewise.
	(check_fileproc): Set destination tag name.
	(tag_delproc): Delete destination tag name.
	* (info, taginfo): Test new format strings.

2005-06-08  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c: Restore comparison to NULL in assignment within
	conditional to placate non-GNU compilers.  Eliminate assignments in
	conditionals where possible by GNU coding standards.  Eliminate other
	comparisons to NULL where possible.
	(Parse_Info): Make int a true bool.

2005-06-03  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (force_gzip): New static global.
	(handle_force_gzip): New function.
	(responses): Add `Force-gzip'.
	(start_server): Turn on encryption and compression before potentially
	sending other rooted requests.  Turn on compression when requested by
	the user or the server.
	* main.c (opt_usage):  Note that -z<level> *requests* compression
	<level> from the server.
	* parseinfo.c (new_config):  Initialize MaxCompressionLevel.
	(parse_config): Parse MinCompressionLevel & MaxCompressionLevel.
	* parseinfo.h (struct config): Add MinCompressionLevel &
	* server.c (pending_warning_text):  New static global.
	(print_pending_error): Print pending warnings too.
	(warning_pending): New macro.
	(alloc_pending_internal): New function with much content...
	(alloc_pending): ...previously from here.
	(alloc_pending_warning): New function.
	(server_root, serve_gzip_contents, gzip_stream): Force gzip_level into
	configured restrictions.
	(serve_command_prep): Print pending errors.
	(requests): Make `Gzip-stream', `gzip-file-contents',
	`Kerberos-encrypt', `Gssapi-encrypt', & `Gssapi-authenticate' requests
	rootless to allow them before compression starts.
	(serve_valid_requests): Send `Force-gzip' response when needed.
	(server): Abort if a rootless compression request forced compression
	outside restricted levels.
	* zlib.c (struct compress_buffer, compress_buffer_initialize): Store
	compression level.
	(compress_buffer_output): Reset compression level when global
	gzip_level has changed.
	* (config2): New tests for compression restrictions.

2005-06-03  Derek Price  <>

	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_input): Update comment.

2005-06-03  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (error): Correct spelling and grammar in comment.

2005-06-03  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (my_module), wrappers.c (wrap_add): Use new expand_path

2005-06-03  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (expand_path): Rearrange args and use bool for formatsafe flag.
	* expand_path.c: Globally: Remove init of globals to NULL by C89,
	reformat to CVS conventions, remove unnecessary comparisons to NULL and
	0, & remove unnecessary typecasts.
	(expand_variable): Remove proto and move function above first use.
	Make return value const.
	(expand_path): Don't refer to var when contents are known.  Rearrange
	args per cvs.h changes.  Improve header comment block.
	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Use new expand_path API.

2005-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Don't set NULL for globals by C89.  Globally remove
	comparisons to NULL or replace with !.  Similarly remove or replace
	comparisons of strcmp and strncmp return value to 0.  Remove some
	unneeded braces around single-element blocks.
	(handle_*): Remove unecessary protos.
	(handle_notified, notified_a_file): Move up before first use.

2005-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (config): Simplify cleanup.

2005-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_input): Don't request more bytes from the
	underlying buffer than asked for.
	(compress_buffer_shutdown_input): Don't attempt to read EOF from the
	client during shutdown.  It might never be sent.
	* (abspath2): Test for this.

2005-05-31  Derek Price  <>

	* rcscmds.c (call_diff_argc_allocated): Rename to...
	(call_diff_arg_allocated): match similar usage in other files.

2005-05-31  Derek Price  <>
	for Alexander Taler <>

	* rcscmds.c: Change type of call_diff_argc_allocated from int to
	size_t, to match the prototype of run_add_arg_p().  This fixes a
	bus error in OpenBSD 3.6 sparc64.

2005-05-27  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_arg): Make arg const.  Remove unnecessary copy to
	(send_option_string): Rename to...
	(send_options): ...this and accept argc/argv in place of string.
	* client.h: Update protos to match the changes to client.c.
	* cvs.h (RCS_exec_rcsdiff, diff_exec): Update protos.
	(run_add_arg_p, run_arg_free_p): New protos.
	* diff.c (opts, opts_allocated): Replace with...
	(diff_argv, diff_argc, diff_arg_allocated): ...these.
	(add_diff_args): New convenience function.
	(diff): Use new constructs and APIs.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc, RCS_checkin, RCS_delete_revs), rcscmds.c
	(call_diff_add_arg, call_diff_setup, RCS_merge, RCS_exec_rcsdiff,
	diff_exec, RCS_output_diff_options), update.c (patch_file): Use new
	* run.c (run_add_arg_p, run_arg_free_p): New functions.
	(run_argc_allocated): Make size_t.
	(run_setup, run_add_arg): Use new functions.
	* Accomodate above changes.
	(rcslib-diffrgx-3): Slip in test for space splitting.

2005-05-26  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (isabsolute), subr.h (isabsolute): Remove this function.
	* root.c: Likewise, plus some reformatting.
	* checkout.c, client.c, find_names.c, import.c, modules.c, parseinfo.c,
	repos.c, root.c, server.c, subr.c: s/isabsolute/ISABSOLUTE/.

2005-05-26  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move "system.h" include before GNULIB includes.  Move some
	GNULIB includes from "system.h".

2005-05-26  Conrad T. Pino <>

	* buffer.c, buffer.h: Add & use typedefs for function pointer arguments
	and struct buffer function pointers.  New typedefs are useful in casts.
	* socket-client.c: Function pointers passed to buf_initialize use size_t
	not int arguments.  buf_initialize warnings are gone from Windows build.

2005-05-24  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c, entries.c, filesubr.c, hardlink.c, ignore.c, import.c,
	lock.c, logmsg.c, mkmodules.c, rcs.c, rcscmds.c, server.c, subr.c,
	update.c, vers_ts.c: s/CVS_STAT/stat/ & s/CVS_LSTAT/lstat/.

2005-05-23  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (xresolvepath): Move to...
	* subr.c (xcanonicalize_file_name): and rename.  Use new
	GNULIB canonicalize module.
	* cvs.h (xresolvepath): Move proto...
	* subr.h (xcanonicalize_file_name):
	* checkout.c (safe_location), server.c (isSamePath): Use new function

2005-05-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcslib-symlink-10): Accept empty result due to broken glob
	in glibc 2.3.5.

2005-05-18  Derek Price  <>

	* (config-9): Split to local/remote tests to avoid unportable
	expr characters.

2005-05-17  Derek Price  <>

	* Use a predictable umask.

2005-05-13  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_parseline): Placate gcc -Wall.

2005-05-11  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (find_files): New proto.
	* find_names.c (find_files, strip_rcsext): New functions.
	(find_rcs): Make arg const.  Use new find_files.  Improve header
	comment block.
	* history.c (histfile): Remove global.
	(get_history_log_name): New function.
	(history, history_write): Use new functions.
	(read_hrecs_file): New function containing most content from...
	(read_hrecs): ...this function, which now accepts a file list and calls
	read_hrecs_file once for each file.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Parse HistoryLogPath & HistorySearchPath.
	* parseinfo.h (struct config): Add HistoryLogPath & HistorySearchPath.
	* (basic2-64): Remove obsolete comment.
	(config): Test new history options.
	(crerepos): Cleanup.

2005-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (error): Avoid unportable calls to vsyslog.

2005-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* history.c (history_write): Add FIXME.

2005-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* hash.c (removenode, mergelists): New function.
	(delnode): Use removenode.
	* hash.h (mergelists): New proto.

2005-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (error): Avoid recursion and syslog the problem.

2005-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c (is_in_val_tags): Remove unnecessary existance checking for the
	val-tags file and just rely on open() to create it when necessary.

2005-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Don't verify the_val_args.found when it is
	not initialized.

2005-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c: Update comment to include the -k option.  This resolves issue
	#226 on

2005-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	Remove unnecessary level of indirection.
	* lock.c (L_HISTORY_LOCK, L_VAL_TAGS_LOCK): Remove macros.
	(internal_lock, internal_clear_lock): Accept lock as argument.
	(history_lock, clear_history_lock, val_tags_lock, clear_val_tags_lock):
	Replace old macro arg with an actual lock pointer.

2005-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (internal_lock, internal_clear_lock): Add protos.
	(history_lock, val_tags_lock): Return the chartered true/false status.

2005-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (CVSHISTLCK): Rename macro to...
	(CVSHISTORYLCK): ...this.
	(CVSVALTAGSLCK): New macro.
	(val_tags_lock, clear_val_tags_lock): New functions.
	* lock.c (global_val_tags_lock): New global.
	(Lock_Cleanup): Clean up after val-tags lock if necessary.
	(L_HISTORY_LOCK, L_VAL_TAGS_LOCK): New local macros.
	(internal_lock, val_tags_lock, clear_val_tags_lock): New functions.
	(history_lock): Use new internal function.
	* tag.c (is_in_val_tags, add_to_val_tags): New functions using the
	write lock for val-tags and factored from...
	(tag_check_valid): ...this function.
	* (lockfiles-22): Add val-tags lock test.

2005-04-30  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* lock.c (global_readlock, global_writelock, global_history_lock):
	Add missing alternatives for non-LOCK_COMPATIBILITY initialization.

2005-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (history_lock, clear_history_lock): New protos.
	* lock.c (struct lock): Add lockdirname.
	(global_history_lock): New global.
	(global_read_lock): Initialize.
	(lock_name): Handle const args.
	(lock_simple_remove): Factor out code in favor of clear_lock call.
	(set_lock): Handle variable lockdirname.
	(lock_filesdoneproc): Set new lockdirname.
	(history_lock, clear_history_lock): New functions.
	(clear_lock): Avoid segfault on missing lock.
	(Lock_Cleanup): Clean up history locks when necessary.
	* history.c (history_write): Use new lock.
	* (lockfiles-20): Test new lock.

2005-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* (lockfiles): Port some locking tests over from 1.12.x.

2005-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (clear_lock): Improve comment.

2005-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (struct lock): Store lockdir name.
	(masterlock): Remove global.
	(remove_lock_files, clear_lock, set_lock): Update to compensate.

2005-04-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c: Add support for <pam/pam_appl.h> to allow
	--enable-pam to work on MacOSX 10.2 and newer.
	(Pach from Moriyoshi Koizumi <>.)

2005-04-25  Derek Price  <>

	* mkmodules.c (mkmodules): Remove `#if 0' and reformat comment.

2005-04-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_variable): Add SESSIONID and COMMITID
	internal variables. Both return the unique global session id of
	the CVS process. Passing this information to administrative
	triggers seems reasonable. (The same feature exists in CVSNT and
	the names were chosen to be the same as the CVSNT names.)

	* (info): Add a test for $COMMITID and $SESSIONID.

2005-04-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (rcs4): Fix a typo.

2005-04-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs5): Minor cosmetic change.

2005-04-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (tests): Add rcs4.
	(rcs5): Add comments.

2005-04-20  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (expand_keywords): Avoid buffer overflow.
	(Original patch from Stewart Brodie <>.)

	* (rcs5): New tests for the above.

2005-04-08  Derek Price  <>

	* edit.c (edit_fileproc, unedit_fileproc): s/GMT/-0000/.
	* rcs.c (RCS_getrevtime): Ditto, & replace a sprintf into a static
	buffer with an Xasprintf which creates a dynamic one.
	* Update tests to compensate.
	(Original bug report from Ian Abbott <>.)

2005-03-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Use Xasprintf/xstrdup instead of

2005-03-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerated.

2005-03-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (linevector_add): Use xnrealloc.
	* server.c (serve_argument): Ditto.

2005-03-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (linevector_copy): Use xtimes in argument.

	* patch.c (patch): Remove dead code.

	* lock.c (set_readlock_name): Use Xasprintf instead of
	(lock_exists, set_promotable_lock, lock_wait): Ditto.
	(lock_obtained, lock_dir_for_write): Ditto.
	* log.c (rlog_proc): Ditto.

	* ignore.c (ign_dir_add): Use xnrealloc.
	* modules.c (save_d): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (linevector_copy): Ditto.

	* add.c (add): Use xstrdup instead of xmalloc/strcpy.
	* client.c (client_process_import_file): Ditto.
	* kerberos4-client.c (start_kerberos4_server): Ditto.
	* logmsg.c (verifymsg_proc): Ditto.
	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_tag2rev, RCS_nodeisbranch, RCS_getbranch): Ditto.
	(RCS_getdatebranch, expand_keywords, RCS_addbranch): Ditto.
	(RCS_checkin): Ditto.
	* remove.c (remove_fileproc): Ditto.

2005-03-18  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Reindent pragmas.
	(become_proxy): Add parentheses for -Wall.

2005-03-18  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (error): Simplify using vasnprintf.

2005-03-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* admin.c (postadmin_proc): Cast NULL when it is an argument to
	stdarg function to ensure it is the correct type.
	* commit.c (precommit_proc): Ditto.
	* edit.c (notify_proc): Ditto.
	* fileattr.c (postwatch_proc): Ditto.
	* logmsg.c (logfile_write, verifymsg_proc): Ditto.
	* server.c (prepost_proxy_proc): Ditto.
	* subr.c (cmdlineescape): Ditto.
	* tag.c (posttag_proc): Ditto.
	(Thanks to a report from Derek Price <>.)
2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.h (RCSNode): Improve comment.
	* rcs.c (RCS_head): Ditto, plus gratuitous reformatting.

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_deltas): Use rcs->print_path.

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_parseline): Avoid using uninitialized
	* rcs.c (RCS_deltas): Avoid buffer overflow.
	(RCS_checkout): Avoid using uninitialized loglen.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Free original pointer, not one that may
	have been incremented.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Avoid dereferencing a NULL pointer in
	response to a rare error.
	* admin.c (admin_fileproc), log.c (log_expand_revlist), mkmodules.c
	(checkout_file), rcs.c (RCS_getdate, RCS_deltas, RCS_findlock_or_tip,
	RCS_tag2rev): Avoid dereferencing NULL pointer.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_reparsercsfile): Avoid memory leak.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Suppress message and not error handling
	when really_quiet.

2005-03-16  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_shutdown): Replace (int *) 0 with NULL.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Ditto.

	* client.c (update_entries): Use xnmalloc.

	* checkin.c (Checkin): Replace (char *) 0 with NULL.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto.
	* update.c (update_fileproc): Ditto.
	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto.
	* rcscmds.c (call_diff_setup, call_diff_add_arg): Ditto.

	* update.c (join_file): Replace (RCSCHECKOUTPROC)0 with NULL.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin, RCS_cmp_file, RCS_delete_revs) 
	(RCS_delete_revs): Ditto.
	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge, RCS_exec_rcsdiff): Ditto.
	* annotate.c, checkin.c, classify.c, fileattr.c, find_names.c,
	hash.c, lock.c, login.c, logmsg.c, main.c, modules.c, myndbm.c,
	no_diff.c, patch.c, rcs.c, rcscmds.c, remove.c, server.c,
	status.c, subr.c, tag.c, update.c, vers_ts.c: Avoid casting NULL.

2005-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Put function call after var decls.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory), commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc), log.c
	(log_expand_revlist, log_version), logmsg.c (logfile_write), modules
	(my_module), no_diff.c (No_Difference), parseinfo.c (Parse_Info), rcs.c
	(RCS_deltas, RCS_checkin, RCS_addbranch, do_locks, do_symbols),
	rcscmds.c (RCS_merge), root.c (parse_cvsroot, normalize_cvsroot),
	update.c (merge_file): Verify assumptions via assertions.
	(Thanks to (probably) incorrect reports from Alen Zukich

2005-03-16  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_check_kflag): Use Xasprintf instead of

	* mkmodules.c (checkout_file): Use Xasprintf instead of
	* wrapper.c (wrap_unparse_rcs_options): Ditto.
	(wrap_rcsoption): Ditto.

	* subr.c (getcaller): Use Xasprintf instead of sprintf/xstrdup.

	* history.c (history): Use Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf.
	* lock.c (lock_name, set_lockers_name): Ditto.
	* main.c (cmd_synonyms, main): Ditto.
	* mkmodules.c (rename_rcsfile, init): Ditto
	* modules.c (cat_module): Ditto.
	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Ditto.
	* rcscmds.c (diff_exec, RCS_output_diff_options): Ditto.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion, do_dir_proc): Ditto.
	* remove.c (remove_fileproc): Ditto.
	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Ditto.
	* root.c (Name_Root, Create_Root): Ditto.
	* status.c (status_fileproc, tag_list_proc): Ditto. 
	* wrapper.c (wrap_setup, wrap_tocvs_process_file): Ditto.

	* hash.c (sortlist): Use xnmalloc.
	* main.c (cmd_synonyms): Ditto.
	* server.c (cvs_pam_conv): Ditto.

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Clean up use of Xasprintf/xstrdup.
	* entries.c (WriteTag, base_walk): Ditto.
	* modules.c (my_module): Ditto.

	* wrapper.c (wrap_fromcvs_process_file): Use Xasprintf instead of
	xmalloc/sprintf and clean up control flow.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* history.c (history_write): Remove test that always evaluates to

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (become_proxy): Close pipe to primary when pipe from it

2005-03-16  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (debug-log-nonfatal): Only set CVS_CLIENT_LOG to the
	old value if it was previously set.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (create_adm_p, serve_entry), tag.c (rtag_proc): Avoid memory
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Don't check for NULL return from xfopen().

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (debug-log-nonfatal): New test.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (writeproxy-ssh-noredirect): Don't unconditionally create
	a primary debug log.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (open_file): Move proto...
	* subr.h (xfopen): and rename.
	* filesubr.c (open_file): Move function...
	* subr.c (xfopen):, with additional commenting and minor
	cosmetic changes.
	* add.c, checkout.c, client.c, cvsrc.c, edit.c, entries.c, filesubr.c,
	logmsg.c, mkmodules.c, modules,c, patch.c, root.c, subr.c:

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (setup_logfiles): Failure to open a debug log file
	should be non-fatal.

2005-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (cvs_outerr): Quote error text in syslog messages.

2005-03-15  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* history.c (select_hrec): Avoid possible memory leak.

2005-03-15  Derek Price  <>

	* patch.c (patch_proc): Avoid memory leak.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (receive_partial_file): Use ssize_t to deal with < 0
	return value from write().

2005-03-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* history.c (save_file): Bug fix from last change.

2005-03-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* update.c (get_linkinfo_proc): Use Xasprintf instead of
	xmalloc/sprintf.  Gratuitous reformatting.
	(update_ignproc, update_dirent_proc, checkout_file): Ditto.
	(patch_file, merge_file, join_file): Ditto.
	* modules.c (open_module): Ditto.

	* modules (my_module): Use Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf
	and avoid possibility of trying to free(NULL).

	* subr.c (backup_file): Use Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf.
	(cmdlinequote): Use Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/strcat+strlen.
	* modules.c (my_module): Ditto.

	* client.c (handle_module_expansion): Use xnmalloc, xnrealloc,
	and xstrdup in place of xmalloc, xrealloc, and xmalloc/strcpy.
	(start_server): Do not assume gzip_level precision encoding.
	(send_modified): Do not assume 1024 bytes is sufficient for
	a temporary filename.

	* modules.c (my_module): Use xnmalloc and xnrealloc. Gratuitous
	* subr.c (line2argv): Ditto.

2005-03-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* modules.c (my_module): Protect against free (NULL) code path.

2005-03-11  Derek Price  <>

	* annotate.c (rannotate_proc), fileattr.c (fileattr_write), rcs.c
	(RCS_deltas), server.c (check_repository_password), update.c (update):
	Avoid memory leaks.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

2005-03-10  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Remove unnecessary check for NULL.

2005-03-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* commit.c: Gratuitous reformatting.
	* entries.c: Ditto.
	* import.c (import, import_descend): Ditto.

	* commit.c (commit): Use xnmalloc. Gratuitous reformatting.
	* history.c (save_user, save_file, save_module, read_hrecs): Ditto.
	* ignore.c (ign_add): Ditto.

	* hardlink.c (lookup_file_by_inode): Use Xasprintf instead of
	xmalloc/sprintf.  Gratuitous reformatting.
	(update_hardlink_info, list_linked_files_on_disk): Ditto.
	(find_checkedout_proc): Ditto.
	* history.c (history, history_write, save_file): Ditto.
	(select_hrec): Ditto. 
	* ignore.c (ign_setup, ignore_files): Ditto.
	* import.c (process_import_file, import_descend_dir): Ditto.

	* import.c (import_descend_dir): Use Xasprintf instead of

	* history.c (read_hrecs): Make function argument a const.
2005-03-10  Derek Price  <>

	* fileattr.c (fileattr_read): Only eat a newline when it really is a

2005-03-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* zlib.c: Include "pagealign_alloc.h".

2005-03-09  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add, add_directory), buffer.c (allocate_buffer_datas),
	client.c (update_entries), commit.c (checkaddfile), entries.c
	(Entries_Open), fileattr.c (fileattr_read), ignore.c (ign_add),
	import.c (import), main.c (main), parseinfo.c (parse_config), rcs.c
	(RCS_reparsercsfile, RCS_getbranchpoint, RCS_checkout,
	RCS_delete_revs, apply_rcs_changes): Avoid memory leaks.
	(Thanks to report from Alen Zukich <>.)

	* hardlink.c, hardlink.h: Avoid compiling entire contents of these
	files w/o preserve permissions support.

2005-03-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* history.c (history, save_file): Cleanup the API to match the

2005-03-08  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c: Define MAP_FILE & MAP_FAILED when necessary.

2005-03-08  Derek Price  <>

	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_input): Use pagealign_xalloc when allocating
	buffer datas.
	(compress_buffer_output, compress_buffer_flush,
	compress_buffer_shutdown_output): Don't assume that BUFFER_DATA_SIZE is
	a constant.
	(Thanks to report from Larry Jones <>.)

2005-03-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* release.c (release): Remove unneeded code.

2005-03-07  Conrad T. Pino  <>

	* buffer.h (buf_free_data): Compile with proxy disabled.
	(Thanks to report from Larry Jones <>.)

2005-03-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* add.c (add_directory): Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf+strcat.
	* admin.c (arg_add): Ditto.
	(admin_fileproc, postadmin_proc, admin_fileproc): Gratuitous

	* client.c (mode_to_string): Use Xasprintf.
	* checkout.c (checkout): Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf.
	Gratuitous reformatting.
	* entries.c (WriteTag): Ditto
	(subdir_record, base_walk): Ditto.
	* fileattr.c (fileattr_read, fileattr_set, fileattr_write): Ditto.
	* filesubr.c (deep_remove_dir, cvs_temp_file): Ditto.
	(strcat_filename_onto_homedir): Ditto.
	* find_names.c (Find_Names): Ditto.

	* filesubr.c (expand_wild): Use xnmalloc instead of xmalloc.

2005-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_free_data): Compile with proxy disabled.
	(Thanks to report from Larry Jones <>.)

2005-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (packetizing_buffer_input, packetizing_buffer_output): Don't
	assume BUFFER_DATA_SIZE is a constant.
	(Thanks to report from Larry Jones <>.)

2005-03-03  Derek Price  <>

	Use new pagealign_alloc() and pagealign_free() functions in
	lieu of maintaining pointers for reuse.  On most systems this should be
	* buffer.c: Include "pagealign_alloc.h".
	(free_buffer_data): Remove this global.
	(allocate_buffer_datas): Remove this function.
	(buf_free, buf_send_output): Call buf_free_data().
	(get_buffer_data): Use pagealign_alloc().
	(buf_free_datas): New function.
	(buf_send_output, buf_free_data, buf_read_file, buf_read_file_to_eof,
	buf_read_short_line, buf_read_data, buf_copy_counted): Call
	* buffer.h: Include "getpagesize.h".
	(BUFFER_DATA_SIZE): Default to getpagesize ();
	* rcs.c: Lean on m4/mmap-anon.m4 to simplify mmap setup.

2005-03-02  Jim Meyering  <>

	Detect and report write failure for e.g., cvs up -p FILE > /dev/full
	* main.c: Include "closeout.h".
	(main): Arrange to close standard output upon exit.
	* (close-stdout): New test for this fix.

2005-03-01  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* checkout.c (emptydir_name): Xasprintf instead of

	* add.c (add): Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf.
	Gratuitous reformatting.
	(add_directory, build_entry): Ditto.
	* annotate.c (rannotate_proc): Ditto.
	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Ditto.
	* client.c (call_in_directory): Ditto.
	(template, send_dirent_proc): Ditto.
	(client_process_import_file): Ditto.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc, precommit_proc): Ditto.
	(commit_fileproc, finaladd): Ditto.
	(checkaddfile): Ditto.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Ditto.
	* edit.c (notify_do): Ditto.

2005-03-01  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (get_date): Minor reformatting.

2005-03-01  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (get_date): Replace obsolete timeb cruft in this stub.

2005-02-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* admin.c (arg_add): Use xnmalloc and xnrealloc.
	(admin): Use xnmalloc. Minor reformatting.
	Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/strcpy+strcat.
	* client.c (client_expand_modules): Use xnmalloc.
	Minor reformatting.
	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): Use xnmalloc and xnrealloc.
	Minor reformatting.
	* history.c (read_hrecs): Use xnrealloc. Minor reformatting.
	* ignore.c (ign_add): Use xnrealloc. Minor reformatting.
	* rcscmds.c (call_diff_add_arg): Use xnrealloc.
	* wrapper.c (wrap_add_entry): Use xnrealloc. Gratuitous

2005-02-28  Derek Price  <>

	* edit.c (notify_proc), logmsg.c (logfile_write): Minor reformatting.

2005-02-28  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_root): Trigger a later error message rather than
	maintaining two copies.

2005-02-27  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): Use TRACE_FUNCTION, not 1 in
	TRACE() calls.
	(connect_to_pserver,send_modified): Ditto.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Ditto.
	* entries.c (Register, Scratch_Entry, WriteTemplate): Ditto.
	* filesubr.c (copy_file, xchmod, rename_file): Ditto.
	* history.c (history_write): Ditto.
	* kerberos4-client.c (start_kerberos4_server): Ditto.
	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Ditto.
	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): Ditto.
	* server.c (server_register): Ditto.
	* update.c (join_file): Ditto.

	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Gratuitous reformatting.
	* kerberos4-client.c (start_kerberos4_server): Ditto.

2005-02-27  Jim Meyering  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_operation): Exit nonzero when
	failing to close a just-appended-to .cvspass file.

2005-02-26  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c: Gratuitous reformatting.

2005-02-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Handle another Bad CVSROOT.
	* (parseroot-8r): Test for it.
	(Problem report from Hiroyuki Ikezoe <>.)

2005-02-26  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Include netdb.h with server support.  Other reformatting.

2005-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (multiroot2-9a): Correct for new TRACE message.

2005-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (tag_check_valid): Declare NAME arg const.
	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Ditto, update to account for this.
	Xasprintf instead of xmalloc/sprintf.

2005-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_modified): Suppress a -Wall warning.

2005-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (global_session_id): New global declaration.
	* import.c (add_rcs_file), rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Save commitid.
	* log.c (log_version), status.c (status_fileproc): Output commitid.
	* main.c (global_session_id): Define new global.
	(main): Create session ID.
	* Update to compensate.
	(Original patch from Frank Hemer <>.)

2005-02-24 Derek Price <>

	* subr.h (cvs_trace, TRACE*): Move to...
	* server.h:
	* subr.c: Ditto, but to...
	* server.c:, and print out 'P' instead of 'S' for traces from
	secondary (proxy) servers.

2005-02-24 Derek Price <>

	* admin.c (admin): Suppress warning with -Wall and --disable-client.
	* server.c: Don't declare functions that won't be defined when

2005-02-24 Derek Price <>

	* (primary-wrapper): Rename CVS_SERVER_LOG for the primary in
	writeproxy mode to avoid overwriting.

2005-02-24 Derek Price <>

	* client.c (open_connection_to_server): Fail with an expressive error
	message when connection is attempted via an unsupported protocol since
	this is no longer caught in parse_root().
	* edit.c (edit_fileproc), import.c (import): Don't verify
	current_parsed_root->isremote without client support.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Parse PrimaryServer without proxy
	support.  Postpone method verification until the connect phase.
	* parseinfo.h (struct config): Always include PrimaryServer.
	* root.c (primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate):
	Don't declare vars without PROXY_SUPPORT when they won't be used.
	(parse_cvsroot): Parse remote connection methods with server support
	for PrimaryServer/Redirects.  Delay method support verification until
	the connect phase.
	* root.h (cvsroot_t): Include remote elements with SERVER_SUPPORT.
	* server.c (isProxyServer): Delay method verification until the connect

2005-02-23 Derek Price <>

	* tag.c (tag): Handle -r<tag>:<date>.
	* (tagdate-13.*): New tests.

2005-02-23 Derek Price <>

	* annotate.c (annotate), ls.c (ls): Handle -r<tag>:<date>.

2005-02-23 Derek Price <>

	* diff.c: Some reformatting.
	(diff): Handle -r<tag>:<date>.
	* (tagdate-13b): New test.

2005-02-23 Derek Price <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Use parse_tagdate.
	* tag.c (tag_check_valid_join): Remove this function.
	* cvs.h (tag_check_valid_join): Ditto for the proto.
	(parse_tagdate): New proto.
	(Make_Date): Make arg const.
	* main.c (Make_Date): Ditto.
	(parse_tagdate): New function.
	* update.c (date_rev1, date_rev2): Rename these globals...
	(join_date1, join_date2): this.
	(update): Use parse_tagdate.
	(do_update): Use new API.
	* update.h (do_update): Update proto.
	* Misc reformatting.
	(tagdate-12): This test now passes.
	(tagdate-12b): New test.
	(multiroot-9a): Handle new TRACE.

2005-02-23 Derek Price <>

	* rsh-client.c (start_rsh_server): Update comment.  Replace
	malloc/sprintf combo with a call to Xasprintf.

2005-02-22 Derek Price <>

	* error.c (error): Handle unsigned int format char.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_error): New function.
	(parse_config): Keep track of line number and output it in error
	* rcs.c (RCS_setlocalid): Accept file path and line number for error
	messages.  Add header comment block.
	* rcs.h (RCS_setlocalid): Update prototype to match.
	* parseinfo.h (parse_error): Declare new function.
	* Accept new --noredirect argument.
	(checklongoptarg): Accept longoptmode as an argument
	rather than via an environment variable.
	(notnoredirect): New function.
	(newroot): Handle root options.
	(keywordexpand, config): Skip in noredirect mode.  Update for new
	config error messages.
	(multiroot): Some reformatting.
	(writeproxy, writeproxy-noredirect): Skip in noredirect mode.
	(commit, writeproxy-noredirect): Quote CVSROOT arguments since they
	might contain semicolons.

2005-02-21  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* import.c (import): Avoid using assert with side effects it may
	be configured away using NDEBUG.
	(Patch from Frank Hemer <>.)

2005-02-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (main): Check the results from xgethostname(). Print a
	message with the errno and use "localhost" if NULL is returned.

2005-02-20 Derek Price <>

	* cvs.h (run_arg): Rename to...
	(run_add_arg): New function.
	* run.c (run_arg): Remove.
	(run_add_arg): Remove static declaration.
	(run_piped): New function.
	* logmsg.c, modules.c: s/run_arg/run_add_arg/.
	* release.c (release): Replace use of piped_child with a call
	to run_piped to avoid quoting issues.
	* (info-cleanup-0): Expect success.

2005-02-19 Derek Price <>

	* edit.c (unedit_fileproc, mark_up_to_date): Replace xmallc/strcat
	sequence with single call to Xasprintf.

2005-02-08 Derek Price <>

	* rsh-client.c: Some reformatting.

2005-02-04 Derek Price <>

	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_input): Don't return EOF when there is data

2005-02-01 Derek Price <>

	* main.c: Update year in copyright notice to match GNU standards.
	* (version-1): Update to match.

2005-02-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_fileproc, log_expand_revlist): Add support for BASE tag.
	* (log): New tests for above.

2005-01-31 Derek Price <>

	* main.c: Rephrase --version message.
	* (version-1): Update to match.

2005-01-31 Derek Price <>

	*, add.c, admin.c, annotate.c, checkin.c, checkout.c,
	classify.c, commit.c, create_adm.c, cvs.h, cvsrc.c, diff.c, entries.c,
	find_names.c, hash.c, hash.h, history.h, import.c, lock.c, log.c,
	login.c, logmsg.c, main.c, mkmodules.c, modules.c, myndbm.c, no_diff.c,
	parseinfo.c, patch.c, rcs.c, rcs.h, rcscmds.c, recurse.c, remove.c,
	repos.c, root.c, root.h, server.h, stack.c, stack.h, status.c, subr.c,
	tag.c, update.c, vers_ts.c, version.c: Update copyright notices.

2005-01-29 Derek Price <>

	* log.c (log_usage): Add note about using -S with revision info
	supression and selection.
	(Suggestion from Dan Peterson <>.)

2005-01-29 Derek Price <>

	* (writeproxy-ssh-noredirect): Remove some commented out

2005-01-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_path): Rewrite using offsets instead of
	pointers to simplify and avoid reallocation bugs.
	(Inspired by Jeremy Bopp <>.)

2005-01-20 Brian Murphy <>

	* server.c fixing the style of the pam function calls and if

2005-01-19 Brian Murphy <>

	* server.c (pam_username, pam_password) new global static
	variables to hold the username and pasword for cvs_pam_conv.
	(cvs_pam_conv) using pam_username and pam_password.
	(check_pam_password) set pam_username, pam_password before
	authentication and clear them when authentication is finished.
	(server, switch_to_user) Check for pamh being set before using
	pam functionality, NULL indicating that this user was authenticated
	using the repository password file.

2004-12-09 Derek Price <>

	* log-buffer.c (buf_count_mem): Compile this for PROXY_SUPPORT.
	(Report from Brad L. Chisholm <>.)

2004-12-09 Derek Price <>

	* (modules7): New test group.
	(Based on a patch from Mark D. Baushke <>, based on a
	report from Richard Verhoeven <>.)

2004-12-09  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (start_server): Avoid advertising the Redirect response when
	the user asked us not to.
	* root.h (cvsroot_t): Add redirect field.
	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t): Init redirect field.
	(parse_cvsroot_t): Parse Redirect method option.
	* server.c (serve_command_prep): Don't throw proxy_log away when
	Redirect isn't supported and it might be needed later.
	* (parseroot): Improve comment, add a few new tests.
	(writeproxy-ssh): Specify Redirect=yes explicitly.
	(writeproxy-ssh-noredirect): New test group.

2004-12-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (usg): Remove Dr. Pascal Molli's CVS URL from the

2004-12-08  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (Name_Root): s/TRACE_FUNCTION/TRACE_FLOW/.

2004-12-08  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Suppress -Wall warning.

2004-12-08  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): findnode() compares LIST to NULL w/o help.

2004-12-08  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (Name_root), server.c (serve_referrer): Don't free cvsroot_t.
	* (reposmv): Reaccount for multiple potential warnings and

2004-12-07  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Cache parsed values for efficiency and to
	avoid printing warnings about non-fatal parsing errors multiple times.
	* client.c,, login.c, main.c, recurse.c: Don't dispose of parsed roots,
	parse_cvsroot() has control.
	* (reposmv): Stop accounting for multiple warnings.

2004-12-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* root.h (cvsroot_t): Add cvs_rsh and cvs_server for bookkeeping
	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t, free_cvsroot_t): Add support for case
	insensitive options CVS_RSH and CVS_SERVER.
	(parse_cvsroot): Ditto and make all keywords case insensitive.
	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Add support for the new
	"CVS_SERVER" option to CVSROOT.
	* rsh-client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Ditto
	(start_rsh_server): Ditto and add support for the new "CVS_RSH"
	option to CVSROOT.
	* (parseroot3): New tests for the new options to

2004-11-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Add LocalKeyword and KeywordExpand,
	misc. cleanup.

2004-11-30  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (readBool): Update quotes in error message for
	consistency.  Move function to...
	* subr.c (readBool):
	(*): Gratuitous reformatting.
	* cvs.h: Move all subr.c function prototypes to...
	* subr.h: ...this new file.
	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add subr.h.

2004-11-30  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (readBool): Reorder arguments to error() and improve
	header comment.

2004-11-30  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (handle_referrer): New function.
	(handle_redirect): Handle possibility that CLIENT_REFERRER was set via
	a response.
	* server.c (serve_command_prep): Send a normalized Referrer response
	before a Redirect when the client supports it.

2004-11-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_setlocalid): Do more configuration validation.
	Include some gratuitous reformatting.
	* (keywordexpand): Add tests for new validation code.

2004-11-24  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (become_proxy): Note assumptions about syncronized primary
	and secondary versions with `FIXME?' note.

2004-11-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (info): Ignore comments in verifymsg test.

2004-11-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* mkmodules.c (loginfo_contents, verifymsg_contents,
	commitinfo_contents, taginfo_contents, preproxy_contents,
	postadmin_contents, postproxy_contents, posttag_contents,
	postwatch_contents, notify_contents): Add comments regarding the
	additional format strings that are available. Include some
	gratuitous reformatting.

2004-11-19  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (Xasnprintf): Improve header comment block.

2004-11-19  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): Improve header comment block.

2004-11-19  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Misc reformatting and comment corrections.

2004-11-19  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (hostname): Redeclare as pointer rather than array.
	* main.c: Include xgethostname.h.  Declare server_hostname.
	(main): Use xgethostname().  Set server_hostname.
	* server.c (MAXHOSTNAMELEN): Remove this macro.
	(isThisHost): Reference global HOSTNAME rather than looking it up.
	Improve header comment block.
	(gserver_authenticate_connection): Likewise.
	(serve_command_prep): Correct comment.
	(serve_hostname): Don't bother to validate hostname length.

2004-11-19  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isThisHost): strcasecmp before consulting the DNS as an

2004-11-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Passing the repository to
	tag_check_valid seems to stop the assertion failure in recurse.c
	* (basic2-21a): Removed.
	(basic2-21c): Fixed.

2004-11-18  Derek Price  <>

	* (skip_always, notproxy): New functions.
	(skip, remoteonly, sshstdio, client): Use new functions.

2004-11-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (basic2-21a): The val-tags file should have
	at least 'rtagged-by-head y' in it. Test from cvs 1.11.18 that
	shows fixed result.
	(basic2-21b, basic2-21c): New tests showing a cvs bug when
	val-tags is not present.
	(Report from "John Elgin" <>.)

	* (basicb-21): POSIX 1003.2 specifies 'illegal option'
	while lots of getopt implementations still use 'invalid option'.
	Allow either form for this test.

2004-11-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_block): Deal with BSD and BSDI problems to
	set block/nonblock on /dev/null.

2004-11-17  Derek Price  <>

	* (distclean-local): Clean check.plog~.

2004-11-11  Derek Price  <>

	* s/cp -r/cp -R/ to meet POSIX specification.
	(Thanks to report from Paul Eggert <>.)

2004-11-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* ms-buffer.c (ms_buffer_input): Avoid UNICOS cc error where
	'Both sides of the assignment operator are not compatible.'

	* (importc, rcs, rcs4, tagdate): Use TZ=UTC0 not TZ=UTC
	to get proper POSIX behavior on MacOS X.

2004-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* Actually parse -e option like we claim to.

2004-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* Maintain pass/skip/warn status and output at end.
	(usage): Note new functionality of -e.
	(warn): New function.
	(verify_tmp_empty): Warn instead of failing.  Delete turds if warn()
	doesn't exit.

2004-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (verify_tmp_empty): New function.
	(dotest_internal_*): Call verify_tmp_empty as needed.

2004-11-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (expr_tooltest3): Bugfix. Use $expr rather than $EXPR.

2004-11-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (version_test): Echo good version data to the log, even
	when it went to stderr.  Don't echo bad version data.

2004-11-08  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (tool_find): Rewrite. API changed to allow a list of
	tests to be used against a list of possible command names found on
	(version_test): Obtain the version of tools under test if
	(id_tool_test): Check that 'id -u' and 'id -un' work.
	(expr_tooltest1): Check for NextStep 3.3 expr bug.
	(expr_tooltest2): Check for SunOS expr multi-line pattern bug.
	(expr_create_bar): Create a test file for expr testing.
	(expr_tooltest3): Use it and test for big multi-line identity
	(expr_set_ENDANCHOR): Find and set the right value for ENDANCHOR.
	(expr_set_DOTSTAR): Find and set the right value for DOTSTAR.
	(expr_tooltest_DOTSTAR): Ensure that DOTSTAR works with big
	(tr_tooltest1): Verify that tr handles NUL bytes.
	(ls_tooltest): See if /bin/ls returns true even if wildcard does
	not match any files.
	(awk_tooltest1): Verify that awk the BEGIN clause works properly.
	(awk_tooltest2): Verify that print %c format item works properly.

2004-11-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (verify_tmp_empty): New function.
	(dotest_internal_*): Call verify_tmp_empty as needed.

2004-11-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (run_filter): Add function header comment block.

2004-11-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* Remove trailing / from cp -r commands.

2004-11-04  Derek Price  <>

	* gssapi-client.c (connect_to_gserver): Silence gcc -Wall.

2004-11-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (set_bad_tool): Remove unnecessary quotes.

2004-11-04  Derek Price  <>

	* s/depends_on_/require/.

2004-11-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (find_tool): Eliminate variable with single reference.

2004-11-04  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (SEARCHPATH): Unify the PATHs that are to be searched.
	(Which,find_tool): Use SEARCHPATH.
	(LS): Use default $SEARCHPATH for Which.
	(depend_on_rsync): Use default $SEARCHPATH for Which.

2004-11-04  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Do not echo rsync information to
	stdout. Look for rsync in more directories.

2004-11-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Minor simplifications.  Make sure that
	an rsync that doesn't understand `--version' sends its error message to
	the log file too.

2004-11-04  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (set_bad_tool, is_bad_tool): Avoid printing errors
	about the same tool multiple times.

2004-11-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Deal with missing rsync.

2004-11-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Include rsync version information
	in output.

2004-11-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): More rigorous tests for rsync
	2.3.1 problems with --delete --include dir --exclude '*/.

2004-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Verify that `rsync --delete' actually
	does what it is supposed ot do.

2004-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (Xreadlink): Remove MAXSIZE macro.  Minor reformatting.

2004-11-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* filesubr.c (xreadlink): Remove and use GNULIB version.
	(islink): Return ssize_t instead of bool.
	(copy_file): Use Xreadlink().
	* cvs.h: Add include "xreadlink.h"
	(islink): Return ssize_t instead of bool.
	* import.c (preserve_initial_permissions): Use Xreadlink.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Ditto.
	* update.c (special_file_mismatch): Ditto.
	* subr.c (get_file): Ditto.
	(resolve_symlink): Ditto.
	(Xreadlink): New interface to xreadlink(), never return NULL.

2004-11-02  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* filesubr.c (MAXSIZE): New macro.
	(xreadlink): Ensure initial buffer size does not exceed MAXSIZE.
	Avoid cast. If readlink fails with buffer size just under MAXSIZE,
	try again with MAXSIZE.

2004-11-02  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* filesubr.c (xreadlink): AIX and HP-UX readlink() returns ERANGE
	when there is not enough room in the buffer.

2004-11-01  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Remove getdate proto in favor of including getdate.h.
	* client.c (handle_mod_time), history.c (history), main.c (Make_Date,
	format_date_alloc), rcs.c (RCS_getrevtime), server.c
	(serve_checkin_time): Use new get_date API.

2004-11-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcslib): Fix typo in path.

2004-11-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcslib): Test a link to a path longer than 128

2004-10-30  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* patch.c (patch_cleanup): Add signal argument and use it.

2004-10-30  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c: Adjust include files to avoid problems with incomplete
	types under --disable-client.
	* msg-buffer.c: Deal with --disable-client --disable-server
	implicitly meaning --disable-proxy.
	* server.c: Adjust include files to avoid problems with incomplete
	types under --disable-server.

2004-10-30  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (isThisHost): Deal with possibility of a missing
	hstrerror() function.

2004-10-29  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_root, move_file_offset, replace_file_offset):
	Remove dead code.

2004-10-29  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (xreadlink): Make sure allocation is tried once at the
	maximum buffer size.  Protect against overflow.

2004-10-29  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSameHost): Handle gethostname & gethostbyname errors.

2004-10-29  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSameHost): Use strcasecmp to compare host names.

2004-10-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c: Need to #include <netdb.h> for either PROXY_SUPPORT or
	HAVE_GSSAPI to get gethostbyname() declarations for

2004-10-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* filesubr.c (SIZE_MAX, SSIZE_MAX): Use #include "xsize.h" instead.
	(xreadlink): Use xrealloc instead of xmalloc/free.

2004-10-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* filesubr.c (SIZE_MAX, SSIZE_MAX): New constants.
	(xreadlink): Deal with symlinks longer than 127 bytes.
	(Problem reported as issue 190 by Gottfried Ganssauge

2004-10-29  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSameHost): New fuction.
	(same_path): Rename to...
	(isSamePath): ...this.
	(isProxyServer): Use new functions/names.

2004-10-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (writeproxy): Use DOTSTAR to avoid problems with
	a missing Gssapi-authenticate in Valid-requests.

2004-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (same_path): New function.
	(isProxyServer): Use new function.
	* (writeproxy): Test that server resolves symlinks when
	deciding whether it is a primary server.

2004-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (isdir, isfile, islink, isdevice, isreadable, iswritable,
	isaccessible, isabsolute): Return boolean rather than int.
	* filesubr.c (isdir, isfile, islink, isdevice, isreadable, iswritable,
	isaccessible), subr.c (isabsolute): Ditto.  Some reformatting.
	* filesubr.c (xresolvepath): Use save_cwd in place of xgetwd.  Some

2004-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (handle_redirect): Detect redirect loops.
	* (client-20): Test that client detects redirect loops.

2004-10-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* release.c (release): Allow builds of cvs with --disable-server
	--disable-client both used for local installation configuration.
	* root.c (Name_Root): Ditto.
	* update.c (checkout_file): Ditto.
	* edit.c (edit_fileproc): Ditto.
	* import.c (import): Ditto.
	(Problem reported by Jean Olivier Caron <>.)

2004-10-27  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* cvs.h (RCS_FLAGS_USETIME): New flag.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Add citime argument.
	* rcs.h (RCS_checkin): Ditto.
	* checkin.c (Checkin): Pass new RCS_checkin argument.
	* commit.c (remove_file, checkaddfile): Ditto.
	* import.c (add_rev): Ditto.

	* (tagdate): Delete tagdate-19b as an incorrect test.

2004-10-27  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (tagdate): Provide more output.

2004-10-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Create a dead version for a new file
	added to a branch. Fixes FIXCVS for tagdate tests.
	* (tagdate): Update to expect correct results.
	(death2, branch-after-import, join, ignore-on-branch): Ditto.

2004-10-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (isProxyServer): Fix hostname setup.

2004-10-26  Derek Price  <>

	Call all exit handlers via atexit() & exit().  Signal handlers exit().
	Eliminates a compiler warning.

	* exithandle.c (cleanup_register): Don't register a signal handler.
	Register a function to block signals before the exit handler is called.
	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup): Remove never_run_again cruft and assoc. cmts.
	* rcs.c (rcs_cleanup), server.c (server_cleanup): Ditto, plus assume
	signals are blocked.
	* main.c (main_cleanup): Declare noreturn attribute.

2004-10-26  Derek Price  <>

	* gssapi-client.c (connect_to_gserver): Avoid truncating error messages
	from the GSSAPI server.
	(Report from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-10-26  Derek Price  <>

	* (import-quirks): Test an even branch number.

2004-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Repair regex for regressions introduced in last
	* (import-quirks): Test a few branch numbers import shouldn't
	have a problem with.

2004-10-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (modes3): Quiet rsync messages in proxy mode when
	permissions are removed. They are expected and not a problem here.

2004-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Anchor and simplify branch verification regex.
	* (import-quirks): Test another pattern that should fail.

2004-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (yesno): Remove prototype.
	* edit.c, release.c: Include yesno.h.  Flush output before calling

2004-10-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (tagdate): Added some additional tests and FIXCVS
	comments for dealing properly with a 'cvs add' of a file to
	a branch that already exists on the mainline.
	(Problem reported by Renny Barrett <>.)

	* (getrlogdate): New shell function.
	(tagdate-{13,14,16}): Use it to avoid 'sleep 60' by using
	the exact timestamp for tagdate-14 and tagdate-16.

2004-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (depends_on_rsync): Redirect rsync output to /dev/null when
	just testing.

2004-10-23  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_initialize): Drop obsolete
	arguments to buf_initialize().

2004-10-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c (handle_m, handle_e): Winsock is returning
	SOCK_ERRNO == WSAENOTSOCK for select() problems and not
	setting errno. Do not bother with printing an error from a
	select() that is not returning an non-zero errno.
	(Report from Conrad T. Pino <>.)

2004-10-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (proxy): proxycheck depends on rsync, but skip all if
	no rsync is found rather than generate an error return.

2004-10-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (proxycheck): New test target.
	* Keep one more level of check.log backup.
	* Regenerated.

2004-10-22  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c, update.c: Use new MD5 interface.

2004-10-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (find_tool): Search /usr/pkg/bin for NetBSD tools
	like rsync.

2004-10-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (tagdate): Fix typo.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c: #include vasnprintf.h to avoid compiler warning.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (error_use_protocol): Move decl here from lib/error.h so that
	we may use an unforked error.h from GNULIB.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: #include strftime.h.
	(format_time_t, gmformat_time_t): Supply missing args to my_strftime.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c: Don't maintain last_index & last_count for buffers.
	* buffer.h (struct buffer): Update struct.
	(buf_initialize): Update proto.
	* log-buffer.c, ms-buffer.c, zlib.c: Update all callers.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* Fail gracefully in proxy mode when rsync is defective.
	(depends_on_rsync): New function.
	(writeproxy, writeproxy-noredirect, writeproxy-ssh): Skip these tests
	gracefully when rsync is missing.

2004-10-21  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* add.c (add): Pay attention to cvswrite mode when resurrecting a
	file that was not yet committed.
	(Report from Frank Hemer <>.)
	* (resurrection): Add new tests to deal with read-only
	mode on a cvs add durring a resurrection. Verify that -r is not
	honored when the resurrected file must be committed to be seen.

2004-10-21  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (ls_fileproc): Deal with files specified on the command line.
	(ls_delproc): Move to a more accessible location.

2004-10-20  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Avoid unnecessary typecast.

2004-10-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerate for new

2004-10-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* add.c (add): Backout last typecasts cleanup.

2004-10-19  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Avoid attempting to resurrect a dead rev 1.1.
	* (resurrection): Add test for the above.
	(Report from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-10-19  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Avoid unnecessary typecasts.

2004-10-19  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Prototype new function.
	* subr.c (Xasnprintf): New function.
	* root.c (primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate):
	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): Store line length for efficiency.

2004-10-19  Derek Price  <>

	* history.c: Remove unecessary typecasts.  Some reformatting.

2004-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_modified): Eliminate >= 0 check since size_t may not
	be negative.
	(Originally reported by Martin Neitzel <>.)

2004-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (DEVNULL): This is system dependant.  Move it to lib/system.h.
	* client.c (copy_a_file): Consolidate USE_VMS_FILENAMES stuff under a
	single #ifdef.

2004-10-15  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Don't include vasnprintf.h.
	(Xasprintf): New prototype.
	* client.c, edit.c, history.c, import.c, ls.c, main.c, parseinfo.c,
	recurse.c, release.c, repos.c, root.c, server.c, status.c, subr.c,
	vers_ts.c: s/asnprintf/Xasprintf/.
	* root.c: Include vasnprintf.h.
	(primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate): Use
	asnprintf() properly.
	* subr.c: Include vasprintf.h.
	(Xasprintf): New function.

2004-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Remove an unecessary level of nesting.  Simplify
	xmalloc/sprintf with asnprintf.  Remove useless comment.

2004-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Verify branch specifications more thoroughly.
	* (importb): Adapt to new error message.
	(import-quirks): New test.

2004-10-14  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (server_pause_check, do_cvs_command, server_cleanup):
	Avoid typecasts.

2004-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* gssapi-client.c: Use new size_t buffer APIs.

2004-10-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.h, buffer.c (buf_output, buf_input_data, buf_read_line,
	buf_read_data, struct packetizing_buffer,
	packetizing_buffer_initialize) Use size_t instead of int.
	Silences warnings in buffer.c, server.c, and zlib.c on OpenBSD
	sparc64 where sizeof(int) is not the same as sizeof(size_t).
	* client.c (read_line_via, read_line, try_read_from_server,
	get_server_response, handle_ok, handle_error,
	handle_valid_requests, handle_checked_in, handle_new_entry,
	handle_checksum, handle_copy_file, handle_updated, handle_merged,
	handle_patched, handle_rcs_diff, handle_removed,
	handle_remove_entry, handle_set_static_directory,
	handle_clear_static_directory, handle_set_sticky,
	handle_clear_sticky, handle_clear_template,
	handle_module_expansion, handle_wrapper_rcs_option, handle_m,
	handle_e, handle_f, handle_notified): Ditto
	* client.h (struct response): Ditto.
	* server.c (receive_partial_file, receive_file, serve_modified,
	do_cvs_command): Ditto.
	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_input, compress_buffer_shutdown_input):
	(Patch from Alexander Taler <>.)

2004-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_args): Carry through a const to silence gcc -Wall.
	* hardlink.c (delhardlist): New function.
	(lookup_file_by_inode): Use new function as delproc since it should
	work.  Carry through a const to silence gcc -Wall.
	* ms-buffer.c (ms_buffer_initialize): Use a working delproc.

2004-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (open_connection_to_server, close_connection_to_server,
	handle_redirect): Add traces.

2004-10-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add parseinfo.h.

2004-10-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* vers_ts.c (entries_time): Use size_t pointers. sizeof(int)
	may not be the same as sizeof(size_t) on OpenBSD sparc64.
	(Patch from Alexander Taler <>.)

	* wrapper.c (wrap_clean_fmt_str): Make static.

2004-10-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.h (struct response): Make name a const.
	* cvs.h (RETSIGTYPE): Use a full prototype.
	* hash.h (struct node): Use a full prototype for delproc.

	* client.c (send_arg, send_option_string, option_with_arg): Make
	args of function const.
	* client.h (send_arg, send_option_string, option_with_arg): Ditto.

	* checkout.c (checkout): Make valid_options const.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* release.h: Silence gcc -Wall.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move include of getopt.h to system.h with similar headers.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c: Include getpass.h.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Include strcase.h.
	(cvs_casecmp): remove proto.
	* subr.c (cvs_casecmp): Remove function.
	* parseinfo.c: s/cvs_casecmp/strcasecmp/.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move getopt.h and regex.h into the GNULIB include section.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (cmds): Release calls unedit, to it modifies the repository.
	(struct cmd): Add const and full prototype where needed.
	* (edit-check): Use modify_repo where needed.
	(release): No more special case for release in proxy mode.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke  <>.)

	* release.c (release): Simplify login in if statement.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Back out broken portion of previous

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Make args of function arg const.
	* client.h, client.c, edit.h, edit.c, server.h, zlib.c: Carry change
	through to called functions and functions passed in as args.

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c, commit.c, edit.c, rcs.c: Avoid typecasts.  Some

2004-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Avoid more typecasts.  Some reformatting.

2004-10-06  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Use new save-cwd API.
	(connect_to_pserver): Use a union to avoid incompatible pointer
	type warnings.

2004-10-05  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (Xstrdup): New proto mapped via define to xstrdup.
	* subr.c (Xstrdup): New function.

2004-10-05  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c, client.c, history.c, import.c, mkmodules.c, modules.c,
	recurse.c, release.c, tag.c, update.c: Use new save-cwd API.

2004-10-05  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c, client.c, commit.c, create_adm.c, cvs.h, filesubr.c,
	hardlink.c, history.c, logmsg.c, main.c, recurse.c, update.c:

2004-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (responses): Add "Edit-file".
	(handle_edit_file): New function.
	* commit.c (usage): Add -c option.
	(check_fileproc): Check for edit when requested.
	(commit_fileproc): Use new notify_do API.
	* edit.c (check_edited): New global.
	(setting_tedit, setting_tunedit, setting_tcommit): s/int/bool/.
	(ncheck_fileproc): Use new notify_do API.
	(send_notifications): Remove redundant proto.  Remove unnecessary
	repository lock.
	(editors_output, find_editors_and_output, edit_file): New functions.
	edit_file() factored from...
	(edit_fileproc):  Skip files with existing editors when
	(usage): Add -c and -f.
	(edit): Handle new -c and -f options.
	(notify_do): Accept update_dir as an argument for user messages.
	(editors_fileproc): Factor most content to find_editors_and_output()
	and edit_file().
	* edit.h (notify_do): Proto new API.
	(editors_output, edit_file): New functions.
	* rcs.c (RCS_unlock): Use new notify_do() API.
	* Update assorted tests to compensate for new output.
	(edit-check): New tests.
	* server.c (gupdate_dir): New global.
	(struct notify_note): Keep track of update_dir.
	(serve_notify): Use update_dir.
	(serve_hostname, serve_localdir, serve_edit, server_edit_file): New
	(server_notify): Use new notify_do() API.
	(requests): Add Hostname, LocalDir, and edit.
	* server.h (server_edit_file): New proto.
	(Note: Original design of new advisory lock behavior came from Noel Yap
	<>'s original advisory locks patch, originally ported
	forward and enhanced by Matthew Ogilvie <>.)

2004-10-04 Derek Price <>

	* admin.c (postadmin_proc), edit.c (notify_proc), fileattr.c
	(postwatch_proc), logmsg.c (logfile_write, verifymsg_proc), server.c
	(prepost_proxy_proc), tag.c (pretag_proc, posttag_proc): Pass referrer
	to called scripts when possible.
	* client.c (handle_redirect): Save the original server.
	(start_server): Send referrer to the new server if possible.
	* sever.c (referrer): New global.
	(serve_referrer): Save referrer.
	(requests): Add "Referrer" response.
	* server.h (referrer): Add extern decl.
	* (ssh-wrapper): Use in remote mode too.
	(writeproxy-ssh): New tests.

2004-10-04 Derek Price <>

	* cvs.h (CVSROOT_DFLT): Undef rather than defining to NULL.
	* main.c (main): Untangle parsing of CVSROOT, eliminating several
	variables in the process.  Simplify xmalloc/sprintf with asnprintf.

2004-10-04 Derek Price <>

	* root.c (primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate,
	get_local_root_dir, local_cvsroot): Simplify logic without proxy

2004-10-02  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* root.c (primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate,
	get_local_root_dir): Protect PrimaryServer with #ifdef

2004-10-01  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (main): Initialize CVSroot before it is used.
	(Report and patch by Martin Neitzel <>.)
	* (status): Test it.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc), fileattr.c (fileattr_read), find_names.c
	(Find_Names), myndbm.c (mydbm_open, mydbm_load_file), parseinfo.c
	(Parse_Info), rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i, rcsbuf_getkey,
	rcsbuf_getrevnum, rcsbuf_valword): Root translation functions no longer
	* commit.c (commit): Use send_a_repository rather than reimplementing.
	* main.c (main): Remove --primary-root option.
	* root.c (primary_root_add): Remove this function.
	(primary_root_in, primary_root_out): Remove globals.
	(primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate): Return const.
	Don't allocate return value.  Rely on parsed root and confg's
	PrimarServer rather than separately maintained globals.
	(get_local_root_dir): New function.
	(local_cvsroot): Translate requests for primary roots when necessary.
	* root.h (primary_root_add, primary_root_translate,
	primary_root_inverse_translate): Update protos to match.
	* (top level, writeproxy): Simplify $proxy setup.
	(client): Don't execute $proxy.  Simplify skips and reindent.
	(writeproxy-noredirect): Use --allow-root in place of --primary-root.
	Save and restore $PRIMARY_CVSROOT*.
	* server.c (serve_root): Rely on local_cvsroot() to do any necessary
	root translation.
	(serve_directory): Root translation functions no longer allocate.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* client.c (arg_should_not_be_sent_to_server), create_adm.c
	(Create_Admin), recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion, do_dir_proc),
	release.c (release), repos.c (Name_Repository, Short_Repository),
	update.c (update_filesdone_proc):
	* main.c (set_root_directory): Set original_parsed_root when setting
	(main): s/original_root/original_parsed_root->MEMBER/.
	* root.c (original_root): Make cvsroot_t and rename to...
	(original_parsed_root): ...this.
	* root.h: Update extern decl to match.
	* server.c (serve_root): Set original_parsed_root.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* server.c (serve_questionable): Use pending errors per API.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): asnprintf, not sprintf.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* (ignore-11r): Rename second occurance to...
	(ignore-11ar): ...this.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* (1): Rename to...
	(init-1): ...this.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Simplify string construction with
	asnprintf().  Improve comment.  Some reformatting.

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* release.c (release): Simplify string construction with asnprintf().

2004-10-01  Derek Price <>

	* recurse.c (do_file_proc): Improve header comment.  Replace
	xmalloc()/strcat() combination with asnprintf().

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* (config): Handle $SECONDRY_ROOT_DIRNAME output in $proxy

2004-09-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Workaround MacOS X '/bin/ls' is not returning false
	when no files are listed.  Label some old tests.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* cvs.h: Include parseinfo.h.
	(top_level_admin, UseNewInfoFmtStrings,
	ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly, PrimaryServer, MaxProxyBufferSize,
	MaxCommentLeaderLength, UseArchiveCommentLeader, RereadLogAfterVerify,
	lock_dir, UserAdminOptions):  Move extern decls for global config opts
	to config struct in parseinfo.h.
	(config): New global.
	(parse_config): Move proto to...
	* parseinfo.h: This new file.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Return struct config.
	(new_config): New function.
	* admin.c: Remove global UserAdminOptions.
	(admin): Don't check config on client.
	* checkin.c (Checkin), checkout.c (checkout_proc), filesubr.c (xchmod),
	import.c (import, add_rcs_file, expand_and_copy_contents):
	Use config instead
	of globals.  Some reformatting.
	* history.c (logHistory): Move to struct config.
	(history_write): Use config instead of globals.
	* lock.c (lock_dir): Move global to struct config.
	(lock_name): Use config instead of globals.
	* logmsg.c (RereadLogAfterVerify): Move global to struct config.
	(do_verify, logfile_write, verifymsg_proc): Prefer config to globals.
	* main.c (top_level_admin, UseNewInfoFmtStrings, PrimaryServer,
	MaxProxyBufferSize, MaxCommentLeaderLength, UseArchiveCommentLeader,
	ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly): Move globals to struct config.
	(config): New global.
	(main): Use new parse_config API.
	* rcs.c (preserve_perms, keywords): Move globals to struct config.
	(keyword_local): Move to struct rcs_keyword.
	(new_keywords, free_keywords): New functions.
	(expand_keywords, RCS_setlocalid, RCS_setincexc): Prefer config to
	* rcs.h (free_keywords): New proto.
	(RCS_setincexc, RCS_setlocalid): Accept opaque keywords element.
	* root.c (delconfig, get_root_allow_config): New functions.
	* root.h (get_root_allow_config): New proto.
	* server.c (system_auth): Move global to struct config.
	(isProxyServer, become_proxy, serve_command_prep): Prefer config to
	(serve_root): Ditto.  Set config.
	* server.h (system_auth): Move extern decl for global moved to config.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* history.h: Protect against multiple include.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* root.c (root_allow_count, root_allow_vector, root_allow_size):
	Replace with...
	(root_allow): ...this single List *.
	(root_allow_add, root_allow_free, root_allow_ok): Use new List API.
	Make args const.  Return bool rather than int when necessary.
	* root.h (root_allow_add, root_allow_ok): Update protos to match.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* admin.c (admin): s/int/bool/ as appropriate.  Some reformatting.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* history.c (history_write): Use asnprintf().  Some reformatting.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* import.c (killnew): s/int/bool/.
	(add_rcs_file): Ditto for do_killnew.
	* rcs.h (add_rcs_file): Change proto to match.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* client.c (start_server): Use bool in place of int.

2004-09-29  Derek Price <>

	* subr.c (cvs_trace): Correct header comment.  Some reformatting.

2004-09-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (ssh-wrapper-env): New script to avoid the assumption
	that the remote end of a $CVS_RSH is running a bourne shell.
	(ssh-wrapper): Use it.

2004-09-28  Derek Price <>

	* (writeproxy): Remove some setup obsoleted by redirects.

2004-09-27  Derek Price <>

	Use original_root for client comparisons with CVS/Root since
	current_parsed_root may be the product of a redirect.

	* client.c (handle_redirect): Don't free current_parsed_root.  Validate
	new roots.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Likewise.
	* cvs.h (current_parsed_root): Move extern decl...
	* root.h:  Decl original_root extern.
	* main.c (set_root_directory): Store original_root.
	(main): s/current_parsed_root->original/original_root/.
	* recurse.c, release.c, update.c: Likewise.
	* root.c: Declare original_root.

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* (parseroot2): Correct two test names.  Restore CVSROOT.

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Use TRACE_FLOW, not TRACE_FUNCTION since this
	routine is called repeatedly by the recursion routines.
	* (multiroot2): Adjust to compensate.

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* (parseroot2): Use remoteonly.

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* (tests): Add parseroot2.

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion, do_dir_proc): Make process_this_directory a

2004-09-24  Derek Price <>

	* (parseroot2): New test for root parsing consistency.
	(Original patch from Alexander Taler <>.)

	* cvs.h (Name_Root, free_cvsroot_t, parse_cvsroot, local_cvsroot,
	Create_Root, root_allow_add, root_allow_free, root_allow_ok): Move
	these protos to...
	* root.h:
	* client.c (arg_should_not_be_sent_to_server), recurse.c
	(start_recusrion, do_recursion): Use new Name_Root API.
	* main.c (current_root): Remove global.
	(set_root_directory): Set current_parsed_root directly.
	(main): Use new Name_Root API.  Restore deletion of root directories
	* root.c (Name_Root): Return a parsed cvsroot_t rather than a string.

2004-09-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_append_buffer): Fix typo in comment.

2004-09-23  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_read_file): Fix typo in comment.
	(buf_read_file_to_eof): Ditto.
	* server.c (serve_command_prep): Ditto.

2004-09-23  Derek Price <>

	* (depends_on_ssh, sshstdio): Don't use skip() to skip
	remote-only tests.

2004-09-23  Derek Price <>

	* (crerepos, sshstdio): Minor modifications to make use of
	the new depends_on_?sh API.

2004-09-23  Derek Price <>

	* Accept new -e option to interpret non-fatal calls to skip
	as errors.
	(skip, depends_on_rsh, depends_on_ssh): New functions.

2004-09-23  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (cvs_output, cvs_output_binary): fflush (stderr)
	here to avoid problems with 'cvs status 2>&1'.
	(Report by Frank Hemer <>.)

2004-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c, buffer.h, log-buffer.c, log-buffer.h, main.c, mkmodules.c,
	parseinfo.c, server.c: Remove TRUST_OS_FILE_CACHE.

2004-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_set_block): Ignore FreeBSD /dev/null problem.

2004-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (strip_trailing_slashes): Remove proto in favor of including
	dirname.h from GNULIB.
	* sever.c (dir_name): Rename to...
	(gDirname): ...this to avoid conflicts with the GNULIB function.

2004-09-16  Derek Price  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_path): Silence `gcc -Wall'.  Reformat some
	comments to fit in 80 characters.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (sync-secondary, writeproxy, writeproxy-noredirect): Remove
	redundant checks for $RSYNC readability.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* Only find $RSYNC once.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (writeproxy, writeproxy-noredirect): Find $RSYNC in a
	portable manner.

2004-09-15  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Find $RSYNC in a portable manner.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Complete parsing of the remainder of the
	config file when errors are encountered.  Accept and ignore
	UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes when !SUPPORT_OLD_INFO_FMT_STRINGS.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_copy_data): Pass args to buf_append_data correctly.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* Set $RSYNC in proxy mode.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: Fix typo in comment.

2004-09-15  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c: s/abort/assert/.  Reformat function headers.  Remove
	unnecessary typecasts & prototypes.

2004-09-14  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* parseinfo.c (readBool): Remove dead code.

	* filesubr.c (cvs_casecmp): Move to...
	* subr.c (cvs_casecmp):
	* cvs.h (cvs_casecmp): No longer ifdef under SERVER_SUPPORT

	* parseinfo.c (readBool): Return false when there was no boolean

2004-09-14  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (top_level_admin, ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly):
	(MaxCommentLeaderLength, UseArchiveCommentLeader): New vars.
	* main.c: Ditto, for all four vars above.
	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Add default info for
	MaxCommentLeaderLength & UseArchiveCommentLeader.
	* parseinfo.c (readBool, readSizeT): New functions.
	(parse_info): Use new functions.  Parse MaxCommentLeaderLength &
	* rcs.c (expand_keywords): Limit the size of the comment leader to
	MaxCommentLeaderLength & fall back to the comment leader specified in
	the RCS archive when requested.
	(preserve_perms): s/int/bool/.
	* rcs.h (preserve_perms), server.c (system_auth), server.h
	(system_auth): Likewise.
	* (keywordlog): Add new tests for the above.

2004-09-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): Allow noexec to do checkouts when
	server_active is true.
	* (join7): Test above change (fixes a FIXCVS).

2004-09-09  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (stuct packetizing_buffer): Use size_t & bool as appropriate
	in preference to int.
	(packetizing_buffer_output): s/int/size_t/ as appropriate.

2004-09-09  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (packetizing_buffer_input): s/int/size_t/ as appropriate.

2004-09-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* root.c (primary_root_inverse_translate): No longer inline.

2004-09-09  Conrad T. Pino  <>

	* server.c: Add comment before #if at line 5580 to move it further
	into the file which seems to work around an apparent buffer managment
	bug in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compiler.

2004-09-08  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (join7): Fix if-then-else conditional.

	* (join7): Re-order join7-5 and join7-6 tests.

2004-09-08  Conrad T. Pino  <>

	* server.c: Remove extra token in conditional compile line 5580
	causing error in Windows Visual C++ 6.0 compile.

2004-09-08  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_block): Protect fcntl calls when F_GETFL,
	O_NONBLOCK and F_SETFL are not available.
	* server.c (move_file_offset): Ditto.
	(set_nonblock_fd): Ditto.

	* buffer.c (packetizing_buffer_input): Use size_t rather than int.
	(struct packetizing_buffer): Ditto.

2004-09-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (server_updated): Deal with cvs -n update -jt1 -jt2
	"protocol error: uncounted data discarded" problem.
	* (join7): New test for this case.

2004-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_client_initialize): Pass new args to

2004-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	Silence `gcc -Wall'.

	* buffer.c (buf_initialize): Remove unnecessary typecasts by using
	size_t instead of int or bool as args.
	* buffer.c, import.c, log-buffer.c, ms-buffer.c, zlib.c: Change all
	* buffer.h, cvs.h: Update protos.
	* client.c, ls.c, main.c, rcs.c, root.c, server.c: Remove unused vars,
	add parens, as requested by `gcc -Wall'.

2004-09-04  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (writeproxy-noredirect): Between "Set" and
	"expand-modules" are the optional Kerberos-encrypt, Gssapi-encrypt
	and Gssapi-authenticate entries. Use ${DOTSTAR} to deal with
	these optionally configured requests.

2004-09-04  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* import.c (expand_at_signs): Typecasting for fwrite results.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output,
	log_buffer_initialize): Ditto.

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_initialize): Protect reference to

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Protect reference to PrimaryServer
	using #ifdef PROXY_SUPPORT.

	* ls.c (ls_fileproc): Remove unused variables.
	* subr.c (increment_revnum): Ditto.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp): Ditto.

2004-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin), commit.c (remove_file): Accept UPDATE_DIR
	argument and use it to output full relative path on commit.
	* rcs.h (RCS_checkin): Update prototype.
	* checkin.c, commit.c, import.c: Change all callers.
	* Adjust to compensate.

2004-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Change passed in function to accept
	void * to avoid typecasting.  Change all functions using this API.

2004-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (secondary-wrapper, writeproxy-secondary-wrapper): Improve
	comments.  Use exec to launch server.
	(writeproxy-noredirect): New tests for writeproxy functionality in
	conjunction with clients that cannot handle the `Redirect' response.

2004-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c, rsh-client.c, client.c: Reformat function headers.
	Remove unnecessary typecasts and prototypes.
	* client.h: Remove unnecessary extern declarations on protos.

2004-09-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (skip): New function.
	(sshstdio): Use new function.
	(writeproxy): Skip test when rsync isn't found.

2004-09-02  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (serve_directory): C89 compilers do not like mixed
	declarations and code.

2004-08-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (sync-secondary): 'dirname -b' fails during the
	spacefiles-5 test on FreeBSD, so use 'dirname -- "\$dir"' for now
	and look to AS_DIRNAME at some future date.

2004-08-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (ssh-wrapper): Create for $proxy mode too & forward CVS_PID
	for crerepos.

2004-08-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (writeproxy): Use CVS_PID instead of PPID as the
	former environment variable is set by cvs and the latter is
	NOT set by all bourne shells.

2004-08-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_rewind): Avoid FreeBSD compilation
	error for dereferencing a void * pointer tmp as well as using it
	as a buffer pointer under some conditions.

2004-08-17  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isProxyServer): Always compile.  Cache hostname lookup.
	(serve_notify): Ignore notifications in conjunction with redirects.
	(do_cvs_command): Send an error when !PROXY_SUPPORT and a client does
	not support redirects.  Only close proxy logs when they exist.
	(serve_command_prep): New function.
	* (secondary-wrapper, writeproxy): Dynamically switch the
	servers proxy/primary status for testing.
	(basica): Gratuitous reformatting.
	(devcom3, config, release): Handle some new proxy/redirect error

2004-08-17  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (PrimaryServer): Include without PROXY_SUPPORT to support
	(main): Handle --primary-root without PROXY_SUPPORT.
	* mkmodules.c (PrimaryServer), parseinfo.c (parse_config), root.c
	(primary_root_add, primary_root_translate,
	primary_root_inverse_translate): Likewise.

2004-08-17  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Misc reformatting.
	(handle_redirect, close_connection_to_server): New functions.
	(failure_exit,*): s/int/bool/.
	(responses): Add `Redirect'.
	(get_server_responses): Handle response_type_redirect.
	(get_responses_and_close): Use close_connection_to_server().
	(supported_request): Change API to use bool & const.
	(start_server): Handle response_type_redirect.
	* client.h (supported_request): Update proto.
	(type): Add response_type_redirect.
	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): Declare arg const.
	* cvs.h (lookup_command_attribute): Ditto.
	* sever.c (requests): Create dummy `Command-prep' request.

2004-08-12  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Don't process --primary-root without PROXY_SUPPORT.
	* root.c (primary_root_translate, primary_root_inverse_translate):
	Declare inline.

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* ms-buffer.h, ms-buffer.c: Disable contents without PROXY_SUPPORT.

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isProxyServer): Declare inline.
	(reprocess_proxy_log): Rename to...
	(rewind_buf_from_net): ...this and change all callers.

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* (sync-secondary): Don't bother to log sync activity.

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_copy_data), buffer.h (buf_copy_data), log-buffer.c
	(log_buffer_initialize, log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output,
	log_buffer_rewind, log_buffer_closelog), log-buffer.h
	(log_buffer_initialize), main.c (MaxProxyBufferSize), mkmodules.c
	(config_contents), parseinfo.c (parse_config), server.c (server):
	Switch eariler support for logs in memory buffers on

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_free_data, buf_copy_data): Only compile with proxy
	* buffer.h: Ditto for including the protos.

2004-08-11  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input): Bracket misguided attempt at improved
	I/O efficiency with TRUST_OS_FILE_CACHE pragmas.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h, main.c, mkmodules.c, parseinfo.c, server.c:

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* sever.c (secondary_log, secondary_log_out): Rename globals everywhere
	(proxy_log, proxy_log_out): ...these.
	(isSecondaryServer): Rename function...
	(isProxyServer): this.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c: #ifdef PROXY_SUPPORT in appropriate places.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h, log-buffer.h, main.c, mkmodules.c, parseinfo.c, server.c:

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSecondaryServer): Declare static.
	* server.h (isSecondaryServer): Remove proto.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.h (log_buffer_rewind, log_buffer_closelog): Don't define
	protos without SECONDARY_SUPPORT.
	* server.c (*): #ifdef correctly for !SECONDARY_SUPPORT.
	* version.c (version): Remove unused code.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Remove unused variable.

2004-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (buf_from_net_save): Remove obsolete variable.
	(server_cleanup): Don't close BUF_FROM_NET_SAVE.

2004-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (sync-secondary, *info): Sync only the updated directories
	rather than the entire repository after a write for a minor efficiency
	(info, taginfo): Hack *info to sync all dirs for these tests rather
	than rewriting the sync-secondary script to handle old-style *info
	format strings.

2004-08-05  Derek Price  <>

	Beginnings of support for turning off writeproxy support (still broke.)
	* cvs.h (PrimaryServer, MaxSecondaryBufferSize), main.c (PrimaryServer,
	MaxSecondaryBufferSize), mkmodules.c (config_contents), parseinfo.c
	(parse_config): Switch off when writeproxy support disabled.
	* server.c (replace_file_offset, move_file_offset): Comment out

2004-08-05  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (copy_file): Don't fsync.  It's slow.

2004-08-05  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_copy_data): New function.
	* buffer.h: Proto new function.
	* cvs.h (MaxSecondaryBufferSize): Declare new config global.
	* log-buffer.c: Allow file-backed memory buffers for "speed".
	(struct log_buffer): Add new fields.
	(log_buffer_force_file): New function.
	(log_buffer_initialize): Initialize new fields.
	(log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output): Handle logging to memory when
	(log_buffer_disable): Remove function, moving much functionality...
	(log_buffer_rewind): this new function and expanding.
	(log_buffer_closelog): Handle new fields and structs.
	(log_buffer_get_fd): Remove function.
	(setup_logfiles): Use new _initialize API.
	* log-buffer.h: Update protos to match.
	* main.c (MaxSecondaryBufferSize): Init new config global.
	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Add comments 4 MaxSecondaryBufferSize.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Parse MaxSecondaryBufferSize..
	* server.c (secondary_log_name, secondary_log_out_name): Remove unused
	(read_secondary_log): Remove function.
	(reprocess_secondary_log): Use log_buffer_rewind() instead of the above.
	(become_proxy): Ditto.
	(server_cleanup): No need to clean up logfiles any longer.
	(server): Use new log_buffer_initialize API.

2004-08-04  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_read_data): s/abort/assert/.

2004-08-04  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (loop_over_inputs): Remove function, moving contents back...
	(server): here.

2004-08-03  Derek Price  <>

	Checking in IO changes intended to improve speed for posterity since
	they actually increase CPU usage by about .2% in remote mode and 5% in
	writeproxy mode.
	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add ms-buffer.c & ms-buffer.h.
	* buffer.c (buf_free_data): New function.
	(buf_read_data): s/abort/assert/.
	(fd_buffer_input): Try to improve efficiency of blocking read.
	* buffer.h (buf_free_data): New proto.
	* server.c (reprocess_secondary_log): Only reopen log and attach to
	BUF_FROM_NET - don't actually loop over inputs.
	(become_proxy, serve_co, do_cvs_command): Use new log from above.
	* ms-buffer.c, ms-buffer.h: New files.

2004-08-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (TIMING): Make this work when not in $remotehost mode.
	(reserved-13b): Use sorted output.

2004-08-03  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c: Improve comments.

2004-08-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (ssh-wrapper): Export CVSUMASK to remote host.
	(*): Remove some hacks that were needed because CVSUMASK was not
	exported to the remote host.  Misc cleanup.

2004-07-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (pserver-auth-no-dos): ENOMEM on Solaris 7, 8, 9, and
	AIX 4.3 all use the text "Not enough space" instead of the text
	"Cannot allocate memory" as is printed on GNU/Linux, NetBSD, and
	FreeBSD systems.

2004-07-28  Derek Price  <>

	* (ssh-wrapper): Export CVS_RSH on remote host.

2004-07-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (secondary-wrapper): Not all $TESTSHELL shells
	are able to set a variable and export it at the same time.
	Separate the value assignment from the export statement.
	(writeproxy-secondary-wrapper): Ditto.

2004-07-28  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSecondaryServer): Fix array out of bounds problem.
	* (ssh-wrapper): Wrap any rsh implementation we are handed to
	forward variables relevant to testing.  Add new $TIMING variable to
	allow timing of processes on a remote host.
	(*): Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-07-26  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (read_secondary_log): Minor comment corrections.

2004-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_output): Don't fsync.  It is unneeded and slow.
	* server.c (move_file_offset, replace_file_offset): Ditto.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_flush_log): Remove function.

2004-07-19  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_disable): Return log FILE *.  Don't close
	log.  Fix header comment.
	(log_buffer_closelog): New function.
	* log-buffer.h: Update protos to match.
	* server.c (read_secondary_log): Rewind file pointer rather than
	closing and reopening file for speed.
	(serve_root): Close secondary log rather than just disabling when not
	running in secondary mode.

2004-07-19  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_flush): Replace abort w/assert.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_flush_log): New function for syncing a log.
	(log_buffer_flush, log_buffer_flush): Don't sync log for speed.
	* log-buffer.h (log_buffer_flush_log): New proto.
	* Tidy.
	(run_filter): Accept file name to filter as argument.
	(dotest_*): pass new arg to run_filter.
	* server.c (read_secondary_log): Sync log before reopening.

2004-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input): Back out previous two changes due to
	incompatibility with current state of write proxies.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_initialize): Handle new buffers which
	already have some data in them.
	(log_buffer_input): Don't fsync here.  It is slow.
	* server.c (serve_root): Disable the secondary output log too.
	(serve_noop, pserver_authenticate_connection): Misc cleanup.
	* Misc gratuitous cleanup.

2004-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input): Don't overwrite the input buffer the
	second time through the blocking read loop.

2004-07-15  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_input): Improve efficiency.
	* (modify_repo): Move timestamp race avoidance to...
	(sync-secondary): This script.
	(big): Misc cleanup.

2004-07-15  Derek Price  <>

	* Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	(modify_repo): Sleep 1 before rsync to avoid timestamp comparison

2004-07-15  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_output): Remove extremely slow fsync call.
	(log_buffer_disable): Move to here so log files are sync'd before
	* (run_filter): New function to allow for filtering of cruft
	output by Rational Quantify or other profilers.
	(dotest_*): Call new function.

2004-07-13  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (prepost_proxy_proc): Add the CVSROOT string for the primary
	server, as documented.

2004-07-13  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c (tag_filesdoneproc): Don't track posttag errors.
	(cvstag): Move addition of successful tags to val-tags to...
	(tag_fileproc): and...
	(rtag_fileproc):  Consolidate returns at single location.
	(*): Misc reformatting.
	* (sync-secondary): Include more data in the update-log.

2004-07-13  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Ignore coverage data generated by GCC.

2004-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* Watch $servercvs and other minor fixes.

2004-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Gratuitous reformatting.
	* Misc write proxy accommodations.

2004-07-11  Derek Price  <>

	* log.c (log_fileproc, log_expand_revlist, log_fix_singledate,
	log_count_print, log_tree, log_abranch, log_version), parseinfo.c
	(Parse_Info, parse_config), rcs.c (RCS_fully_parse, rcsbuf_getkey,
	rcsbuf_getrevnum, rcsbuf_valword, RCS_getbranchpoint, RCS_getdate,
	RCS_getrevtime, RCS_checkout, RCS_findlock_or_tip, RCS_addbranch,
	RCS_cmp_file, RCS_lock, RCS_unlock, RCS_delete_revs, RCS_deltas,
	RCS_getdeltatext, RCS_putdtree): Print primary path.
	* server.c (serve_kopt): Handle secondary log.
	* Misc accommodations.

2004-07-11  Derek Price  <>

	* checkin.c (checkout_proc): Correct vi induced typo.

2004-07-11  Derek Price  <>

	* admin.c (postadmin_proc), commit.c (precommit_proc), edit.c
	(notify_proc), fileattr.c (postwatch_proc), logmsg.c (logfile_write),
	server.c (prepost_proxy_proc), tag.c (posttag_proc, pretag_proc): Add
	default %c format string.
	* client.c, edit.c, lock.c, fileattr.c, mkmodules.c, myndbm.c,
	parseinfo.c, recurse.c: Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Move loginfo call to after CVSROOT
	* checkout.c (checkout_proc), fileattr.c (fileattr_read), myndbm.c
	(mydbm_open, mydbm_load_file): Print primary path.
	* server.c (serve_checkin_time): Handle secondary log.
	(prepost_proxy_proc): Move before first call.
	(become_proxy): Move before first call.
	(serve_notify): Become proxy for this request.
	* Misc accommodations.

2004-07-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_notify): Handle secondary_log.

2004-07-08  Derek Price  <>

	Intermediate checkin.  Adds some new server requests and test fixes.
	* Update tests to handle proxies and new hooks.
	* cvs.h (CVSROOTADM_PREPROXY): Alphebetize & sub correct name.
	* mkmodules.c (filelist): Alphabetize.
	* server.c (serve_max_dotdot, serve_static_directory, serve_argumentx):
	Handle secondary_log.
	* tag.c (*): Misc gratuitous cleanup.

2004-07-08  Derek Price  <>

	Intermediate checkin.  Adds preproxy, & postproxy hooks and some test
	cruft to test everything.

	* cvs.h (CVSROOTADM_*): Add new hook config files.
	* log.c (log_fileproc): Print primary path.
	* mkmodules.c (*_content): Add init content for new files.
	(filelist): Add new files.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): Set print_path.  Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	(freercsnode): Free print_path.
	* rcs.h (struct rcsnode): Add print_path.
	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge, RCS_exec_rcsdiff): Print primary path.
	* server.c (isSecondaryServer): No longer static.
	(serve_sticky, serve_argumentx): Handle secondary logging.
	(prepost_proxy_proc): New function.
	(become_proxy): Call pre & post proxy hooks.  Handle IO closing better.
	* server.h (isSecondaryServer): No longer static.
	* status.c (status_fileproc): Print primary path.
	* Accept --proxy argument and run in write proxy mode when
	seen.  Misc fixes to account for other changes.  Misc gratuitous

2004-07-02  Derek Price  <>

	Woo-hoo!  Write proxies work!
	* client.c (open_connection_to_server): Set up log files...
	* server.c (secondary_log_out_name, secondary_log_out): New globals.
	(argument_cound, argument_vector, argument_vector_size): Move before...
	(reprocess_secondary_log): ...referencing here.  Assume secondary_log.
	(read_secondary_log): Accept buf & name args.
	(serve_modified, serve_unchanged, serve_is_modified, serve_entry):
	Handle logging pass.
	(become_proxy): Use new output-to-client-log.  Verify buffers still
	exist before using.
	(output_dir): Translate paths to the client on the secondary.
	(serve_co): Only reprocess the secondary log when one exists.
	(server_cleanup): Free buf after shutdown.  Dispose of client output
	(server): Create client output log.
	(*): Misc reformatting & detypecasting.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_output): Handle fatal_errors.
	(log_buffer_flush): Don't operate on NULL streams.
	(log_buffer_disable): Reformat so as not to confuse the optimizer.
	* root.c (primary_root_translate): Remove unused variable and redundant
	(primary_root_inverse_translate): New function.
	* root.h: Add new proto.
	* (writeproxy): Wrap server executables to set args and
	server variables properly.  Fill in some test gaps.  Correct `cd' args.
	Clean up wrappers.

2004-06-30  Derek Price  <>

	* root.h (primary_root_add, primary_root_translate): New protos.
	* root.c (primary_root_add, primary_root_translate): New functions.
	* main.c (long_options): Add --primary-root.  Handle --primary-root
	and --allow-root only with SERVER_SUPPORT.
	(main): Ditto.
	* server.c (move_file_offset): Set block before fsync.  Report
	ftruncate errors.  Force sync after rearranging data.
	(replace_file_offset): Force sync after replacing data.
	(serve_directory): Translate roots based on --primary-root arg.
	(serve_root): Likewise & don't rewrite the log file.
	(become_proxy): Increment select's N arg because it is required.
	(do_cvs_command): Use MAX macro appropriately.
	* (writeproxy): Wrap the secondary server in such a way that
	it gets the --primary-root option and the primary does not.  Move the
	primary root out of the way for the read operations to prove only the
	secondary was accessed.

2004-06-30  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output): Flush logs as
	soon as they are written to better diagnose hangs.

2004-06-30  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Compile for SERVER_SUPPORT.

2004-06-30  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_append_buffer): Handle NULL from->data.

2004-06-28  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_flush): Sync all, not just data.
	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_flush): Ditto.  Ignore problems synchronizing
	unsynchronizable descriptors.

2004-06-28  Derek Price  <>

	Intermediate checkin on the way to enabling the write proxy.

	* server.c (isSecondaryServer): Handle forked primary.
	(read_secondary_log, move_file_offset, replace_file_offset,
	become_proxy): New functions.
	(reprocess_secondary_log): Use new read_secondary_log().
	(serve_root): Replace `Root' request with new version for primary.
	(do_cvs_command): Use new become_proxy() function.
	(*): Gratuitous reformatting.
	(server): Open new logs and avoid opening pipes to pserver twice.
	* buffer.c (buf_initialize): Handle new LAST_INDEX & LAST_COUNT
	(*): Remove unnecessary typecasts.  Gratuitous reformatting.  Use
	assert() rather than if()/abort().
	(buf_append_buffer, buf_read_data, buf_copy_lines, buf_copy_counted):
	(buf_read_short_line): Track LAST_INDEX & LAST_COUNT.
	* buffer.h (struct buffer): Add LAST_INDEX & LAST_COUNT.
	* cvs.h: Include minmax.h.
	* root.h (enum CVSmethod): Force null_method to 0.
	* zlib.c: Remove unnecessary typecasts.  Gratuitous reformatting.  Use
	assert() rather than if()/abort().

2004-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	Checkout and probably other read-only commands now work.

	* server.c (serve_expand_modules): Discard arguments even when
	(serve_argument): Always process arguments.
	(serve_wrapper_sendme_rcs_options): Process in first pass.

2004-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	Operate correctly in non-write proxy mode, delaying processing of most
	commands until after the `Root' request is received.

	* server.c (buf_from_net_save): New global variable to store the input
	buffer from the client while the secondary log is being reprocessed.
	(reprocessing): Global to track whether we are reprocessing.
	(various redundant prototypes): Removed.
	(fd_buffer_*): Remove unneeded typecasts.
	(serve_valid_responses, serve_global_option, serve_set,
	serve_valid_requests): Avoid processing twice.
	(command_pid, outbuf_memory_error, input_memory_error): Moved above new
	(server): Factor loop over the client inputs to...
	(loop_over_inputs): ...this new function.
	(serve_root): Loop over secondary log of client inputs when we
	discover we are not the secondary.
	(*): Add !secondary_log assertions to verify that certain code paths
	are not yet taken.
	(do_cvs_command, serve_init): Add switch and pseudo-code comments about
	what will need to be done on secondary servers.
	(seve_noop): Print errors & "ok" in the first pass, skip "ok" but
	restore handling of entries and notification in the second.
	(serve_co): Note what will need to be done on secondaries.
	(server_cleanup): Deal with buf_from_net_save when necessary.

2004-06-22  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server): Move previously fatal error on failure to open a
	secondary log to...
	(serve_root):, and only when we discover we are actually a
	secondary server.
	(server): Ensure an interrupt cannot dump core.

2004-06-22  Derek Price  <>

	Enable the writeproxy log and turn it off when we determine we are not
	running as a secondary server.

	* log-buffer.c: Compile log buffer routines in server mode for write
	(struct log_buffer): Add fatal_error member.
	(log_buffer_initialize, log_buffer_input): Allow for fatal write errors
	for writeproxy.
	(log_buffer_disable): Turn off the log when asked.
	(log_buffer_shutdown): Close log via log_buffer_disable.
	(log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output, log_buffer_flush): Don't operate
	on the log when it doesn't exist.
	(*): Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	(setup_logfiles): Use new log_buffer_initialize API.
	* log-buffer.h (log_buffer_initialize, log_buffer_disable): New
	(log_buffer_initialize): Update prototype.
	* server.c: Include log-buffer.h.  Gratuitous reformatting of pragmas.
	(secondary_log_name, secondary_log): New globals.
	(server): Set up recording for writeproxy.
	(serve_root): Turn off recording when we determine that we are not a

2004-06-21  Derek Price  <>

	* (writeproxy): Verify that secondary is updated after a
	commit.  Comment test that verifies that commit took place on primary.

2004-06-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (writeproxy): Test response to a failing rsync.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (isSecondaryServer): New function.
	(MAXHOSTNAMELEN): Move to top of file and improve comment.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Get my enum references correct.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Verify that the ProxyServer connection
	method is valid.

2004-09-02  Derek Price <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Pass new args to fd_buffer_initialize().
	(server): Don't initialize BUF_TO_NET & BUF_FROM_NET when
	pserver_authenticate already did.
	(pserver_read_line): New function to access pserver auth dialogue via
	(pserver_authenticate_connection): Init buffers to/from net and access
	via pserver_read_line() and the buffer output functions.
	(fd_buffer_*): Move to...
	* buffer.c (fd_buffer_*):  Handle blocking input more
	(buf_initialize): Handle get_fd() argument.
	(buf_nonio_initialize, packetizing_buffer_initialize): Pass new
	get_fd() argument.
	(buf_copy_data, buf_free_data, buf_read_short_line, buf_get_fd,
	packetizing_buffer_get_fd): New functions.
	(bufread_line): Wrap buf_read_short_line().
	(stdio_buffer_*): Remove these functions.
	(*): Some reformatting of function headers.
	* buffer.h (struct buffer, buf_initialize): Add get_fd().
	(buf_read_short_line, buf_get_fd, buf_copy_data, buf_free_data,
	fd_buffer_initialize): New prototypes.
	* client.c (get_port_number, get_cvs_port_number,
	get_proxy_port_number): Compile with SERVER_SUPPORT.
	(make_bufs_from_fds): Likewise, and accept new ROOT arg and pass on to
	(connect_to_pserver, connect_to_forked_server): Pass ROOT to
	(start_server): Factor much functionality into...
	(open_connection_to_server): ...this new function.
	* client.h (make_bufs_from_fds): Update proto.
	(open_connection_to_server): New proto.
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_initialize): Handle get_gd().
	(log_buffer_get_fd): New function.
	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_initialize, compress_buffer_get_fd): Ditto
	* rsh-client.c (start_rsh_server): Pass ROOT to make_bufs_from_fds().
	* (pserver): Expect new error messages.

2004-09-01  Derek Price <>

	* run.c: Remove unneeded typecasts.  Reformat function headers.  Fix

2004-08-31  Derek Price <>

	* subr.c (format_cmdline), cvs.h (format_cmdline): Accept bool rather
	than int.
	* admin.c, commit.c, edit.c, fileattr.c, logmsg.c, tag.c: Change all
	* main.c (UseNewInfoFmtStrings), cvs.h (UseNewInfoFmtStrings):
	* parseinfo.c: Change all references.

2004-08-31  Derek Price <>

	* checkout.c: Reformat function headers.  Remove unnecessary typecasts
	and prototypes.  Some other reformatting for legibility.

2004-08-31  Derek Price <>

	* buffer.c: Gratuitous reformatting of header comments.
	s/abort/assert/.  Remove unnecessary typecasts.
	* buffer.h: Remove unnecessary "extern" decls.  Some reformatting.

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Don't shorten //. to / (use //).

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Strip trailing CWD indirections on
	* (rstar-toplevel): Update to account for new behavior.
	(Report from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-08-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Correct test for calling
	server_pause_check to occur when locktype != CVS_LOCK_WRITE.
	(Patch suggested by Ian Lance Taylor <>
	in bug#198).

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* Update a few tests to account for the recent error message

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_valid_rev): Declare arg const.
	* rcs.h: Likewise.

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* rcs.c (translate_symtag): Prevent infinite loop.
	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Check tag syntax before searching for tags.
	* (tag-space): Some tests for the above.
	(Report from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-08-24  Derek Price <>

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Use RCS_valid_rev() rather than duplicating
	code.  Misc error message improvements.

2004-08-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* ignore.c (ignore_directory): Include the terminating NUL
	character in the directory name comparison to avoid matching
	substrings of directories by accident.
	(Report and suggested fix from James E Wilson
	* (modules4): Add some more tests testing the above

2004-08-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (binfiles): Cleanup the 2a temporary directory.

2004-08-20  Derek Price <>

	Cache tags in val-tags on successful creation to avoid problems with
	write proxies.  Merged from `writeproxy2' branch.

	* tag.c (tag_filesdoneproc): Don't track posttag errors.
	(cvstag): Move addition of successful tags to val-tags to...
	(tag_fileproc): and...
	(rtag_fileproc):  Consolidate returns at single location.
	(*): Misc reformatting.

	* tag.c (add_val_tag): New function with content factored from...
	(cvstag): Call add_val_tag() when needed.
	* annotate.c, checkout.c, commit.c, diff.c, ls.c, patch.c, recurse.c,
	tag.c, update.c: Pass new args to tag_check_valid.

	Merge of postadmin, posttag, and postwatch functionality from
	`writeproxy2' branch.

	* admin.c (postadmin_proc), commit.c (precommit_proc), edit.c
	(notify_proc), fileattr.c (postwatch_proc), logmsg.c (logfile_write),
	server.c (prepost_proxy_proc), tag.c (posttag_proc, pretag_proc): Add
	default %c format string.

	* cvs.h (CVSROOTADM_POSTWATCH): New macro.
	* fileattr.c (*): Misc cleanup.
	(postwatch_proc): New function.
	(fileattr_write): Call watch proc when done writing fileattr.
	* mkmodules.c (postwatch_contents): New var.
	(filelist): Add postwatch.
	* watch.c (addremove_filesdoneproc): Remove function.
	(watch_addremove): Don't call above function.
	(*): Misc cleanup.
	* watch.h: Remove some unnecessary "extern" decls.

	* admin.c (postadmin_proc, admin_filesdoneproc): New functions.
	(admin): Pass admin_filesdoneproc() to start_recursion().
	(*): Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	* cvs.h (CVSROOTADM_*): Alphabetize, add new hook config files.
	(format_cmdline): Fix proto to match change below.
	* mkmodules.c (*_content): Add init content for new files.  Misc
	(filelist): Add new files.
	* tag.c (struct pretag_proc_data): Move before first use.
	(posttag_proc, tag_filesdoneproc): New functions.
	(rtag_proc): Pass new procs to start_recursion().
	(*): Misc gratuitous cleanup.
	* Misc accommodations.

2004-08-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_output): Protect call to fsync()
	with #ifdef HAVE_FSYNC.

2004-08-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_input): Protect call to fsync()
	with #ifdef HAVE_FSYNC.

2004-08-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (sshstdio): Fix comment typo plus gratuitous

	* client.c (handle_m): Workaround to deal with stdio getting put
	into non-blocking via redirection of stderr and interaction with
	ssh on some platforms. On those boxes, stdio can put stdout
	unexpectedly into non-blocking mode which may lead to fwrite() or
	fflush() failing with EAGAIN, but cvs not checking for the error.
	(Patch suggested by Frank Hemer <>.)

	* client.c (handle_e): Similar fix for stderr.
	* (sshstdio): New test for non-blocking stdio via ssh.

2004-08-11  Derek Price <>

	* (basicc): Work around a problem in Linux 2.2 & Bash 2.05b
	which prevents a `cd ..' from a deleted directory from working.
	(Original patch from Matthew Ogilvie <>.)

2004-07-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (newb-123j0): Use DOTSTAR at end of response.

2004-07-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly): New variable.
	* cvs.h (ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly): Declare new variable.
	* import.c (import): Respect setting of
	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Document the default
	ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly=no option in newly generated
	config files.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Parse
	ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly option.
	* (importX2): New test, to test
	ImportNewFilesToVendorBranchOnly config file option.
	(New feature from Chris Demetriou <>.)

2004-07-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (basic2-14): Use DOTSTAR to be more portable.

	* status.c (status_fileproc): Print datetimes using output_cvs_tagged.
	* (basic2-14): Allow for an extra blank line at the end.

2004-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (pamh): New global static to hold the PAM handle.
	(server): Close the PAM session so that logging works properly.
	(switch_to_user): Opens a PAM session and gets credentials from PAM so
	that PAM modules can change group permissions.  Get the username from
	PAM so that PAM modules can modify the final local username.
	(cvs_pam_conv): Changed the assertions to allow PAM to output text to
	the user.
	(check_system_password): Renamed to...
	(check_pam_password): ...this.  Changed argument type for username so
	that PAM modules can modify the username under authentication.  Setting
	a terminal so some PAM modules which expect it to be set work, it is
	set to the pam servicename which defaults to the binary name.  Set the
	username from PAM after authentication if a module has changed it.
	(check_password): Calls check_pam_password if PAM is enabled otherwiseu
	calls check_system_password.
	(Patch from Brian Murphy <>.)

2004-07-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (run_filter): New function to allow for filtering of cruft
	output by Rational Quantify or other profilers.
	(dotest_*): Call new function.

2004-07-13  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Ignore GCC profiling data.

2004-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Misc reformatting.

2004-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: fix format_time_t to call localtime
	(Patch from Bart Robinson  <>.)

2004-07-02  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts.c: Gratuitous reformatting & detypecasting.

2004-06-30  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer_input, log_buffer_output): Flush logs as
	soon as they are written to better diagnose hangs.

2004-06-29  Derek R. Price  <>

	* (toplevel-12): Handle new error output.

2004-06-29  Derek R. Price  <>

	* subr.c (xrealloc_and_strcat): Use bool in place of short.

2004-06-29  Derek R. Price  <>

	* client.c: Gratuitous reformatting.
	(send_repository): Send relative Directory when server reports it is
	able to handle it.
	* server.c (serve_directory): Handle relative directories.
	(output_dir): Send relative directories.
	(requests): Add `Relative-directory' request.

2004-06-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* import.c (import_usage): Add new -X flag.
	(import): Handle new -X flag.
	(process_import_file): Handle new -X flag.
	(killnew): New static flag variable to indicate use of -X flag.
	(preserve_initial_permissions): New function, extracted from
	(expand_and_copy_contents): Likewise.
	(add_rcs_file): New argument, do_killnew, to cause "import -X" flag
	processing.  Implement -X flag, and use newly abstracted functions.
	* rcs.h (add_rcs_file): Update prototype for do_killnew argument.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Update for add_rcs_file function change.
	* mkmodules.c (init): Likewise.
	* client.c (handle_mt): Handle an importmergecmd tag without
	any conflicts (for 'import -X' support).
	* (importX): New test.
	(New feature from Chris Demetriou <>.)

2004-06-22  Derek Price  <>

	* wrapper.c: Add explicit "void" return type to "wrap_clean_fmt_str"
	(Patch from Conrad T. Pino <>.)

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (entries, serve_is_modified): Reorder to remove prototypes.
	(supported_response): Remove prototype.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c, filesubr.c, history.c, server.c, wrapper.c: Various
	security fixes.
	(Original patch from Stefan Essler <> & Sebastian
	Krahmer <>.)

	* cvs.h: Include xsize.h.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_entry, serve_is_modified, serve_unchanged): Protect
	against malformed entries.
	* (server): Tests for same.

2004-06-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* (basica): More tests for string-based revision inc.

2004-06-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* subr.c (increment_revnum): Rewrite ala RCS to work directly on
	the string rather than converting to int to avoid overflow.
	* (basica): New tests for above, update others to match.

2004-06-04  Derek Price  <>

	Preliminary writeproxy functionality.
	* main.c: Declare PrimaryServer.
	* cvs.h: Likewise, but extern.
	* mkmodules.c: Add PrimaryServer to default CVSROOT/config content.
	* parseinfo.c: Handle PrimaryServer line.
	* (Failing) tests for writeproxy functionality.

2004-05-28  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (format_time_t, gm_format_time_t): Use my_strftime from
	GNULIB rather than the system-dependant strftime.

2004-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* s/GMT/UTC/ where appropriate.

2004-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (cvs_output_tagged): Move new server code inside a

2004-05-19  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (gmformat_time_t, entries_time, unix_time_stamp): New protos.
	* ls.c (struct long_format_data): New structure.
	(ls_print): Print datetimes using cvs_output_tagged.
	(long_format_data_delproc): New function.
	(ls_fileproc, ls_direntproc): Keep track of long_format_data.
	* main.c (Make_Date): Use standard quotes.
	(format_time_t, gmformat_time_t): New functions.
	(format_date_alloc): Use new functions.  Improve comments.
	* server.c (cvs_output_tagged): Only output in localtime in local mode.
	* vers_ts.c (entries_time, unix_time_stamp): New functions.
	(time_stamp): Use new functions.
	* (ls, branches2): Use $ISO8601DATE where applicable.

2004-05-19  Derek Price  <>

	Output `cvs log' times in the local timezone.

	* client.c (handle_mt): Handle the new "date" MT response
	* server.c (cvs_output_tagged): Likewise
	* cvs.h: Proto for format_date_alloc
	* main.c (format_date_alloc, tm_diff): Added.
	* log.c (log_version): Use MT response to tag date output.
	(Original patch from Bart Robinson <>.)

	* (importc, rcs, rcs4): Use TZ=GMT for the duration of these
	tests to obtain consistent times in output.
	(ISO8601DATE, ISO8601DATE1971, ISO8601DATE2034): Use more precise

2004-05-19  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_unchanged, serve_is_modified): Overwrite existing
	data in timefields.  Fixes CAN-2004-0396.

2004-05-15  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup), rcs.c (rcs_cleanup), server.c
	(server_cleanup):  Clean up inchoherent comment.

2004-05-15  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h, client.c, history.c, main.c, rcs.c,, server.c:
	Back out get_date() changes from 2004-04-28.

2004-05-14  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (trailingslashes): During cleanup remove topfile,v to
	avoid problems in later tests (editor-1).

2004-05-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (trailingslashes): Note TODO item #205 in the comment.

2004-05-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (trailingslashes): New tests to expose a bug in CVS when
	paths are specified with trailing slashes.  This relates to TODO #205.

2004-05-13  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* ls.c (ls): Use client_senddate() so the server is able to parse
	the date/time.

2004-05-12  Derek Price  <>

	* entries.c, subr.c: Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-05-12  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (file_has_conflict), vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): Only
	special case "=" when it is the only character in a timestamp field.
	Gratuitous reformatting.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): Check for NULL in a consistent manner.
	Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-05-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (ls): Add some new tests of the ls command with dates
	specified and show an assertion error when an existing file is
	specifically requested.
	(Original patch from Alexander Taler <>.)

2004-05-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (RCSKEYDATE): New regular expression to match the rcs
	keyword date format.
	(keyword,keywordlog): Use it.
	(RCSDELTADATE): New regular expression to match the internal rcs
	file format delta.
	(admin): Use it.
	(RCSDATE): Deleted.
	(ISO8601DATE}: A more exact regular expression for cvs log date
	output than the previous RCSDATE variable.
	Use ${ISO8601DATE} for cvs log output date patterns.
	(TOUCH1971,ISO8601DATE1971): New variables for test importc.
	(TOUCH2034,ISO8601DATE2034): Ditto.
	(importc): Use them. Isolate the touch commands in a sub-shell
	with TZ=GMT to make the time more predictable.
	(RAWRCSDATE2000A,RAWRCSDATE1996A,RAWRCSDATE1996B): New date variables.
	(ISO8601DATE2000A,ISO8601DATE1996A,ISO8601DATE1996B): Regexps to match.
	(rcs): Use them.
	(rcs4): Put the touch commands into sub-shells for temporary
	TZ=GMT use.

2004-05-11  Derek Price  <>

	* checkin.c (Checkin), commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc, remove_file,
	checkaddfile), rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Remove redundant commit messages.
	Suppress output when really_quiet.
	* Update to match.

2004-05-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (top-level): Rename to...
	(rstar-toplevel): ...this for clarity.

2004-05-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (dirs2-10ar): Remove unnecessary empty argument.

2004-05-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Suppress warnings if really_quiet.

2004-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Gratuitous reformatting.  Remove unnecessary prototype &
	unnecessary type cast.

2004-05-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (basica): Remove unnecessary empty arguments.

2004-05-07  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (fopen_case): Remove obsolescent prototype.

2004-05-05  Derek Price  <>

	* Wait a second and retry if cvs-serv* directories are
	discovered to avoid race conditions on some systems.
	(Patch from Pavel Roskin <>.)

2004-05-05  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c: Some gratuitous reformatting.

2004-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c: Some gratuitous reformatting.

2004-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Remove obsolete FIXME comment.
	(*): Some gratuitous reformatting.

2004-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* src/ (branches2-14-ls-4): Change expectations due to new -d

2004-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (ls): Add some new tests of ls -d flag.
	(Original patch from Alexander Taler <>.)

	* ls.c (ls): Accept -d to show dead files.
	(ls_proc): Add W_ATTIC to start_recursion flags when user requests dead
	(ls_fileproc): Don't show dead files with -d.  Print "dead" in long
	listings for dead files.

2004-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (ls_dirleaveproc): Return err.
	(Original patch from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (ls_print): Return 0.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Treat a NULL repository the same as an empty
	* (branches2-ls-7): Verify absence of assertion failure.

2004-04-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (branches2-rls-1): Reformat comment.

2004-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs2-5): Update to cope with new getdate.y.

2004-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_LIBADD): Use libs for nanosleep & clock_gettime when
	* cvs.h: Remove get_date() proto and #include getdate.h.
	* client.c, history.c, main.c, rcs.c, server.c: Use new form of
	* Regenerated.

2004-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (set_lock), subr.c (sleep_past): Assume we have nanosleep.

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): Use asnprintf in preference to other

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	Add dirname module from GNULIB.

	* add.c, client.c, commit.c, find_names.c, import.c, lock.c, ls.c,
	repos.c, server.c, subr.c: s/ISDIRSEP/ISSLASH/.

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c, create_adm.c, entries.c, filesubr.c, hash.c, update.c:
	Gratuitious reformatting.

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (ls_direntproc): Remove unneeded assertion.

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (ls): Set client_prune_dirs in order to delete any directories
	created by the server.
	(ls_dirleaveproc): Always delete directories created by
	* (ls): Update to match.

2004-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c: Remove unneeded prototypes.  Add `prune' option.
	(dircount): Remove static global.
	(set_tag, created_dir, ls_prune_dirs): New static globals.
	(ls): Handle new prune option.
	(ls_print_dir): Don't count directories, just remember not to print a
	blank line in front of the first one.  Don't list empty directories
	when prune is specified.
	(ls_delproc): New function to dispose of dirlist.
	(ls_direntproc): Reorganize to assume a directory without a parent must
	be listed.  Create missing directories a la update and checkout so that
	they may be processed.  Use new delproc when creating new list nodes.
	(ls_dirleave_proc): New function to remove directories created by
	(ls_proc): Call start_recursion() once for each argument so that
	ls_direntproc() may assume that any directory without a parent in the
	dirlist must be listed and others must not unless recursing.
	* (ls): New tests.
	(Thanks to a report from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-04-26  Derek Price  <>

	* rsh-client.c (start_rsh_server): Don't rely on GNU argument
	processing capabilities in the RSH command.
	(Report from Mark Andrews <>.)

2004-04-26  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (dircount): s/long long/long/ for Windows.

2004-04-23  Derek Price  <>

	* ls.c (usage): Sync with manual.

2004-04-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add ls.c.
	* client.c, subr.c: Move #include vasnprintf.h to...
	* cvs.h:
	(ls): Add prototype.
	* ls.c: New file.
	* main.c (cmds): Add ls & rls entries.
	* server.c (serve_ls, serve_rls): New functions.
	(requests): Add list, ls, rlist, & global-list-quiet.
	* (branches2): Test new cvs ls & rls commands.
	* Regenerated.
	(Thanks for patches from Alexander Taler <>
	and Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-04-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (AM_CPPFLAGS): No, really, $(top_builddir)/lib.
	* Regenerated.

2004-04-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Add the builddir/lib directory for
	generated header files.
	* Regenerated.

2004-04-22  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move include of fnmatch.h into lib/system.h with the other
        GNULIB headers.

2004-04-22  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c: Use bool where appropriate.  Some gratuitous reformatting.

2004-04-19  Derek Price  <>

	* ignore.c: Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-04-16  Derek Price  <>

	* tag.c: Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-04-16  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): Use size_t instead of int as argument
	to asnprintf.  Some gratuitous reformatting.
	(Report from Mark <>.)

2004-04-15  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c, commit.c, server.c: Gratuitous reformatting.

2004-04-11  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Check paths the server sends us to make
	sure they are within a sandbox the user requested be updated.
	(is_valid_client_path, path_list_prefixed): New functions.

2004-04-11  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Don't allow up-level references in paths to
	step out of the repository.
	* (multiroot3): Update tests and add a few more.

2004-04-11  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (get_proxy_port_number): Use CVS_PROXY_PORT as the default
	proxy port rather than CVS_AUTH_PORT.

2004-04-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c (get_cvs_port_number): Use CVS_AUTH_PORT as the default
	for "cvspserver" rather than the CVS_PROXY_PORT.
	(Fixes parseroot-3r on machines without "cvspserver" in
	their /etc/services file.)

2004-04-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (parseroot): s/oberon/$username/.

2004-04-06  Derek Price  <>

	Import Jim Kingdon's old, old patch which allows CVS to work via a
	web proxy server.
	* client.c (*): Some gratuitous restyling.
	(get_proxy_port_number): New function.
	(connect_to_pserver): Connect via proxy.
	* client.h (CVS_PROXY_PORT): Define.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Parse method options.
	* (parseroot): Add new tests.

2004-04-06  Derek Price  <>

	* root.h (cvsroot_t): Move username, password, hostname, port inside
	* buffer.c, gssapi-client.c, root.c, sever.c: Add #ifdefs as necessary
	so that this will compile without client support and the root.h change.
	Some gratuitous restyling.

2004-04-06  Derek Price  <>

	* log.c, tag.c: Gratuitous restyling.

2004-04-04  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (isabsolute): Move...
	* subr.c: and use new ISABSOLUTE macro.

2004-04-04  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Cast out an unneeded const to avoid a

2004-04-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* cvsrc.c: Remove unused declarations.
	* run.c: Ditto.
	* server.h (gunzip_and_write): Declare.

	* client.c (send_file_names): Remove unused variables.

2004-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (client): Honor $keep.

2004-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* log.c, patch.c, rcs.c: Gratuitous restyling.

2004-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Use ISDIRSEP rather than testing paths against `/'
	directly.  Some gratuitos reformatting.

2004-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Note the effectiveness of `tail -f check.log' in providing
	running status.

2004-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Move code which calculates and sends
	(send_max_dotdot): this new function.
	(send_files): Call send_max_dotdot.
	* (files-14): Expect .. in paths to work now.
	(status): Add a few new tests using `..'.

2004-04-01  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c: Gratuitous restyling.

2004-04-01  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c, cvs.h, server.c: Gratuitous restyling.
	* run.c (run_exec): Ditto, plus call cvs_flush{out,err}() instead of
	flushing stderr & stdout directly.

2004-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c, server.c: Gratuitous restyling.

2004-03-25  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Initialize string to NULL rather than to
	a single byte string containing only a null byte.
	* subr.c (xrealloc_and_strcat): If the destination string is NULL,
	simply allocate a new string.
	(Original report from Chris Bohn <>.)

2004-03-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (ISODATE): Fix ISO 8601 format comment.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (toplevel): Remove FIXME type comment and unneeded
	Emtptydir removal.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c: Some minor style cleanup.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c: Some minor style cleanup.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (top-level): Don't match most of the assertion since this
	string is often system dependent.
	(Thanks to Larry Jones <>.)

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (top-level): Don't match the assertion's line number.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (top-level): New test to confirm assertion failure.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* Only verify argument to -f when -f was passed.  Check for
	$TMPDIR/cvsXXXXXX temp files after each test.

2004-03-22  Derek Price  <>

	* Verify that the argument to -f is really a test.

2004-03-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* cvs.h: Change command_name to cvs_command_name to avoid conflict
	on HP-UX (incredibly, it declares a global command_name in prot.h,
	which is included from shadow.h, which we include in server.c).
	Change all references.

	* subr.c (previous_rev): Fix == vs = typo.

	* buffer.h: Add prototype for buf_empty.

	* add.c (add): Remove unused variable.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add, add_directory, build_entry), admin.c (admin_dirproc),
	checkin.c (Checkin), checkout.c (safe_location, build_dirs_and_chdir),
	client.c (add_prune_candidate, send_repository, send_a_repository,
	send_to_server, start_rsh_server, send_arg, send_modified,
	send_ignproc, send_filesdone_proc, send_dirent_proc,
	send_dirleave_proc, client_notify), commit.c (check_direntproc,
	check_filesdoneproc, checkaddfile, commit_direntproc,
	commit_dirleaveproc, lock_RCS, precommit_proc, find_data,
	find_dirent_proc, find_ignproc, find_filesdoneproc), create_adm.c
	(Create_Admin), cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc), diff.c (diff_dirproc,
	diff_filesdoneproc, diff_dirleaveproc), edit.c (onoff_filesdoneproc,
	mark_up_to_date, editor_set, notify_proc_args, notify_proc, notify_do,
	notify_check), entries.c (Scratch_Entry, Register, WriteTag),
	expand_path.c (expand_variable, expand_path), fileattr.c
	(fileattr_startdir), filesubr.c (mkdir_if_needed, xchmod,
	last_component), history.c (history_write), ignore.c (ignore_directory,
	ignore_files), import.c (get_comment, add_rcs_file, expand_at_signs),xi
	lock.c (lock_filesdoneproc), log.c (log_dirproc), logmsg.c
	(logfile_write, rcsinfo_proc, update_logfile_proc, editinfo_proc,
	verifymsg_proc, do_editor, do_verify, Update_Logfile), main.c (main
	program_name, program_path, command_name), parseinfo.c (Parse_Info),
	patch.c (patch_dirproc), rcs.c (RCS_getdatebranch, rcs_lockfilename,
	RCS_parse, RCS_setattic, RCS_getversion, RCS_gettag, RCS_getbranch,
	RCS_getdate, RCS_datecmp, RCS_getrevtime, RCS_setexpand,
	expand_keywords, RCS_checkout, RCS_addbranch, RCS_checkin, RCS_lock,
	RCS_cmp_file, RCS_deltas, rcs_lockfilename, make_file_label),
	rcscmds.c (RCS_output_diff_options, call_diff, RCS_merge,
	RCS_exec_rcsdiff, diff_exec), recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion,
	do_file_proc), remove.c (remove_dirproc), repos.c (Name_Repository,
	Short_Repository), root.c (Name_Root, Create_Root), run.c
	(piped_child), server.c (output_dir, server_register,
	server_checked_in, server_update_entries, server_copy_file,
	server_set_entstat, server_clear_entstat, server_set_sticky,
	server_template, cvs_output_tagged), status.c (status_dirproc), subr.c
	(make_message_rcslegal), tag.c (pretag_proc, tag_dirproc,
	check_fileproc, check_filesdoneproc, tag_fileproc, val_direntproc),
	update.c (update_dirent_proc, update_dirleave_proc, update_ignproc,
	update_filesdone_proc, isemptydir), vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server,
	time_stamp), watch.c (watch_modify_watchers, addremove_filesdoneproc),
	zlib.c (read_and_gzip): Make most string args const, mainly in the
	interest of preserving repository & updatedir but including some
	collateral damage.  Update a few functions to comply with new
	requirement.  Some style fixes.
	* client.h, cvs.h, edit.h, fileattr.h, rcs.h, server.h, update.h,
	watch.h: Update prototypes to match.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (conflicts2): s/cvs/$testcvs/.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Correct longstanding resurrection bugs.  Remove FIXME
	comment to this effect.  Set mode and Entries timestamps of resurrected
	files correctly.
	* (basica, binfiles, conflicts2, recase, resurrection,
	update-p): Update tests to compensate.  Remove FIXCVS comments.

2004-03-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (gserver_authenticate_connection): Handle large
	GSSAPI packets dynamically.
	(Bug report from Douglas Engert <>)

2004-03-19  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (pathname_levels, previous_rev): Remove leading underscore from
	prototype arguments to avoid potential conflicts with implementations.

2004-03-18  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (pathname_levels): Make string argument const.
	* subr.c (pathname_levels): Simplify function.

2004-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (precommit_list_to_args_proc), logmsg.c (do_editor), subr.c
	(format_cmdline), tag.c (pretag_list_to_args_proc):
	(Report from Matthew Doar <>.)

2004-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (pathname_levels): Get it right this time.

2004-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (pathname_levels): Remove incorrect assertion and just
	return 0 when pathname is NULL.

2004-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (pathname_levels): Use ISDIRSEP() instead of strchr('/')
	and remove FIXME comment to that effect.

2004-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Update the --version Copyright (c) string to
	include 2004.

2004-03-15  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* release.c (release): Add missing xmalloc of update_cmd.

2004-03-15  Derek Price  <>

	* release.c (release): Enable authentication and encryption for a child
	update process when necessary.
	(Original patch from Dan Russell <> via Hal Mahaffey

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Only call server_updated() when we actual have a new
	resurrected file for the client.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (previous_rev, write_letter): New prototypes.
	(struct file_info): Move to before the write_letter prototype.
	* add.c (add): Allow resurrection of files which used to exist on a
	* subr.c (previous_rev): New function.
	* update.c: Consolidate like pragmas.
	 (write_letter): Remove prototype.  Remove static declaration.
	* (resurrection): New tests.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (remove_file): Print the actual previous revision instead of
	a branch number.
	* Update to match.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_cmp_file): Print the actual name of the file we failed to
	open in the error message.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Allow diffing of new files against arbitrary
	revisions instead of assuming that there is no RCS archive file.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* Update serveral tests to use $CPROG & $SPROG correctly.

2004-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Update file resurrection messages for consistency.
	* Update to match.

2004-03-13  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_updated): Fix header comment.

2004-03-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Remove error.h since it is now included in
	* Regenerated.

2004-03-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* run.c: Move #includes required for cmdline_escape and friends...
	* subr.c: here.

2004-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* run.c (struct cmdline_bindings, cmdline_bindings_hash_node_delete,
	cmdline_escape, cmdline_quote, format_cmdline): Move...
	* subr.c: so they will compile under Windows.

2004-03-03  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Check that the module name specified by the user
	does not contain `CVS' as a directory name.
	* ignore.c (ign_add): Never cease ignoring "CVS" - it is a reserved
	(Original patch from Dan Peterson <>.)

	* (import-CVS): New tests for the above.

2004-02-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (expand_at_signs): Change type of len to size_t.
	* subr.c (resolve_symlink): Move declaration of newname inside
	#ifdef, clean up coding style.
	* zlib.c (gunzip_and_write): Fix up potential overlow problems.
	(read_and_gzip): Add explicit casts to placate paranoid compilers.

2004-02-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* (join6): New tests for previous fix.

	* update.c (join_file): One more fix to avoid dereferencing NULL.
	(Reported by Steve McIntyre <>.)
	* (join6): New tests for above.

2004-02-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Fix optimization to avoid dereferencing NULL.
	(Reported by Steve McIntyre <>.)

2004-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	No longer require directories specified to `checkout -d' to exist.

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Only confirm that destination is a safe
	location for directories that already exist since we can assume that
	creating directories under such a safe directory is acceptable.
	(dir_to_build): Remove just_chdir member.
	(checkout_proc): Add trace.  No longer set dir_to_build->just_chdir.
	Minor reformatting.
	(build_dirs_and_chdir): Don't create or register directories that are
	not created.
	* (*): Update tests to account for new behavior.

2004-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_empty): New function.
	* server.c (server): Check for unread data in buffer before closing.

2004-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* release.c (release): Restore the initial directory before and after
	calling various sections of code that expect it to prevent corruption
	of CVS/Entries files on release of a subdir and tell unedit() what to
	* Add test case for release.c fix.
	(Original patch from Matthew Ogilvie  <>.)

	* client.c (last_entries): Move global variable...
	(call_in_directory): (now a local variable).  Remove test that
	always evaluates to true.
	(last_dir_name): Remove unused global variable.

2004-02-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (xresolvepath): Fix crash in error case.
	(Reported by Reinhard Zierke <>.)

2004-02-24  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos): Fix it so that it ignores the user's
	.cvsrc file (.cvsrc "checkout -r" used to cause the "rm -r 1"
	command to print warnings and wait for input).
	(Original patch from Matthew Ogilvie  <>.)

	* (reposmv, parseroot, devcom3, binwrap3):
	s/_SAVED\>/_save/ for consistency.

2004-02-24  Derek Price  <>

	* (taginfo-newfmt-examine-2): Correct expected results.

2004-02-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* (taginfo-examine-1): Correct expected results.

2004-02-20  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (expand_string): Use x2realloc() from GNULIB for core

2004-02-20  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (set_nonblock_fd): Move back to...
	* server.c:
	* cvs.h: Remove protos for the above two functions.
	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Remove unexessary and possibly
	dangerous check for unread data on a pipe with a nonblock read.

2004-02-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Remove unused variable.

2004-02-20  Derek Price  <>

	* ChangeLog, commit.c, filesubr.c, rcs.c, root.c,, subr.c,
	update.c: Remove VIM editor commands.

2004-02-20  Derek Price  <>

	Import xalloc module from GNULIB, as well as its remaining unimported
	dependency, the exitfail module.

	* cvs.h: #include "xalloc.h".
	* subr.c (xmalloc, xrealloc, xstrdup): Remove these functions.

2004-02-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* hash.h (struct node): Change data from char * to void *, change
	all callers.

	* run.c (cmdlinequote, cmdlineescape): Use prototype in definition
	to match cvs.h.
	(format_cmdline): UNIQUE_*_TYPE_* macros imply HAVE_*, so no need
	to check for both.  Remove duplicate code for size_t and ptrdiff_t.

	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Remove spurious invalid cast, clean up
	coding style.

	* commit.c (precommit_list_proc): Remove vestigial prototype.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* run.c (format_cmdline): Don't accept printf `L' modifier at all when
	long doubles are not available.  Allow UNIQUE_FLOAT_TYPE_LONG_DOUBLE to

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* run.c: Remove include of stddef.h - it is already included via

2004-02-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* run.c: Include the appropriate headers for wchar_t and wint_t,
	create a typedef for convproc and use it (required for va_arg),
	add explicit comparisons to keep gcc -Wall happy, remove unused
	(format_cmdline): Fix bugs and portability problems.
	* tag.c: Remove unused global variable.
	(pretag_proc): Correct call to format_cmdline: %hhc is not a valid
	printf format (should just be %c) and NULL must be cast to the correct
	type in a varargs call.
	(pretag_list_to_args_proc): Initialize arg to keep gcc -Wall happy,
	remove unused variable, add auxiliary variable to simplify code,
	clean up coding style.

	* commit.c (precommit_list_to_args_proc): Initialize arg to keep
	gcc -Wall happy, remove unused variable, clean up coding style.
	(precommit_proc): Cast NULL to the correct type in varargs call.
	* edit.c (notify_proc): Remove unused variables.
	* expand_path.c (expand_path): Initialize inquotes, add explicit
	comparison to keep gcc -Wall happy.
	* logmsg.c: Remove unused global variables and function decl.
	(do_verify): Add explicit comparison to keep gcc -Wall happy,
	clean up coding style.
	(logmsg_list_to_args_proc): Initialize arg to keep gcc -Wall happy,
	remove unused variable.
	(logfile_write): Cast NULL to the correct type in varargs call.
	(verifymsg_proc): Cast NULL to the correct type in varargs call.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* run.c (format_cmdline): Correct some typos and cut/paste errors.
	Switch on HAVE_WINT_T for Solaris.  Switch on HAVE_INTMAX_T for other
	pre-C99 platforms.

2004-02-19  Derek Price <>

	* (crerepos): Correct comment.

2004-02-19  Derek Price <>

	* logmsg.c (verifymsg_proc), run.c (format_cmdline): Plug memory leak.
	(Report from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

	* run.c (format_cmdline): Simplify two expressions.

2004-02-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_operation): Initialize line.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (tests): Add errmsg3.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (errmsg3): Don't create directories named `tmp' in
	$TESTDIR to avoid conflicts with the default value of $TMPDIR.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos): Don't create directories named `tmp' in
	$TESTDIR to avoid conflicts with the default value of $TMPDIR.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (directory_cmp): Use $TESTDIR for temporary files, like the
	dotest functions.

2004-02-19  Derek Price  <>

	* No longer allow user override of $tmp.  Set $TMPDIR to a
	directory under $TESTDIR, as for $HOME, but still allowing for user
	override.  Check for cvs-serv* directories under $TMPDIR rather than
	$tmp at the end of the script.

2004-02-19  Derek Price <>

	* run.c (cmdline_quote): Plug memory leak.
	(format_cmdline): Don't bother with freeing memory before a call to
	error() which will exit.  Plug memory leak.
	(Report from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-02-18  Derek Price <>

	* run.c (format_cmdline): Move variable declaration to a position more
	acceptable to the ANSI C standards.

2004-02-17  Derek Price <>

	* commit.c (precommit_proc): Installed new format_cmdline() instead
	of the old, nonuniform info file interpreter.  Support for new user
	data field in Parse_Info() callbacks.  Use cmdlinequote() instead of c.
	10 lines of quote processing.
	* cvs.h (expand_path):  Update proto.
	(UseNewInfoFmtStrings): New global variable to keep track of the config
	option of the same name.
	(format_cmdline): Added function prototypes and type definitions to
	support this new function.
	* edit.c (notify_proc):  Added the formatsafe flag to an
	expand_path() call.  Installed new format_cmdline() instead of the old,
	nonuniform info file interpreter.  Support for new user data field in
	Parse_Info() callbacks.
	* expand_path.c (expand_path):  Added the formatsafe flag to and some
	code to double up '%'s in variable subs if formatsafe is set on the
	presumption that the variables that expand_path() subs into the string
	are already working paths to files or whatever.  It should be quoting
	too but I haven't done that yet.
	* logmsg.c (title_proc, logmsg_list_to_args_proc, update_logfile_proc,
	rcsinfo_proc, editinfo_proc, verifymsg_proc, logfile_write): Installed
	new format_cmdline() instead of the old, nonuniform info file
	interpreter.  Support for new user data field in Parse_Info()
	* main.c:  Added global UseNewInfoFmtStrings variable to keep track
	of the config file option of the same name (see above).
	* mkmodules.c (commitinfo_contents, editinfo_contents,
	taginfo_contents, verifymsg_contents, loginfo_contents: Document new
	format string features.
	(config_contents): Added new UseNewInfoFmtStrings option with default
	of yes.
	* modules.c (do_module):  Added the formatsafe flag to an
	expand_path call.
	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info, parse_config):  Added the formatsafe flag
	to an expand_path() call.  Added handling for UseNewInfoFmtStrings
	option in the config file.  Set to no, modifications needed to set to
	yes are harmless.  Set to yes, modifications needed for full
	compatibility cause deprecation warnings.  Eliminating deprecation
	warnings should allow executable to be compile with
	--disable-old-info-format-support passed into configure.  Added user
	data field (closure) which is passed through into callproc to
	* run.c (format_cmdline): New function to provide uniform handling of
	*info file scripting hook lines.
	(cmdlineescape, cmdlinequote): New functions to "quote" and "escape"
	strings like you would to get them past a command line parser as an
	(run_setup): Made quote aware
	* (info, taginfo, config, pserver, lockfiles, reserved):
	New tests for the new format string functionality as well as the
	support of backwards compatibility.  Had to alter a few of the tests to
	not care which version of some of the (shared) config files they'd just
	checked in so that the tests can be run in any order.
	(taginfo): Add tests for file names with spaces in them.
	* server.c (template_proc): Support for new user data field in
	Parse_Info() callbacks.
	* tag.c (pretag_proc): Installed new format_cmdline() instead of the
	old, nonuniform info file interpreter.  Add support for new user data
	field in Parse_Info() callbacks.
	(check_fileproc): Add proper tag_info struct as node data rather than a
	single revision number in a string and pass tlist properly rather than
	in a global variable.
	(check_filesdone_proc): Altered to use non-global tlist.
	(tag_delproc): Handle new tag_info struct data members.
	(pretag_list_to_args_proc): Ditto.
	(pretag_list_proc): Deleted.
	* wrapper.c (Parse_Info): Added the formatsafe flag to an expand_path()

2004-02-17  Derek Price  <>

	* Check for $PWD != $TESTDIR after each set of tests rather
	than once at the end.  Check that there are no cvs-serv* directories in
	$tmp after each set of remote tests.

2004-02-17  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't check for an empty $TESTDIR - if $TESTDIR was empty
	then the preceding call to mkdir would have failed anyhow.

2004-02-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (rlog_proc): Fix (harmless) uninitialized variable.

	* (basicc): Add tests pointing out defective handling
	of the Entries file.

2004-02-17  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (build_dir_and_chdir): Expand header comment.

2004-02-15  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* annotate.c (rannotate_proc): Plug a memory leak.
	* log.c (log_fileproc): Ditto.
	* tag.c (tag_fileproc): Ditto.
	* update.c (checkout_file): Ditto.
	* server.c (server_updated): Do not buf_free (filebuf) here.

2004-02-15  Derek Price  <>

	Make error() accessible to the GNULIB functions.

	* error.h: Move into the ../lib directory.

2004-02-13  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (Reader_Lock, lock_dir_for_write): Plug memory leaks.
	(Report from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2004-02-13  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (remove_lock_files): Minor refactoring.

2004-02-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* lock.c (lock_exists): Plug a memory leak.

2004-02-12  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c: Reformat comment and line to fit in 80 chars.

2004-02-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Plug a memory leak.
	(Use buf_free() rather than free().)

2004-02-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (lockfiles): Reformat a comment for 80 characters.  Fix a
	few minor issues that caused tests to fail in remote mode.  Clean up
	after test.

2004-02-12  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (unlock_proc): Don't expect an int in closure as it is not
	condoned in the C standard.  For now, just assume zero since this
	function is currently only called from one location.
	(remove_locks): Pass NULL for the closure argument to unlock_proc().

2004-02-12  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (unlock_proc): Use closure as true/false free_repository
	free_repository argument to remove_lock_files.  Move to a position
	above remove_locks and delete prototype.
	(remove_locks): Don't free storage, as specified in our header comment,
	in order to avoid a seg fault that could otherwise occur after waiting
	on a lock.
	* (lockfiles): Add tests for all operation (read, read
	promotably, or write) and lock combinations.
	(Original report from Mark <>.)

2004-02-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* modules.c (_do_module): Rename to my_module to avoid reserved name.
	* stack.c (_push, _pop, _unshift, _shift): Rename to do_*.

2004-02-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* commit.c (find_fileproc): Plug a memory leak.

2004-02-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (_lock_simple_remove): Rename to remove_lock_files to avoid
	reserved name.  Fix typo (free => free_repository).
	(lock_simple_remove): Delete; use remove_lock_files directly.
	(lock_simple_remove_and_free): Ditto.
	(_lock_exists): Rename to lock_exists.

2004-02-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Set hostname in fork mode for error messages.
	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Undo previous change.

2004-02-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* buffer.c (buf_free): Plug a memory leak.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Ditto.

	* server.c (fd_buffer_shutdown): Avoid a double free().

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Fix comments.

2004-02-11  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Add logic to avoid attempting to
	print current_parsed_root->hostname when using the fork method.

2004-02-11  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Simplify stream & pipe closing.
	(Suggestion from Eric Siegerman <>.)

	* cvs.h, subr.c (set_block_fd): Remove this unnecessary function.

2004-02-11  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Remove unneeded variable and enclosing
	* modules.c (_do_modules): Minor whitespace change.

2004-02-10  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (lock_simple_remove): Move core functionality...
	(lock_simple_remove_and_free): New function.
	(set_promotable_lock): Use new function to avoid freeing data that will be

2004-02-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): s/FIXCVS/FIXME/ in comment.
	(set_block_fd, set_nonblock_fd): Move to...
	* subr.c:
	* cvs.h: Add protos for the above two functions.
	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Replace fgetc() which checked for
	unread data on a pipe with a nonblock read.

2004-02-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Have the server child close all the pipes
	but the flow control pipe and wait on an EOF on the flow control pipe
	from the parent when done to avoid a race condition that could
	otherwise generate a SIGPIPE for the parent before the SIGCHILD when
	the other pipes were so full after a child exited that the parent
	attempted to write a stop byte to the flow control pipe.
	(Original report from <>.)

2004-02-10  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Add a helpful comment.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (lock_simple_remove): Add comments.  Use critical sections to
	set some variables that might otherwise cause trouble.
	(struct lock): Correct comment.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	Attempt to improve readability of code.

	* lock.c (promotable_lock): Rename to...
	(set_promotable_lock): ...this.
	(set_promotablelock_proc): Expand header comment.
	(Promotable_Lock): Rename to...
	(lock_tree_promotably): ...this.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (set_writelock_proc): Remove unused prototype.
	(promotable_lock): Remove unneded whitespace.
	(Promotable_Lock): Correct comments.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (co-d): Update comments and tests to reflect the current
	state of my side of my discussion with Larry Jones on how these
	commands should behave.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (emptydir): Add two new tests for how modules -d behaves
	when a directory already exists in the user's workspace.
	(emptydir): Add --keep functionality.

2004-02-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (co-d): New test to prove `co -d' failure case.

2004-02-05  Derek Price  <>

	* (recase): Fix typo that creeped in somehow between my last
	test run and my commit.

2004-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_modules): Move content to and make this function a
	wrapper for...
	(_do_modules): ...this new function which can watch for infinite loops
	in alias modules.
	* stack.c (_push, _pop, _unshift, _shift, push_string, pop_string,
	unshift_string, shift_string): New
	* stack.h (push_string, pop_string, unshift_string, shift_string: New
	* (modules): Add check for nested alias loops.

2004-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (recase): Update test names and comments for clarity and

2004-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (recase): Restore some cruft necessary when clients know
	they are on case insensitive systems.

2004-02-03  Derek Price  <>

	Preserve the case of checked out directories in a path as well as file
	names for client communication with the server.

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add stack.c & stack.h.
	* stack.c, stack.h: New files.
	* cvs.h: Include stack.h.
	* client.c (send_file_names): Preserve the case of directories in a
	path as well as file names for communication with the server.

	* Regenerated.

2004-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (find_fileproc): Update error message for consistency.
	* (basica): Update to compensate.

2004-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Update header comment block and reformat
	prototype for readability in 80 character widths.

2004-02-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (*): Update tests for the new status message from update.c.

2004-02-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (join-rm): New test for issue #104 & #159.

2004-02-02  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Correct status message for consistency.

2004-02-02  Derek Price  <>

	Continue removal from server of handling of case insensitive clients.

	* cvs.h: Remove extern declaration of ign_case.
	* ignore.c (ign_case): Remove declaration.
	(ign_name): Remove support for ign_case.
	* server.c (serve_case): Ditto.
	(requests): No longer support the "Case" request.
	* rcs.c (locate_rcs): Remove reference to GLOBAL in function header

2004-02-02  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_file_names): Restore prescribed client handling of the

2004-01-25  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (kserver_authenticate_connection): Fix call to
	(Original patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2004-01-22  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Strip trailing slashes before checking for
	infinite alias loops.
	* (modules): Tests for response to infinite alias loops.

2004-01-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Eliminate double-free bug.
	(Original patch from Gerald Combs.)

2004-01-12  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* lock.c (lock_name): Deal with potentially NULL string pointers
	in calls to TRACE.
	(promotable_lock): Ditto.
	(set_lock): Ditto.
	* (trace): Update to latest patterns.

2004-01-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Remove unused variable(s).
	* lock.c (lock_tree_for_write): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Ditto.
	* subr.c (compare_revnums): Ditto.
	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Ditto.
	* mkmodules.c (init): Initialize err and return it rather than 0.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Only define and set max_command_fd if
	we're actually going to use it.

2004-01-06  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_initialize): Fix argument
	declaration for VMS compiler.
	(Patch submitted from Michael Lemke

2004-01-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* zlib.c (read_and_gzip, gunzip_and_write): Fix potential buffer
	overruns, use names for magic numbers.
	(Original patch from Jeff Downs <>.)

2003-12-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Don't reference isremote without CLIENT_SUPPORT.
	(Patch from Jim Salter <>.)

2003-12-18  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): SysLog attempts to root from pserver.

2003-12-18  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Don't allow CVS to run as root in pserver
	(Original patch from Wichert Akkerman via Bradley M Kuhn
	* (pserver): Check for bad root error message.

2003-12-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* run.c (close_on_exec): fcntl is not documented to return 0 for
	success (and QNX doesn't), only -1 for error.
	(Patch from George Refseth <>.)

2003-12-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c: Cleanup HAVE_MMAP code in preparation for falling back to
	stdio if mmap fails on large files.

2003-12-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Fix typo.
	(Patch from Rob Clevenger <>.)

2003-12-09  Derek Price  <>

	Rewrite code to use promotable write locks to avoid locking more than a
	directory at a time for a full write.

	* cvs.h (lock_tree_for_write): Rename to...
	(lock_tree_promotably): ...this.
	(Simple_Lock_Cleanup): New prototype.
	* lock.c: Remove some unneeded prototypes.  Some function
	 (struct lock): Make repository const.  Add file1 & file2 to
	track lock names.  Keep track of when repository needs to be freed.
	(promotablelock, global_writelock): New globals.
	(locked_dir, locked_list): Remove unneeded globals.
	(lock_name): Take const args.
	(remove_locks): Update comment.  Move readlock cleanup...
	(Simple_Lock_Cleanup): this new function which also cleans up
	(Lock_Cleanup): No need to clean up after the obsolete locked_dir &
	(lock_simple_remove): Use new lock name cache.  Set lock->repository to
	NULL to show locks are removed.  Free repository name when necessary.
	(Reader_Lock): Copy xrepository argument so we do not need to trust the
	caller not to dispose of it.  Use lock name cache.  Factor code to set
	the global readlock variable...
	(set_readlock_name): this new function so it can be used by
	promotable_lock too.
	(readers_exist): Factor common code and make wrapper for...
	(_lock_exists): ...this new function.
	(promotable_exists): Wrapper for _lock_exists().
	(write_lock): Rename to...
	(promotable_lock): ...this and tweak for new behavior.
	(set_writelock_proc): Rename to...
	(set_promotablelock_proc): ...this and tweak for new functionality.
	(Write_Lock): Rename to...
	(Promotable_Lock): ...this and tweak for new functionality.
	(set_lock): Add trace.
	(lock_tree_for_write): Rename to...
	(lock_tree_promotably): ...this and tweak for new functionality.
	(lock_dir_for_write): Lock only one directory at a time in a promotable
	lock aware fashion using new interfaces.
	* admin.c, commit.c, edit.c, watch.c:
	s/CVS_LOCK_NONE/CVS_LOCK_WRITE/ in calls to start_recursion that used
	to rely on lock_tree_for_write() to obtain their write locks.  Remove
	some unnecessary typecasting.
	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Use Simple_Lock_Cleanup() rather than
	Lock_Cleanup to avoid removing promotable locks.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Add traces.
	(server): Add new way to sleep the parent server process for connecting
	a debugger.
	* (lockfiles, multiroot2): Update tests to accomodate minor
	trace inconsistencies.

2003-12-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (trace): Remove trace from the set of tests to run.
	The regexps used take an excessive amount of time and need to
	be simplified.

2003-12-08  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_ftell): Rename to...
	(rcsbuf_ftello): this.
	(rcsbuf_cache_open): Use off_t rather than long as the pos
	argument. Use fseeko rather than fseek and ftello rather than
	* rcs.h (struct rcsnode): delta_pos is now an off_t type.

2003-12-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (recase): Add some clarifying comments.

2003-12-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* expand_path.c (expand_variable): Expand ${CVSROOT} to just the
	directory like it's supposed to be.
	(Reported by Michael S. Tsirkin <>.)

2003-11-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (recase-17sscs): Use ${CVSROOT_DIRNAME} in pattern.

2003-11-26  Derek Price  <>

	Remove server support for case insensitive clients.  Includes some
	merges from 1.11.x.

	* add.c, client.c, cvs.h, rcs.c, subr.c: Remove unnecessary support for
	case insensitive clients.
	* (tests): Add recase.
	(recase): New test of cases that might be expected to cause problems
	with a heterogeneous mix of case sensitive and case insensitive clients
	and servers.

2003-11-26  Derek Price  <>

	* (modules3-2): Simplify syntax that may have given Cygwin
	intermittent conniptions.

2003-11-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (binfiles2): Correct yet another Cygwin difficulty.

2003-11-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (release): Perform forgotten cleanup.

2003-11-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (env): Enable to work with $remotehost.

2003-11-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (trace-19): Separate stdout and stderr to workaround
	problems on SGI IRIX.
	(crecrepos): Use 'unset DISPLAY' to avoid problems with ssh
	X11Forwarding configurations.

2003-11-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (pserver, server, server2): Save $servercvs and use the
	local $testcvs for these tests.

2003-11-25  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Reword comment.

2003-11-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (devcom3-9ar): Ignore the stderr output since it varies
	considerably between platforms.

2003-11-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (CVS_RSH): Read config file sooner to pickup RSH_DFLT
	for use in setting CVS_RSH variable.
	* (RSH_DFLT): Use new substitution variable.
	* (localcheck, remotecheck): Depend on
	* Regenerate for new

	* update.c (join_file): Deal with rev1 == NULL due to rev1 merge tag
	being missing from the current file.
	* (join6): New tests for this case.
	(trace): Renumber test cases.

2003-11-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): use_rev1 does *not* imply that diff_rev1
	is not null, diff_date1 could be set instead (ditto for use_rev2).
	(Reported by <>.)

2003-11-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Avoid passing NULL strings
	to TRACE. Calling printf("%s",NULL) is not defined and may
	segfault on some systems.
	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Ditto.
	* main.c (main): Ditto.
	* modules.c (do_module): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch_proc): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_cmp_file): Ditto.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Ditto.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Ditto.
	* server.c (dirswitch, server_pathname_check, dirswitch,
	serve_directory):  Ditto.
	* tag.c (rtag_proc, check_fileproc, tag_check_valid): Ditto.
	* (trace): New testcase to test the -t option.
	(RCSDATE, ISODATE, PFMT): New variables in aid of the trace tests.
	(dotest_fail_sort): New function in aid of the trace tests.
	(template): Fix cleanup.

2003-11-24  Derek Price  <>

	* (modes3): Skip modes3-5 entirely under Cygwin since
	permisions are broken there.  This change removes most of the earlier
	Cygwin differentiation in this test ($cygwin_hack & $cygwin_hack2) in
	favor of skipping the test entirely.

2003-11-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Add `-h <hostname>' option to enable testing across a
	:ext: connection to another host.  Warn when `-h' is specified without
	$TESTDIR.  Leave $TESTDIR intact when it looks absolute since it may
	contain symlinks.  Allow $CVS_SERVER to be overridden via the
	environment for `-h'.  Default $CVS_RSH to `ssh'.
	(*): Use $CVS_RSH to perform certain commands on the remote host (esp.
	`ln -s' and `chmod') when `-h' is specified to work around
	incompatibilities with CygWin & Samba.  Add a few other minor
	workarounds for Cygwin bugs.

	(newroot): New function.
	(*): Use newroot when appropriate.

2003-11-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* hash.c (printnode, printlist): Cast %p arguments to void * as
	required by the C standard.

2003-11-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion): Cast %p arguments to
	void * as required by the C standard.

2003-11-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getrevtime): Add error checking; cleanup.

2003-11-18  Derek Price  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_initialize): Rename poorly named `n'
	to a slightly more descriptive `sbuf'.
	(Suggestion from Larry Jones  <>.)

2003-11-18  Derek Price  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_initialize): Pass in the socket
	closure we allocate.
	(Report from Larry Jones  <>.)

2003-11-18  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Reject absolute paths.
	(Report and suggested fix from Tony Hoyle <>.)

	* (abspath2): Check for the above.
	(spacefiles): Remove tests that expect absolute paths to files in the
	top level repository directory to work.
	(tests): Add abspath2.

2003-11-18  Derek Price  <>

	* socket-client.c (socket_buffer_initialize): Correct a typo that
	happened to compile.
	(Report and suggested fix from Patrick Brown <>.)

2003-11-13  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): It's `&&', not `and'.

2003-11-13  Derek Price  <>

	* Create the empty log to make it easier to tail immediately
	after the script is started.

2003-11-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (exit_help): Correct help to specify `-H' and not `-h' as
	the help option.

2003-11-13  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): Don't use the WOE32 kludge which refuses to
	delete revisions from bvinary files on Cygwin.  I'm not sure what the
	kludge was trying to avoid, but commenting it out causes the test suite
	to pass.

2003-11-12  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Remove a trailing newline from the version string.
	Replace multiple calls to fputs to a single call reformated to C89
	specifications.  Remove some typecasts unecessary under C89.
	* (version): Remove trailing newline from the version string.

2003-11-12  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Allocate more space for the string I added characters
	(Report from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2003-11-11  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add), classify.c (Classify_File), client.c (update_entries),
	repos.c (Name_Repository): Use consistent quoting in error messages.
	Misc reformatting.
	* Update to match.

2003-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (find_fileproc, check_fileproc):  Refuse to remove files
	when the file exists in the sandbox.  This used to cause data loss.
	(Report from Andreas Reifschneider <>.)

	* (rmadd3): Update to match.  Expand comments.

2003-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (rmadd3): Test the behavior of commit after the
	(Report from Andreas Reifschneider <>.)

2003-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (rmadd3): Fix another typo.

2003-11-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* recurse.c (do_dir_proc): Set xframe.repository to NULL after a
	call to free().

2003-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (rmadd3): Fix typo.

2003-11-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (rmadd3): New tests that confirms that CVS refuses to
	delete a file it thinks was already removed.
	(Report and test from Andreas Reifschneider

2003-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (server): Test that the global `-l' option is ignored

2003-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (serve_global_option): Warn that -l is being ignored rather
	than exiting fatally due to backwards compatibility complaints from

2003-11-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (xcmp): Make sure S_ISLNK exists before calling it.
	(Reported by Paul Edwards <>.)

2003-10-31  Derek Price  <>

	* s/${TESTDIR}/cvsroot/${CVSROOT_DIRNAME}/.

2003-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* (devcom): Renumber tests and use dotest function.

2003-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* sever.h: Add the standard copyright notice.

2003-10-28  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c: Remove some suggestions which have already been implemented
	or which have become obsolete from the header comment.

2003-10-26  Derek Price  <>

	* (join6): Fix a few typos in the last test and remove a
	misplaced test.

2003-10-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (parseroot): Use dokeep function.

	* (parseroot): Perform this test in a subdirectory.
	It should avoid problems on case-insensitive systems where
	CVSROOT and cvsroot are the same directory (eg, MacOS X).

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Restore the optimization Mark recently removed,
	but fix it.  Move one other optimization up since it needs to be
	checked for first.  Add bew status messages like merge_file produces
	when the requested diff has already been applied to the destination.
	Expand header comment.
	* (join6): Add tests for the new error messages.
	(import-113, join-admin-2, diffmerge1): Fix collateral damage.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (merge_file): Optimize & eliminate code.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Assert that ignoring the return value of
	Name_Repository is not a memory leak.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Replace a FIXME with the improved error
	message it requested.
	* (errmsg3): New test for the above.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* patch.c (patch_proc): Avoid memory leak.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke  <>.)
	(patch_proc): Reformat a few long lines for readability.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): Move variable declaration inside the only
	block where it is used and remove uneeded reinitialization.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* server.h: s/^extern// off of function declarations per HACKING.
	Reformat protos for readability.

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): Reformat declaration and expand header

2003-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (merge_file): Remove code that hasn't been used since CVS
	used an external RCS (1.9.something).

2003-10-23  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Do the -jrev1 -jrev2 merge even when
	the file is already at rev2.
	* (join6): New testcase for above.
	(Suggested by Paul Edwards, from somewhere in Australia.)
	(import): Fix collateral damage.

2003-10-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (fail): Refer the user to the `TESTS' and `check.log' files
	on failure.

2003-10-22  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Reformat function declaration and
	expand comments.
	(Original patch from Terrence Enger <>.)

2003-10-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_LDADD): Add $(LIBINTL) for gettext.
	* Regenerated.

2003-10-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (admin-31): Fix more typos.

2003-10-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (admin): Fix a typo.

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Restore the ':' character in the
	-mtag:message admin argument even if the tag does not exist so
	that other files with the tag will be found. Also, be more
	paranoid that a symbolic tag actually points to a version that
	(Reported by Rodolfo Schulz de Lima <>.)
	* (admin): Test these changes.

2003-10-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Force tag match on admin
	-mversion:message rather than altering the wrong log message.
	(Patch from "Rodolfo Schulz de Lima" <>.)
	* (admin): Test case for it.

2003-10-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, finaladd): Don't call fixaddfile()
	if the RCS file didn't get created at all.
	(Reported by David Wood <>.)

2003-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	Port to pedantic POSIX 1003.1-2001 hosts, such as Debian GNU/Linux
	testing with _POSIX2_VERSION=200112 in the environment.

	* Use 'sed 1q', not 'head -1'.
	(Patch from Paul Eggert <>.)

2003-10-10  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (set_lock): Clarify comment.

2003-10-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Replace CVS_CHDIR call: some systems
	won't allow you to delete a directory tree containg your working

2003-10-10  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (cvs_output, cvs_outerr): Protect calls to syslog()
	with the usual preprocessor condition: HAVE_SYSLOG_H.
	(Original patch from Terrence Enger <>.)

2003-10-09  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: s/^extern// off of function declarations per HACKING.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add history.h.
	* history.c: Include history.h.  Add the `P' record types to more
	(usage): Reference ALL_HISTORY_REC_TYPES rather than using a separate
	string literal.
	(report_hrecs): Handle `P' record type.
	(ALL_REC_TYPES): Rename and move...
	* history.h (ALL_HISTORY_REC_TYPES):
	* mkmodules.c: Include history.h.
	(config_contents): Update contents of and references to LogHistory
	records to use ALL_HISTORY_REC_TYPES.
	* (basic2-64): Update to include history records of type `P'.

	* Regenerated.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (patch_file): Correct spelling and punctuation in comment.
	Update some lines to fit in 80 characters.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (remove_locks): Copy global struct and set status variable to
	NULL before calling disposal functions that might try to access it
	during calls to error(1,...).

2003-10-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* history.c (history): Don't conflate -e with -x since the client's
	idea of what -e means may not match the server's.
	(Reported by Frank Hemer <>.)

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup), rcs.c (rcs_cleanup), server.c
	(server_cleanup): Expand comments about the never_run_again variable
	and its interoperation with critical sections, exit, and interrupts.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (remove_locks): Reduce TRACE level since this function is
	rarely called and we can usually rely on tracing higher level

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (lock_name, lock_simple_remove),
	server.c (server_pathname_check, dirswitch): Add TRACE.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: Reformat header comment to fit in 80 chars.

2003-10-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* Use dotest_fail instead of dotest_status for diff tests
	since CVS only returns success/fail rather than 0/1/2 like diff does.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	Fix a client/server bug introduced via the data loss fix of 2003-03-17.
	Basically, the server was reporting ambiguous filename requests when it
	should have been trusting the user to type the intended case or using
	the case the client preserved in CVS/Entries before it tried to look
	anything up in case insensitive mode.

	* rcs.c (locate_rcs): Use the filename exactly as cased before
	investigating a case insensitive lookup, per the client/server protocol
	specification.  Expand comments.
	* subr.c (locate_file_in_dir): This function only needs to locate files
	case insensitively.  Expand comments.
	* cvs.h (locate_file_in_dir): Only prototype when servers which need to
	handle case insensitivity are being compiled.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (locate_rcs): Declare static.  Move to an earlier location in
	file to avoid prototyping.
	* rcs.h (locate_rcs): Remove proto.

2003-10-08  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (lock_filesdoneproc): Reformat long function prototype.

2003-10-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Remove old code that was commented out
	with //, which isn't valid in C.

2003-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* exithandle.c: New file.
	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add exithandle.c.
	* cvs.h (cleanup_register, signals_register): New prototypes.
	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup, remove_locks), rcs.c (rcs_cleanup),
	server.c (server_cleanup): Avoid calling twice when called from a
	signal handler and then exit.  Avoid being interrupted while globals
	that the signal handler might touch are in inconsistent states.  Expand
	* rcs.c (rcs_internal_lockfile): Ditto. Use cleanup_register rather
	than calling atexit() directly.
	* main.c (main): Consolidate signal stuff into a call to
	signals_register().  Call cleanup_register to register cleanup
	functions rather than calling atexit() directly.

	* Regenerated.

2003-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c, error.h: Remove error_exit() function.
	* add.c, client.c, history.c, import.c, main.c, mkmodules.c, modules.c,
	rcscmds.c, recurse.c, release.c, root.c, server.c, socket-client.c,
	tag.c, update.c: s/\<error_exit *();$/exit (EXIT_FAILURE);/.  Remove
	related comments.

2003-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c: Reformat a few long function prototypes and lines.

2003-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* hash.c (dellist): Immediately set input pointers to NULL in case they
	are references to global variables which might be accessed by interrupt

2003-10-04  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcs_cleanup): Declare static.
	* rcs.h (rcs_cleanup): Remove prototype.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	Move calls to Lock_Cleanup to the atexit handler.

	* commit.c (commit): Don't call Lock_Cleanup on error exit.
	* error.c (error_exit): Don't call Lock_Cleanup.
	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup): Don't worry about recursive calls now that we
	are using atexit for calls on exit.  Dispose locklist storage after the
	locks are removed.  Expand comments.
	* main.c (main): Move Lock_Cleanup call into atexit(Lock_Cleanup).
	* server.c (server_notify): Add TRACE.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Remove unnecessary typecasts.
	(do_recursion): Ditto.  Add TRACE.  Expand comments.  Remove unneeded

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Dispose of old Tmpdir and Editor when specified
	multiple times between the command line & the ~/.cvsrc file.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (remove_locks): Eliminate unecessary typecasting.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	Move calls to rcs_cleanup to the atexit handler.

	* error.c (error_exit): Don't call rcs_cleanup.
	* rcs.c: Initialize global RCS_LOCKFILE to NULL.
	(rcs_internal_lockfile): Use atexit (rcs_cleanup) rather than
	setting up signal handlers.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Format prototype.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Skip BUF_TO_NET checks as an optimization
	when ERROR_USE_PROTOCOL is set.

2003-10-03  Derek Price  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Use TRACE.

2003-10-02  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Don't free globals that might be needed by the cleanup
	* server.c (server_cleanup): Only clean up when called in the parent
	process.  Set buffers to NULL before shutting down and freeing in case
	we are interrupted.  Improve comments.  Add TRACE.

2003-10-01  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Use symbolic name for trace level.

2003-10-01  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Use TRACE macro rather than the
	old style.

2003-10-01  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (protocol): Initialize the protocol buffer to NULL so that
	use before initialization may be detected.
	(cvs_output, cvs_outerr): Syslog messages when the appropriate buffers
	are not available.
	(server_cleanup): Reorganize for a single exit point and to eliminate
	duplicated code.  Set buf_to_net to NULL before calling the buffer
	shutdown functions in order to force error messages into the syslog.
	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_close): Remove FIXME comment re syslog since
	the calls to error should go through the cvs_outerr function anyhow.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* entries.c (WriteTemplate): TRACE on entrance to a function, not exit.
	Don't worry about checking noexec without server support since this
	function will then do nothing.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c (do_update): Reformat function decl.  Move and merge

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* client.h (buf_output, buf_outerr): Check that our buffers exist
	before sending them data.
	(buf_output_binary): Assert that the output buffer is not NULL.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* client.h, rcs.c, rcs.h, server.h: Assume __STDC__ since it is
	defined as part of the C89 spec.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Optimize function towards a single exit point.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (error_exit): Remove call to SYSTEM_CLEANUP.
	* main.c (main): Set up atexit(SYSTEM_CLEANUP) rather than calling it
	explicitly before exit.
	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Don't call SYSTEM_CLEANUP
	before exiting.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* error.c (exit_error): Remove call to server_cleanup.
	* main.c (main): Call atexit(server_cleanup).  Let server_cleanup turn
	server_active off.
	* server.c (server_cleanup): Don't require an argument.  Fill out
	header comment.  Unset server_active when done.
	(server): Don't call server_cleanup - let it be called via the atexit
	* server.h (server_cleanup): Update proto.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (buf_output): Don't check that the buffers exist before
	using them since cvs_outerr does this without problems.

2003-09-30  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Remove some unecessary function prototypes.

2003-09-29  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (make_file_label): Make a failure to stat a file a fatal error
	since it signals that a later read will also fail.

2003-09-29  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Optimize the check for labels set by the

2003-09-26  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff): Add a FIXME re spaces in diff arguments.

2003-09-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (make_file_label): Do not return an uninitialized label.
	(Reported by "Todd C. Miller" <>)

2003-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c (lock_name): Remove useless prototype.

2003-09-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (mkmodules): Correct comments.

2003-09-12  Derek Price  <>

	* mkmodules.c (mkmodules): Do not pass a string which came from the
	checkoutlist file directly to error as a format string since we don't
	want to trust any user with access to checkoutlist with creating printf
	format strings.  I already claimed I did this in the NEWS file.
	(Thanks to Larry Jones for spotting my mistake.)
	* (mkmodules): Test for the above.

2003-09-12  Derek Price  <>

	* mkmodules.c (checkoutlist_contents): Document the optional portions
	of this file format more accurately.
	(mkmodules): Ditto, in comments.  Fix bug that always failed to ignore
	whitespace before error messages.
	* (mkmodules-temp-file-removal): Rename to...
	(mkmodules): ...this and add a test of the checkoutlist error message.
	Add cleanup step to restore checkoutlist.

2003-09-08  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): Replace a chmod 0600, which shouldn't
	really be necessary and which provided a false sense of security, with
	an informative comment.
	(Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for his educational

2003-08-29  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Delete reference to CVSADMROOT_EDITINFO.
	* logmsg.c (editinfo_proc): Delete function and proto.
	(do_editor): Don't look for editinfo script.
	* mkmodules.c (editinfo_contents): Delete.
	* (*): Remove references to editinfo in updates of the
	CVSROOT module.

2003-08-29  Derek Price  <>

	* remove.c (cvsremove): Update quotes for consistency.

2003-08-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* history.c: 'P' is a valid record type and has been for a long time.
	Add it to the comments, usage message, and, most important,
	ALL_REC_TYPES so it gets recorded by default.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Set global command_name to the real
	command name rather than leaving it set to "server".
	* Update to match.
	(Reported by Dmitry Ryzhkov <>.)

2003-08-19  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): Expand comments.  Check for glibc version
	before compiling chmod command.  Remove FIXME to this effect.

2003-08-19  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Use cvs_temp_file rather than cvs_temp_name to
	create and open the temporary file.  Remove FIXME to this effect.

2003-08-19  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Move editinfo processing to before creation of
	the temp file so that it may be skipped when no editor is defined.
	Remove related FIXME.  Add comments.  Remove some processing of
	editinfo_editor rendered obsolete when editinfo_editor ceased to be a

2003-08-19  Derek Price  <>

	* (*.c): Move some includes to lib/system.h.

2003-08-18  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Use consistent quoting style in user messages.
	* (*): Ditto.

2003-08-13  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Don't shutdown buf_from_net if it's
	(Reported by Scott Mitchell <>.)

2003-08-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* lock.c: Do not include xtime.h (already included via system.h).
	* subr.c: Ditto.
	(Original patch from Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
	to fix IRIX 5.3 problem.)

2003-08-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (join5): Use $SPROG rather than $PROG.

2003-08-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (join5): Use $PROG consistently and escape a `.'.

2003-08-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (join5): Use `[a-z]*' as opposed to `update'.

2003-07-31  Derek Price  <>

	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge): Pass `--' before the filename arguments to
	diff so that filenames starting with `-' can be merged.
	* (join5): New test for same.

2003-07-31  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add_directory): Don't print status information in really_quiet

2003-07-29  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Simplify the logic here, using assumptions
	already made later in the function to remove calls to locate_rcs and
	some conditionals.  Use same assumptions to remove some variables.

2003-07-29  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c: Remove GETPASS & HAVE_GETPASSPHRASE cruft in favor of always
	using the GNULIB getpass since the system getpass was removed from the
	POSIX.2 specification.

2003-07-28  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (strip_trailiing_newlines): Use size_t rather than int to
	count string length.
	(Suggestion from Paul Edwards, who provides a broken return email
	address in Tonga.  I believe he is actually from Australia.)

2003-07-28  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Remove out-of-date comment about Checkin.prog
	and Update.prog.

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile): Declare rcsfile argument as const.
	* rcs.h (RCS_parsercsfile): Update prototype to match.
	* commit.c (fixaddfile): Accept a single path to an rcs file as an
	argument rather than trying to look it up again when it is not

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (finaladd): But don't free variables we no longer allocate.

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* checkin.c (Checkin): The rcs argument is unecessary since we know
	that the parsed RCS data always exists as part of finfo by the time
	this function gets called.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, finaladd):  Use new Checkin() API.
	* cvs.h (Checkin): Update prototype.

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (strip_trailing_newlines): Check len b4 str[len] to avoid
	exceeding the array bounds when the string length == 0.
	(Report from John Tytgat <>.)

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (strip_trailing_newlines): Generalize this function to watch
	len so that it cannot walk past the beginning of the string passed in.
	(Report from John Tytgat <>.)

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (strip_trailing_newlines): Leave the K&R function decl on this

2003-07-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (strip_trailing_newlines): Update prototype.
	* subr.c (strip_trailing_newlines): Return true when newlines are
	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Don't give a DOS attack a
	chance to authenticate accidentally because I like to be paranoid.
	* (pserver): New test for same.

2003-07-24  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (check_system_password): Cleanup pam_* return code
	checking. (Original patch from Brian Murphy <>.)

2003-07-24  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: But the GNULIB gethostname accepts an int not ssize_t.

2003-07-24  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: Don't declare gethostname when we already have it to avoid
	decl conflicts.

2003-07-24  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_directory): Add a TRACE for OS X debugging.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Avoid some warning from gcc -Wall.
	* lock.c: Ditto.
	* login.c: Ditto.
	* modules.c: Ditto.
	* server.c: Ditto.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (isaccessible): Correct some double const warnings from
	* login.c (password_entry_parseline): Ditto.
	* server.c (kserver_authenticate_connection): Remove a multi-line
	string along with the warning from GCC.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* *.{c,h}: Back out the indent run.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move some includes into lib/system.h.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* *.{c,h}: Run these through GNU indent as per the NEWS file to fix
	some of the long function decls which came out of protoize.

2003-07-23  Derek Price  <>

	* *.c: Run these through GCC's protoize to convert the pre-ANSI C
	function decls to C89 compliance.

2003-07-22  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Remove support for the PTR macro, since we can assume void *
	under C89.  It also was not being made use of in very many places so
	even most K&R compilers must have supported it, or nobody was using
	K&R compilers.  We can also assume <stdarg.h> under C89, but move the
	* error.c:, de-macro VA_START, and...
	* subr.c: ...put a copy here too, as well as de-macroing VA_START.
	* history.c: s/PTR /void */g;
	* modules.c: Ditto.

2003-07-22  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Include GNULIB exit.h.

2003-07-20  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Add PAM support.
	(cvs_pam_userinfo): New data type for PAM conversations.
	(cvs_pam_conv): New function.
	(check_password): Add PAM support.
	(Original patch from Brian Murphy <>.)

2003-07-20  Derek Price  <>

	* wrapper.c: Remove mention of obsolete -f and -t wrapper options from
	a comment.

2003-07-18  Derek Price  <>

	* (release): Add new tests for release with unrecognized
	recognized directories.

2003-07-18  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts (Version_TS): Don't allow command line keyword expansion
	modes to override binary mode.
	* (): Tests for the above.
	(Original patch from Dieter Maurer <>.)

2003-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c: s/PROTO//.
	* admin.c: Ditto.
	* annotate.c: Ditto.
	* buffer.c: Ditto.
	* buffer.h: Ditto.
	* checkout.c: Ditto.
	* classify.c: Ditto.
	* client.c: Ditto.
	* client.h: Ditto.
	* commit.c: Ditto.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.
	* diff.c: Ditto.
	* edit.c: Ditto.
	* edit.h: Ditto.
	* entries.c: Ditto.
	* error.c: Ditto.
	* error.h: Ditto.
	* expand_path.c: Ditto.
	* fileattr.c: Ditto.
	* fileattr.h: Ditto.
	* filesubr.c: Ditto.
	* find_names.c: Ditto.
	* gssapi-client.c: Ditto.
	* gssapi-client.h: Ditto.
	* hardlink.h: Ditto.
	* hash.c: Ditto.
	* hash.h: Ditto.
	* history.c: Ditto.
	* import.c: Ditto.
	* kerberos4-client.h: Ditto.
	* lock.c: Ditto.
	* log-buffer.c: Ditto.
	* log-buffer.h: Ditto.
	* log.c: Ditto.
	* login.c: Ditto.
	* logmsg.c: Ditto.
	* mkmodules.c: Ditto.
	* modules.c: Ditto.
	* myndbm.c: Ditto.
	* myndbm.h: Ditto.
	* patch.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.h: Ditto.
	* rcscmds.c: Ditto.
	* recurse.c: Ditto.
	* release.c: Ditto.
	* remove.c: Ditto.
	* root.c: Ditto.
	* rsh-client.h: Ditto.
	* run.c: Ditto.
	* server.c: Ditto.
	* server.h: Ditto.
	* socket-client.c: Ditto.
	* socket-client.h: Ditto.
	* status.c: Ditto.
	* subr.c: Ditto.
	* tag.c: Ditto.
	* update.c: Ditto.
	* update.h: Ditto.
	* vers_ts.c: Ditto.
	* watch.c: Ditto.
	* watch.h: Ditto.
	* wrapper.c: Ditto.
	* zlib.c: Ditto.

2003-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Include pathmax.h.

2003-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* myndbm.c: Use the GNU getdelim function rather than our package
	* server.c: Use the (hopefully) GNULIB and more appropriately named
	getnline function rather than our getline_safe function.

2003-07-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* (diffnl): New tests for diff on files with no newline
	at end.
	(Patch from Andrew Moise <>.)

2003-07-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* (cvs_DEPENDENCIES): Include the libraries.
	* Regenerated.

	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Fix -Wall complaints.
	* log.c (rlog_proc): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_setlocalid): Ditto.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Handle null repository_in in TRACE.

2003-07-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* Use ${CPROG} instead of ${PROG} so that changes merged
	from cvs1-11-x-branch without updating won't appear to work.

	* (keywordexpand): Use ${SPROG} instead of ${PROG} as

	* add.c (add): Update "re-adding" message to have quotes around
	the file name like all the other similar messages.
	* Update to match.

	* update.c (join_file): Handle locally removed but not yet committed
	(Reported by Larry Lords <>.)
	* (join, join4): New tests for above.

2003-06-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (fixaddfile): Bail out if locate_rcs() fails.  Make
	parameters const.

	* add.c (add): Fix -Wall complaints.
	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Ditto.
	* filesubr.c (cvs_casecmp): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_cmp_file): Ditto.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Ditto.
	* subr.c (locate_file_in_dir): Ditto.
	* cvs.h (cvs_casecmp, locate_file_in_dir): Update prototypes.

2003-06-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (readers_exist): Use LockDir rather than always looking
	in the repository.
	(Original patch from Robert Ambalu <>.)
	Remove vestigial lock promotion code.

2003-06-27  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Don't try and print from a NULL pointer.
	(Report and original patch from Sampo Kellomaki <>.)

2003-06-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* hash.c (sortlist): Avoid crash when list is null.

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Output revision number of the original
	revision in the removed case.
	(Idea from Paul Edwards <>.)

	* (rdiff-add-remove-nodiff): Rename to...
	(rdiff-short): ...this.  Test for the above changes.  Add some tests
	for when rev2 defaults to the trunk.  Expand comments.

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Reapply Alexey's changes to client.c from three commits
	back they were left out of the diff.

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Fix xmalloc's strlen() of wrong variable.
	* checkout.c (safe_location): leak: reused where_location without free.
	* log.c (rlog_proc): leak: free where before exit.
	* logmsg.c (do_verify): leak: free verifymsg_script before exit.
	(Original patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Remove silly comment.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin  <>.)

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* kerberos4-client.h, kerberos4-client.c, client.c: Rename
	start_tcp_server() to start_kerberos4_server().
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin  <>.)

2003-06-20  Derek Price  <>

	* kerberos-client.c, kerberos-client.h, client.c: Split out
	Kerberos 4 code to separate files.

	* Mention new files.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-06-16  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Comment an #endif.

2003-06-13  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_name): Remove portability cruft obsoleted by the
	import of GNULIB's mkstemp().

2003-06-13  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (file_has_conflict): Fix comment.
	(Patch from Paul Edwards <>.)

2003-06-13  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (xrealloc): Trivial comment fix.
	(Patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-06-13  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Fix memory leak.
	(Patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-06-12  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot, local_cvsroot): Parse trailing '/'s off the
	end of cvsroots.  Make arguments const.
	* cvs.h: Update prototypes to match.
	(Idea from Miles Zarathustra <>.)

2003-06-12  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Fix memory leak.
	(Patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-06-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (xresolvepath): Fix memory leak.
	(Original patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-06-11  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c: Change Parse_Info calling convention to include void *
	suggested in HACKING file and generalize all argument to opt.
	* cvs.h: update defs for Parse_Info and its callproc.
	* edit.c: Change Parse_Info calls for new calling convention.
	* logmsg.c: Ditto.
	* parseinfo.c: Change Parse_Info for new calling convention.
	* server.c: Change Parse_Info calls for new calling convention.
	* tag.c: Ditto.
	(Original patch from Ken Lorber <>.)

2003-06-11  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerate for new

2003-06-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* Change warning messages to note that defective tools
	can result in defective results, both pass and fail.  Also change
	"which" to "that" for errant grammar pedants.

2003-06-10  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Avoid unneeded allocation.

2003-06-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_setlocalid,RCS_setincexc): New functions to support
	LocalKeyword and KeywordExpand config keywords.

	* rcs.h (RCS_setlocalid,RCS_setincexc): New prototypes.

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Added LocalKeyword
	and KeywordExpand keywords.

	* (keywordexpand): New CVSROOT/config tests for
	LocalKeyword and KeywordExpand options.

2003-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): Reference WOE32 rather than WIN32 in
	accordance with the GNU convention to avoid implying that we consider
	the Microsoft Windows Operating Environment any sort of "win".

2003-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): Tidy a comment.

2003-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Don't assume the content of files is
	different just because the revision number is different.
	* (rdiff-add-remove-nodiff): New tests for the above.
	(Report & original patches from Paul Edwards <>.)

2003-06-04  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (locate_file_in_dir): New proto.
	(locate_rcs): Move proto...
	* rcs.h:
	* filesubr.c (locate_rcs): Move function...
	* rcs.c: for Windows.
	* filesubr.c (locate_file_in_dir): Move function...
	* subr.c: for Windows.

2003-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Add comments re portability of test -x & test -e.  Don't
	bother with quotes in arguments to test when we have laready checked
	the variables for empty content.

2003-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't use `test -x' since BSD 4.3 doesn't like it.  Minor
	reorganization for clarity.  Don't check for $server = false after we
	set its default.  Use </dev/null with calls to $prog --version when we
	don't know what $prog does for sure.

2003-06-02  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Don't assume that because two specified
	revision numbers are different, the contents are different.
	(Original report & patch from Paul Edwards <>.)

	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Pass through rev1_cache to be filled in
	by RCS_cmp_file when it needs to check out revision 1 into a file.  Add
	some more informative error messages.  Cleanup for efficiency &
	(diff_fileproc): Pass the cached revision to RCS_exec_diff().  Clean up
	the error exit code.  Remove code killed by the changes to
	* rcscmds.c (RCS_exec_rcsdiff): Accept and use new cached revision text
	if present.
	* rcs.c (RCS_cmp_file): Accept a second revision number and cache the
	first revision if it needs to be checked out.

	* checkin.c (Checkin): Use new RCS_cmp_file().
	* import.c (update_rcs_file): Ditto.
	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Ditto.

	* cvs.h (RCS_exec_rcsdiff): New proto to match above changes.
	* rcs.h (RCS_cmp_file): Ditto.

	* Minor corrections to handle the above changes.

2003-05-31  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Refuse :fork: only in client mode, not
	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Die without SERVER_SUPPORT when
	CVSSERVER isn't supplied in the environment.
	* Default $servercvs to $testcvs.  Add SPROG so that testing
	a client and server with different names works in order to test the
	above changes.  s/PROG/SPROG/ almost everywhere.  Misc corrections to
	tests when ${PROG} is required not to use [a-z]*.  Misc uniqifications
	of test names.  Misc replacement of CVS_SERVER=${testcvs} with
	CVS_SERVER=${servercvs}.  Confirm ${testcvs} & ${servercvs} exist and
	are executable.  Set testcvs_server_support=true if the ${testcvs}
	executable has server support.  Misc comment corrections.
	(pserver): s/\$\{testcvs\}/${servercvs}/ for invocations of pserver.
	(server): Ditto for invocations of `cvs server'.
	(fork): Accept the `was not compiled with server support' error

2003-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (start_server): Don't send -l to server.
	* history.c (history_write): Fix comment.
	* main.c (main): Don't process -l.
	* server.c (serve_global_option): Ditto.
	(Suggestion from Rob Lanphier <>.)

2003-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* log-buffer.c, rsh-client.c, socket-client.c: Allow compilation
	with --disable-client.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* gssapi-client.h: Move contents of lib/xgssapi.h here.
	* server.c: xgssapi.h is no more.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-28  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Use standard PROTOTYPES symbol instead of non-standard
	* error.h, cvs.h: Use PROTO.h.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* (info-cleanup-verifymsg): Avoid race in output.

	* (template): Fix unintended duplicate DEFAULT lines,
	duplicate test names.

2003-05-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Fix leading zero stripping code to not strip
	unless there's a following digit.

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Warn if multiple DEFAULT lines found.
	* (info): New test for above.

2003-05-21  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerate with Automake version 1.7.5.

2003-05-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Fix stupid memory management error.

	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Treate Parse_Info errors as failure.
	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Don't call expand_path until executing
	the command so that errors in unexecuted commands aren't reported.
	* (info): New tests for above.

2003-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Add missing newline.
	(Patch from Kenneth Lorber <>.)

2003-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Macro subsitution for zlib include path and library
	* zlib.c: #ifdef inclusion of <zlib.h> versus "zlib.h"
	(Original patch from Anthon Pang <>.)

	* Regenerated

2003-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move the standard includes into lib/system.h.
	* subr.c: s/malloc/CVS_MALLOC/;s/realloc/CVS_REALLOC/.

2003-05-19  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c: s/\bstat\b/CVS_STAT/g;s/\blstat\b/CVS_LSTAT/g
	* hardlink.c: Ditto.
	* ignore.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.c: Ditto.
	* update.c: Ditto.

2003-05-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Remove unused variable.
	* hash.c (walklist, printnode, printlist): Use %p to print pointers
	if available, convert to unsigned long if not.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion): Ditto.
	* tag.c (rtag_proc, tag_check_valid): Ditto.

2003-05-18  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (localcheck,remotecheck): Use cvs$(EXEEXT) not cvs.
	* Regenerated.
	* (status-init-7): Use ${PROG} not cvs in tests.
	(branch-after-import-5): Ditto.
	(keywordname-update-11): Ditto.

2003-05-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.h (kserver_authenticate_connection,
	pserver_authenticate_connection): Add prototypes.

	* client.c (update_entries): Set file's access time to the current
	time rather than the same as the modification time.
	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): Ditto.

2003-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: #ifdef inclusion of gssapi-client.h.
	* server.c: Ditto.
	(Reported by Boyd Lynn Gerber <>.)

2003-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* client.h: Move some of the GSSAPI stuff...
	* gssapi-client.h: this new file.
	* client.c (start_server): Use new initialize_gssapi_buffers().
	(*): Move most of the GSSAPI stuff from here and...
	* server.c (*):
	* gssapi-client.c: this new file.
	* (EXTRA_cvs_SOURCES, cvs_DEPENDENCIES, cvs_LDADD): Support
	(Original patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c: Reindent some compiler directives in order to make nesting

2003-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (log_buffer*): Move...
	* log-buffer.c (log_buffer*): this new file.
	* log-buffer.h (setup_logfiles): New file to share prototype.
	* Add log-buffer.c & log-buffer.h.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (init_sockaddr): Move...
	* socket-client.c (init_sockaddr):
	* socket-client.h (init_sockaddr): Prototype.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_to_server): Move most of the functionality to and
	(send_to_server_via): ...this new function which accepts the buffer
	pointer as an argument.
	(read_line): Ditto, but to...
	(auth_server): Rename lto_server & lfrom_server to s/^l//.  Remove
	ugly code which sets the global versions of these variables
	temporarily for function calls.
	Remove emotional FIXME comment to the effect that all this is
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-07  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (from_server, to_server): Rename these global buffer
	pointers to...
	(global_from_server, global_to_server): ...this in order to avoid
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-05-07  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (make_bufs_from_fds, connect_to_forked_server,
	start_tcp_server): Rename struct buffer ** arguments to s/$/_p/ in an
	attempt to denote their pointerness more clearly.
	* rsh-client.c (start_rsh_client): Ditto.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* client.h (make_bufs_from_fds): Sanitize prototype so that the
	argument name change doesn't clash.

2003-05-07  Derek Price  <>

	* client.h (make_bufs_from_fd): Prototype in order to make available to
	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Moved most of the RSH (:ext:) client
	stuff to...
	* rsh-client.h:
	* rsh-client.c: ...and here.
	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add new source files.
	(Original patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-05-06  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (socket_buffer_*): Moved most of the socket stuff to...
	* socket-client.h:
	* socket-client.c: ...and here.
	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add new source files.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin  <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-05-05  Derek Price  <>

	* hash.c (findnode): Document behavior of this function when its list
	argument is NULL and document this behavior.  Remove FIXME comment to
	the effect that this is necessary.

2003-05-01  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Ignore -z when CLIENT_SUPPORT is not defined.
	(Report from Jim Salter <>.)

2003-05-01  Derek Price  <>

	* repos.c (Sanitize_Repository_Name): Remove some old comments about
	the defunct RELATIVE_REPOS macro.
	* server.c (outside_root): Ditto.

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): Minor optimization.

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Fix a possible, if unlikely, memory out of bounds error.

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c: Free vers in single place
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Get rid of $includeopt, using $CPPFLAGS as intended by
	the Autoconf folk.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Regenerated.

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Fix a possible, if unlikely, memory out of bounds error.

2003-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (save_prog): Remove unneeded struct.
	(checkin_progs, update_progs): Remove these unneeded globals.
	(handle_set_checkin_prog, handle_set_update_prog, do_deferred_progs):
	Remove these functions.
	(send_repository): Remove checkin and update prog support.
	(responses): Remove Set-checkin-prog and Set-update-prog.
	(get_responses_and_close): Don't call do_deferred_prog().
	* commit.c (commit_usage): Remove reference to -n.
	(commit): Don't set and send run_module_prog via -n.  Don't run
	Checkin.prog or Checkout.prog in local mode.
	* modules.c (CVSMODULE_OPTS): Remove -i and -u.
	(do_module): Don't process -i and -u options to set checkin and update
	progs, respectively.
	* server.c (server_prog, serve_checkin_prog, server_update_prog):
	Remove unused functions.
	(requests): Remove Checkin-prog and Update-prog.
	* update.c (update_dirleave_proc): Remove update prog functionality.

	* cvs.h (CVSADM_CIPROG, CVSADM_UPROG): Remove unneeded defines.
	* server.h (server_prog): Remove proto.
	(progs): Remove enum.

	* (modules5): Remove tests for checkin and update programs.

2003-04-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (*): Shrink the yucky case statement using sed's transform
	(getlongoptarg): Convert this function to only confirm the arg and move

2003-04-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-04-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* (branches4-15): New test.

	* error.h: Avoid __pure__ for GCC versions < 2.96 & __malloc__ for GCC
	versions < 3.0.

2003-04-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (DISTCLEAN_FILES): Move the contents of this variable...
	(distclean-local): this target now that Automake supports it.

2003-04-03  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Avoid __pure__ for GCC versions < 2.96 & __malloc__ for GCC
	versions < 3.0.

2003-04-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (update, update_fileproc, update_filesdone_proc,
	update_dirent_proc, update_dirleave_proc): Keep track of whether
	a tag is both a revision tag and a branch tag and warn the user.
	* (branches4): New tests for above.

2003-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): Use strstr("/./") rather than strchr('.')
	to catch only indirections in paths and not directory names with dots
	in them.
	(Report from Pavel Roskin <>.)

	* (multiroot): Put a dot in the CVSROOT_DIRNAMEs.
	(dottedroot): New test.
	(Based on a script from Pavel Roskin <>.)

2003-04-01  Derek Price  <>

	* (multiroot2-9): Add newly TRACEd parse_cvsroot() to
	expected output.

2003-03-31  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (freercsnode): Revert an accidental change from the previous

2003-03-31  Derek Price  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Accept new repository argument so that
	the working directory may be tracked by do_recursion without using
	xgetwd(), which returned a value different from the one the user
	requested when symlinks were in use.  Add TRACE.  Pass repository_in
	to do_recursion() as part of the recursion frame.
	(do_recursion): Default srepository to NULL and only set when we set
	repository.  Keep track of repository using xframe.repository for the
	r* commands rather than xgetwd(), which used to break when CVSROOT was
	a symlink to a real root.

	* cvs.h (xreadlink): #ifdef HAVE_READLINK proto.
	(xresolvepath): New proto.
	(start_recursion): Add repository to proto.
	(*): Define some more abstract TRACE levels.
	* update.h (do_update): Add repository argument to proto.

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Add more complete header comment.  Add
	TRACE.  Use new xresolvepath() function.  Always return true in
	client mode since checking our destination path against the CVSROOT
	path is usually meaningless in client/server mode.
	(checkout_proc): Pass repository to do_update() for later use with
	(*): s/<chdir>/CVS_CHDIR/.
	* filesubr.c (xreadlink): #ifdef HAVE_READLINK this function.  Add more
	complete header comment.
	(xresolvepath): New function.
	* hash.c (walklist): Add TRACE.
	* main.c (main): Don't copy and dispose of CVSRoot_cmdline twice.
	* patch.c (patch_proc): Add TRACE.  Pass repository to
	tag_check_valid() for r* commands.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Add TRACE.
	* tag.c (rtag_proc): Add TRACE.
	(check_fileproc): Ditto.
	(tag_check_valid): Ditto.
	* update.c (do_update): Accept new repository argument for co.
	(update): Pass NULL repository to do_update().

	* admin.c (*): Use new definition of start_recursion().
	* annotate.c (*): Ditto.
	* client.c (*): Ditto.
	* commit.c (*): Ditto.
	* diff.c (*): Ditto.
	* edit.c (*): Ditto.
	* lock.c (*): Ditto.
	* log.c (*): Ditto.
	* patch.c (*): Ditto.
	* remove.c (*): Ditto.
	* status.c (*): Ditto.
	* tag.c (*): Ditto.
	* update.c (*): Ditto.
	* watch.c (*): Ditto.

	* Add new -l option to test symlinked roots.
	(abspath-3.2): Use [a-z]* rather than "checkout".
	(check_repository-1): Add server error messages about absolute paths
	since the client now skips destination validity checks.
	(check_repository-2): Process client error messages about CVSROOT
	files being in the way since the client skips destination validity
	checks since it should be rare that a client is running in
	client/server mode on the server and CVS has no current way to check if
	it is runnning on the server.

2003-03-27  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (rdiff2): Add new test case for SEGV problem reported
	against cvs 1.11.5.
	(Report from James Cribb)

2003-03-26  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Fix, reorganize, and comment ifdefs for AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT
	* client.h: Ditto.  Remove some unecessary server function prototypes.

2003-03-26  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Include the net headers for HAVE_GSSAPI.
	(Report from Jim Salter <>.)

2003-03-26  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Verify the argument to -z when running without
	CLIENT_SUPPORT since Eric Siegerman complained about being bit
	by a run of `cvs -z -n up' which parsed the -n as the argument to
	* (opterrmsg): New tests for -z argument checking.

2003-03-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Use strtol() instead of atoi() when parsing -z
	to detect errors.
	(Reported by Eric Siegerman <>.)

2003-03-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Disable GNU attributes as part of PROTO behavior.
	* error.h: Mirror GNU attribute definitions from cvs.h.

2003-03-25  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (cvs_trace): #ifdef use of server_active.
	(Report from Jim Salter <>.)

	* cvs.h (xmalloc, xrealloc, xstrdup, parse_cvsroot,
	local_cvsroot, normalize_cvsroot): Use GNU attributes.
	* error.h (error_exit): Fix PROTO/__attribute__ specification.
	* root.c (new_cvsroot_t): Add GNU attribute.

2003-03-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Update copyright notice.

	* Regenerated.

2003-03-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.h (server_clear_template): Add declaration.
	(server_template): Add parameter names to prototype.

2003-03-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (env): Try more than one ps command if the first one
	fails. This may let the test succeed on more platforms. Also,
	keep the ps output that was processed for the error report.

2003-03-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (env): Use 'ps -el' rather than 'ps -l' so that
	crontab jobs that might be running these tests without a
	controlling terminal work properly.

	* client.c (start_rsh_server): Use new definition of RSH_DFLT to
	allow "rsh" to be configured to default to "ssh" or some other
	local remote transport program.

	* Regenerated.

2003-03-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (mkdir_if_needed): Save errno since isdir() can clobber.
	(Patch from Brian Poole <>.)
	* (abspath-4): Update to match.

	* filesubr.c (locate_rcs): Fix gcc warning.

2003-03-19  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add_directory): Only call WriteTemplate when the server is
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Don't call WriteTemplate here since
	Create_Admin is only called from the client.
	* commit.c (commit_dirleaveproc): Don't call WriteTemplate here.  I'm
	a little confused as to why since update_direntproc works for update.c,
	but I can't come up with a test case that fails when this call is
	missing.  Nor can I come up with a test case that passes when this call
	is present and the one in commit_filesdoneproc is removed.
	* (template): Tidy, minimize, and add some extra tests.

2003-03-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* .cvsignore: Added, a new auto-generated file.

	* cvs.h (CVS_PID_ENV): New environment variable CVS_PID has the
	pid of the parent cvs process.
	* main.c (main): Initialize it.
	* (env): Test it.

2003-03-19  Derek Price  <>

	* New file.
	* Source new config file when available.  Accept alternate
	config file as an argument to a -c option.  Accept long options with
	(getlongoptarg): New function.

	* Regenerated.

2003-03-18  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_root): Add some more comments and expand
	#ifdef CLIENT_SUPPORT pragmas.  Rearrange sanity checks slightly.

2003-03-18  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Output -R warning in quiet mode and correct spelling
	in this warning message.
	* (commit-readonlyfs-2r4): Correct cascaded spelling mistake
	in test.

2003-03-17  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c: Correct comment.
	* client.c: Ditto.
	* checkin.c (Checkin): Pass work file name to RCS_checkin so that this
	function works properly in the case insensitive mode.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Fix and factor add logic so that the
	correct files and directories are created in the case insensitive mode.
	Reuse code in RCS_parse() below.  This avoids a problem that could
	cause corrupted RCS files to be created on an add from a case
	insensitive system.  Corrupted RCS files could cause later assertion
	failures for everyone.
	(locate_rcs): Move this function...
	* filesubr.c (locate_rcs): and rewrite it.
	(fopen_case): Remove this function.
	(locate_file_in_dir): New function.
	* cvs.h (locate_rcs): Prototype new function.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parse): Factor out file location into locate_rcs.

2003-03-17  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* main.c (main): Issue a warning about readonlyfs options unless
	quiet or really_quiet is set.
	* lock.c (Writer_Lock): Modify readonlyfs error message text.
	* (commit-readonlyfs): Adjust test for new messages.

2003-03-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Add syslog calls for setgid/setuid

2003-03-16  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* cvs.h (CVSREADONLYFS_ENV): New macro to support new environment
	variable "CVSREADONLYFS" for read-only file-system repository mode.
	* lock.c (Reader_Lock, Writer_Lock): Add support for new read-only
	file-system repository mode.
	* main.c (main, opt_usage): Ditto.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Ditto.
	* (commit-readonlyfs): Test new read-only file-system
	repository mode.

2003-03-14  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* server.c (template_proc): Fix broken Template protocol code.
	Must call send buf_send_counted() for Template files to avoid
	"Protocol error: uncounted data discarded" messages in some
	* (template): Test case to verify fix this fix.

2003-03-10  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* cvs.h (WriteTemplate): Add missing prototype.

2003-03-07  Mark D Baushke <>

	* Fix broken setting of the servercvs variable.

2003-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (help): Add explanation of CVS-TO-TEST and edit for

2003-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (usage): Show users long --help rather than less
	informative -h.

2003-03-07  Derek Price  <>

	* Add support for long options.
	(exit_usage): Move the actual generation of usage text to...
	(usage): ...this new function and improve the usage message.
	(exit_help): New function.

2003-03-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Drop the clientcvs option. Add usage info for
	the -s servercvs option.

2003-03-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Remove unused variables.

	* patch.c (patch): Pass local to do_module so that -l actually works.
	(Reported by John Coers <>.)
	(patch_fileproc): Fix uninitialized variables.
	* Define a DATE pattern for rdiff and use it.
	(basic2-24a): New test for above.

2003-03-07  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* entries.c (WriteTemplate): New function to control updates to
	the CVS/Template file or its removal.
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Use the new WriteTemplate function.
	* add.c (add_directory): Add a WriteTemplate() call
	when a new directory is added to the repository.
	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Ensure that the CVS/Template is
	updated at the end of a commit -- mostly to remove it if it is not
	(commit_dirleaveproc): Ensure that the CVS/Template gets updated
	when the directory is left.
	* update.c (update_dirent_proc): Update CVS/Template file.
	* server.c (server_clear_template): New protocol response to
	remove existing CVS/Template files.
	* client.c (clear_template): New function to remove or truncate a
	CVS/Template file.
	(handle_clear_template): New function. Handle Clear-template
	protocol response message.
	(save_prog): Add new Clear-template response line.
	* (template): Test the CVS/Template creation with
	the remote protocol. Nothing gets created locally.
	(multiroot2): Fix for minor changes to trace output.
	(getopts): Allow tests to be run with specified client and server
	cvs commands to allow for interoperatbility testing.
	(check_keep): New shell function for --keep processing.

2003-03-06  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (file_has_conflict): New file.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Factor code into new file_has_conflict()
	* update.c (update_fileproc): Ditto.
	* status.c (status_fileproc): Use new file_has_conflict() function.
	(Report from Bernd Kuemmerlen <>.)

	* (status): New test for same.

2003-03-06  Larry Jones  <>

	* (branches3-4): Set and export CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM
	to be sure it really gets into the environment, then unset it
	when finished (ala CVSWRAPPERS et al).

2003-03-03  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (branches3): Localize the setting of
	the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM environment variable.

	* rcs.c (RCS_magicrev): CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM feature.
	Port of the FreeBSD hack for setting the next magic branch number
	to be used. The original patch was written by Peter Wemm
	<> and may be found by visiting the URL:
	Implement a horrible (but simple) hack to allow some control over the
	branch number that is assigned. This is specifically to support the
	local commit feature of cvsup. If one sets $CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM to
	(say) 1000 then branches the local repository, the revision numbers
	will look like 1.66.1000.xx. This is almost a dead-set certainty that
	there will be no conflicts with version numbers.
	(This needs to be something more than an option to 'cvs tag' or 'cvs
	rtag' as various parts of cvs "know" how to automatically branch files
	(eg: cvs add). Trying to remember state is getting "Too Hard (TM)")
	* (branches3): Test the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM feature.

2003-03-04  Derek Price  <>

	* history.c (history_write): Remove unneeded O_CREAT in the call to
	open() since we abort a few lines earlier if the file doesn't exist.
	Add a comment to the effect that this is not the optimal method of
	doing things and needs fixed.

2003-02-28  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Set no_password for :gserver: and :kserver:
	as tokens should already be obtained via external sources.
	* update.c (update_fileproc): Remove redundant code.

2003-02-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (set_lock): If possible, try a short wait with no message
	before calling lock_wait() to optimize master lock contention.

2003-02-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Send "--" before file names.
	* (spacefiles): Remote now works just like local.

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs4): Use UTC to work across timezones.

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getdate): Fix a bug that shows up when checking out
	files by date with the "-D date" command line option. There is
	code in the original to handle a special case. If the date search
	finds revision 1.1 it is supposed to check whether revision has the same date stamp, which would indicate that the
	file was originally brought in with "cvs import". In that case it
	is supposed to return the vendor branch version

	However, there was a bug in the code. It actually compares the date
	of revision 1.1 for equality with the date given on the command
	line -- clearly wrong. This commit fixes the coding bug.

	Note: There is an additional bug which is _not_ fixed in this
	commit. The date comparison should not be a strict equality test.
	It should allow a fudge factor of, say, 2-3 seconds. Old versions
	of CVS created the two revisions with two separate invocations of
	the RCS "ci" command. We have many old files in the tree in which
	the dates of revisions 1.1 and differ by 1 second.

	This bug was discovered and fixed for FreeBSD cvs. See v 1.21 of
        for more information.

	* (rcs4): Tests for same.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke <>.)

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (logfile_write): Do not pass a NULL pointer to
	fprintf() when we have an empty log message.
	* (editor): Add new tests to verify correct behavior of
	empty log messages.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke <>, original report from
	Piotr KUCHARSKI <>.)

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (user_admin_options): Rename to...
	(UserAdminOptions): ...this to match the convention set by
	of RereadLogAfterVerify.
	* admin.c (admin): Ditto.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Ditto.

	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Update with UserAdminOptions

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* Import use of mktemp function from RedHat 8.0's
	CVS 1.11.2 RPM.  Use new MKTEMP configure variable.  Use new
	SENDMAIL from configure.

	* Regenerated.

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (user_admin_options): New global config option.
	* admin.c (admin): Handle user_admin_options.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Handle UserAdminOptions.
	(Original patch from Dan Peterson <>.)

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* watch.c (watch_usage): Use {} rather than () for literals.

2003-02-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Update comment, change error message
	so it's not an exact duplicate of the one in check_password.
	(check_repository_password): Add syslog call for password mismatches.
	(check_password): Add syslog call for password mismatches, rearrange
	code to simplify and eliminate redundancy.
	(pserver_authenticate_connection): Remove syslog call, now done by
	lower-level routines.

2003-02-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* (admin-10): Add test for repository files not in
	working directory.

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Fix crash when no rcs file, return
	failure status for bogus files.
	* (admin-4a): Test for above.
	(Original patch submitted by Mark D. Baushke <>).

2003-02-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Fix crashes in error cases.
	(Reported by Bart Santy <>.)
	* (log): New tests for above.

2003-02-14  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.h (RCSNode): Add a field for the original path to print with
	error messages.
	* rcs.c (RCS_parsercsfile_i): Keep track of the original path for error
	(freercsnode): Free the origpath.

2003-02-14  Derek Price  <>

	* watch.c (watch_usage): Make the repeatability of -a part of the
	usage spec.

2003-02-14  Derek Price  <>

	* watch.c (watch_usage): Mention default for -a.  Mention multiple
	invocations of -a.  Mention -R as default.  Use required () rather than
	optional [] around watch subcommand list in invocation spec.  Use
	`path' instead of `file'.  Put variable <> around `action' and `path'.

2003-02-12  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Update copyright message to 2003.

2003-02-08  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): Supply the full function name in the TRACE
	* update.c (checkout_file, join_file): Supply tag properly to
	RCS_checkout more often.
	(patch_file): Ditto.  Fill out comments.
	* (keyword, keywordname): Some changes to accomodate the fact
	that the above changes cause patches generated by patch_file to fail

2003-02-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (*): Don't keep running after a test when --keep has been
	supplied.  That was kind of silly, wasn't it?

2003-02-07  Derek Price  <>

	* rcscmds.c (RCS_merge): Add a FIXME.

2003-02-07  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Do not lose the vendor branch when
	adding files to a new branch. Avoids extranious conflicts for
	future vendor imports. This was found and fixed in FreeBSD cvs.
	See for details.
	* (branch-after-import): New test.
	(Thanks to Mark D Baushke <> for forwarding the
	patch and writing the test cases!)

	* (branch-after-import): Misc portablility and standard

2003-02-07  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c: Exercise the pet peeve Karl Fogel, I think, infected me with
	about using the word invalid rather than illegal and reserving illegal
	for use when actually discussing laws and governmentally enforced
	* admin.c: Ditto.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.
	* expand_path.c: Ditto.
	* log.c: Ditto.
	* modules.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.h: Ditto.
	* repos.c: Ditto.
	* root.c: Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* scramble.c: Ditto.
	* server.c: Ditto.
	* subr.c: Ditto.

2003-02-06  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getdatebranch): Update header comment to reflect the state
	of the docs and the code's operation.

2003-02-06  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Use the complete path to the CVSADM_TEMPLATE file in
	error messages.  Remove related FIXME.

2003-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* status.c (status_fileproc): Add a FIXME comment.

2003-02-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (conflicts2- c. 142d): New test for double add and two
	attempted commits of files with the same name.  Fill out some comments
	and change one FIXME to a FIXCVS THEN FIXME.

2003-02-03  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (start_Server): Send multiple trace options when
	* server.c (server): Update trace option processing to accept multiple
	-t arguments.
	* *: Use new TRACE macro.

2003-02-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.c: Update to match error.h.

	* cvs.h (cvs_trace): Add attribute for GNU printf format checking.
	* error.h: Use same check for prototypes as cvs.h.  Use PROTO
	macro rather than #ifdef for error and error_exit.

2003-02-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Handle EINTR from waitpid.
	(Patch from Johannes Grødem <>.)

2003-02-01  Derek Price  <>

	* lock.c: Remove extra line feed on TRACE output.

2003-01-31  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Move header includes in from...
	* error.c:  Remove checks for definition of vprintf().
	Since our error() function was making assumptions about the definition
	of VA_START, we must not have been compiling on platforms without
	vprintf for quite awhile and I've heard no complaints.
	(fperrmsg): Assume vprintf().
	* subr.c (cvs_trace): Don't assume ANSI C function declarations.

2003-01-31  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Allow multiple -t options.
	(opt_usage): Correct usage.
	* cvs.h (TRACE): New macro.
	* subr.c (cvs_trace): New function.
	(Thanks to the team at the CVSNT project.)

	* lock.c (*): Use new TRACE macro.

2003-01-31  Derek Price  <>

	* (keywordname): Change a "FIXME" comment to "FIXCVS".

2003-01-30  Derek Price  <>

	* (keywordname): New test.

2003-01-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Restructure code to simplify and eliminate
	redundant tests.

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Use WCOREDUMP macro rather than hard
	coding test for core file.

2003-01-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* root.c (method_name): Redefine as a 2D array.
	* root.h (method_name): Ditto.

2003-01-21  Jim Meyering  <>

	* add.c (add): Rename local-shadowing `i' to `j'.

	* root.c (method_names): Declare to be a const array of const strings.
	(Name_Root): Save errno so it doesn't get clobbered
	by the intervening error call.
	Use getline's return value, mainly to save a call to strrchr.

2003-01-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* myndbm.c (O_ACCMODE): Parenthesize the replacement string so that
	it parses correctly.
	(Reported by Andres Bertens <>.)

2003-01-15  Karl Fogel  <>

	* server.c (dirswitch): Don't free dir_name until right before
	allocating it again.  This removes a potential double-free
	problem, whereby this function could free dir_name and then
	immediately return due to invalid directory syntax (without ever
	reassigning dir_name), then reenter and free dir_name again.

        Thanks to Stefan Esser <> for the fix.

2003-01-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (update_entries): Only "0" is a special version number;
	other numbers starting with 0 (like 0.1) are normal version numbers.
	* commit.c (find_fileproc): Ditto.  Also reorganize the code to
	simplify the conditions.
	(Reported by Michele Zamparelli <>.)

2003-01-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (getdelta): Use RCSDEAD rather than literal "dead".

2002-12-27  Derek Price  <>

	* admin.c: s/LOCK_(NONE|WRITE|READ)/CVS_$&/g; since the definition of
	LOCK_WRITE clashes with a definition in objidl.h on Windoze platforms.
	* annotate.c: Ditto.
	* client.c: Ditto.
	* commit.c: Ditto.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.
	* diff.c: Ditto.
	* edit.c: Ditto.
	* lock.c: Ditto.
	* log.c: Ditto.
	* patch.c: Ditto.
	* recurse.c: Ditto.
	* remove.c: Ditto.
	* status.c: Ditto.
	* tag.c: Ditto.
	* update.c: Ditto.
	* watch.c: Ditto.
	* myndbm.c: Ditto & define O_ACCMODE when it isn't defined, as under
	(Thanks to Stephane Rouleau <>,
	 Cristopher Seawood <>, and
	 Frederico Costa <> for all their hints,
	 tips, and patches for this problem.)

2002-12-20  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (send_a_repository): Suppress a warning under Windoze.

2002-12-19  Derek Price  <>

	* Remove reference to options.h.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.
	* options.h: Remove this obsolete file.
	* Remove comment about external diffs causing tests to fail
	since CVS hasn't used external diffs in years.

	* Regenerated.

2002-12-16  Derek Price  <>

	* admin.c: Disable cvsadmin group checking on the client.
	(Reported by Dan Peterson <>.)

2002-12-06  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c: Replace calls to malloc with calls to xmalloc and calls to
	realloc with calls to xrealloc.
	* parseinfo.c: Ditto.
	* root.c: Ditto.
	* server.c: Ditto.
	* zlib.c: Ditto.
	* scramble.c: Change some comments to refer to xmalloc rather than
	(Reported by Dan Peterson <>.)

2002-12-04  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Remove CVS_ADMIN_GROUP.

2002-12-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Strip leading zeros from numeric revision
	in addition to trailing dots.
	(Reported by Peter Meszaros <>.)

2002-11-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* Note that the tests run for a long time.

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Use xstrdup, not strdup.
	(Reported by Terrence Enger <>.)

2002-11-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Fix cross-branch correction code.

	* Set $LANG for systems that ignore $LC_ALL.
	(rcs2-7): Change date offset from 100 months to 96 months to reduce
	periodic problems with invalid dates.

2002-11-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcslib-symlink): Use rm -f rather than a simple rm when
	removing links because under some configurations of RH Linux 8.0 the
	script pauses to ask for removal approval.

2002-11-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (importc): Update the use of the touch command to be
	compliant with POSIX 1003.1-2001, SUS2, and SUS3 now that GNU touch
	supports this.  If this breaks any test platforms we should test
	the behavior of touch like we do for other tools.

2002-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs2-7): Notate with a wild untested hypothesis.

2002-11-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs2-7): Notate with three more failure dates.

2002-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c: Change some calls to SYSTEM_CLEANUP() and then exit() to
	more appropriate calls to error_exit().
	* server.c: Ditto.
	* tag.c: Ditto.

2002-10-24  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Remove the getc() call used to
	detect spurious output from clients since getc() would sometimes
	block and hang indefinately if the client kept the conection open but
	sent no data.  Bug reports state that this hapened frequently with
	older clients connecting to 1.11.2 servers, especially when
	compression is enabled.
	(Original report from Mark D. Baushke <>.
	 Original patch from Ralf S. Engelschall <>
	 via Peter Wemm <>.)

2002-10-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion, do_recursion): Allow write locking
	in addition to read locking.  Change all callers.
	* cvs.h: Change prototype to match, add lock types.
	* tag.c (rtag_proc, rtag_fileproc, tag_fileproc): Have start_recursion
	use write locks rather than calling lock_dir_for_write to avoid deadly

2002-10-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (get_responses_and_close, connect_to_pserver): Set
	to_server and from_server to NULL after freeing.
	* main.c (main): Clear server_active when finished.  Also neaten
	up the SERVER_SUPPORT ifdef's.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Set protocol_inbuf, stderrbuf, and
	stdoutbuf to NULL after freeing.
	(server_cleanup): Free buf_from_net and buf_to_set and set to NULL.
	Also reset error_use_protocol.
	(server): Don't SIG_register server_cleanup.  main_cleanup (which
	is already registered) outputs a fatal error which causes it to
	be called; registering it directly results in it being called twice.
	(cvs_output): Don't try to use buf_to_net or protocol if they're NULL.

2002-10-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (readers_exist): Ignore our own read lock, if any, to
	allow upgrading an existing read lock to a write lock.
	* tag.c (rtag_proc, rtag_fileproc, tag_fileproc): Rather than
	locking the entire tree, have start_recursion establish read
	locks and then upgrade the read lock to a write lock (so only
	one directory is locked at a time).

2002-09-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* add.c (add): Send "--" before file names.
	* admin.c (admin): Ditto.
	* annotate.c (annotate): Ditto.
	* commit.c (commit): Ditto.
	* diff.c (diff): Ditto.
	* edit.c (watch_onoff, editors): Ditto.
	* log.c (cvslog): Ditto.
	* remove.c (cvsremove): Ditto.
	* status.c (cvsstatus): Ditto.
	* tag.c (cvstag): Ditto.
	* update.c (update): Ditto.
	* watch.c (watch_addremove, watchers): Ditto.

	* (client-9): Update to match.

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Remove prototype of STDC exit() function.  If this breaks
	a build, this should be detected in somehow rather than
	restoring the line to this file.

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of AUTH_CLIENT_SUPPORT into

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of FORCE_USE_EDITOR into

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of UMASK_DFLT into

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated using Automake 1.6.3.

2002-09-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c, history.c, import.c, rcs.c, update.c: Use
	the obsolete HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE and HAVE_ST_RDEV.

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of TMPDIR_DFLT into

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move defininition of EDITOR_DFLT into

	* Regenerated.

2002-09-23  Jim Meyering  <>

	If `cvs -d REPO commit ...' was used to override CVS/Root,
	then modified files in the directory from which cvs is invoked
	would not be committed.
	* client.c (arg_should_not_be_sent_to_server): The above would happen
	because this function would throw out a file name when CVS/Root
	did not match the current server.  Fix by allowing the command-line-
	specified repository to take precedence over the value returned
	by Name_Root.  Patch by Simon Walton <>.
	* (commit-d): New tests for the above.
	Patch by Simon Walton <>.

2002-09-20  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of SERVER_FLOWCONTROL, SERVER_HI_WATER,

2002-09-20  Derek Price  <>

	* options.h: Move definition of PATCH_PROGRAM to

2002-09-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Don't create admin directory when
	exporting into an existing directory.
	(Reported by Jens Engel <>.)
	* (basic2): New tests for above.

2002-09-16  Jim Meyering  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Move declarations of locals, timeout and
	timeout_ptr, `up', out of enclosing `#ifdef SERVER_FLOWCONTROL' block.
	Otherwise, this file would not compile with SERVER_FLOWCONTROL
	turned off.  Patch by Ed Santiago <>.

2002-09-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* myndbm.c (mydbm_open): Open the file read/write rather than read-
	only if that's what the user asked for to ensure that the later open
	for write will succeed.
	(Patch submitted by Josh Lehan <>.)

2002-08-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Fix bug which prevented reusing log messages.
	(Reported by Eric Siegerman <>.)

2002-08-16  Derek Price  <>

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Assume RELATIVE_REPOS is set.
	* server.c (outside_root): Add comment.
	* options.h: Remove RELATIVE_REPOS & CVS_BADROOT.
	* Remove a lot of !RELATIVE_REPOS cruft from tests.

2002-08-14  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server): Dispose of the correct pointer.  Tidy comment.

2002-08-13  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (get_cvs_port_number): Fix typo in comment.  Add comments.
	* server.c (server): Fix a FIXME.  Remove an errant "const" directive.
	Remove some redundant memory allocation and error handling code.

2002-08-08  Derek Price  <>

	* import.c (import): Surrounded `server_active' with
	#ifdef SERVER_SUPPORT/#endif.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc): Likewise.
	(Patch from John Tytgat  <>.)

2002-07-31  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c: Add a line so VIM can determine tab stops and shift widths.
	* root.c: Ditto.
	* (parse_cvsroot): Add comments and tidy slightly.

2002-07-31  Derek Price  <>

	* Add another date to the comment about rcs2-7 failing.

2002-07-26  Jim Meyering  <>

	* commit.c (find_fileproc): When committing in client mode,
	arrange to fail if a `cvs add'ed file no longer exists in the
	working directory.
	* (commit-add-missing): New test for above.

2002-07-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* Set $TMPDIR if it's not already set and use it rather
	than /tmp for the expected server temp directory path.

2002-07-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server, time_stamp): Eliminate unneeded
	struct_tm copying.

	* lock.c (lock_wait, lock_obtained): Display time in UTC if possible
	to reduce confusion in client/server mode.
	(Original patch from Eduardo Perez Ureta <>.)

2002-06-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* tag.c (check_fileproc): When checking up-to-date, T_REMOVE_ENTRY
	is also a valid status.
	(Reported by David Everly <>.)
	* (tagc): New tests for above.

2002-06-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (patch_file): Don't patch if diff bigger than file.
	Don't bother adjusting the permission on the diff output if
	we're not going to use it.

2002-06-18  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Handle HPUX password expiration fields in the passwd
	string in case we are set up on a server with NIS passwords served
	from HPUX.
	(Original patch from John Cavanaugh <>.)

2002-06-17  Larry Jones  <>
	    and Jonathan Kamens  <>

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc): Don't try to call
	an editor to get the log message if running as a server.  Instead,
	just use an empty log message.
	* import.c (import): Ditto.

	* import.c (import): In client mode, always send a message to the
	server, even if it's empty (this parallels a change made by Larry
	Jones to commit.c on May 7).

2002-05-31  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c: Conditionally define MAP_FAILED for old systems that don't
	have it in <mman.h>.
	(Reported by jeremy brand <>.)

2002-05-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcscmds.c (diff_exec): Add a -- before the first file name just
	in case it looks like an option.
	(Reported by Zooko <>.)

	* rcscmds.c (diff_execv): Remove -- same as diff_exec.  Change
	only caller.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.

2002-05-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* cvs.h (strcat_filename_onto_homedir): Make arguments const.
	* filesubr.c (strcat_filename_onto_homedir): Make arguments const,
	move more code here from callers, change all callers.

2002-05-22  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Add prototype for this...
	* filesubr.c (strcat_filename_onto_homedir): new function.
	* login.c (): Use new function.

	* cvsrc.c (read_cvsrc): Use new function due to problems on VMS.
	* ignore.c (ign_setup): Ditto.
	* wrapper.c (wrap_setup): Ditto.
	(Original patch from Karsten Spang <>.)

2002-05-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_getkey): Correct off-by-one error in ptr assertion
	and add a similar assertion for ptrend.
	(Reported by Rebecca Young <>.)
	(rcsbuf_fill): Remove redundant code.

2002-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.h: New prototype for...
	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_get_file): this new function to abstract
	access to a buffer's file descriptor.
	* client.c (auth_server): Use the new function.
	(Original patch from Jonathan Kamens <>.)

2002-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Add 2002 to the copyright years output with the
	version string.

2002-05-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_parse_list): Fix off-by-one error which caused
	incorrect handling of 'cvs log -wuser1,user2 foo.c' command.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>,
	reported by Alex Morozov <>.)

2002-05-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_operation): Get cvsroot_canonical before
	trying to read the user's password file so we have it even if the
	file doesn't exist.
	(Reported by Sarah Thompson <>.)

2002-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add options.h explicitly - since we
	stopped generating it dynamically, Automake stopped noticing it and
	including it in dists.  See TODO item #214 for notes.

2002-05-08  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Use the HAVE_CONFIG_H define.

2002-05-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (isaccessible): Set errno before returning failure
	in the SETXID_SUPPORT code.

	* logmsg (do_verify): Avoid even more work if there's no verifymsg
	script to run.

	* logmsg: Use fputs/putc rather than fprintf where appropriate.
	(do_verify): Run the verifymsg script even if there's no log
	message.  (Reported by Andy Baker <>.)
	Don't reread the log message unless a verifymsg script was run.

	* commit.c (commit): Always send -m to the server, even if there's
	no message.

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Add dotemplate parameter to trace.
	Remove unreachable code.

2002-05-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (serve_watch_on, serve_watch_off, serve_watch_add,
	 serve_watch_remove): Just pass "watch" as the command name
	 to do_cvs_command to avoid unknown command errors.
	 (Reported by Gary Hennigan <>.)

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Fix bad call to error () in buggy
	(rcs_internal_unlockfile): Include current value of errno in error
	message even though it may well be irrelevant (it's still better
	than nothing).

2002-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Remove lines for files obsoleted by new autotools.

2002-05-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Remove this uneeded file.

2002-05-01  Derek Price  <>

	* Move to...
	* options.h: here.

2002-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Remove this file.
	* version.h: Ditto.

	* Remove references to version.h.
	* cvs.h: Use <> rather than "" around the config.h #include.  I didn't
	quite bother to understand why, but autoconf recommends it.
	* Use PACKAGE_BUGREPORT defined by configure for the bug
	report email address.
	* version.c (version): Use PACKAGE_STRING defined in config.h instead
	of the version_string that used to be defined in version.h.

	* Regenerated with automake 1.6.

2002-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Use `"'s around includes when we mean a local file.

2002-04-28  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: #define new names for functions and variables when they
	might conflict with system definitions (namely on Mac OS X 10.1 with
	the most recent dev packages - This should be removable after the Mac
	dev packages are fixed.).

2002-04-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Fix assertion when CLIENT_SUPPORT not defined.
	(Reported by Matthias Andree <>.)

2002-04-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): First cut at code to allow logging
	between a revision and *any* ancestor, not just one explicitly on
	the same branch (e.g., from 1.1 to

	* subr.c (gca): Simplify and optimize.

2002-04-19  Jim Meyering  <>
	and Ed Santiago <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Fix it so that `cvs update -p -r...'
	works, even under some slightly unusual (though perfectly legitimate)
	* (update-p): New tests for this.

2002-04-18  Derek Price  <>

	* Move test for regex metacharacters in username until
	after we're sure we found the version of expr that we're going to use.

2002-04-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Allow admin to be used on RCS files with
	no local version (e.g., removed files) like most other subcommands.

	* wrapper.c (wrap_add): Update URL of -t/-f wrapper discussion.

2002-04-18  Derek Price  <>

	* version.h: Regenerated for version update.

2002-04-17  Derek Price  <>

	* version.h: Regenerated for 1.11.2.

2002-04-03  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerate with recent version of Autoconf.

2002-04-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (TR): Send the stderr of one of the tool setup (tr) tests
	to /dev/null to avoid spurious output on some operating systems
	(notably Mac OS X).

2002-03-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* (rcslib): Correct new tests to use ${testcvs} instead
	of cvs.

2002-03-21  Derek Price  <>

	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp): Return the timestamp for the newer of the
	link and the link's source when the file is a link.
	(Patch from RedHat cvs-1.11.1p1-7 SRPM.)

	* (rcslib): Test for same.

2002-03-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (cvslog, log_fileproc): Add -S option to suppress head or
	file name if no revisions selected.
	* (log): New tests for above.

2002-03-13  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (usg): Correct a spelling mistake in a comment.
	(Thanks to Matt Kraai <>.)

2002-03-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (import): Change the suggested merge message to use
	rev tags instead of the branch tag with a date.
	* (import, importb): Change to match.

	* remove.c (remove_fileproc): Disallow removing files with sticky
	dates for the same reason we already disallow sticky numeric tags.
	* (sticky): New test for above.

2002-02-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Treat dead revisions as nonexistent.

2002-02-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* diff.c (diff): Remove -V and --paginate options: they aren't valid.
	(diff_usage): Document all the diff options.

2002-02-13  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_gettag): Do not interpret an empty tag as HEAD (nothing
	else does and I don't see any documentation that says it should).
	(translate_symtag): Break out of loop at end of symbols to prevent
	looping forever when tag is "".
	(Reported by Alain ENOUT <>
	via Eric Gillespie <>.)

2002-02-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server_cleanup): Set buf_to_net back to blocking mode
	and flush it (in case there are any error messages pending) before
	shutting down buf_from_net and again right before shutting it down.

2002-02-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): Throw a fatal error if the
	command is not found.
	* server.c (server_tag): Use the correct command name.

2002-01-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.h (error_exit): Remove unintended prototype.

	* server.c (serve_root): Remove check for impossible condition.
	(serve_init): Save and restore current_parsed_root.

2002-01-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.h (error_exit): Declare __noreturn__ to avoid spurious

	* server.c (serve_root): If the specified root doesn't match the
	pserver root, return before changing current_parsed_root to prevent
	subsequent commands from accessing an unchecked root directory.
	(server_init): Check specified root against the pserver root and
	complain if they don't match.  Also, if there are pending errors,
	print them and return before changing current_parsed_root to prevent
	subsequent commands from accessing an unchecked root directory.
	* (pserver): New tests for above.

2002-01-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_version_requested): Change :: in revision spec to be
	exclusive just on the low end (so -r tag1::tag2 gives revisions
	after tag1 but up to and including tag2), which is much more useful
	than the previous (exclusive at both ends) behavior.
	(log_usage): Update to match.
	* (log): Update to match.

2002-01-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (LOG_DAEMON): Define if needed.
	(Patch from John David Anglin <>.)

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Add a specific error
	message for EOF at protocol start and syslog if available.
	* (pserver-bufinit): Update to match.

2001-12-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_usage): Note that -r and -d take lists, not just a
	single specification.
	(log_expand_revlist): Don't dereference null pointers when one end
	of a revision range is a non-existent tag.

2001-12-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* annotate.c (annotate, annotate_fileproc): Don't annotate binary
	files unless new -F option given.
	* (basica, ann, ann-id, rcs, keywordlog, tagdate): Update
	to match.

2001-11-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Allow unrestricted usage of -q in addition to -k.

2001-10-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Make erroneous or inconsistent revision
	specs select no revisions rather than all revisions.

2001-10-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (add_rcs_file): Don't put an expand entry into the file
	for the default expansion mode (kv).
	* wrapper.c (wrap_send, wrap_unparse_rcs_options): Process entries
	with default expansion mode since they may be needed to avoid matching
	a more general entry later.
	(wrap_add): Set rcsOption to NULL for default (kv).
	(wrap_add_entry): Use structure assignment to copy entries rather
	that copying members by hand.
	* (binwrap3): Revise to test wrapper entries that don't
	specify any non-default options but just prevent matching later,
	more general entries.

2001-10-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_fully_parse): Add revision number to more error messages.

2001-09-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_fully_parse, RCS_getdeltatext): Add the missing revision
	number to the "mismatch" error message.

	* (multiroot2-9a): Update to match changes to lock.c.

2001-09-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (Lock_Cleanup, Reader_Lock, write_lock): Add trace messages.

2001-09-24  Derek Price  <>

        * find_names.c (add_entries_proc): Leave closure specified as such in the
	function definition for clarity.

        * find_names.c (Find_Names): Use 'closure' feature of walklist()
        to eliminate the static variable.
	(add_entries_proc): Expect closure to be the file list.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin  <>.)

2001-09-19  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_valpolish_internal): Restore one of the
	"if ( ... ) abort();" sequences since it seems to check the validity of
	the RCS file rather than for a programming error.  Also added a FIXME
	comment to the effect that we should explain the RCS file error to the
	user as such if it is such.
	(Thanks to Larry Jones  <>.)

2001-09-19  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_getkey, rcsbuf_valpolish_internal): Replace some code
	of the form "if ( ... ) abort();" with equivalent calls to assert().

2001-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* myndbm.c (mydbm_load_file): Fix buffer overflow error and make error
	messages more informative.
	* (modules6): New test.
	(Original report from Taska <> and others.)

2001-09-14  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Dispose memory when finished with it.

2001-09-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (notify_contents): In the example, move the %s to
	the end since many, if not most, versions of mail insist on
	options coming before addresses.

2001-09-06  Derek Price  <>

	* login.c (login): Deal with NULL return value from getpass.

2001-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with automake 1.5.
	* Ditto.

2001-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Fix empty CVSROOT message to specify `valid' instead
	of `legal'.

2001-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Back out changes from the
	30th and...
	* getline.c (getstr): init the buffer instead.

2001-08-31  Derek Price  <>

	* Backed out accidental commit from yesterday.

2001-08-30  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Don't print from the
	NULL pointer in the error message string in the case where the client
	didn't send any data.
	* (pserver): Test for this case.
	(Report from Mark Welch <>).

2001-08-24  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Add comment and assertion.
	* import.c (import): Don't call do_editor with a repository argument
	in client mode.
	(Report and original patch from darkness <>.)

2001-08-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_expand_revlist): Arrange for nil revision specs to
	select nothing instead of everything.
	* (log): New tests for above.

2001-08-24  Derek Price  <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Change the function name in the trace
	and add the client/server string.

2001-08-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Implement RereadLogAfterVerify CVSROOT/config option to control
	FreeBSD read-write of log messages in the verification script.
	* logmsg.c: RereadLogAfterVerify defaults to LOGMSG_REREAD_NEVER
	to preserve the status quo.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): Add parsing for RereadLogAfterVerify
	option. Possible values are: no | never | yes | always | stat
	* cvs.h: Add extern for RereadLogAfterVerify and new value macros
	its values.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke  <>.)

	* Apply changes from FreeBSD cvs sources to implement a read-write
	user-defined verification script.
	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Update do_verify to expect a pointer
	to the saved message. The log file passed to the verifymsg_script
	should be re-read after the user-defined verification script has
	been run. The user-defined verification script is allowed to
	modify the message.  This allows the script to add extra
	information to the log message or to remove template lines that
	are not needed.
	* cvs.h: Update prototype for do_verify prototype to expect a
	pointer to the saved_message.
	* commit.c (commit, commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc): Update
	calls to do_verify as the saved_message arg is now read-write.
	* import.c (import):  Update calls to do_verify as the
	saved_message arg is now read-write.
	* (info-v4-[12]): Rename the old info-v4 test to info-v5
	and add a new info-v4 test case have the verification script
	modify the log message to test the above changes.
	(Patch from Mark D. Baushke  <>.)

	* logmsg.c: Change RereadLogAfterVerify default to always.
	(do_verify): Reformat and make minor fixes to Mark's patch.
	* mkmodules.c (config_constants): Add comment about
	* (info-rereadlog): Rename the tests from Mark's patch and
	reformat them a bit.

2001-08-23  Derek Price  <>

	* (info): Demonstrate that the verifymsg scripts can
	sometimes, but not always, retreive information on which directory is
	being committed to.

2001-08-22  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c: Back out the last change - the repository which is passed
	in is actually the directory and changes with each call to do_verify.
	If a verifymsg script is using `pwd`, this could change the operation.
	* cvs.h: Ditto.
	* commit.c: Ditto.
	* import.c: Ditto.

2001-08-22  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Return reused_message.
	(do_verify): Don't verify the same log message more than once.
	* cvs.h: Update prototypes for do_verify and do_editor.
	* commit.c (commit_fileproc, commit_direntproc): Use the new functionality.
	* import.c (import): Ditto.

2001-08-22  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_verify): Remove an unecessary "else" clause following an
	exit and unindent the former contents.

2001-08-22  Derek Price  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Don't call do_verify in client mode since we know
	do_verify will just return anyhow.

2001-08-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add version.c and version.h.
	(BUILT_SOURCES): Add version.h.
	(Maintainer Targets): Remove version.h.
	* version.c: Remove @VERSION@ dependant bits.
	* Removed.
	* New file.
	(Original patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

	* Various modifications to make Automake, make dist, and
	windows targets work like they are supposed to.
	* version.h: New (generated) file.

	* Regenerated.

2001-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (socket_buffer_shutdown): Use recv instead of read and
	return 0 on success.
	(Patch from "Manfred Klug" <>.)

2001-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Assume the buffer is not a socket
	when NO_SOCKET_TO_FD is defined.
	* client.c (make_bufs_from_fds): Add is_sock argument and remove fstat
	call and reference to S_ISSOCK since these functions aren't available
	under Windows.
	(connect_to_forked_server, connect_to_pserver, start_tcp_server,
	start_server, start_rsh_server): Use new argument.
	(Patch from "Manfred Klug" <>.)

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Various reformattings, fix bug
	where rsh pipes weren't being closed.

2001-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (rmadd, rm-update-message, join-two-branch,
	ignore-on-branch): Change a few references to `cvs' to `$PROG'.

2001-08-07  Derek Price  <>

	* Add annotate.c/annotate.obj,verify, correct zlib name.
	* patch.c: VMS time_t appears to be unsigned.   Add a cast when testing
	for (time_t)-1.
	* subr.c: #else,#endif for no symlinks should be moved.
	(Patch from Mike Marciniszyn <>.)

2001-08-06  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2001-08-01  Derek Price  <>

	* diff.c (diff): Send long option for side-by-side diffs to the server
	rather than '-y', for backwards compatibility with old servers.
	(Original patch from Peter Mathiasson <>.)

2001-07-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (cvswrappers_contents): Remove -t/-f since they're
	disabled in wrapper.c.

	* checkout.c (checkout): Don't complain about checking out into the
	repository when piping output.
	(Reported by der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>.)
	* (checkout_repository): New tests for above.

2001-07-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* (importc-7): Now works correctly in local mode.

	* commit.c (commit_dirleaveproc): We're still in the directory when
	this is called, so the first argument to Name_Repository needs to
	be NULL, not dir.
	* (rmadd): New tests for above.

	* commit.c (commit): Reword error messages for committing as root.

2001-07-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): Correct scanf format to allow for trailing
	NUL terminator.
	* update.c (special_file_mismatch): Ditto.
	(Reported by Pekka Savola <>.)

2001-07-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c, root.c: Fix -Wall warnings.

	* buffer.c: #include socket header to declare shutdown().

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_open): Use getpagesize() instead of sysconf() for
	(RCS_copydeltas, rcsbuf_fill): Fix -Wall warnings.

2001-07-04  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with new Automake release candidate 1.4h.

2001-07-03  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_open): Reduce memory consumption still further by not
	mmapping the entire file when pos is specified.
	(rcsbuf_cache_open): Add FIXME comment wrt read-only mmaps and rcsbuf

2001-07-03  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_open): Use mmap when possible to reduce memory
	consumption, especially with large (e.g. binary) files.
	(rcsbuf_close): Call munmap.
	(rcsbuf_getkey): Remove the buffer fill code when using mmap.
	(rcsbuf_getrevnum): Ditto.
	(rcsbuf_fill): Remove this function when using mmap.
	(rcsbuf_cache_open): Mostly don't use this function with mmap.
	(RCS_copydeltas): Don't depend on the file pointer with mmap.

	* Regenerated.

2001-07-03  Derek Price  <>

	* update.c: Indent compiler directives.

2001-07-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (update_rcs_file): Use -kb instead of -ko when comparing
	binary files.
	(Reported by Gyula Faller <>.)

2001-06-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Explicitly initialize all the static options
	so that multiple calls work right.  Also fix potential memory leaks.
	(Reported by Dr. Dieter Maurer <>.)

2001-06-28  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with new version of Automake.

2001-06-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Set history_name for export as well as
	(checkout_proc): Use it.

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Add missing argument in error message.

2001-06-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Use strip_trailing_slashes instead
	of doing it by hand.

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Don't clear out
	descrambled_password until *after* it's (potentially) logged.
	(Reported by Eric Hanchrow <>.)

2001-06-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Deal with at least some of the cases
	where trailing slashes cause confusion.
	(Reported by Malcolm Fernandes <>.)
	* (basica, basicb): Tweak existing tests to check this.

2001-06-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* (modules5): New tests with -d on command line.

2001-06-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Use run_module_prog and server_active to
	determine when to call server_prog instead of using server_expanding
	so that we get the right paths in the replies as long as we take
	mwhere into account in addition to where.
	(Reported by Pascal Bourguignon <>.)
	* server.c (server_prog): Use protocol pipe instead of buf_to_net.
	* (modules5): Remove FIXCVS comment and update to match.
	* server.c, server.h: Remove server_expanding since now unused.

2001-06-21  Larry Jones  <>
        for Stephen Rasku  <>

	* admin.c: Corrected spelling mistakes in help.

2001-06-20  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (socket_buffer_shutdown): Fix untested typos.
	(Reported by "Jerzy Kaczorowski" <>.)

	* buffer.c (stdio_buffer_shutdown): Put the call to SHUTDOWN_SERVER in
	the correct place.

2001-06-20  Derek Price  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Abort in the case that the file has only
	comment lines.
	(Original patch from Mark Valentine <>.)

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Fix rare memory leak.
	* (editor): Add tests for aborted log messages.

2001-06-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Only set $CVS_USER if
	(Reported by Nalin Dahyabhai <>.)

2001-06-13  Derek Price  <>

        * client.c: Fix incorrect fixed-size buffer usage in
	(Minor changes to a patch from Alexey Mahotkin  <>.)

2001-06-11  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Always print $CVSROOT when parse_cvsroot fails.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Tidy error messages and provide more
	consistent behavior.
	* (crerepos): Adapt to new error messages.
	(Suggested by  Alexey Mahotkin <>.)

2001-06-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (tagf-28): Use $CVSROOT_DIRNAME.

2001-06-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_unlock): Reverse kj's change of 1999-10-18: a bare -u
	should never break locks, you have to specify a specific revision
	to do that.  Also add an informative message for a bare -u when
	the user doesn't hold any locks.
	* commit.c (unlockrcs): Make RCS_unlock quiet, like RCS_lock.
	* (rmadd-24): Update to match.

	* (crerepos-6a): Set CVS_RSH for ${testcvs}, not for
	dotest_fail.  Allow for "broken pipe" rather than "end of file".

2001-06-07  Derek Price  <>

	* (tagf): Use $CVSROOT_DIRNAME rather than

2001-06-06  Derek Price  <>

	(Reformatting, bug fixes, tests, and comments to a
	patch from Stephen Cameron <>.)

	* tag.c: (rtag_fileproc, rtag_delete, tag_fileproc)
	  Changed behavior of "cvs tag -F", "cvs tag -d", "cvs rtag -F"
	  and "cvs rtag -d" so that they will not disturb existing
	  branch tags unless a new "-B" option is given.
	* (tagf-16 - tagf-33): Added tests for new -B option
	  to "cvs tag" and "cvs rtag"

2001-06-06  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos-6a): Set CVS_RSH=false and only for the actual
	test call at Larry's suggestion.  Also, test the error message since
	it's fixed now.

2001-06-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_unlock): Note when breaking someone else's lock.
	(Reported by MURVAI-BUZOGANY Laszlo
	* (reserved-14): Update to match.

2001-06-05  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos-6a): Set CVS_RSH=/bin/false...  this is a local
	mode only test anyhow.
	(Thanks to Larry Jones and Morgan Burke <>.)

2001-05-31  Derek Price  <>

	* (rcs2-7): Add today to the list of failure dates for rcs2-7
	in the hopes that the data will eventually prove useful to someone
	motivated enough to fix the problem.

2001-05-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2001-05-30  Derek Price  <>

	* *: Various bug fixes and comments for the following
	patch from Donald Sharp <>:

	* checkout.c (safe_location): cvs co -d <directory> still had
	failure modes from the way the -d option works.
	* Misc error message resynching.

2001-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Add root.h.

	* Regenerated.
	* Regenerated.

2001-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Correct formatting.

2001-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Fix a comment.

2001-05-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (safe_location): Use old-style definition to keep
	non-ANSI compilers happy.

	* (check_respository): Use ${CVSROOT_DIRNAME} instead
	of /tmp/cvs-sanity/cvsroot.

2001-05-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* (modules5): Add sleep to script to help avoid out of
	order messages.

	* filesubr.c (mkdir_if_needed): Return 1 if the directory exists
	reguardless of what errno is set to.
	(Reported by "Robinson, Greg" <>.)

2001-05-25  Derek Price  <>
	for Donald Sharp  <>

	* checkout.c:  Modified safe_location() to refuse checkout if
	the -d option to co specifies inside of the repository.
	* import.c:  New parameter to safe_location needed to be added.
	* cvs.h:  New parameter to safe_location needed to be added.
	*  Test case to test for failure mode.

2001-05-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Don't build top_level_admin directory
	when exporting.
	(Reported by Tony Byrne <>.)

2001-05-21  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Fix a mispelling in a comment.
	(Patch from Alexey Mahotkin <>).

2001-05-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* login.c (password_entry_operation): Only warn if unable to open
	.cvspass for reading: may be initial login and it doesn't exist yet.

2001-05-15  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (start_tcp_server): Use the struct sockaddr_in declared in
	the function.
	(Reported by Emil Isberg <>.)

2001-05-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* annotate.c (annotate): Pass local to do_module and rannotate_proc
	so that -l actually works.
	* log.c (cvslog): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch): Ditto; make local local instead of global.
	(patch_proc): Use local_specified parameter instead of global.
	* tag.c (cvstag, rtag_proc): Ditto.

2001-05-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.h: Declare "struct buffer" outside prototype for __STDC__

2001-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c:  General refactoring.  Removed several global variables in
	favor of passing locals and/or dynamic evaluation.
	(recv_line): Removed this function.
	(make_bufs_from_fds): New function with factored code.
	(connect_to_forked_server): New prototype.  Use new functions.
	(connect_to_pserver): New prototype.  Use new functions.
	(connect_to_gserver): New prototype.  Use new API.
	(auth_server): Factored this portion of the pserver code so it can be
	shared.  Rewrote to use buffers rather than depending on a socket.
	(start_rsh_server): New prototype.  Use new API.
	(start_tcp_server): New prototype.  Use new API.
	(start_server): Factor some code.  Use new API.
	* client.h: New prototypes.
	* cvs.h: Gratuitous reformatting.  Use new root.h.
	* login.c (login): Use new connect_to_pserver API.
	* root.h: New file.  Contains some code that used to be in cvs.h.

2001-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Gratuitous reformatting.
	* client.h: Ditto.

2001-05-04  Derek Price  <>

	* zlib.c (compress_buffer_shutdown_input): Use new buffer shutdown
	(compress_buffer_shutdown_output): Ditto.
	(Thanks to Pavel Roskin <>.)

2001-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* buffer.c (struct stdio_buffer_closure): New structure to hold a
	FILE * and the child's PID when necessary.
	(stdio_buffer_initialize): Change proto to accept PID.  Set up new
	closure.  Pass new stdio_buffer_shutdown to buf_initialize.
	(stdio_buffer_input): Use new closure.
	(stdio_buffer_output): Ditto.
	(stdio_buffer_flush): Ditto.
	(stdio_buffer_shutdown): New function.  Teach buffer to close itself.
	(packetizing_buffer_shutdown): Use new buffer shutdown proto.
	* buffer.h (struct buffer): New buffer shutdown proto.
	(stdio_buffer_initialize): New proto.
	* client.c (log_buffer_shutdown): Use new proto.
	(socket_buffer_initialize): Pass shutdown func.
	(socket_buffer_shutdown): New function.
	* server.c (get_responses_and_close): Remove most of the guts.  Rely
	on the buffer shutdown function from now on.
	(start_rsh_server): Return child PID.

2001-05-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* history.c (history_write): Handle the case where the user's home
	directory doesn't exist gracefully instead of erroring out.
	(Reported by David Hoover <>.)

2001-05-03  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: s/allocate_and_strcat/xrealloc_and_strcat/ since that is what
	I wrote in the ChangeLog, oh, so long ago.
	* diff.c (diff): Ditto.
	* subr.c (allocate_and_strcat, xrealloc_and_strcat): Ditto.

2001-05-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getdate): Handle the (unusual!) case where we
	can't find any revisions at all.
	(Reported by Ryan Grow <>.)

2001-04-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* (multiroot2-9a): Rename (from multiroot2-9) to avoid
	duplicate names; fix to work without SERVER_SUPPORT defined.
	(Reported by Pavel Roskin <>.)

2001-04-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (check-local): Make dependent on localcheck and
	remotecheck and move old check target...
	(localcheck): here.

	* Regenerated.

2001-04-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* (pserver): Add tests for readers and writers.

2001-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* (version-2r): Update to handle patch releases in version

2001-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* version.c: Regenerated.

2001-04-27  Derek Price  <>

	* version.c: Regenerated.

2001-04-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): Lookup specified command, not
	whatever's in the global command_name.

2001-04-25  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated using AM 1.4e as of today at 18:10 -0400.
	* version.c: Regenerated.

2001-04-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): Make an unwritable val-tags file a
	warning instead of a fatal error.

2001-04-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* annotate.c (annotate_usage): -r and -D are not mutually exclusive.
	* main.c (cmd_usage): Add missing version subcommand.
	* update.c (update_usage): Add missing -C option.

	* (death2): New tests for previous change.

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Treat a dead revision like the RCS
	file doesn't exist.
	* Update to match.

2001-04-16  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c, update.c: Fix usage messages: -r and -D are not
	mutually exclusive.
	(Suggested by David L. Martin <>.)

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Don't add a blank line to the message.
	* (editor-log-file*): Update to match.

	* checkout.c, update.c: Note in usage message that -k is sticky.

	* server.c: (server_cleanup, wait_sig): Remove ancient SunOS kludge.
	(Suggested by Rob Saccoccio <>.)

2001-04-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* (dotest, dotest_lit, dotest_fail, dotest_status,
	dotest_sort): Don't count on $? being set in then or else clauses.

	* ignore.c (ignore_files): Collect unignored files into a list and
	sort it before calling PROC to avoid order dependencies.  Rewrite
	the while loop to allow normal continues instead of goto.

2001-04-04  Derek Price  <>

	* (ignore-on-branch-3): Fix in the remote case.

2001-04-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (update_fileproc): Remove unused variable (resurrecting).

2001-04-03  Derek Price  <>
	    Larry Jones  <>
	    reported by Jakob Bøhm  <>

	* update.c (update_fileproc): Don't store a file with T_UNKNOWN status
	in ignlist if present in the sandbox.
	* (ignore-on-branch): New test.
	(ignore): Tidy this test.

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Make sure the test for `id' fails when a nonstandard `id'
	is used and the user is root.  Fix some quoting in error messages.
	(fork): Take `cvs' out of the PATH.
	(TODO): Add note about the test suite not working with user names over
	eight characters in length.

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (fork): New test for CVS_SERVER default.
	(TODO): Note about eventually removing most of the references to

2001-04-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): Use program_path as the default
	server instead of "cvs".

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Use less obfuscated English in my comment about sanity

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (rm-update-message): Create a test directory again but
	change back to the correct directory upon completion this time.

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Change last two '[.*]'s to 'test's for
	consistency and remove...
	(TODO): the note from the TODO list.

2001-04-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Add test for PWD before successful exit.

2001-03-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* (rm-update-message): Remove duplicate code.

2001-03-30  Derek Price  <>

	* (rm-update-message): New test for local/client-server
	warning message discrepency.

2001-03-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* annotate.c: Move annotate() here from rcs.c, support rannotate.
	*, Add annotate.c.
	* main.c (cmds[], cmd_usage[]): Add rannotate.
	* rcs.c: Move declarations of rcs_delta_op and RCS_deltas to...
	* rcs.h:    ... here.
	* server.c (serve_rannotate): New.
	(requests[]): Add rannotate.
	* (ann): New tests for rannotate.

	* log.c (rlog_proc): Remove dead code.

2001-03-30  Derek Price  <>

	* (join-readonly-conflict): Run more of this through dotest.

2001-03-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_fileproc): Don't output working file for rlog.
	* (log): New tests for rlog.

	* cvs.h (mtype): Add MISC type.
	* log.c (cvslog): Support rlog as well as log.
	(rlog_proc): New.
	* main.c (cmds[], cmd_usage[]): Add rlog.
	(main): Remove old rlog warning message.
	* server.c (serve_rlog): New.
	(requests[]): Add rlog.

2001-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* cd to $TESTDIR once after it is normalized.  Make TODO
	on history and symlinks more specific.  Tested properly this time.

2001-03-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (cmds[], lookup_command_attribute, main): Include the
	command attributes in the global command table instead of inferring
	them from the command names.  Change the sense of the
	CVS_CMD_IGNORE_ADMROOT attribute to match its name.

2001-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (*, basic2-64): Remove references to TMPPWD.  Fix FIXME
	at end of script now that $TESTDIR can't be relative.

2001-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* Normalize TESTDIR even when the user set it.

2001-03-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver, start_tcp_server): Add IP address
	to connect failed message.
	(connect_to_forked_server, connect_to_pserver, start_tcp_server): Add
	trace messages ala start_rsh_server.
	(start_rsh_server): Include entire command in trace message for

2001-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* Global search & replace ${TESTDIR}/cvsroot with
	${CVSROOT_DIRNAME} for consistency.

2001-03-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (conflicts-12[68].5): Remove sanity hack which has allowed
	for a CVS bug since May 96/97.  Not sure when the bug went bye-bye, but
	the tests broke when $TESTDIR != $TMPPWD.

2001-03-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Don't report a conflict for a removed
	file when piping.  Also simplify the code structure.
	(Reported by Milos Kleint <>.)
	* (rmadd2-14[abc]): New tests for above.

2001-03-24  Noel Cragg  <>

	* diff.c: mods to allow `-T' and `-y' options to be passed through
	to the diff library.  This wasn't allowed earlier because of a
	similarly named options that got passed through to the old rcs
	programs.  We've long since stopped sending `-T' to any rcs
	utility and have never used `-y'.  Any users of moldly CVS
	versions which used to support `-T' have (hopefully) upgraded to
	one where that option isn't supported.  It seems reasonable to
	enable them again and pass them through.  ( still works
	(longopts): add short option equivalents for --initial-tab and
	(diff): add new short options to getopt string and switch

2001-03-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* Add check for ${DOTSTAR} with large matches.

2001-03-23  Derek Price  <>

	* Do the same as below for $keep.

2001-03-23  Derek Price  <>

	* Replace 'remote=(yes|no)' with 'remote=(:|false)' since
	often 'false' and more often ':' are shell builtins.  This makes the
	succinct, 'if $remote; then' faster than 'if test $remote = yes; then'.
	Alter tests in the rest of the script to match the new usage.  Added
	a suffix of 'r' to remote test names when it was appropriate and I
	remembered.  Some reformatting.

2001-03-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* (diffmerge1_yours, diffmerge1_mine): Check for exact
	output instead of using wildcards to avoid buffer overflows in some
	versions of expr.

2001-03-21  Derek Price  <>

	* cd to '/tmp' again rather than $HOME since HOME was set to
	a value inside ${TESTDIR} by the script.

2001-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (diffmerge1): Minor formatting and syntax changes.

	    for Jacob Burckhardt  <>

	* (diffmerge1): More merging behavior tests.  Specifically,
	test some cases which broke before in Karl Tomlinson's diff fix was
	checked in today.

2001-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't use unescaped parens in sh outside of quotes.

2001-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't remove ${TESTDIR} when -k (keep) set.

2001-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Change usage to match the new getopts format and comment.

2001-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (modules2-nestedrename): New test.  Verifies behavior of
	renames nested under an ampersand module.
	(modules2-ampertag): New test.  Verifies an error condition which
	prevents some ampersand modules from being checked out when a tag
	is specified.

2001-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (modules2): Additional test for ampersand module behavior
	with '-d'.

	    for Greg Klanderman  <>

	* checkout.c (build_one_dir): Fix typo where clauses of two
	conditionals were reversed in call to Create_Admin.  This caused
	the CVS/Tag file to be removed in cases where it should have been
	set, and vice-versa.  It only surfaced in rare cases as this code
	is only invoked when using the -d option to build the path to
	check out in.  Further, the bug would only matter when checking
	out a module containing ampersand modules within it, via
	client/server CVS.

2001-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (admin-28-5): Confirm that a missing tag during an
	'admin -n' operation is not a fatal error.

2001-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* admin.c (admin_data): Remove 'quiet' member.
	(admin_fileproc): Use global 'really_quiet' rather than

2001-03-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (admin): Replace hardcoded testdir path with the variable.

2001-03-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (basica, binfiles, head, admin): Adjust for new messages.
	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Only print messages when not in
	really_quiet mode.

	    for Stephen Rasku  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_tag2rev): Make a missing tag a survivable error.

2001-03-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* subr.c (sleep_past): Fix various bugs that would result in a
	negative sleep time if it weren't unsigned; since it is, it would
	result in a very large sleep time.  Ensure that us is always less
	than 1000000.  Don't try to sleep for more 1 sec with usleep.
	Cast NULL select arguments to correct type just in case.

2001-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* subr.c (sleep_past): New function.
	* client.c (get_responses_and_close): Use new function.
	* commit.c (commit): Ditto.
	* update.c (do_update): Ditto.
	* cvs.h: Prototype new function.

	* Regenerated.

2001-03-14  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.
	* Ditto.

2001-03-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Allow adding on the trunk when there's
	an existing non-Attic RCS file as long as the head revision is dead.
	This can happen due to an aborted resurrection.
	(commit_fileproc): When resurrecting, consider the dead revision
	along with the other files' revisions.
	(findmaxrev): Avoid unnecessary work.
	(checkaddfile): Only warn if file isn't in Attic as expected.
	(Reported by Ross Burton <>.)
	* (basica-r*): New tests for above.
	(basica-o4): Update to match.

2001-03-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* edit.c (edit_fileproc, unedit_fileproc): Some implementations of
	asctime/ctime apparently use a leading zero on the date instead
	of the space required by the C Standard.  Correct for this so that
	shared working directories work without hassle.
	(Reported by David L. Martin <>.)
	* entries.c (fgetentent): Ditto.
	* vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server, time_stamp) Ditto.

2001-03-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* (basica, binfiles2, head, admin): Update to match
	change to admin.c.

2001-03-06  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (recv_bytes): Handle EOF as in recv_line().
	(Reported by Pavel Roskin <>.)

	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Change final error message to clarify
	that CVS refused to modify the RCS file rather than being unable to.

2001-02-28  Jim Meyering  <>

	* commit.c (commit_usage): Use `-F logfile' (rather than -F file') in
	the description of that option, to be consistent with the `-F logfile'
	in the Usage: line.  Use spaces instead of TAB characters, and realign.

2001-03-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos): Make failed ${CVS_RSH-rsh} attempt print the
	name of the command it actually used rather than 'rsh'.

2001-02-27  Derek Price  <>

	* (modules2-ampermod-*): Added these tests to make sure the
	top level directory is created in an ampermodule when '-n' is passed to

	original bug report from
	    Wolfgang Haefelinger <>

2001-02-27  Derek Price  <>

	* (version-[12]): replace ' (client/server)' with .* in these
	two tests so that 'make check' works with whatever client/server
	options the executable was compiled with.

2001-02-23  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Only check a cvsroot_t's isremote member when client
	support is enabled.
	* server.c: Include GSSAPI headers with client support as well as
	server support.

2001-02-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* modules.c, cvs.h (do_module): Add build_dirs argument and use it
	instead of run_module_prog.  Change all callers.
	* tag.c (cvstag): For rtag, don't build directories.
	* (modules3): Update to match.

2001-02-20  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c: Use xgssapi.h.
	* server.c: Ditto.

2001-02-15  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Correct error from yesterday.
	* Regenerated.

2001-02-14  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c: Include xselect.h.
	* update.c (do_update): Use best available sleep function.

2001-02-14  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Alphabetize and split to one/line.
	(cvs_LDADD): Alphabetize and split to one/line.
	* Regenerated.

2001-02-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* Remove references to rtag.c & rtag.obj.

2001-02-13  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (date_to_tm): New function to convert an RCS date string to a
	struct tm.
	(tm_to_internet): New function to convert a struct tm to a date string
	as specified by RFC822 and amended by RFC 1123.
	(date_to_internet): Use the above two functions and a struct tm
	intermediary for conversion.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Answer somebody's comment and use the new
	diff_exec API.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Use new diff_exec API.
	(RCS_delete_revs): Use new diff_exec API.
	(make_file_label): If the file name is DEVNULL, date it the Epoch for
	compatibility with the POSIX.2 spec and Larry Wall's patch
	* rcscmds.c (diff_exec): Accept new label arguments.
	* (death2): Update some diff tests to accept the new format.
	* update.c (patch_file): Use new diff_exec API.
	* diff.c (diff_fileproc): Create header labels appropriate for
	compatibility with the Larry Wall version of patch.
	(diff): Rename calls to strcat_and_allocate.
	(strcat_and_allocate): Rename and move...
	* subr.c (xrealloc_and_strcat): here.
	* cvs.h: Update prototypes to match.

2001-02-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (cvs_SOURCES): Remove rtag.c.

2001-02-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* (directory_cmp): Return status rather than setting ISDIFF.
	(basic2): Rewrite using dotest.

2001-02-06  Larry Jones  <>

	* tag.c, rtag.c: Merge with tag.c being the surviving file.
	* Update to match.
	* main.c (cmds): rtag() => cvstag().
	* server.c (serve_rtag): Ditto, and set command name.

2001-02-06  Derek Price  <>
	    Rex Jolliff  <>
	    Shawn Smith  <>

	* add.c: Replace opendir, closedir, & readdir calls with CVS_OPENDIR,
	CVS_CLOSEDIR, & CVS_READDIR in support of changes to handle VMS DEC C
	5.7 {open,read,close}dir problems.  Check today's entry in the vms
	subdir for more.
	* filesubr.c: ditto
	* find_names.c: ditto
	* ignore.c: ditto
	* import.c: ditto
	* lock.c: ditto
	* update.c: ditto

2001-02-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.h: Changed include guard macro from _error_h_ to ERROR_H;
	names beginning with underscore are reserved.
	* login.c (password_entry_parseline, password_entry_operation,
	password_entry_operation_e, password_entry_operation_t): Removed
	leading underscore(s).
	(password_entry_parseline): Corrected error messages.
	(password_entry_operation): Fixed uninitialized variable (password).
	(login): Removed unused variable (found_password).

	* rtag.c (rtag_proc): Call lock_tree_for_write() before calling
	start_recursion.  This fixes a serious problem where do_recursion
	was reading and caching RCS files without any locks in place and
	that information was subsequently being used to rewrite the file
	causing any intermediate changes to be lost.
	(rtag_filesdoneproc): Defunct.
	(Reported by Karl Tomlinson <>.)
	* tag.c (cvstag, tag_filesdoneproc): Ditto.
	* lock.c (lock_tree_for_write): Add which argument, change all
	callers to pass W_LOCAL.
	* rcs.h: Ditto.

2001-01-29  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (get_cvs_port_number): change the prototype to accept a
	const cvsroot_t * as input and add a FIXME comment
	* cvs.h: new prototypes for get_cvs_port_number & normalize_cvsroot
	* login.c (_password_entry_operation): consolidate all the ~/.cvspass
	access into a single new function which reads ~/.cvspass in a backwards
	compatible manner
	(logout): use the new _password_entry_operation function
	(login): ditto
	(get_cvs_password): ditto
	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): move knowledge of default port & username
	values inside

2001-01-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* subr.c (shell_escape): New function.
	* cvs.h: Declare it.
	* logmsg.c (logfile_write): Use it to avoid problems with filenames
	containing "'".
	(Reported by Gerhard Ahuis <>.)

	* server.c (outbuf_memory_error, pserver_authenticate_connection,
	kserver_authenticate_connection): If available, use syslog() to
	record some errors.

2001-01-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): If there's a partial output line left
	over and the client doesn't support MT, go ahead and send it in an
	M response instead of just dropping it.
	(Reported by Milos Kleint <>.)

	* update.c (update_fileproc): Handle toss_local_changes in the
	(Inspired by Noel L Yap <>.)
	* (clean): New tests for above.

2001-01-23  Derek Price  <>

	* run.c (run_exec): flush, if used, stderr and stdout before exit
	* server.c (cvs_flusherr): flush stderr & send a stderr flush command
	on the protocol pipe
	(cvs_flushout): like above, for stdout
	(do_cvs_command): handle flushes properly
	* (reserved): make the commitinfo script echo errors to
	stderr rather than stdin

2001-01-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (option_revlist, revlist, log_usage, cvslog,
	log_parse_revlist, log_expand_revlist, log_version_requested): Add
	support for :: for exclusive ranges.
	* admin.c (admin_usage): Reorder -o to be parallel to log -r.
	* (log): New tests for above.

2001-01-18  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c: Add '2001' to the range of copyright years listed by the
	--version option
	* (version): check current_parsed_root before its isremote
	member to avoid a core dump
	* (version): add a test for the version command

	* version.c: regenerated

2001-01-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c, rcs.h (RCS_lock, RCS_unlock): Use RCS_gettag to find the
	correct revision so that symbolic tags work correctly.  (This
	requires removing the "const" from the rev parameter since it's
	passed to RCS_gettag which might modify it.)
	(Reported by irina sturm <>.)

2001-01-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* run.c (close_on_exec): Remove check for FD_CLOEXEC.  As far as I
	can see, it's *never* been defined, which defeats the whole point.
	If F_SETFD is defined, it's probably safe to use it.

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Call close_on_exec on the protocol and
	flow control pipes in the child process so they don't get inherited
	by any subsidiary processes.
	(Reported by Tristan Gingold <>.)

	* cvs.h (free_cvsroot_t): Spell correctly (was free_CVSroot_t).

2001-01-10  Derek Price  <>
	    Rex Jolliff  <>

	* VMS changes
	* filesubr.c: replace calls to unlink() with CVS_UNLINK() for VMS
	* rcs.c: ditto

2001-01-10  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (current_root): explicitly list this as a static global

2001-01-10  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (get_cvs_port_number): change name & prototype from
	* client.c (get_cvs_port_number): new function which returns a port
	number based on a cvsroot_t rather than requiring all possible sources
	passed in
	(connect_to_pserver): use new get_cvs_port_number function
	(connect_to_server): ditto
	* login.c (get_password): use new get_cvs_port_number function
	(login): ditto
	(logout): ditto

2001-01-10  Derek Price  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/version.c): specify $(srcdir) for all subparts
	of the build since some systems don't allow mv's across partitions
	* regenerated

2001-01-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (version.c): specify $(srcdir) explicitly in target rule
	so version.c gets built properly for all makes.
	(version.o): specify $(srcdir)/version.c explicitly so dependency is
	found and built properly
	* regenerated

2001-01-09  Derek Price  <>

	* version.c: updated timestamp

2001-01-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server): Change to server_temp_dir immediately after
	creating it so that any stray files that happen to be created go
	there instead of in the server's initial directory, wherever that
	may be.
	* (modules5-15): Update to match.

	* Update to match Derek's change to version.c.

2001-01-09  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: Remove the various CVSroot_* bits and replace them with a
	single structure of type cvsroot_t (current_parsed_root)

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): return pointer to a new cvsroot_t rather than
	altering global variables
	(local_cvsroot): return a pointer to a new cvsroot_t rather than
	setting globals.  changed the name of this function from
	set_local_cvsroot to better explain new functionality
	(new_cvsroot_t): new initializer function
	(free_cvsroot_t): new function
	(others): use current_parsed_root rather than the old CVSroot_* globals

	* add.c: use current_parsed_root rather than the old CVSroot_* globals
	* admin.c: ditto
	* checkout.c: ditto
	* client.c: ditto
	* commit.c: ditto
	* create_adm.c: ditto
	* diff.c: ditto
	* edit.c: ditto
	* expand_path.c: ditto
	* find_names.c: ditto
	* history.c: ditto
	* ignore.c: ditto
	* import.c: ditto
	* lock.c: ditto
	* log.c: ditto
	* login.c: ditto
	* logmsg.c: ditto
	* main.c: ditto
	* mkmodules.c: ditto
	* modules.c: ditto
	* parseinfo.c: ditto
	* patch.c: ditto
	* rcs.c: ditto
	* recurse.c: ditto
	* release.c: ditto
	* remove.c: ditto
	* repos.c: ditto
	* rtag.c: ditto
	* server.c: ditto
	* status.c: ditto
	* tag.c: ditto
	* update.c: ditto
	* version.c: ditto
	* watch.c: ditto
	* wrapper.c: ditto

2001-01-05  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h (enum CVSmethod): add null_method
	* root.c (method_names): correlate null_method & "undefined"
	(parse_cvsroot): make two error cases non fatal
	* (crerepos-6b): account for new error message, re above

2001-01-05  Derek Price  <>

	* src/ (cvsbug, cvsbug_EXTRA_DIST, EXTRA_DIST): move cvsbug
	target to - see ../ChangeLog for more
	* src/ Rename from
	* src/ Rename to

2001-01-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* (cvsbug): Explicitly list input file ($< is only
	valid in inference rules).
	* Ditto.

2001-01-04  Derek Price  <>

	* use getopts rather than getopt for portability reasons

2001-01-03  Derek Price  <>

	* (remotecheck): depend on 'all'
	* regenerated

2000-12-29  Derek Price  <>

	* remove explicit "$@" from last checkin and move the 'do'
	to the line following the 'for'.  Apparently this is more portable.

2000-12-29  Derek Price  <>

	* make "$@" explicit in 'for' statement since Solaris 5.6's
	implementation of Bourne shell doesn't seem to implement this default

2000-12-27  Derek Price  <>

	* add a -f option for continuing from a particular test
	and shorten --keep to -k so we can use the getopt function.

2000-12-27  Derek Price  <>

	* (remotecheck): Make remotecheck dependant on all
	* regenerated

2000-12-26  Derek Price  <>

	* update timestamp
	* ditto
	* version.c: ditto

2000-12-26  Derek Price  <>

	* new target for version.c
	(EXTRA_DIST): add & version.c so builds work when
	configure doesn't
	* Regenerated
	* update timestamp
	* version.c: ditto

2000-12-26  Derek Price  <>

	* (INCLUDES): add zlib
	* Regenerated

2000-12-22  Derek Price  <>

	* (DISTCLEANFILES): added a few files
	(INCLUDES): commented
        * Regenerated

2000-12-21  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Added .deps directory and a new stamp file
	* New file needed by Automake
	* Regenerated
	* New stamp file created by Automake
	* use configure to generate version.c

2000-12-16  Derek Price  <>

	* server.c (server_update): Keep the vers structure up to date after
	sending a Remove or Remove-entry command to the client
	* update.c (update): remove call to server_updated() after
	(scratch_file): in server mode, call server_updated(), otherwise keep
	the vers structure up to date
	(join_file): add a trace, save the revision to Register() on a remove
	before calling server_scratch & server_updated
	* (join): Add test for a remove/add caused by an update
	to a new branch and a join in the same step.

2000-12-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.c (error): Add %ld and %lu.

	* history.c: Change hrec.idx from int to long, reformat NEXT_BAR
	for readability, add hrec_idx.
	(fill_hrec): Change initialization to be portable and always set
	idx so it can be used as a line number in error messages; improve
	parsing and error checking.
	(read_hrecs): Initialize hrec_idx, handle embedded NULs, warn about
	no newline at end of file.
	(select_hrec): Add basic validity checking.

2000-12-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* history.c (history): Allow multiple -m options as documented.

2000-11-29  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): back out yesterday's redundant changes
	* main.c (main): fix CVSROOT trace message to look like other trace
	* (multiroot2-9): expect new trace message

2000-11-28  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): add trace on this function
	* client.c (get_port_number): make trace print look like others

2000-11-16  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): back out the previous change in the
	interests of portability, add an assertion, and fix the header comment

2000-11-16  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): refine the exit behavior to notice if
	the out param was passed in NULL and, if so, avoid setting it and delete
	the temp file for later

2000-11-16  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): fixed a garble or two, added some
	additional error checking, and added a comment

2000-11-15  Derek Price  <>

	* filesubr.c (cvs_temp_file): added cvs_temp_file
	function to use mkstemp rather than one of the other temp file
	generators as gcc keeps complaining I should.
	(cvs_temp_name): altered this function to simply wrap cvs_temp_file
	and deprecated it
	* cvs.h: added prototype for cvs_temp_file
	* commit.c (commit): use the new function instead of the old and plug
	an old (though related) memory leak.
	* import.c (import): use the new function
	* login.c (login): Ditto
	* logmsg.c (do_editor, do_verify): Ditto
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto

2000-11-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c, update.h (do_update): Add xdotemplate parameter.
	Change all callers.
	(update_dirent_proc): Use dotemplate for Create_Admin, not 1.
	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Don't create CVS/Template if
	(Reported by Andrey Podkolzin <>.)

2000-11-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Use getgroups() to check for membership in
	CVS_ADMIN_GROUP if it exists.  In any event, check the user's
	primary group in addition to any additional groups.
	(Reported by Thomas Okken <>.)

2000-11-06  Jim Meyering  <>

	Compile with gcc's -Wformat and fix the exposed problems.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot) [! HAVE_KERBEROS]: Provide an argument
	for the %s error format spec.
	[! HAVE_GSSAPI]: Likewise.
	(normalize_cvsroot): Put comment delimiters around token after `#endif'.

2000-11-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* Some versions of sed require a space between -e and
	the value.

2000-10-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Don't check for a safe location if just
	cat'ing the module database.
	(Reported by Ilya Martynov <>.)
	Have -s set cat as well as status; it simplifies the code.

2000-10-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* (join-admin-2): Check output from all commands instead
	of (mostly) discarding.  (Some of the tests used to produce stray
	output in remote mode.)

	* (dotest_line_by_line): Handle empty lines in pattern
	(expr doesn't distingish between successfully matching nothing
	and failing to match anything).

	* (dotest_internal): Rearrange and use elif to simplify.

2000-10-24  Jim Meyering  <>

	Fix a bug, introduced with my fix of 2000-07-10, whereby -kk would
	sometimes be ignored for some of the files involved in an update.

	* update.c (join_file): Restore the original value of `options'
	right after calling checkout_file.
	* (join-admin-2): New test for this.

2000-10-23  Derek Price  <>
            James Youngman  <>

	* it's /gnu/bin, not /gun/bin.  Thanks go to James Youngman
	<> for the bug report and patch.

2000-10-20  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Set CVS_USER.  Patch from Sudish
	Joseph and popularized by dozens (e.g., also others).

2000-10-20  Derek Price  <>
            KOIE Hidetaka  <>

	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): plug a memory leak.  Thanks to
	KOIE Hidetaka <>

2000-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): added a close brace the lack of which
	was preventing compilation when gssapi was enabled.  Removed a
	redundant check for HAVE_KERBEROS.

2000-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): removed references to free_port_s and the
	now useless call to free now that port_s is on the stack.  Thanks to
	Jon Miner.

2000-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* root.c (normalize_cvsroot): remove calls to snprintf for
	compatibility with M$ Windoze.

2000-10-18  Derek Price  <>

	* (crerepos-6a, crerepos-6a-r): fix a "?" in a regex & pipe
	the output of a test to /dev/null since we don't know what error
	messages specific rsh implementations will output.

2000-10-17  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs.h: added CVSroot_password variable. Provided prototypes for
	get_port_number & normalize_cvsroot.
	* client.c (get_port_number): Fixed an ANSI prototype I had included
	for get_port_number.
	* login.c (login, logout): Removed two checks for a non-null
	CVSroot_username since parse_cvsroot now supplies a default in pserver
	mode. allow for a password in CVSROOT
	(get_cvs_passsword): return CVSroot_password if it was supplied
	in the CVSROOT.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Changed CVSROOT spec from
	:method:user@host/port:/cvsroot to
	Removed the xstrdup function since we'd rather have the error checking
	from the version in subr.c anyhow.  Moved some error messages which
	looked like they would print the wrong error message after a failed
	connect_to_gserver call.
	(normalize_cvsroot): return a normalized CVSROOT for use in the
	.cvspass file.
	* (crerepos-6): fix a test which was expecting an old error

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): Moved some error messages which looked like they
	would print the wrong error message after a failed connect_to_gserver

	* login.c (login): Paranoiacly zero a password in memory.

2000-10-12  Derek Price  <>

	* client.c (auth_server_port_number -> get_port_number, start_pserver,
	start_tcp_server): use a port specified in CVSROOT instead of the
	default port.  Failing that, use the CVS_CLIENT_PORT environment
	* cvs.h: Added global CVSroot_port & renamed auth_server_port_number.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Parse the new CVSROOT format properly.
	Incidentally reformated some error messages for uniformity and
	* (crerepos): fix two tests which were now expecting the
	wrong error message.

2000-10-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Fix stupid mistake
	in previous change.

2000-10-11  Derek Price  <>

	* main.c (main): Dispose old CVSroot when parsing a '-d' option if
	free_CVSroot is set.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): remove references to 'cvsroot_parsed', a
	static boolean I expect hasn't been used since CVS learned to handle
	multiple CVSROOTs.

2000-10-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (print_error): Make up a message if strerror fails.

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Give a real error
	message for an invalid repository.

2000-10-06  Derek Price  <>

	* add.c (add): Made quiet mode affect some warning messages as seemed
	appropriate.  Specifically, some of the messages which a user might
	want to ignore so they don't have to be quite so specific on the
	command line: files added twice, files already in the repository and
	check out properly (i.e. but picked up by 'cvs add *'), & files which
	are readded in place of a dead revision or onto a branch.  '-q' will
	not change the non-zero exit code for the cases where at least one
	passed in file name was already in the Entries file.  There seems to
	be a precedent in remove.c.
	* remove.c (cvsremove): switched the "use cvs ci to make these changes
	permanent message" to only print w/o '-Q' to match the new behavior of
	add.  This seems appropriate as '-Q' is defined to restrict messages
	to critical errors.
	* (adderrmsg): Added some tests for the above behavior.

2000-10-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (call_in_directory): Create CVSADM directory if it doesn't
	exist in the directory.  This makes client/server work more like
	standalone when checking out into an existing (non-CVS) directory.
	* (dirs2, conflicts3, toplevel): Update to match.

2000-10-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (get_homedir): Ignore $HOME when running in server mode.

2000-10-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* cvs.h: Define (and use) T_PATCH as a valid file classification
	even when SERVER_SUPPORT isn't defined -- it simplifies the code.
	* classify.c (Classify_File): Ditto.
	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Ditto.
	* status.c (status_fileproc): Ditto.
	* update.c (update_fileproc): Ditto.
	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Accept T_PATCH in addition to T_CHECKOUT.
	* (tagc-10): Update to match.

2000-09-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (get_responses_and_close): Reset server_fd to -1 after
	shutting down.
	(Reported by Joerg Thoennes <>.)

2000-09-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Don't sleep before returning in server mode,
	just let the client do it.
	* update.c (do_update): Ditto.

	* (find_tool): Correct method of checking for GNU tools.

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Match up user directories with
	repository directories instead of using Emptydir.
	* (cvsadm, emptydir): Update to match.

2000-09-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* version.c: Push version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.11.

2000-09-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* Use @bindir@, @libdir@, @infodir@, and @mandir@
	from autoconf.

2000-08-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (init): Create an empty val-tags file if it doesn't
	already exist to avoid problems with users not having sufficient
	permissions to create it later.

2000-09-06  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): Add "release" to commands
	which can be done by a read-only user.

2000-08-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* repos.c (Name_Repository): Use pathname_levels to detect attempts
	to get above the repository instead of checking for leading ..
	which isn't reliable.
	* (multiroot3-12 to multiroot3-15): New tests for above.

2000-08-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (expand_keywords): Handle the unusual case of log == NULL.
	(Reported by Craig Metz <>.)

2000-08-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* subr.c (pathname_levels): Fix bug that miscounts adjacent
	(Patch submitted by Tanaka Akira <>.)

	* loginc.c (login): If available, use getpassphrase instead of
	getpass to support long passwords on Solaris.

2000-07-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (server_noop): Avoid do_cvs_command() overhead.
	(requests): Make noop RQ_ROOTLESS.

2000-07-27  Noel Cragg  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): change fork method to behave like other
	remote methods -- let the server check that the repository
	directory is an absolute pathname.

2000-07-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (set_lock): Include actual lock directory in error message.
	* (multiroot3-10): Change to match.

	* (client-3): Allow for a potential "broken pipe".

2000-07-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Flush stdout before running script.
	* modules.c (do_module): Ditto.
	* update.c (update_dirleave_proc): Ditto.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Give input from the protocol pipe
	precedence over input from stdout/stderr.  There's no particularly
	good justification for this other than helping to avoid out-of-order
	messages in

	* admin.c (admin_usage): Add the supported options.

	* (info): Try to avoid out-of-order messages.

	* (info): Fix problems when running twice in a row.

2000-07-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* (modules5-7, cvsadm-1e, emptydir-2): Allow for a nil
	commit (can happen if the test is run twice in a row).

2000-07-19  Pavel Roskin  <>
	and Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (config_contents): Add a commented out example for
	LockDir. Don't suggest PreservePermissions unless it's enabled.

2000-07-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* login.c (get_cvs_password): Handle malformed ~/.cvspass more

2000-07-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* (modules5): New tests for module programs.

2000-07-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* filesubr.c (copy_file, xcmp): Handle systems (like Plan 9) that
	don't support mknod() and/or st_rdev.
	* import.c (add_rcs_file): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout, RCS_checkin): Ditto.
	* update.c (special_file_mismatch): Ditto.

2000-07-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* zlib.c (gunzip_and_write): Fix type clashes.

	* main.c (main): Remove unused variables.

2000-07-10  Jim Meyering  <>

	When a command like `cvs update -kk -jT1 -jT2' creates a new file
	(because it had the T2 tag, but not T1), the subsequent commit of
	that just-added file would effectively set the admin `-kk' option
	for that file in the repository.

	* update.c (join_file): Rename global-shadowing local `options'
	to `t_options'.
	Set file-scoped global `options' to NULL just before
	* (join-admin): New test for this.

2000-07-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* version.c, cvs.h (version): New function.
	* main.c (cmds[]): Add version command to invoke it.
	(main): Also use it in -v.
	* server.c (serve_version): New function.
	(requests[]): Add version command to invoke it.

2000-07-06  Karl Fogel  <>

	* (pserver-14): remove this test for portability
	reasons (it was only recently added for the 2000-07-04 change).

2000-07-06  Larry Jones  <> (modules-148): Don't test for specific revisions.

	* main.c (main): Catch SIGABRT to try to clean up after assertion
	failures.  Don't bother SIG_register'ing Lock_Cleanup because
	main_cleanup calls it indirectly anyway.
	* patch.c (patch): Catch SIGABRT.
	* rcs.c (rcs_internal_lockfile): Ditto.
	* server.c (server): Ditto.

	* fileattr.c (fileattr_write): Don't delete the unrecog_head list
	when writing...
	(fileattr_free): Delete it when freeing!

2000-07-05  Larry Jones  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Handle -t in client so reading from files works
	correctly in client/server mode.
	* (log2): Update to match.

2000-07-04  Karl Fogel  <>

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): use new
	getline_safe() during authentication phase, to avoid a
	denial-of-service attack in which client sends arbitrary
	amounts of data with no newlines.
	(Reported by <>.)

	* new test pserver-14 for above.

	* myndbm.c: #include getline.h.
	(mydbm_load_file): pass new GETLINE_NO_LIMIT flag to getstr().

2000-07-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* (modules): Rewrite using dotest.  Add "modules-"
	prefix to test names.

2000-06-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* error.c (error_exit): Call rcs_cleanup () to release any rcs locks.
	* rcs.c, rcs.h (rcs_cleanup): Make public, close file before trying
	to remove (some systems won't remove open files).
	(RCS_putdtree): Don't worry about cleaning up before call error
	since it now does it for us.
	(rcs_internal_lockfile, rcs_internal_unlockfile): Keep track of
	lock file fd for rcs_cleanup ().

	* client.c (handle_set_checkin_prog, handle_set_update_prog):
	Just ignore the request when exporting.

2000-06-27  Larry Jones  <>

	* create_adm.c, cvs.h (Create_Admin): Add dotemplate argument.
	Change all callers.
	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Don't create CVS/Template if

2000-06-26  Pavel Roskin <>
	and Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Only set CVS_Username if

2000-06-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (send_dirent_proc): Don't allocate ignlist if you're
	going to skip the directory (plugs memory leak).
	(send_dirleave_proc): New function.
	(send_files): Use it (plugs memory leak).
	* root.c (root_allow_free): Plug memory leaks.
	* server.c (serve_directory, serve_notify, check_password,
	pserver_authenticate_connection): Ditto.
	* update.c (update): Ditto.

	This completes the memory leak shoot-out -- the Purify'ed version
	of CVS now runs the entire test suite, both local and remote (except
	for remote crerepos, which causes Purify to choke) with *no* memory

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Don't free null pointer.

2000-06-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (update_entries, get_responses_and_close): Plug memory leaks.
	* commit.c (find_fileproc, commit): Ditto.
	* import.c (import): Ditto.
	* log.c (cvslog): Ditto.
	* recurse.c (start_recursion): Ditto.
	* remove.c (cvsremove): Ditto.
	* server.c (fd_buffer_initialize, server_notify, do_cvs_command): Ditto.
	(fd_buffer_shutdown): New function.

2000-06-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Put the terminating NUL byte into the
	string *before* copying it, not after. :-(

2000-06-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Plug memory leaks.
	* root.c (parse_cvsroot, set_local_cvsroot): Ditto.
	* server.c (serve_root): Ditto.

2000-06-16  Larry Jones  <>

	* fileattr.c (fileattr_read): Plug memory leak.
	* rcs.c (RCS_whatbranch): Ditto.
	* update.c (update_dirleave_proc): Ditto.

	* ignore.c (ign_dir_add): Duplicate string so caller can free.

	* modules.c (do_module): Don't write into dbm's memory!

2000-06-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Fix non-ANSI code in call to
	findslash(), minor cleanups.

2000-06-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* tag.c (val_direntproc): Return R_PROCESS instead of 0.

	* client.c (update_entries): Fix type clash calling gunzip_and_write().
	* server.c (receive_file): Fix type clash calling gunzip_and_write().
	(server_updated): Fix type clash calling buf_output().
	* error.c (error): Make buf char instead of unsigned char to avoid
	type clashes.

	* modules.c (do_module): Change callback_proc to pass argc by
	value instead of by reference: callback procs shouldn't be
	messing with the callers argc/argv, it makes correct memory
	management impossible.  Plug memory leaks.
	* cvs.h: Change to match.
	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Ditto; use a local argv array instead
	of messing with caller's.
	* modules.c (callback_proc): Ditto.
	* patch.c (patch_proc): Ditto; use a local argv array instead
	of messing with caller's.
	* rtag.c (rtag_proc): Ditto; use a local argv array instead
	of messing with caller's.
	* server.c (expand_proc): Ditto.
	* subr.c (line2argv): Change initial argv_allocated back to 1.

	* checkout.c (findslash): Fix non-ANSI code.

	* (modes3): Fix test names.

2000-06-13  Larry Jones  <>

	* add.c (add): Plug memory leaks.
	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Ditto.
	* checkout.c (build_dirs_and_chdir): Ditto.
	* edit.c (editors_fileproc): Ditto.
	* log.c (cvslog, log_parse_revlist, log_parse_date): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_addaccess): Ditto.
	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Ditto.
	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): Ditto.
	* watch.c (watchers_fileproc): Ditto.

2000-06-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_valword): Set rcsbuf->vlen to keep rcsbuf_valcopy()
	from allocating more memory than needed for @ strings.  Don't declare
	unless PRESERVE_PERMISSIONS_SUPPORT (since not defined).

	* rcs.c (RCS_abandon): New function to abandon changes.
	* rcs.h: Declare it.
	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Use it instead of RCS_reparsercsfile.

	* commit.c (commit_fileproc): Fix memory leaks.
	* patch.c (patch_fileproc): Ditto.
	* rcs.c (RCS_nodeisbranch, RCS_copydeltas): Ditto.
	* tag.c (tag_fileproc): Ditto.
	* update.c (update): Ditto.

2000-06-09  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_reparsercsfile, RCS_fully_parse, getdelta,
	RCS_getdeltatext): Handle newphrases with composite values.
	(rcsbuf_getkey): Don't remove @s in composite values -- it makes
	it impossible to parse the value!  Set special flag to indicate
	a composite value.
	(rcsbuf_valcopy, rcsbuf_valpolish_internal): Handle composite values.
	(putrcsfield): Write composite values.
	(RCS_checkin): Set node types in other_delta list.
	* hash.h: Add RCSCMPFLD.
	* hash.c (nodetypestring): Ditto.

	* rcs.c (getdelta): Never allocate space for value, just return
	pointer into rcsbuf (fixes memory leaks).  Use rcsbuf_getkey to
	read a key and value and then parse the value if needed rather
	than trying to read it in bits and pieces with rcsbuf_getid,
	rcsbuf_getstring, and rcsbuf_getword.
	(RCS_reparsercsfile): Change callers to compensate.
	(rcsbuf_valcmp, rcsbuf_valword): New functions.
	(rcsbuf_getid, rcsbuf_getstring, rcsbuf_getword): Deleted.
	* (rcs3-1): Now get slightly different error message.

2000-06-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (usg): Update CVS home page URL.

	* main.c (main): Provide an actual error message for an unknown
	command in addition to the usage message.

2000-06-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (serve_root, dirswitch, serve_repository,
	serve_static_directory, serve_sticky, receive_partial_file,
	receive_file, serve_modified, server_write_entries, serve_notify,
	serve_checkin_prog, serve_update_prog, server): Don't set
	pending_error before calling alloc_pending, it makes it fail;
	use alloc_pending instead of malloc when reasonable; be sure to
	save errno before calling functions that might change it.
	(Patch submitted by Dietmar Petras <>.)

2000-06-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Plug memory leak.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Plug memory leaks.
	* server.c (do_cvs_command): Plug file descriptor leaks.
	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Plug memory leak.

2000-05-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* recurse.c (unroll_files_proc): Plug memory leak.

	* recurse.c (addfile): Fix nonportable pointer cast.

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_getstring, rcsbuf_getword, getdelta): Plug memory

2000-05-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout, build_one_dir, checkout_proc): Move m_type
	to file scope and use it instead of continually doing strcmp on
	(build_one_dir, checkout_proc): Don't allow export if CVSADM
	directory already exists.

2000-05-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin, RCS_cmp_file): Plug memory leaks.  (Patch
	submitted by Chris G. Demetriou <>.)

2000-05-20  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_gserver): Handle server error messages

2000-05-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (requests): Make Global_option RQ_ROOTLESS so it can be
	used with init.

2000-05-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (start_server): Don't do encryption, authentication,
	compression, or case insensitivity when doing init because init
	is ROOTLESS and they're not.

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): Include repository and username in
	authorization failed message -- if a directory tree crosses multiple
	repositories, it can be quite difficult for the user to figure out
	which one is the problem.

2000-05-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Use full set of options when looking for -f to
	avoid misparsing options that take values (previously, -sVAR=foo
	was incorrectly parsed as though it were -s -V -A -R -= -f -o -o
	because it didn't know that -s takes a value).
	* (info-6b): New test for above.

	* (conflicts-status): Fix tests so they work remotely, too.

2000-05-17  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (TESTDIR): Fix braino in last change:
	cd to /tmp before invoking pwd.

	* Set TESTDIR so that `make check' passes even when /tmp
	is a symlink.
	(join-36): Use $TESTDIR rather than hard-coding `/tmp/cvs-sanity'.
	(conflicts-132): Remove unnecessary `rm aa'.

2000-05-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h, checkout.c (safe_location): Make extern.
	* import.c (import): Call it rather than reimplementing
	(incompletely) the same check.

2000-05-16  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.h, subr.c (file_has_markers): Check for any of the three
	conflict marker lines, not just one.
	* (conflicts-status): New tests for above.
	* Revise to avoid tripping the above check when merging
	changes into itself.

2000-05-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (join_file): When registering the result of the merge,
	make sure that the version number is valid (vers->vn_rcs may be
	null if the file doesn't exist on the branch yet).  (Patch submitted
	by Robert de Vries <>.)
	* update.c (join_file): Correct diagnostics (previous change was not
	correct -- the file *does* exist in the specified revision, it just
	doesn't exist in the sandbox).
	* (import-113, join): New tests and changes for above.

2000-05-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* Look for a useful id program.  Since we're getting
	the real username for some tests anyway, use it for all the
	tests instead of a generic regular expression that may or may
	not match the actual username.

2000-05-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c: More error messages.

2000-05-02  Donald Sharp <>
	and Larry Jones  <>

	* history.c (report_hrecs): Added code to print out year instead of
	just month/day.
	* (basic2-64, history): Update to match.

2000-04-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (dirswitch): Set pending_error_text in addition to
	pending_error to aid in problem determination.

2000-03-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (mkmodules): Return without doing anything if noexec
	is set to avoid trashing existing files.

2000-03-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c: Alphabetize cmds[] and cmd_usage[] and add server
	commands to cmd_usage[].

2000-03-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* (client-1): May get "Broken pipe" message from the
	"server" in addition to the expected output.

2000-03-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Set CVS_Username if it hasn't already
	been set elsewhere.  (Patch submitted by Gordon Matzigkeit

2000-03-13  Larry Jones  <>

	* parseinfo.c: Add extern to logHistory declaration.  (Reported by
	(parse_config): Reformat logHistory code.

2000-03-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* add.c (add): Don't try to set cvsroot_len until after checking
	for help only -- CVSroot_directory isn't set in that case.

2000-03-03  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (init): Use mkdir_if_needed to create CVSROOT/Emptydir
	so we don't fail if run multiple times.  (Reported by KOIE Hidetaka
	* (1a): New test for above.

2000-03-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c: Use identical #if's in the command table and the code
	for pserver and kserver to prevent "peculiar" configurations from
	having really perverse behavior because the command table entries
	are present but the related code isn't.

2000-03-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (import): Don't allow importing the repository.
	* (errmsg2-20, errmsg2-21): New tests for above.

2000-03-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Update year in copyright message.

2000-03-01  Larry Jones  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): Correct previous change.

2000-02-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* logmsg.c (do_editor): When reading temp file, check that message
	buffer is large enough to hold the next line and expand if needed.

2000-02-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (commit): Use get_file() to read log file correctly
	and in text mode rather than binary mode.

	* subr.c (get_file): Ignore bufsize if buf is NULL.  Include
	terminating NUL byte when estimating required buffer size.

2000-02-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* (find_tool): New function to replace duplicated code.

2000-02-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (add_rcs_file): Don't abort just because lstat fails.

2000-02-16  Jim Meyering  <>

	Avoid race condition whereby a catchable signal could
	end up corrupting the repository.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Put a critical section around the code
	that handles the first commit on the trunk of a file that's already
	been committed on a branch.
	* cvs.h (Sig_inCrSect): Declare new function.

2000-02-21  Karl Fogel  <>

	* main.c (main): still check for repository, but not history file
	(correction to 2000-02-18 change -- that's what I get for
	believing the comment rather than the code).

2000-02-21  K.J. Paradise <>

	* history.c mkmodules.c parseinfo.c: control which actions
	get logged to the cvs history file via CVSROOT/config file
	and LogHistory keyword. (John P Cavanaugh <>)

2000-02-18  Karl Fogel  <>

	* history.c (history_write): don't die if history file not
	writable, just warn (unless `really_quiet') and skip out.

	* main.c (main): don't bother checking if history file is

	* server.c (serve_root): same.

2000-02-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* (perms symlinks symlinks2 hardlinks): Don't run by
	default since PreservePermissions code is now disabled.

2000-02-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* (import-113): Revise to match Jim Meyering's fix.

2000-02-16  Larry Jones  <>

	* add.c (add): Don't allow adding files or directories to Emptydir.
	(Patch submitted by Chris Cameron <>.)
	* (emptydir): Revise (emptydir-7 and emptydir-8) for this.

2000-02-16  Jim Meyering  <>

	* update.c (join_file): Correct typo in diagnostic:
	change `file %s is present...' to `file %s is not present...'.

2000-02-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* parseinfo.c (Parse_Info): Treat matching lines with bad expansions
	as errors rather than just ignoring.

2000-02-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* edit.c (edit): Check for invalid characters in hostname and CurDir.
	(Reported by "Andrew S. Townley" <>.)
	* (devcom2): New tests for above.

2000-02-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* cvs.h: Always #include "server.h" to prevent compile errors when
	neither CLIENT_SUPPORT nor SERVER_SUPPORT is defined.
	(Reported by "Crow, Ian" <>.)
	* log.c (send_one, send_arg_list): Only define when CLIENT_SUPPORT
	is defined to prevent link errors.

	* server.c (server): Always create a new temporary directory, don't
	try to reuse an existing one since we might not have correct
	permissions.  Also, include directory name in error messages.

2000-01-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* ignore.c (ignore_files): Correctly set errno to 0 when we go
	back to the top of the loop.  Fixes spurious errors like "cvs
	update: error reading current directory: No such file or

2000-01-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* run.c (run_exec): Conditionalize K.J.'s change so that it only
	applies when SETXID_SUPPORT is defined since some platforms don't
	have setegid().

2000-01-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* Make TESTDIR earlier then use it to check for versions
	of expr that don't work right with long expressions.

	* (dotest_line_by_line): Have wc read from stdin so it
	doesn't output the file name and confuse expr.  Make the output a
	bit less verbose and easier to read.

2000-01-24  K.J. Paradise <>

	* run.c :> prevents a user from creating a privileged shell from the
	text editor when the SETXID_SUPPORT option is selected.  This came from
	Bob Colle <>, and is his completely.

2000-01-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (emptydir): Add a case in which one might hope for a
	non-Emptydir result, but which result?

2000-01-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* main.c (main): Allow -z0 to disable gzip compression.

2000-01-17  Larry Jones  <> for
	K.J. Paradise (

	* version.c: Push version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.10.8.

2000-01-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* mkmodules.c (init): Create CVSROOT/Emptydir to avoid problems
	with users not having sufficient permissions to create it later.

2000-01-04  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (get_responses_and_close): Simplify time-stamp race
	avoidance code.
	* commit.c (commit): Ditto.
	* update.c (do_update): Ditto.
	(Prompted by patch submitted by Pavel Roskin

	* hardlink.c: sizeof (char) is 1, by definition.
	* logmsg.c: Ditto.
	* rcs.c: Ditto.

2000-01-03  Karl Fogel  <>

	* filesubr.c, subr.c (backup_file): moved this function from
	filesubr.c to subr.c, at JimK's suggestion.

2000-01-03  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (clean): Test the contents of the .#cleanme.txt.1.1
	file, not just its existence.

2000-01-03  Karl Fogel  <>

	* cvs.h, filesubr.c (backup_file): use `const' for suffix too;
	correct suffix length calculation and appending behavior; discard
	unnecessary `void' cast.  Thanks to Jim Meyering for noticing.

2000-01-03  Larry Jones <>

	* (clean): Fix up expected output.

2000-01-02  John P Cavanaugh <>
        and Karl Fogel <>

	New -C option to update: overwrites local changes with clean
	copies from the repository.  (This is an unreversion of the
	1999-12-10 change, further modified to work remotely.)

	* client.h (BACKUP_MODIFIED_FILES): new #define.

	* client.c (struct send_data): new element `backup_modified'.
	(send_files): set above element if BACKUP_MODIFIED_FILES flag is

	* filesubr.c (backup_file): new function.

	* cvs.h: prototype for new function `backup_file'.

	* update.c (toss_local_changes): new file-scoped global.
	(update): set toss_local_changes if -C flag seen.  If
	client_active, send "-C" to server, and set SEND_NO_CONTENTS and
	BACKUP_MODIFIED_FILES flags before calling send_files().

	(update_fileproc): if file is modified and toss_local_changes is
	set, then back the file up and then check out a fresh copy from
	the repository.  Also, fixed indentation and formatting for a
	particularly bad stretch of code near (but unrelated to) these

	* new test `clean', for update -C option.

1999-12-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* history.c (read_hrecs): st_blksize is unsigned long, not int.
	This isn't just cosmetic - getting it wrong will cause coredumps
	and such on 64 bit machines.

	* import.c (import_descend), ignore.c (ignore_files): Placate gcc
	-Wall by parenthesizing foo || (bar && baz).

1999-12-24  Larry Jones <>

	* release.c (release): Use fputs to echo lines from update instead
	of printf to avoid problems with lines containing "%".  (Reported
	by Jean-Luc Simard <>.)

	* history.c (read_hrecs): Allocate a single 2-block buffer instead
	of allocating and freeing a buffer for each block.
	(fill_hrec): Remove redundant code.
	(select_hrec): Plug memory leak.

1999-12-22  Larry Jones <>

	* history.c (history): For "modified" or "checkout", sort on
	file if user specified -l, even if user also specified a date-
	oriented flag.
	* (history): Update to match; add new tests.

1999-12-15  Pavel Roskin <>
	and Larry Jones <>

	* lock.c (lock_name): fixed assertion failure for the
	top-level CVS directory when LockDir is used
	* (lockfiles-9): new test for this case

1999-12-11  Karl Fogel  <>

	* Revert previous change -- it doesn't work remotely yet.

1999-12-10  John P Cavanaugh <>
        and Karl Fogel <>

	* update.c: new -C option to update, overwrites local changes with
	clean copies from the repository.
	Also, fixed indentation and formatting for a particularly bad
	stretch of code near these changes in update_fileproc().

	* test new update -C option.

1999-12-10  Larry Jones <>

	* commit.c (remove_file): Call history_write with update_dir NULL
	like Checkin() does for add and modify.
	* (basic2-64): Update to match, add "R" records to expected
	remote output.

1999-12-09  K.J. Paradise (

	* history.c, commit.c, found (I think) final
	cause of seg fault in history command.  Also, added the "R"
	history functionality.  Fixed basic2-64 so it looks correct for
	the change.

1999-11-30  K.J. Paradise (

	* history.c: fixed seg fault caused by 11-03 changes.
	off by one in block memory allocations.

1999-11-29  Karl Fogel  <>

	* login.c (logout): free `tmp_name' when done.
	Correct a comment.

1999-11-29  Larry Jones <>

	* cvs.h, error.c, import.c: Rename fperror to avoid name clash
	on LynxOS.  (Reported by Markus Braun <>.)

1999-11-23  Larry Jones <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Split declaration and initialization
	of rp to placate neurotic compilers that gripe about jumping past
	an initialization, even when the variable is not subsequently used.

1999-11-19  Larry Jones <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Correct setgid error messages.

1999-11-19  Karl Fogel  <>

	* edit.c (unedit_usage, unedit): new struct, use it.  Now "cvs
	unedit" prints an accurate usage message (formerly it printed the
	message for "cvs edit", even though the two commands do not have
	identical usages).

1999-11-19  Larry Jones <>

	* history.c: Move -e documentation from Flags to Reports.
	(history): Add -e to list of report types in error message.

	* history.c (history): Process file arguments before client/server
	processing so they get sent to the server.
	* (history): New tests for above.  (Also remove comments
	about variable spacing -- history output is in variable-width
	columns with exactly one space between.)

1999-11-19  Larry Jones <>

	* Reestablish check for running as root (using ``id -u''
	instead of ``whoami'').

	*, dotest_lit, dotest_fail, dotest_status,
	dotest_sort): Eval the command so quoting and pipes work right.
	(spacefiles, dirs, rcslib, modules, unedit-without-baserev,
	ignore, rcs, rcs2, history, tagdate, pserver, server, server2)
	Simplify various tests based on above.

1999-11-19  Karl Fogel  <>

	* mkmodules.c (init): make history file world-writeable after
	creating it, since it needs to be writeable for virtually any
	CVS operation.

1999-11-10  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* admin.c: Revert change to add -H command option.  The help
	invocation is "cvs -H admin" not "cvs admin -H" (see cvs.texinfo,
	basicb-21 in; fix to cvs.1)

1999-11-08  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* log.c (cvslog): If client_active, send options to the server
	based on our parsed options rather than trying to send the exact
	strings specified (using canonical forms, like RFC822/1123
	dates, in the protocol is just cleaner).
	(send_one, send_arg_list): New functions, helpers for above.
	* (logopt-6a): New test, for this fix.

1999-11-09  K.J. Paradise <>

	* admin.c: made the -H option do what it is documented to
	do.  a

1999-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* client.c (connect_to_gserver): Print more error text if gssapi
	initialization fails.  From Assar Westerlund <>.

1999-11-06  Larry Jones <>

	* Remote output can be out-of-order, so need a
	more general pattern to match the assertion failure.

1999-11-05  K.J. Paradise (

	* history.c: Added a trap to verify that if a
	read(file, buffer,blocksize) returns less than blocksize,
	that we really are at the end of the file.  I can't easily
	come up with a test case where this code gets touched, so
	it may cause problems.  All sanity tests still pass though.

1999-11-05  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (logopt): New test, for Larry's fix.
	* (log-18a, rcs-15 to rcs-19): New tests, to test -d
	and -r more thoroughly.

1999-11-05  Larry Jones <>

	* log.c (cvslog): Fix -s and -d with spaces on client side.
	(log_usage): Revert Karl's change once again. No longer get different results from local
	and client/server.

1999-11-04  Karl Fogel  <>

	* log.c (log_usage): Revert Jim Kingdon's reversion of my change
	of 1999-11-03.  Allowing a space between option and argument
	results in lossage; here is a reproduction recipe: run this from
	the top of a remote copy of the cvs source tree

	   cvs log -d '>1999-03-01' > log-out.with-space

	and then run this (note there's no space after -d now):

	   cvs log -d'>1999-03-01' >

	The resulting files differ; furthermore, a glance at the output of
	cvs shows that the first command failed to recurse into
	subdirectories.  Until this misbehavior can be fixed in the source
	code, the documentation should reflect the true state of affairs:
	if one simply omits the space, everything works fine.

1999-11-04  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* log.c (log_usage): Revert Karl's change regarding -d and
	-s.  A space is allowed (see for example).

1999-11-03  K.J. Paradise (>

	* history.c: cleaned up my prior change a bit, per Larry Jones'
	comments, and John O'Conner's additional comments about bits of
	non MS-Visual C++ compliancy of my code.

1999-11-04  Larry Jones <>

	* Check that tr that correctly handles NULs; if not, try
	to find a version that does; if none can be found, warn user.
	Also fix warnings for defective expr.

1999-11-04  Karl Fogel  <>

	Changes for empty/random passwords in anon pserver access:

	* server.c (check_repository_password): if password empty, grant
	access no matter what password is received; this is so anon CVS no
	longer requires a password but remains backwards-compatible with
	all those clients out there.

	* client.c (connect_to_pserver): proceed with login even if
	password not found in .cvspass file -- just use empty string as
	password.  And if such a login fails, print a descriptive error.

	* login.c (get_cvs_password): don't complain if file or password
	not found.  That condition is no longer a showstopper, now that
	empty passwords are permissible.
	Cleaned up conditional chaining a bit, too.

	* (pserver-9, pserver-10, pserver-11, pserver-12,
	pserver-13): new tests, about empty-password pserver access.

1999-11-03  K.J. Paradise (>

	* history.c:  modify parsing routines to parse the history
	file a block at a time, rather than all at once.  This allows
	people with large history files and small amount of memory
	to still get some functionality out of the history file.

1999-11-03  Karl Fogel  <>

	* log.c (log_usage): correct usage message for -d and -s options.
	Because the space between the option letter and its argument has
	been eliminated, I capitalized the argument portion to distinguish
	it from the option letter.  This makes it slightly inconsistent
	with other such usage summaries, but at least it is now both
	correct and readable.

1999-10-22  Larry Jones  <>

	* (dotest_sort): Old versions of tr don't understand \t
	so use a literal tab instead.

1999-10-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* (dotest_sort): Convert any tabs in the output into spaces
	before sorting to avoid POSIX.2 sort weirdness.
	(import-106, importb-2): Change expected output per above.

1999-10-18  K.J. Paradise <>

	Bug: users 'stan' and 'cartman' both have full read/write access
	to the cvs repository.  'cartman' does a 'cvs admin -l foo.c'.
	'stan' then does a 'cvs admin -u foo.c'.  The lock wouldn't be
	removed, and no warning/error would be given.  This is now fixed.
	* rcs.c:(c.6157) remove caller/user check on the multiple lock
        detection routines. runs with no errors after this fix.

1999-10-14  Larry Jones  <>

	Make "cvs admin -e" (with no list of users) work:
	* admin.c (admin): Remove error message.
	(admin_fileproc): If no args for -e, call RCS_delaccess with NULL user.
	* rcs.c (RCS_delaccess): Interpret NULL user as request to delete
	entire access list.
	* (admin-19a-*): Test.

1999-09-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* entries.c (Subdirs_Known): Use entfilename when opening CVSADM_ENTLOG
	like everywhere else.  Although this isn't strictly necessary (since
	we immediately close it again), it keeps the code consistent and fixes
	a bug where an open error reported the wrong file name.

1999-09-16  Larry Jones  <>

	* log.c (log_parse_revlist): Handle peculiar revision specs like
	"-r.", "-r:", and "-r," correctly.  (Thanks to Pavel Roskin
	<> for submitting a patch, this fix is
	somewhat different.)
	* (log): New tests for above.

1999-09-15  Larry Jones  <>

	* (basica-8b1): New test to check fix for bad diff options
	causing cvs to crash.

1999-09-02  Larry Jones  <>

	* modules.c (do_module): Handle case where module definition has
	options and special options but no directory; fix potential problems
	running off beginning of string while stripping trailing blanks.
	* (modules2): New tests for above.

1999-08-26  Larry Jones  <>

	* lock.c (lock_name): Remove side-effects from assert() expression
	since they won't occur if NDEBUG is defined (not that that's a good
	thing to do).  (Reported by KOIE Hidetaka <>.)

1999-08-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* Use "${AWK}" instead of "awk" to make it easier for
	people to use nawk/gawk/etc.; use an explicit "-print" with find
	since some older version don't assume it; rename tests to avoid
	duplicate importc-8.  (Changes along these lines suggested by
	Chris Cameron <>.)

1999-08-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Don't crash when a file has no
	repository, just treat it as unknown.  (Reported by Stefaan
	Diericx <>.)
	* (errmsg2): New tests, for this fix.

1999-08-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* update.c (special_file_mismatch): Initialize *_hardlinks to
	avoid trying to free garbage later on.  (Reported by Jan
	Scheffczyk <>.)

1999-08-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* (basicc-11): Older versions of sh don't understand
	``if ! test...''.  (Patch submitted by David J N Begley

1999-08-17  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c, hardlink.c, hash.c, hash.h, main.c, recurse.c: Change
	enum constant UNKNOWN to avoid conflicts on HPUX 11.0.  (Reported
	by Laurent Duperval <>.)

1999-08-16  Larry Jones  <>

	client.c: Eliminate redundant #if.  (Patch submitted by Assar
	Westerlund <>.)

1999-07-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Terminate cleanly if RCS_addbranch fails
	rather than blithely continuing on and crashing.
	* (basica): New tests, for this fix.

1999-07-29  Larry Jones  <>

	* import.c (add_rcs_file): change "cannot lstat" message to include
	userfile (the actual file causing the problem) instead of user
	(which may or may not be the same).

1999-07-29  Eric Sink   <>

	* version.c: Push version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.10.7.

1999-07-28  Eric Sink   <>

	* before running basicc-11, we need to see if
	the cwd has been deleted (by basicc-8).  If so, we
	recreate it to allow basicc-11 to proceed.  This may be
	something that only happens under the Linux 2.2 kernel.

1999-07-18  Karl Fogel  <>

	* edit.c (notify_do): chop newline, if any, from the value
	obtained from CVSROOT/users.  Otherwise it just gets passed along
	in the argument to the notification program (usually mail), which
	will misinterpret it as signifying the end of the command.

1999-07-19  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): In the WIN32 kludge, be sure that the result
	of RCS_getexpand is not NULL before trying to use what it points to.
	(Patch submitted by Timothy L. Taylor <>.)

1999-07-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Allow `-k' options to be used unrestricted.

1999-06-23  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (symlinks2): New test, for symlinks in working
	directory without PreservePermissions.  This test (modulo a few
	details not relevant to testing whether we are following symlinks)
	worked remote as of now, or either remote or local for CVS 1.9.
	* subr.c (get_file): Revert 1998-02-15 change to special-case
	symlinks.  This makes the above test work local too.
	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Move the logic to handle special-case
	symlinks (and other files other than regular files) here, and make
	it only happen if PreservePermissions is on.

1999-06-18  Larry Jones  <>

	* (devcom3-9a): Be less specific about the expected
	error message (BSD/OS 4.0 has a bug that can cause exec* to fail
	with EACCES instead of ENOENT).

1999-06-08  Larry Jones  <>

	* (diff-4, dirs2-10, tagf-13, importc-7, conflicts2-142b8):
	Use ${PROG} instead of "cvs".

1999-06-05  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion, do_dir_proc): Make the SERVER_ACTIVE
	#ifdef be only around the check for server_active.  Modulo a few
	cosmetic tweaks, same as a patch submitted by Johannes Stezenbach

1999-06-01  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Add comment about rcs2-7 failures on certain days.

	Make "cvs status -v" on a removed file work:
	* status.c (cvsstatus): Reindent the client code.
	(status_fileproc): Don't need a CVS/Entries listing to show the
	* (rmadd2): New test rmadd2-16 tests the existing
	behavior with "cvs log"; new test rmadd2-17 tests the new behavior
	with "cvs status".

	* (basicc): To match no output in dotest, put the empty
	regexp first.  Remove tests which check that first-dir exists,
	since that isn't true in the case where the OS let us delete it.
	(dotest_internal): Fix so that things work with two regexps, with
	an empty one first.

1999-05-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* (server-4): Replace bogus directory with real one since
	the server now checks it.

1999-05-27  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (spacefiles): Clean up -c, top, and -b at end.
	(spacefiles, files): Fix bad references to CVSROOT_DIRNAME.

	Fix two problems pointed out by Olaf Kirch of
	* server.c (outside_root): New function, contains expanded version
	of code from serve_directory.
	(serve_directory): Call outside_root.
	(outside_dir): New function
	(serve_modified, serve_is_modified, serve_notify,
	serve_questionable, serve_unchanged): Call outside_dir.
	* (server2): New tests, for these fixes.

1999-05-26  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h, subr.c (xmalloc): Return void* not char*, like xrealloc
	has done for some time.
	* modules.c (do_module): If we find the module as a directory/file
	(rather than in the modules file), skip a bunch of processing
	which was unnecessary and also broken in most of the cases
	now tested for by the spacefiles test.
	* (spacefiles): New test, for specifying filenames
	(containing spaces, or starting with '-', or starting with '/') to
	"cvs co".

1999-05-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (update_entries): Make the old DONT_USE_PATCH code the
	only code.  This means that if people are still on CVS 1.9
	servers, then CVS will fall back to transferring entire files.
	This is better than looking for an external "patch" program which
	causes no end of troubles (especially on Windows, but someone just
	posted to info-cvs about a problem with the Solaris patch).  (This
	change was run by devel-cvs and feedback was positive).

	* subr.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): The new error.c does not support
	%lu; use sprintf instead.

1999-05-25 Derek Price

	* (server): Escaped a few more newlines in
	another awk script.  Solaris awk still don't like 'em.

1999-05-25 Derek Price
	and Jim Kingdon

	* log.c: Remove comment which said "you can delete [this line]"
	and which stuck around for over 3 years.
	* (errmsg2 & tagdate): Added tests to prove the
	current functionality with respect to combining -r and -D.

1999-05-20  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Previous changes
	broke verify_and_exit (reported by Robert Fitzsimons, thanks).
	* (pserver): New tests pserver-7 and pserver-8 for this.

1999-05-18 Derek Price

	* (keyword2): Escaped a newline in an awk script.
	Apparently Solaris awk don't like 'em.

1999-05-18  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (basicc): Allow the behavior whereby unlink(".")
	succeeds.  Reported by Jeremy Buhler and Pavel Roskin.

1999-05-17  Steve Cameron of Compaq

	* Modified to no longer use "test -e" for existence
	test as it has turned out to be not portable enough.  Instead use
	"test -f", "test -d", etc.
	[SCO Unixware 7 apparently doesn't always support it -kingdon]

1999-05-17  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Push version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.10.6.

1999-05-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* update.c (patch_file): When we are passing vn_rcs to
	RCS_checkout, pass vn_tag as well.
	* (keyword): In test keyword-22, test for the fixed
	behavior rather than the buggy behavior.  Adjust keyword-23.  Add
	test keyword-24, to see whether keyword-23 really worked.

1999-05-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* (pserver-4, pserver-5): Bogus error messages from
	non-root initgroups on some 4.4BSD derived systems now show up
	in different places in the output.

1999-05-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* import.c (import): Don't allow the user to supply a repository
	directory which takes us out of the cvsroot.
	* (importc): New tests importc-10 to importc-12, for this.

1999-05-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* server.c (serve_notify): Allocate enough memory to hold the
	"misformed Notify request" message in pending_error_text.

1999-05-11  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (switch_to_user): Ignore EPERM from initgroups.  Fixes
	pserver-4 in testsuite.
	(pserver_authenticate_connection): Only print "I LOVE YOU" after
	switch_to_user has come back successfully.

	* server.c (pserver_authenticate_connection): Call error_exit
	rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves.
	(switch_to_user): Check for errors from setuid, setgid, and
	initgroups.  Fix the #ifdef's (the previous code would skip the
	setuid call if SETXID_SUPPORT).

1999-05-10  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (serve_notify), edit.c (notify_do): Check for
	and reject characters which will get confused with delimiters.
	* (server): New tests server-7 through server-15 test
	for this and for other notify behaviors.

	* rcs.c (RCS_tag2rev): Also look for a physical branch with
	* (tagf): Adjust tagf-12 and following tests to test for
	the fixed behavior rather than the broken behavior.

1999-05-07  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (server_notify): Also set last_node to NULL.
	* (server): New tests server-6 and server-7, for this.

1999-05-05  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (rcs_internal_lockfile): Remove unused variable lockfile.

	* add.c (add): Look for directories with the same name in a
	different case where appropriate (analogous to fopen_case).
	In client code, add comment about how this doesn't do quite

1999-05-03  Jim Meyering  <>

	Remove rcs-style ,file, lock files upon signal.
	* rcs.c (rcs_lockfile): New file-scoped global.
	(rcs_cleanup): New function (similar to patch_cleanup).
	(rcs_internal_lockfile): Register rcs_cleanup the first time this
	function is called.  Rename uses of local `lockfile' to refer to new
	global, `rcs_lockfile'.  Don't free the lock file name string, now
	that it's global.
	(rcs_internal_unlockfile): Rename `lockfile', as above, and carefully
	free and NULL-out the global, rcs_lockfile.

1999-04-30  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (annotate_fileproc): Don't cast NULL in passing it to
	RCS_deltas.  Because there is a prototype in scope the cast is
	unnecessary (per HACKING's ANSI C or SunOS4 rule), and in fact it
	was causing failures on UNICOS because it cast to size_t instead
	of size_t*.  (Thanks to Dean Kopesky for reporting this).

1999-04-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* If invoked without any arguments, print a usage
	message (thanks to Pavel Roskin for a report/patch).

	* run.c (piped_child): Make the error messages more verbose.
	(close_on_exec): Reindent.
	* (devcom3): Several errors are possible in devcom3-9a.
	Adjust for change to piped_child error message.

1999-04-28  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (devcom3): Add some tests of the CVS/Notify file and
	disconnected "cvs edit".

	* main.c (opt_usage): Remove -b.

1999-04-20 Derek Price

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs):  RCS_delete_revs uses an
	RCS_checkout call to get a new copy of a revision to be
	used internally after old revisions were deleted and it was
	performing keyword substitutions.  This munged all the
	the revisions of the file on the branch containing the
	deleted revisions and its sub-branches, as the original they
	were being patched from was incorrect.  Corrected this by
	passing in "-ko" as an option to RCS_checkout.
	* (keywordlog):  modified this test to verify the
	correct behavior of 'cvs admin -o'.
	[Fixed use of \$ in keywordlog test; added code in RCS_delete_revs
	to abort on binary file on Windows -kingdon]

1999-04-21  Derek Price
	and Jim Kingdon

	* tag.c (tag_check_valid): A bug was causing CVS to spin
	indefinately when -j:<date> was specified.  CVS now returns
	an error.
	* Added a test (tagdate-12) to test this.

1999-04-19  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (backuprecover): Clean up the repository at the end.

1999-04-18  Derek Price

	* added a test (backuprecover) to test cvs behavior
	with a repository that is out of date relative to the
	developer's workspaces.
	[Fix --keep code; move test to "Repository Storage" section since
	it doesn't really exercise the diff/diff3 library. -kingdon]

1999-04-13  Derek Price

	* (diff):  Tests to verify correct operation of
	the --ifdef parameter to cvs diff.
	[indentation fixed -kingdon].

1999-04-13  Derek Price
	for Noah Friedman  <>

        * diff.c (diff): Put "--ifdef=" in opts string, not "-D"; the
        latter is confused by pserver for a date spec.

1999-04-14  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* fileattr.h: Adjust comments to reflect the official version of
	the fileattr format now being in cvs.texinfo.

1999-04-05  Jim Kingdon

	* (watch5): Remove nonstandard --keep code.  Don't pass
	-f to rm when cleaning up (that tends to mask bugs).  Add watch5
	to list of tests at start.  Add comment explaining why we consider
	the behavior we test for the right one.  Rename a few tests which
	had been erroneously named watch6* instead of watch5*.
	* client.c (update_entries): Add comment with brief discussion of
	whether there is a better way.

1999-04-05  Derek Price

	* client.c (update_entries):  Only call mark_up_to_date
	(which deletes the CVS/Base/<filename> file for watched
	and edited files) on commit.
	*  Make sure the CVS/Base/<filename> file for
	a watched and edited file is not removed on a status or
	update of a touched/unmodfied file.

1999-03-30  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (get_responses_and_close), commit.c (commit),
	update.c (do_update): If the sleep(1) call returns prematurely
	(due to the way wakeup is scheduled or receiving a signal), do
	it again.

1999-03-26  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (server): Add comment about Gzip-stream vs. RQ_ROOTLESS.

	* (modules3-11b): Adjust exact text of error message to
	reflect 1999-03-24 change to dirswitch.

1999-03-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* admin.c (admin): Make argument to -e optional, to match the
	* (admin-19a-2): Test for this.

	* server.c (serve_root): Update comment about checking for missing
	Root request.

1999-03-24  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (dirswitch): Also check dir here, similar to
	what server_pathname_check does for other cases.
	* (files): Adjust files-14 to test for this.

1999-03-24  Derek Price
	and Jim Kingdon

	* added a test (files-13) to test .. indirection
	in a path and another (files-14) to make sure we still fail
	out when the '..' indirection takes us into the $CVSROOT
	directory or beyond.

1999-03-24  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs.c: Change enum constants ADD and DELETE to something less
	likely to run into conflicts.

1999-03-21  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (tagf): New test, tests for moving a branch tag to a
	non-branch tag and trying to recover.

1999-03-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (branches): Tweak test branches-5 to test the case in
	which one modifies a file and then branches it.

1999-03-09  John Bley of

	* mkmodules.c (filelist): Missed a NULL in this struct (should
	have 3 members, only had 2).

1999-03-07  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (Index): Rename new test from rm_CVS/Root to rmroot
	(we don't have a formal rule about funky punctuation in test names
	but both underscore and a slash is too funky for me :-)).
	Reindent a few tests which were off.

	* root.c: Remove the sentence which had the improper English;
	there isn't really a need for that sentence and it isn't
	particularly accurate any more.

1999-02-27  Derek Price

	*  Added rm_CVS/Root test to test that CVS uses
	$CVSROOT rather than dumping core when running remotely and
	the admin file CVS/Root is deleted from the workspace.

	Also, altered a few 'cvs commit' 's in regular expressions to
	fit the .${PROG} commit. portability syntax.

	* recurse.c:  Stopped CVS from dumping core in the case tested

	* root.c:  Fixed somebody's improper english.

1999-02-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* (keyword2-12): Use ${QUESTION} instead of ? in the
	expected result.

1999-02-24  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (keyword2): Restore the original \\\$ instead of $.
	The latter ends up working due to various kludgy semantics in the
	shell and regular expressions, but the former is cleaner.

	* (keyword2): Protect keywords against accidental
	expansion in itself (most occurrences had this, but not

1999-02-23  Derek Price  <>
	and Jim Kingdon.

	* (keyword2): New test, tests for merging with -kk.

1999-02-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Ease version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.10.5.

1999-02-18  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (files): New test, for a relatively obscure spurious
	"Up-to-date check failed" in client/server.

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): Don't check for "history"

1999-02-17  Jim Kingdon  <>
	    and Hallvard B Furuseth

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Rearrange ifdefs to squelch possible
	warnings about statement not reached.

1999-02-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): If we are skipping the current
	directory (due to it being from the wrong repository), also adjust
	the arguments we send to the server accordingly (like we already
	do for the case in which there is no CVS directory).
	* (multiroot4): New test, for this.  All these tests had
	passed locally, but remote multiroot4-12 tests for this fix.
	(multiroot): Adjust multiroot-diff-1, multiroot-update-2,
	multiroot-tag-1, multiroot-status-1, multiroot-update-3, and
	multiroot-log-1 to reflect the cosmetic change this produces (one
	less "Diffing ." message).
	(multiroot2): multiroot2-8 likewise.

1999-02-10  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* tag.c (cvstag): Don't pass SEND_NO_CONTENTS if -c specified.
	* (tagc): New test, for various tag -c behaviors.
	Test tagc-6 tests for this fix.

1999-02-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* error.c (error): Rewrite to no longer use vasprintf (see
	../lib/ChangeLog for rationale).  Note the slight change in
	interface - callers which want %8.8s or similar formats need to
	call sprintf.
	* lock.c (lock_wait, lock_obtained): Use sprintf.

1999-02-08  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): Pass -a to diff_exec.
	* (binfiles3): New tests binfiles3-9 through
	binfiles3-13 test for this fix.
	* (binfiles): New tests binfiles-o4 and binfiles-o5
	(which don't test this bug, just on general principles).

1999-02-04  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* lock.c (lock_name): Permissions of directories in LockDir
	shouldn't depend on the umask.
	* (lockfiles): Set umask and CVSUMASK, to test for this.

1999-02-01  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (keywordlog): New tests keywordlog-22 and
	keywordlog-23 test keyword expansion and $Log.  Adjust other tests
	so that revisions differ more from each other, so this is a
	better test.

1999-01-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): If options is "", treat it the same as
	NULL.  Centralize this check, and the one for it starting with
	"-k", at the start of the function.

	* rcs.c, rcs.h (RCS_setexpand): New function.
	* admin.c (admin_fileproc): Access keyword expansion field via
	RCS_getexpand and RCS_setexpand, rather than directly.
	* commit.c (checkaddfile): When resurrecting, set the keyword
	expansion mode.
	* (binfiles3): Adjust tests binfiles3-7 and binfiles3-8
	for the new behavior.

1999-01-27  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (multiroot3): Add new variant of multiroot3-10 test
	for RELATIVE_REPOS.  Move multiroot3-11 test out of the
	conditionals; it works the same for remote or local,

	* Make RELATIVE_REPOS the default, as has been
	announced as a future direction since 1997-10-11.
	* (multiroot): Tweak multiroot-update-1a and
	multiroot-update-1b tests to work with either RELATIVE_REPOS or

	* (client-9): Don't assume the time zone.

1999-01-26  Jim Kingdon  <>

	Fix one facet of the "cvs add -kb" re-adding problem (the other
	known facet is tested for by binfiles3-8).
	* add.c (add): When re-adding a file, set the keyword expansion
	as we normally would.
	* (binfiles3): New test binfiles3-6a tests for this.

1999-01-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (rmadd2): New tests, for undoing a commit.

1999-01-21  Eric Mumpower  <>

	* (reposmv): Actually modify CVSROOT in current
	environment when calling functions, rather than trying to achieve
	the same effect with "CVSROOT=foo functionname". (Many common
	bourne shells, including those in SunOS and Solaris 2.4-2.7,
	do not properly handle "ENVVAR=foo command" when "command" is
	a user-defined shell function rather than an actual executable.)

1999-01-15  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (rcs3): Redirect awk's stdin to /dev/null like all the
	other awk invocations.  GNU awk seems not to read stdin in this
	case, but that behavior is hard to reconcile with the Single Unix
	Spec and some awks don't do it.

	* (binfiles, binfiles2, binfiles3, server): Use the same
	tr trick as in rcs3.  People don't seem to have been complaining,
	and this should fix server-4 for HPUX.

1999-01-14  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (recv_line): If the line we are reading contains a
	character which would sign-extend to EOF, don't treat it as end of
	file.  recv() doesn't report end of file this way and this might
	fix bugs with 0xff characters.

1999-01-14  Larry Jones  <>

	* client.c (recv_line): Handle EOF from server.

	* (importc-8, importc-9): Accept anything in the seconds
	fields of the timestamps since touch doesn't set it reliably.
	(This isn't great, but it's better than nothing.)

1999-01-14  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* run.c (run_exec): Adjust comment about vfork; this isn't the place
	to get into a treatise about fork performance vs. vfork
	performance but it isn't quite as simple as whether one has

1999-01-13  Larry Jones  <>

	* (dotest_fail): Handle spurrious output from assert better.

	* (rcs3-4, rcs3-5a): Handle even more variants of the
	assertion failure message.

1999-01-12  Larry Jones  <>

	* (mtfr-3): ls behavior varies wildly on nonexistant files,
        just use echo instead.

1999-01-11  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (mkmodules-temp-file-removal): New test, for this.
	* mkmodules.c (mkmodules): Remove each `CVSROOT/.#[0-9]*' temporary
	file that's used to check out files listed in CVSROOT/checkoutlist.
	Remove extra semicolon at end of line.

1999-01-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* (rcs3-5a): Allow for multiple lines of output before the
	assertion failure message.

	* (lockfiles-6, client-8): Work around bug in HP-UX chmod
	(doesn't allow anything to follow omitted permissions).

1999-01-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (set_sticky): Nonfatal error if we can't write it.
	* (dirs2-8 through dirs2-14): New tests, for this.

	* (rcs3): Write NUL character with tr not awk, in
	accordance with Single Unix Specification.  Hopefully will fix
	rcs3-7 for HPUX.  Will not work on SunOS4, but then again neither
	did the old syntax.

1999-01-05  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c, update.c: Rename MD5* functions to cvs_MD5* per
	corresponding change to ../lib/md5.h.

1999-01-03  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (client): Give file1 a predictable mode so that the
	output in client-9 will not depend on the umask of the user
	running the tests.

1998-12-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (client_senddate): Use date_to_internet rather than
	using our own "5/26/1997 13:01:40 GMT" date format.
	* main.c (date_to_internet): Check for errors from sscanf.  Always
	send a four digit year.  Send hours, minutes, and seconds as two
	digits per RFC822.
	* (client): New tests client-8 and client-9 test for this.

	* (rcs2): New tests rcs2-6 through rcs2-8 test for fix
	to lib/getdate.y (before the fix, "100 months" or "8 years" would
	tend to mean the year 1969, thus the tests would give "cvs update:
	file1 is no longer in the repository").

1998-12-28  Larry Jones  <>

	* entries.c (Register): Return if unable to open log file to avoid
	referencing the invalid file pointer.
	* (dirs2-7): With above change, no longer fails.
	* (rcs3-5a): Another assertion failure message.
	* (pserver-4, pserver-5): Some 4.4BSD derived systems spit
	out bogus error messages when initgroups is called as non-root.

1998-12-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* (rcs3, dotest_fail): The assertion failure message varies
	wildly between different systems and the resulting abort call can
	even result in spurrious output.  Fix the regexp to accept nearly
	anything containing some kind of assertion failure and ensure that
	any spurrious output ends up in the output file instead of on the

1998-12-23  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* admin.c, checkout.c, commit.c, cvsrc.c, expand_path.c,
	history.c, ignore.c, import.c, log.c, mkmodules.c, modules.c,
	myndbm.c, parseinfo.c, rcs.c, remove.c, rtag.c, status.c, subr.c,
	tag.c, wrapper.c: Cast all char's to unsigned char before passing
	them to ctype.h functions (isalpha, isgraph, isalnum, isspace,
	isdigit, isprint, isupper).  Whether using ctype.h is the right
	thing at all is unclear to me (having the server depend on locale
	seems wrong, as we don't necessarily have any good way to set the
	right locale, if there even is such a concept as 'right' locale in
	this context), but as long as we use ctype.h we might as use it
	according to the standards (this affects systems where plain char
	is signed but users supply characters with the 8th bit set).
	Thanks to Paul Eggert for suggesting this.

1998-12-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (rcs3): Oops, the earlier fix for srcdir only fixed
	the non-remote case, not the remote case.  Fix the other occurrence.

1998-12-22  Jim Kingdon

	* (rcs3): The assertion failure message varies slightly
	depending on whether CVS was built with srcdir != ".".  Fix regexp.

1998-12-21  Jim Kingdon

	* rcs.c (RCS_getdate): Reindent Jim Meyering's change; remove
	unused variable x_vers.

	* rcs.c: When printing an unexpected character we found in the RCS
	file, print it in hex rather than as a character (see comment for
	* (rcs3): Adjust rcs3-2 and rcs3-7 tests accordingly.

	* (rcs3): New test, for some error handling cases
	involving parsing RCS files.

1998-12-16  Jim Meyering  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_getdate): Handle the case in which a file is first
	imported after its initial version has been created.
	* (import-after-initial): New test for that.

1998-12-17  Jim Kingdon

	* server.c (serve_root): Pserver_Repos only exists if

1998-12-12  Jim Kingdon, and Derek R. Price of Stortek.

	* (multiroot): Change + to ${PLUS}.

1998-12-12  Jim Kingdon, and Gary Young of Motorola

	* (admin): In tests admin-13, admin-25, and admin-29,
	allow 4 digit year in addition to 2 digit year.

1998-12-12  Jim Kingdon

	* (log): New tests log-14a and log-14b test for -rHEAD
	and for HEAD as (nonexistent) file name.

1998-12-02  Jim Kingdon

	* version.c: Squish version number to

	* version.c: Version 1.10.4.

1998-11-24  Jim Kingdon

	* recurse.c (do_file_proc): Check for errors from RCS_parse.
	* (rcslib-symlink-7 through rcslib-symlink-10): New
	tests, test for this.

	* (reposmv-2): Adjust for 22-Nov change to Find_Names.

	* entries.c (Register): If we can't write Entries.Log, make it a
	nonfatal error.
	* (dirs2): Test for this fix.

	* (dirs2): Clean up working directory at end of test.

1998-11-23  Jim Kingdon

	* (dirs2): New test, for some more cases involving
	deleting directories and such.

	* (dirs): Update for yesterday's change in Find_Names
	error handling.  The error in dirs-4 is fairly different now; in
	dirs-3 and dirs-3a it is the obvious change.

1998-11-22  Jim Kingdon

	* (release): Move the commments listing "cvs release"
	tests from modules2-6 to here.
	* release.c (release): Update comment to reflect "? foo" case.

	* find_names.c (Find_Names): If we can't read the repository, make
	it a nonfatal error.  Tell the caller whether this happened.
	(find_rcs): Add comment regarding this behavior.
	* recurse.c (do_recursion): If Find_Names gives an error, skip
	the directory and print a message saying so.
	* (modes3): New test, for this.

1998-11-18  Jim Kingdon

	* rtag.c (rtag_usage), tag.c (tag_usage): Use "-r rev"

	* (conflicts3): Tests conflicts3-24 through
	conflicts3-28 test for another case similar to conflicts3-22.

1998-11-14  Jim Kingdon

	* (diff): New test, for now just tests for the "I know
	nothing" message.

	* (conflicts2-142b7 through conflicts2-142b11): New
	tests; resurrecting doesn't work from one level up.

	* (mwrap-7): Remote prints the messages in a different

1998-11-13  Jim Kingdon

	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Log tag deletions.
	* rtag.c (check_fileproc): Likewise.
	* (taginfo-14 through taginfo-18): New tests, for
	these behaviors.

1998-11-12  Jim Kingdon

	* (mwrap-7): Update for the noexec fix.

	* server.c (server_copy_file): Add comment about noexec.

	* update.c (checkout_file): Handle noexec case involving revbuf
	and modes.
	(update_fileproc): In case T_NEEDS_MERGE, let merge_file take care
	of noexec, so it can tell the user if there would be conflicts.
	(merge_file): Print "conflicts found in FILE" message
	regardless of noexec.  Add comment about checking for whether the
	file already contained the changes, and noexec.
	* (conflicts-192a): New test, for this.

1998-10-20  Jim Kingdon

	Use the gzip library on the server.  Probably doesn't speed things
	up as currently implemented, but does avoid hassles in terms of
	finding an external gzip program.
	* zlib.c, server.h (gunzip_and_write, read_and_gzip): Now returns
	whether a fatal error occurred, rather than expecting error (1,
	...) to work.
	* client.c (update_entries, send_modified): Change callers.
	* server.c (receive_file): Rewrite gzip code to use
	gunzip_and_write rather than filter_through_gunzip.
	(server_updated): Likewise, use read_and_gzip rather than
	* client.c, client.h (filter_through_gzip, filter_through_gunzip),
	run.c, cvs.h (filter_stream_through_program): Removed; no longer used.
	* (server): New tests server-4 and server-5 test
	this feature (note that CVS 1.10 also passes these tests; the
	behavior is supposed to be unchanged).

1998-10-19  Jim Kingdon

	* (multiroot3): New test, tests for a few more
	multiroot cases.

	* lock.c (lock_name): Set the permissions on each directory we
	create to that of the parent directory.
	* (lockfiles): New chmod and tests lockfiles-7a and
	lockfiles-7b test for this.  Adjust lockfiles-5 for new text of
	error message.

1998-10-15  Jim Kingdon

	* server.c (requests): Set RQ_ROOTLESS for "Set".
	* (info): Also clean up $HOME/.cvsrc.
	(server): Test that we can send Set before Root (had been tested
	by crerepos-6b, but only if you ran the info test first).  Tests
	for this fix.

1998-10-14  Jim Kingdon

	* subr.c (expand_string): Tweak the algorithm so that the size
	that it allocates is generally a power of two.

1998-10-14  Eivind Eklund and Jim Kingdon

	* commit.c (commit): For the client, don't worry about whether we
	are root.

1998-10-13  Jim Kingdon

	* server.h (struct request): Change status field to flags and add
	* client.c (handle_valid_requests, supported_request): Change
	status to flags.
	* server.c (requests): Change status to flags.  Add RQ_ROOTLESS.
	* server.c (server): If not RQ_ROOTLESS, and we haven't gotten a
	Root request, give an error.

1998-10-12  Jim Kingdon

	* version.c: Slide version number to

	* Version 1.10.3.

	* (modules2-17): Update for 9 Oct 1998 change to

1998-10-11  Jim Kingdon

	* commit.c (checkaddfile, commit_fileproc): A numeric value for
	'tag' does not mean that we are adding on a branch.
	* (keywordlog): Adjust this test, to test for this
	(replaces comment saying we should be doing it).
	(rmadd): Likewise.

	* (rmadd): New test, tests for various existing
	behaviors with "cvs ci -r".

1998-10-09  Jim Kingdon

	* update.c (update_dirent_proc): For local CVS, if the directory
	does not exist in the working directory nor in the repository,
	just skip it.
	* (dirs): New tests dirs-3a, dirs-7 and dirs-8 test for
	this and related behaviors.  Note that the new behavior was also
	the previous behavior for remote; we are only changing it for local.

	* wrapper.c, cvsrc.c, ignore.c: Add comments about ignoring .cvsrc
	and friends if we can't find a home directory.
	* expand_path.c (expand_path): If we can't find the home
	directory, give an error rather than a coredump (or worse).
	* login.c (construct_cvspass_filename): Don't use errno in error
	message; get_homedir doesn't set it.  Add comment about this

1998-10-07  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* diff.c (diff): Set variables to NULL at the start, and free
	memory at the end.
	* (multiroot2): Add tests for this (before the fix,
	multiroot2-12 would abort with "no more than two revisions/dates
	can be specified").

1998-10-06  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (installcheck check): Remove references to RCSBIN;
	they don't do anything now that RCSBIN is ignored.

	* client.c: Clean up horrible confusion about whether stored_mode
	or stored_mode_valid (or nothing :-)) indicates whether
	stored_mode is allocated.  Should fix crashes (for example, on NT
	when the server has renamed multiple files from uppercase to

	* (dirs): New tests, tests for some cases involving
	admins who do surgery on the repository.

1998-10-03  Johannes Stezenbach <>

	* vers_ts.c (Version_TS): If UTIME_EXPECTS_WRITABLE, if
	necessary change the file to be writable temporarily to set its
	modification time.

1998-10-03  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c (handle_error): Add comment about indicating which
	errors are from the server.

1998-10-01  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (devcom-180): Allow one digit day.

1998-09-30  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* main.c (main): Don't call Name_Root if -d specified.
	* recurse.c (do_recursion, do_dir_proc): Don't check CVS/Root
	if -d was specified.
	* import.c (import): Indentation fix.
	* (multiroot): Update for this change.
	(reposmv): New test, tests for this.

1998-09-28  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (multiroot2): New test, tests some nested directory

1998-09-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (multiroot): Change a few comments which said modules
	when they meant directories.

1998-09-25  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (devcom-180): Add 0-9 to the range of characters allowed
	in hostname regexp.

1998-09-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (log2): New test log2-7a tests for one error handling
	case.  Add a comment about another.

1998-09-24  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Change crerepos test back to :ext: (for several
	reasons; see comments).

1998-09-24  Noel Cragg  <>

	* (rcslib-symlink-5, rcslib-symlink-6): new tests to
	check the operation of "tag" when there are symlinks in the

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): remove old code that resolved the symlink
	and call resolve_symlink instead.
	(RCS_rewrite): call resolve_symlink before doing anything else to
	make sure we're operating on the file and not the symlink.

	* subr.c (resolve_symlink): new routine -- resolves a symbolic
	link chain to its destination.
	* cvs.h: add prototype.

	* (basica-6.2, basica-6.3): changed match expressions to
	reflect new diff output.

	* rcs.c (make_file_label): generate labels for files that include
	the pathname so that output from "cvs diff" is useable by patch.
	Looks like I came up with the mods as Andy Piper
	<>; his patch was on the Cyclic unofficial
	patches page.

	* change remote access method from ext to fork.  This
	results in a significant speed improvement when running the
	testsuite.  The ext method on my machine (i586 120MHz Linux 2.0.35
	with TCP wrappers installed) runs in 450% of the time of the local
	method while the fork method runs in only 150% of the time of the
	local method!  Yow!  Am I SWAPPING yet?!
	(crerepos-6a, crerepos-6b): change to reflect different error
	messages for fork method.
	(modes-15): same.

	* client.c (connect_to_forked_server): new routine.
	(start_server): call the above when method is fork_method.

	* root.c: add a new method named "fork".  This method uses the
	remote protocol, but does so by forking a "cvs server" process
	directly rather than doing "rsh host cvs server" (for example).
	This new method has few advantages for day-to-day use, but has
	three important benefits for debugging:

	  1) Most secure installations these days don't allow rsh access.
	  With this new method, we can still test the remote protocol on
	  these machines because we don't need to be able to make a local
	  TCP connection.

	  2) Even if installations allow rsh access, they almost always
	  have TCP wrappers to check permissions by IP/hostname.  This
	  causes a short delay for every connection.  For invocations from
	  the command line, this doesn't matter much, but it adds up to a
	  significant amount of time when running the testsuite.

	  3) On machines that can't (or do not usually) provide rshd
	  access (I'm thinking of WNT/W95 in particular), we can now run
	  tests of the remote protocol using this method.  Indeed, we can
	  run remote protocol tests on any machine that has an
	  implementation of piped_child().

	(parse_cvsroot): handle new method.
	(error_exit, xstrdup, isabsolute): new stub functions to use when
	compiling root.c with the DEBUG option.
	(main): fix a few typos.
	* cvs.h (CVSmethod): add fork_method.

	* server.c (create_adm_p): use Emptydir as the placeholder
	directory instead of "." to avoid problems with "cvs update -d" et

1998-09-22  Noel Cragg  <>

	* (devcom-180): fixed typo in regexp.

	* main.c (main): remove need_to_create_root and related code
	(including CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT environment variable).  The
	current implementation (just removed) of rewriting the contents of
	the CVS/Root file isn't desirable for a number of reasons:

	  1) Only the top-level CVS/Root directory is updated.  If we're
	  really interested in pointing our WD at another CVSROOT, we
	  should have a separate command.

	  2) With the new multiroot mods, we don't ever want to rewrite
	  CVS/Root files in the way the removed code did.  Consider:

	    cvs -d repository1 co a
	    cd a
	    cvs -d repository2 co b
            cvs -d repository2 update b

	  The update command would rewrite the contents of a/CVS/Root to
	  the incorrect value.  Bad.  We then wouldn't be talking to the
	  correct repository for files in a.

	  3) The removed code seems to be a quick hack to support working
	  directories checked out from multiple repositories.  With the
	  CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT variable set, one could perform commands
	  as in example 2, above, without worring about updating CVS/Root
	  files.  While in pre-1.10.1 recursive commands wouldn't handle
	  that working directory hierarchy, one could use commands like
	  "cvs foo -l" instead.  While not great, this allows you (with a
	  lot of manual interaction) to have a multiroot WD.  Since we now
	  have multiroot mods checked in, we don't need this code.

	(lookup_command_attribute): while we don't need the
	CVS_CMD_USES_WORK_DIR flag anymore (since it only was supporting
	the need_to_create_root code), I'm leaving it in.  It may come in
	handy at some later date.

1998-09-18  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Advance version number to

	* Version 1.10.2.

1998-09-13  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* client.c: Refuse to Copy-file to another directory
	* (client): New test, tests for this.

	* edit.c (editors_fileproc), watch.c (watchers_fileproc): Use
	cvs_output rather than writing to stdout.
	* (devcom): Use dotest for tests 178, 180, and 183
	(tests that we preserve existing behavior on "cvs editors").

	* commit.c (check_fileproc): Don't allow commits in Emptydir.
	* (emptydir-8): Test for this change in behavior.

	* Add some compatibility tests to TODO comments at end.

1998-09-10  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* wrapper.c (wrap_add): Remove obsolete comment about -m.

	* server.c (server_updated): Check for error from CVS_UNLINK.

1998-09-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (serve_root): Allocate with malloc, not xmalloc.

	* root.c (set_local_cvsroot): Move memory allocation from here...
	* server.c (serve_root): here.  Fixes error handling.

	* root.c (parse_cvsroot): Don't call check_root_consistent;
	parse_cvsroot is only used for local and client.
	* root.c (set_local_cvsroot): Move check_root_consistent
	functionality from here...
	* server.c (serve_root): here.  Fixes error handling.  Also
	made the error more explicit, while I am at it.
	* server.c (Pserver_Repos): Now static.
	* cvs.h: Don't declare it.
	* root.c (check_root_consistent): Removed; no longer needed.
	* (pserver): New test, tests for this behavior and some
	other basic pserver stuff.

	* update.c (merge_file): Use cvs_output for "already contains the
	differences" message.  Found this one when I actually observed the
	out-of-order bug in Real Life(TM).

1998-09-09  Jim Kingdon

	* find_names.c (find_dirs): Make sure to zero errno before
	going around the loop again.
	* find_names.c (find_rcs): Make sure to set save_errno.
	(thanks to Alexandre Parenteau for reporting both problems).

1998-09-09  Jim Kingdon  <> and Michael Pakovic

	* edit.c (notify_do): Only free line if it is not NULL.

1998-09-07  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* cvs.h: dirs_sent_to_server should not be inside
	AUTH_SERVER_SUPPORT (reported by both Richard Levitte and Murray
	Bishop, thanks).

	* lock.c, cvs.h: New variable lock_dir.
	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): New option LockDir.
	* lock.c (lock_name): New function, abstracts out lock file naming
	and also supports LockDir.
	* lock.c (lock_simple_remove, Reader_Lock, write_lock, set_lock):
	Call it (6 places, to create/remove read/write/master locks).
	(Lock_Cleanup): Refuse to reenter this function.
	* (lockfiles): New test, tests for this feature.

1998-09-03  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (multiroot): Expect ${TESTDIR} in output instead of
	assuming it is /tmp/cvs-sanity (thanks to Mark D. Baushke of Cisco).
	Clean up working directory when done (fixes apparent thinko).

	* server.c (create_adm_p): Fix one "return" which didn't return a
	(dirswitch): Check for errors from create_adm_p.

	* Set LC_ALL rather than just LC_COLLATE.

Wed Sep  2 02:30:22 1998  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Bump version number to

	* Version 1.10.1.

1998-09-01  Jim Kingdon  <>

	Administrative note regarding Noel's changes to allow one to
	switch from one CVS root to another in a single command: The
	ChangeLog entries for the changes which Noel just checked in
	appear for 1998-09-01, 1998-08-28, 1998-08-25, 1998-08-19, and
	1998-08-18, rather than being all together.

	* main.c (set_root_directory): Fix whitespace.
	(main): Nuke new -m option and just have that message controlled
	by -t.
	* server.c (server): Revert the CVS_SERVER_SLEEP code back the way
	it was in CVS 1.10.  Attaching to the parent process is relatively
	boring (you can just run "cvs server" under a debugger instead),
	but connecting to the child process is what the old code was for.
	* recurse.c, server.c: Remove DEBUG_NJC code.

1998-09-01  Noel Cragg  <>

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): add another environment variable,
	CVS_SERVER_SLEEP2, after forking to pause the program so one can
	attach a debugger.

	* (crerepos): clean up crerepos-18 now that multiroot
	works in this case.
	(multiroot): finalize tests for local vs. remote operation.

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): near the beginning, save the list
	of directories to spoof as command-line arguments, if necessary.
	Use that list near the end and call send_file_names to send those
	arguments to the server.
	(do_argument_proc): removed, since we call send_file_names now.

	* main.c (main): re-initialize dirs_sent_to_server on each pass
	through the loop for each CVSROOT.

	* cvs.h: add proto for global variable which keeps track of which
	directories have been sent to the server when in client mode.

	* client.c (is_arg_a_parent_or_listed_dir): new function.
	(arg_should_not_be_sent_to_server): new function.  Tries to decide
	whether the given argument should be sent to the server, based on
	the current CVSROOT and the list of directories sent to the
	(send_repository): add the directory name to the list of
	directories sent to the server.
	(send_file_names): call arg_should_not_be_sent_to_server.

	* add.c (add): switch the order of send_files and send_file_names
	to make multiple repository support possible.  send_files needs to
	create a list of directories being requested so that
	send_file_names can decide which command-line arguments to send to
	the server for the given current CVSROOT.
	* admin.c (admin): same.
	* commit.c (commit): same.
	* diff.c (diff): same.
	* edit.c (editors): same.
	* log.c (cvslog): same.
	* rcs.c (annotate): same.
	* remove.c (cvsremove): same.
	* status.c (cvsstatus): same.
	* tag.c (cvstag): same.
	* update.c (update): same.
	* watch.c (watch_addremove): same.
	(watchers): same.

1998-08-31  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Remove "debug" function; it was apparently checked
	in accidentally by Norbert Kiesel's change.

1998-08-31  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* release.c (release): modify last patch to release so that
	save_cwd is called only once and restore_cwd is always called when
	neccessary.  Also fixed a tiny memory leak.

	* (release): added some more tests for "cvs release"
	including a test with two dirs and a "no" for the first one (which
	fails without the above patch).

1998-08-28  Noel Cragg  <>

	* (crerepos-18): add new comment and change test
	slightly to support multiroot.
	(multiroot): add more tests.

	* server.c (create_adm_p): new function.
	(dirswitch): call create_adm_p.  Modify the code to always write a
	new CVSADM_REP file, since create_adm_p might have put a
	placeholder there and our value is guaranteed to be correct.
	(server): move the CVS_SERVER_SLEEP check here so we can debug
	things at an earlier stage.

	* recurse.c (start_recursion): add large comment about the ideal
	solution to the "Argument xxx" problem.

	* main.c (main): move position of debugging comment for -m flag.

	* diff.c (diff): clear a static variable.

	* client.c (send_file_names): check to see if we should send this
	argument to the server based on the contents of the appropriate
	CVSADM directory.  This avoids "nothing known about foo" messages
	and problems with duplicate modules names in multiple
	(send_a_repository): change method of calculating toplevel_repos
	to support multiple CVSROOTs.
	(start_server): clear some static variables.

1998-08-28  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (basicc-8, basicc-11): Use `.*' instead of explicit
	`Operation not permitted'.  Solaris2.5.1 gets a different error:
	`Invalid argument'.

1998-08-26  Eric M. Hopper

	* Set LC_COLLATE to "C".

1998-08-25  Noel Cragg  <>

	* (multiroot): new set of tests to check the behavior of

	* diff.c (diff): set options value to NULL after freeing to reset
	the state for the next time around.

1998-08-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	Fix problems with trying to rename an open file:
	* rcs.c, rcs.h (RCS_setattic): New function.
	* commit.c (remove_file, checkaddfile): Call it.

1998-08-24  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* release.c (release): Use save_cwd and restore_cwd to get back to
	where we started, rather than hoping that CVS_CHDIR ("..") will do
	something useful.  This removes the need for most of
	release_delete, so remove that function and inline what is left.
	* (basicc): Adjust tests for this fix, also some tests
	with multiple arguments to "cvs release" (in the non-"-d"-case, it
	would seem like the old code would CVS_CHDIR into directories and not
	CVS_CHDIR back, but I'm not going to investigate this and it
	should be a moot point with this fix.).

	* (basicc): Add tests for a serious bug in "cvs release
	-d .".

	More error handling fixes:
	* ignore.c (ignore_files): Check for errors from opendir and
	* find_names.c (Find_Names): Check for errors from find_rcs.
	(find_rcs, find_dirs): Comment error handling better; also return
	an error if we got one from readdir.
	* filesubr.c (deep_remove_dir): Also check for errors from readdir.
	* import.c (import_descend): Print message on error from opendir
	or readdir.
	* commit.c (remove_file): Check for errors from CVS_MKDIR and
	(remove_file): No need to remove the file in the temporary
	directory; server.c now informs time_stamp_server of what is going
	on via CVS/Entries rather than a file with a kludged up timestamp.
	* client.c, entries.c, login.c, logmsg.c, mkmodules.c, patch.c,
	remove.c, update.c: Check for errors from unlink_file.
	* mkmodules.c (write_dbmfile, rename_dbfile, rename_rcsfile):
	Check for errors from fclose, CVS_RENAME, and CVS_STAT.
	* mkmodules.c (checkout_file): Clarify error handling convention.
	* mkmodules.c (mkmodules): Call checkout_file accordingly.
	* entries.c (Entries_Open): Check for errors from fclose.

1998-08-21  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* import.c (import): Output suggested merge command using
	cvs_output_tagged rather than just cvs_output.  Don't put
	CVSroot_cmdline in the log file.
	* client.c (importmergecmd): New static struct.
	(handle_mt): Handle +importmergecmd tag.
	* (import): Use an explicit -d in importb-2, to test
	whether it is reported in the suggested merge command.

1998-08-20  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (import): Rewrite tests to use dotest.

1998-08-20  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Add comments about binary files and cvs import.

1998-08-19  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (importc): Use ${username} in one place where I had
	missed it.

	Make import -d work client/server:
	* client.c, client.h (client_process_import_file): Take new
	argument, for whether -d is specified, and send Checkin-time
	request if it is set.
	* import.c (import_descend): Pass it.
	* main.c, cvs.h (date_to_internet): New function.
	* server.c (server_modtime): Call date_to_internet.
	* server.c (serve_checkin_time): New function.
	(requests): Add "Checkin-time" request.
	(serve_modified): If it was sent, set the timestamp in the
	temporary directory.
	* import.c (import): If the client sends a -d option, complain.
	(import): For the server, always use the timestamps from the temp
	(import): Don't send a -d option to the server.
	* (importc): Add tests for import -d.

Wed Aug 19 15:19:13 1998  Larry Jones  <>

	* (unedit-without-baserev-5): use ${DOTSTAR} instead
	of .* since we expect to match multiple lines.

1998-08-19  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* cvs.h (CVSroot_cmdline): Declare.
	* root.c (CVSroot_cmdline): Define.
	* main.c (main): Set CVSroot_cmdline if the -d option is used.
	* import.c (import): If CVSroot_cmdline is not NULL, then mention
	an explicit -d option in the suggested merge command line.

Wed Aug 19 00:28:50 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* recurse.c (do_dir_proc): don't muck with CVS/Root directories
 	when running in server mode.
	(do_recursion): same.

	* main.c (main): add the command-line option `m' to help debug the
 	multiroot environment; it prints out the value of CVSROOT for each
 	iteration through the main loop.  Also, changed the main loop so
 	that it gets executed only once when running in server mode (the
 	server will only deal with a single CVSROOT).

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): change default for
 	PROCESS_THIS_DIRECTORY to true; we should always process a
 	directory's contents unless there's an existing CVS/Root file with
 	a different root than the current root to tell us otherwise.
	(do_dir_proc): same.

Tue Aug 18 14:30:59 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* recurse.c (do_recursion): check the current value of CVS/Root
 	and add it to our list of CVSROOTs if it doesn't exist.  Decide
 	whether or not to process files in this directory based based on
 	the value of CURRENT_ROOT.
	(do_dir_proc): same.

	* main.c: add two new globals -- root_directories and current_root
 	-- which keep track of the values of CVSROOT we've seen and which
 	value of CVSROOT we're currently processing.
	(main): put the main loop for stepping through cvsroot values
 	here, since we might need to send command-specific arguments for
 	every unique non-local cvsroot.  Moved blocks of code around so
 	that one-time initializations happen first (outside the loop) and
 	the other stuff happens inside the loop.
	(set_root_directory): helper function.

	* cvs.h: add prototypes for root_directories and current_root, two
 	new globals for keeping track of multiple CVSROOT information.

1998-08-18  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Don't assume that the shell leaves $^ unexpanded in
	an unquoted here-document (suggested by Bart Schaefer to help when
	zsh is the shell).

1998-08-17  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* commit.c (checkaddfile): Don't call fix_rcs_modes.
	(fix_rcs_modes): Remove.

1998-08-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Don't condition traces on
	SERVER_SUPPORT; SERVER_SUPPORT shouldn't do (much of) anything
	independent of server_active.

	* (binfiles3): New test, for yet another binary file
	bug (sigh).  Thanks to Jason Aten for reporting this one.

1998-08-15  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcscmds.c (call_diff_write_output): Update to reflect new
	calling convention for the write_output callback.

1998-08-15  Jim Meyering  <>

	* update.c (merge_file): Warn about failed unlink when not due

	* server.h (CLIENT_SERVER_STR): New macro
	* create_adm.c (Create_Admin): Use it.
	* entries.c (Scratch_Entry, Register): Use it.
	* filesubr.c (copy_file, xchmod, rename_file, unlink_file): Use it.
	* history.c (history_write): Use it.
	* modules.c (do_module): Use it.
	* no_diff.c (No_Difference): Use it.
	* run.c (run_popen): Use it.
	* server.c (server_register): Use it.

1998-08-14  Jim Meyering  <>

	* hardlink.c (lookup_file_by_inode): Use existence_error rather than
	comparing errno to ENOENT directly.

	* client.c (copy_a_file): Unlink destination before doing copy.
	* (join-readonly-conflict): New test for this -- it would
	fail only in client/server mode.

	* (rcsmerge-symlink-4): Don't use `test -L', it's not
	portable.  Instead, match against the output of `ls -l'.
	(dotest tag8k-16): Simplify tag-construction code and at the same
	time, avoid using expr's `length' and `substr' operators.  Not
	all versions of expr support those.

1998-08-14  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Bump version number to

Thu Aug 13 11:15:24 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* version.c: Change version number to 1.10 and name to `Halibut'.

	* (rcslib): new tests to check behavior of symlinks in
 	the repository.

Wed Aug 12 15:39:38 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): the `annotate' command
 	shouldn't require access to the repository.  Add comment about
 	commands that do not use the working directory.

Mon Aug 10 10:26:38 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* version.c: Change version number to 1.9.30.

Thu Aug  6 17:44:50 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* server.c (serve_rdiff): change the name of the command (for
 	error reporting, etc.) from "patch" to "rdiff."
	(serve_remove): rename from "cvsremove" to "remove."

	* main.c (lookup_command_attribute): the `rdiff' command shouldn't
 	require write access to the repository.

1998-08-06  David Masterson of
	and Jim Kingdon

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Don't call strlen ("CVSROOT")
	from within the assert statement.  Apparently HP's cc compiler on
	HPUX 10.20 has trouble with that.

1998-08-06  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): When adding branch, if there is a lock on
	the branchpoint owned by someone else, leave it alone.  This
	restores CVS 1.9 (RCS 5.7) behavior, fixing a core dump.
	* (reserved): New tests reserved-16 through reserved-19
	test for this fix.

1998-08-05  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (unedit-without-baserev): Use ${QUESTION} not "?".
	This makes it work with GNU expr 1.12 as well as 1.16.

Sun Aug  2 20:27:44 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* mkmodules.c: add comment about TopLevelAdmin for the initial
 	contents of CVSROOT/config.

1998-07-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): Only try to call xreadlink if HAVE_READLINK
	is defined.

Tue Jul 28 19:33:08 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* version.c: Change version number to 1.9.29.

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkin): add code to follow symbolic links in the

Sun Jul 26 05:14:41 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* This set of changes reverts the code to pre-1.9.2 behavior and
 	does not create CVS directories at top-level (except for the
 	obvious "cvs co .").  Added a new configuration option to switch
 	between 1.9 and 1.9.2 behavior.

	* recurse.c (do_argument_proc): new function.
	(start_recursion): in the case that we've done a command from
 	top-level but have no CVS directory there, the behavior should be
 	the same as "cvs <cmd> dir1 dir2 dir3...".  Make sure that the
 	appropriate "Argument" commands are sent to the server by calling
 	walklist with do_argument_proc.

	* client.c (call_in_directory): only create the top-level CVS
 	directory when we're checking out "." explicitly.  The server will
 	force creation of this directory in all other cases.

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): only generate the top-level
 	directory when the TopLevelAdmin=yes.  Also send a message to the
 	client to do the same.

	* parseinfo.c (parse_config): handle TopLevelAdmin option.  Set

	* main.c: add new variable top_level_admin.
	* cvs.h: add extern definition for above.

	* since we're reverting to pre 1.9.2 behavior for
 	top-level CVS directories, I needed to make changes to a bunch of
 	tests that made assumptions about said directories.
	(preamble): make sure to add read and execute access to everything
 	in TMPDIR before removing, since some tests make things read-only.
	(basicb-1a, basicb-1b, basicb-9a, basicb-9b): use dotest_fail
 	because these tests check for the non-existant top-level CVS
	(basicc-3, emptydir-6, emptydir-7, crerepos-6): use "rm -rf" so it
 	won't complain when trying to remove the non-existant top-level
 	CVS directory.
	(106.5): remove imported-f2-orig.tmp.
	(modules2-10, emptydir-4, abspath-1ba, abspath-1bb): cd into the
 	directory where files exist before using the "add" command so cvs
 	can find CVSROOT in CVS/Root.
	(cvsadm-2): look at a different CVS/Repository file, since the
 	top-level one doesn't exist.
	(taginfo-3): create the directory in the repository directly
 	rather than relying on the fact that the top-level CVS directory
 	was created in a previous test.
	(serverpatch-6): update first-dir explicity, rather than relying
 	on the non-existant top-level CVS/Entries file.
	(crerepos-18): look at CVS/Repository in a subdirectory rather
 	than in the non-existant top-level CVS directory.
	(toplevel): add code to set TopLevelAdmin=yes.
	(toplevel2): new tests -- same as toplevel, but TopLevelAdmin=no.

1998-07-21  Jim Meyering  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): Hoist frees of rev and value.
	Warn and return 1 in several cases rather than exiting via
	`error (1, ...'.  The latter could abort a multi-file commit
	in mid-stream, leaving stale locks in the repository.

1998-07-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (rcscmds.c): Also look for include files in
	[-.diff], just like Ian's 1998-06-18 change to

1998-07-14  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* tag.c (pretag_proc), rtag.c (pretag_proc): Don't pass RUN_REALLY
	to run_exec.  This means that taginfo does not get executed if the
	global -n option is specified.  Which makes it like loginfo, -i,
	-e, -o, -t, -u in modules, editinfo, and verifymsg and unlike
	commitinfo.  The old behavior was pretty bad in the sense that it
	doesn't provide any way to log only the tags which actually
	* (taginfo): New tests taginfo-11 to taginfo-13, for this.

1998-07-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (ann-id): Write the test so that it tests for the
	current (buggy) behavior.

	* (taginfo): Also clean up cvsroot/first-dir.

1998-07-12  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (ann-id): New (currently failing) test for bug in how
	rcs keywords are expanded in the output of `cvs annotate'.

1998-07-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (taginfo): Write the TESTDIR into the script rather
	than having the script look at the environment.  This means that
	it will work if TESTDIR is set by as well as if finds TESTDIR in the environment.

1998-07-11  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* tag.c (check_fileproc): Calculate the revision to be tagged the
	same way that tag_fileproc does.
	* (taginfo): New tests, test for this (before this fix,
	brtag had said 1.1 not

1998-07-10  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (unedit-without-baserev): Also clean up "2" directory.

1998-07-08  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* edit.c (unedit_fileproc): If the Baserev file is missing, don't
	get the working file from CVS/Base.  The previous code could get
	you version 1.1 of the working file and put 1.2 in CVS/Entries.
	* (unedit-without-baserev): New tests test for this.

1998-07-02  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (unedit-without-baserev): Move the test itself to be
	in the same order as in the "tests" variable.

1998-07-02  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rcscmds.c: Don't include <stdarg.h> or <vasprintf.h>.  Don't
	declare vasprintf.
	(call_diff_printf_output): Remove.
	(call_diff_stdout_callbacks): Don't initialize printf_output
	field--it has been removed from the interface.
	(call_diff_file_callbacks): Likewise.

1998-07-01  Jim Meyering  <>

	* edit.c (unedit_fileproc): Handle the case in which base_get
	returns a NULL baserev.  That happens when a file being `unedit'ed
	exists in the CVS/Base directory, but isn't listed in the CVS/Baserev
	file.  The one case I've seen had no Baserev file at all.  The symptom
	(if you're lucky) is a segmentation fault upon unedit.  If you use
	SunOS4.1.4 for which printf prints NULL pointers as `(null)', your
	unedit command will complete normally, but it will have corrupted
	your CVS/Entries file and a subsequent update may result in an
	assertion failure, a core dump, and a stale lock in the repository.
	* (unedit-without-baserev): New test for this.

1998-07-01  Andy Mortimer of
	and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* server.c (server_updated): Use a prototype if we are using them
	for declarations.

1998-06-29  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (commit-readonly): Protect keyword against expansion
	in itself.  Keep the keyword in the file which we check
	in (or else this fails to test for the RCS_checkout change).

1998-06-27  Jim Meyering  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_checkout): If opening the local workfile fails due to
	lack of write access, try to chmod the file and retry the open.
	Before, a commit could fail part way through merely because the
	open to rewrite with newly expanded rcs keywords would fail.  It's
	easy to make this happen if you use `cvs -r' or CVSREAD and you
	apply a patch to one of your read-only source files -- patch
	preserves the read-only setting for the file and your next commit
	will fail after committing that file, but before rewriting
	(checking out) your working copy.
	* (commit-readonly): New test for this.

1998-06-25  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* update.c (patch_file): Update comments regarding context diffs
	to reflect diff library.

1998-06-23  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (modules4): Add tests for reversing the order of the
	"!first-dir/sdir" and "first-dir".

1998-06-23  Jim Kingdon  <>
	and Dave Wolfe@Motorola.

	* (modes2): Touch the file before chmod'ing it.

1998-06-21  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* update.c (merge_files): Revert changes of 1998-06-19.  Instead,
	register a merged file with a dummy time stamp.  Only set
	last_register_time if we need to.
	(join_file): Likewise.  Always register a merged file, not just
	when the merge fails.

1998-06-21  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* call_diff_write_output, call_diff_printf_output,
	call_diff_flush_output, call_diff_write_stdout, call_diff_error,
	call_diff_stdout_callbacks, call_diff_file_callbacks): Re-indent.

1998-06-19  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* update.c (merge_file): Make sure the time stamp of the file is
	different from the time stamp we register in the Entries file.
	(join_file): Likewise.

1998-06-18  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rcscmds.c: Include <stdio.h>.  Include either <stdarg.h> or
	<varargs.h>.  Declare vasprintf.
	(call_diff_write_output): New static function.
	(call_diff_printf_output): New static function.
	(call_diff_flush_output): New static function.
	(call_diff_write_stdout): New static function.
	(call_diff_error): New static function.
	(call_diff_stdout_callbacks): New static variable.
	(call_diff_file_callbacks): New static variable.
	(call_diff): Don't sleep.  Use a callback structure when calling
	the diff library.
	(call_diff3): Likewise.

	* rcscmds.c: Include diffrun.h.
	(call_diff, call_diff3): Pass NULL callback parameter.
	(diff_run, diff3_run): Don't declare.
	* (rcscmds.o): New target, to use -I for diff
	(zlib.o): Depend upon zlib.h.

1998-06-09  Mike Sutton@SAIC

	Make it compile with Sun's bundled K&R C compiler:
	* rcs.c (count_delta_actions): Change to static to match
	* client.c (handle_wrapper_rcs_option): Rename error label to
	handle_error to avoid clash with function name.

1998-06-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_delete_revs): If we are trying to delete all
	revisions, give an error rather than assertion failed.
	* (basicb): New tests basicb-o* test for this.

1998-06-04  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* add.c (add): Only send "Directory" requests if we need to.

1998-06-02  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* client.c: Check for HAVE_GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE rather than
	assuming that GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE is a macro.
	* server.c: Likewise.

1998-06-02  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* fileattr.c (fileattr_read): Check for NULL return from strchr.
	* (devcom3): New test devcom3-10 checks for this.

1998-06-01  Assar Westerlund  <>
	and Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* client.c: If HAVE_GSSAPI_H, include <gssapi.h>.  Only include
	<gssapi/gssapi.h> if HAVE_GSSAPI_GSSAPI_H.  Only include
	<gssapi/gssapi_generic.h> if HAVE_GSSAPI_GSSAPI_GENERIC_H.
	(GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE): Define if not defined.
	(connect_to_gserver): Use GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE instead of
	* server.c: Same header file changes.
	(GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE): Define if not defined.
	(gserver_authenticate_connection): Use GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE
	instead of gss_nt_service_name.

1998-06-01  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (tag8k): Add a test for the 1998-05-02 rcs.c bug fix.

1998-05-26  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (annotate): Call tag_check_valid like the other functions
	which have a -r option.
	* (ann): New test ann-14 tests for this.

1998-05-24  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (importc): New tests importc-5 through importc-8 test
	for a (fairly obscure) regression from CVS 1.9.

1998-05-23  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (modules2): Add comment listing cvs release tests.
	(info): New test info-cleanup-0 tests "cvs -n release".

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_getid): Remove semicolon at end of #undef.  I'm
	kind of surprised that compilers accepted this at all, but
	removing it squelches a warning for some compilers.

	* version.c: Change version number to

	* Version 1.9.28.

1998-05-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c (RCS_cmp_file): Check for errors from CVS_FOPEN.  This
	restores the CVS 1.9 behavior (fatal error if we can't open the
	file), and corrects an apparent oversight in Ian's 13 Apr 1997
	* (modes2): New test, tests for this.

1998-05-22  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

        * server.c (server_updated): Correct test for whether to unlink
        the file.

1998-05-20  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* wrapper.c (wrap_add): Disable -t/-f wrappers at least until the
	serious bug can be fixed.

1998-05-15  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout): Call server_pathname_check on the
	argument to "cvs co -d".
	* server.c (server_pathname_check): Add comment about how we could
	be handling absolute pathnames.
	* (abspath): Rewrite the tests which run "cvs co -d /foo"
	for remote, to reflect this.

	* (abspath): Also do the "cannot rename" work-around for

1998-05-13  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Free admin_dir when done with it.

1998-05-13  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (editor): Change bogus sed command, `s/^/x&/g', to `s/^/x/'.
	The former exercised a bug in GNU sed-3.01-beta3.
	(emptydir-8): Add `Rebuilding administrative file database' message,
	since now it does that.
	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Pass only the admin directory
	pathname to mkmodules.
	Remove #if 0, now that it's fixed.

	* status.c (cvsstatus): Rename from `status' to avoid shadowing
	lots of locals and parameters by the same name.
	* server.c (serve_status): Update caller.
	* main.c (cmds[]): Update table entry.
	* cvs.h: Update prototype.

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Remove trailing blanks.
	(commit) [CLIENT_SUPPORT]: Remove unnecessary (and local-shadowing)
	declaration of `err'.
	Rename global `tag' to `saved_tag' to avoid overshadowing `tag'
	parameters of three functions.
	Rename global `message' to `saved_message' to avoid overshadowing
	`message' parameter of a function.
	Rename global `ulist' to `saved_ulist' and move dcl up with others.

1998-05-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): #if 0 the new code until it can
	be fixed.

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Add comment explaining last

1998-05-12  Jim Meyering  <>

	* commit.c (commit_filesdoneproc): Call mkmodules not just when
	committing a file directly under CVSROOT, but also when committing
	files in subdirectories of CVSROOT.

1998-05-08  Jim Meyering  <>

	* filesubr.c (xreadlink):  NUL-terminate the symbolic link name.
	Use a much smaller initial buffer length.
	Test errno only if readlink fails.
	Use xstrdup then free the original link name so we don't waste space.

1998-05-02  Jim Meyering  <>

	* rcs.c (rcsbuf_getword): Fix off-by-one error that would result in
	an abort (the first one in rcsbuf_getkey) when operating on on some
	,v files with over 8192 bytes of tag and branch info.

1998-05-04  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (ann): New tests ann-12 and ann-13 test for specifying
	a numeric branch.

1998-05-02  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* rcs.c: Add comments about getting rid of rcsbuf_getid,
	rcsbuf_getword, and rcsbuf_getstring.

	* (abspath): Revise the workarounds to deal with exit

1998-04-30  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (abspath): Work around the "cannot rename" bug.

1998-04-27  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* classify.c (Classify_File): Add comments about checking whether
	command name is "update".

1998-04-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* version.c: Change version number to

	* Version 1.9.27.

1998-04-20  Jim Kingdon  <>

	(This diff was run by devel-cvs and everyone seemed to like it).
	* diff.c (diff_file_nodiff): Make HEAD mean the head of the branch
	which contains the sticky tag, not the sticky tag itself.
	* rcs.c, rcs.h (RCS_branch_head): New function.
	* (head): Update for this changed behavior.

1998-04-19  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Move emptydir tests from basicb to new test emptydir.
	This is because we now need a module definition to create Emptydir;
	"co -d" doesn't cut it anymore.

1998-04-17  Petri Virkkula

	* server.c (mkdir_p): Ignore EROFS error (like for EACCES).

1998-04-16  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* checkout.c (checkout_proc): Don't create directories above the
	last one specified in "co -d".
	(build_dirs_and_chdir): Revert Noel's change of 17 Feb 1998.
	(struct dir_to_build): New field just_chdir.
	(build_dirs_and_chdir): Test it.
	* (abspath): New tests abspath-7* test for a bug which
	we fix, in which CVS would create bogus "D/////" entries in
	(abspath): Revise abspath-3* tests to test for the fact that we no
	longer create directories above the last one specified in "co -d".
	I checked that CVS 1.9 gives an error on this, so changing this
	behavior back should be OK.
	(cvsadm-2d3): Likewise (also checked CVS 1.9 for this case).
	(cvsadm-2d3d): Likewise (also checked CVS 1.9 for this case).
	(cvsadm-2d{4,5,6,7,8}, cvsadm-N2d{3,4,5,6,7,8}): Adjust for new
	behavior (same case as cvsadm-2d3).
	(cvsadm-2d{4,5,6,7,8}d, cvsadm-N2d{3,4,5,6,7,8}d): Remove test
	(same case as cvsadm-2d3d).
	(cvsadm): For remote, skip most these tests.
	(abspath): When cleaning up, delete mod1 and mod2 rather than mod1
	twice (longstanding bug, apparently only becomes visible if you
	run the tests in a certain order).

1998-04-14  Wilfredo Sanchez  <>

	* rcs.c: variable "lockfile" was being referenced after being
	free'd.  Bad.  Moved the free() call down.

1998-04-12  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (rcs): Add test for annotate and the year 2000.

	* server.c (do_cvs_command): If there are partial lines left when
	the child process is done, send them along.
	* (rcs, rcs2): Enable all tests for remote; tests for
	this fix.

1998-04-11  Jim Kingdon  <kingdon@harvey.cyc