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.de Id
.ds Rv \\$3
.ds Dt \\$4
.TH CVS 1 "\*(Dt"
.\" Full space in nroff; half space in troff
.de SP
.if n .sp
.if t .sp .5
.\" quoted command
.de `
.RB ` "\|\\$1\|" '\\$2
cvs \- Concurrent Versions System
\fBcvs\fP [ \fIcvs_options\fP ]
.I cvs_command
.I command_options
] [
.I command_args
.IX "revision control system" "\fLcvs\fR"
.IX  cvs  ""  "\fLcvs\fP \- concurrent versions system"
.IX  "concurrent versions system \- \fLcvs\fP"
.IX  "release control system"  "cvs command"  ""  "\fLcvs\fP \- concurrent versions system"
.IX  "source control system"  "cvs command"  ""  "\fLcvs\fP \- concurrent versions system"
.IX  revisions  "cvs command"  ""  "\fLcvs\fP \- source control"
This manpage is a summary of some of the features of
\fBcvs\fP.  It is auto-generated from an appendix of the CVS manual.
For more in-depth documentation, please consult the
Cederqvist manual (via the
.B info CVS
command or otherwise,
as described in the SEE ALSO section of this manpage).  Cross-references
in this man page refer to nodes in the same.