ChangeLog   [plain text]

2005-09-30  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Convert diff timestamps to UTC.
	Acknowledge Paul Eggert's help.
	* rcs-5.7-sameuserlocks.patch: Patch from James Olin Oden allows
	new co -S switch to disallow the user to check out the same file
	* rcs-5.7-security.patch: tmpfile security patch from Olaf Kirch.
	* README: Document rcs-5.7-sameuserlocks.patch and
2005-09-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Not all hosts support O_NOCTTY for open.
	Try to use more random data when time() returns -1.  
	Simplify commitid creation.
2005-09-29  Derek Price  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Check for error return from time().

2005-09-29  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Rename N as COMMITID_RAW_SIZE.
	Use base62 encoding for non-urandom case.
2005-09-28  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Use base62 for the commitid with
	more random content.

2005-09-27  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: Add documentation for the new commitid

2005-09-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* rcs-5.7-commitid.patch: New file.
	* README: Add rcs-5.7-commitid.patch description.
	* (contrib_DATA): Add new rcs-5.7-commitid.patch file.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Ditto.
	* Regenerated.
2005-09-26  Derek Price  <>

	* README: Rename check_cvs & cvscheck to verify_repo and
	sandbox_status, respectively.

2005-09-01  Derek Price  <>

	*,,,,,, Update links and email addresses.

2005-07-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (change_summary): Handle cvs log date lines with
	commitid information on them.

2005-07-20  Derek Price  <>

	* cvs_acls.html,,

2005-07-12  Derek Price  <>

	*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Add copyright notices.

2005-07-11  Derek Price  <>

	*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Update license notices.

2005-06-27  Derek Price  <>

	* (bin_ext): Add some new extensions.  Reorganize slightly.
	(usage, error_count): Repaginate.
	(help): Add cvs-module option.  Repaginate.
	(options): Add cvs-module option.
	(execdir): Keep track of CVS module dir.  Add quotes around file names
	to handle spaces when passed to shell.  Parse "Description" fields
	correctly.  Try not to abort when a log line matches /^Rev [\d.]+/.
	Handle file locks in CVS module dir and moving archives into CVS module
	dir when done.  Add a few debug prints.  Branch when a 2.*, etc.
	revision is found since in PVCS, commits to 1.* and 2.* are treated as
	different branches.
	(pvcs_to_rcs_rev_number): Ignore 1.*, 2.*, etc., to be handled later.

2005-04-14  Derek Price  <>

	*,,,,, Enable taint checking and comment.  This closes
	Issue #224.

2005-04-08  Derek Price  <>

	* README: Correct my email address.

2005-03-22  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerated.

2005-03-11  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (get_history): Allow whitespace in the author
	field. Avoid uninitialized hash.
	(Problem report from "Torsten Martinsen" <>.)
2005-01-31  Derek Price  <>

	* Update copyright notices.

2005-01-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Filenames may include a '-' character.
	(Patch from "Kumar Gala" <
	forwarded by "Peter Connolly" <>.)

2004-12-14  Derek Price  <>

	* (contrib_MANS): Add rcs2log.1.

2004-12-09  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* README: Remove Dr. Pascal Molli's CVS URL from the

2004-10-25  Derek Price  <>

	* Loosen revision regex even more.

2004-10-22  Derek Price  <>

	* Loosen revision regex, trusting later verification.
	(Patch from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-10-20  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerate for new

2004-10-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Minor changes to help text.

2004-10-20  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_ignore_files_from_cvsroot): Add new script
	hooks to default ignore list and alphabetize.

2004-10-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Accept but log bad revision numbers.
	(Patch from Dan Peterson <>.)

2004-09-13  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* New version from
	"Peter Connolly" <>.
	* cvs_acls.html: New file from
	"Peter Connolly" <>.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add cvs_acls.html
	(Close ccvs Issue #170.)
	* Regenerated.
2004-09-06  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* (UseNewFmtStrings, new_directory,
	imported_sources): New variables to adapt command-line processings
	to support use of UseNewFmtStrings=yes in the CVSROOT/config file.

	* Change Log processing state machine to avoid being
	confused by user uses of the key phrases 'Modified *', 'Added *,
	'Removed * and 'Log * in their log message.

2004-08-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Changes to supress warnings under Perl 5.8.5.
	(Patch from Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <>.)

2004-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (SUBDIRS): Add pam subdir.
	(Thanks to a report from Brian Murphy <>.)

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Undo previous change.

2004-06-09  Derek Price  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove some files that are included by
	virtue of appearing in rules.

2004-04-14  Derek Price  <>

	* (CLEANFILES): Clean bin_LINKS, not bin_SCRIPTS.
	* Regenerated.

2004-04-14  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: s/cvscheck/sandbox_status/.

2004-04-14  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: s/check_cvs/validate_repo/.

2004-03-31  Derek Price  <>

	* Rename to...
	* ...this.
	*, Rename to...
	*, ...this and this.
	* (contrib_SCRIPTS): Use new script names.
	(contrib_MANS, EXTRA_DIST): s/cvscheck/sandbox_status/.
	* Regenerated.

2004-01-30  Derek Price  <>

	Close issue #155.
	* Remove unused variables.
	(Patch from Ville Skyttä <>.)

2003-11-25  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerate for new

2003-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	Port to pedantic POSIX 1003.1-2001 hosts, such as Debian GNU/Linux
	testing with _POSIX2_VERSION=200112 in the environment.

	* Work with POSIX sort as well as with
	traditional sort.
	*, Likewise.
	(Patch from Paul Eggert <>.)

2003-09-26  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Use @AWK@ to avoid ancient Solaris awk (no support
	for the "?" operator). Add support for handling binary SCCS files.
	(Suggestion from Allan Schrum <>.)
2003-09-12  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_ignore_files_from_cvsroot): Handle error messages
	specified in checkoutlist.
	(Report from Matthew Doar <>.)

2003-09-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history, check_revision): Pass the STDERR of child
	processes through in verbose mode.

2003-09-08  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history): Die on failure to close a pipe due to a system
	(check_revision): Simplify return syntax.

2003-09-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't rely on `which' to exit with a non-zero exit
	status when it fails to find the requested executable.  Use split in an
	undeprecated manner.  Don't assign to $_ just for split.

2003-09-02  Derek Price  <>

	* Use UNIX EOL instead of DOS EOL.

2003-09-02  Derek Price  <>

	* check_cvs (main): Strip trailing (/+.)+ off examined directories.
	(process_file): Log files corrupted by virtue of lacking an RCS
	extension as they are found in verbose mode.
	(check_revision): Log RCS `ci' command in verbose mode.

2003-09-02  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history): Don't let revision locks prevent the
	revision tag from being read.
	(Reported by Dan Peterson <>.)

2003-08-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history): Pass $cvsroot to `cvs rlog'.
	(Reported by Dan Peterson <>.)

2003-08-13  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history): Require -----... before the revision
	marker, not a revision marker after -----...
	(Reported by Dan Peterson <>.)

2003-08-09  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't use unneeded Cwd module.
	 (process_file): s/^(./)*// paths to files.
	(look_at_cvs_file): Pass complete path from CVSROOT to get_history.
	Remove unecessary syntax.
	(get_history): Use `cvs rlog' instead of rlog.  Return undef for $rinfo
	when %rinfo is empty.
	(check_revision): Remove unecessary call to cwd.

2003-08-06  Derek Price  <>

	*, Port copious changes from Karl Fogel
	and CollabNet.  These changes add features, generalize, and organize.

2003-07-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* rcs2log.1: New file from Paul Eggert <>
	via Eric Seidel <>.

2003-06-23  Derek Price  <>

	* Don't call CVS with the -l option since CVS no longer accepts it.
	(Suggestion from Matt Doar <>.)

2003-06-11  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerate for new

2003-05-21  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerate with Automake version 1.7.5.

2003-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-05-09  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-04-21  Derek Price  <>

	* (get_history): Store the keyword expansion mode for
	archives %finfo.  Store revision data in %rinfo.
	(process_file): Get new %$finfo and %$rinfo arguments from get_history.
	Use %$rinfo rather than @$revisions.  Pass $finfo and $rinfo to
	(check_revision): Receive new %$finfo and %$rinfo arguments for
	scripts.  Check out using -kb when the file is binary, -ko otherwise
	to preserve keywords as they were committed.  Read any data not read by
	called scripts before closing the file handle to the `cvs co' process
	in order to avoid errors on close when data is left in the pipe.

2003-04-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (pod documentation): Add --all-revisions flag and
	change documented behavior of --exec to execute once on each checkedu
	out revision of a file.  Document passing of an open file descriptor
	rather than a file name.  Major cosmetic changes to be more compatible
	with POD.
	(global variables): Add $all_revisions.
	(main): Accept new --all-revisions flag.  Check for newlines in --exec
	arguments before testing for executability.
	(process_file):  Document new behavior.  Don't filter revisions when
	--all-revisions is specified.  Don't process @scripts here.  Minor
	cosmetic changes.
	(check_revision): Document new behavior.  Process @scripts here.
	Remove unused code.  Minor cosmetic changes.

2003-04-10  Larry Jones  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-04-10  Derek Price  <>

	* (pod documentation::OPTIONS): Add FIXME comment as to
	the usefulness of --exec.

2003-04-09  Derek Price  <>

	* Fix copy & paste error in GPL disclaimer.
	(pod documentation::SYNOPSIS): Show optional --verbose option with
	(process_file): Print filename when $verbose.  Reduce verbage used to
	ignore files.  Don't add directories to the count of total files.
	Add comments.
	(get_history): Make error message more understandable.
	(main): Reorganize for readability.  Remove unneeded debugging info.
	Enable verbose help.  Print some more statistics.  Only print
	statistics once.
	(elements_in_branch, get_int_branch_revision,
	get_int_mainline_revision, remove_duplicate_branches): Remove these
	unused functions.
	(verbose): New function for verbose prints.
	(*): Use new verbose function.

2003-04-09  Derek Price  <>

	* Update for usability.  Add help text.  Add standard
	GNU GPL disclaimer to avoid being sued.

2003-03-19  Mark D. Baushke  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-03-19  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2003-02-25  Derek Price  <>

	* Import RedHat 8.0's use of mktemp from the CVS 1.11.2
	RPM.  Use new MKTEMP variable from configure.
	* Regenerated.

2003-02-24  Larry Jones  <>
	and Donald Sharp <>

	* Filenames with funky characters need to be quoted
	correctly.  Also needed to modify regex due to locked revisions of
	files cause output to be different.

	* Fixed multiple symlinks in your cvsroot,
	improved CVSROOT/CVSROOT handling (Patch from Shlomo Reinstein
	<  Fixed retrieving revisions of ,v
	files.  Added passwd, readers, and writers to list of files to
	ignore and sorted list to match the one in src/mkmodules.c.

2003-02-03  Derek Price  <>

	* New file.
	* (contrib_SCRIPTS, EXTRA_DIST): Add newcvsroot.
	* .cvsignore: Ditto.

	* Regenerated.

2002-12-16  Derek Price  <>

	* Fix split loop error with Perl 5.8.0.
	(Patch from Ville Skyttä <>.)

2002-12-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* (install-data-local): test -e isn't portable: use -f.
	* Regenerated.
	(Reported by Philip Brown <>.)

2002-11-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* .cvsignore: Add check_cvs.

	* New script contributed by Donald Sharp.
	* (contrib_SCRIPTS): Add check_cvs.
	* Regenerated.
	* README: Add check_cvs and other missing scripts, alphabetize.

2002-11-08  Derek Price  <>

	* Simplify some code.  Attempt to default to
	src/check.log before falling back to ./check.log.

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated using Automake 1.6.3.

2002-09-24  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2002-05-20  Derek Price  <>

	* Add note about using checkoutlist with avail
	in the commentary's INSTALLATION section.
	(Original patch from Ville Skyttä <>.)

2002-04-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with automake 1.6.

2002-03-21  Derek Price  <>

	* (install-data-local): Import a patch from RedHat which
	was no longer necessary but causes a FIXME to print - maybe someone
	will see it and fix it.
	* Regenerated.

2001-12-06  Derek Price  <>

	* Allow ACL specification based on branch matching.
	(Patch from Aaron Voisine <>.)

2001-10-16  Derek Price  <>

	* Replace Y2K bug fix with something more succint.
	(Suggested by SAKAI Hiroaki <>.)

2001-10-16  Derek Price  <>

	* Fix Y2K bug.
	(Patch from SAKAI Hiroaki <>.)

2001-09-06  Larry Jones  <>
            for Paul Eggert  <>

	Sync with revision 1.48 of the GNU Emacs sources.  This
	incorporates the following changes:

	* rcs2log (Help, mainline code): Add new option -L FILE.
	(Copyright): Update year.

	LC_NUMERIC, LC_TIME): New shell vars, to make sure we live in the C locale.

	(mainline code): Handle nonstandard -u option differently, by
	transforming it to standard form.  Check for "Working file: ", not
	"Working file:".  Allow file names with spaces.

	(SOH, rlogfile): New shell vars.
	(rlogout): Remove.  Its old functionality is mostly migrated to rlogfile.

	Append ';;' to the last arm of every case statement, for portability to
	ancient broken BSD shells.

	(logins): Fix bug; was not being computed at all, lowering performance.

	(pository): New var.  This fixes some bugs where repositories are
	remote, or have trailing slashes.

	(authors): $llogout is never an empty shell var, so don't worry about that

	(printlogline, mainline code): Fix bug with SOH's being put into the output.

	2001-07-20  Gerd Moellmann  <>

	* rcs2log: Update copyright notice.

	2001-01-03  Paul Eggert  <>

	* rcs2log: Avoid security hole allowing attacker to
	cause user of rcs2log to overwrite arbitrary files, fixing
	a bug reported by Morten Welinder.

	Don't put "exit 1" at the end of the exit trap; it's
	ineffective in POSIX shells.

2001-09-04  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with automake 1.5.

2001-08-21  Larry Jones  <>

	* Fix typo: missing quote.
	(Patch submitted by "Mark D. Baushke" <>.)

2001-08-06  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated.

2001-07-04  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with new Automake release candidate 1.4h.

2001-06-28  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated with new version of Automake.

2001-05-30  Derek Price  <>

	* Rename to...
	* here.
	* .cvsignore: Add pvcs2rcs.
	* (contrib_SCRIPTS): Change pvcs2cvs to pvcs2rcs.

	* Regenerated.

2001-05-29  Derek Price  <>
	patch from Pavel Roskin  <>

	* (install-data-local): Double hash comment in rule since
	single hash comments are not portable.

	* Regenerated.

2001-05-29  Derek Price  <>

	* New file.
	* (contrib_SCRIPTS): Add pcvs2cvs.

	* Regenerated.

2001-05-23  Larry Jones  <>

	* No need for grep when you're already using awk.

	* Fix y2k bug correctly.
	(Reported by "Hayes, Ted (London)" <>.)

2001-04-25  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated using AM 1.4e as of today at 18:10 -0400.

2001-04-16  Derek Price  <>

	* Accept new '-V' option for non-verbose status messages.

2001-03-14  Derek Price  <>

        * Regenerated

2001-01-05  Derek Price  <>

	* contrib/ (EXTRA_DIST, SUFFIXES, .pl:, .csh:): Move some
	script targets to - see ../ChangeLog for more

	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from
	* contrib/ Rename from scc2rcs.csh

	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/ Rename to
	* contrib/sccs2rcs.csh: Rename to

2000-12-22  Derek Price  <>

	* Regenerated

2000-12-21  Derek Price  <>

	* New file needed by Automake
	* Regenerated

2000-12-14  Derek Price  <>
	    Thomas Maeder  <>

	* sccs2rcs.csh: unkludge a Y2k workaround

2000-10-23  Derek Price  <>

	* added this script for analyzing output
	* add above file to DISTFILES and CONTRIB_PROGS
	* .cvsignore: add debug_check_log

2000-09-07  Larry Jones  <>

	* Use @bindir@, @libdir@, @infodir@, and @mandir@
	from autoconf.

2000-02-25  Larry Jones  <>

	* Get committer from command line instead of getlogin
	so that client/server works correctly.
	* Ditto.

2000-01-24  K.J. Paradise <>

	* sccs2rcs.csh: fixed a y2k bug.  This was submitted 
	by Ceri Davies <>, and looks 
	okay to me. 

1999-01-19  Graham Stoney <>

	* The author commited the canonical perl "localtime" Y2K
	offence, of printing "19$year" instead of (1900 + $year). Of
	course, the result is non-compliance in year 2000.  Fix it.

1998-10-14  Jim Kingdon

	* Removed; it was not in DISTFILES so it didn't
	actually get distributed.  I'm going to move it to the web on the
	theory that the web is a better place for such things.
	* README: Don't mention it.

	* (dist-dir, distclean): Remove references to elib.
	* elib: Remove this subdirectory and all its contents.  It went
	with pcl-cvs, which is no longer distributed with CVS.

1998-09-22  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* pvcs_to_rcs: Removed; it was not in DISTFILES so it didn't
	actually get distributed.  I'm going to move it to the web on the
	theory that the web is a better place for such things.
	* README: Don't mention it.

1998-09-10  Jim Kingdon

	Check in Paul Eggert <>'s submission of
	1998-08-15.  I also ran "cvs admin -ko" on this file so that his
	version number would be intact (not an ideal solution, because
	people will import it into other repositories, but I don't feel
	like hacking the master version).
	* Sync with master version at

1998-08-15  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Don't mention listener, since it was removed a while
	* listen2.c, listen2.mak: Removed; because there is no easy way to
	pass a socket (as opposed to file descriptor) from one process to
	another on Windows, this isn't a promising approach (at least not
	in this form).
	* (DISTFILES): Remove them.
	* .cvsignore: Remove listen2.ncb listen2.mdp Debug.

1998-05-11  W. Bradley Rubenstein

	* Check for errors from open and exec.

Sat Feb 21 21:59:45 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (clean): Change "/bin/rm" to "rm".

Thu Aug  7 22:42:23 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* pvcs_to_rcs: Remove RCS keywords.  Remove $Log and move the data
	to this ChangeLog (below).  Add paragraph that David Martin
	emailed along with the script.

	    Revision 1.6  1997/03/07 16:21:28  divad
	    Need to explicitly state archive name in PVCS get command for
 	    those cases where the case of the workfile and the case of the
 	    archive file are different (OS/2)

	    Revision 1.5  1997/03/07 00:31:04  divad
	    Added capitalized extensions and framemaker files as binaries;
 	    also overriding any path specification for workfiles at PVCS
 	    checkout (most annoying).

	    Revision 1.4  1997/03/06 21:04:55  divad
	    Added \n to the end of each comment line to prevent multi-line
 	    comments for a single revision from "merging"

	    Revision 1.3  1997/03/06 19:50:25  divad
	    Corrected bug in binary extensions; correcting processing
 	    comment strings with double quotes

	    Revision 1.2  1997/03/06 17:29:10  divad
	    Provided list of extensions (rather than using Unix file
 	    command) to determine which files are binary; also printing
 	    version label as they are applied

	    Revision 1.1  1997/02/26 00:04:29  divad
	    Perl script to convert pvcs archives to rcs archives

	* README: mention pvcs_to_rcs.
	* pvcs_to_rcs: New file.  This is the file as I got it from David
	Martin.  Will be checking in the tweaks shortly.

17 May 1997  Jim Kingdon

	* listen2.c: Failed attempt at making this do what it was
	intended to do.  Will need to rethink the approach.
	* listen2.mak: The usual involuntary tweaks.
	* .cvsignore: Add listen2.ncb listen2.mdp.

Mon May 12 11:59:23 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* listener.c: Removed; see ../ChangeLog for rationale.

10 May 1997  Jim Kingdon

	* listen2.c, listen2.mak: New files.
	* (DISTFILES): Add them.
	* .cvsignore: Add Debug.

Thu Feb 20 22:43:45 1997  David J MacKenzie  <>

	* Put temporary files in /var/tmp or /usr/tmp
	whichever one exists.  Just call "vi" not "/usr/ucb/vi".

Mon Feb 17 08:51:37 1997  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* .cvsignore: added 'cvs2vendor' target from Feb. 12 changes.

	* (build_header): added "Repository:" to the report
	header to show the first argument supplied to the script by CVS.
	[[this value seems spuriously to be wrong when client is used]]
	($hostdomain): correct order of initialization from the Feb. 12
	($modulename): add more commentary about using '-M' to to get a
	meaningful string here.
	Tweak a few other comments from the Feb. 12 changes.

Wed Feb 12 10:27:48 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	sccs2rcs.csh: Remove $Id; we decided to get rid of these some
	time ago.

Wed Feb 12 00:24:33 1997  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* new script.
	* README: noted new cvs2vendor script.
	* (DISTFILES): added
	(CONTRIB_PROGS): added cvs2vendor.

	* (show_wd): new variable, initialized to 0.
	- set $show_wd if '-w' option found while parsing @ARGV.
	- don't add 'In directory' line to report header unless $show_wd
	is set.
	(domainname): prepend a leading '.' if none there so that
	concatenation with $hostname works (those with a FQDN hostname
	*and* a domainname still lose).
	(mail_notification): don't set a "From:" header -- the mailer will.

Wed Jan  8 14:48:58 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	*, README, Remove CVSid; we decided to get rid
	of these some time ago.

Thu Jan  2 13:30:56 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Remove "675" paragraph; see ../ChangeLog for rationale.

Thu Oct 17 18:28:25 1996  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Removed; it was not in DISTFILES so it never
	made it into distributions.  It also isn't clear what it has to do
	with CVS.  It is available from
	* README: Remove entry for

Wed Oct 16 10:22:44 1996  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Change date output format to something CVS 1.9
 	accepts.  I think this breaks the Sep 29 change, but I don't have
 	a copy of CVS 1.5 handy, so I can't find a format that works with
 	both, and I think it's more important that it work with the
 	version it's distributed with.

Sat Oct 12 21:18:19 1996  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Don't mention pcl-cvs; it isn't here any more.

Sun Sep 29 19:45:19 1996  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* README: add entry for
	* README: re-write the top section a bit.

	* re-generated using fixed "cvs patch" command.

	* new file.

Sun Sep 29 14:25:28 1996  Dave Love  <>

	* (month_data):  Make default date format acceptable to
 	CVS post v1.8 as well as earlier CVSs and RCS.
	Message-Id: <>

Thu Aug 29 11:58:03 1996  Jim Blandy  <>

	* rcs2log: Update FSF address.

	* rcs2log: Be more aggressive about finding the author's full
	name; try nismatch and ypmatch.

	* rcs2log: If the hostname appears not to be fully qualified, see
 	if domainname provides any useful information.

Fri Aug 16 16:02:36 1996  Norbert Kiesel  <>

	* (installdirs): support this target

Mon May  6 13:04:57 1996  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (install): Don't tell user to run cvsinit.  It isn't
	called cvsinit anymore, and it isn't necessary (repositories are,
	and need to be, compatible between cvs versions).

Sun Apr 14 11:30:36 1996  Karl Fogel  <>

        * Removed pcl-cvs/ subdir; see tools/ subdir in the top-level from
        now on.
        Added elib/ subdir.
        * (dist-dir): Removed all references to pcl-cvs/

Wed Mar  6 10:20:28 1996  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* ($MAILER): use sendmail directly to allow other
	headers to be included
	* (mail_notification): add support to allow settting
	of Reply-To and Date header fields in the sent mail; remove $mailto
	argument and use the global variable (as with $replyto).
	* add -R option for mail_notification()'s optional
	Reply-To value [default to $login]

Fri Mar  1 01:51:56 1996  Benjamin J. Lee  <>

	* listener.c: added as mentioned in ../README.VMS

Mon Feb 19 13:37:36 1996  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Don't just tell people "we don't want your script"; tell
	them what to do instead.

Thu Feb  1 14:28:16 1996  Karl Fogel  <>

        * (DISTFILES): added `', as mentioned in

Thu Jan 18 09:39:16 1996  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Talk about submitting changes to contrib directory.

Tue Nov 14 15:28:25 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	* README: fix some spelling and other typos

	* if I need reminding to run cvsinit....

Tue Nov 14 13:47:40 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>

	- Fix 'cvs status' to use global -Qq options
	- fix up a couple of comments, incl., my proper address

	* add a CVSid and fix a couple of comments

Sun Oct  1 02:02:57 1995  Peter Wemm  <>

	* supply a suffix rule to deal with .sh "source"

Sat Jul 29 17:29:13 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* Use global options -Qq, not command options -Qq.

	* (install): Look for $(PROGS) and
	$(CONTRIB_PROGS) in build dir, not srcdir.

Fri Jul 28 19:48:45 1995  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Sync with latest Emacs snapshot.

Thu Jul 27 20:29:30 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* import of initial WNT port work

Fri Jul 14 22:38:44 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* Changes from David J. Mackenzie.
	Set permissions on new repository files correctly.
	Ignore *~ files.

Thu Jul 13 23:04:12 CDT 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* (.pl, .csh): *Never* redirect output directly to
	the target (usu $@) of a rule.  Instead, redirect to a temporary
	file, and then move that temporary to the target.  I chose to
	name temporary files $@-t.  Remember to be careful that the length
	of the temporary file name not exceed the 14-character limit.

Sun Jul  9 21:16:53 1995  Karl Fogel  <>

        These are actually Greg Woods' changes:
        *,,, dirfns.shar,,, sccs2rcs.csh: renamed from the corresponding files
        sans extensions.
        * new file.

Sun Jul  9 19:03:00 1995  Greg A. Woods  <>
        * oops, one more thing that should not have been
        - fix interpreter file syntax.
        - remove "fix" for separating filenames and comments

	* hmm... thought rcs2log was in RCS-5.7 for some
        reason -- it's not, so we'll install it from here....
        - fix typo -- that's what you get for re-doing changes by hand!
        - updates to support proper transformation and installation of
        renamed files (from previous local changes)

	* .cvsignore: one more target noted...

	* sccs2rcs.csh: set up the interpreter file for updating by
        Makefile (from previous local changes)

	- set up the interpreter file for updating by Makefile
	- various modifications, updates, and enhancements
	(from previous local changes)

	- set up the interpreter file for updating by Makefile
	(from previous local changes)
	- include changes from 1.5 here too, if any

	- remove extensions from filenames to match installed names
	(from previous local changes)

	* .cvsignore: - added $(CONTRIB_PROGS) (from previous local changes)

Thu Jun 29 10:43:07 1995  James Kingdon  <>

	* (distclean): Also remove pcl-cvs/Makefile.

Thu Jun  8 15:32:29 1995  Jim Kingdon  (

	* intro.doc: Added.
	* (DISTFILES): Add intro.doc.

Sat May 27 08:46:00 1995  Jim Meyering  (

	* (Makefile): Regenerate only Makefile in current
	directory when is out of date.  Depend on ../config.status.

Mon May  8 13:06:29 1995  Bryan O'Sullivan  <>

	* README: added an entry for

Sun Apr 30 23:50:32 1995  Bryan O'Sullivan  <>

	* fixed a typo and added more flexible use of

Sun Apr 30 14:56:21 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* clmerge: Changes from Tom Tromey --- fix bug in date comparison

Sat Apr 29 20:53:08 1995  Bryan O'Sullivan  <>

	* created.  See the file itself for documentation.

	* (DISTFILES): added to the list of
	files to install.

Fri Apr 28 22:32:45 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Brought up-to-date with current
	directory contents.
	(dist-dir): Renamed from dist-dir; use DISTDIR variable, passed
	from parent.

Mon Feb 13 13:32:07 1995  Jim Blandy  <>

	* rcs2log: rcs2log was originally in this tree; how did it get
	deleted?  Anyway, this is the version distributed with Emacs
	19.28, hacked to support CVS and Remote CVS.

Mon Jul 26 13:18:23 1993  David J. Mackenzie  (

	* rcs-to-cvs: Rewrite in sh.

Wed Jul 14 21:16:40 1993  David J. Mackenzie  (

	* rcs-to-cvs: Don't source .cshrc or hardcode paths.
	Make respository dir if needed.  Don't suppress errors
	(such as prompts) from co.

Wed Feb 26 18:04:40 1992  K. Richard Pixley  (

	*, removed traces of namesubdir,
	  -subdirs, $(subdir), $(unsubdir), some rcs triggers.  Forced
	  copyrights to '92, changed some from Cygnus to FSF.