MINOR-BUGS   [plain text]

Low-priority bugs go here.  Actually, most every documented bug is
"low-priority"--in the sense that if it is documented it means noone
has gotten around to fixing it.

* "cvs update -ko -p -r REV file" doesn't seem to pay attention to the
  '-ko', at least in client/server mode.  A simple work around is to
  temporarily change the db file with "cvs admin -ko file", then switch
  it back to the original modes after the checkout (probably '-kkv').

* "cvs status" has a difference in its output between local and
  client/server mode.  Namely there's a tab character followed by a
  ctime(3)-style date string at the end of the "Working revision:"

* commands which don't work in a local working directory should probably
  ignore any CVS/Root values and revert to using CVSROOT alone.  The
  current use of CVS/Root can be very confusing if you forget you're in
  a working directory for a remote module -- something that's very easy
  to do since CVS hides the client operation very well, esp. for
  commands which fail for this reason.  The only clue might be the word
  "server" in a message such as this:
	cvs server: cannot find module `patch' - ignored

* cvs init may gave a strange error at times:
	ttyp4:<woods@clapton> $ cvs -d /local/src-CVS init
	cvs [init aborted]: cannot open CVS/Root: No such file or directory
  but it seemed to work just the same....  Note that at the time CVSROOT
  was set to point to a CVS server using the ":server:" option.

* If a ~/CVS/Root file exists on the server and you are using rsh to
connect to the server, CVS may loose its mind (this was reported in
May 1995 and I suspect the symptoms have changed, but I have no
particular reason to think the bug is fixed -kingdon, Sep 96).

* (Jeff Johnson <jbj@jbj.org>)
  I tried a "cvs status -v" and received the following:

  ? CVS
  ? programs/CVS
  ? tests/CVS
  cvs server: Examining .
  File: Install.dec            Status: Up-to-date
  I claim that CVS dirs should be ignored.
  (This reportedly happens if "cvs add CVS" (or "cvs add *")
  is followed by "cvs status", in client/server mode - CVS 1.9).

* On remote checkout, files don't have the right time/date stamps in
  the CVS/Entries files.  Doesn't look like the C/S protocol has any
  way to send this information along (according to cvsclient.texi).
  Perhaps we can spiff it up a bit by using the conflict field for the
  stamp on the checkout/update command.  Please note that this really
  doesn't do very much for us even if we get it done.

* Does the function that lists the available modules in the repository
  belong under the "checkout" function?  Perhaps it is more logically
  grouped with the "history" function or we should create a new "info"