BUGS   [plain text]

See the Cederqvist manual (cvs.texinfo) for information on how to
report bugs (and what will happen to your bug reports if you do).

The following is a list of some of the known bugs.  It may or may not
be comprehensive.  We would dearly love for people to volunteer to
help us keep it up to date (for starters, if you notice any
inaccuracies, please let bug-cvs know as described in the Cederqvist
manual).  There are some other reported bugs in MINOR-BUGS; the
difference, at least in theory, is that those bugs are less serious.

* For platform-specific information (in some cases including known
bugs), see README.VMS, windows-NT/README, or os2/README.  There is no
similar file for the unix-like operating systems (not yet, at least).
This file also might contain some platform-specific bugs.

* Need more work on the procedure for fixing it if a binary file is
accidentally added in text mode (sanity.sh test cases, better
documentation, probably update and/or admin -kb should update
the -k setting in CVS/Entries).

* Wrappers (-t/-f) do not work client/server, and there are a variety of other
bugs and annoyances with wrappers.

* If your login name contains a space or various other characters
(particularly an issue on Windows), CVS will have trouble (it will
write invalid RCS files, probably).  The fix would be to have CVS
change such characters to underscores before writing them to the RCS
file.  Furthermore, the LOGNAME or USER environment variables usually
won't override the system login name, so this can be hard to work

* If you specify the -w global option to client/server CVS, it only
overrides a CVSREAD environment variable set on the client, not a
CVSREAD variable which was set on the server (for example, in .bashrc
when the server was run via rsh).  The fix of course will be to
provide a "Option-read-write" request which sends -w, in addition to
"Global_option -r" which sends -r.

* "make remotecheck" sometimes fails on test 187a3 with
    cvs server: in directory .:
    cvs [server aborted]: *PANIC* administration files missing
This does not happen every time.  (-kingdon, Nov 96, Red Hat linux 3.0.3).

* The -m option to "cvs add" does not work with client/server CVS.
CVS will accept the option, but it won't actually set the
file's description.

* cvs update walks into a user's work directory if there's a directory
  of the same name in the repository even if the user's directory
  doesn't yet have a CVS admin sub-directory.  This can greatly confuse
  users who try to add the same directory at nearly the same time.

* 'cvs admin' dumped core when files were missing from working directory
  (and from the repository)?

* The following bug was reported against CVS 1.9:

    Create a module named test with a file named test in it.

      cactus:sfavor> cvs get test
      cvs checkout: Updating test
      U test/test
      cactus:sfavor> cd test
      cactus:sfavor> cvs get test
      cvs checkout: cannot chdir to test: Not a directory
      cvs checkout: ignoring module test
      Exit 1
      cactus:sfavor> cvs update
      cvs update: Updating .
      rcs.c:2139: failed assertion `rev == NULL || isdigit (*rev)'
      Abort (core dumped)
      Exit 134

* pcl-cvs doesn't like it when you try to check in a file which isn't
  up-to-date.  The messages produced by the server perhaps don't match
  what pcl-cvs is looking for.

* From: billr@mpd.tandem.com (Bill Robertson)
  Subject: Problem with rtag and the -D option
  Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 10:53:29 -0600 (CST)

  I have been trying to use the -D option to specify a date for tagging, but
  rtag does not recognize the -D option. It is documented to do so and I've
  tested the use of -D with cvs update and cvs diff and it works fine there.

* Defining RELATIVE_REPOS is said to not work with client/server CVS.

* From: "Charles M. Hannum" <mycroft@ai.mit.edu>
  To: info-cvs@prep.ai.mit.edu
  Subject: Still one more bug
  Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 17:01:15 -0500
  mycroft@duality [1]; cd /usr/src/lib/libc
  mycroft@duality [1]; cvs diff -c2 '-D1 day ago' -Dnow
  cvs server: Diffing .
  cvs server: Diffing DB
  cvs [server aborted]: could not chdir to DB: No such file or directory
  mycroft@duality [1];
  `DB' is an old directory, which no longer has files in it, and is
  removed automatically when I use the `-P' option to checkout.
  This error doesn't occur when run locally.
  P.S.  Is anyone working on fixing these bugs?

* From: Roland McGrath <roland@gnu.ai.mit.edu>
  To: Cyclic CVS Hackers <info-cvs@prep.ai.mit.edu>
  Subject: weird bug
  Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 16:41:41 -0500
  X-Windows: Even your dog won't like it.

  I just noticed some droppings on my disk from what must be a pretty weird
  bug in remote CVS.

  In my home directory on a repository machine I use, I find:

  drwxr-xr-x   4 roland   staff         512 Mar  7 14:08 cvs-serv28962
  drwxr-xr-x   4 roland   staff         512 Mar  7 14:11 cvs-serv28978
  drwxr-xr-x   4 roland   staff         512 Mar  7 15:13 cvs-serv29141

  OK, so these are leftover cruft from some cvs run that got aborted.
  Well, it should clean up after itself, but so what.

  The last one is pretty dull; the real weirdness is the contents of the
  first two directories.

  duality 77 # ls -RF cvs-serv28978/
  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/

  Entries	    Repository


  CVS/		cvs-serv28978/


  ls: cvs-serv28978/cvs-serv28978/arpa/cvs-serv28978/assert/cvs-serv28978/bare/cvs-serv28978/conf/cvs-serv28978/crypt/cvs-serv28978/csu/cvs-serv28978/ctype/cvs-serv28978/dirent/cvs-serv28978/elf/cvs-serv28978/gnu/cvs-serv28978/gnulib/cvs-serv28978/grp/cvs-serv28978/hurd/cvs-serv28978/hurd/hurd/cvs-serv28978/inet/cvs-serv28978/inet/arpa/cvs-serv28978/inet/netinet[...]/cvs-serv28978/posix/cvs-serv28978/posix/glob/cvs-serv28978/posix/gnu/cvs-serv28978/posix/sys/cvs-serv28978/protocols/cvs-serv28978/pwd/cvs-serv28978/resolv/cvs-serv28978/resolv/arpa/cvs-serv28978/resolv/sys/cvs-serv28978/resource/cvs-serv28978/resource/sys/cvs-serv28978/rpc/cvs-serv28978/setjmp/cvs-serv28978/signal/cvs-serv28978/signal/sys/cvs-serv28978/socket/cvs-serv28978/socket: File name too long

* From: Roland McGrath <roland@gnu.ai.mit.edu>
  To: Cyclic CVS Hackers <info-cvs@prep.ai.mit.edu>
  Subject: bizarre failure mode
  Date: Tue, 7 Mar 95 14:17:28 -0500
  This is pretty weird:
  CVS_SERVER='TMPDIR=. /usr/local/bin/cvs' ../cvs-build/src/cvs update -q
  cvs [server aborted]: could not get working directory: Result too large
  [Exit 1]
  asylum 29 % grep 'Result too large' /usr/include/sys/errno.h 
  #define ERANGE          34              /* Result too large */
  Now, getcwd fails with ERANGE when the buffer is too small.  But I don't
  know why that would be the case; I don't think there are exceptionally long
  directory names involved.  It would be robust to notice ERANGE and use a
  bigger buffer.  But I suspect something weirder is going on.
  The repository in question in duality.gnu.ai.mit.edu:/gd4/gnu/cvsroot/libc.
  Send me a PGP-signed message if you want the password to use the machine
  where the problem showed up.