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.\"   ppdmerge man page for the Common UNIX Printing System.
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.TH ppdmerge 1 "CUPS" "20 May 2008" "Apple Inc."
ppdmerge \- merge ppd files
.B ppdmerge
[ \-o
.I output-ppd-file
.I ppd-file
.I ppd-file2
.I ... ppd-fileN
\fIppdmerge\fR merges two or more PPD files into a single, multi-language
PPD file.
The \fI-o\fR option specifies the PPD file to create. If not specified,
the merged PPD file is written to the standard output. If the output file
already exists, the new 
\fIppdmerge\fR does not check whether the merged PPD files are for the
same device. Merging of different device PPDs will yield unpredictable
cupsprofile(1), ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdpo(1), ppdcfile(5)
Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.
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