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.\"   cups-polld man page for the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS).
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.TH cups-polld 8 "CUPS" "12 February 2006" "Apple Inc."
cups-polld \- cups printer polling daemon
.B cups-polld
.I address ipp-port interval browse-port
\fIcups-polld\fR polls remote servers for a list of available
printers and printer classes every \fIinterval\fR seconds.
Printer and class information is then broadcast to the localhost
interface ( on the specified browse port for reception
by \fIcupsd(8)\fR.
This program is started automatically by \fIcupsd\fR for every
\fIBrowsePoll\fR directive found in the \fIcupsd.conf(5)\fR file.
\fIcupsd(8)\fR, \fIcupsd.conf(5)\fR,
Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.
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