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From phr Tue Jul  8 10:36:19 1986
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 86 00:52:24 EDT
From: phr (Paul Rubin)
To:, tower
Subject: Re:  Bison documentation?

The main difference between Bison and Yacc that I know of is that
Bison supports the @N construction, which gives you access to
the starting and ending line number and character number associated
with any of the symbols in the current rule.

Also, Bison supports the command `%expect N' which says not to mention
the conflicts if there are N shift/reduce conflicts and no reduce/reduce

The differences in the algorithms stem mainly from the horrible
kludges that Johnson had to perpetrate to make Yacc fit in a PDP-11.

Also, Bison uses a faster but less space-efficient encoding for the
parse tables (see Corbett's PhD thesis from Berkeley, "Static
Semantics in Compiler Error Recovery", June 1985, Report No. UCB/CSD
85/251), and more modern technique for generating the lookahead sets.
(See "Efficient Construction of LALR(1) Lookahead Sets" by F. DeRemer
and A. Pennello, in ACM TOPLS Vol 4 No 4, October 1982.  Their
technique is the standard one now.)

	paul rubin
	free software foundation