type.tests   [plain text]

set +o posix

hash -r
unalias -a

# this should echo nothing
# this should be a usage error
type -r ${THIS_SH}

# these should behave identically
type notthere
command -v notthere

alias m=more

unset -f func 2>/dev/null
func() { echo this is func; }

type -t func
type -t while
type -t builtin
type -t /bin/sh
type -t ${THIS_SH}
type -t mv

type func
# the following two should produce identical output
type while
type -a while
type builtin
type /bin/sh

command -v func
command -V func
command -v while
command -V while

# the following two lines should produce the same output
# post-3.0 patch makes command -v silent, as posix specifies
# first test with alias expansion off (should all fail or produce no output)
type -t m
type m
command -v m
alias -p
alias m

# then test with alias expansion on 
shopt -s expand_aliases
type m
type -t m
command -v m
alias -p
alias m

command -V m
shopt -u expand_aliases

command -v builtin
command -V builtin
command -v /bin/sh
command -V /bin/sh

unset -f func
type func
unalias m
type m

hash -r

hash -p /bin/sh sh
type -p sh

hash -p /tmp/$SHBASE $SHBASE
type -p $SHBASE
type $SHBASE

type -t $SHBASE

# make sure the hash table looks right