getopts.tests   [plain text]

# getopts tests
# this should fail
echo $?
getopts opts
echo $?

# maybe someday we will have a ksh93-like -a argument to set the name
# used in error messages, but not yet
getopts -a opts name

${THIS_SH} ./getopts1.sub -a -b bval one two three
# make sure getopts works when there are more than 9 positional parameters
${THIS_SH} ./getopts1.sub -a -b bval one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
${THIS_SH} ./getopts1.sub -a -b 

${THIS_SH} ./getopts2.sub -ad -c cval three four five

${THIS_SH} ./getopts3.sub

# make sure that `-b bval' and `-bbval' are equivalent
${THIS_SH} ./getopts4.sub -a -b bval one two three
${THIS_SH} ./getopts4.sub -a -bbval one two three
# this tests `silent' error reporting
${THIS_SH} ./getopts4.sub -a -b
${THIS_SH} ./getopts4.sub -a -c

# make sure that `--' can be used to end the list of options
${THIS_SH} ./getopts4.sub -a -- -b bval one two three

${THIS_SH} ./getopts5.sub -a -c

${THIS_SH} ./getopts6.sub -a
${THIS_SH} ./getopts6.sub -a -c
${THIS_SH} ./getopts6.sub -ac
echo $? # this should be 2

${THIS_SH} ./getopts7.sub -a