errors.tests   [plain text]

# These should all be safe

# these tests should all generate errors

# make sure we don't exit prematurely
set +e
set +o posix

# various alias/unalias errors

# at some point, this may mean to `export' an alias, like ksh, but
# for now it is an error
alias -x foo=barz
unalias -x fooaha
alias hoowah
unalias hoowah

# the iteration variable must be a valid identifier
for 1 in a b c; do echo $1; done

# try to rebind a read-only function
	echo func
readonly -f func
# make sure `readonly' and `declare' play well together
declare -Fr
	echo bar

# bad option
unset -x func

# cannot unset readonly functions or variables
unset -f func
# or make them not readonly
declare -fr func
declare -f +r func

declare -r XPATH
unset -v XPATH

# cannot unset invalid identifiers
unset /bin/sh

# cannot unset function and variable at the same time
unset -f -v SHELL

# bad option
declare -z
# cannot declare invalid identifiers
declare -- -z 
declare /bin/sh

# this is the syntax used to export functions in the environment, but
# it cannot be used with `declare'
declare -f func='() { echo "this is func"; }'

# bad option to exec -- this should not exit the script
exec -i /bin/sh

# try to export -f something that is not a function -- this should be
# an error, not create an `invisible function'
export -f XPATH

# this depends on the setting of BREAK_COMPLAINS in

# this should not exit the shell; it did in versions before 2.01
shift label

# other shells do not complain about the extra arguments; maybe someday
# we won't either
set -- a b c
shift $# label
# and get rid of the positional parameters
shift $#

# let without an expression is an error, though maybe it should just return
# success

# local outside a function is an error

# logout of a non-login shell is an error

# try to hash a non-existant command
hash notthere

# bad option to hash, although it may mean `verbose' at some future point
hash -v

# turn off hashing, then try to hash something
set +o hashall
hash -p ${THIS_SH} ${THIS_SH##*/}

# bad identifiers to declare/readonly/export
export AA[4]
readonly AA[4]

declare -a AA
unset AA[-2]

# try to assign to a readonly array
declare -r AA
AA=( one two three )

# make sure `readonly -n' doesn't turn off readonly status
readonly -n AA
AA=(one two three)

# try to assign a readonly array with bad assignment syntax
# NOTE: this works in post-bash-2.05 (at least when I write this)
# readonly -a ZZZ=bbb

# bad counts to `shift'
shopt -s shift_verbose
shift $(( $# + 5 ))
shift -2

# bad shell options
shopt -s no_such_option
shopt no_such_option

# non-octal digits for umask and other errors
umask 09
umask -S u=rwx:g=rwx:o=rx >/dev/null # 002
umask -S u:rwx,g:rwx,o:rx >/dev/null # 002

# at some point, this may mean `invert', but for now it is an error
umask -i

# bad assignments shouldn't change the umask
umask g=u
if [ "$mask" != "$mask2" ]; then
	echo "umask errors change process umask"

# assignment to a readonly variable in environment
readonly VAR
VAR=7 :

# more readonly variable tests
declare VAR=88
declare +r VAR

declare -p unset

# iteration variable in a for statement being readonly
for VAR in 1 2 3 ; do echo $VAR; done

# parser errors
: $( for z in 1 2 3; do )
: $( for z in 1 2 3; done )

# various `cd' errors
( unset HOME ; cd )
( HOME=/tmp/xyz.bash ; cd )
# errors from cd
cd -
cd /bin/sh	# error - not a directory
cd -

# various `source/.' errors

# maybe someday this will work like in rc
. -i /dev/tty

# make sure that this gives an error rather than setting $1
set -q

# enable non-builtins
enable sh bash

# try to set and unset shell options simultaneously
shopt -s -u checkhash

# this is an error -- bad timeout spec
read -t var < /dev/null

# try to read into an invalid identifier
read /bin/sh < /dev/null

# try to read into a readonly variable
read VAR < /dev/null

# bad option to readonly/export
readonly -x foo

# someday these may mean something, but for now they're errors
eval -i "echo $-"
command -i "echo $-"

# this caused a core dump in bash-2.01 (fixed in bash-2.01.1)
eval echo \$[/bin/sh + 0]
eval echo '$((/bin/sh + 0))'

# error to list trap for an unknown signal
trap -p NOSIG

# maybe someday trap will take a -s argument like kill, but not now
trap -p -s NOSIG

# we have a ksh-like ERR trap, post-bash-2.05
#trap 'echo [$LINENO] -- error' ERR

# can only return from a function or sourced script
return 2

# break and continue with arguments <= 0
for z in 1 2 3; do
	break 0
	echo $x
for z in 1 2 3; do
	continue 0
	echo $x

# builtin with non-builtin
builtin bash

# maybe someday you will be able to use fg/bg when job control is not really
# active, but for now they are errors

# argument required
kill -s
# bad argument
kill -S
# null argument
kill -INT ''
# argument required
kill -INT

# bad shell option names
set -o trackall		# bash is not ksh

# this must be last!
# in posix mode, a function name must be a valid identifier
# this can't go in posix2.tests, since it causes the shell to exit
# immediately
set -o posix
function !! () { fc -s "$@" ; }
set +o posix

echo end