ChangeLog.03   [plain text]

2003-12-31  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (generate_makefile): Update misleading comment.

	* (handle_languages): Define %DEPBASE% conditionally
	on subdir-objects.  Define SUBDIROBJ.  Do not clean *_.c files
	here ...
	(lang_c_finish): ... do it here.
	(handle_single_transform_list): Do not output specific rules for
	subdir-objects files which are not renamed.  This should reduce
	the size of Makefiles with lots of subdirectory sources.
	* lib/depcomp: Simplify computation of dependency output, and use
	* lib/am/ (%EXT%.o, %EXT%.obj, %EXT%.lo): Adjust call
	to depcomp.  Compute depbase on-the-fly in generic fastdep rules
	for subdir-objects.
	* tests/ansi9.test: Do not grep for an explicit rule that
	we no longer expect.  Really run $MAKE to make sure the chain
	of rules works.
	* tests/yacc5.test: Do not grep for an explicit rule that
	we no longer expect.  Adjust to use set -e.

2003-12-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (@common_files): Move configure,, and ...
	(@common_sometimes): ... here so that these files do not appear
	twice in DIST_COMMON.

	* (maybe_push_required_file): Add $(srcdir) in front
	a required files outside the current directory or its subdirectories.
	* lib/am/ (distdir): Update comment.
	Report from Nicolas Joly.

2003-12-26  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* doc/automake.texi (@copying): Do not repeat the version.
	(Top): Use @insertcopying.  Add a @detailmenu, this works around
	Emacs 21's inability to lookup indices in sub-nodes (reported
	by Kevin Ryde).
	(C++ Support, Assembly Support, Fortran 77 Support, Java Support,
	Support for Other Languages, Preprocessing Fortran 77, Compiling
	Fortran 77 Files, Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++, How the Linker
	is Chosen): Add missing descriptions in menus.
	(Fortran 77 and Autoconf): Remove, this node was just saying "use
	Autoconf 2.53 or greater".

2003-12-26  Santiago Vila  <>  (tiny change)

	* NEWS: s/Gettext 1.12.1/Gettext 0.12.1/

2003-12-25  Nicolas Joly  <>  (tiny change)

	* doc/automake.texi (Conditional Sources): Typo.

2003-12-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ Require Exporter.
	Report from Kevin Ryde (failure with Perl 5.005_03).

2003-12-15  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/aclocal6.test: Check for autom4te.cache only if it has
	been created.
	* tests/maintclean.test: Update comment.
	Report from Bruno Haible.

	* tests/txinfo24.test, tests/txinfo25.test, tests/txinfo28.test:
	Require texi2dvi-o.
	Report from Václav Haisman.

2003-12-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.8a.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.8.

	* lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream version.

	* (INSTALL): Copy the source from $(srcdir).

2003-12-09  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (define): Remove debugging traces.
	Report from Akim Demaille.

2003-12-09  Ralf Wildenhues  <>  (tiny change)
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (do_subst): Fix the substitution of @configure_input@.
	(automake, aclocal): Create the output atomically and make it
	read-only, as done in the Autoconf package.
	* lib/Automake/ (do_subst): Fix the substitution of
	( Create the output atomically and make it read-only.
	* m4/ ($(top_srcdir)/m4/amversion.m4): Substitute
	@configure_input@ and make the output read-only.
	* lib/Automake/, m4/, tests/,
	tests/, tests/ Add a @configure_input@ line.

2003-12-09  Ralf Wildenhues  <>  (tiny change)

	* doc/automake.texi (Local Macros, CVS): Typos.

2003-12-08  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (hook): Use $$ as prototype, not $\&.
	Perl 5.6.0 will not accept a reference sub reference for the
	* (var_SUFFIXES_trigger): Adjust registration via
	(handle_texinfo_helper): Make sure `inner_expand => 1' appears
	on one line, so that Perl 5.6.0 does not complain about
	inner_expand being a bare identifier.

2003-12-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (check_acinclude, scan_file): Output `warning:' in
	front of warnings.
	Report from Pavel Roskin.

2003-12-04  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* TODO: Remove some old entries.

	* doc/automake.texi (Rebuilding): Document CONFIGURE_DEPENDENCIES
	and CONFIG_STATUS_DEPENDENCIES.  Move this sections later
	in the manual since it's pretty advanced material.

	* ($config_header_location): Remove.  Use
	%ac_config_files_location instead.
	(rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies): Do not prepend $(top_builddir)/
	at the top-level.
	(handle_configure): Use rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies to
	distribute and compute AC_CONFIG_HEADERS dependencies.
	(scan_autoconf_traces) <AC_CONFIG_HEADERS>: Fill
	* lib/am/ ($(srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%): Rename as ...
	(%CONFIG_HIN%): ... this.  $(srcdir) is already added in
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add confh5.test.
	* tests/confh5.test: New file.

	* tests/ltlibsrc.test: Fix the zoo_d_old2_la.c rule in,
	$< is not portable and the source is in $(srcdir).

2003-12-03  Paolo Bonzini  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_configure): Do not require link sources if
	they contain a dollar, or if they were built.  Likewise, do not
	clean link destination if they contain a dollar.
	(scan_autoconf_traces) <AC_CONFIG_LINKS>: Populate
	%ac_config_files_location with link destinations.  Do not
	store locations in @config_links, now that %ac_config_files_location
	have them.
	* tests/conflnk3.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add conflnk3.test.

2003-12-02  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7i.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7h.

	* doc/automake.texi (Default _SOURCES): Fix reference to true.

	* lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream version.

2003-11-30  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_source_transform): If it's present, use
	libfoo_la.c instead of libfoo.c as the default source of, and issue an -Wobsolete diagnostic.  Do not be
	greedy in the suffix replacement regex.
	* doc/automake.texi (Default _SOURCES): New node.
	(Program Sources, Libtool Modules): Refer to it.
	* tests/ltlibsrc.test: Update to check for old default source files.

2003-11-30  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (&handle_source_transform): Calculate a default file
	for use in the absence of an appropriate _SOURCES declaration by
	first stripping any suffix from the unxformed target name, and
	appending `.c'.
	* doc/automake.texi (Program Sources, Libtool Modules): Document this.
	* tests/ltlibsrc.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add ltlibsrc.test.

2003-11-29  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (loc_and_value_as_list_recursive,
	_value_as_list_recursive_worker): Merge into ...
	(value_as_list_recursive): ... this function.  Pass options
	as a hash argument, and use the `location' option to trigger
	the behavior of loc_and_value_as_list_recursive.
	(traverse_recursively, transform_variable_recursively): Take
	options as a %options argument.
	(_do_recursive_traversal): Perform expansion of inner variables
	(as in `$(FILE).ext') on request.
	* (handle_options, check_libobjs_sources)
	(handle_source_transform, handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ltlibraries)
	(handle_ltlibraries, handle_man_pages, handle_dist)
	(handle_gettext, am_install_var): Adjust usage of
	(handle_texinfo_helper): Pass inner_expand to
	* tests/txinfo28.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo28.test.
	Report from Ralf Corsepius.

	* lib/Automake/ (_do_recursive_traversal): Do not
	update @_substfroms and @_substfroms for undefined variables.
	* tests/substre2.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add substre2.test.

	* lib/Automake/ (value): Rename as ...
	(raw_value): ... this.
	(value): New method, strip # and \\\n.
	(dump): Use raw_value.
	* lib/Automake/ (output): Use raw_value.
	(value_as_list): Simplify, now that backslash and comments
	are already removed.
	* tests/txinfo22.test: Make sure Automake isn't confused
	by comments in variables.

2003-11-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* doc/automake.texi: More target vs. rule editing.  Back out some
	of the previous changes.  It's OK to talk about targets as "entry
	points", or as thing to build, but targets cannot be run: rules
	are run.

	* doc/automake.texi: s/target/rule/ where appropriate.  A target
	is the destination of a target rule, not the rule itself.
	Suggested by Bruno Haible.

2003-11-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7g.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7f.

	* (prepend_srcdir): Parenthesize @inputs to remove
	a maintainer-check warning.
	* tests/subst2.test: Rewrite the $MAKE invocation to please

	* lib/config.sub, lib/config.guess, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream

	* doc/automake.texi (Program variables): Mention per-target
	_CPPFLAGS in the documentation of INCLUDES.
	* (generate_makefile): Likewise in the INCLUDES diagnostic.
	Report from Bob Friesenhahn.

	* doc/automake.texi (Extending): Elaborate on overriding.
	* NEWS: Likewise.
	Suggested by Bruno Haible.

2003-11-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (output): Add $(am__empty) to variable
	definitions that end with a line full of @substitutions@ that
	would confuse HP-UX Make if it were blank.
	(transform_variable_recursively): Make sure not to erase empty
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add subst2.test.
	* tests/subst2.test: New file.
	Report from Harlan Stenn.

	* lib/am/ (%SOURCE_SUFFIX%.html): Work around a
	Texinfo 4.1 bug.
	Report from Dalibor Topic.

2003-11-22  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Fix for PR automake/411:
	* (rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies): Simplify, and rename
	into ...
	(prepend_srcdir): ... this.
	(rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies): New function, extracted from ...
	(handle_configure): ... here.  Adjust to use prepend_srcdir
	or rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies where needed.  Especially,
	using (the new) rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies to compute
	Makefile dependencies will fix PR/411.
	* lib/am/ (DIST_COMMON): Remove %MAKEFILE-IN%, it's
	already distributed by rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add output10.test, remove distcom.test.
	* tests/colon3.test: Use set -e.  Don't allow any AUTOMAKE
	invocation refer to zardoz.  Make sure and
	appear as $(srcdir)/ and $(srcdir)/ dependencies.
	* tests/distcom.test: Delete.  This is covered by tests/output9.test.
	* tests/output10.test: New file, for PR/411.

2003-11-21  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (append_exeext): Do not append $(EXEEXT) to
	* tests/exeext4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add exeext4.test.

2003-11-19  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (%MAKEFILE%): Remove %MAINTAINER-MODE%,
	mistakenly added on 2001-03-05.
	* tests/remake5.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add remake5.test.
	Report from Ralf Corsepius.

2003-11-18  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7e.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7d.

	* lib/config.sub, lib/config.guess, lib/texinfo.tex: New
	upstream versions.

2003-11-18  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>  (tiny change)
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (install-info): Depend on
	install-info-recursive or install-info-am even if no-installinfo.
	* tests/txinfo27.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo26.test.

2003-11-18  Paolo Bonzini  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/ylwrap: Do not overwrite headers if they haven't changed.
	Fix the include guard substitution.
	* tests/yacc6.test: Augment to run ylwrap, and make sure it
	does not needlessly update headers.
	* tests/yacc8.test: Make sure headers are not needlessly updated
	with ylwrap is not used.  Move `test -f foo.o' into the
	Makefile as `test -f foo.$(OBJEXT)' for portability.

2003-11-17  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (generate_makefile): Define SUBDIRS if it is
	not defined and DIST_SUBDIRS is.
	* tests/subpkg2.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add subpkg2.test.
	Report from Gary V. Vaughan.

	* tests/suffix11.test: Check for suffixes containing `-'.
	* lib/Automake/ ($_SUFFIX_RULE_PATTERN): Accept `-' in

	* lib/Automake/ (define): Suggest using target-local instead
	of target-am, not target-am-local.
	* tests/overrid.test: Check the diagnostic for clean-am.
	Report from Bruno Haible.

2003-11-17  Jim Meyering  <>

	* bootstrap: Require not only that `perl' have the executable
	bit set, but also that it is not a directory.

	* lib/am/ Mark %MAKEFILE% as `.PRECIOUS'.

2003-11-17  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (ac_config_files_location): Declare as a hash.
	(handle_configure): Rewrite the computation of AC_CONFIG_FILES
	dependencies; make sure we don't use $(srcdir) or $(top_srcdir)
	for inputs which are also outputs, and do not check inputs
	relatively to the current directory.
	(scan_autoconf_config_files): Take $where as argument, and
	fill $ac_config_files_location.
	* tests/output8.test, tests/output9.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add output8.test and output9.test.
	Report from Bruno Haible.

2003-11-14  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/aclibobj.test, tests/aclocal.test, tests/aclocal3.test,
	tests/acoutbs.test, tests/acoutbs2.test, tests/acoutnoq.test,
	tests/acoutpt.test, tests/acoutpt2.test, tests/acoutqnl.test,
	tests/acsilent.test, tests/acsubst.test, tests/acsubst2.test,
	tests/all.test, tests/alpha.test, tests/amassign.test,
	tests/ammissing.test, tests/ansi.test, tests/ansi10.test,
	tests/ansi2.test, tests/ansi3.test, tests/ansi3b.test,
	tests/ansi4.test, tests/ansi5.test, tests/ansi6.test,
	tests/ansi7.test, tests/ansi9.test, tests/ar.test,
	tests/autohdr.test, tests/autohdr2.test, tests/auxdir.test,
	tests/auxdir2.test, tests/backsl.test, tests/backsl2.test,
	tests/badprog.test, tests/block.test, tests/canon2.test,
	tests/canon3.test, tests/canon4.test, tests/canon5.test,
	tests/ccnoco.test, tests/check.test, tests/check2.test,
	tests/check3.test, tests/checkall.test, tests/clean.test,
	tests/colneq2.test, tests/colon.test, tests/colon2.test,
	tests/colon3.test, tests/colon4.test, tests/colon5.test,
	tests/colon6.test, tests/colon7.test, tests/comment.test,
	tests/comment2.test, tests/comment4.test, tests/comment6.test,
	tests/comment7.test, tests/compile_f_c_cxx.test, tests/cond.test,
	tests/cond10.test, tests/cond11.test, tests/cond13.test,
	tests/cond14.test, tests/cond15.test, tests/cond16.test,
	tests/cond17.test, tests/cond18.test, tests/cond19.test,
	tests/cond21.test, tests/cond22.test, tests/cond25.test,
	tests/cond26.test, tests/cond28.test, tests/cond3.test,
	tests/cond4.test, tests/cond5.test, tests/cond6.test,
	tests/cond7.test, tests/cond8.test, tests/cond9.test,
	tests/condd.test, tests/condinc.test, tests/condlib.test,
	tests/condman.test, tests/condman2.test, tests/conf2.test,
	tests/confdeps.test, tests/confh.test, tests/confh4.test,
	tests/config.test, tests/confincl.test, tests/conflnk.test,
	tests/conflnk2.test, tests/confsub.test, tests/confvar.test,
	tests/confvar2.test, tests/copy.test, tests/ctarget1.test,
	tests/cxx.test, tests/cxxansi.test, tests/cxxcpp.test,
	tests/cxxlibobj.test, tests/cxxlink.test, tests/cxxnoc.test,
	tests/cxxo.test, tests/cygwin32.test, tests/dash.test,
	tests/defun.test, tests/defun2.test, tests/dejagnu.test,
	tests/dejagnu3.test, tests/dejagnu4.test, tests/dejagnu5.test,
	tests/dejagnu6.test, tests/dejagnu7.test, tests/depacl2.test,
	tests/depcomp.test, tests/depcomp2.test, tests/depcomp4.test,
	tests/depdist.test, tests/depend.test, tests/depend2.test,
	tests/depend3.test, tests/depend4.test, tests/destdir.test,
	tests/dirlist.test, tests/discover.test, tests/distcom.test,
	tests/distcom2.test, tests/distdir.test, tests/distname.test,
	tests/dollar.test, tests/double.test, tests/dup2.test,
	tests/empty.test, tests/empty2.test, tests/empty3.test,
	tests/empty4.test, tests/error.test, tests/exdir.test,
	tests/exeext.test, tests/exeext3.test, tests/exsource.test,
	tests/ext.test, tests/ext2.test, tests/extra.test,
	tests/extra2.test, tests/extra3.test, tests/extra4.test,
	tests/extra5.test, tests/extra6.test, tests/extra7.test,
	tests/flibs.test, tests/fnoc.test, tests/fo.test,
	tests/fonly.test, tests/fortdep.test, tests/fpinst2.test,
	tests/fpinstall.test, tests/gcj.test, tests/gcj3.test,
	tests/gcj4.test, tests/gnits2.test, tests/gnits3.test,
	tests/header.test, tests/implicit.test, tests/include.test,
	tests/include2.test, tests/info.test, tests/insh2.test,
	tests/install2.test, tests/installdir.test, tests/instdat.test,
	tests/instdat2.test, tests/instexec.test, tests/insthook.test,
	tests/instman.test, tests/instman2.test, tests/instsh.test,
	tests/instsh2.test, tests/interp.test, tests/interp2.test,
	tests/java.test, tests/java2.test, tests/javaprim.test,
	tests/javasubst.test, tests/ldadd.test, tests/ldflags.test,
	tests/lex.test, tests/lex3.test, tests/lex4.test, tests/lex5.test,
	tests/libobj11.test, tests/libobj2.test, tests/libobj4.test,
	tests/libobj5.test, tests/libobj7.test, tests/libobj8.test,
	tests/library.test, tests/libtool.test, tests/libtool2.test,
	tests/libtool3.test, tests/libtool5.test, tests/link_c_cxx.test,
	tests/link_dist.test, tests/link_f_only.test, tests/link_fc.test,
	tests/link_fccxx.test, tests/link_fcxx.test, tests/lisp.test,
	tests/listval.test, tests/ltdeps.test, tests/ltlibobjs.test,
	tests/maintclean.test, tests/make.test, tests/makej.test,
	tests/makevars.test, tests/man.test, tests/man2.test,
	tests/mclean.test, tests/mdate.test, tests/mdate2.test,
	tests/mdate3.test, tests/mdate4.test, tests/mkinst2.test,
	tests/mkinstall.test, tests/nobase.test, tests/nodef.test,
	tests/nodef2.test, tests/nodep.test, tests/nodepcomp.test,
	tests/nodist.test, tests/nodist2.test, tests/nodist3.test,
	tests/noinst.test, tests/noinstdir.test, tests/nolink.test,
	tests/nostdinc.test, tests/number.test, tests/obsolete.test,
	tests/order.test, tests/outdir.test, tests/output.test,
	tests/output2.test, tests/output3.test, tests/output4.test,
	tests/parse.test, tests/phony.test, tests/pluseq.test,
	tests/pluseq10.test, tests/pluseq2.test, tests/pluseq3.test,
	tests/pluseq4.test, tests/pluseq6.test, tests/pluseq8.test,
	tests/postproc.test, tests/ppf77.test, tests/pr2.test,
	tests/pr204.test, tests/pr220.test, tests/pr224.test,
	tests/pr229.test, tests/pr243.test, tests/pr266.test,
	tests/pr279-2.test, tests/pr279.test, tests/pr287.test,
	tests/pr300-lib.test, tests/pr300-ltlib.test,
	tests/pr300-prog.test, tests/pr307.test, tests/pr72.test,
	tests/pr87.test, tests/pr9.test, tests/prefix.test,
	tests/proginst.test, tests/python.test, tests/python3.test,
	tests/python4.test, tests/python5.test, tests/python6.test,
	tests/python7.test, tests/python8.test, tests/python9.test,
	tests/recurs2.test, tests/remake.test, tests/remake2.test,
	tests/remake3.test, tests/req.test, tests/reqd.test,
	tests/rulepat.test, tests/scripts.test, tests/sinclude.test,
	tests/space.test, tests/specflg3.test, tests/specflg6.test,
	tests/specflg7.test, tests/specflg8.test, tests/specflg9.test,
	tests/spell3.test, tests/spelling.test, tests/spy.test,
	tests/stamph2.test, tests/stdlib2.test, tests/strip.test,
	tests/subcond.test, tests/subcond2.test, tests/subcond3.test,
	tests/subdir.test, tests/subdir2.test, tests/subdir3.test,
	tests/subdir4.test, tests/subdir5.test, tests/subdir6.test,
	tests/subdirbuiltsources.test, tests/subobj.test,
	tests/subobj2.test, tests/subobj3.test, tests/subobj4.test,
	tests/subobj5.test, tests/subobj6.test, tests/subobj7.test,
	tests/subobj8.test, tests/subobj9.test, tests/subobjname.test,
	tests/subpkg.test, tests/subst.test, tests/substref.test,
	tests/suffix.test, tests/suffix10.test, tests/suffix2.test,
	tests/suffix3.test, tests/suffix4.test, tests/suffix5.test,
	tests/suffix6.test, tests/suffix7.test, tests/suffix8.test,
	tests/suffix9.test, tests/symlink2.test, tests/symlink3.test,
	tests/tags.test, tests/tagsub.test, tests/target-cflags.test,
	tests/transform.test, tests/txinfo.test, tests/txinfo10.test,
	tests/txinfo13.test, tests/txinfo16.test, tests/txinfo17.test,
	tests/txinfo18.test, tests/txinfo2.test, tests/txinfo23.test,
	tests/txinfo24.test, tests/txinfo25.test, tests/txinfo26.test,
	tests/txinfo3.test, tests/txinfo5.test, tests/txinfo6.test,
	tests/txinfo7.test, tests/txinfo8.test, tests/txinfo9.test,
	tests/unused.test, tests/vars.test, tests/vars3.test,
	tests/vartar.test, tests/version.test, tests/version2.test,
	tests/version4.test, tests/version6.test, tests/version7.test,
	tests/vpath.test, tests/vtexi.test, tests/vtexi2.test,
	tests/werror.test, tests/whoami.test, tests/yacc.test,
	tests/yacc3.test, tests/yacc4.test, tests/yacc5.test,
	tests/yacc6.test, tests/yacc7.test, tests/yacc8.test,
	tests/yaccpp.test, tests/yaccvpath.test: Fix license to refer
	to Automake, not autoconf.

	Fix for PR automake/408:
	* lib/am/ (install-info-am): Strip any $(srcdir)/ prefix
	from $file, as already done for dist-info.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo26.test.
	* tests/txinfo26.test: New file.
	Report from Nicholas Wourms.

2003-11-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4 (AM_PATH_LISPDIR): If EMACS=t, empty it before
	* lib/am/ (elc-stamp): Quote $(EMACS).
	Report from Jens Petersen.

	* tests/mkinst2.test: Rewrite.

	* m4/mkdirp.m4: Do not require AM_AUX_DIR_EXPAND.

2003-11-12  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Honor sinclude.
	* tests/sinclude.test: Check for sinclude.
	Report from Roberto Bagnara.

2003-11-11  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* Do not rerun `make dist' after tagging, `make distcheck'
	already build the tarballs.  Commit files right before tagging.
	Check NEWS before running distcheck.

	* m4/ (AM_AUTOMAKE_VERSION): Missing cosmetic space.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7c.

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.7b.
	* (maintainer-check): Ignore comments while
	scanning for rm without -f.

	* (fetch): Get all files from savannah.  Do not
	postprocess and, since we now are the master
	of these.
	* lib/config.sub, lib/config.guess, lib/,
	lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream versions.

	* Check that autoconf is installed, that it works,
	and that it is recent enough in three steps, not one.

	* NEWS: Minor edits.

	* lib/ (dist_script_DATA): Move ...
	(dist_pkgvdata_DATA): ... here.

	* tests/spy.test: Document overlapping ::-rules incompatibilities,
	and check only non-overlapping ::-rules.

	* doc/automake.texi (Texinfo): Define MAKEINFO, MAKEINFOHTML,
	TEXI2PDF, DVIPS, and TEXINFO_TEX in a table.
	(Uniform): Do not speak of missing HTML support, this is
	* lib/Automake/ (_silent_variable_override): Add
	* lib/am/ (%SOURCE_SUFFIX%.html): Use MAKEINFOHTML and
	* tests/txinfo21.test: Add a test with AM_MAKEINFOHTMLFLAGS.

2003-11-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/spy.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add spy.test.

	* (handle_configure): Distribute and define mkinstalldirs
	only if it is already present in the package.
	(scan_autoconf_files): Do not require mkinstalldirs.
	(require_build_directory): Use $(mkdir_p), not $(mkinstalldirs).
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	lib/am/ Use $(mkdir_p) instead of $(mkinstalldirs).
	* m4/mkdirp.m4: New file.
	* m4/ (dist_m4data_DATA): Add mkdirp.m4.
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Call AM_PROG_MKDIR_P.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove insh.test.
	* tests/insh.test: Delete.
	* tests/, tests/instsh.test: Do not install mkinstalldirs.
	* tests/auxdir.test: Install mkinstalldirs.
	* tests/distdir.test, tests/instman.test, tests/pr2.test: Use
	$(mkdir_p), not $(mkinstalldirs).
	* tests/empty.test: Run configure, do not substitute things by hand.
	* doc/automake.texi (Optional) <AC_CONFIG_FILES>: Take install-sh
	as an example, not mkinstalldirs.
	(Auxiliary Programs) <mkinstalldirs>: Update.

	* tests/ Handle required=bzip2.

	* tests/ Export SHELL.
	* tests/cond11.test: Missing quotes.
	* tests/nogzip2.test: Require bzip2.

2003-11-09  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* NEWS: Add news entries from 1.6.x and 1.7.x.

	* automake.texi (Optional) <AC_SUBST>: Grammar fixes.

	* (check_gnu_standards): Install COPYING only if
	none of COPYING, COPYING.LIB, or COPYING.LESSER exist.  Do not
	overwrite the license otherwise.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add license.test.
	* tests/license.test: New file.

	* lib/mkinstalldirs: Mention and
	* lib/compile, lib/depcomp, lib/elisp-comp, lib/mdate-sh:
	Likewise.  Also add support for --help and --version.
	* lib/py-compile, lib/ylwrap: Likewise, and reindent.

2003-11-08  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (ETAGSFLAGS, CTAGSFLAGS): Remove.
	* lib/am/ (RUNTESTFLAGS): Remove.
	* lib/am/ (JAVACFLAGS): Remove.
	* tests/dejagnu3.test: Check that the environment value
	of RUNTESTFLAGS get passed down to runtest.
	Suggested by Mark Mitchell.

	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%.o, ?GENERIC?%EXT%.obj)
	(?GENERIC?%EXT%.lo): Do not echo compile command manually, this
	breaks `make -s'.  Instead, fold the compile command on two lines,
	so that it take less space on the display.
	Suggested by Karl Berry and William Fulton.

	* lib/am/ (%DEST_PREFIX%%DEST_SUFFIX%): Rename as ...
	(%DEST_INFO_PREFIX%%DEST_SUFFIX%): ... this, and honor ?INSRC?
	to select $(srcdir) or `.' builds.
	(INFO_DEPS): Define here.
	* lib/am/ (dist-info): Strip filename starting with
	* (output_texinfo_build_rules): Take a new argument
	$insrc, and adjust substitutions in 'texibuild'.
	(handle_texinfo_helper): Compute a regex of all user-cleaned
	files, and use this to select whether to build .info files in `.'
	or $(srcdir).  Give an account of the $(srcdir) vs `.' debacle.
	Alway build the version.texi and stamp files in $(srcdir).  Do not
	define INFO_DEPS.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo23.test, txinfo24.test,
	and txinfo25.test.
	* tests/txinfo23.test, tests/txinfo24.test, tests/txinfo25.test:
	New files.
	* tests/txinfo13.test, tests/txinfo16.test, tests/txinfo3.test,
	tests/vtexi.test: Adjust to new rules.

2003-11-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require Autoconf 2.58.
	* Require Autoconf 2.58a, and check for 2.58.

2003-10-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ ($(srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%): Erase %STAMP%.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add autohdr3.test
	* tests/autohdr3.test: New file.

	* (handle_configure): Rename am__configure_deps
	as am__aclocal_m4_deps and include $(ACLOCAL_M4_SOURCES) and
	$configure_ac.  Define am__configure_deps as am__aclocal_m4_deps
	+ $(CONFIGURE_DEPENDENCIES) + $(ACLOCAL_M4).  Do not define
	ACLOCAL_M4_DEPS while processing
	(make_paragraphs): Do not define %CONFIGURE_AC%, now unused.
	(scan_aclocal_m4): Do not distribute aclocal.m4, this
	is done from lib/am/
	$(top_srcdir)/configure, $(ACLOCAL_M4)): Simplify using
	$(am__configure_deps) or $(am__aclocal_m4_deps).
	* lib/am/ ($(srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%): Likewise.

2003-10-26  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ ($(srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%): Depend on

	* (handle_configure): Distribute all AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
	sources, and without using require_file.  Define %CONFIG_H_DEPS%
	and %FIRST_CONFIG_HIN% while processing
	* lib/am/ (%STAMP%): Use %CONFIG_H_DEPS% instead
	of (srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%.  Output the $(srcdir)/%CONFIG_HIN%
	rule only for the first header (i.e., if %FIRST_CONFIG_HIN%).
	* tests/autohdr4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add autohdr4.test.
	* tests/config.test: Do not grep, run things to see if they work.

2003-10-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/output7.test: Populate sub/ with a dummy file, so that it
	is not empty.  This fixes a failure reported by Patrick Welche.
	* lib/am/ Add note about tar's `-o' option and empty

2003-10-24  Didier Cassirame  <>  (tiny change)

	* lib/ylwrap: Typo in regex.

2003-10-23  Paul Eggert  <>

	* lib/Automake/ Don't assume -j is solo.
	Issue a more-informative diagnostic.
	Problems reported by Eric Sunshine.

2003-10-21  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4 (AM_PATH_LISPDIR): Always check for Emacs.
	Always define lispdir.
	* lib/am/ (install-%DIR%LISP, uninstall-%DIR%LISP): Check
	$(EMACS) to decide whether _LISP files must be installed,
	not $(lispdir).
	* doc/automake.texi (Emacs Lisp): Mention the two ways to install
	non byte-compiled Emacs lisp files.
	* tests/lisp4.test, tests/lisp5.test: Check "make install"
	when EMACS=no.
	Suggested by Simon Josefsson.

	* NEWS: Clarify the entry about multiple conditional definitions
	Report from Simon Josefsson.

	* lib/am/ (install-strip): Override install_sh_PROGRAM
	Report from Elmar Hoffmann.

2003-10-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* ("MAIN", usage, parse_arguments): Move near
	the end, so "MAIN" can use prototypes.
	(scan_configure): Move later too, for the sake of prototypes.
	(scan_configure_dep): Fix setting of $scanned_configure_dep.
	(trace_used_macros): Do not take any argument.

2003-10-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/stdlib2.test: Check AM_LDFLAGS alone.

	* lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Also grep AM_LDFLAGS for `-module'.
	* tests/stdlib2.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add stdlib2.test.
	Report from Kevin P. Fleming.

2003-10-03  Richard Dawe  <>  (tiny change)

	* tests/ For required=runtest, check that we are using
	a DejaGnu that supports specifying the program on the command-line.

2003-10-03  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For Debian Bug #213524:
	* lib/am/ (install-info-am, uninstall-info-am): Merge
	stderr and stdout, and grep only the first line while testing
	install-info --version's output.  This revert part of the change
	from 2001-05-18.

2003-10-01  Akim Demaille  <>

	* m4/ Add (C) to the Copyright notice.

2003-10-01  Paul Eggert  <>

	* lib/Automake/ Use Errno.
	(lock): Ignore ENOLCK errors.  Problem reported Andreas Schwab in

2003-09-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (_process_option_list): Recognize
	* NEWS: Update.
	* doc/automake.texi (Options): Document no-dist.
	* (check_cygnus): Set no-dist option.
	(handle_dist): Recognize no-dist.
	* tests/nodist3.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Added nodist3.test.

2003-09-29  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_clean): Take $makefile as argument, and
	define %MAKEFILE% while processing
	(generate_makefile): Pass $makefile to handle_clean.
	* lib/am/ (distclean, maintainer-clean): Erase %MAKEFILE%,
	not Makefile.
	* tests/gnumake.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add gnumake.test.
	Report from Braden N. McDaniel.

2003-09-26  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* doc/automake.texi (Scripts): Update the example about automake.
	Mention `dist_' for distributed scripts.

	* lib/mkinstalldirs: Clean up after NextStep and OpenStep mkdir.
	Suggested by Eric Sunshine.

2003-09-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* README: More mailing lists.

	* NEWS: Mention the switch to GNU FDL for the manual.

2003-09-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/install-sh (src, dst): Protect names starting with `-',
	as in mkinstalldirs.

	* Rename as ...
	* ... this.
	* README: s/

	* doc/fdl.texi: New file.
	* doc/ (automake_TEXINFOS): New variable.
	* doc/automake.texi (Copying This Manual): New appendix, include
	(Macro and Variable Index, General Index): Move as subsections of ...
	(Indices): This new appendix.

	* doc/automake.texi: Refer to instead of

	* automake.texi: Move ...
	* doc/automake.texi: ... here.
	* doc/ New file.
	* Output doc/Makefile.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add doc.

2003-09-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (write_aclocal): Consider files with relative
	paths as local to the project, i.e., subject to m4_include.
	* tests/subpkg.test (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Make sure m4_include
	is also used for .m4 files in the outer project.

	Support for multiple inputs in AC_CONFIG_FILES.
	Requested long ago by Harlan Stenn.
	* (handle_dist): Remove unused argument $makefile.
	(handle_subdirs): Expect SUBDIRS elements in $relative_dir,
	not $am_relative_dir.
	(rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies): Allow $add_srcdir to
	be a filename that must always be prefixed by $(srcdir) or
	(handle_configure, generate_makefile): Revamp to make the,, Makefile more independent.
	(locate_am): New function.
	(scan_configure_dep, parse_arguments): Use locate_am.
	(MAIN): Adjust call to generate_makefile.
	* lib/am/ Remove %MAKEFILE-IN% from the dependencies
	of %MAKEFILE%.  %MAKEFILE-IN% is already in %MAKEFILE-DEPS%.
	* tests/output6.test, tests/output7.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add them.
	* automake.texi (Requirements) <AC_CONFIG_FILES>: Document how
	multiple inputs are scanned.

2003-09-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (FETCHFILES, fetch): Do not fetch lib/Automake/
	and lib/Automake/ from Autoconf.
	* lib/Automake/ Update comment, Automake is now
	the master for this file.  Cosmetic changes.

2003-09-09  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (&update_file): s/cannot not/cannot/g.
	Reported by Gary Vaughan.
	(&find_file): Walk the @include in forward order.

2003-09-09  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (&update_file): Be sure not to leave
	trailing files.

2003-09-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Changes to m4_included files should also cause aclocal.m4 to change.
	* (m4_include_rx): New variable.
	(scan_configure_dep): New function.
	(scan_configure, add_file): Simplify using scan_configure_dep.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add acloca13.test.
	* tests/aclocal13.test: New file.

	* tests/instsh.test: Do not reset $ACLOCAL and $AUTOMAKE now
	that we have fake version in the $PATH.

	* (add_file): Remove useless filling of $output, probably
	left a after CVS conflict.  This code is now in write_aclocal.

	* (configure_ac): Do not call require_configure_ac
	before parsing the options.
	* (configure_ac): Likewise.
	* lib/Automake/ (configure_ac): Do not require,
	find it.
	* lib/Automake/ (require_configure_ac):
	find_configure_ac never return an undefined value, so test
	the file's existence instead.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add help.test.
	* tests/help.test: New file.

2003-09-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ Update to use ChannelDefs.
	(close): Call Automake::FileUtils::handle_exec_errors on errors.
	* (scan_autoconf_files): Exit with $?=63 on version
	(scan_autoconf_traces): Likewise.  Close the autoconf pipe to
	capture abnormal exits.
	* ($exit_status): Remove, and use's $exit_code
	(trace_used_macros): Close the autom4te pipe to capture abnormal exits.
	* lib/missing: When a tool has run and exited with $?=63, emulate
	it.  Adjust the diagnostic and pretend the tool is tool old in this
	case.  Use an emacs-updated "scriptversion" variable.
	* Output tests/aclocal-${APIVERSION} and
	* tests/, tests/,
	tests/missing.test, tests/missing2.test: New files.
	* tests/ (AUTOMAKE, ACLOCAL, PATH): Define
	to use tests/aclocal-$APIVERSION and tests/automake-$APIVERSION.
	* tests/dup3.test: Remove. alocal9.test, acloca10.test, and others are
	already testing for this.
	* tests/depacl2.test, tests/dup2.test, tests/order.test: Fix so that aclocal works.
	* tests/defun.test: Quote the AC_DEFUN body.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add missing.test and missing2.test,
	and remove dup3.test.
	(check_SCRIPTS): Add aclocal and automake.

	* tests/unused.test: Quote AC_DEFUN arguments.

2003-09-05  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS,,, automake.texi, lib/ansi2knr.c,
	lib/depcomp, lib/missing, lib/py-compile,
	lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/,
	lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/tests/,
	lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	lib/am/, lib/am/, m4/obsolete.m4,
	m4/python.m4, tests/backsl4.test, tests/,
	tests/dejagnu7.test, tests/depacl2.test, tests/dirlist.test,
	tests/error.test, tests/getopt.test, tests/gnuwarn.test,
	tests/include2.test, tests/libobj10.test, tests/libtool5.test,
	tests/libtool6.test, tests/lisp3.test, tests/phony.test,
	tests/pr220.test, tests/subcond2.test, tests/subcond3.test,
	Spelling and minor grammar fixes.

2003-09-01  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/config.sub, lib/config.guess, lib/texinfo.tex,
	lib/, lib/symlink-tree: New upstream versions.

2003-08-31  Thien-Thi Nguyen  <>  (tiny change)

	* tests/yacc7.test: Require bison.

2003-08-31  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_file): Warn about underquoted AC_DEFUN.
	($underquoted_manual_once): New variable.
	* automake.texi (Extending aclocal): Document this.

2003-08-29  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (@file_order): New variable, to make sure
	files are output in the opposite order of the -I arguments.
	(scan_file): Fill it.
	(trace_used_macros, write_aclocal): Use it.
	(scan_m4_files): Reverse the directory contents, so that
	macros from the lexicographically greatest files are preferred.
	* tests/aclocal9.test, tests/acloca10.test, tests/acloca11.test:
	New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add them.

2003-08-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For Debian Bug #206299:
	* ($configure_deps_greatest_timestamp,
	$output_deps_greatest_timestamp): New variables.
	(initialize_per_input): Reset $output_deps_greatest_timestamp.
	(scan_autoconf_traces, scan_autoconf_files, read_am_file):
	Update $configure_deps_greatest_timestamp and
	(generate_makefile): Rewrite the logic to decide whether
	to rewrite the output.  Move the leading dup_channel_setup
	and trailing drop_channel_setup to MAIN, so that
	drop_channel_setup is executed for all exit paths.
	* tests/aclocal7.test: Update to check for $AUTOMAKE --no-force
	* tests/distcom6.test: New file.  Report from Scott James Remnant.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add distcom6.test.

	* Require Autoconf 2.57b to be sure
	aclocal can use autom4te --language Autoconf-without-aclocal-m4.
	* m4/init.m4: Likewise.  Move the AC_PREREQ and m4_pattern_allow
	calls inside the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro.
	* m4/auxdir.m4, m4/cond.m4, m4/lex.m4, m4/regex.m4: Move
	AC_PREREQ calls inside the macros.
	* m4/header.m4: Remove AC_PREREQ.

	* (file_contents_internal): Do not add newlines before
	empty actions.

	* (write_aclocal): Take an output file and list of
	used macros in arguments and make up the file contents here.
	(trace_used_macros): New function.
	(add_file): Do not update $output.
	($output): Delete.
	(MAIN): Call trace_used_macros.  Then rewrite aclocal.m4 only
	for these traced macros.  This should shorten aclocal.m4 by
	stripping out unused macros.
	* automake.texi (Invoking aclocal): Document ${AUTOM4TE}.
	* tests/aclibobj.test: Make sure exists by the time
	aclocal runs.
	* tests/aclocal8.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add aclocal8.test.
	Suggested by Bruno Haible and Akim Demaille.

2003-08-21  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (&find_configure_ac)
	(&require_configure_ac): Accept an optional directory argument.
	($configure_ac): Remove.
	*, ($configure_ac): New.
	* lib/Automake/ Don't use $configure_ac, just

2003-08-20  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/Automake/ More perldoc.
	(&up_to_date_p): New.

2003-08-17  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Fix for PR automake/398:
	* m4/python.m4: Do not call AC_PATH_PROGS if $PYTHON is already
	set.  Display `none' instead of `:' and $PYTHON is set to `:'
	when no suitable interpreter is found.  Honor ACTION-IF-FOUND and
	* automake.texi (Python): Document ACTION-IF-FOUND and
	* tests/python4.test, tests/python5.test, tests/python6.test,
	tests/python7.test, tests/python8.test, tests/python9.test: New
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add them.
	Report from Per Cederqvist.

2003-08-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Fix for PR automake/399:
	* m4/python.m4: Use AC_PATH_PROGS, not AC_PATH_PROG.
	Report from Per Cederqvist.

2003-08-12  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (strip): Replace loop with 'grep'.
	(not): Replace loop with 'map'.
	* lib/Automake/ (sub_conditions): Likewise.
	* lib/Automake/ (not_alwasy_defined_in_cond):
	Don't 'simplify' result of 'invert', since it's already in
	canonical form.
	* lib/Automake/ (define): Replace loop with

	* lib/Automake/ (ambiguous_p): Typo in comment.
	* lib/Automake/ (accept_extensions, msg_cond_rule): Likewise.
	(define): Reword comment slightly.
	* (_var_order, msg_cond_var): Typo in comment.
	* tests/cond20.test (var2): Use foo.c instead of to avoid
	spurious automake error exit.

2003-08-12  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/ New files.
	* lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/ New files.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add them.
	* lib/Automake/ Make this a subclass of Automake::ItemDef.
	(new): Adjust to call Automake::ItemDef::new.
	(comment, location, owner): Delete.  Now inherited from ItemDef.
	* lib/Automake/ Make this a subclass of Automake::Item.
	(_new): Adjust to call Automake::Item::new.
	(name, def, rdef, _set, conditions, not_always_defined_in_cond):
	Delete.  How inherited from Item, where `_set' is called `set'.
	* (SUFFIX_RULE_PATTERN): Delete. Now in Automake::Rule.
	(suffix_rules_default): Delete.  Now
	(suffixes): Delete.  Now Automake::Rule::suffixes.
	Automake::RuleDef::RULE_AUTOMAKE and Automake::RuleDef::RULE_USER.
	(%targets, %target_source, %target_name, %target_owner): Delete,
	replaced by the Rule and RuleDef classes.
	(dependencies, depend, actions): Delete.  Now in Automake::Rule.
	(suffix_rules, register_suffix_rule): Likewise.
	(KNOWN_EXTENSIONS_PATTERN, accept_extensions): Likewise.
	(known_extensions_list): Delete.  Now
	(target_conditions): Delete.  Now inherited by Automake::Rule
	from Automake::Item::conditions.
	(rule_define): Delete.  Now Automake::Rule::define.  Adjust all
	(target_defined): Delete.  Now Automake::Rule::rule.  Adjust all
	(initialize_per_input): Adjust to call Automake::Rule::reset.
	(err_target, err_cond_target, msg_cond_target, msg_target,
	reject_target): Delete.  Now defined in Automake::Rule as
	err_rule, err_cond_rule, msg_cond_rule, msg_rule and reject_target.
	Adjust all callers.
	(handle_languages): Call suffix_rules_count.
	* tests/location.test: Adjust expected diagnostics.  We now display
	$(EXEEXT) accurately.

2003-08-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Revert the fix for PR automake/291:
	* lib/Automake/ (define): Do not warn about variables
	starting with `_' which are an issue on NEWS-OS 4.2R.  According
	to Paul Eggert, NEWS-OS 4.2R is ten years old, the latest version
	was released on 1996 and is not in wide use.  On the other hand,
	variables starting with `_' are mandatory in several situations,
	so diagnosing them is more annoying than useful.
	* tests/canon5.test: Do not use -Wno-portability.
	* tests/vars2.test: Delete.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove vars2.test.
	Suggested by Jim Meyering.

2003-08-09  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (ambiguous_p): Simplify slightly.
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (test_ambig): Test

2003-08-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (condition_ambiguous_p): Move ...
	* lib/Automake/ (ambiguous_p): ... here.
	* (rule_define): Adjust usage.
	* lib/Automake/ (_check_ambiguous_condition): Likewise.

	* lib/Automake/ New file.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add
	* (FOREIGN, GNU, GNITS, $default_strictness)
	($default_strictness_name, $strictness, $strictness_name)
	(%options, %global_options, process_option_list)
	(set_strictness): Remove, now in
	(initialize_per_input): Call Automake::Options::reset.
	(handle_options, get_object_extension, get_object_extension)
	(handle_languages, handle_single_transform_list, handle_compile)
	(handle_texinfo_helper, handle_man_pages, handle_dist)
	(handle_configure, do_check_merge_target)
	(handle_factored_dependencies, handle_tests)
	(handle_minor_options, scan_autoconf_traces, check_cygnus)
	(lang_sub_obj, lang_c_rewrite, lang_c_finish, rule_define)
	(make_paragraphs, am_install_var, parse_arguments): Adjust
	to set and read options via the new interface.

2003-08-07  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* (maintainer-check): Update perllibdir.
	* lib/Automake/ ( Depend on Makefile too.
	*, lib/Automake/ Regenerate.
	* tests/ (AUTOMAKE, ACLOCAL): Use absolute paths in

2003-08-06  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE, ACLOCAL): Search the 'lib' directory
	from the builddir too, to pick up Automake::Config.
	* tests/ (AUTOMAKE, ACLOCAL): Likewise.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* (BEGIN): Handle multiple directories in $perllibdir.
	* (BEGIN): Likewise.

2003-08-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/ltcond.test: Thinko.

2003-08-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ New file.
	* lib/Automake/ (nodist_perllib_DATA, do_subst,
	CLEANFILES): New variables.
	( New rule.
	* (maintainer-check): Adjust expected differences
	between and automake.
	*, Use Automake::Config.

2003-08-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/ltconv.test: s/rm/rm -f/ to placate maintainer-check.

	* (handle_texinfo_helper): Use the user definition
	of TEXINFO_TEX before checking for cygnus or AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR.
	* tests/txinfo22.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo22.test.
	Report from Tom Tromey.

2003-08-03  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (@EXPORT): Remove
	traverse_variable_recursively and
	(require_variables_for_variable, traverse_variable_recursively)
	(_traverse_variable_recursively_worker): Convert to
	Automake::Variable methods, remove support for being
	invoked with variable names, and rename to ...
	(requires_variables, traverse_recursively)
	(_do_recursive_traversal): ... these.
	(_value_as_list_recursive_worker, transform_variable_recursively):
	Update to reflect changes.
	* (handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ALLOCA)
	(handle_libraries, handle_ltlibraries, am_primary_prefixes):
	(define_objects_from_sources): Fix typo in comment.

2003-08-02  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* (handle_source_transform): Replace 'grep' with 'map'.
	(register_language): Replace 'grep' with 'foreach' modifier.

2003-08-01  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (variables): Return a list of
	Automake::Variable instances, not a list of strings.
	(dump): Remove support for being invoked with a string.
	(variables_dump): Adapt to these changes.
	* (check_typos): Likewise.
	(am_primary_prefixes): Likewise.

2003-07-31  Ralf Wildenhues  <>  (tiny change)

	* lib/depcomp (aix): Support AIX Compiler version 6.

2003-07-31  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (A Shared Library): Rewrite and split into
	subsections.  Valuable comments from Norman Gray, Harlan Stenn,
	Tim Van Holder, and Guido Draheim.
	* tests/ltcond.test, tests/ltcond2.test, tests/ltconv.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add them.

2003-07-30  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Complain about
	foo.$(OBJEXT) being created both with libtool and without, not
	about foo.lo.
	Report from Tim Van Holder.

2003-07-29  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (FETCHFILES, fetch): Add and
	* lib/config.sub, lib/, lib/texinfo.tex: New
	upstream versions.

2003-07-28  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_configure): Cosmetic change to avoid
	a maintainer-check complaint.

2003-07-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (@EXPORT): Remove variable_dump.
	(variable_dump): Replace by ...
	(dump): ... this method.
	(rdef, _check_ambiguous_condition): Adjust to use ->dump.
	(define, variables_dump): Adjust to use Automake::Variable::dump

	* lib/am/ (mostlyclean-compile): Do not erase core dumps.
	* automake.texi (Built sources example): Adjust example.

2003-07-26  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (get_object_extension, handle_languages)
	(handle_single_transform_list, handle_compile, handle_compile)
	(handle_texinfo_helper, handle_texinfo_helper, handle_man_pages)
	(handle_tests, handle_minor_options, check_gnu_standards)
	(lang_sub_obj, lang_c_rewrite, lang_c_finish, rule_define):
	Simplify "if (defined $options{'X'})" into "if ($options{'X'})".

	Complete changes from 2003-07-08.
	* ($cmdline_use_dependencies, $use_dependencies): Remove,
	replaced by $options{'no-dependencies'}.
	($global_options): Remove.
	(%global_options): New variable.
	(initialize_per_input): Empty %options.
	(process_option_list): Take a location and %options ref argument,
	process no-dependencies as other options.
	(handle_options): Do not reparse the global options, just initialize
	%options from %global_options and fill it with local options.
	(handle_languages, handle_single_transform_list)
	(handle_configure, check_cygnus): Adjust usage of
	(make_paragraphs): Adjust usage of $options{'cygnus'}.
	(parse_arguments): Set cygnus and no-dependencies in %global_options.
	(scan_autoconf_traces) <AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE>: Call process_option_list
	to fill %global_options.

2003-07-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/remake4.test: Use `$MAKE distdir' instead of `$MAKE dist' to
	avoid the use of tar.

2003-07-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/gnuwarn2.test: Typo.

	* tests/insthook.test: Use $MAKE, not make.

	Fix missing rebuilds during `make dist' with BSD make.
	* (generate_makefile): Do not push, and into DIST_COMMON here.
	* lib/am/ (DIST_COMMON): Do it here, and use
	%MAKEFILE-AM% and %MAKEFILE-IN% so that items in DIST_COMMON
	actually match the targets.   Prefix `configure' with `$(srcdir)/'
	to match the target.
	* tests/remake4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add remake4.test.
	Report from Akim Demaille.

2003-07-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_multilib): Register all-multi.
	(file_contents_internal): Insert \n when concatenating actions
	from "factored" rules.
	* lib/ New file, from GCC, including a patch
	from Ralf Corsepius (see GCC's PR 11526).
	* lib/ New file, from GCC.
	* lib/ (dist_script_DATA): Add and
	* lib/am/ (distclean-generic): Do not delete Makefile here...
	(distclean, maintainer-clean): ... do it here.
	* lib/am/ (distclean-depend): Likewise, replace by
	(distclean, maintainer-clean): ... these.
	* lib/am/ (all-recursive, install-recursive,
	mostlyclean-recursive, clean-recursive, distclean-recursive,
	maintainer-clean-recursive): Remove these rules.
	(mostlyclean-am, clean-am, distclean-am, maintainer-clean-am): Replace
	by ...
	(mostlyclean, clean, distclean, maintainer-clean): ... these.
	(all-am): Remove, done in handle_multilib.
	(install-am): Replace by ...
	(install-exec-am): ... this.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add multlib.test.
	* tests/multlib.test: New file, based on a test case by
	Ralf Corsepius

2003-07-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lib/missing (autom4te): Typo.

2003-07-16  Derek Price  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Handle AC_CONFIG_LINKS.
	(handle_configure): Handle adding AC_CONFIG_LINKS arguments to
	distclean targets (CONFIG_CLEAN_FILES makefile var).
	* NEWS: Note new handling of AC_CONFIG_LINKS.
	* automake.texi (Other things Automake recognizes): Ditto.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add new tests.
	* tests/conflnk.test: New test that links are cleaned on distclean.
	* tests/conflnk2.test: New test that source files for links are

2003-07-15  Ralf Corsepius <>  (tiny change)

	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Trace AM_ENABLE_MULTILIB to
	render $seen_multilib functional again.

2003-07-10  Raja R Harinath  <>

	Avoid using refs as hash keys.
	* lib/Automake/ ($_traversal): New.
	(reset): Reset $_traversal.
	(_new): New attribute 'scanned'.
	(%_vars_scanned): Remove.
	Use $_traversal instead of %_vars_scanned to detect recursively
	defined variables.

	* lib/am/ (am--refresh): Silence.

2003-07-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (define): Make clear the diagnostic
	about variable names starting with `_' is about *Make* variables.

	For Debian Bug #193907:
	* automake.texi (Clean): make maintainer-clean should still
	allow ./configure && make to run.

	* automake.texi (CVS): Typo.

2003-07-09  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* Use Automake::FileUtils.
	(parse_arguments, scan_configure, scan_m4_files): Never call
	"die" to print an error message.  Use print and exit.
	* Use Automake::FileUtils.
	* lib/Automake/ ($debug, $help, $tmp, $verbose,
	$version, &debug, &getopt, &mktmpdir, &verbose): Remove.
	(END): Do not massage Perl's exit code.  Do not clean any temporary
	(find_file, mtime, update_file, xsystem, contents): Move to ...
	* lib/Automake/ ... this new file.  Adjust to
	report errors using Channels.
	(handle_exec_errors, xqx): New functions, from Autoconf.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add

	* lib/Automake/ (_traverse_variable_recursively_worker):
	Return the empty list on recursively defined variable.  This
	supersedes my change of 2003-07-02.

2003-07-08  Akim Demaille  <>

	* ($cygnus_mode): Replace with $options{'cygnus'}.
	Adjust all dependencies.
	(&depend): Move next to %dependencies and prototype.
	(&initialize_per_input): Initialize the 'cygnus' field of
	'%options' to spare the code from 'exists' or 'defined' when
	testing it.
	(&handle_configure, &do_check_merge_target, &check_cygnus): Prototype.
	(&parse_arguments): Rename '%options' and '%options_1st_pass' as
	'%cli_options' and '%cli_options_1st_pass' to avoid clashes and

2003-07-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (generate_makefile): Move near the end of the
	file, after the definition of all called functions, so that
	prototypes can be enforced.

2003-07-06  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/am/ (RECURSIVE_TARGETS): Move install-recursive,
	install-exec-recursive, install-data-recursive and
	uninstall-recursive addition to...
	* lib/am/ here.
	* lib/am/, lib/am/ Remove the .PHONY
	declaration of RECURSIVE_TARGETS.

2003-07-06  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/ (VAR_SORTED):
	New variable type.
	Handle it.
	* (&handle_subdirs): Prototype.
	Adjust callers.

2003-07-06  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (&define_files_variable): New.
	(&handle_texinfo_helper): Move the handling of user variables from
	here, to...
	(&handle_texinfo): here.
	This is to balance the size of these functions, and to match the
	convention of other _helper functions.
	(&handle_texinfo_helper): Use &define_files_variable.
	Move some code to use less variables.
	Rename $info_cursor as $texi.
	(&handle_texinfo): Do not call handle_texinfo_helper if there are
	* lib/am/ Sort the occurrences of dvi, info, pdf, ps
	and html.
	Remove *-recursive targets from .PHONY, they are part of
	(install-info, mostlyclean-aminfo): Are .PHONY.

2003-07-05  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/am/ Use ';' as a terminator, not a separator, for
	sed complex commands, as required by NetBSD sed.
	Reported by Patrick Welche.

2003-07-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub: New upstream version.

2003-07-04  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Optional, Dist): AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR files
	are automatically distributed.

	* lib/depcomp (icc): Update to grok ICC 7.1's output.
	* m4/depend.m4 (_AM_DEPENDENCIES): Check dependency generation
	in a subdirectory, and with many dependencies.  This
	catches more failures of depcomp.
	Reports from Ralf Wildenhues and Akim Demaille.

2003-07-04  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (&scan_texinfo_file, &output_texinfo_build_rules,
	(&handle_texinfo_helper, &handle_texinfo): Formatting changes.
	Prototype properly.
	Don't use & when calling functions.

2003-07-03  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* NEWS: Categorize entries.
	Suggested by Jim Meyering.

	* (maintainer-clean): Disallow '$AUTOMAKE && exit 1'.
	Ignore @...@ substitutions in comments.
	* tests/ Try to make the shell more POSIX compliant.
	(AUTOMAKE_run, AUTOMAKE_fails): New functions.
	* tests/README: Mention AUTOMAKE_fails.
	* tests/alloca.test, tests/alloca2.test, tests/ansi8.test,
	* tests/asm.test, tests/backsl3.test, tests/backsl4.test,
	* tests/badline.test, tests/badopt.test, tests/canon.test,
	* tests/canon5.test, tests/colneq.test, tests/comment3.test,
	* tests/comment5.test, tests/cond2.test, tests/cond20.test,
	* tests/cond23.test, tests/cond24.test, tests/cond27.test,
	* tests/condinc2.test, tests/conff2.test, tests/cxx2.test,
	* tests/dejagnu2.test, tests/dirforbid.test,
	* tests/distcom3.test, tests/else.test, tests/exdir2.test,
	* tests/exeext2.test, tests/gcj2.test, tests/gcj5.test,
	* tests/getopt.test, tests/gettext.test, tests/gettext2.test,
	* tests/gnits.test, tests/gnuwarn.test, tests/gnuwarn2.test,
	* tests/insh.test, tests/lex2.test, tests/libobj10.test,
	* tests/libobj12.test, tests/libobj13.test,
	* tests/libobj3.test, tests/library2.test,
	* tests/library3.test, tests/libtool4.test,
	* tests/libtool6.test, tests/lisp2.test, tests/location.test,
	* tests/nogzip2.test, tests/output5.test, tests/overrid.test,
	* tests/percent.test, tests/percent2.test,
	* tests/pluseq5.test, tests/pluseq7.test, tests/pluseq9.test,
	* tests/pr211.test, tests/primary.test, tests/primary2.test,
	* tests/python2.test, tests/recurs.test, tests/reqd2.test,
	* tests/seenc.test, tests/specflg.test, tests/specflg2.test,
	* tests/spell.test, tests/spell2.test, tests/srcsub.test,
	* tests/srcsub2.test, tests/stdlib.test, tests/subdir7.test,
	* tests/substtarg.test, tests/suffix11.test,
	* tests/symlink.test, tests/syntax.test,
	* tests/targetclash.test, tests/txinfo4.test,
	* tests/version3.test, tests/warnopts.test,
	* tests/xsource.test, tests/yacc2.test: Use set -e,
	AUTOMAKE_fails, and always grep error message.

	* (handle_ltlibraries): Fix call to msg.

	* tests/stamph.test: Delete.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove stamph.test.

	* (handle_single_transform_list): Use $var->name
	to print variable in the configure-substitution diagnostic.
	Do not mention the parent when it is the variable itself.

	* tests/package.test: Delete.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove package.test.

	* (cond_stack_else): Return FALSE if `if' was not
	(cond_stack_endif): Return TRUE if `if' was not used.  Do not
	display $negate and $cond, they are irrelevant and maybe undefined.

2003-07-02  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (_traverse_variable_recursively_worker):
	Do not return undef when a variable is recursively defined, this
	causes warnings all over the place.  Return the empty string instead.

	* lib/am/ (distcheck): Protect loop of DIST_ARCHIVES
	from empty DIST_ARCHIVES.

2003-07-01  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Check the expected
	number of arguments of each traced macro.
	* tests/overrid.test: Fix call to AM_CONDITIONAL.
	* tests/conff2.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add conff2.test.
	Report from Paolo Bonzini.

2003-06-30  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* ($SUBST_REF_PATTERN): Do not define.
	(%gen_varname): Move to, as %_gen_varname.
	(initialize_per_input): Do not clean %gen_varname.
	(handle_options, check_libobjs_sources, handle_source_transform,
	handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ltlibraries, handle_texinfo_helper,
	handle_man_pages, handle_dist, handle_subdirs, handle_gettext,
	am_install_var): Adjust to use value_as_list_recursive,
	loc_and_value_as_list_recursive, and has_conditional_contents.
	(require_file_with_macro): Accept an Automake::Variable as argument.
	traverse_variable_recursively_worker, gen_varname,
	transform_variable_recursively): Move ...
	* lib/Automake/ (traverse_variable_recursively,
	_gen_varname, transform_variable_recursively): ... here.
	* (variable_conditionally_defined,
	variable_loc_and_value_as_list_recursive): Move ...
	* lib/Automake/ (has_conditional_contents,
	value_as_list_recursive, loc_and_value_as_list_recursive): ... here.
	(reset): Reset %_gen_varname.
	(require_variables_for_variable): Accept an Automake::Variable
	as argument.

2003-06-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/aclocal6.test: Test maintainer-clean in VPATH
	builds. (For Ralf's fix.)

2003-06-27  Ralf Corsepius  <>  (tiny change)

	* lib/am/ (maintainer-clean): Remove
	$(top_srcdir)/autom4te.cache, not autom4te.cache.

2003-06-27  Akim Demaille  <>

	* automake.texi: Use @node with a single argument.

2003-06-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/ (dist_m4data_DATA): Add $(top_srcdir)/m4/amversion.m4.

	* lib/am/ (distcheck): Run $(am__remove_distdir)
	at the end of distcheck.  This was mistakenly removed on
	* tests/subpkg.test: Make sure distcheck cleans up after itself.

	* m4/ ($(srcdir)/amversion.m4): Rename as ...
	($(top_srcdir)/m4/amversion.m4): ... this.
	(nodist_m4data_DATA): Remove. amversion.m4 is automatically

2003-06-25  Akim Demaille  <>

	* automake.texi (Top): Use @copying and @insertcopying.
	Make Alexandre an author.
	* ($gen_copyright): Add the "(C)" to Copyright.
	* lib/depcomp: Likewise.

2003-06-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (vardef, rvardef, set_seen): New functions.
	(variable_defined, examine_variable): Remove.
	(%_ac_macro_for_var): Add an entry for ALLOCA.
	(require_variables): Use vardef instead of variable_defined.
	Do not use _cvar.
	* (generate_makefile): Do not push $(SOURCE) into
	@sources.  Use define_pretty_variable to define SOURCES.
	(handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ALLOCA): Use require_variables_for_variable
	(handle_programs, handle_ltlibraries): Do not define an empty
	_DEPENDENCIES or _LDFLAGS variable when none is defined.
	(define_configure_variable): Do not check whether the variable
	already exists (it's Automake::Variable::define's job).
	(require_build_directory): Likewise, do not check
	the existence of am__dirstamp.
	(generate_makefile, handle_options, handle_languages)
	(check_libobjs_sources, handle_single_transform_list)
	(traverse_variable_recursively_worker, handle_source_transform)
	(handle_lib_objects, handle_LIBOBJS, handle_compile)
	(handle_libtool, handle_programs, handle_libraries)
	(handle_ltlibraries, check_typos, handle_texinfo_helper)
	(handle_man_pages, handle_tags, handle_dist, handle_subdirs)
	(scan_aclocal_m4, handle_gettext, handle_footer, handle_install)
	(handle_all, do_check_merge_target, handle_clean, lang_c_finish)
	(handle_tests, lang_yacc_target_hook, define_pretty_variable)
	(define_compiler_variable, define_linker_variable)
	(make_paragraphs, am_primary_prefixes, am_install_var): Adjust to
	call var, vardef, or set_seen, instead of variable_defined.  Use
	set_seen only for variables which are actually checked by
	* tests/target.test: Delete.
	* tests/alloca.test, tests/alloca2.test: New files.
	* tests/libobj3.test: Check error message.
	* tests/distcom4.test: Make sure configure is in DIST_COMMON.
	This replace confdist.test.
	* tests/ (TESTS, XFAIL_TESTS): Remove target.test.
	(TESTS): Add alloca.test and alloca2.test.  Remove confdist.test.

2003-06-20  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_dist): Delete DIST_COMMON before redefining
	it.  Bug report from Akim Demaille.
	(rewrite_inputs_into_dependencies): Make sure we always return
	something, even when $add_srcdir is 0.
	* tests/distcom4.test, tests/distcom5.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add distcom4.test and distcom5.test.

	* tests/cond29.test: Also check for _SOURCES.
	Report from Paolo Bonzini.

2003-06-20  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/am/ Replace leading spaces with a real tab.

2003-06-15  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/nogzip.test, tests/nogzip2.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add nogzip.test and nogzip2.test

2003-06-15  Akim Demaille  <>

	* (&make_paragraphs): Define %GZIP%.
	(&process_option_list): Accept no-dist-gzip2.
	(&handle_dist): Complain when no archive format is enabled.
	* lib/am/ (DIST_ARCHIVES): New variable.
	(dist-gzip, dist-bzip2, dist-tarZ, dist-zip): No longer
	(dist): Build $(distdir).tar.gz conditionally.
	(distcheck): Use DIST_ARCHIVES to find an archive to unpack, and
	to list built archives.  Run $(MAKE) dist instead of dist-gzip.
	* automake.texi (Options, The types of distributions): Adjust.

2003-06-15  Jens Elkner  <>  (tiny change)

	* m4/lispdir.m4 (AM_PATH_LISPDIR): Fix sed commands to work with

2003-06-14  Karl Berry  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* mkinstalldirs (scriptversion): New variable.  Setup emacs hooks
	to update it each time the file is written, as in install-sh.
	(usage): Improve message.
	(--version): New option.
	(--help): Output to stdout, not stderr.

2003-06-13  Paul Eggert  <>

	* lib/install-sh (dsttmp, rmtmp): Do not use '#' in file names;
	it's not guaranteed by POSIX and it doesn't work on OpenVMS.
	Bug reported by Bernard Giroud in:

2003-06-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (check_gnu_standards): Use no-installman and
	no-installinfo's locations.
	(process_option_list): Fill %options with locations.
	(check_cygnus) Fill $options{'no-installinfo'} and
	$options{'no-dependencies'} with $cygnus_mode, so that it
	remains a Location.
	* tests/gnuwarn2.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add gnuwarn2.test.

2003-06-04  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (process_option_list): Record the location
	of ansi2knr's definition.
	(handle_compile): Use it.
	* tests/ansi3.test: Make sure the location appears correctly.
	Update to use set -e.
	* tests/ansi3b.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add ansi3b.test.

	* tests/alpha.test: Really run $MAKE.  Augment to test
	subdirectories, and check-news report.
	* tests/alpha2.test: New file.  Bug report from Akim Demaille.
	* tests/gnits2.test: Make sure README-alpha is not distributed.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add alpha2.test.
	* (handle_minor_options): Distribute README-alpha
	using push_dist_common, not require_file_with_macro.

2003-06-03  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/
	(search_configure_ac, find_configure_ac): Rename as ...
	(find_configure_ac, require_configure_ac): ... these.
	* (scan_configure): Adjust call to require_configure_ac.
	* (scan_autoconf_files): Likewise.
	Suggested by Tim Van Holder.

	* Use Automake::Configure_ac.
	($configure_ac): Delete.
	(scan_configure): Adjust use of find_configure_ac;
	* Use Automake::Configure_ac.
	($configure_ac): Delete.
	(scan_autoconf_files): Adjust use of find_configure_ac;
	* lib/Automake/ New file.
	* lib/Automake/ (find_configure_ac): Delete.  Now
	replaced by Automake::Configure_ac::search_configure_ac.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add
	* lib/Automake/ Use Automake::Configure_ac.
	(require_variables): Adjust use of $configure_ac.

2003-06-02  Akim Demaille  <>

	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/am/,
	* lib/am/, lib/am/, lib/,
	* m4/strip.m4, m4/sanity.m4, m4/runlog.m4, m4/regex.m4,
	* m4/python.m4, m4/protos.m4, m4/options.m4, m4/obsolete.m4,
	* m4/obsol-lt.m4, m4/obsol-gt.m4, m4/multi.m4, m4/missing.m4,
	* m4/minuso.m4, m4/maintainer.m4, m4/lispdir.m4, m4/lex.m4,
	* m4/install-sh.m4, m4/header.m4, m4/gcj.m4, m4/dmalloc.m4,
	* m4/depout.m4, m4/cond.m4, m4/ccstdc.m4, m4/auxdir.m4, m4/as.m4,
	* m4/ White space changes and Copyright updates.

2003-05-29  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (check_defined_unconditionally): Add
	the $parent_cond argument.
	(output): Use $self->name in diagnostic not $self.
	(variable_value_as_list): Rename as ...
	(value_as_list): ... this.  Declare as a method.  Take a $parent_cond
	argument and pass it to check_defined_unconditionally.  Do not call
	variable_assert, now that this is a method.
	(variable_assert): Delete (unused).
	* (traverse_variable_recursively_worker): Adjust to
	use check_defined_unconditionally and value_as_list as a methods.

	* lib/Automake/ (output): Declare as a method, since it
	is only used this way.
	(define): Fix documentation of $cond.
	Suggested by Raja R. Harinath.

2003-05-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/ New files.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add
	* Use Automake::Variable and Automake::VarDef.
	(MACRO_PATTERN): Delete. Now Automake::Variable::_MACRO_PATTERN.
	(am_macro_for_var): Delete. Now Automake::Variable::_am_macro_for_var.
	(ac_macro_for_var): Delete. Now Automake::Variable::_ac_macro_for_var.
	(silent_variable_override): Delete.  Now
	(var_value, var_location, var_comment, var_type, var_owner,
	var_pretty, content_seen): Delete.  This functionality is now
	offered by Automake::Variable and Automake::VarDef.
	Delete.  Now defined in Automake::VarDef.
	(var_order): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::_var_order.
	(appendvar): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::_appendvar.
	(var_SUFFIX_trigger): Register using Automake::Variable::hook.
	(initialize_per_input): Call Automake::Variable::reset.
	(err_var, msg_cond_var, msg_var, reject_var): Delete.  Now
	defined in Automake::Variable.
	(generate_makefile, process_option_list, handle_languages)
	(transform_variable_recursively, handle_compile)
	(handle_libraries, handle_ltlibraries)
	(check_typos, handle_dist, handle_subdirs, scan_autoconf_files):
	Adjust to use Automake::Variable functions.
	(check_ambiguous_condition): Delete.  Now
	(condition_ambiguous_p): Delete.  Now
	(variable_not_always_defined_in_cond): Delete.  Now
	(macro_define): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::define.
	(macro_delete): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::variable_delete.
	(macro_dump): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::variable_dump.
	(macros_dump): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::variables_dump.
	(variable_defined): Delete.  Now
	Automake::Variable::variable_defined, with the target check
	temporarily disabled.
	(variable_assert): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::variable_assert.
	(examine_variable): Delete.  Now
	(variable_conditions): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::conditions.
	(scan_variable_expansions): Delete.  Now
	(check_variable_expansions): Delete.  Now
	(check_variable_defined_unconditionally): Delete.  Now
	(variable_value): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::variable_value.
	(variable_value_as_list): Delete.  Now
	(variable_value_as_list_recursive_worker): Adjust to use
	Automake::Variable functions.
	(variable_output): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::output.
	(define_pretty_variable, define_configure_variable, read_am_file)
	(define_standard_variables, read_main_am_file): Adjust to use
	Automake::Variable functions.
	(handle_variables): Delete.  Now Automake::Variable::output_variables.
	(file_contents_internal, am_primary_prefixes, am_install_var)
	(require_file_with_macro, require_conf_file_with_macro)
	(push_dist_common): : Adjust to use
	Automake::Variable functions.
	(require_variables): Delete.  Now
	(require_variables_for_macro): Delete.  Now
	* tests/ (XFAIL_TESTS): Add target.test.

2003-05-25  Christian Cornelssen  <>  (tiny change)

	* tests/dejagnu7.test: Check if runtest supports --status.

2003-05-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (dump): Output 'INTERNAL' when position
	is undefined.

	* lib/Automake/ (human): Fix infinite loop when
	$self contains only one Condition.

	* Use plain strict, including refs.
	(macro_define, handle_single_transform_list): Use \&{'name'} to
	build references to named subroutines.

2003-05-22  Karl Berry  <>

	* automake.texi: Update @dircategory to match the Free Software
	Directory.  End directory entries with dots.

2003-05-22  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (maintainer-mode): s/François/Fran@,{c}ois/.

	* lib/elisp-comp: s/François/Franc,ois/.
	Suggested by Paul Eggert.

	* Move the "main" code at the end.
	(parse_arguments): Move near the end.
	($KNOWN_EXTENSIONS_PATTERN, @known_extensions_list,
	accept_extensions, var_SUFFIXES_trigger): Move these definitions
	before any call to register_language.
	(am_file): Move the definition with all other global variables,
	do not use local to define it.
	* (maintainer-check): Expect no `local' in Automake.

2003-05-21  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/, lib/Automake/tests/ New files.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (TESTS): Add
	* (handle_texinfo_helper, pretty_print_rule)
	(variable_output): Adjust to use makefile_wrap instead of
	(pretty_print_internal): Remove.  Renamed as Automake::Wrap::wrap
	and augmented to accept the $eol and $max_len arguments.

2003-05-18  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Autom4te/, lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub,
	lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream versions.

2003-05-17  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (install, install-exec, install-data, uninstall):
	Declare conditionally using a if/else/endif block instead of
	using ?SUBDIRS?-style conditions.  The latter fail when
	%maybe_BUILT_SOURCES% is replaced by several lines.
	This fixes a bug introduced on 2003-04-06.
	* tests/bsource.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add bsource.test.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

2003-05-11  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (renamed objects): New node.
	(Program and Library Variables): Move maude_DEPENDENCIES closer
	to maude_LDADD.  Define and use `per-target compilation flags' in the
	explanation for maude_CFLAGS et al.  Link to the `renamed objects'
	node.  Illustrate maude_SHORTNAME.

2003-05-09  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/install-sh: Update copyright notice and license to that of
	X11R6.  This removes an advertising clause reported as Debian bug

2003-05-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (ACLOCAL): Do not use -I, --acdir is enough.

	* m4/make.m4: Rename the doit target as am__doit,
	and make it phony.
	Reported by Philip S Tellis.

2003-05-07  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (%MAKEFILE-IN%): Propagate automake's exit
	* tests/makej.test: New file (test Autom4te's cache locking,
	new in CVS Autoconf).
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add makej.test.

2003-05-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (contents): New function.
	* (greatest_mtime, force_output): New globals.
	(scan_configure, add_file): Update $greatest_mtime.
	(parse_arguments): Parse --force.
	(write_aclocal): Do not overwrite $output_file unless needed.
	* automake.texi (aclocal options): Document --force.
	* tests/aclocal7.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add aclocal7.test.

2003-05-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Optional): Document m4_include.
	(Invoking aclocal): Shake a bit to introduce the various uses
	of aclocal and explain that aclocal will use m4_include for
	local files.
	(Extending aclocal): Show how to install installable macros
	in $(datadir)/aclocal, and make it clearer that writing installable
	macros is not the only way to extend aclocal.
	(Local Macros, Future of aclocal): New sections.

2003-04-27  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (@common_files): Remove acinclude.m4 since
	it will be m4_included by aclocal.m4 and files are always
	(scan_aclocal_m4): Do not bother about acinclude.m4 anymore.
	We will get this dependency when tracing m4_includes.
	* tests/aclocal6.test: Make sure acinclude.m4 is distributed
	when used.
	* tests/acinclude.test: Delete.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove acinclude.test.

2003-04-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_configure): Don't add @configure_deps to
	DIST_COMMON, we do this from lib/am/ now.
	Define the am__configure_deps variable instead of substituing
	* lib/am/ (%MAKEFILE-IN%, $(top_srcdir)/configure,
	$(ACLOCAL_M4)): Use $(am__configure_deps) instead of %CONFIGURE_DEPS%.
	(DIST_COMMON): Add $(am__configure_deps).

	* tests/aclocal6.test: New file.
	* lib/am/ (am--refresh): New rule.
	(%MAKEFILE-IN%, %MAKEFILE%, $(top_builddir)/config.status,
	$(top_srcdir)/configure): Call the top-level am--refresh from
	($(ACLOCAL_M4)): Depend upon %CONFIGURE_DEPS%.  Call the
	top-level am--refresh when not in the top-level directory.
	Fix jump directories for VPATH builds.
	Suggested by Raja R. Harinath.

2003-04-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_aclocal_m4): Do not parse ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS
	and glob for m4_files (We've got all local m4 files while
	tracing m4_include's).  Diagnose ACLOCAL_M4_SOURCES as obsolete.
	Distribute aclocal.m4 only at the top-level.
	(my_glob): Remove.  This fixes PR automake/11.
	(handle_dist): Strip leading `./' from directories.
	* (add_file): Output 'm4_include([file.m4])' instead
	of copying local files.
	(write_aclocal, parse_arguments): Bump copyright date.
	* De not build m4/amversion.m4 from here ...
	* m4/ ($(srcdir)/amversion.m4): ... do this here.
	(nodist_m4data_DATA): Use $(srcdir)/amversion.m4 instead
	of amversion.m4.
	* tests/ (XFAIL_TESTS): Remove aclocal5.test.
	(TESTS): Remove aclocal2.test.  Do not test aclocal.test twice.
	* tests/aclocal2.test: Delete (pointless).
	* tests/aclocal5.test: Make sure configure's dependencies are
	* tests/acinclude.test: Adjust to search for m4_include.
	* tests/dirlist.test, tests/dup3.test: Run $AUTOCONF and grep
	configure instead of aclocal.m4.

	For PR automake/46:
	* (scan_aclocal_m4): Work in all directories, not only
	the top-level.  Prepend $(top_srcdir) in front of each aclocal.m4
	* lib/am/ (config.status, configure, $(ACLOCAL_M4)):
	Define rebuild rules in each directory.
	* tests/subdir8.test: Augment to exercise aclocal.m4's dependencies
	from the top-level directory.
	* tests/aclocal5.test: New file.  Exercise aclocal.m4's dependencies
	from a subdirectory.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add aclocal5.test.
	(XFAIL_TESTS): Replace subdir8.test by aclocal5.test.

2003-04-24  Akim Demaille  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For PR automake/46:
	* lib/am/ (%MAKEFILE-IN%): If is rebuilt
	because of one of configure's dependencies, run automake without
	argument to update the whole tree at once.  Depend upon
	(%MAKEFILE%): If Makefile is rebuilt because config.status has
	been updated, run config.status without arguments.
	* (scan_autoconf_traces): Prepend $(top_srcdir)
	before all files in @configure_deps.
	* tests/subdir5.test: Modernize, make sure
	maude/Makefile was actually created, and exercise %CONFIGURE_DEPS%.
	* tests/subdir8.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add subdir8.test.
	(XFAIL_TESTS): Replace subdir5.test by subdir8.test.

2003-04-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Requirements): Typo in index

	* lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream version.

2003-04-21  Jim Meyering  <>

	* lib/mkinstalldirs: Remove each sequence of spaces before a
	TAB character.
	* lib/depcomp: Search for TAB-SPC, not SPC-TAB.

2003-04-19  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Fix for PR automake/389:
	* (handle_configure): Don't put $colon_infile in
	* tests/conff.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add conff.test.
	Reported by Alexander Turbov.

2003-04-18  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/ Handle required=etags to work around
	Exuberant Ctags.

	* lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream

	* tests/dejagnu3.test, tests/dejagnu4.test, tests/dejagnu5.test:
	Distribute dejagnu test cases, so that distcheck actually runs them.

2003-04-18  Richard Dawe  <>

	* lib/am/ (site.exp): Don't define tool in site.exp,
	because we set that by invoking runtest with --tool.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add dejagnu4.test, dejagnu5.test,
	dejagnu6.test, dejagnu7.test.
	* tests/dejagnu4.test: New test.
	* tests/dejagnu5.test: New test.
	* tests/dejagnu6.test: New test.
	* tests/dejagnu7.test: New test.

	* tests/dejagnu3.test: Make sure the DejaGnu test is actually run.

2003-04-18  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (variable_output): Fix typo in comment s/is/if/.

	* lib/am/ (?!GENERIC?%OBJ% aka .y.c): Don't redirect
	directly to $@.  Instead, redirect to $@t and rename upon success.
	Also, move the commands that update $@ so they are last.  Otherwise,
	this rule could leave the user with an up to date target (.c file)
	but with a missing or corrupted corresponding .h file.

2003-04-17  Richard Dawe  <>

	* tests/ Handle required=runtest, to detect runtest
	from DejaGnu.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add dejagnu3.test.
	* tests/dejagnu3.test: New test.

2003-04-16  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (rule_define): If the user tries to override
	an Automake which has a -local variant, suggest using the
	-local variant in the -Woverride diagnostic.
	(handle_factored_dependencies): Register factored
	rules with rule_define, and define them only in undefined
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add override.test.
	* tests/overrid.test: New file.
	* tests/phony.test: Count the number of .PHONY targets.

2003-04-15  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (distuninstallcheck, distcleancheck): Silence
	these rules, so that we don't confuse users by echoing
	"echo ERROR:" commands which are not run.

2003-03-14  Richard Dawe  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (output_texinfo_build_rules, handle_texinfo_helper,
	initialize_per_input):  Add infrastructure for generating HTML
	documentation from texinfo source.
	* lib/am/ Add rules for building HTML documentation
	from texinfo source.
	* lib/am/ Likewise.
	* automake.texi (Texinfo): Document rules for building
	HTML documentation from texinfo source.
	* tests/txinfo21.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo21.test.
	* tests/ Handle required=makeinfo-html.

2003-04-14  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (%silent_variable_override): New variable.
	(macro_define): Warn about variable definitions overriding
	Automake variables.
	(rule_define): Warn about target definitions overriding
	Automake variables.  Fix $condmsg definition.
	* automake.texi (Invoking Automake): Document the `override'
	* lib/Automake/ (usage): Likewise.
	* lib/am/ [!%?CYGNUS] (MAKEINFO): Do not define,
	this is already done in m4/init.m4.
	* tests/dejagnu2.test: Run $MAKE, don't only grep.  Use
	-Wno-override, and make sure we get a warning without.
	* tests/exeext2.test, tests/substtarg.test: Use -Wno-override,
	and make sure we get a warning without.
	* tests/exeext3.test, tests/java2.test, tests/nolink.test,
	tests/subpkg.test, tests/vartest.test: Use -Wno-override.
	* tests/txinfo13.test: Use installcheck-local instead of overriding
	* tests/txinfo2.test: Run $MAKE on the real Makefile (this test
	used to succeed thanks to a failure...)
	* tests/location.test: Adjust expected messages.
	* tests/ (XFAIL_TESTS): Add txinfo5.test.

2003-04-12  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (true): Don't cache answer.
	(invert): Update comment.
	(_simplify): Remove.
	(simplify): Implement using invert().
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (test_simplify):
	Update to reflect changes.

2003-04-12  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_files): Augment the error message
	about AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE not found.
	Suggested by Bruno Haible.

	* lib/Automake/ New file.
	* lib/Automake/ (dist_perllib_DATA): Add
	* lib/Automake/tests/ New file.
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (TESTS): Add
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove version5.test.
	* tests/version5.test: Delete.  Move the tests to
	* (version_split, version_compare, version_check): Move ...
	* lib/Automake/ (split, compare, check): ... here.

2003-04-11  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/tests/ (test_reduce_and)
	(test_reduce_or): Cosmetics.
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (test_sub_conditions):
	Fix a comment.
	* lib/Automake/ (sub_conditions): Add missing C<...>
	in comment.
	* tests/yacc8.test, Update copyright year.

2003-04-10  Richard Dawe  <>

	* Get the build platform name.  Define
	MODIFICATION_DELAY as the time to wait after modifying a file,
	to cope with timestamp granularity issues, depending
	on the platform.
	* tests/ Define `sleep' using MODIFICATION_DELAY.

2003-04-10  Eric Siegerman  <>  (tiny change)

	* automake.texi (Public macros): Clarify that the new
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE variant is preferred, and the old one
	deprecated.  Copy-edit the rest of the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE item.
	(Hello): Caution that the example uses the deprecated
	AC_INIT/AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE syntax, and xref to the discussion.

2003-04-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Retain all variable definitions until the whole has
	been processed, then output all variables in one step, at the top
	of  (Older revisions used to output user variables
	before generating Automake targets, and to mix Automake variables
	with Automake targets, preventing redefinitions of previously
	output variables.)

	* (%var_pretty): New variable.
	(VAR_ASIS, VAR_PRETTY): New constants.
	(@var_list): Rename as ...
	(@var_order): ... this.
	(initialize_per_input): Clear %var_pretty.
	(handle_variables): New function, extracted from ...
	(read_main_am_file): ... here.
	(generate_makefile): Call handle_variable after everything else.
	(handle_dist): Use define_pretty_variable, not pretty_print.
	(pretty_print): Delete.
	(macro_define): Augment with $COMMENT and $PRETTY parameters.
	Update %var_comment, %var_pretty, and @var_order.  Adjust callers.
	(variable_pretty_output): Merge with ...
	(variable_output): ... this, and choose the prettiness on a
	per-condition basis.
	(append_comments): Delete.  This work is now done by macro_define.
	(read_am_file, file_contents_internal): Don't call append_comments
	nor update @var_list, adjust calls to macro_define.
	(handle_subdirs): Don't explicitly output RECURSIVE_TARGETS,
	just mark it as VAR_PRETTY.
	* tests/exeext.test: Make sure bin_PROGRAMS is output only once.
	Report from Jim Meyering.

2003-04-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_installdirs): Rename as ...
	(handle_install): ... this.  Define maybe_BUILT_SOURCES.
	(generate_makefile): Adjust call to handle_install.
	* lib/am/ (install): Use %maybe_BUILT_SOURCES%.
	* automake.texi (Sources, Built sources example): BUILT_SOURCES
	is honored by `make install' too.
	* tests/check3.test: Make sure that `make install' also depends
	Report from Alexander Turbov.

	* lib/am/ (ARFLAGS): Define.
	* (handle_libraries): Use `$(ARFLAGS)' instead of
	hard-coding `cru'.
	* automake.texi (A Library): Explain how AR, ARFLAGS and RANLIB
	are used, and how they can be overridden.
	(Program and Library Variables): Adjust to show `$(ARFLAGS)'
	instead of `cru'
	* tests/ar.test: Rewrite to test for AR, ARFLAGS, and RANLIB.
	* tests/ranlib.test: Delete, obsoleted by ar.test.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Remove ranlib.test.
	Report from Paul Thomas.

2003-04-03  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (check_trailing_slash): New function (variation on
	a patch by Peter Muir).  Diagnose whitespaces following trailing
	(read_am_file): Use it.
	* tests/backsl4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add backsl4.test.
	Reported by Peter Muir.

2003-03-29  Raja R Harinath  <>

	Speedup Automake::DisjConditions::invert().
	* lib/Automake/ (multiply): New.
	* lib/Automake/ (_multiply): Use it.
	(sub_conditions): Likewise.

	* lib/Automake/ (reduce): Rename to ...
	(reduce_and): ... this.
	(reduce_or): New.
	* lib/Automake/ (_multiply): Use reduce_or().
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (test_reduce): Rename to ...
	(test_reduce_and): ... this.
	(test_reduce_or): New.
	* lib/Automake/tests/
	(test_invert): Update to reflect effect of reduce_or().
	(test_simplify): Don't skip invert() on larger inputs.

2003-03-29  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* tests/yacc8.test: Add a $sleep before modifying so
	that timestamp will change.

2003-03-23  Akim Demaille  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (TAGS): Use --etags-include instead of --include,
	when supported by etags (Exuberant Ctags).
	* tests/tagsub.test: Rewrite to _run_ the `tags' rule.

2003-03-20  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For Debian Bug #185388:
	* automake.texi (Extending): Augment the install-exec-hook
	discussion with an example how to symlink a versioned binary.
	* tests/insthook.test: Rewrite to test the above example.
	Report from James R. Van Zandt.

2003-03-19  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (maintainer-check): Allow `automake:' tokens,
	occuring in location.test.  Automake now has 5 legitimate
	unsubstituted @strings@.

	* tests/aclocal4.test: Require GNU make.

2003-03-14  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/aclocal4.test: New file.  Test for the ACLOCAL_M4 bug below.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add aclocal4.test.

2003-03-14  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (scan_aclocal_m4): Define ACLOCAL_M4 even in
	subdirectories. depends on that variable.

2003-03-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/init.m4: Remove a leftover comment from the pre-1.7 era.

	Fix for PR automake/386:
	* m4/init.m4: Require Autoconf 2.55.
	Reported by Owen Taylor.

	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%.o, ?GENERIC?%EXT%.obj)
	(?GENERIC?%EXT%.lo): Use `mv -f' instead of `mv' in FASTDEP mode.
	Suggested by Matthias Andree.

	* tests/README: Typo.

2003-03-08  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%.o, ?GENERIC?%EXT%.obj)
	(?GENERIC?%EXT%.lo): Hide the if/then/else machinery for FASTDEP.
	Just echo the gcc command.
	Suggested by Karl Berry.

2003-03-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%.lo): Do not use
	`test -f foo || echo $(srcdir)/` to emulate a VPATH search when
	outputing suffix rules.  This follows 2003-02-25's change.
	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%%DERIVED-EXT%): Likewise.
	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%%DERIVED-EXT%): Likewise.

2003-03-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Requirements) <AC_CONFIG_FILES>: Files listed
	with AC_CONFIG_FILES are cleaned by `make distclean'.  Don't
	pretend otherwise.
	Reported by Rafael Laboissiere.

2003-03-04  Andreas Buening  <>

	* lib/mdate-sh: Find out which column of the ls -l output contains
	the month. Do not assume it is at least the fifth column.

2003-02-26  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Emacs Lisp): Mention that `dist_' can be used.

	* automake.texi (Emacs Lisp): Instruct people to use lisp_DATA
	instead of lisp_LISP when they don't want byte-compilation.
	Don't mention ELCFILES anymore.
	* (handle_data): Allow lisp_DATA.
	* tests/lisp5.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add lisp5.test.

	* (handle_emacs_lisp): Don't build *.elc files
	if ELCFILES was set empty.
	* tests/lisp4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add lisp4.test.
	Reported by Simon Josefsson.

	* tests/lex3.test, tests/lex5.test: Require flex.
	Reported by Leo Davis.

2003-02-25  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%EXT%.o, ?GENERIC?%EXT%.obj): Do not
	use the `test -f foo || echo $(srcdir)/` to emulate a VPATH search
	when outputing suffix rules.
	* lib/am/ (?GENERIC?%SOURCE_SUFFIX%.dvi)
	(?GENERIC?%SOURCE_SUFFIX%.pdf): Likewise.
	Suggested by Bruno Haible.

	* (read_am_file): Catch trailing backslashes on last line.
	* tests/backsl3.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add backsl3.test.
	Reported by Akim Demaille.

2003-02-24  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* ChangeLog: Move 2002's entries to ...
	* ChangeLog.02: ... this new file.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add ChangeLog.02.

2003-02-24  Richard Dawe  <>

	* tests/version7.test: Use $sleep to sleep before updating
	the version, to work around timestamp inconsistencies in Windows.

2003-02-24  Bruno Haible  <>
	    Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ Don't remove the target info files. Instead,
	back up and restore them if makeinfo fails.
	* tests/txinfo20.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo20.test.

2003-02-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (FAQ, CVS, maintainer-mode, wildcards)
	(distcleancheck): Fix typos and other errors reported by Karl

2003-02-20  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (%SOURCE_SUFFIX%%DEST_SUFFIX%): Use $(...)
	instead of ${...}.

	* tests/ Handle required=ro-dir.
	* tests/destdir.test: Use this.

2003-02-19  Richard Dawe  <>

	* lib/am/ (distcheck): Strip any leading DOS drive
	from dc_install_base.

2003-02-19  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (install-info-am, uninstall-info-am): Install
	DJGPP-style *.iNN info files.
	(maintainer-clean-aminfo): Rewrite using the same pattern
	as in uninstall-info-am.
	* lib/am/ (%SOURCE_SUFFIX%%DEST_SUFFIX%): Erase
	DJGPP-style *.iNN info files before running $(MAKEINFO).
	* tests/txinfo19.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add txinfo19.test.

2003-02-18  Richard Dawe  <>

	* lib/depcomp (dashmstdout): Cope with DOS filenames in

2003-02-17  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/depcomp (makedepend): Don't pass $object to makedepend.
	Reported by Stepan Kasal.

2003-02-12  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* tests/ Handle required=makedepend.

	* (maintainer-check): Update the diff check
	to account for the recent @SHELL@ substitution.

2003-02-11  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/depcomp: Do not put comments on the `icc)' line.

	* lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream

	Fix for PR automake/381:
	* (handle_gettext): Do not print diagnostics
	about po/ and intl/ missing from SUBDIRS if po/ does not
	exist.  Warn if `SUBDIRS = intl' is used although libintl
	is 'external'.
	* tests/gettext.test: Make sure diagnostics are not output
	when po/ does not exist.
	* tests/gettext2.test: Test for unwanted intl/.
	PR from Alexander Turbov, fix suggested by Bruno Haible.

	* m4/depend.m4: Grep depcomp's stderr for icc warnings about
	ignored options.
	* lib/depcomp (icc): New mode.
	* tests/depcomp5.test: New file.
	* tests/ Handle required=icc.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add it.

	Temporary hack for PR automake/381:
	* (handle_gettext): Turn missing po/ and intl/ errors
	into -Wsyntax warnings.

2003-02-10  Richard Dawe  <>

	* Substitute @SHELL@ in and
	This makes the setting of SHELL work for DJGPP.

2003-02-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For PR automake/385:
	* lib/depcomp (makedepend): Strip any libtool call, before
	running makedepends.
	* tests/depcomp4.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add it.
	Reported by Jeff Squyres.

	Related to PR automake/385:
	* lib/depcomp (dashmstdout): Do not use `-o /dev/null', or gcc will
	write dependencies to /dev/null.  `-o /dev/null' was added
	on 2002-06-13 just because I tried to replace `-o foo.o' by something
	else and didn't thought about removing it entirely.
	* tests/depcomp3.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add it.

	* (BEGIN): Override $ENV{'SHELL'} with ./configure's
	Suggested by Richard Dawe.

2003-02-09  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (FAQ, CVS, maintainer-mode, wildcards)
	(distcleancheck): New nodes.

2003-02-06  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (scan_autoconf_files): Don't complain that
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE comes from an old version if it was not found.

2003-02-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (am_install_var): Simplify filtering of
	variable_loc_and_value_as_list_recursive's output.

2003-02-04  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/init.m4 (_AC_AM_CONFIG_HEADER_HOOK): Recompute
	indexes of header files so we create stamp files with
	the right numbers when config.status is run on some headers.
	* tests/stamph2.test: Check for this.
	Reported by Sander Niemeijer.

2003-02-02  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (vars_scanned): Move near traverse_variable_recursively.
	traverse_variable_recursively_worker): Accept a $COND_FILTER argument
	to filter out conditions during recursion.  Don't recurse into
	undefined variables.  Don't pass empty results to &FUN_COLLECT.
	(value_to_list): Remove, was used by
	variable_value_as_list_recursive_worker only.
	(variable_value_as_list_recursive_worker): Rewrite using
	traverse_variable_recursively.  Remove the $parent argument.
	variable_loc_and_value_as_list_recursive): Adjust calls
	to variable_value_as_list_recursive_worker.  Don't reset
	* tests/cond3.test: Don't expect empty helper variables,
	we don't output them anymore.
	* tests/cond30.test: Use an undefined variable.

	* (handle_programs): Strip $(EXEEXT) before
	calling &check_canonical_spelling.
	* tests/exeext.test: Make sure we don't use a
	maude3__EXEEXT__OBJECTS variable.

2003-02-02  Jeremy Nimmer  <>  (tiny change)

	For Debian Bug #39542:
	* automake.texi (Invoking Automake, Optional): Document how
	AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR interacts with missing files.

2003-02-02  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/Automake/ (_permutations_worker)
	(permutations): Remove, so that people aren't tempted to use it.
	* lib/Automake/tests/ (tests_permutations): Remove.

	* (variable_conditions_recursive): Remove.
	(variable_conditionally_defined): Rewrite using

	* (traverse_variable_recursively,
	traverse_variable_recursively_worker): Pass one merged Condition
	instead of a stack of conditions to &FUN_STORE and &FUN_COLLECT.
	(transform_variable_recursively, define_objects_from_sources)
	(handle_lib_objects, variable_conditions_recursive): Adjust usage.

2003-02-01  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_lib_objects): Compute _DEPENDENCIES variables
	using transform_variable_recursively instead of
	variable_conditions_recursive and variable_value_as_list_recursive
	to avoid combinatorial explosion.
	(handle_lib_objects_cond): Merge into handle_lib_objects.
	* tests/cond11.test: Don't grep internal details in,
	run $MAKE to make sure the resulting Makefile runs as expected.
	* tests/cond29.test: Also exercise conditional _LDADD.
	* tests/cond31.test, tests/cond32.test: New files.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add tests/cond31.test and

2003-01-31  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (handle_lib_objects_cond): Ignore -dlopen and
	-dlpreopen in _LIBADD variables too.
	(handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ALLOCA): New functions, extracted from
	* tests/libtool7.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add libtool7.test.

	* automake.texi (Program and Library Variables): Clarify that
	_LIBADD is for libraries and _LDADD for programs.

	* (handle_source_transform): Correct typo from 2003-01-23.

2003-01-28  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Fix for PR automake/352:
	* (transform_variable_recursively): If the destination
	and the source variables are the same, delete the source variable
	before defining the destination variable.
	(handle_programs): Strip any $(EXEEXT) suffix from $one_file,
	or this will confuse handle_source_transform.
	(append_exeext): Rewrite using transform_variable_recursively.
	* tests/cond29.test, tests/cond30.test: New files.
	* tests/exeext.test: Run ./configure and make, this uncovered
	the above handle_programs issue.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add cond29.test and cond20.test.

	* (%subobjvar): Replace by ...
	(%gen_varname): ... this.
	(subobjname): Replace by ...
	(gen_varname): ... this.
	(initialize_per_input): Clean gen_varname instead of subobjname.
	(transform_variable_recursively): New function, extracted
	from define_objects_from_sources.
	(define_objects_from_sources): Use transform_variable_recursively.
	Remove the unused $parent argument.
	(handle_source_transform): Adjust call to define_objects_from_sources.

2003-01-23  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (@substfroms, @substtos): Move near
	(traverse_variable_recursively, traverse_variable_recursively_worker):
	New functions, extracted from define_objects_from_sources.
	(define_objects_from_sources): Rewrite using
	(handle_source_transform): Use variables_conditionally_defined
	instead of calling variable_conditions_recursive directly.
	Adjust the call to define_objects_from_sources; there is no need
	to reset @substtos, @substfroms, and %vars_scanned now.
	(variable_conditions_recursive): Rewrite using
	(variable_conditions_recursive_sub): Remove.
	(variable_conditionally_defined): Fix condition comparison (the
	consequence was that DIST_SUBDIRS was always output).
	* lib/Automake/ (merge): Allow merging several
	conditions at once.

2003-01-22  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* automake.texi (Python): Explain that directory variables start
	with either ${prefix} or ${exec_prefix}, and point to the
	`Installation Directory Variables' section of the Autoconf manual.

2003-01-21  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* lib/am/ (top_distdir, distdir): Define these
	variables only in top level Makefile.  Redefine $(top_distdir)
	as $(distdir).
	(distdir): Fix passing of $(top_distdir) to sub-makes.
	* (handle_dist): Do not define the DISTDIR and
	TOP_DISTDIR transformations.  We don't need them anymore.
	* automake.texi (Dist): Reorder the dist-hook section, and move
	the DIST_SUBDIRS paragraph earlier.  Document distdir and
	* tests/subpkg.test: Update to check for $(distdir) and

2003-01-19  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Rename more files to accomodate 8+3 file systems, and adjust the
	vocabulary at the same time: AM_CONDITIONAL defines "conditionals",
	and we call "condition" a conjunction of "conditionals".
	* lib/am/ Rename to lib/am/
	* lib/am/tests/ Rename to lib/am/tests/
	* lib/am/ Rename to lib/am/
	* lib/am/tests/ Rename to
	* lib/am/ (condition_negate): Rename to ...
	* lib/am/ (conditional_negate): ... this.
	* Adjust references to Condition and DisjConditions.
	(check_ambiguous_conditional, conditional_ambiguous_p): Rename to ...
	(check_ambiguous_condition, condition_ambiguous_p): ... these.

	* tests/README: New file.

	* automake.texi (Conditional Programs): Show a sample
	Remind $(EXEEXT) must be appended to configure substitutions.
	Show how Automake conditionals can be used instead.
	* tests/exeext.test (check_PROGRAMS): Make sure EXEEXT is also
	appended to conditionally defined programs.

2003-01-16  Jim Meyering  <>

	Accept --help and --version, and lots of syntactic clean-up.
	* lib/install-sh: Use consistent indentation, two spaces per level.
	(scriptversion): New variable.
	Change initializations like `variable=""' to `variable='.
	(usage): New variable.
	Use `test', not `['.
	Use `test -z "$var"', not `[ x"$var" = x ]'.
	Use `test -n "$var"', not `[ x"$var" != x ]'.
	Alphabetize case entries.
	Accept --help and --version options.
	Remove unnecessary `else :' clauses.
	Add a `Local variables' eval block to help emacs users update
	the time-stamp variable added above.
	Mostly from Karl Berry.

2003-01-16  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>


	* m4/python.m4 (AM_PATH_PYTHON): Query distutils for `pythondir'
	or `pyexecdir', for the sake of 64-bit distributions that usually
	use lib64/ instead of lib/.  Fall back to the default directory
	if it doesn't work.
	Suggested by Gwenole Beauchesne.

2003-01-14  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	For PR automake/382:
	* automake.texi (Yacc and Lex): Document `AM_YFLAGS = -d'.
	Explain BUILT_SOURCES is usually needed in this case.
	Reported by William S Fulton.

2003-01-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Rename some files for the sake of 8+3 file systems.
	* tests/aclocali.test:     Rename to tests/aclocal.test.
	* tests/aclocali1.test:    Rename to tests/aclocal2.test.
	* tests/aclocalii.test:    Rename to tests/aclocal3.test.
	* tests/acoutput.test:     Rename to tests/acoutpt.test.
	* tests/acoutput2.test:    Rename to tests/acoutpt2.test.
	* tests/acouttbs.test:     Rename to tests/acoutbs.test.
	* tests/acouttbs2.test:    Rename to tests/acoutbs2.test.
	* tests/autoheader.test:   Rename to tests/autohdr.test.
	* tests/autoheader2.test:  Rename to tests/autohdr2.test.
	* tests/condincl.test:     Rename to tests/condinc.test.
	* tests/condincl2.test:    Rename to tests/condinc2.test.
	* tests/distcommon.test:   Rename to tests/distcom.test.
	* tests/distcommon2.test:  Rename to tests/distcom2.test.
	* tests/distcommon3.test:  Rename to tests/distcom3.test.
	* tests/installsh.test:    Rename to tests/instsh.test.
	* tests/installsh2.test:   Rename to tests/instsh2.test.
	* tests/instdata.test:     Rename to tests/instdat.test.
	* tests/instdata2.test:    Rename to tests/instdat2.test.
	* tests/libobj12b.test:    Rename to tests/libobj13.test.
	* tests/link_f_c.test:     Rename to tests/link_fc.test.
	* tests/link_f_c_cxx.test: Rename to tests/link_fccxx.test.
	* tests/link_f_cxx.test:   Rename to tests/link_fcxx.test.
	* tests/nodefine.test:     Rename to tests/nodef.test.
	* tests/nodefine2.test:    Rename to tests/nodef2.test.
	* tests/required.test:     Rename to tests/reqd.test.
	* tests/required2.test:    Rename to tests/reqd2.test.
	* tests/sourcesub.test:    Rename to tests/srcsub.test.
	* tests/sourcesub2.test:   Rename to tests/srcsub2.test.
	* tests/specflags.test:    Rename to tests/specflg.test.
	* tests/specflags2.test:   Rename to tests/specflg2.test.
	* tests/specflags3.test:   Rename to tests/specflg3.test.
	* tests/specflags6.test:   Rename to tests/specflg6.test.
	* tests/specflags7.test:   Rename to tests/specflg7.test.
	* tests/specflags8.test:   Rename to tests/specflg8.test.
	* tests/specflags9.test:   Rename to tests/specflg9.test.
	* tests/subdircond.test:   Rename to tests/subcond.test.
	* tests/subdircond2.test:  Rename to tests/subcond2.test.
	* tests/subdircond3.test:  Rename to tests/subcond3.test.
	* tests/texinfo.test:      Rename to tests/txinfo.test.
	* tests/texinfo2.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo2.test.
	* tests/texinfo3.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo3.test.
	* tests/texinfo4.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo4.test.
	* tests/texinfo5.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo5.test.
	* tests/texinfo6.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo6.test.
	* tests/texinfo7.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo7.test.
	* tests/texinfo8.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo8.test.
	* tests/texinfo9.test:     Rename to tests/txinfo9.test.
	* tests/texinfo10.test:    Rename to tests/txinfo10.test.
	* tests/texinfo13.test:    Rename to tests/txinfo13.test.
	* tests/texinfo16.test:    Rename to tests/txinfo16.test.
	* tests/texinfo17.test:    Rename to tests/txinfo17.test.
	* tests/texinfo18.test:    Rename to tests/txinfo18.test.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Adjust.
	* ChangeLog.1996: Rename to ChangeLog.96.
	* ChangeLog.1998: Rename to ChangeLog.98.
	* ChangeLog.2000: Rename to ChangeLog.00.
	* ChangeLog.2001: Rename to ChangeLog.01.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjust.
	Reported by Richard Dawe.

2003-01-13  Richard Dawe  <>  (tiny change)

	* lib/am/ (distcheck): '=' is not valid in DOS filenames.
	Use '_build' and '_inst' instead of '=build' and '=inst'.
	* tests/man2.test: Reflect change automake: check for files in
	'_build' and '_inst' directories instead of '=build' and '=inst'.

2003-01-13  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	Use `_dirstamp' when the file-system doesn't support `.dirstamp'.
	* m4/lead-dot.m4: New file.
	* m4/ (dist_m4data_DATA): Add lead-dot.m4
	* m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require AM_SET_LEADING_DOT.:
	* m4/depend.m4 (AM_SET_DEPDIR): Require AM_SET_LEADING_DOT. Define
	DEPDIR using am__leading_dot.
	* (require_build_directory): Define am__dirstamp, a new
	variable for the dirstamp basename, based on am__leading_dot.
	* tests/subobj6.test: Move all `test -f' into Makefiles, so we can
	use $(am__dirstamp).
	Reported by Richard Dawe.

	* tests/gnits2.test, tests/pr300-prog.test, tests/transform.test:
	Move all `test -f' into Makefiles, so we can honor $(EXEEXT) when
	testing for programs.
	Reported by Richard Dawe.

2003-01-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (maintainer-check): Suggest using $sleep instead of
	sleep 2.
	* tests/ (sleep): New variable.
	* tests/asm.test, tests/confsub.test, tests/lisp3.test,
	tests/texinfo16.test, tests/warnopts.test, tests/yaccvpath.test:
	Use $sleep instead of sleep 2, to work around timestamp
	inconsistencies in Windows.
	Reported by Richard Dawe.

	* (maintainer-check): Do not require SHELL=/bin/sh
	after $MAKE -e.
	* tests/ansi3.test, tests/ansi5.test, tests/cond22.test,
	tests/man2.test, tests/subobj3.test, tests/suffix8.test,
	tests/suffix11.test: Do not set SHELL=/bin/sh after $MAKE -e.
	$SHELL is overridden by tests/defs, so it won't hurt even
	if $MAKE -e uses the $SHELL envvar.
	* tests/ansi.test, tests/insh2.test, tests/texinfo.test,
	tests/texinfo8.test: Use SHELL=$SHELL, not SHELL=/bin/sh.
	Reported by Richard Dawe.

	Build elisp files all at once instead of one by one.
	* (handle_emacs_lisp): Define am__ELFILES.  Add
	elc-stamp to all's dependencies.
	* lib/am/ (elc-stamp): New rule, build all *.elc files.
	(.el.elc): Rewrite to call elc-stamp if $@ doesn't exist.
	(clean-lisp): Clean elc-stamp.
	* lib/elisp-comp: Reindent.  Erase the temporatry directory
	from a trap.  Propagate Emacs's exit status.
	* tests/lisp3.test: New file.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add lisp3.test.
	Reported by Ryan T. Sammartino.

2003-01-09  Akim Demaille  <>

	* automake.texi: Prefer $(FOO) to @FOO@ in the documentation.

2003-01-08  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* m4/lispdir.m4: Register EMACS and EMACSLOADPATH as precious
	variables.  Suggested by Ryan T. Sammartino.

2003-01-05  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	* (macro_define): Add missing `{$cond}' (typo from
	($gen_copyright): Append year 2003.
	(version): Increase year.

	* tests/ Substitute aclocaldir instead of running
	the installed aclocal.  Otherwise Libtool and Gettext
	tests get skipped when aclocal doesn't preexist.
	Reported by Imacat.
	* tests/listval.test, tests/suffix2.test: Remove pointless -I
	argument to aclocal.


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