MANIFEST   [plain text]

MANIFEST         this file
LICENSE          GPL license text

AAAREADME.first  start reading here...
RELEASE_NOTES    ...followed by reading/browsing this file

INSTALL          installation instructions
README_FILES/    MTA-specific instructions and other documentation
README_FILES/amavisd-new-docs.html  a more detailed documentation on selected
                 topics (a work in progress), the most recent version is at:

amavisd          the amavisd-new daemon (should go into /usr/local/sbin/)
amavisd.conf     its configuration file (should go into /etc/)
amavisd.conf-default  lists all configuration variables with their defaults
amavisd.conf-sample   traditional-style commented amavisd.conf with examples
amavisd-custom.conf   example custom hooks, to be invoked from amavisd.conf

amavisd-agent    a demo program to access and display SNMP-like counters
                 being updated and made available as a Berkeley DB by amavisd

amavisd-nanny    a program to show the status and keep an eye on the health
                 of child processes in amavisd-new (experimental)

amavisd-release  a program to request releasing a message from a quarantine  a program to interface amavisd with a p0f utility

amavisd-snmp-subagent  a SNMP AgentX program, exporting the amavisd
                 statistical counters and gauges database as well as a
                 process health database to a snmpd daemon supporting
                 AgentX protocol (RFC 2741), such a NET-SNMP;

AMAVIS-MIB.txt   The MIB module (SNMP Management information base)
                 describing amavisd-new statistics and health information.
                 Useful to a SNMP client program such as snmpwalk or Cacti;    a Perl module needed if 'check-jpeg' AV checker entry
                 is enabled; to be placed in Perl include paths if needed;

helper-progs/    contains amavis.c and amavis-milter.c helpers (sendmail only)
test-messages/   contains sample/test mail messages
TODO             missing features, wish list, ...


LDAP.schema      amavisd-new LDAP schema for LDAP lookups
LDAP.ldif        amavisd-new LDAP schema for LDAP lookups (in ldif format)

amavisd-new-courier.patch  adds support for the Courier MTA
amavisd-new-qmqpqq.patch   adds support for the qmail MTA  sample init shell script
amavisd-new.spec rpm spec file