COPYRIGHT.UNICODE   [plain text]

UCD(Unicode Character Database) Terms of Use


The Unicode Character Database is provided as is by Unicode, Inc. No claims
are made as to fitness for any particular purpose. No warranties of any kind
are expressed or implied. The recipient agrees to determine applicability of
information provided. If this file has been purchased on magnetic or optical
media from Unicode, Inc., the sole remedy for any claim will be exchange of
defective media within 90 days of receipt.

This disclaimer is applicable for all other data files accompanying the
Unicode Character Database, some of which have been compiled by the Unicode
Consortium, and some of which have been supplied by other sources.

Limitations on Rights to Redistribute This Data

Recipient is granted the right to make copies in any form for internal
distribution and to freely use the information supplied in the creation of
products supporting the UnicodeTM Standard. The files in the Unicode
Character Database can be redistributed to third parties or other
organizations (whether for profit or not) as long as this notice and the
disclaimer notice are retained. Information can be extracted from these
files and used in documentation or programs, as long as there is an
accompanying notice indicating the source.