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commit 034319189648eaaa483f9546c62451edb7be0c28
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Mon Mar 2 12:54:17 2009 -0500

    Bump to 7.0.15.

commit 391f302a7d71b9169ce4c18794251ea3ccc95904
Author: Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade <>
Date:   Tue Jan 27 20:06:04 2009 -0200

    Janitor: Correct make distcheck and dont distribute

commit 1e33337d4dd151da4f0898a86608a1ee67588163
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Mon Oct 27 16:36:11 2008 +1030

    Add XF86XK_Suspend and XF86XK_Hibernate keysym defs.
    At the moment, we have the following keysyms defined to put a computer into a
    sleep state:
    XF86XK_Standby    0x1008FF10   /* System into standby mode   */
    XF86XK_PowerDown  0x1008FF21   /* Deep sleep the system      */
    XF86XK_Sleep      0x1008FF2F   /* Put system to sleep        */
    Proposed change by Richard Hughes:
        "The nomenclature I've been trying to make stick
        (most projects now use this) for a few years now is:
        standby: high sleep state, nobody uses this any more
        hibernate: sleep to disk - slow, but can remove power
        suspend: sleep to ram - fast, but can't remove power
        hybrid sleep: sleep to both, slow, and can remove power, but quick to
        resume if you don't - most users don't use this"
    This patch adds XF86XK_Suspend and XF86XK_Hibernate. The behaviour of
    XF86XK_Sleep can then be configured on a per-session basis.
    Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>

commit 2563153ed69d3d6f052ba275ff79df3cbe54b76d
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Tue Nov 11 16:26:05 2008 -0500

    [keysymdef.h] Add dead_currency symbol.
    As requested for the Bépo keyboard layout (
    Cf. bugs:

commit 735d745e17a6180f569f24f9792513b44e100aef
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 03:11:10 2008 -0400

    Add a dead_belowcomma keysym
    Requested by the Bépo group.
    The belowcomma is only used for:
    (aka 0xAA, 0xBA, 0xDE and 0xFE from iso-8859-16).

commit 935dd37be409bd616ef46a4d3b62c44327b3f710
Author: Sayamindu Dasgupta <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 03:00:30 2008 -0400

    Add dead vowels in keysymdef.h
    At OLPC, we are using an XKB based Amharic keyboard layout, which requires the
    use of dead vowels to generate the various consonant + vowel combinations (see for a detailed
    [Patch modified to use available keysym codes.  -JimC]
    Signed-off-by: James Cloos <>

commit c43f804f44ba3d751f343c2e27d9b491a1ebb458
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Wed Sep 17 04:09:16 2008 -0400

    Add dead keysyms for DOUBLE GRAVE and INVERTED BREVE accents
    Several COMBINING characters are used in libX11's Compose tables
    where dead keys should be used; these are the two most-used which
    so far have not had equivalent dead keys.

commit 33a7de5cdacb59503b26c6523ffb33dba118faed
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Thu Oct 23 22:40:38 2008 +1030

    Bump to 7.0.14.

commit 1cf41088ff751e60071a519466b5a51b65c7626a
Author: Bastien Nocera <>
Date:   Wed Oct 15 14:20:22 2008 +1030

    Keysyms needed for some HID remote controls to work under X. #16519
    In particular, this enables Sony Ericsson phones and PS3 BD remotes.
    X.Org Bug 16519 <>
    Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>

commit 0b541b3fa282531c97c6ecee574c8b92b1489bfc
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 21:55:51 2008 +1030

    Fix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT/RIGHT TACK wrong way round).
    Spotted by Erik Streb and Julien Cristau.
    Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>

commit c94477f16356790741ebc139d2d0b15d79c83e28
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 21:53:53 2008 +1030

    Revert "Fix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT/RIGHT TACK wrong way round)."
    Codepoints should have moved with the comments. See next commit for correct
    This reverts commit 2945d2f97c264783e4050a8f6c3016290014b9e2.

commit 2945d2f97c264783e4050a8f6c3016290014b9e2
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 21:03:45 2008 +1030

    Fix typos in comments (UP/DOWN TACK and LEFT/RIGHT TACK wrong way round).
    Spotted by Erik Streb.
    Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>

commit 610eb9698316b7cdfe378ce7776c4520f8b061ff
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 12:00:53 2008 +1030

    Add keysyms for XF86XK_Battery, XF86XK_Bluetooth, XF86XK_WLAN, XF86XK_UWB.

commit 0846d7adfe790897e879c5ed53d4f81db459a20d
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Sun Jul 13 17:56:46 2008 -0400

    Add dead_perispomeni to keysymdef.h
    Make the dead_perispomeni keysym an alias to dead_tilde
    (which is currently used for entering characters with

commit 38edd9839fa8495602378af36c67b2477b24eca2
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Sun Jul 13 17:54:24 2008 -0400

    fix typo in commit 40ed4eef

commit 53859ee4e431c21000e282971894dbe9384ed205
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Wed May 28 17:17:15 2008 +0930

    Bump to 7.0.13.

commit 44e458285bb2e7771963a9ab9b5f03d2fb48e611
Author: Peter Hutterer <>
Date:   Tue May 15 16:40:45 2007 +0930

    Add GenericEvent and xGenericEvent definitions.
    (cherry picked from commit 8a96cdca08db2563e8c4c7c9a110a3ab6d973fcc)

commit 22878c30d21580146200c00070478f88d969bcaa
Author: Jeremy Huddleston <>
Date:   Thu May 8 15:02:18 2008 -0700

    Apple: Added a comment to explain _DARWIN_C_SOURCE

commit e3035a7e6e56e01eb79478ea5342e032ec67a190
Author: Jeremy Huddleston <>
Date:   Thu May 8 12:15:52 2008 -0700

    Apple: Define _DARWIN_C_SOURCE otherwise _XOPEN_SOURCE, _POSIX_SOURCE, or _POSIX_C_SOURCE will cause fd_mask to not be defined due to the strict namespace

commit 05b119d78e1c6a4db563b2a976cee0173489f9b6
Author: Jeremy Huddleston <>
Date:   Thu May 8 11:35:40 2008 -0700

    Apple: Cleaned up some Apple definitions

commit c879dab58f82f4789f27933c22706c84015f8684
Author: Alan Hourihane <>
Date:   Tue Apr 29 00:37:05 2008 +0100

    avoid checking for fds_bits on mingw

commit 8642ec676db0dd875f4d3a97d8a3cdbf6843a985
Author: Colin Harrison <>
Date:   Sat Apr 26 18:21:18 2008 +0100

    Use Sleep() instead of sleep() on windows
    (was already done in Xwindows.h, just not Xw32defs.h)

commit a893a6ac5d9fdfe9a420d1812402a01904e6482b
Author: Colin Harrison <>
Date:   Sat Apr 26 08:52:06 2008 +0100

    Use winsock2.h

commit c705bab0f6efcb6937b7ccc2fb415e701878fddb
Author: Markus Kuhn <>
Date:   Mon Apr 21 21:27:03 2008 +0100

    Added comment to slightly discourage the definition of ever more Unicode keysyms

commit 44e24a27bca023cf7b799f191fe6d52e12efbe5f
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Sat Apr 12 15:48:23 2008 -0400

    Add more dead key syms
    Add dead keys to support input of the precomposed latin characters in
    ISO 10747 which have ring, line, circumflex, tilde, breve or diaeresis
    This addresses:

commit 07e83988ec0b1c9577646daca3943badd5dcc0d1
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Thu Mar 6 11:33:54 2008 -0500

    Fix typo in XF86Keysym.h
    Fix typo reported in
    thereby making XF86Keysym.h match libX11’s XKeysymDB.

commit d34310efef11264ddff79320b8c6f03705b1208a
Author: Adam Jackson <>
Date:   Wed Mar 5 22:08:53 2008 -0500

    x11proto 7.0.12

commit e4ad7a8080e4ac0b868fa7cf39bc5ad9a6e0bee1
Author: Jeremy Huddleston <jeremy@tifa.local>
Date:   Sun Feb 10 19:07:26 2008 -0800

    Fixed #ifdef checks that were using i386 to use __i386__
    It's simply obsolete, sloppy, compiler namespace pollution.  The
    compiler is not allowed to predefine symbols that might conflict with
    ordinary identifiers.  For backwards compatibility gcc currently
    predefines i386 when compiling for x86 32-bit (but not 64-bit), but that
    will go away.  It is also not defined if you specify -ansi when invoking
    the compiler, because then it is seriously standards compliant.  Other
    compilers shouldn't define it either.  Correct code shouldn't rely on it
    being defined.  However __i386__ is safe and proper.

commit e49280c1c33622dbf288b0ac4f8324b01ff9b4aa
Author: Jeremy Huddleston <jeremy@yuffie.local>
Date:   Mon Dec 10 21:32:38 2007 -0800

    Changed __DARWIN__ to __APPLE__

commit 5ae4d304ecb5fb4af0435c9f2efde3d2da5905d1
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Tue Oct 30 18:44:26 2007 -0700

    Make Xalloca.h work with Sun C++ compiler

commit 5ccc71161283fdb2c42da1eeb4049650f6a2f429
Author: Ben Byer <>
Date:   Tue Oct 30 18:40:24 2007 -0700

    fd_mask needs to be defined on OS X, too

commit 8be48ca399c3efd0e5d59f53da1b37d02647f33b
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Mon Sep 24 12:28:02 2007 +0300

    Check headers before testing for fds_bits access method (bug #8442)
    HP-UX doesn't have sys/select.h, so make sure we don't overzealously include
    headers when we try to find out how to use fds_bits.

commit 68e841fb4bf489531635e6bee70f041d2c3cb87c
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Sat Sep 8 08:29:54 2007 -0400

    bump to 7.0.11

commit 11fd082a384499c38065e06065bf80f244e9909a
Author: Eric Anholt <>
Date:   Tue Aug 28 14:54:21 2007 -0700

    Describe what XF86XK_Display does (or now is meant to do).

commit 40ed4eef92e31fcf7ea0a436e1a00cdf49484c1b
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Wed Aug 22 21:10:24 2007 -0400

    Add dead_abovecomma and dead_abovereversedcomma
    Also added aliases dead_psili and dead_dasia.
    The UCS unifies Combining Psili and Combining Dasia with
    Combining Comma Above and Combining Reversed Comma Above.
    These two aliases mirror that unification.

commit ab74d270c76b17926504815ba43ee35b8b18d3be
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Wed Aug 22 21:01:25 2007 -0400

    Comment on the new locations of the files referenced in keysymdef.h
    keysymdef.h has a comment from the monolithic days suggesting that
    the file be kept in sync with mappings inxc/lib/X11/KeyBind.c and
    the protocol specication in xc/doc/specs/XProtocol/X11.keysyms.
    This commit adds pointers to the new locations of those two files.

commit 1edcfdb7f5c51e5c8014c56c4d5937337b7d4302
Author: James Cloos <>
Date:   Tue Aug 21 00:09:45 2007 -0400

    Add *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings

commit d8a49874bbd05a927c42102c0c5c147cf72cb1dd
Author: Colin Harrison <>
Date:   Wed May 9 16:46:02 2007 +0100

    bcopy needs definition in Xfuncs.h for Xming

commit 7505880329d6b81f0c77d6aaa3995390659d5c63
Author: Tilman Sauerbeck <>
Date:   Tue May 1 14:54:04 2007 +0200

    Added some more files to .gitignore.

commit 0c55a57dca2e888ba089e280f62e1c5bb55db7d7
Author: Tilman Sauerbeck <>
Date:   Tue May 1 14:52:34 2007 +0200

    Enable GCC's visibility attributes on GCC 4 or greater only.

commit 30f5eedf800f6683161fca9fc3e2d6ddc9ce0ac3
Author: Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@agamemnon.b5>
Date:   Fri Feb 2 15:11:03 2007 -0500

    Add keysym definitions from Jim Gettys.

commit 5951f0355c6b1c591241bccb2023e6c4d493e701
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sat Dec 16 01:09:27 2006 +0200

    bump to 7.0.10

commit 0422755ef9373fbb6f69fbb599d791331837f747
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sat Dec 16 01:09:21 2006 +0200

    don't distribute Xfuncproto.h and Xpoll.h
    Don't distribute these two files, as they're generated during the build.

commit cf44526713681ccfb6ef929a9c25ea650c5d1a32
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Wed Dec 6 19:01:56 2006 +0200 make ChangeLog hook safer
    Make ChangeLog hook as safe as possible.

commit 528e313fd1f1ae6f2303d3963afe41545f55ef88
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Oct 26 00:45:21 2006 +0300

    bump to 7.0.9

commit ab484c934301a61edc66dc1e4f554ec97b53aaf8
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Oct 26 00:45:13 2006 +0300

    Xfuncproto: add _X_LIKELY and _X_UNLIKELY
    Add gcc branch hinting annotations.

commit 178cae180bc8b2e8feaaeda6d7c0317cf2715e14
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Sep 21 18:42:43 2006 +0300

    Xfuncproto: define _X_INLINE for older compilers

commit 241e9dfd400aa21919d06fb7c78b5730eee12aab
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Sep 21 14:50:37 2006 +0300

    bump to 7.0.8

commit e51b21e316a5a1b9442a5d972b4ffa03455aca6e
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Sep 21 14:50:22 2006 +0300

    XF86keysym: add keyboard/monitor brightness controls (Bug #8120)
    Add XF86{Kbd,Mon}Brightness{Up,Down}, and XF86KbdLightOnOff.

commit c3f56593f776e7f9e3e0d220c6bcf8be38a16839
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Wed Sep 20 21:11:07 2006 +0300

    Xfuncproto: add _X_INLINE

commit 4fb2e257ae6de38971be8005283402226aea1ee5
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Fri Jul 14 17:58:56 2006 -0700

    Replace manual ChangeLog with dist-hook to generate from git log

commit 2153ef4b7c2a93cba39ae08352ea2c46e5f0eefb
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Fri Jul 14 17:54:15 2006 -0700

    renamed: .cvsignore -> .gitignore

commit 0b76eb310307cd16e55d0c0792b54a2c6774fb88
Author: Dan McNichol <>
Date:   Fri Jul 14 17:53:11 2006 -0700

    Bug #7458: AIX changes to Xmd.h
    Bugzilla Bug #7458 <>
    Patch #6179 <>

commit bb7584b5c88236c59c4e3040bc7c28c150abf048
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sat Jun 10 15:33:27 2006 +0000

    Add ISO_Level5_{Shift,Latch,Lock}.

commit e9aebeae3661d4c464c7aa53722d0a6bf915101a
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Jun 1 23:30:57 2006 +0000

    Bug #6887: Add dead_stroke, bump to 7.0.7. (Troy Korjuslommi)

commit f3886640d29026359ffc4add39b66b8ff48472d3
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Jun 1 23:00:11 2006 +0000

    Bump to 7.0.6.

commit d10d0302be37adb22804270926332e9d701935bb
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Thu Jun 1 22:59:40 2006 +0000

    Bug #6296: Add support for Braille. (Samuel Thibault)

commit 0471bfcce2787d2f1ff0fc2d019840e2bae8bc49
Author: Adam Jackson <>
Date:   Wed Apr 26 23:26:26 2006 +0000

    Bump to 7.0.5

commit 2a2b6db1f78f94c8f3690f675f0c032401fb2541
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Tue Apr 25 23:59:39 2006 +0000

    Fix more comment typos.

commit 33cea539618d58d64efb6a5c0465d14a471256cd
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Thu Apr 20 01:24:02 2006 +0000

    On Solaris, #include <sys/isa_defs.h> to be sure _LP64 is defined in 64-bit
    Fix some comment typos.

commit 5e7d5cbf21c33f883ab508a51422775f59c4da00
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Thu Dec 15 00:24:17 2005 +0000

    Update package version number for final X11R7 release candidate.

commit 1827a78f3a23c77dbcddfc8227d85c5add59d819
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Sat Dec 3 05:49:25 2005 +0000

    Update package version number for X11R7 RC3 release.

commit 45811c86eb34e9f09e7d807ba4633107513f0d52
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Sat Dec 3 01:13:14 2005 +0000

    Automatically generate FUNCPROTO and NARROWPROTO defines in Xfuncproto.h.

commit c03cc7739b37ca504a2b56a73945755c41c68b2a
Author: Eric Anholt <>
Date:   Mon Nov 21 10:50:53 2005 +0000

    Ignore Xpoll.h, which is generated now.

commit 54c8ddf303053fb398e00fc8a35df712a7f3d47d
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Mon Nov 21 02:46:59 2005 +0000

    Change values of XK_MATHEMATICAL symbols to use 0x1000000 + Unicode value,
        as Xorg Architecture Task Force agreed last year should be done for all
        new keysyms mapped to Unicode characters.

commit f13eca1bc0feba2476f87e019a4ef40693a61ed8
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Wed Nov 9 21:20:11 2005 +0000

    Update package version number for X11R7 RC2 release.

commit 448763bde4a31cb012ad17cd6c5159411102432b
Author: Kean Johnson <>
Date:   Tue Nov 8 06:33:03 2005 +0000

    See ChangeLog entry 2005-11-07 for details.

commit 59a5a5ebb6781d417d7a4d5905999da5fc76a083
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Wed Oct 19 02:47:53 2005 +0000

    Update package version number for RC1 release.

commit 3f74cc5e8309b2a4ac7671ca3c52c304ec5aa57f
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Sat Oct 15 00:48:05 2005 +0000

    Remove duplicate keysyms accidentally added to XK_MATHEMATICAL section.

commit eaffdc0d593b94d9036033911535371e73698573
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sun Oct 9 15:37:07 2005 +0000

    Bug #4688: Add various mathematical keysyms (all Unicode).

commit 40b6e64fb1084f7b0270c279ac7132e52886c912
Author: Matthieu Herrb <>
Date:   Sun Aug 21 15:27:05 2005 +0000

    define CSRG_BASED here on systems that used to define it in Imake
        configuration. For use in the modular tree.

commit 04f9f7fd17cab16e5b0b135409011c0d284b002c
Author: Eric Anholt <>
Date:   Tue Aug 2 19:19:18 2005 +0000

    Add basic .cvsignore files for proto modules.

commit cd0400eeda5d7818232844d93343877ef0ff8168
Author: Adam Jackson <>
Date:   Tue Aug 2 18:36:08 2005 +0000

    Fix the fds_bits test on OSX and maybe others. OSX defines fd_set in
        <sys/types.h> just to be perverse.

commit a475adb523a4d24cd53d436ba8c98ac7c8d37934
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Sat Jul 30 21:07:03 2005 +0000

    Add prototypes of Xalloc/free functions.
    Export ImUtil.h to match modular tree install.
    Define SVR4 to 1 to avoid warning about redefining to different values.
    Include missing headers to clear more compiler warnings.

commit f6bd2288d3630ff7cb864e54cc7ebab1b3069067
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Fri Jul 29 21:22:35 2005 +0000

    Various changes preparing packages for RC0:
    - Verify and update package version numbers as needed
    - Implement versioning scheme
    - Change bug address to point to bugzilla bug entry form
    - Disable loadable i18n in libX11 by default (use --enable-loadable-i18n to
        reenable it)
    - Fix makedepend to use pkgconfig and pass distcheck
    - Update build script to build macros first
    - Update modular Xorg version

commit 74a3f7f77830e4417a4bc4145114030dfaef6f4e
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sat Jul 23 02:53:10 2005 +0000

    Remove all _XOPEN_SOURCE definitions from Xos.h, as now deals
        with this by using which of fds_bits or __fds_bits we have.

commit f97e34e65e403140dde00d260be0fd7f853ac8f0
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Fri Jul 22 08:01:17 2005 +0000

    Add includex11dir as a path to the includes, sans X11/.
    Turn Xpoll.h into a generated file. In the modular tree, substitute in
        whichever of fds_bits or __fds_bits is being used for the member of
        fd_set on the system; in the monolithic tree, substitute in fds_bits
        unconditionally, as that's the way it was before thanks to
        _XOPEN_SOURCE being defined.

commit 7a9ce57163172557d6ba41119a5a3b2837dbbc8e
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Sat Jul 16 20:53:51 2005 +0000

    Guard INCLUDE_ALLOCA_H define to end redefinition warnings.

commit 825b6ae347b3896b8ea38e6021170d45ae3bfd65
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Thu Jul 14 22:08:16 2005 +0000

    Don't define _XOPEN_SOURCE on SVR4, because it will REMOVE required

commit acc0551fb1af1152c1b630ff5e82f023f11751e2
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Wed Jul 13 23:42:46 2005 +0000

    #define INCLUDE_ALLOCA_H when building with Sun compilers. (Imake *.cf
        files define this for a number of platforms in the monolith, but these
        will need to be translated into #ifdef's or similar mechanism to work
        in a world without Imake.)

commit b8301067b6e962a3dc786dd909726b7e6cb81085
Author: Alexander Gottwald <>
Date:   Wed Jul 13 20:11:51 2005 +0000

    include <X11/Xwindows.h> instead of <windows.h>. Several namespace
        conflicts are worked around in Xwindows.h

commit ec7a156bcdbe8e4bddf232d4a03f47d426096736
Author: Keith Packard <>
Date:   Wed Jul 13 07:23:34 2005 +0000

    Make some minor source adjustments so that we don not need to use
        -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -D_BSD_SOURCE everywhere as this will leak out of the
        modular environment and into application build processes, potentially
        foulling up their compiles.

commit 2a0445903d06c332acf70cfd18ba57ddbbeada32
Author: Daniel Stone <>
Date:   Sun Jul 3 07:54:38 2005 +0000

    Move misc.h and os.h from proto/X11 to xserver/xorg/include.

commit ef6f542053b30af29b8045ffa6ce26386aab7bba
Author: Søren Sandmann Pedersen <>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 13:15:05 2005 +0000

    - Remove from lib/lbxutil
    - Add missing backslash in proto/X11/
    Both pointed out by ISHIKAWA Mutsumi

commit 4cf89be7baf8a79d2d399abd17c4e23279cca364
Author: Søren Sandmann Pedersen <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 17:40:47 2005 +0000

    - Add os.h and misc.h to proto/X11
    - In move os.h and misc.h from xserver/include to proto/X11
    - in xc/lib/lbxutil/ do some include-with-<>-instead-of-with-""

commit e575c5104a8627428dd18c4040d4ad787655164a
Author: Søren Sandmann Pedersen <>
Date:   Wed May 25 22:11:59 2005 +0000

    - Use XTRANS_CONNECTION_FLAGS macro in lib/FS/
    - Don't symlink transport.c, which is a generated file
    - instead add a new file fs_transport.c that include Xtrans/X11/transport.c

commit 207e3f82011d5f83db0eca318a1de50f0c1da0dc
Author: Søren Sandmann Pedersen <>
Date:   Wed May 25 21:47:34 2005 +0000

    - Add FSlib to
    - Change Xtrans includedir back to be X11/Xtrans, so that users of it can
        continue to include <X11/*>
    - Add build system for FSlib
    - Conditionally include config.h in xc/lib/FS
    - Remove redundant include of FSproto.h in xc/lib/FS
    - Add check to proto/X11/ whether -D_XOPEN_SOURCE is needed.

commit a5a4bfe9b432e7d8238f9a02d80be4ce6bb64978
Author: Josh Triplett <>
Date:   Mon May 23 01:21:48 2005 +0000

    The macros in Xpoll.h poke at the guts of struct fd_set in ways that only
        work if _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined, so define it in Cflags in the
        pkg-config file.

commit 2f4c3aa871a047359f8121e6401be1ba4cf0b8e0
Author: Adam Jackson <>
Date:   Thu May 19 00:22:18 2005 +0000

    revert last change, didn't do right thing at all, sorry for the noise

commit 4809dd9150599a9e88f64cd1b82737872b7b1b94
Author: Adam Jackson <>
Date:   Thu May 19 00:09:57 2005 +0000

    Require automake 1.7 in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE

commit 6ff17c33f0773e152122d66cbaffaa54e53e086c
Author: Josh Triplett <>
Date:   Sat May 14 07:56:27 2005 +0000

    Add AUTHORS file for X11 from xlibs tree.

commit 3f8b0ba6071dcdd62ea424cab0bddb39db2ebe6a
Author: Josh Triplett <>
Date:   Sat May 14 07:54:48 2005 +0000

    Add some COPYING files.

commit 803c8ecaba2f8c703bbb46c0d740bfa349ce0245
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Fri May 6 01:46:09 2005 +0000

    Initial build system files for proto module.

commit a870c60741273ebd6cb1e69b4e535ce3a6bc76bf
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Thu Apr 28 22:03:50 2005 +0000

    Don't define X_NOT_STDC_ENV on Solaris x86. Bugzilla #3158: Patch #2588: (Henry Zhao, Sun

commit 372f37171ba3875ea4bf7f60150d92869e06010f
Author: Alexander Gottwald <>
Date:   Wed Apr 20 13:57:55 2005 +0000

    check for define PATH_MAX before referencing it

commit e489ec65b4b2ab0a050d8dbf7ec0658e6decb8b3
Author: Alan Coopersmith <>
Date:   Wed Mar 2 19:29:09 2005 +0000

    Patch #2007 <>
    1) Fix Solaris #ifdefs to choose between UI/SVR4 (early POSIX draft) and
        POSIX standard thread API's correctly.
    2) Fix calls to POSIX standard versions to check errors correctly. (POSIX
        defines a return value of 0 on success, errno value on error, but the
        macros were checking for -1 on error.)

commit d761e87224d3e60c5355ac3e3468835fc3b4be92
Author: Roland Mainz <>
Date:   Wed Mar 2 11:20:07 2005 +0000

    // attachment #2004
        ( Add support for
        DragonFly/BSD platform. Patch by Jeroen Ruigrok <>
        and Mike Verona <>.

commit 1cae0cb4b1442b34d76ee5623fb2a17ed2353c50
Author: Alexander Gottwald <>
Date:   Sun Jan 9 15:05:42 2005 +0000

    Make sure PATH_MAX is at least 1024

commit 9df4ffce552a0f6eca47764a3f79b466629e8bab
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Mon Jan 3 18:03:27 2005 +0000

    gcc 4 doesn't like predeffines line 'linux' any more. To muffle the
        compiler replace them with __linux__ (Bugzilla #2207).

commit dd82af84ed67f439444e75ea1d032c082e15db51
Author: Alexander Gottwald <>
Date:   Mon Nov 15 15:06:31 2004 +0000

    Bufzilla #1802, Added
        mingw (Win32) port

commit 618956f1f783a8c330aab8eac425937f0b8e50e1
Author: Markus Kuhn <>
Date:   Sun Sep 26 20:45:56 2004 +0000

    The big keysym cleanup, to bring implementation in line with the recent
        revision of Appendix A of the protocol spec. (Markus Kuhn)

commit 7cb1490d8932d745b3a5e2b3370a000da064306f
Author: Kevin E Martin <>
Date:   Wed Aug 11 21:13:54 2004 +0000

    Apply PPC64 build patch (Bug #303, Mike A. Harris, Alan Coopersmith).

commit 5b67de2bce0e33a4a85439ebcf7b726a6da24545
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Fri Apr 23 18:42:43 2004 +0000

    Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunk

commit e88a09c1df46637979c4d131a8e41af923ff4d45
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Sun Mar 14 08:31:12 2004 +0000

    Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_99_1 on Sun Mar 14 00:26:39 PST 2004

commit 9259b43390c50d330f557390cc4576f5315c3f53
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Wed Mar 3 12:10:31 2004 +0000

    Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_0 on Wed Mar 3 04:09:24 PST 2004

commit 99bbbc3fcaf67b02a50e4ff4007225b1b64beb36
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Thu Feb 26 13:34:49 2004 +0000

    readding XFree86's cvs IDs

commit 82d7bb39bc84eb16134e931263f53bc88d1788ac
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Thu Feb 26 09:22:02 2004 +0000

    Importing vendor version xf86-4_3_99_903 on Wed Feb 26 01:21:00 PST 2004

commit 0700ff31a84abc06fdf4b05c2328ff2329dc909c
Author: Egbert Eich <>
Date:   Thu Jan 29 08:07:32 2004 +0000

    Importing vendor version xf86-012804-2330 on Thu Jan 29 00:06:33 PST 2004

commit ad76b5cc436937d9fb945bd43d9356651fe182ca
Author: Kaleb Keithley <>
Date:   Fri Dec 19 20:53:58 2003 +0000

    XFree86 (RC 2)

commit 376f9efdab6ef2dce267caa0a0228892e768e390
Author: Kaleb Keithley <>
Date:   Tue Nov 25 19:27:39 2003 +0000

    XFree86 Bring the tree up to date for the Cygwin folks

commit 5ec315b967cb1ae519f514896f0b48fb5407f863
Author: Kaleb Keithley <>
Date:   Fri Nov 14 16:48:20 2003 +0000


commit f2001f5bd5316842106a98b23f09400688575fa3
Author: Kaleb Keithley <>
Date:   Fri Nov 14 16:48:20 2003 +0000

    Initial revision

commit ee0a1a43dc707f960e637fdf2118723e4de0a55d
Author: Kaleb Keithley <>
Date:   Fri Nov 14 15:54:13 2003 +0000

    R6.6 is the Xorg base-line