AUTHORS   [plain text]

The architect of the X11 core protocol was Bob Scheifler of MIT LCS, with
significant contributions from Jim Gettys, Phil Karlton and Scott
McGregor of Digital, Dave Rosenthal of Sun, and many others of
the xpert mailing list.

The original sample server implementation of the X11 protocol was
implemented by Phil Karlton and Susan Angebrandt doing the device
independent part of the server, with Raymond Drewry and Todd Newman of
Digital Equipment Corporation, doing the mi and original ddx
implementation; their feedback was vital to a good design, along with
that of the more than 100 alpha and beta testers who bravely tested
the X11 core design.

The X11 protocol library (Xlib) was built principally by Jim Gettys of
Digital and MIT Project Athena, with assistance from Ron Newman of MIT
Project Athena.

Our thanks to those at MIT, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard,
IBM, and many others who had faith in us reimplementing X from first

If there are mistakes here, they are mine; entirely possible after
over 15 years. - Jim Gettys