NEWS   [plain text]

pkg-config 0.23
 - Add support for setting sysroot through PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR in
   the environment.
 - Update included glib to 1.2.10.
 - Other minor fixes, including a segfault.

pkg-config 0.22
 - Make Requires.private a whole lot more useful by traversing the
   whole tree, not just the top-level, for Cflags.
 - Add support for using the system glib.
 - Update URL to pkg-config website
 - Fix some win32 problems.
 - Other minor fixes.

pkg-config 0.21
 - Fix some cosmetic output from pkg.m4
 - Fix build problems with !gcc due to always passing -Wall
 - Documentation fixes
 - We now always add the Cflags from packages we depend on, whether
   they are public or private dependencies.  The discussion surrouding
   this change can be found in .
 - Add internal pkg-config package which can be queried for version
   number and other information.

pkg-config 0.20
 - Fix test suite to work on Solaris.  Yay non-POSIX /bin/sh :-(
 - Fix segfault on --help with gcc4.  Fix segfault on bigendian arches
   in some cases.
 - Win32 fixes
 - Add --short-errors, now used by pkg.m4 if available.  This gives a
   better error message if some libraries can't be found.

pkg-config 0.19
 - Fix a segfault
 - Fix default search path
 - Fix cosmetic bug in pkg.m4 where AC_MSG_RESULT wasn't called in
   some cases.

pkg-config 0.18.1
 - Fix up pkg.m4 to not end up with pkg_failed=untried always.

pkg-config 0.18
 - The inter-library dependencies check was too tight and caused
 problems if one used the --no-undefined flag to libtool on Solaris
 (since it there expands to -Wl,-z,defs which disallows undefined
 symbols).  Add a new name to .pc files: Libs.private which will not
 be listed in the output of --libs unless --static is also given.

 Private libraries are libraries which are needed in the case of
 static linking or on platforms not supporting inter-library
 dependencies.  They are not supposed to be used for libraries which
 are exposed through the library in question.  An example of an
 exposed library is GTK+ exposing Glib.  A common example of a private
 library is libm.

 Generally, if include another library's headers in your own, it's a
 public dependency and not a private one.

 Thanks a lot to James Henstridge for both the bug and the following

pkg-config 0.17.2
 - Don't go into an infinite loop allocating more and more memory when
   the same name is specified twice on the command line and we're in
   "direct dependencies only"-mode.

pkg-config 0.17.1
 - Now actually sets CFLAGS and LIBS instead of trying to set those in
   a subshell.  (Only affects if you've autoreconfiscated with 0.17)
 - Fix detection of inter-library dependencies.

pkg-config 0.17

 - Evaluate second argument to PKG_CHECK_MODULES again
 - Portability fixes (MacOS, BeOS, Cygwin)
 - Handle inter-library dependencies and assume those are in place if
   the platform supports them.  Disable with --enable-indirect-deps.
 - Add initial test framework
 - Build fixes (make distcheck now works)

pkg-config 0.16

 - Use a search path, rather than a single default directory.
 - Fix a bunch of bugs in glib by backporting
 - More man page fixes
 - Lots of small fixes and cleanups over the place.
 - pkg-config now grabs _PKG_* and PKG_*, so don't use variables
   starting with that in any configure scripts.

pkg-config 0.15

 - add PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR for cross-compiling (David Schleef)
 - add --libs-only-other/--cflags-only-other (Zack Rusin)
 - apply man page fixes (Pter Breitenlohner)
 - C portability fix (David Robins)
 - fix to win32 build (Tor Lillqvist)