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2007-03-21  Jeremy C. Reed <>

	Update version for release.

2006-06-02  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	* parse.c (slookup): 
	Coverity #925: Pointer "file" dereferenced before NULL check

2005-12-14  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Update package version number for final X11R7 release candidate.

2005-12-06  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Change *man_SOURCES ==> *man_PRE to fix autotools warnings.

2005-12-03  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Update package version number for X11R7 RC3 release.

2005-11-19  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	Remove duplicate setting of EXTRA_DIST

2005-11-12  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	Substitute variables in man page

2005-11-09  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Update package version number for X11R7 RC2 release.

2005-10-18  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Update package version number for RC1 release.

2005-07-29  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

	Update release version
	Fix build to use pkgconfig
	Fix make distcheck

2005-05-22  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	* (man1_MANS): Add makedepend man page

2005-05-15  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	* ChangeLog
	Created from licenses in existing files and history in X.Org & XFree86
	changelogs and CVS.
	Initial attempt at autotooling.

ChangeLog history excerpts from Xorg monolithic tree for releases 6.7 -> 6.9:

2005-10-03  Alan Coopersmith  <>

        * config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        Bug #3812 <>
        Patch #3462 <>
        GNU/kFreeBSD Imake support (Robert Millan)       
2005-07-31  Alan Coopersmith  <>

        * config/imake/imakemdep.h: 
        Pass through __BUILTIN_VA_STRUCT and __BUILTIN_VA_ARG_INCR defines
        in makedepend so it doesn't issue errors when source files include
        <varargs.h> or <stdarg.h> on Solaris 10.
2005-07-29  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>

        * config/makedepend/def.h:
        Update #includes to use <X11/*.h> for modularization.

2005-07-05  Alan Coopersmith  <>

        * config/makedepend/main.c:
        Bugzilla #2901 <>
        Patch #2320 <>

        Remove warning about whitespace in pre-processor defines.
        (Peter Breitenlohner)

2005-05-15  Alan Coopersmith  <>

	* config/makedepend/main.c:
	* config/util/makestrs.c:
	[Modularization/autotooling project]
	Add support for building with autoconf #ifdefs if present.
	#include "makedepend-config.h" if HAVE_CONFIG_H is defined.
2005-03-02 Roland Mainz <>
        * xc/config/imake/imakemdep.h
        Bugzilla #1712 (
        attachment #2004 (
        Add support for DragonFly/BSD platform.
        Patch by Jeroen Ruigrok <> and Mike Verona

2005-01-19  Alan Coopersmith  <>

        * xc/config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        Pass through additional #defines for Solaris.
        (Sun bug id #5097074 - Alan Coopersmith)

2004-11-15  Alexander Gottwald  <ago at freedesktop dot org>
        Bugzilla #1802,
        Added mingw (Win32) port     

2004-10-19  Egbert Eich  <eich-at-freedesktop-dot-org>
        * config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        Enabling modules and DRI for Linux HPPA.

2004-10-18  Egbert Eich  <eich-at-freedesktop-dot-xorg>
        * config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        powerpc/powerpc64 build fixes.

2004-08-11  Kevin E. Martin  <kem-at-freedesktop-dot-org>
        * config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        Apply PPC64 build patch (Bug #303, Mike A. Harris, Alan

2004-05-06  Egbert Eich  <eich-at-pdx-freedesktop-org>
	* config/imake/imakemdep.h:
        BugZilla #601:
        Fixing makedepend choking on floating point exception because
        CHAR_BIT is defined to __CHAR_BIT__ which is a compiler intrinsic

ChangeLog history excerpts from XFree86 Project releases up to 4.4RC2:

XFree86 (10 June 2003):
 191. Fix makedepend for IRIX 6.5 (Marc La France).

XFree86 (20 January 2003):
 739. Change makedepend to warn about any whitespace it finds in front of
      pre-processor directives (Marc La France).
 728. Allow makedepend handle whitespace in front of the '#' in preprocessor
      directives (ISO C permits this) (#A.1516, Alexander Stohr).

XFree86 (21 December 2002)
 634. Add support for a "-include" command line option to makedepend, similar
      to the same GNU C option (#A.1396, Alexander Stohr).

XFree86 (21 October 2002)
 340. Change makedepend to recognise invocations of parameter'ed macros
      (Marc La France).

XFree86 (7 June 2002)
 174. Fix makedepend so that it can parse a unary '+' operator (#5185,
      Mark Snitily).
 148. Major OS/2 support update (#5119, Holger Veit).
  49. Fix bug that sometimes caused makedepend to forget #define'd symbols
      (Marc La France).

XFree86 (19 December 2001)
 583. Re-instate makedepend's recognition of backslash line terminations
      (Marc La France).
 574. Fix cases where makedepend reports the wrong line number and file when
      an error occurs (#5072, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 568. Fix "The Open Group" copyright notices to reflect the change in
      post R6.4 licensing (#5093, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).

XFree86 (20 August 2001)
 156. Remove most X_NOT_STDC_ENV code, and assume that __STDC__ is defined
      (David Dawes).
  86. Fix makedepend for use on Cygwin/XFree86.
      Use makedepend on Cygwin/XFree86.
      Fix SharedDepLibraryTarget so that build dependencies are correct,
      this fixes libGLU's build problem (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 (18 May 2001)
 539. Another makedepend bug fix (Marc La France).
 457. Fix makedepend's integer value parsing and make it understand GCC's
      #include_next directive as found in glibc & libc5 (Marc La France).

XFree86 (26 April 2001)
 435. Fix makedepend for '//' comment parsing and symbols that contain
      expressions (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0.1f (16 November 2000)
 936. Let makedepend ignore "//" style comments on all platforms, not
      just Win32, and fix a bug in that code that was causing the line
      after such comments to also be ignored (#A.189, Guenther Grau).

XFree86 4.0a (6 April 2000)
  78. Fix an infinite loop problem that can show up in makedepend (#3838, A.10,
      Jeremy Buhler).

XFree86 3.9Ni (6 October 1998)
1882. Ansify and remove gcc warnings for imake, makedepend, lndir, makestrs,
      makekeys and mkg3states) (#2005, Matthieu Herrb).

XFree86 3.9b (4 May 1997)
 751. Make 'makedepend' understand '-U' on the command line.

XFree86 3.2q (12 January 1997)
 228. Make makedepend recognise #warning on all OSs (since we have it
      in shm.h).

XFree86 3.2l (31 December 1996)
 149. Add support to makedepend for the '^' and '? :' operators
      (Marc Aurele La France).

XFree86 3.1.2E (13 May 1996)
 527. Fix makedepend's handling of long typed defines (eg, 1993L)
      (Kaleb Keithley).

XFree86 3.1.1c (12 March 1995)
  30. Add predefs to makedepend for FreeBSD and NetBSD.  This allows
      xf86_OSlib.h to be cleaned up a little.

[X.Org, Open Group & X Consortium change logs from X11R6.6 and earlier are
 not available at this time.]