AUTHORS   [plain text]

Extension	Authors/Affiliation
---------	-------------------
DPMS: 		Rob Lembree, Digital Equipment Corporation
MITMisc: 	Bob Scheifler, MIT
XAppgroup: 	Kaleb S. Keithley, X Consortium
Xcup: 		Kaleb S, Keithley, The Open Group
Xdbe: 		Ian Elliot, Hewlett-Packard, David Wiggens, X Consortium
XEVI: 		Peter Daifuku, Silicon Graphics
XLbx: 		D. Converse, J Fulton, C. Kantarjiev, D. Lemke, R. Mor, 
		Keith Packard, NCD (who now believes lbx should be nuked), 
		R. Tice, D. Tonogai
XMultibuf: 	Jeffrey Friedberg, Larry Seiler, Jeff Vroom, Digital Equipment
XSecurity: 	Dave Wiggens, X Consortium
XShape: 	Jonathan Corbet, NCAR, Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium
Xshm: 		Bob Scheifler and Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium
XSync: 		Tim Glauert, Olivetti Research, DAve Carver, Jim Gettys, 
		Digital Equipment, Dave Wiggens, X Consortium
XTestExt: 	Kieron Drake, UniSoft, Ltd.

Our apologies if there are any mistakes in the above.