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Version 1.1.2 - 2007-06-03

* Security fixes:
  * Fix CVE-2007-1667: Multiple integer overflows in the XGetPixel() and
    XInitImage() functions.
  * Bug #9279: Fixed a file descriptor leak.

* Xlib/XCB: Ensure _XReadEvents reads at least one new event and blocks for
  exactly one event.  Large performance improvement for XIfEvent and similar.

* Hold XCB's Xlib lock even when only the user lock (XLockDisplay) is held.
  An Xlib client can query Display state, such as with NextRequest, while it
  holds only the Xlib user lock (between XLockDisplay and XUnlockDisplay), so
  XCB requests in other threads should be blocked when the Xlib user lock is
  held.  We acquire the lock even when XInitThreads was not called, so that
  pure XCB code can use multiple threads even in an otherwise single-threaded
  Xlib application.

* Allow re-entrant Xlib calls from _XIOError.
  Some libraries try to clean up X resources from atexit handlers, _fini, or
  C++ destructors. To make these work, downgrade the Display lock to a user
  lock (as in XLockDisplay) before calling exit(3).  This blocks Xlib calls
  from threads other than the one calling exit(3) while still allowing the
  exit handlers to call Xlib.

* Xlib/XCB: Avoid re-crashing after _XIOError.

* Xlib/XCB: Only remove pending_requests when there are provably no more responses.


* Bug #7703: Fixed XSetSizeHints() et al wrt use of uninitialized data.
  Now only those fields of the respective hint struct are set that
  are actually valid in the input data.

* Bug #10292: Fixed a memory leak related to XOpenDisplay() in the XCB code.

* Bug #7713: Initialize all of the event's fields before sending it.

* Bug #10562: Define _GNU_SOURCE on glibc systems.

* Use unistd.h to get getresuid() and friends, now that we have _GNU_SOURCE

* Switched function definitions from K&R to ANSI style.

* Many constness fixes.

* Fixed a few warnings.

* Fix 64bit issues with reallocation.

* Manpage fixes:
  * Add man pages for XKB APIs.
    (Volunteer needed to convert prototypes in man pages to ANSI C style...)
  * Protect C comments and #defines in XKB man pages from being mangled by cpp
  * Fix typo in nroff macro in
  * Bug #9695: Fixed a few argument types in the XOpenIM manpage.
  * Markup tweak for XOpenIM.
  * Bug #9696: refer to XDefineCursor() instead of XDefineCusor().
  * Bug #9697: Fixed documentation of XVisualInfo struct.  The "depth" member
    was said to be unsigned int, but it's signed.

* nls fixes:
  * Update el_GR.UTF-8/Compose.pre to match changes in xkeyboard-config cvs.
  * For nls/*.pre, allow people to comment lines by starting them with '##'.

* Build system fixes:
  * Add to EXTRA_DIST.
  * make ChangeLog hook safer
  * Don't distribute the configure-generated XlibConf.h in tarballs.

Version 1.1.1 - 2006-11-30

The "xcompmgr is hard, let's go releasing" release

* Fix Bug #9154 and friends, to unbreak xcompmgr:
  Always process an event for _XReadEvents, even if an error occurs.
  Previously, process_responses (in the wait_for_first_event case called
  from _XReadEvents) considered any return from xcb_wait_for_event
  sufficient to think it had processed an event. If xcb_wait_for_event
  returned an error, and no more events occurred before process_responses
  called xcb_poll_for_event, process_responses would try to return with
  dpy->head NULL, and would fail an assertion for the _XReadEvents
  postcondition. Now, process_responses continues using xcb_wait_for_event
  until it gets an event.

* Bug #9153: Fix access to freed memory.
  The fix for bug #8622 introduced a smaller bug where _XReply would
  read memory shortly after freeing it. This patch caches the needed
  value in a stack-allocated variable before the heap-allocated memory
  is freed.

* libx11 doesn't use inputproto in public headers; don't require it in x11.pc.
  Based on a Debian patch.

* Debian bug #354315: Clarify return value in XGetWindowAttributes man page.
  Patch by Debian user Ross Combs.

Version 1.1 - 2006-11-23

* Add note in man-page that XListFontsWithInfo is not thread-safe.  _XReply
  drops the Display lock, so the value of dpy->request may change before
  _XReply is called again.  Jamey Sharp discovered this by inspection a few
  years ago.

* Fix Bug #8622, by fixing the response processing order for threaded apps.
  process_responses (the common code for _XReply, _XReadEvents, and
  _XEventsQueued) now handles responses in order, by adding condition variables
  to the list of outstanding requests in dpy->xcb->pending_requests, and
  blocking on them when those requests should get processed, to allow _XReply
  to process them; if actually called from _XReply, it returns when _XReply's
  request should get processed.  _XReply broadcasts on its condition variable
  after it has read its reply and re-acquired the display lock.

* Don't hold the display lock around callbacks to the application. This avoids
  recursive locking of the display lock (which triggers an XCB locking
  assertion), particularly with emacs.

* Add xcb-xlib dependency to x11.pc when built against XCB.

* Allocate the right amount of memory for dpy->lock_fns.  Fixes a crash on
  startup with gdk.

Version 1.1 RC2 - 2006-11-02

Benno Schulenberg:
      nls: remove duplicate compose entries (bug #2286)
      nls: remove shadowed compose entries (bug #2286)
      nls (en_US): remove long compositions that override shorter (bug #2286)

Caolan McNamara:
      XKB geometry: fix leaks in GetKeyboardByName (bug #8099)

David Nusinow:
      Dynamically generate internal manpage section using __libmanpagesuffix__ so that it actually matches the section if you don't use 3X11

Jamey Sharp:
      Add correct Display locking to XKB functions.
      XKB bugfix: SyncHandle must be called after UnlockDisplay, not before.
      XCB: check for and handle I/O errors in _XGetXCBBuffer.

Matthias Hopf:
      Fix double open of compose file.

Version 1.1 RC1 - 2006-10-06

This release includes the Xlib/XCB work, which uses XCB as the Xlib transport
layer, and allows a client to use both Xlib and XCB on the same connection.
This allows clients to transition from Xlib to XCB incrementally.

Clients which link only to libX11, and do not use XCB, should not notice any
differences in this release.  Clients desiring XCB interoperability should
additionally #include <X11/Xlib-xcb.h>, link to libX11-xcb, use
XGetXCBConnection(dpy) to obtain the underlying XCB connection, and then use
XCB functions directly on that connection.

Note that while a client can issue requests and handle their replies or errors
with either Xlib or XCB, only one can own and handle the event queue.  By
default, Xlib must own the event queue, for compatibility with legacy Xlib
clients.  Clients can use the function XSetEventQueueOwner immediately after
XOpenDisplay to let XCB own the event queue instead.  Clients may not call
this function after processing any responses, as this will potentially lose

We expect to have an RC2 release corresponding to the Xorg RC2 schedule, which
should include additional internal architecture enhancements, but no
user-visible changes.  1.0 final should match RC2.

Other smaller changes in this release:
* correct ChangeLog generation
* support running lint and sparse
* Autoconf 2.60
* fix man page for XUrgencyHint
* improve man pages for XGrabButton, XGrabKey, XGetWindowProperty
* new locales: as_IN.UTF-8, kn_IN.UTF-8, ml_IN.UTF-8, or_IN.UTF-8,
  te_IN.UTF-8, ur_IN.UTF-8
* on systems with both UNIXCONN and LOCALCONN, try unix if local fails
* fix sparse warnings
* ansify static functions

-- Josh Triplett <>, Jamey Sharp <>