AUTHORS   [plain text]

Once upon a midnight hour, long ago, in a galaxy, far, far, away, Xlib
was originally developed by Jim Gettys, of Digital Equipment
Corporation (now part of HP).

Warren Turkal did the autotooling in October, 2003.

Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp, and the XCB team (
maintain the XCB support.

Individual developers include (in no particular order): Sebastien
Marineau, Holger Veit, Bruno Haible, Keith Packard, Bob Scheifler,
Takashi Fujiwara, Kazunori Nishihara, Hideki Hiura, Hiroyuki Miyamoto,
Katsuhisi Yano, Shigeru Yamada, Stephen Gildea, Li Yuhong, Seiji Kuwari.

This work was supported by many organizations (in no particular
order), including the X Consortium, Digital Equipment Corporation,
Tektronix, The Open Group, OMRON, Wyse Technology, Fujitsu Limited,
Sun Microsystems, Fuji Xerox, Sony Corporation, Toshiba Corporation,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Silicon Graphics, the XFree86
Project, among others.  Patches/fixes came from all over.

No doubt we've missed credits.  Please let us know who should be credited.