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<rdar://problem/4668697> 64-bit X11 libraries don't use libz even though it is available
<rdar://problem/4714345> Why do we ship 2 different versions of libexpat?
<rdar://problem/4664153> X11 is three-way and needs to be four-way


<rdar://problem/4377346> X11 server not reporting stereo visuals and pbuffer support
<rdar://problem/4534332> X11 is using obsolete SPI which is slated for removal
<rdar://problem/4607761> xterm is missing in Leopard


<rdar://problem/4356702> trivial to crash X11.app with xscreensaver-demo and OpenGL
<rdar://problem/4408133> X11 & Terminal environmental variable settings

LEOPARD_SUBMISSION_0_41 (stillborn)

<rdar://problem/4075093> Seed: X11 windows not coming to front when switching
<rdar://problem/4109092> REGR: Slow wheel scrolling lost in X11.app
<rdar://problem/3721701> 64-bit libX11.a
<rdar://problem/4127718> quartz-wm crashes on system wake
<rdar://problem/4054128> X11 WM window resize limited to main display size
<rdar://problem/3477131> xclock crashes in parse_fond
<rdar://problem/4233910> clicking on X11 application without focus sends button press to application
<rdar://problem/4312329> MANPATH in Apple's X11 set wrongly by default
<rdar://problem/4222517> 9A29: X11 has no binary


<rdar://problem/4015381> caps lock does not work in X11


<rdar://problem/4022757> XPM security hole with negative image bitmap_unit
<rdar://problem/4031381> CAN-2005-0605 another xpm related security hole


<rdar://problem/3494176> X11 hangs on closing an OpenGL window
<rdar://problem/3985081> Sluggish performance on X11


<rdar://problem/3843367> Poor mouse tracking with Apple X11 when running Cadence Allegro on a remote host, locally displayed with with Apple X11
<rdar://problem/3935743> glxgears kills x11
<rdar://problem/3668769> X11.app Applications customization gets confused


<rdar://problem/3851089> CI:Removing CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleGetInfoString keys from your localizable content
<rdar://problem/3370401> libXplugin naming will create future binary compatibilty problems
<rdar://problem/3273236> Xwindow behavior wrong
<rdar://problem/3205836> tooltips from KDE kicker show behind the kicker
<rdar://problem/3407146> KDE launched X11 Windows not receiving mouse events
<rdar://problem/3879878> X11 crash when killed from Terminal
<rdar://problem/3889638> Weird atom name in X11


<rdar://problem/3833239> [X11] Two strings in Localizable.strings are not picked up in French
<rdar://problem/3828153> TA8A241Plus:X11: X11 menu item 'Terminal', 'xman', 'xlogo'.


<rdar://problem/3803120> xterm -ls is not the default any more, man page should be updated
<rdar://problem/3768572> xterm needs to call grantpt() to set slave pty user/group and permissions
<rdar://problem/3665943> repeatedly pressing cmd-1, cmd-m creates lots of artifacts in the dock
<rdar://problem/3820725> Typo in X11 Output Prefs ('optino' vs. 'option')
<rdar://problem/3778302> libXpm integer overflow flaws
<rdar://problem/3744542> X11: A maliciously formed .xpm image can cause apps to crash
<rdar://problem/3816789> Unable to specify arguments to commands in Application menu
<rdar://problem/3837314> copy from (e.g. xemacs) "breaks" later copies


<rdar://problem/3774967> Alt-backquote to compose accents will not work under X11
<rdar://problem/3760042> FU-Tiger 8A214+ : X11 : unlocalised Alert when quiting
<rdar://problem/3378253> X11 Apps Menu window doesn't have minimum size
<rdar://problem/3316468> Seed: X11 security settings confusion
<rdar://problem/3313133> X11 application HI text recommendations


<rdar://problem/3404805> Remote and local vulnerabilities in XFree86 font libraries
<rdar://problem/3405807> Apple X11 WWDC 2003 source missing xkbcomp/symbols/by and xkbcomp/symbols/pc/by
<rdar://problem/3421699> Seed: X11 fc-cache: unknown crash: FcStrCopyFilename
<rdar://problem/3516125> Focus management bugs in X11 application
<rdar://problem/3524388> xterm doesn't inherit path or cwd
<rdar://problem/3548675> SU: XFree86/X11R6 Font Information File Buffer Overflow
<rdar://problem/3570235> X11: Merge with XFree86 4.4
<rdar://problem/3571829> bad xauth entry->
<rdar://problem/3572554> Cannot double click X11 executables with spaces in path
<rdar://problem/3618201> BUILD FAILURE: X11 is failing to build in Tiger
<rdar://problem/3621248> X11 should allow specifying a custom xinitrc
<rdar://problem/3674992> X11 doesn't play well with home folders with spaces.


<rdar://problem/3205813> quartz-wm crashed, stripping title bar from windows
<rdar://problem/3386185> X11 does not build
<rdar://problem/3405320> X11 should use Command-? as shortcut for help
<rdar://problem/3405321> X11 should use Command-Option-H for "Hide Others"
<rdar://problem/3405322> X11 needs separator before PreferencesÉ menu item
<rdar://problem/3405323> X11Ős Window menu should match HI Guidelines
<rdar://problem/3413758> Title bar buttons are one pixel too high.
<rdar://problem/3430888> X11: xterm window opens on secondary screen (12" PowerBook)
<rdar://problem/3432342> SU Candidate: copy-and-paste from X11 regression
<rdar://problem/3449284> xterm's -ls option does not work
<rdar://problem/3470313> Threaded GLX Windows Error: "failed to bind surface"
<rdar://problem/3500270> Seed: X11 man pages are not in manpath


<rdar://problem/3340377>:	x11: resizing this GLX application crashes my powerbook
<rdar://problem/3359753>:	Seed: x11 menu items disappear
<rdar://problem/3361286>:	X11 README should be updated to remove Preview wording
<rdar://problem/3363451>:	x11: entering fullscreen mode confuses windowvous
<rdar://problem/3363492>:	x11: pressing and release mouse over menubar activates fullscreen mode
<rdar://problem/3366845>:	Seed: X11.app won't start up in full-screen mode.


<rdar://problem/3351489>:	x11: matlab hangs when offscreen rendering


3126715		libGL requires window server connection
3122756		Off-screen rendering not working with GLX
3221162		x11: remove hotkey spi from X server?
3270678		X server update can be delayed (indefinitely?) by heavy workloads
3341360		bad interaction between 3 button mouse emulation and full screen mode in 7B21


3267090		X11 - xp_configure_window: assertion failed: !w->locked
3281002		X11 Help menu doesn't open a help page
3290527		X11 SDK defaults to ppc/i386 build, but only supplies ppc libraries
3291366		X11 full-screen mode has confusing WM behavior
3302694		fullscreen mode background window can get stuck
3303080		X11 full-screen mode has broken window-move behaviour
3305886		VNMR program in X11 will not assign active window upon mouse click
3316333		capslock, feature keystrokes sent through to X11 from Aqua; other Xmodmap woes


3221150		x11: finalize rooted mode UI?


3141699		6G30-X11.app Public Beta problem due to changing network settings
3210884		quartz-wm not decorating some windows
3246069		freetype: merge double-free patch
3253136		default vim command in applications menu is incorrect
3253158		mouse cannot enter menubar while in rooted (fullscreen) mode.
3253935		X11.app not compatible with multiple logins
3254976		XWarpPointer(3x) broken
3260643		X11 copyright notice misspelling
3267488		X11 Quartz-WM does not allow resizing of pop-up windows
3268363		hack for WWDC
3268796		7A154: X11 floating windows need to fade away


3111189		Rooted mode would be nice
3122175		Make native fonts available to fontconfig
3132993		Allow a new xterm to be created by CMD-N
3141354		Xfig not add-able to Application menu
3141737		open-x11 should start X server if not already running
3145038		X11 leaves orphans and zombies
3156151		X11 dock menu should show applications
3157501		X11.app presents quit warning even when all windows closed
3159228		6G30 - X11.app wont recognize 2nd screen if already started
3201071		X11 - request for preference to set option as meta key
3205630		First click lost after hiding and then unhiding
3209597		X11.app should launch X11 binaries
3210250		Windows disappear permanently on changes to extended desktop
3210884		quartz-wm not decorating some windows
3211206		Single quotes in #warnings no longer work
3212651		X11 and unusable windows
3214516		grabbled special characters when pasting from OS X environment
3227677		X11.app should be in Utilities
3227682		X11.app needs better default Applications
3228663		window geometry issues with the GIMP toolbox
3231257		X11 default window position shouldn't be under the dock
3231372		X11 did not launch
3232717		7A125: X11 leaking at startup
3233621		Incorrect handling of window titles by quartz-wm
3233663		xterm segfaults during scrolling if "xterm*Utf8: 1" is in .Xdefaults


3118126		Panther: X11 needs to build fat.
3169083		6G30 Apple's Xquartz implementation has small SHAPES error
3199523		XtPopdown() on iconified shell causes popup without window manager decoration
3199867		Copy from NEdit's Edit menu confuses non-X11 apps
3201233		X11 does not respect geometry specifications
3202639		6I32 Minimized X11 windows do not get removed from dock when quitting X11.


3149135		X11 quartz-wm looses ConfigureNotify events
3146168		Pseudocolor (8-bit) visual plane support in Apple X11.app


3118126		Fenster needs to build fat.
3159914		programmatically resizing the draw widget vertically, fails
3169643		Reopened X11 minimised windows don't get focus
3169654		non-admin user can't start X11 after X11 started by admin user
3170754		Xquartz crashes attempting Motif drag
3172254		x11: quartz-wm doesn't allow dialog windows to be resized
3172997		X11 0.2: dead keys with dvorak keymapping
3174051		6I32-Linking X11-App with OpenGL gives errors and bad performance
3174305		Horizontal scrolling disrupted by resize box using xload.
3174622		Emulated middle-button-raise fails in X11.app when Alt/option is not Mode_Switch
3174914		X11 Aberrant Jumping Cursor
3177623		6g30 IDL Application crashes X Server
3177851		apple-Q doesn't quit X11, why is it "special"?
3177855		Use the dock to Quit and X11 puts a dialog behind the current app


3148625		X11 crashes accessing a menu in an X11 application (16 bit)
3159554		Apple X11 beta failure with openDX
3144505		X11:XIM does not work
3157972		6G30 quartz-wm crashes upon attempted conversion of non-ascii character
3163066		quartz-wm man page should be updated to include proxy information


3111209		WindowManager: support subset of gnome/kde/net hints
3115053		X11: Should allow focused window to be checked in windows menu
3115079		App window placement policy
3123731		sending window to a upper corner with evilwm leaves the top of the window obscured by the menu bar
3134034		Iconified windows get de-iconified when traversing with cmd-backtick.
3135602		Clicking on X11.app icon in dock after hiding
3140798		Installation missing courtesy symlinks
3141074		Garbage pixels in resized GLX window
3141085		glxgears is way faster with a partially obscured window
3141272		hide/show menu options don't work with X11 windows
3141368		X11 Does not honor keyboard selection
3141565		6G30 Minimized X11 windows aren't removed from the dock on Quit
3141897		X11 dock menu should show windows and/or applications
3141907		X11: selection proxying should be available without running quartz-wm
3142008		X11: quartz-wm ignores PPosition window positions
3142186		X11 window colors are wrong
3142774		No click to focus
3142894		Minimizing xterm to dock can result in no genie effect and no icon in dock
3143726		6G30-Application crashes on X11 when trying to use OpenGL
3144995		Apple X11 server does not properly handle move events sent by CVD
3145084		/System/Library/Keyboards/Espanol.keymapping is outdated and cannot be used with
3145247		X11: Xnest fails with "Couldn't get keyboard"
3146018		x11: moving large xeyes window crashes cg window server
3146402		command-Q passed through to underlying X11 windows
3147209		6g30 Xquartz crashes when clicking in a window
3149135		X11 quartz-wm looses ConfigureNotify events
3151351		x11: Command-Q while Dock Command-TAB is highlighting X11.app kills it
3151979		"xterm -iconic" does not create iconic xterm in dock
3154751		x11: quitting vis5d crashes X server
3154869		x11: add UI items to control xauth usage
3154871		x11: first time dialog
3158641		X11 crash on menu selection in admintool in Solaris 2.6