onevent-shadow.wml   [plain text]

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <onevent type="onenterforward">
            <go href="#card2"/>

    <card id="card1" title="Card One">
        <onevent type="onenterforward">
            <go href="#card3"/>

        <p>Test for onevent shadowing in WML</p>
        <p>The card-level onevent will shadow the deck-level onevent. As a result, card 1 won't jump to card2 but
           to card 3 according to the card-level onevent's requirement. After entered the card 3, the deck-level onevent
           element isn't shadowed by this card, so it will jump to card 2 immediately.</p>

    <card id="card2" title="Card two" onenterforward="">
        <p>This is card 2</p>

    <card id="card3" title="Card Three">
        <p>This is card 3</p>