spamd_ssl.t   [plain text]


use lib '.'; use lib 't';
use SATest; sa_t_init("spamd_ssl");
use Test; plan tests => (($SKIP_SPAMD_TESTS || !$SSL_AVAILABLE) ? 0 : 9),
    onfail => sub {
	warn "\n\nNote: This may not be a SpamAssassin bug, as some platforms require that you" .
	    "\nspecify a protocol in spamc --ssl option, and possibly in spamd --ssl-version.\n\n" };


# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

%patterns = (

q{ Return-Path:}, 'firstline',
q{ Subject: There yours for FREE!}, 'subj',
q{ X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=}, 'status',
q{ X-Spam-Flag: YES}, 'flag',
q{ X-Spam-Level: **********}, 'stars',
q{ TEST_ENDSNUMS}, 'endsinnums',
q{ TEST_NOREALNAME}, 'noreal',
q{ This must be the very last line}, 'lastline',


ok (sdrun ("-L --ssl --server-key data/etc/testhost.key --server-cert data/etc/testhost.cert",
           "--ssl < data/spam/001",