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 * Header for CMS types.

#ifndef _CMST_H_
#define _CMST_H_

#include <SecurityNssAsn1/seccomon.h>
#include <SecurityNssSmime/secoidt.h>
#include <CoreFoundation/CFArray.h>
#include <Security/SecKey.h>

/* @@@ This should probably move to SecKey.h */
typedef SecKeyRef SecSymmetricKeyRef;
typedef SecKeyRef SecPublicKeyRef;
typedef SecKeyRef SecPrivateKeyRef;

typedef void(*PK11PasswordFunc)(void);

/* Non-opaque objects.  NOTE, though: I want them to be treated as
 * opaque as much as possible.  If I could hide them completely,
 * I would.  (I tried, but ran into trouble that was taking me too
 * much time to get out of.)  I still intend to try to do so.
 * In fact, the only type that "outsiders" should even *name* is
 * SecCmsMessage, and they should not reference its fields.

typedef struct SecCmsMessageStr SecCmsMessage;

typedef struct SecCmsContentInfoStr SecCmsContentInfo;

typedef struct SecCmsSignedDataStr SecCmsSignedData;
typedef struct SecCmsIssuerAndSNStr SecCmsIssuerAndSN;
typedef struct SecCmsSignerInfoStr SecCmsSignerInfo;

typedef struct SecCmsEnvelopedDataStr SecCmsEnvelopedData;
typedef struct SecCmsOriginatorInfoStr SecCmsOriginatorInfo;
typedef struct SecCmsRecipientInfoStr SecCmsRecipientInfo;

typedef struct SecCmsDigestedDataStr SecCmsDigestedData;
typedef struct SecCmsEncryptedDataStr SecCmsEncryptedData;

typedef struct SecCmsAttributeStr SecCmsAttribute;

typedef struct SecCmsDecoderContextStr SecCmsDecoderContext;
typedef struct SecCmsEncoderContextStr SecCmsEncoderContext;

typedef struct SecCmsDigestContextStr SecCmsDigestContext;

 * Type of function passed to SecCmsDecode or SecCmsDecoderStart.
 * If specified, this is where the content bytes (only) will be "sent"
 * as they are recovered during the decoding.
 * And:
 * Type of function passed to SecCmsEncode or SecCmsEncoderStart.
 * This is where the DER-encoded bytes will be "sent".
 * XXX Should just combine this with SecCmsEncoderContentCallback type
 * and use a simpler, common name.
typedef void (*SecCmsContentCallback)(void *arg, const char *buf, unsigned long len);

 * Type of function passed to SecCmsDecode or SecCmsDecoderStart
 * to retrieve the decryption key.  This function is intended to be
 * used for EncryptedData content info's which do not have a key available
 * in a certificate, etc.
typedef SecSymmetricKeyRef(*SecCmsGetDecryptKeyCallback)(void *arg, SECAlgorithmID *algid);

typedef enum {
    SecCmsVSUnverified = 0,
    SecCmsVSGoodSignature = 1,
    SecCmsVSBadSignature = 2,
    SecCmsVSDigestMismatch = 3,
    SecCmsVSSigningCertNotFound = 4,
    SecCmsVSSigningCertNotTrusted = 5,
    SecCmsVSSignatureAlgorithmUnknown = 6,
    SecCmsVSSignatureAlgorithmUnsupported = 7,
    SecCmsVSMalformedSignature = 8,
    SecCmsVSProcessingError = 9
} SecCmsVerificationStatus;

typedef enum {
    SecCmsCMNone = 0,
    SecCmsCMCertOnly = 1,
    SecCmsCMCertChain = 2,
    SecCmsCMCertChainWithRoot = 3
} SecCmsCertChainMode;

// @@@ This should be replaced with SecPolicyRefs
typedef enum SECCertUsageEnum {
    certUsageSSLClient = 0,
    certUsageSSLServer = 1,
    certUsageSSLServerWithStepUp = 2,
    certUsageSSLCA = 3,
    certUsageEmailSigner = 4,
    certUsageEmailRecipient = 5,
    certUsageObjectSigner = 6,
    certUsageUserCertImport = 7,
    certUsageVerifyCA = 8,
    certUsageProtectedObjectSigner = 9,
    certUsageStatusResponder = 10,
    certUsageAnyCA = 11
} SECCertUsage;

#endif /* _CMST_H_ */