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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

2010-02-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  1.3.6.
	* test/*:  Windows test fixes
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Fix same file detection on windows.

2010-02-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Fix use of ConfigFile#api_key= vs
	  #rubygems_api_key=.  Patch by Nick Quaranto.

2010-02-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* Rakefile:  RubyGems doesn't depend on previous RubyGems.

2010-02-11  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: is now the default source.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency.rb:  Only warn once about

2010-02-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* bin/update_rubygems:  Use system, exec more correctly, remove
	  useless puts.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  List every version when
	  --prerelease --all is given.

2010-02-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb:  Support --prerelease.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/fetch_command.rb:  Support --prerelease.
	* lib/rubygems/format.rb:  Don't crash on empty files.  Bug #27292 by
	  Ian Ragsdale.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Fix markup.  Bug #27045 by Eric Young.
	* History.txt:  RubyGems 1.3.6 release notes.

2010-02-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Allow prerelease gems to
	  depend on non-prerelease gems.

2010-02-06  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_gem_commands_specification_command.rb:  Don't enforce YAML
	  format.  Patch #27791 by Aaron Patterson.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:  Allow captial letters in prerelease
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Explain format of ~/.gemrc.  Bug
	  #27698 by J Smith.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb:  Handle nil require_paths.
	  Patch #27334 by Roger Pack.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Handle --bind option.  Patch #27357 by
	  Bruno Michel.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager:  gem rdoc --overwrite to preserve built
	  rdoc.  Patch #25982 by Akinori MUSHA.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/which_command.rb:  Fail if no paths were
	  found.  Adapted patch #27681 by Caio Chassot.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Don't copy if the file is where we
	  want it.  Patch #27409 by Jakub Šťastný.

2010-02-01  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/command*: Add 'gem push' and 'gem owner' for
	  interacting with modern/Gemcutter sources [Nick Quaranto]

2010-01-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_list.rb:  Ignore development dependencies
	  unless explicitly needed.  Bug #27608 by Roger Pack.

2010-01-12  John Barnette <>

	* Rakefile: Don't add development deps when building the
	  rubygems-update gem, it borks older versions when they're updating
	  from a stub index.

2009-12-22  Evan Phoenix  <>

	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb: Don't bother re-Marshaling the spec
	  YAML list.

2009-11-04  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/timer.rb: Removed. The deprecation sun set in July.

2009-10-14  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency.rb: Burndown/cleanup. Refactored code
	  and tests. Gem::Dependency.version_requirement(s) is deprecated in
	  favor of Gem::Dependency.requirement.

	* lib/rubygems/requirement.rb: Burndown/cleanup. Refactored code
	  and tests. See test/support/shortcuts.rb for some new test helpers.

2009-10-13  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb: Make --source additive,
	  not exclusive. If exclusive sources are desired, use
	  --clear-sources first.

2009-09-29  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb: Be slightly more robust when faced
	  with corrupted indexes.

2009-09-03  John Barnette  <>

	* LOTS: Use "raise" consistently, not "fail".

2009-09-01  John Barnette  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Gem::Version immutability
	  burndown. Changed canonical internal representation to an
	  Array. Refactored significant amounts of the internals for
	  clarity. Breaking change: Gem::Version::Requirement is no longer
	  available, use Gem::Requirement instead. Breaking change: custom
	  YAML marshaling is gone. Credit to Yehuda Katz for certain bits of
	  a related patch.
	* test/test_gem_dependency.rb: Moved a bunch of tests over from
	  test_gem_version.rb. Work in progress.
	* test/test_gem_specification.rb: Removed a failing YAML
	  test. Many more will be going away shortly.
	* test/test_gem_version.rb: Significant refactoring for
	  maintainability and clarity. Moved a ton of poorly-placed tests to
	  test_gem_dependency.rb for future refactoring.

2009-08-19  Ryan Davis  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Cleanup of rdoc and file layout.
	* lib/rubygems/versions.rb: Added Version#spermy_recommendation
	  and fixed bug in Version::Part#inspect. General cleanup.

2009-07-29  John Barnette <>

	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_input.rb:  Add Maglev to the list of
	  implementations with working Zlib. Bug #26790 by Peter McLain.

2009-07-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  1.3.5.
	* lib/rubygems/package.rb:  Remove dangling digest require.  Reported
	  by Jeremy Kemper.

2009-06-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* release_notes/:  Merged into History.txt for Hoe.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Streamlined install text.

2009-06-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* release_notes/rel_1_3_5.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.3.5 release notes.
	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb:  Only print out with verbose.
	* lib/rubygems/package_task.rb:  Only print out with -t.

2009-06-12  Ryan Davis  <>

	* Rakefile:  Switched to Hoe.

2009-06-10  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  --user-install is no longer enabled by
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Fix use of prerelease gems.

2009-06-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* util/gem_prelude.rb.template:  Backports from 1.9.

2009-06-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* bin/gem:  Support 1.8.6+
	* lib/rubygems/digest*:  Removed, support dropped for Ruby < 1.8.6
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Support env(1) in wrong path, use
	  /bin/sh if shebang has options.  By Nobu, ruby trunk r22853.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Switch to stdcall for appdata folder.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Use only File::expand_path on 1.9 for home dir.
	  Don't recklessly create directories.  Simplify RbConfig::datadir

2009-05-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/which_command.rb:  Only print out directory
	  information to a TTY.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.3.4.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_4.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.3.4 release notes.

2009-05-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Fix --format-executable
	  option name.
	* lib/rubygems/requirement.rb:  Fix typo in #parse.  Bug #26000 by
	  Mike Gunderloy.

2009-05-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add 'dev' and svn revision for -1 RUBY_PATCHLEVEL

2009-05-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb:  Restore 1.9.1 path behavior.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Fix undefined ivar warning.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Force loading of builder gem.
	* test/gemutilities.rb:  Remove gem_prelude code by hand to avoid 1.9

2009-05-19  Luis Lavena  <>

	* test/test_gem_specification.rb: skip symlinks tests on Windows.
	* test/test_gem_commands_install_command.rb: skip chmod test on

2009-05-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems*:  Fix 1.9 warnings about circular require.

2009-05-12  Daniel Berger  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Fixed the download method in the
	  remote_fetcher.rb file so that it handles local installs on MS
	  Windows when using explicit paths that aren't on the 'C:' drive.
	  Bug #25882 by Lars Christensen.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Replaced deprecated
	  Gem::SourceIndex method 'search' with 'find_name' in the 'execute'

2009-05-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Support prerelease version
	  listing (--prerelease), list locally installed prereleases.
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb:  Gem::SourceInfoCache is
	  officially unsupported, maintaining its tests is hard.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Add #all_gems, fix #remove_spec,
	  #search to work with it.  Prerelease gems can now be used.

2009-05-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: 1.3.3.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_3.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.3.3 release notes.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Default has_rdoc to true, ignore
	  its value.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  Always generate RDoc regardless of
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Raise Gem::LoadError if Kernel#gem fails due to
	  previously-loaded gem.  Bug reported by Alf Mikula.

2009-05-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/server_command.rb:  Allow port names with
	* lib/rubygems/requirement.rb:  Match prerelease versions and ~>
	  correctly.  Patch #25759 by Yossef Mendelssohn.

2009-05-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Check bindir for executables, not
	  root.  Bug reported by David Chelimsky.  Remove, no way
	  to override it before RubyGems loads.  Bug #25564 by Emanuele
	  Vicentini.  Raise Gem::Exception for #installation_path when not
	  installed.  Bug #25741 by Daniel Berger.  Don't error in #validate
	  when homepage is nil.  Bug #25677 by Mike Burrows.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/cleanup_command.rb:  Clean up --user-install
	  gems.  Bug #25516 by Brett Eisenberg.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Uninstall executables from the correct
	  directory.  Bug #25555 by Brett Eisenberg.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Add search that jumps to RDoc.  Patch
	  #22959 by Vladimir Dobriakov.

2009-05-01  James Tucker  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Gem.bin_path now escapes paths with spaces.

2009-04-30  Daniel Berger  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Replaced deprecated
	  Gem::SourceIndex method 'search' with 'find_name' when using
	  the -t option. Fixes bug # 25632 by Daniel Berger.

2009-04-30  James Tucker  <>

	* lib/rubygems/ext/rake_builder.rb: Use explicit ruby command loading
	  rubygems to invoke rake.

2009-04-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/specification_command.rb:  Added requesting
	  single fields from a spec.

2009-04-23  James Tucker  <>

	* lib/rubygems/ext/configure_builder.rb: Support Gem::Command.build_args.

2009-04-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: 1.3.2.

2009-04-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Complain when summary and
	  description are identical.

2009-04-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Strip directories, complain for
	  non-files in #validate.

2009-04-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Implement #initialize_copy.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/contents_command.rb:  Add --no-prefix and

2009-04-06  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb:  Don't allow gem to overwrite ruby on
	  install.  Fixes bug #24958 by Michael Soulier.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_2.rdoc:  Preliminary 1.3.2 release notes.
	* Rakefile:  Trim off some stale code, switch to Manifest.txt, one
	  step closer to Hoe!

2009-04-06  Daniel Berger  <>

	* test/test_gem_ext_configure_builder.rb: Better handling for MS
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Added the make_command and vc_windows? helper

2009-04-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/: RDoc improvements.

2009-04-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Fix --destdir.  Patch
	  #24970 by Richard Brown.

2009-04-02  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Documentation of prerelease
	versions. See for details.

2009-03-31  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  If the cached specs file won't load,
	  refetch.  Bug #24961 by Dylan Stamat.
	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb:  Add a sanity check to
	  Gem.default_exec_format.  Workaround for bug #24958 by Michael
	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Fix confusion with option
	  names.  Patch #24971 by Richard Brown.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Make #validate complain about
	* lib/gauntlet_rubygems.rb:  For verification of the validator.

2009-03-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  RubyGems now loads plugins from rubygems_plugin.rb
	  in installed gems.  This can be used to add commands (See
	  Gem::CommandManager) or add install/uninstall hooks (See
	  Gem::Installer and Gem::Uninstaller).
	* setup.rb:  Ensure we're in a RubyGems dir when installing.

2009-03-26  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package_task.rb:  Import from Rake's
	* Rakefile:  Switched to RDoc::Task from RDoc 2.4.2.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Gem.find_files now returns paths in $LOAD_PATH.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb:  Allow sources to be added
	  behind proxies.  Bug #24785 by Elia Schito.

2009-03-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Fix typo.  Patch #24446
	  by Luis Parravicini.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:  Handle non-String versions by calling
	  #to_s.  Patch #24392 by Stephen Bannasch.

2009-03-22  Daniel Berger <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Always escape URI's to deal with spaces
	  and such, regardless of platform.
	* lib/rubygesm/validator.rb: Use the test-unit gem if installed.
	  Part of the fix for RF #24261 by Daniel Berger
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: Explictly require
	  rubygems/uninstaller.rb if the user wants to bail because of failed
	  Part of the fix for RF #24261 by Daniel Berger

2009-03-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Make `gem unpack` work with
	  more than one gem name, fix warning about installation location.

2009-03-16  James Tucker <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Deprecate ConfigMap[:RUBY_INSTALL_NAME]
	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb: Gem.default_exec_format to use 
		Fixes Bug #24457
	* util/gem_prelude.rb.template: Fix potential bug in
	  Gem.default_exec_format when ConfigMap[:BASERUBY] is not 'ruby'.

2009-03-14  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Cleanup quotes on Windows stub scripts.
	  Fixes Bug #24039.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb: ditto.

2008-03-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/uninstall_command.rb:  Add --user-install to
	  allow uninstallation from ~/.gem.  Bug #23760 by Roger Pack.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Automatically uninstall from
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Rescue InstallError
	  and continue.  Bug #19268 by Gabriel Wilkins.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  Remove some options from the args list
	  that RDoc no longer supports.

2008-03-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  #description no longer removes
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Wrap description in a pre and force-wrap
	  lines to 78 characters for prettier display.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Clarify RubyGems RDoc
	  installation location.  Bug #22656 by Gian Marco Gherardi.

2008-03-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Add platforms to gem list
	* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb:  Allow setup to run from
	  read-only location.  Patch #21862 by Luis Herrera.
	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_input.rb:  Use real File methods.  Bug
	  #23966 by Mike Furr.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Don't add PATCHLEVEL if it's -1.  Patch #24048 by
	  Jeremy Kemper.
	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_input.rb:  Choose security policy
	  correctly.  Bug #24001 by Mike Furr.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Handle local paths with spaces.
	  Bug #24169 by Ryan Davis.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Removed Gem::Specification::list,
	  causes leaks.  Bug #23668 by Steve Purcell.

2008-03-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Use Gem::bin_path in executable stubs to
	  work around Kernel#load bug.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Copy user_install down to
	  Gem::DependencyInstaller.  Patch #23573 by Alf Mikula.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb:  Add info on gem server directly to `gem
	  help`.  Patch #22271 by Hugh Sasse.

2008-03-06  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Don't allow FIXME in specs.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/spec_command.rb:  Add --ruby and --marshal
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add Gem::bin_path.  Patch #24114 by James Tucker.

2008-03-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* setup.rb:  Moved guts to lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Added RSS feed generation on full index

2008-03-04  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/*: Prerelease gems go into their own index now and are excluded
	from other indices. InstallCommand only gets prereleases if explicitly
	requested. Thanks to Alex Vollmer.

2008-03-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/*: Add lots of pretty pretty_print stuff!

2008-02-25  Ryan Davis  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/check_command.rb:  Fix various usability

2009-02-10  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification: Refactored and fixed the installation_path
	method. It was overwrought and it now no longer uses File::SEPARATOR
	[RubyForge: bug #23879 by Daniel Berger]

2009-02-10  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: The Gem::Validator#verify_gem_file method
	now explicitly rescues Errno::EINVAL as well as Errno::ENOENT because
	MS Windows raises a different SystemCallError for empty paths.
2009-01-21  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Split out nil and file handling in
	the download method. Modified file URI handling to work properly.
	[RubyForge: bug #16495 by Paul Sadauskas]
2009-01-19  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Added uri scheme validation back
	into the open_uri_or_path method, though it now accepts 'https' and
	'file' as well.
	* test/test_gem_remote_fetcher.rb: Updated the test_fetch_size_bad_uri
	to reflect the updated error message.

2009-01-15  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Removed the open_file_uri_path method
	since the URI#path method already does the same thing, and changed
	the file_uri? method so that it explicitly calls .to_s.
	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb: Allow file urls.

2009-01-15  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index_command.rb: Fixed a typo in
	the description.
	* test/test_gem_doc_manager.rb: The test_uninstall_doc_unwritable
	test is now skipped on Windows.
	* test/test_gem_install_update_options.rb: The
	test_user_install_disabled_read_only test is now skipped on Windows.
	* test/test_gem_installer.rb: The test_generate_bin_symlink_no_perms
	and test_generate_bin_script_no_perms tests are now skipped on Windows.

2009-01-14  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Added support for a license attribute.
	[RubyForge: feature #11041 (partial) by Kevin Williams]
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb: Gem detail information now
	includes license information.
	* test/test_gem_specification.rb: Added tests for the license attribute.

2009-01-05  Chad Woolley <>

	* move processing of build args out of gem binary so they are handled correctly via API usage.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Add class accessor for build_args.
	* lib/rubygems/ext/rake_builder.rb: Use Gem::Command.build_args instead of ARGV.
	* lib/rubygems/ext/ext_conf_builder.rb: Use Gem::Command.build_args instead of ARGV.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_runner.rb: Move build arg processing from gem binary.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/contents_command.rb: Use nonzero return code (required to make tests pass).
	* bin/gem: Move build arg processing to gem_runner.rb.
	[RubyForge: bug #23210]

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Fix --config-file option with no
	equals and subsequent options to properly assign config file.
	Previously config file was overwritten by subsequent option.
	Fixes bug #16688.

2009-1-4  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Remove existing path if it already
	exists before installing.
	[RubyForge: patch #22837 by Eric Wong]
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Minor modification to the location_of_caller
	method - deal with possible characters after line number

2009-1-3  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Better activation error message.
	[RubyForge: patch #23082 by Tim Carey-Smith]

2009-1-2  Daniel Berger <>
	* lib/rubygems/ext/rake_builder.rb: Quote path if it contains spaces
	[RubyForge: patch #23003 by Charlie Savage]
	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb: Ignore duplicate sources
	[RubyForge: bug #22277 by Elliot Temple]
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Automatically normalize the URI
	[RubyForge: bug #22151 by Alex Legler]
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Ensure that specification_version is
	a Fixnum [RubyForge: bug #22598 by Tsutomu Kuroda]
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Bumped the CURRENT_SPECIFICATION_VERSION
	and added an entry to the SPECIFICATION_VERSION_HISTORY

2009-1-1  Daniel Berger <>

	* test/test_gem_dependency.rb: Removed a duplicate "def dep" that
	was causing a warning.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Added an empty? method in order to
	better handle gem indexing when dealing with gems created
	prior to 0.9.5. [Rubyforge: bug #22603 by Johnathan Conley]
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Added an explicit 'require "etc"'.
	[RubyForge: bug #22313 by Matthew Boedicker]

2008-12-31  Daniel Berger <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options: Allow 'https' as a valid scheme
	in addition to 'http' [RubyForge: patch #22485 by Duarte Henriques] 
	* setup.rb: Deal with extraneous quotation mark when autogenerating
	.bat file on MS Windows [RubyForge: bug #22712 Takayuki Ishikawa]
	* lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb: Fixed the --target option
	[RubyForge: patch #22532 by Bryan Ash]

2008-12-30  Daniel Berger <>

	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Don't allow .gem file to be added back
	onto itself [RubyForge: bug #19136, patch #23346 by Daniel Berger]
	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb: The default_path now only returns the
	default_dir if the Gem.user_home doesn't exist
	[RubyForge: bug #23037 by Pierre PLR]
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Handle the possibility that Etc.getpwuid might
	return nil on platforms other than Windows
	[RubyForge: bug #22764 by Dudley Flanders]

2008-12-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  Set title for generated documentation.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency.rb:  Make #=~ work with Gem::Specification.

2008-12-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Fix documentation for
	Gem::Installer#write_spec.  Issue by okkez.

2008-12-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb:  Merge documentation fix by
	okkez [ruby-dev:37271].
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache_entry.rb:  Merge documentation fix
	from [ruby-dev:37255].

2008-12-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add Gem::promote_load_path

2008-12-01  Ryan Davis  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: made threadsafe.

2008-11-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Don't do any post-install
	stuff if no gems were installed.  Issue by Daniel Berger.

2008-11-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Read the file outside the exception
	block so we raise a sane error.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Allow the modern index to be updated
	incrementally.  Allow the legacy and modern indicies to be updated

2008-11-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Added ability to only generate modern or
	legacy indicies.

2008-11-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/timer.rb:  Deprecate and move methods to Gem and

2008-11-11  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems/, test/: Make Version understand prerelease
	versions using letters. (eg. '1.2.1.b') Thanks to Josh Susser and
	Alex Vollmer.

2008-11-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Gem name must be a String.

2008-10-31  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb:  Update to support 1.9 libdir.
	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Move to .template, automatically fold in

2008-10-29  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Handle nonexistent home directory.  Bug #22229 by
	Alexey Verkhovsky.

2008-10-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb:  Make kernel
	methods private.  Patch #20801 by James M. Lawrence.  Expose
	our kernel extensions to RDoc.  Make Gem::location_of_caller behave on
	Windows.  Patch by Daniel Berger.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_1.rdoc:  Final release notes for 1.3.1.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.3.1.

2008-10-10  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb:  Silence PATH warning.

2008-10-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Fix requires for inflate, deflate, etc.
	* test/*:  Convert to minitest/unit.
	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb:  Fix for MiniTest instead of test/unit
	classic in 1.9.

2008-10-03  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Make Gem.dir respect :gemhome value from config.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Expose :gemhome value.

2008-09-26  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Disregard ownership of ~ under Windows while
	creating ~/.gem.  Fixes issues related to no uid support under

2008-09-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_0.rdoc:  Final release notes for 1.3.0.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.3.0.
	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb:  Examine process status correctly.  Patch
	  by Nobu.
	* test/test_gem_ext_rake_builder.rb:  Override Gem.ruby and
	  ENV['rake'] for 1.9 integration.  Patch by Nobu.

2008-09-16  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Use the path set in the config file if
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Expose the path.

2008-09-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Only create ~/.gem by user owning ~.  Bug #21561
	by Neil Wilson.

2008-09-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Autoload SpecFetcher to improve load
	time.  Patch #21577 by Simon Chiang.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/lock_command.rb:  Modernize.  Fix --strict.
	Patch #21814 by Sven Engelhardt.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb:  Fix for solaris platform.  Patch #21911
	by Bob Remeika.

2008-09-10  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Describe _version_ in `gem
	help install`.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb:  Describe environment
	variables and gemrc in `gem help env`.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Warn when executing Gem::manage_gems.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  Have RubyGems update the ri cache.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Ensure specs are read as UTF-8.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Add magic comment to .gemspec files
	so they are read in as UTF-8.

2008-08-22  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Corrected usage of HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH on Windows.
	Escape Gem.ruby if spaces in the path are present. Solves bug related to
	extensions compile process.
	* test/test_gem.rb: Added test to verify both conditions.

2008-08-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_3_0.rdoc:  Initial release notes for 1.3.0.
	* util/CL2notes:  Release note creation helper script.

2008-08-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb:  Added #both? to complement
	  #local? and #remote?.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Print out LOCAL/REMOTE with
	--both, even without a TTY.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add Gem.find_files, allows a gem to discover
	features provided by other gems.

2008-08-14  Wilson Bilkovich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Deprecate options to 'search' other than
	Gem::Dependency instances and issue warning until November 2008.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb:	Remove deprecated constant warnings
	and really deprecate them.
	* Rakefile: If the SETUP_OPTIONS environment variable is set, pass its
	contents as arguments to setup.rb
	* test/test_gem_commands_uninstall_command.rb: Added

2008-08-13  Wilson Bilkovich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:	Fix binary script uninstallation.
	Bug #21234 by Neil Wilson.
	* test/test_gem_commands_uninstall_command.rb: Added

2008-08-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Try to create directory before diverting
	to ~/.gems.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Fix uninstallation with -i.  Bug
	#20812 by John Clayton.  Have #remove_all call #uninstall_gem so hooks
	get called.  Bug #21242 by Neil Wilson.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Fix updating RubyGems when
	no previous rubygems-update is installed.  Bug #20775 by Hemant Kumar.

2008-08-11  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Fix HTTPS support.  Patch #21072 by
	Alex Arnell.  Fix Not Modified handling.  Bug #21310 by Gordon

2008-07-11  Luis Lavena  <>

	* setup.rb: Properly build --destdir folder structure using Pathname.
	* test/mockgemui.rb: Fix warnings about instance variables in a module.

2008-07-02  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb: Add Gem.user_dir to use paths like
	~/.gem/ruby/1.8/gems and the like instead of just ~/.gem. Update
	remote fetcher and installer to use it.

2008-07-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Add #gem_home, #bin_dir for hooks.  Use
	DependencyInstaller's source_index so reinstallation via -i does not
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Add #gem_home, #bin_dir for hooks.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Don't print LOCAL/REMOTE
	gems if stdout is not a TTY.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Use the regexp we already
	have for `gem list --installed`.  Bug #20876 by Nick Hoffman.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/which_command.rb:  Clarify what `gem which` is

2008-06-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_ext_configure_builder.rb:  Locale-free patch by Yusuke
	Endoh [ruby-core:17444].
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add pre/post (un)install hooks.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Call pre/post install hooks as
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Call pre/post uninstall hooks as
	appropriate.  Minor refactoring of #uninstall.
	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_reader.rb:  Some OSs raise EINVAL on seek.
	Based on patch in bug #20791 by Neil Wilson.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Correctly check for support of
	development dependencies for #to_ruby.  Bug #20778 by Evan Weaver.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Correctly load all cache file even if
	latest has been loaded.  Bug #20776 by Uwe Kubosch.

2008-06-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Add Gem::ConfigFile constants for
	packagers and implementors to override defaults.
	* test/*:  Fixes to run tests when under test/rubygems/.  Patch by
	Yusuke ENDOH [ruby-core:17353].

2008-06-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Cleanup to support
	if-modified-since requests.  pair: Ryan Davis
	* lib/rubygems/indexer:  Force platform to Gem::Platform::RUBY when
	nil or blank.  Fixes various uninstallable gems.

2008-06-24  Phil Hagelberg <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fall back on ~/.gem if GEM_HOME is
	not writable.
	* lib/rubygems/install_update_options.rb: Allow --user-install or
	--no-user-install command-line switch to explicitly force whether
	or not ~/.gem should be used.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Use ~/.gem/cache if cache dir is
	not writable.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Use MockGemUi for all tests.

2008-06-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Load specifications from the future.
	Roll back specification version change.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Reset connection when an HTTP
	server misbehaves.
	* setup.rb:  Fix --destdir for windows.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_2_0.rdoc:  Bugs in RubyGems were
	unintentionally added, order bug fixes by importance.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.2.0.

2008-06-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Improve output when a gem to uninstall
	isn't found.  Bug #20746 reported by Chad Wooley.
	* setup.rb:  Fix rdoc installation with --destdir.  Patch #20739 by
	Matthew Kent.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Don't reset GEM_PATH when
	installing.  Fixes Bug #20746 by Chad Wooley.

2008-06-20  Luis Lavena  <>

	* setup.rb: Only prepend install_destdir when especified. Fixes
	installation issues related to Windows paths (/C:/...)

2008-06-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Ensure that the entire
	dependency chain is installed.  Fixes bug reported by Chad Woolley.

2008-06-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb:  Restore matching
	everything when no name is specified, regexp matching.  Fixes bug
	#20716, bug #20717 by Chad Woolley.

2008-06-18  Chad Woolley  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Fix --config-file option with no
	equals and subsequent options to properly assign config file.
	Previously config file was overwritten by subsequent option.
	Fixes bug #16688.

2008-06-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:  Gem::Version #hash and #eql? now operate
	on the version string, terms of the version string, so "1" and "1.0"
	no longer correspond to the same slot.  Fixes indexer bug reported by
	Chad Woolley.
	* setup.rb:  Fix --format-executable.  Patch #20698 by Richard Brown.
	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Prevent infinite recursion, check for Gem now.
	Patch from ruby trunk by nobu.
	* lib/*:  Spelling cleanup.  Patch from trunk by Evan Farrar.
	* test/*:  Fixes for win32 test failures reported by Luis Lavena.
	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Only remove methods added by gem_prelude.rb.

2008-06-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Fix quick_index generation.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Correctly guard new spec features
	for older RubyGems.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb:  Add system-wide config file
	(/etc/gemrc).  Patch #14723 by Phil Hagelberg.  Add windows code to
	use appropriate directory.  Code by Daniel Berger.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_2_0.rdoc:  Draft of 1.2.0 release notes.

2008-06-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Store off if we are returning Marshal
	format before running =~ again.  Fixes bug reported by Chad Woolley.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/stale_command.rb:  `gem stale` lists gems by
	last access time.  Patch #20593 by Aaron Patterson.
	* lib/rubygems/setup.rb:  Add --vendor and --destdir to setup.rb for
	packagers.  Patch #20610 by Richard Brown.  Don't look for stub
	files to remove any more.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Bump specification version and be
	backwards compatible with type 2 specs.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Add installed location to
	details for installed gems.

2008-06-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Only install all dependencies
	when install_dir option is set.  Don't include satisfied dependencies
	when gathering dependencies.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Display authors, rubyforge
	and homepage urls with details.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb:  Add executable
	directory (from Rubinius).
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb:  Don't set install_dir by
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Don't set install_dir by
	default.  Use #find_missing for efficiency.

2008-06-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Fully mirror Gem::Indexer indexes, set
	correct content-type headers, always refresh the source index.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Add spec_dirs so that #refresh! will
	always reload from the same locations.  #refresh! on manually-built
	SourceIndex now raises.  Fixes #20509 by Chad Woolley.

2008-06-06  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Remove previous bin_script_path in case
	it is a symlink.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/pristine_command.rb:  Force reinstallation of
	the gem using the installer.  Fixes bug #20387 by Erik Persson.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  Ensure args to RDoc are all strings.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Use find_matching to discover updated
	specs instead of fetch.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Platform, not name in spec

2008-06-05  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb:  Ensure remote repository URLs
	reference directories.  Fixes bug #20134 by Neil Wilson.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Gracefully handle ^C or explicit exit
	while loading .gemspec files from disk.  Fixes bug #20523 by Joel
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Use File#expand_path in
	installation_path.  Fixes bug #19317 by Hemant Kumar.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Fix legacy test against URI.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Always raise FetchError from
	RemoteFetcher.  Fix FetchErrors without URIs.  Refactor Net::HTTP
	request code to use persistent connections for HEAD requests.  Feature
	Request #7973 by Christian Schachtzabel.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Don't load custom_require until after the OS and
	implementation have had a chance to set paths.

2008-06-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/source_index.rb:  Only fetch specs we need in
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Fix typo in ::activate exception.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency.rb:  For #to_s, display dependency type when
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Reset #installed_gems for
	every #install.  Fixes bug #19444 by Glenn Rempe.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Don't re-read the disk to check for new
	gems, add them by hand on install.

2008-06-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add ::gzip, ::gunzip, ::deflate and ::inflate.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Add specs and latest_specs indicies.
	* setup.rb:  Don't require rdoc until needed.  Patch #20414 by Brian
	* lib/uninstaller.rb:  Correctly uninstall gems installed with a
	legacy platform.  Patch #19877 by Luis Lavena.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Only fetch remote specs
	when we know what we're looking for.

2008-06-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Remove double slash in
	#installation_path.  Fixes bug #19896 by Heiko Seebach.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Require StringIO.  Fixes bug #19866
	by Caleb Land.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Require rubygems/defaults/#{RBX_ENGINE}.rb and
	rubygem/defaults/operating_system.rb if they exist.  (OS require comes
	first and may be overridden by operating system.)

2008-06-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Ensure identical names, versions and
	platforms are identical for a smaller index.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Only write to cache when we own it.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Honor default_path if GEM_PATH environment
	variable is not set.  Patch #19502 by Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Set file mode indicated by tar file.
	Patch #19737 by Jason Roelofs.

2008-06-01  John Barnette <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Add Gem.available?(gem, *specs) for easy availability
	checks at runtime.

2008-05-31  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb:  Delay fetching specs
	until needed.  Reverse dependencies can no longer be calculated for
	remote sources.  Add backwards compatibility.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/fetch_command.rb:  Add backwards

2008-05-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb:  --sources option should not
	add URIs to Gem.sources.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Add #warn_legacy to help handling
	legacy sources.
	* luby/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Add backwards
	compatibility with legacy sources.

2008-05-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Add #uri to
	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb:  Improve RDoc slightly.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Introduce backwards compatibility for
	legacy (pre 1.2) repositories
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb:  Backwards compatibility
	and restoration of --update.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Ensure nil-typed dependencies become
	runtime dependencies.

2008-05-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Switch #fetch, #find_matching to be
	compatible with Gem::SourceInfoCache#search_with_source.  Add caching
	for .gemspec files.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Switch #outdated to use SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/outdated_command.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Switch to SpecFetcher.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:  Handle comparisons with non-Gem::Version

2008-05-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  Add caching of specs, latest_specs
	* test/gemutilities.rb:  Ensure Gem.user_home doesn't point to ~.

2008-05-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Add Marshal format index of spec names,
	versions and platforms.  WIP.
	* lib/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:  WIP for replacement of
	Gem::SourceInfoCache and SourceInfoCacheEntry.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency.rb:  Add #=~.

2008-05-07 John Barnette <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, et. al: Let gems have development
	dependencies, which aren't installed (except when --development is
	supplied) or activated.

2008-05-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Refactored into simpler more imperative
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Leave rbconfig/datadir.rb for non-RubyGems use.

2008-04-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Refresh the source index per request so new
	gems will be found after server startup.

2008-04-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Only print out "Bulk updating" when
	verbose, fix #latest_specs documentation.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Add :cache_dir option for

2008-04-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/test_utilities.rb:  Expose some internal testing
	utilities that are of general use.

2008-04-10  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Fix Gem.prefix so it reports nil when rubygems.rb
	is in sitelibdir, libdir, or doesn't have 'lib' as a parent directory.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_1_1.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.1.1 release notes.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.1.1.

2008-04-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Fix fragment URIs.  Patch by James Tucker.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Pass
	--no-format-executable to setup.rb.  Patch by Stephen Bannasch.

2008-04-06  Chad Woolley  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add setter Gems.platforms=, to allow platforms
	to be set/reset when invoking or testing RubyGems programatically.
	Also force Gems.platforms to automatically reset to default of
	[Gem::Platform::RUBY, Gem::Platform.local] if cleared.
	* lib/rubygems/version_option.rb:  Change add_platform_option
	to initialize Gem.platforms to contain only Gem::Platform::RUBY

2008-04-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Make Gem::SourceIndex#refresh!
	more-correct.  Reported by Paul Haddad.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Add Gem::refresh.  Bug #19176 by Hongli Lai.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Put downloaded gems into
	install_dir's cache.  Patch #19182 by Richard Brown.

2008-04-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb:  Merge full cache file into
	latest data.  Don't write cache files when checking for them.  Only
	update full cache file when we've read it.  Refresh all data when
	loading all data.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Fix --force to work without
	network for dependent gems.  Fix all-fetching test.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Obey --all flag for gem
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb:  Don't display
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Fix typo.  Patch by Tom Copeland.
	* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb:  Display RubyGemsVersion with
	* lib/rubygems/commands/pristine_command.rb:  Rebuild extensions along
	with everything else.  Patch #19281 by Dr. Nic Williams.

2008-04-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Fix prefix to point to directory above RubyGems,
	so RubyGems will be installed into lib/.
	* setup.rb:  Work around apple's libdir-installed RubyGems, by
	installing into sitelibdir.
	* Rakefile:  Add svnversion to RubyGems version number for `rake

2008-03-31  Luis Lavena  <>

	* test/: Allow tests to use a random (but controlled) port number
	instead of a hardcoded one. This helps CI tools when running
	parallels builds.

2008-03-30  Luis Lavena  <>

	* test/test_gem.rb: Leave APPLE_GEM_HOME tests only to *nixes.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Errno::ECONNABORTED raised on Windows
	on closed Keep-Alive connections.

2008-03-29  Eric Hodel  <>

	* gemspecs/:  Removed.
	* examples/:  Removed.
	* doc/design/:  Removed.
	* doc/rdoc_templates/:  Removed.
	* Rakefile:  Package doc/release_notes/.
	* setup.rb:  Use full path to release_notes, ensure RDoc can be
	both removed and installed.

2008-03-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* bin/gem, Rakefile:  RubyGems now requires Ruby > 1.8.3.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Added Gem.ruby_version, Gem.read_binary,
	* lib/, test/:  Read files in binary mode for windows and ruby 1.9.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Only update once.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb:  Ditto.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Fix #remove_extra, #find_missing so
	legacy platform gems don't get updated repeatedly.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_1_0.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.1.0 release notes.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.1.0.

2008-03-28  Ryan Woodrum  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb: Add --installed
	subcommand to check if a gem and/or version is installed.
	* test/test_gem_commands_query_command.rb: Add relevant tests.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Override exit() for query tests.
	* test/mockgemui.rb: Add =() to manipulate output values (clear).

2008-03-28  Chad Woolley  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Add reset_cache_file.

2008-03-27  Chad Woolley  <>

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb: Raise Gem::SystemExitException
	instead of exiting, kill unused terminate_interaction!.
	* lib/rubygems/exceptions.rb: Add Gem::SystemExitException.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: Raise
	Gem::SystemExitException instead of exiting.
	* bin/gem: Rescue Gem::SystemExitException and exit with
	specified exit_code.
	* test/test_gem_commands_install_command.rb: Assert on
	Gem::SystemExitException and exit_code in tests.

2008-03-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb:  Allow sources to be
	removed without network.  Fixes bug #18644 by Mikel Lindsaar.

2008-03-27  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb: Use platform specific
	PATH_SEPARATOR instead of hardcoded ':'
	* test/test_gem_commands_unpack_command.rb: Ditto.
	* test/test_gem_commands_environment_command.rb: Ditto.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Fix binary file reads being truncated on
	* test/test_gem_commands_install_command.rb: Switch to read_binary.
	* test/test_gem_commands_update_command.rb: Ditto.
	* test/test_gem_commands_server_command.rb: Consider full path when
	evaluating location (instead of hardcoded or missing drive leter).
	* test/test_gem_installer.rb: Ditto.
	* test/test_gem_dependency_installer.rb: exclude no-wrapper tests for

2008-03-26  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Handle backslashes that came from GEM_HOME and
	GEM_PATH on Windows.

2008-03-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Add updating from latest index,
	default to updating from latest index.  Reduces common-case update
	to under 3,000 gems at present.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher:  Fix error reporting from net/http.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Sort methods, remove last vestiges of autorequire,
	RDoc cleanup.

2008-03-23  Luis Lavena  <>

	* setup.rb: generated Windows stubs will honors prefix using Gem.ruby
	instead of hardcoded 'ruby.exe'
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: generated Windows stubs scripts will now
	work from differnt directories than Gem::bindir. Fixes bug #16259 by
	Claus Folke Brobak

2008-03-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_gem_source_info_cache.rb:  Test with real objects now.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  #latest_specs now has latest specs
	for all platforms.
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb:  Add latest cache data, only load
	full cache data when needed.

2008-03-20  Luis Lavena  <>

	* test/gemutilities.rb:  Change all the file processing mechanism to
	enable binary mode by default (required for Windows file operations
	dealing with non-printable characters).

2008-03-19  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_output.rb: Adapted code to use #wrap instead
	of #new when dealing with Zlib::GzipWriter (fixes SEGV and warnings due
	GzipWriter object not being closed explicitly).

2008-03-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb:  Add latest_index.

2008-03-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb:  Add special case for RUBY_ENGINE constant
	when setting default gem dir.
	* Rakefile:  Add update_rubinius and diff_rubinius.

2008-03-08  Lincoln Stoll  <>

	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Drop use of RDoc's TemplatePage in favor of

2008-03-04  Ryan Davis  <ryan@wrath.local>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Moved #download from
	* lib/rubygems/commands/fetch_command.rb: Updated to use #download.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: install now takes name or dep.
	Renamed gather_specs_to_download to find_spec_by_name_and_version.
	Modifed #initialize to not take gem name or version.

2008-03-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package*:  Removed #open_from_io and friends, switched
	to #open, no special handling for file names.
	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_output.rb:  Refactored ::open to use
	instance methods.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Print out number of requests made
	before connection reset.

2008-02-29  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_reader/entry.rb:  Removed is_directory and
	is_file? in favor of file? and directory?.

2008-02-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb:  Broke up Tar bits into separate files.
	* lib/rubygems/package/tar_reader/entry.rb:  Don't copy TarHeader data
	into Entry, go through #header instead.  Better tests for

2008-02-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Automatically fall back to
	local-only install on network error.  Fixes bug #15759 by Chauk-Mean P.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb:  Process spec dirs so that earlier
	dirs override later dirs.  Fixes bug #14816 by Kurt Stephens.

2008-02-26  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb:  Only update gems that need
	updates.  Fixes bug #14780 by Mathieu Lajugie.  Don't force
	remote-only updates.  Properly handle dependencies when updating.
	Fixes bug #17488 by Hongli Lai.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb:  Display path as a
	usable path.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Don't add APPLE_GEM_HOME with ENV['GEM_HOME'].

2008-02-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Expand sitelibdir when checking prefix.  Fixes bug
	#17983 by Hemant Kumar.
	* setup.rb:  Print release notes on installation.  Tell people where
	`gem` was installed.
	* bin/update_rubygems:  Added --help output to explain how to install
	earlier versions of RubyGems.  Added --version option workaround.
	Fixes bug #16842 by Chad Woolley.
	* lib/rubygems/install_command.rb:  Give proper exit code on failure.
	Fixes bug #17438 by Josh Nichols.

2008-02-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Change hosts correctly when
	redirecting.  Handle EOFError from Net::HTTP.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/specification_command.rb:  Pull specifications
	from gem files.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  When :executable is set, don't ask the
	user.  Fixes bug #16812 by Matt Mower.  Raise exception instead of
	printing message when gem is not in GEM_HOME.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstall_command.rb:  Print message when gem is not in
	* lib/rubygems/commands/cleanup_command.rb:  Clean up all old gems.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb:  Scan every gem path when
	unpacking.  Fixes bug #17602 by Ryan Davis.

2008-02-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/install_update_options.rb: Add --bindir option to
	specify destination to install executables into.  Patch #17937 by
	Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fix ==  Bug
	#17413 by Andrei Bocan.
	* setup.rb: Properly check for deletablitily of user and system
	caches.  Bug #17869 by Alexey Verkhovsky.  Fix --no-format-executable.
	Fixes bug #16879 by Charles Nutter.

2008-02-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Add persistent connection support.
	Patch #18180 by Aaron Patterson.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fix #shebang to use the ruby install
	name.  Patch #16878 by Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb, lib/rubygems.rb: Enable defaults for
	Gem.path and Gem.bindir.  Patch #17886 by Donavan Pantke.
	* test/test_gem_ext_configure_builder.rb: Make test_self_build_fail
	more platform independent.  Patch #17599 by Martin Krauskopf.

2008-02-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/fetch_command.rb: Fix a bug when fetching
	from non-default sources.  Report non-existent gems instead of

2008-01-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Use portable and safe ENV
	operation.  Patch by usa in ruby SVN revision 14739.
	* lib/rubygems/open-uri.rb: Fix tests.  Patch by NARUSE Yui.

2007-12-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Remove methods from Gem, not QuickLoader, to
	fix warnings.

2007-12-22  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb:  Put GEM PATHS in the
	correct order.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/uninstall_command.rb:  Add --install-dir to
	specify which local repository to uninstall from.  Patch #15151 by
	Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Only allow uninstallation of gems from
	specified directory.  Properly clean up executables on uninstall.
	Patch #15151 by Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/install_update_options.rb:  Add --no-env-shebang
	option.  Patch #16508 by Donavan Pantke.
	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Use require to load rubygems.rb to make
	$LOADED_FEATURES correct on RubyGems update.

2007-12-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* util/gem_prelude.rb:  Place bin before lib so bin stubs work.

2007-12-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* Rakefile:  Require Ruby > 1.8.2.  Enable CERT_DIR.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Work with RbConfig and Config.  Bug #16457 by
	Christian Ramilo, John Barnette.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/build_command.rb:  Relax yaml? test to work
	with Ruby 1.8.3.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.0.1.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_0_1.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.0.1 release notes.

2007-12-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Revert change that only wrapped
	executables with #!.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Warn about a lot of things that
	could be wrong with gemspecs on build, including missing #!.  Use
	'x86-mswin32' for legacy 'mswin32' platform, fix CURRENT platform.
	Paired with Luis Lavena.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb:  Deleted.
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Removed Kernel#require_gem.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_1_0_0.rdoc:  RubyGems 1.0 release notes.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:  1.0.0.

2007-12-18  Luis Lavena  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/mirror_command.rb: Work around URI::parse
	processing file:// scheme and drive paths on Windows.
	* test/test_gem_commands_mirror_command.rb: ditto.

2007-12-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Copy files into bindir if they don't
	have a shebang.  Bug reported by Luis Lavena.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Handle platforms in Gem::Server#quick.
	Exactly match gem names.  Bugs reported by Chad Woolley.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb:  Remove platform constants in favor of
	Gem::Platform::CURRENT.  Bug reported by Luis Lavena.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Work around Dir::glob not
	understanding File::ALT_SEPARATOR.  Bug submitted by Luis Lavena.

2007-12-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Be more verbose in error messages
	from OpenURI.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Be more verbose in error/missing responses.

2007-12-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Output extension build results when
	really verbose.  From bug #15853 John Croisant.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:  Fix backwards compatibility with
	0.9.4, don't allow the platform to be nil or an empty string.  Bug
	#16177 by Dan Manges.
	* setup.rb:  Re-exec setup.rb if rubygems is loaded and RUBYOPT is
	set.  Fixes bug #15974 by Joshua Sierles.
	* lib/rubygems/update_command.rb:  Tweak formatting of updated
	message.  Bug #15625 by Bil Kleb.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb:  Add URI to exception message for
	Gem::RemoteFetcher#fetch_size.  Bug #14801 by Bil Kleb.

2007-12-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Don't display duplicate
	version numbers.  Bug #15828 by Tim Fletcher.
	* setup.rb:  Fix my stupidity with --help.  Patch #16308 by Stephen
	Bannasch.  Fix --prefix= argument.  Bug #16002 by Piglop.

2007-12-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/server_command.rb:  Fix --no-daemon.  Bug by
	Chad Woolley.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb:  Fix Marshal quick index.  Bug by Chad
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Respect Gem::Specification#bindir.  Bug
	#16202 by Suraj Kurapati.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Fix `gem update mysql`.
	Bug #16244 by Stephen Bannasch.

2007-12-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb:  Add --format-executable option to
	install executables with ruby's program-suffix and prefix.  Patch
	#14688 by Jeremy Kemper.  Also, installing in really-verbose mode
	prints out written files.
	* setup.rb:  Add --format-executable option to install gem with ruby's
	program-suffix and prefix.  Add --help.  Fixes bug #16056 by Chad
	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb:  Fallback to original_platform_name
	correctly.  Patch #15960 by Nicola Piccinini's friend.

2007-12-11  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb:  Correct test run failures when no tests
	are provided.  Patch #15701 by Jérémy Zurcher.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/mirror_command.rb:  Don't File.join a
	URI::HTTP.  Patch #16116 by Morgan Nelson.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb:  Add --target option to
	`gem unpack`.  Patch #16154 by Kevin Barnes.

2007-12-10  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb:  Revert to nil for the default
	security policy to avoid requiring OpenSSL.
	* lib/rubygems/defaults.rb: Consolidate defaults for easier editing.
	Patch #15150 by Donavan Pantke.

2007-11-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Remove dependency on forwadable.
	Patch by Koichi Sasada.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Reduce dependency on time.rb.  Patch
	by Koichi Sasada.

2007-11-26  Rich Kilmer <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Fix bug 15948 with version bump
	* test/test_gem_version.rb: Test for bug 15948 with version bump
	* util/gem_prelude.rb: wrap init code with exception handler
	and skip badly formed directory names

2007-11-23  Rich Kilmer <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Centralize all CONFIG options into Hash
	Gem::ConfigMap with keys as symbols, change all references
	to CONFIG to ConfigMap
	* lib/rubygems/require_paths_builder.rb: Added to support 
	building .require_paths file
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Add building of .require_paths if
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Use new ConfigMap hash for arch
	* lib/rubygems
	* util/gem_prelude.rb: new gem prelude for Ruby 1.9
	* test/test_gem_installer.rb: change to use ConfigMap hash
	* test/gemutilities.rb: change to use ConfigMap hash

2007-11-21  Daniel Berger <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: now returns
	Gem::Platform.local if the arch matches Gem::Platform::CURRENT.
	Bugs #15815 and #15782 submitted by Daniel Berger.

2007-11-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Handle bare 'mswin32' platform's CPU.

2007-11-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: 0.9.5.

2007-11-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/gemutilities: Add a legacy platform gem to the default test
	gems list.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Add Gem::Specification#original_name
	for legacy purposes
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb: Use #original_name to make the indexer
	backwards compatible.
	* lib/rubygems/master_index_builder.rb: Reduce memory consumption.

2007-11-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: beta.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Patch for RUBY_FRAMEWORK for OS X 10.5.  Patch
	submitted by Laurent Sansonetti.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: cygwin, djgpp, mingw are Windows platforms.  Fixes
	bug #15537 by Roger Pack.

2007-11-11  Eric Hodel  <>

	* Rakefile: Tasks for maintaining ruby trunk export of RubyGems.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Preserve original platform across
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Retry with original platform
	name on fetch error.

2007-11-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Set #original_platform only once.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb: Handle legacy platforms.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Gem::Platform is a valid argument.  Bug
	#15511 submitted by Daniel Berger.
	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb: Fix compatibility with 1.8.2.  Bug
	#14933 submitted by Aaron Patterson.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Now '-V' enables verbose.  Bug #14951
	submitted by Sasa Ebach.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/check_command.rb: Change use of '-v', '-V' to
	match above.
	* lib/rubygems/package.rb: #send! is gone again.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Don't add custom_require for 1.9.
	* test/*: Make compatible with 1.9 import.

2007-10-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Don't re-use @platform to maintain
	backwards compatibility.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Handle nil and 'ruby' platforms in ::new.

2007-10-20	Daniel Berger	<>

	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb: Changed '.cmd' to '.bat' in the
	remove_executables method for MS Windows. Patch from Luis Lavena.

2007-10-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: beta.

2007-10-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Don't install with
	dependencies when updating.  This is a hack.

2007-10-19  Daniel Berger  <>

	* setup.rb: gem.cmd stub is now gem.cmd, and the stub generation was
	changed - now better for NT. Patch #14725 (Luis Lavena).
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Same as for setup.rb.

2007-10-18  Daniel Berger  <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Modified the Platform.local method for MS
	Windows for versions built with VC++ 6. Patch #14727 (Luis Lavena).
	* test/test_gem_specification.rb: Added version independent tests for
	MS Windows. Patch #14727 (Luis Lavena).

2007-10-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Add platform to User-Agent.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: Fix typo.  Debian bug
	#443135 submitted by Reuben Thomas.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Don't install dropped
	dependencies.  Fixes bug #14724 submitted by Luis Lavena.

2007-10-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Unset RUBYOPT when running
	* setup.rb: Re-exec without RUBYOPT if it is set.  Fixes bug #14683
	submitted by Lyle Johnson.

2007-10-16  Daniel Berger  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer/abstract_index_builder.rb: The compress method
	now does a binary read to make MS Windows happy.

2007-10-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* setup.rb: Installs bin stubs that warn when you try to use the old
	commands.  Simple mswin deprecation stubs by Luis Lavena.

2007-10-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* setup.rb: Remove source caches on install.
	* doc/release_notes/rel_0_9_5.rdoc: Draft added.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: beta.

2007-10-10  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Fix small bug found by Alan C.

2007-10-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Use install_dir so custom gem
	repos can be used.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Always set required attributes, even
	if they match the default.

2007-10-08  Ryan Davis  <ryan@wrath.local>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Fixed require order so custom_require is
	last. Added HACK tag to remind Jim to release rake.
	* test/test_gem_source_index.rb: Fixed latest_specs' tests so
	failures were much more readable.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Fixed latest_specs to deal with
	platforms appropriately. Returns array again.

2007-10-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Boost bulk_threshold to 1000, Marshal
	format is smaller than yaml format quick index.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Make #shebang correctly rewrite env
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Mark for removal, too much
	depends upon it now.

2007-10-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Sped up ::_load.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Sped up #search.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Replace #to_ints with #ints, and cache
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Only flush cache when it changes.

2007-10-05  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb: Allow customization of completion
	message for progress reporters.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Add --quiet option.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index_command.rb: Add description.

2007-10-04  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb: Also check and uninstall old platform
	name to ensure legacy platform gems are uninstalled.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: Remove existing rdoc and ri directory
	so regenerating docs succeeds even if previously interrupted.

2007-10-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Make #outdated search only for gems
	matching the current platform.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb: Add --platform.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/outdated_command.rb: Ditto.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/specification_command.rb: Ditto.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Ditto.

2007-10-02  Wilson Bilkovich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Custom Marshal format to reduce index
	* lib/rubygems/requirement.rb: Ditto
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Ditto

2007-10-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Handle mswin32 on VC6.  Partial patch and
	assistance by Luis Lavena.  Handle cpu-os-version style platforms for
	command-line arguments.

2007-09-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Gem::Specification is now
	forward-compatible while loading.

2007-09-29  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache_entry.rb: Correctly handle URIs.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: ditto.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_options.rb: Add --update-sources option.  Patch
	#14246 submitted by Alan Francis.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Add update_sources setting to control
	automatic refreshing of sources (patch #14246).  Fix bug where things
	would be overwritten in ~/.gemrc when they shouldn't.

2007-09-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems.rb: Gem.ruby now returns the full path.  Added
	Gem.prefix to make self updating work right.
	* setup.rb, pre-install.rb, post-install.rb: Replace with a small,
	simple setup script that works.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/update_command.rb: Pass rdoc, ri and prefix
	flags down to setup.rb when self updating.

2007-09-26  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version_option.rb: Always include RUBY platform,
	allow RUBY platform as an option.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Gems with non-ruby platform sort
	last (first in preference for installation).
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Allow matching of legacy platforms.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Add only_platform option to #search.

2007-09-24  Wilson Bilkovich  <>
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb: Generate a Marshal index in parallel to YAML
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Fetch a Marshal index if it exists, to
	avoid the memory cost of parsing a huge YAML file
	* lib/rubygems/commands/mirror_command.rb: Check for Marshal first
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/abstract_index_builder.rb: Index refactoring
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/marshal_index_builder.rb: Build Marshal index
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/master_index_builder.rb: Simplify YAML generation
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/quick_index_builder.rb: Build Marshal quickindex
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb: Serve up Marshal index as well as YAML
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache_entry.rb: Expect a Marshal index

2007-09-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/fetch_command.rb: `gem fetch` downloads a gem
	to the current directory.  Feature request #10752 by Bret Pettichord.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/local_remote_options.rb, etc.: Fix spelling of
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Revert feature request #8818, it
	interferes with `ruby -S` and multiple versions of ruby (1.8 and 1.9).
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Fix a bug where the wrong
	platform gem would be installed.
	* lib/rubygems/version_option.rb: Add --platform.
	* lib/rubygems/install_update_options.rb: Verify --security-policy.
	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb: Verify --source, --http-proxy.

2007-09-22  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/open-uri.rb: Don't document our OpenURI.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index_command.rb: Fix Indexer class
	* lib/rubygems/commands/mirror_command.rb: Fix for 1.9.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/pristine_command.rb: Have `gem pristine`
	give a better report of what it accomplished.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Add optional description field.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Hack around broken Pathname#absolute? on
	windows.  Patch #14139 by Jim Hughes.

2007-09-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* misc files: Tests pass on 1.9.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Added Object#send! stub for 1.8.
	* test/test_open_uri.rb: Require gem_open_uri.rb to avoid warnings.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb: Clarify `gem sources -c`
	and what `gem sources` does.  Patch by Hugh Sasse.

2007-09-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Make Gem::Platform a class.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Gem::Specification#validate returns
	true, non-Gem::Platform platforms are no longer allowed.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: 1.9 compatiblity fixes.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Work around a bug in URI.parse
	which misinterprets "C:/".  Patch #13537 submitted by Daniel Berger.
	* lib/rubygems/format.rb: Ensure file handles are closed.  Patch
	#13533 submitted by Daniel Berger.
	* test/test_gem_installer.rb: Win32 path fix.  Patch #13528 submitted
	by Daniel Berger.
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Make the platform be a win32 platform on
	win32.  Fixes confusion in generate_bin_symlink tests.  Patch #13529
	submitted by Daniel Berger.
	* test/test_gem_specification.rb: Sequel to above.  Patch
	#13535 submitted by Daniel Berger.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Make the updating cache message more
	clear.  Patch #12778 submitted by Bil Kleb.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb: Allow gem's rdoc-style.css to be used.
	Patch #13589 by Stephen Bannasch.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb: Fail on missing builder gem only when
	trying to use the indexer.  Fixes bug #13939 by Bryan Stearns.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/indexer.rb: Move Indexer up one level in
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/compressor.rb: Only used in
	Gem::Indexer::AbstractIndexBuilder subclasses, merged there.
	* lib/rubygems/command_aids.rb: Merged Gem::CommandAids into
	Gem::Command since that's the only place it gets used.
	* misc other files: mswin fixes.  Paired with Daniel Berger.

2007-08-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fix #full_name for versionless
	* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb: We're only looking for NameError.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: 1.9 fix.
	* lib/rubygems/format.rb: ditto.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: ditto.

2007-08-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb:

2007-08-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Add HPUX, AIX and NetBSD.  Thanks to
	Daniel Berger, Yutaka KANEMOTO and Andre Nathan respectively.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Move all option setting to #initialize to
	make `gem pristine` work again.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb: Include platforms.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Support local non-root

2007-08-22  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Don't reinstall dependencies
	existing in the install dir.  Don't install dependencies for older
	versions of the gem we're installing.  #installed_gems now contains
	loaded gemspecs.  Always prefer local gems.  Handle globs correctly.
	All deps are now installed into the install_dir.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: Switch to
	Gem::DependencyInstaller.  Warn when -y is given, it will be removed.
	Try our best to install everything the user asked.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Gem.bindir now handles Pathname correctly.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Don't downcase anymore.

2007-08-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Add installation from local
	gems.  Install gems in the correct order.  Handle -E, -f,
	--ignore-dependencies, -i, -r, -l, -b, -P, -w, -v options for `gem
	* test/gemutilities.rb: Work around OS X /private/tmp.
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Switch to using arch instead of target_*
	for JRuby compatibility.  Thanks to Nick Sieger.

2007-08-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Add working but unfinished
	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Add #search_with_source.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_list.rb: Move #fill_dependencies to
	* lib/rubygems/platform.rb: Split from specification.rb.  Add methods
	to recognize platforms from Config::CONFIG.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Add Gem::platforms.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Disallow String platforms.

2007-08-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Search by Gem::Dependenency.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index: Search by Gem::Dependenency.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Version can be String or Integer.
	Gem::Requirement::default is now >= 0.  Gem::Requirement can be built
	from a Gem::Dependency.
	* lib/rubygems/dependency_list.rb: Uses TSort now.  Add
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb: Support quick index.

2007-08-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/dependency_list.rb: For diamond dependencies with
	different versions on the bottom of the diamond, trim all but the
	latest dependency.  This will prevent gems like hoe from being
	installed multiple times.

2007-08-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Support building mkrf extensions.  Fixes
	bug #11313.  Patch by Jeremy Hinegardner.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Ensure bin files are executable.  Fixes
	bug #8985 submitted by Ara Howard.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Insert installing gem home dir into bin
	wrapper.  Patch #8818 by Ara Howard.

2007-08-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/uninstall_command.rb: Gems with version of 0
	can now be uninstalled.

2007-08-11  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Command-line args override ~/.gemrc
	now.  Gem.sources is pulled from ~/.gemrc now.  Gem::ConfigFile can
	write itself out now.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb: Now writes out
	Gem.configuration on changes.  No longer checks source cache on

2007-08-09  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Make Gem::SourceInfoCache#search
	only search gems in Gem.sources.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Make Gem::configuration a real Gem::ConfigFile
	* lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb: Fix `gem query --details`.
	Add `gem query --no-versions`.
	* lib/rubygems/local_remote_options.rb: Make `gem mumble --source URL`
	only use that source.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Fix Gem::ConfigFile#[]= to match

2007-08-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/specification_command.rb: Match only exact gem
	names.  Fixes bug #9681.  Patch by Michael DeCandia.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb: Match only exact gem names.
	Fixes bug #9681.  Patch by Michael DeCandia.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/contents_command.rb: Match only exact gem
	names.  Fixes bug #9681.  Patch by Michael DeCandia
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Perform a GET request if the HEAD
	request doesn't have Content-Length.  Fixes bug #9771.  Patch by Ben
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Clear Gem::searcher when we Gem::clear_paths.
	Fixes bug #12886.  Submitted by Peter Williams.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Add #default_sources and rework #sources to use it.
	* post-install.rb: No longer runs install_sources.
	* pkgs/sources: Updated to something what a 0.0.2 would look like, if
	we ever make one.

2007-08-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Removed and broken up into individual
	* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb: Lazily loads gem commands.  Now to
	use CommandManager just "require 'rubygems/command_manager'" and
	everything will be there.

2007-08-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/*, test/*: Pushed down dependencies as far as reasonable.
	Removed Gem::manage_gems.  Now only 14 files are loaded with "require
	'rubygems'".  Added tests for `gem build` and `gem cert`.
	* lib/rubygems/extensions.rb: Added common place for all extensions.

2007-07-26  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_gem_ext_configure_builder.rb: Linux has different behavior
	for `sh ./configure` when configure is missing.  Fix adapted from
	Patch #10019 by Donavan Pantke.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/pristine_command.rb: Compare fully-qualified
	paths.  Fixes bug #7976 by Lyle Johnson.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Add ConfigFile#[]=, so --proxy
	command-line option works.  Fixes #8152 by Justin Sabelkko.
	* lib/rubygems/post-install.rb: Make sure we use the
	latest-and-greatest RubyGems when running post-install.rb.  Fixes Bug
	#8411 by Duy Nguyen.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: An empty HTTP_PROXY means no proxy.
	Fixes Bug #9042 by Michael Brodhead.
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Disallow newlines in version string.  Strip
	spaces from version string.  Fixes Bug #9499 by Bryce Kerley.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb: Fix spelling error.  Fixes
	Bug #11064 by Chris Eskow.

2007-07-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/indexer.rb: Create the index in /tmp, then move it into
	place when we're done.  This will prevent spurious bulk index updates
	from occurring while the quick index is missing.  Remove the option to
	not build the quick index.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index_command.rb: --no-quick is gone.
	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb: If stdin is not a tty, it is
	unlikely that gem is going to get a response when asking a question.
	Patch #10660 by Paul Brannan.
	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Output test failures when using install
	-t.  Patch #10659 by Paul Brannan.
	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb (Kernel#require): Only rescue a
	LoadError that matches the file we are requiring.  Patch #10723 by
	Tyler Rick.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: Support HTTP basic authentication.
	Patch #8121 by Max Dunn.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: Don't raise an error when
	a gem has no tests.  Patch #11824 by Katsuyuki MIYAMUKO.

2007-07-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/commands/contents_command.rb: Add --lib-only option, remove
	useless --list option.  Feature request #9498 by Martin DeMello.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Restrict to only files in
	#require_paths.  Add #required_rubygems_version.  Feature request
	#7780 by Eric Hodel.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/dependency_command.rb: Display dependencies for
	remote gems.  Feature request #12133 by Eric Hodel.  -r for reverse
	dependencies is now -R.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/specification_command.rb: Display
	specifications for remote gems.  Feature request #12133 by Eric Hodel.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#install): Check
	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb
	(Gem::UserInteraction#choose_from_list): Check result for EOF.  Fixes
	bug #8018.  Patch by Jos Backus.
	* post-install.rb: Install using absolute path.  Fixes bug #10675.
	Patch by Jeremy Burks.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb: Add RUBY VERSION to
	environment output.
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Don't worry about duplicated command-line
	options, OptionParser takes care of them for us.

2007-07-22  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification#files): Make it
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: Better documentation.  -v flag now lets you
	get to "really verbose" mode which makes the verbose progress meter
	work.  Add command groups to separate types of commands easily.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/which_command.rb, bin/gemwhich: Move `gemwhich`
	under `gem`.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/mirror_command.rb, bin/gem_mirror: Move
	`gem_mirror` under `gem`.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/lock_command.rb, bin/gemlock: Move `gemlock`
	under `gem`.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/server_command.rb, bin/gem_server: Move
	`gem_server` under `gem`.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager#initialize): Only raise
	when operating on the filesystem.
	* lib/rubygems/server.rb: Remove option processing, now in
	* lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index.rb, bin/index_gem_repository.rb:
	Move `index_gem_repository.rb` to `gem generate_index`.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer (Gem::Indexer): Extract from
	index_gem_repository.rb and merge RubyForge changes.
	* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager#run): Print
	backtrace when --debug is set too.
	* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager#load_and_instantiate):
	Don't infinitely loop in retry.
	* bin/gemri: Removed.  Everybody should have ri integration now.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: Allow settings to be examined.  Pull
	settings from .gemrc.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/environment_command.rb: Add ruby executable
	and configuration settings to `gem env`.
	* lib/rubygems/indexer/indexer.rb (Gem::Indexer::Indexer#build_index):
	Now uses UserInteraction.
	* various: Use UserInteraction for output.
	* lib/gemconfigure.rb: Removed. Same as multiple gem commands.
	* lib/rubygems/commands/contents_command.rb: Removed extra --verbose
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::LocalRemoteOptions): Moved -B,
	--source, -p from Gem::Commands::common_options.

2007-07-22  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Added another example to the gem
	example output (Gile Bowkett)
	* test/test_documentation_generation.rb, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:
	Added a test for documentation generation and fixed a bug when doc
	location is not writable.

2007-06-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb (Gem::GemPathSearcher): Moved out
	of lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb and added tests.

2007-06-02  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb (Gem::try_file): Fix for issue
	where a non-existing source cache file causes the gem command to
	not find a gem.  This fixes it by marshalling out an empty
	hash.  (Thanks to Nick Sieger for this fix).

2007-06-01  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb
	(Gem::OperationNotSupportedError::latest_partials): Changed from
	match data style to $1 style regexp (on the recommendation of
	better performance).

2007-05-30  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex::update):
	Modified to get the bulk_threshhold from the configuration.
	(Gem::SourceIndex::convert_specs): Ryan removed the "reduce_specs"
	method because it is not needed any more and is creating memory

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb (Gem::ConfigFile): Added
	bulk_threshhold field to ConfigFile.
	(Gem::ConfigFile::initialize): Initialize bulk threshhold to 500.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb
	(Gem::Command::specific_extra_args_hash): Added
	-B (--bulk-threshhold) option to allow user specified bulk
	download threshhold.

2007-05-23  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb
	(Gem::Commands::SourcesCommand::initialize): Added a --clear-all
	option to the sources subcommand.  Clear-all will remove the cache

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb (Gem): Moved system_cache_file
	and user_cache_file to class methods so that we can get the file
	names without creating a SourceInfoCache instance.

2007-05-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Teach SIC to repair itself
	when it encounters a bad cache file.

2007-05-14  Chad Fowler  <>
		* lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb: Re-added registration for
	gem cleanup command which I accidentally removed during refactoring.

2007-05-10  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Uncommented the require
	'sources' line.

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Uncommented the require
	'sources' line.

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version 0.9.3
	in preparation for release.

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (Gem::TarInput::zipped_stream):
	Zipped_stream now always uses the in memory string IO buffer.
	There were just too many problems with ZLib (on windows)

2007-03-26  Jim Weirich  <>

	*  (Index): new digest technique.

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb (Gem::Validator::verify_gem): Removed
	really old MD5 and replaced with gem based digests.  
	* experimental/deployment.rb (Gem::Deployment::Manager::initialize):
	New digest technique.

	* experimental/test_deployment.rb (TestDeployment::test_deployed_file):
	New digest technique.

2007-03-26  Chad Fowler <>

	* Extracted the big ball of mud that was gem_commands.rb into    
	separate files.

2007-03-17  Chad Fowler <>

	* Various ruby 1.8.6 fixes for failing tests.
	* Updated setup.rb to 3.4.1
	* Renamed cmd_manager to command_manager to keep names consistent
	* lib/installer.rb: Rework path checking to use Pathname (ara howard bug #8811)
2007-03-02  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Add bin directory before library directory,
	otherwise gems like rake don't work.

2007-03-01  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/open-uri.rb: Fix all the infinite loop errors.

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Add dirs from activate after -I and ENV['RUBYLIB']
	dirs.  Otherwise gems won't allow -I to work when #gem is called.

2007-02-11  Chad Fowler <>

	* test/gemutilities.rb: Fix to make Windows tests pass. (Anatol Pomozov)

2007-02-05  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version 0.9.2
	and made a release.

2007-02-04  Chad Fowler <>

	* Fixed failing tests (changed from assert_equal to assert_match to 
	  deal with ARGV inconsistencies in test vs. production).

2007-02-03  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Bumped version to

	* lib/rubygems/gem_open_uri.rb: Added the patched open-uri back
	into the gems software.  Evidently, the 1.8 version of open-uri
	does not handle authenticating proxies with username and password.

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb (Gem::cache_data): Added
	rescue block to capture bad file loads.  The original rescue was
	only around the marshal load (bug was probably introduced when the
	file data was preloaded into a string).
	(Gem::set_cache_data): Added set_cache_data to be used during
	testing to avoid reload the cache file over and over.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Added require for command class so
	that this file can be loaded independently.

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex::outdated): Minor

	* test/gemutilities.rb
	(RubyGemTestCase::util_setup_source_info_cache): Minor cleanup

	* test/test_gem_source_info_cache.rb
	(TestGemSourceInfoCache::test_write_cache_user): Switched to using
	set_cache_data here and several other places to avoid rereading
	the cache data over and over again.

2007-02-02  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	Fixed gem unpack (broken since 0.9.1)

2007-01-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb (Gem::SourceInfoCache#cache_data):
	Read the source_cache in binary mode for mswin.

2007-01-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Released 0.9.1.

2007-01-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#extract_files): Only allow
	installation to absolute directories.  (Call File::expand_path first).
	More informative message for attempting to install with bad path.
	* post-install.rb: Install sources first, since its rather important.

2007-01-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: require 'fileutils', as its

2007-01-12  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#extract_files): Don't
	allow gems to place files outside the installation directory.  Fixes
	bug 7751 by Gavin Sinclair.

2007-01-08  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb
	(Gem::Specification::test_suite_file): Added rescue clause for
	(Gem::Specification::add_bindir): Added rescue clause for

	* test/test_specification.rb
	Added a sanity check on hash for some pathologically bad case.
	Added sanity check for pathologically bad executables field.

2007-01-08  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::PristineCommand#execute): Better
	* lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb: Correctly include
	documentation for methods added to Kernel.

2007-01-07  Eric Hodel  <>

	* Rakefile: Include GPL.txt.  Fixes bug #7572 by David Lee.

2007-01-06  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb
	(Gem::Specification::test_suite_file): Rewrote default_executable
	to be a bit more explicit.
	(Gem::Specification::add_bindir): Rewrote the 'files' accessor to
	handle pathologically bad input.
	(Gem::Specification::copy_of): Added as_array private method.

	* Rakefile (package_version): Added '*.out' to clobber list.
	Removed the broken-1.0.0.gem file from the clobber list.

	* test/test_specification.rb
	Seriously beefed up tests for certain specification issues.

	* test/gemenvironment.rb (TestEnvironment::create): Added the 'f'
	flag to deleting 'gemhome'.

2006-12-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* post-install.rb, lib/rubygems/server.rb: RubyGems now installs RDoc
	and ri for itself.

2006-12-28  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#build_extensions):
	Extension build failures now raise Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildErrors.

2006-12-26  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (Gem::Package::TarInput#initialize): Bad
	packages now raise FormatError instead of a generic RuntimeError.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#install): Raise an
	InstallError when we have a bad gem file.

2006-12-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb (Gem::GemPathSearcher::find):
	Removed SUFFIX_PATTERN.  Evidently this was miss during an earlier
	attempt to remove it.
	(Gem::GemPathSearcher::matching_file): Changed reference to
	SUFFIX_PATTERN into a call to Gem.suffix_pattern.

	* Removed tab characters from numerous source files.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::uninstall): Removed
	stray tab characters.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Kernel::require_gem): Added file and line
	number information to require_gem worning (makes it easier to
	track down those offending lines of code).
	(Kernel::location_of_caller): Added helper function to determine
	file and line number of caller.

2006-12-25  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#app_script_text):
	Simpler, more readable bin script.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::PristineCommand#execute):
	Regenerate bin scripts.  This will clean up require_gem in scripts.

2006-12-24  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb (Gem::RemoteFetcher#fetch_path):
	Rescue various errors and return a more-friendly error.

2006-12-23  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Make help
	output fit in 80 columns.
	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb: Bump version to, beta
	time!  (Oops, didn't go into beta.)

2006-12-20  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb (Gem::RemoteFetcher#fetch_size): Give
	a sensible error on bad URIs.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::SourceCommand): Allow management
	of sources in source_cache.  Fixes bug #1128.
	* lib/rubygems.rb (Kernel#require_gem): Add deprecation warning in
	favor of gem.

2006-12-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::ExtBuilder): Refactored for
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller#specs_n_sources_matching): Don't display gems
	that can't be installed.
	* lib/rubygems.rb, pre-install.rb: Fix installation errors on 1.9.
	Fixes bug #4536 by Ryan Davis.
	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb, lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb,
	lib/rubygems-custom_require.rb: Use File.join with glob strings.
	Fixes bug #1096 submitted by Chad Fowler.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller#install_dependencies): Make --force actually
	force.  Fixes bug #7365 by Robert James.

2006-12-18  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands (Gem::OutdatedCommand): Add a way to see
	which gems are out-of-date.

	* setup.rb: Ignore errors for .config and InstalledFiles when
	the source path is read-only/NFS.  Fixes bugs #1395 and #1374.  Patch
	by Ryan Davis.

	* bin/gem_server: Pull code out into lib/rubygems/server.rb for
	reusability.  Closes Feature Request #2220 by Chris Morris.

2006-12-16  Chad Fowler <>

	* test/: Added functional test for extension gems proving that
	non-compiling extensions don't result in success message.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Raise exception if loaded spec is
	nil.  Closes bug #7299.

	* test/gemenvironment.rb: Clean out gemhome every time to avoid dirty
	directory failing tests.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Change uninstall to require a full gem
	name (not a partial match).  Fixes bug #6007 and related unreported

2006-12-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller): Correctly uninstall
	executables if GEM_HOME is set.  Patch #2264 by Sylvain Joyeux.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::loaded_specs): Expose list of currently loaded

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands (Gem::UninstallCommand): Allow multiple
	gems to be uninstalled at once.

2006-12-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* post-install.rb: Don't attempt to read unreadable files.  Fixes
	bug #2851.

2006-12-13  Eric Hodel  <>

	* pre-install.rb.rb, post-install.rb: Don't call manage_gems because
	we don't have sources installed yet.  Bump version requirement to
	1.8.2 since rubygems/open-uri.rb was removed.  Should fix bug #6206.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#build_extensions): Capture
	stderr into results when building extensions.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::ContentsCommand): Allow version
	to be passed to gem contents.  Not backwards compatible, -v now -V and
	vice versa.  Select newest gem for contents.  Fixes bugs #2723, #7225.
	Patches by Sava Chankov, Tom Pollard.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InstallCommand#execute): Allow
	install errors to result in non-zero exit code.  Fixes bug #2773.

2006-12-03  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteInstaller#install):
	Add :cache_dir option to override the default.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteInstaller#download_gem): 
	Check cache to see if the gem has been cached before downloading.

2006-12-02  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::OperationNotSupportedError::suffixes,
	Gem::OperationNotSupportedError::suffix_pattern): Removed
	duplicate copies of the SUFFIX_PATTERN by providing a global
	method Gem.suffixes and Gem.suffix_pattern.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb (Gem::open_uri_or_path): Reworked
	the connection options for the open-uri call.  Since we are not
	using the rubygems supplied open_uri, we can use some new options
	available that make proxy handling much easier.
	(Gem::file_uri): Renamed is_file_uri to file_uri?.

	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb (Gem::LoadPathManager::self):
	Added .jar to list of suffixes.

	* test/functional.rb (FunctionalTest::test_env_remotesources):
	Changed test to uses Gem.sources (the sources method on
	remote_fetcher was removed).

	* test/test_remote_fetcher.rb (TestRemoteFetcher): Renamed some of
	the test constants and instance variables so that they were more
	consistent and explained the tests a wee bit better.
	(TestRemoteFetcher::test_no_proxy): Added assert_data_from_server
	and assert_data_from_proxy to make it clear what the test was
	doing and give better error messages on errors.
	(TestRemoteFetcher::assert_data_from_server): Added
	(TestRemoteFetcher::assert_data_from_proxy): Added

2006-11-30  Chad Fowler <>

	* lib/rubygems/open-uri.rb: Removed the duplicated library.

2006-11-30  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification (Gem::Specification#eql?): Allow gemspecs
	to be used intelligently with Array#- and Array#uniq.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Return extension-building results in
	Exception on build failure.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Ensure gems with similar names
	cannot be matched for install.  (Broken when searching was removed
	from RemoteInstaller.)

2006-11-29  Eric Hodel  <>

	* post-install.rb: Now requires rbconfig.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb: Fixed many
	ivar warnings due to YAML specs.

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb, lib/rubygems/validator.rb
	(Gem::Validator#unit_test Gem::RemoteInstaller::): Ensure the
	current directory is restored.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Raise more-friendly and less-deadly errors.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteInstaller#install):
	Create version requirement correctly.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller#find_gem_to_install): Allow RemoteInstaller to
	work with SilentUI.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb (RemoteFetcher#open_uri_or_path):
	Don't double-require open-uri.

2006-11-27  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb
	(Gem::Specification#default_executable):  Fixed bug where @executables
	could be nil when loaded from index.

2006-11-21  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex#latest_specs):  Grab
	the latest versions of everything in the index.  Written by Ryan

2006-11-20  Rich Kilmer  <>

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb: Added PristineCommand

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Added PristineCommand to restore
	gems to pristine condition in the event of files begin deleted
	based on the cached .gem file

2006-11-19  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/*_fetcher.rb: Removed code specific to remote source
	index updating.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteInstaller#search):
	Moved to Gem::SourceInfoCache#search

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache.rb: Taught to update itself

	* lib/rubygems/source_info_cache_entry.rb: Taught to update itself

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: Taught to update itself from a uri.

2006-11-18  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Applied Kevin Clark's patch to make
	RubyGems recognize mkrf files.

2006-11-17  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_remote_fetcher.rb:  Don't allow files in Dir.pwd to make
	tests fail.  Spotted by Chad Fowler.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteFetcher,
	Gem::CacheFetcher):  Break out of remote_installer.rb into separate

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::SourceInfoCache,
	Gem::SourceInfoCacheEntry):  Allow requiring just the source cache
	without the remote fetcher.

2006-11-16  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/test_local_cache.rb: Moved to better name

	* test/test_gem_source_info_cache.rb: Renamed test methods to match
	implementations.  Sorted test names.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer (Gem::SourceInfoCache): cache_data no
	longer resets dirty flag.  Sped up source cache loading.  Exposed
	cache file name in use.
2006-11-15  Eric Hodel  <>

	* test/, lib/: Made files -w clean.

	* test/: Made tests run independently.

	* Rakefile: Tests now run with warnings on.

2006-11-14  Eric Hodel  <>

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb (Gem::StreamUI#progress_reporter):
	Fix for Gem.configuration.verbose = nil, false

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::configuration): Fix RakeFileUtils pollution.

2006-10-05  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer::shebang): Updated to
	optionally call env_shebang if the command line option is set.
	(Gem::Installer::shebang_env): Added this method.

2006-09-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version

	* lib/rubygems/security.rb (Gem::Security::Exception): Added
	permissions for cert files and directories.
	(Gem::Security::Policy::verify_gem): File.exists? => File.exist?
	(Gem::Security::self.verify_trust_dir): Beefed up code to create
	trust directory structure.
	(Gem::Security::self): Apply permissions when creating trust

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (TarInput::initialize): File.exists? =>

2006-09-24  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb
	(Gem::OperationNotSupportedError::configuration): Added
	method_missing to configuration hash to allow nicer reference

2006-09-22  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::initialize): Proxy patch fixup to
	escape user/password from Anatol Pomozov.
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::connect_to): Proxy patch fixup to
	escape user/password from Anatol Pomozov.

	* test/test_remote_fetcher.rb (TestRemoteFetcher::setup): Proxy
	patch fixup to escape user/password from Anatol Pomozov.
	(TestRemoteFetcher::test_no_proxy): Proxy patch fixup to escape
	user/password from Anatol Pomozov.

	* test/io_capture.rb (Gem::IoCapture): Created new IoCapture
	module to handle capturing output of code under test.

	* test/test_installer.rb
	(TestInstaller::test_generate_bin_symlinks_win32): Removed ugly
	$TESTING hack and substituted new io capture module.
	(TestInstaller::test_install_with_message): Removed one-off stdout
	capture and replaced with new IO Capture module.

2006-09-19  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version

	* test/test_version_comparison.rb (TestRequirementEquality): Added
	more tests for Dependency equality testing and one additions check
	for requirement vs non-requirement equality.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Dependency::==) Fixed '=' bug in
	'==' code.

2006-09-18 Chad Fowler <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	Only show the last 3 gem versions on a multiplatform remote
	install list.

2006-09-18  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::install): Added Hugh Sasse's patch for
	skipping gems on install.

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Dependency::hash): Added hash code
	--http-proxy, the ENV var http_proxy and with no proxy.

2006-08-26  Jim Weirich  <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::download_gem): Fixed download_gems so that
	it properly passes the proxy option to the fetcher class. (based
	on patch by Andy Shen).

2006-08-12  Jim Weirich  <>

	* bin/index_gem_repository.rb (Indexer::sanitize): Added a
	sanitize step to the gem index generation in the hope of avoiding
	problems with non-ASCII names in the yaml data.

2006-06-14  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Rakefile (announce): Added 1.9 hack for ENV['CERT_DIR'].  Remove
	this in the future if 1.9 behavior changes.

2006-06-13  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Rakefile: ENV['CERT_DIR'] is now '' rather than nil.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification::initialize):
	Eric added some 1.9 compatibility code (funcall vs send).

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (TarOutput::self): Eric added some 1.9
	compatibility code (funcall vs send).

	* experimental/deployment.rb (Gem::Deployment): Moved the
	deployment code out of the live code base into the experimental
	directory.  The code wasn't used and the tests were not all

2006-06-11  Jim Weirich  <>

	* bin/gemri: Added gemri to bin directory.

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb (Gem::GemPathSearcher::find):
	Added .rbw to suffix pattern in custom_require.

2006-06-07  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Added copyright notices to all Ruby files.

2006-04-07  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::RDocCommand::execute): Added
	RI option to the rdoc subcommand.

2006-04-05  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/test_parse_commands.rb
	(TestParseCommands::test_parsing_update_options): Fixed unit tests
	to assert that the install dir is expanded.

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::generate_ri):
	Break out from generate_rdoc to support installing all RI docs

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb
	(Gem::InstallUpdateOptions::add_install_update_options): Expanded
	repository directory to absolute path.
	(Gem::InstallCommand::execute): Make sure that *all* of the RI
	documents are generated before generating any RDocs (due to a bug
	in the RDoc library).

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::ExtExtConfBuilder::self): Fixed
	typo in ExtExtConfBuilder that prevented C based gems to install.
	(Gem::ExtExtConfBuilder::self): Installed patch to prevent the
	overriding of target_prefix in native extensions (thanks to Aaron
	Patterson for the patch).

2006-04-04  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped to version

	* lib/rubygems/incremental_fetcher.rb
	(Gem::IncrementalFetcher::update_cache): Now falls back to bulk
	updates if the number of gems if over 50.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::source_index): Added "bulk" to the
	update message to differentiate it from the incremental message.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb
	(Gem::Specification::Specification): Modified to add dashes to
	gemspecs generated under Ruby 1.8.3.  This makes it easier to run
	RubyGems on a 1.8.2 system.

2006-04-01  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::run_rdoc): Changed
	exception handler to print error message if document generation
	fails, but then to continue with the rest of the installation.
	Permission errors still terminate the install because if one
	install fails because of permission problems, chances are that all
	will fail.
	(Gem::DocManager::install_ri): Removed wrapping of exceptions with
	DocumentError.  Most exceptions now don't propagate out of
	(Gem::DocManager::install_rdoc): Removed wrapping of exceptions
	with DocumentError.  Most exceptions now don't propagate out of

2006-02-23  Jim Weirich  <>

	* bin/index_gem_repository.rb (MasterIndexBuilder::cleanup): Fixed
	bug where we were trying to read the index file (to compress it)
	before it was closed, often leading to a truncated index file.

Tue Jan 24 16:26:13 2006  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb
	Luca Pireddu reported a fatal error when permissions on
	.gemrc were too restrictive.  Fixed.

Tue Dec  6 14:51:13 2005  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb
		(Gem::SourceIndex::load_specification): Added an untaint call to
		make the code run in SAFE=1 mode under 1.8.3.
	(Gem::SourceIndex::load_gems_in): Untaint here too.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer::install): Untaint
		here too.
	(Gem::Installer::extract_files): Untaint here too.

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb
		(Gem::GemPathSearcher::matching_file): Untaint here too.

	* test/gemenvironment.rb: Added $SAFE=1 to the test environment to
		make sure we can run in $SAFE mode.

2005-12-03  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Bumped version to'

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb
	(Gem::StreamUI::SimpleProgressReporter::done): Added several new
	progress reporters.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb
	(Gem::Command::specific_extra_args_hash): Added --verbose
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb (Gem::ConfigFile::handle_arguments):
	Added --traceback as alias for --backtrace (I always get them
	(Gem::ConfigFile::initialize): Added a verbose option.

2005-11-28  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::SourceInfoCacheEntry::replace_source_index): Fixed the
	SourceIndexCacheEntry so that it will manufacture an empty source
	index if given a nil value for the +si+ value.

2005-11-08  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Ara Howard's fix to allow 0.0.0 to be a valid gem

2005-11-08  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Fixed bug in gem unpack.  It was
	sorting incorrectly, resulting in the wrong version being unpacked in
	some edge cases. Thanks to Jakob Skjerning for the detailed bug report.

2005-11-03  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed bug that would cause the executables
	from the wrong gem to be uninstalled if the names matched the same
	regex.  Thanks Eric Hodel.

2005-11-01  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::UpdateCommand::initialize):
	Upgrade => Update change.
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::execute): Upgrade => Update change.
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::execute): Upgrade => Update change.

2005-11-01  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Allow gem unpack to accept a gem file
	path instead of gem name: gem unpack mygem-1.0.0.gem.

2005-10-31  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Tilman Sauerbeck's patch to support
	extensions built with Rake!

2005-09-13  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (TarInput::initialize): Removed
	requirement for SSL when signatures are found in a gem.  Only
	require SSL if the security policy requires checking the

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb (Kernel::require): Disabled
	autorequire during custom require.

2005-09-07  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_openssl.rb (Gem::ensure_ssl_available): Added a
	test in gem_openssl to make sure the ruby portion of ssl is also

2005-08-31  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Rakefile (install): Changed the rake install task to use setup.rb.

2005-07-08  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Applied Daniel Roux's patch
	to make RubyGems work with authenticating proxies.

2005-07-08  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Preparing for release 0.8.11.

2005-06-12  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb
	(Gem::Installer::installation_satisfies_dependency): Refactored
	dependency check into ensure_dependency! and

2005-06-12  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb,lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Applied Mark Hubbart's
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Applied David Glasser's install-
	* Applied Paul Duncan's incredibly complete gem signing patch.
	Thanks, Paul!
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed bug in installer that caused
	dependency installation not to work.

2005-06-06  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fixed Erik hatcher's reported bug
	of gem directories having "-" at the end of their names (e.g.

2005-06-01  Jim Weirich  <>

	* scripts/specdoc.rb (_resolve_links): Updated to generate hieraki
	format so it can be included in the site.

	* test/test_specification.rb (TestSpecification::test_to_ruby):
	Fixed test on date that hard-coded a specific date.

2005-05-29  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Changes from the Seattle Code fest: (1) Package list command
	(e.g. gem inspect GEM).  (2) .gemrc settings now allow cvsrc like
	options to set defaults per subcommand.  (3) The autorequire spec
	attribute will now accept a list.  (4) Binwrappers vs symlinks
	(more info to follow).  (5) Substituted Time for Date in specs,
	increasing performance dramatically in an important area.

2005-05-04  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::find_home): Changed rescue
	clause from Exception to StandardError.  Exception doesn't seem to
	catch everything ... I'm not sure I understand why.

2005-04-29  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/specifiation.rb: Marcel Molina's patch to discover
	which attributes in the spec are Array attributes.

2005-04-27  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: -y is now a synonym for 

2005-04-21  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Added non-require_gem dependency check
	for installation.

2005-04-03  Chad Fowler <>

	* pre-install.rb: Added version check to RubyGems installation.

2005-03-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/rubygems_version.rb (Gem): Created release for

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::do_rubygems_update): Update --system now runs
	the ruby command directly rather than trying to load the
	update-rubygems command.  There were too many things to go wrong
	with the old way.

2005-03-24  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::find_dependencies_not_installed): Fixed to
	reload source index before attempting to detect dependencies.

2005-03-23  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::find_dependencies_not_installed): Switched
	to using SourceIndex#find_name to detect missing dependencies,
	avoiding a gem activation during an install.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer::install): Removed
	activate call from install step.  If we need to do something about
	dependencies at this time, then we need a better way to do them.

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Removed the require for rubygems/timer.

2005-03-16  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/gemenvironment.rb (TestEnvironment::create): Added require
	on gem/builder.

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex::initialize):
	Allowing default argument to new to be an empty hash.
	(Gem::SourceIndex::from_installed_gems): Refactored into a class
	method that invokes a instance method.
	(Gem::SourceIndex::refresh): Refresh now does a complete reload
	from disk.  This should be more accurate that the earlier version.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::uninstall): removed
	unneeded refresh!.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::source_index): Removed
	automatic refresh from Gem.source_index ... it wasn't reliable
	when removing installed gems.
	(Gem::Exception::activate): Added detection of previously loaded

2005-03-15  Chad Fowler  <>

	* bin/gem_server: (htonl) rdoc opens in existing browser window.

2005-03-14  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Released 0.8.8
2005-03-14  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Released 0.8.7
2005-03-13  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer#shebang): Refactored and
	stripped result to avoid ^M issues.

2005-03-11  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::DependencyCommand): Added a
	new command "gem dependency" to show the dependencies of an
	installed gem.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::initialize):
	Added DependencyCommand to the command manager registrar.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Requirement): Unnested Requirement
	from the Version class.  There was no benefit to having it nested.
	Gem::Version::Requirement is set to point to the new class so to
	be compatible with old gems.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::ask_if_ok): Changed
	uninstaller confirm message to read 'Continue with uninstall'.
	Its clearer that way.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::required_location): Switch to
	use SourceIndex#find_name rather than search.  Made sure a nil
	value is returned with a path is not found.

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex::search): Changed
	parameter name to gem_pattern to emphasize using Regex in search.
	(Gem::SourceIndex::find_name): Added find_name to handle the
	common case of searching for an exact match on the short name.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::activate): Make sure that
	activate more closely adheres to honoring the auto_require=>false
	(Gem::Exception::report_activate_error): Out of line error
	reporting for activate.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::find_dependencies_not_installed): Found
	another location that was using require_gem with auto_require.
	Fixed to use :auto_require=>false.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb
	(Gem::InstallUpdateOptions::add_install_update_options): Added
	--ignore-dependencies option.  Still needs to be wired to logic.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Installer::install): Added call
	to require_gem_with_options.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Kernel::require_gem_with_options): Added to
	allow easier specification of the autorequire flag for

2005-03-10  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::normalize_uri): Normialize a URI to
	start with http:// if it does not already.

	* test/test_deployment.rb (TestDeployment::xtest_deploy_sources):
	Disabled this test.  It is part of the new deployment software and
	is not working yet.

2005-03-09  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/gemconfigure.rb (Gem::self): Added to aid dynamic

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command::command_manager): Moved
	command_manager to base class.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::CleanupCommand::execute):
	Both implicit and explicit gems now work with cleanup.  

2005-03-08  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::ok_to_remove):
	Fixed source index to be loaded from the installed gems when doing
	an "OK TO REMOVE" dependency check.

2005-03-06  Rich Kilmer <>
	* lib/rubygems/deployment.rb: beginning of a deployment capability

	* test/test_deployment.rb: first tests of new deployment system

2005-03-04  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Small bugfix for the case when you
	pass in a gem name (or more) to cleanup for the cleanup command.

2005-03-04  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::ok_to_remove):
	Reworked logic in uninstall to be intelligent about dependencies.
	We only complain about dependencies if removing a gem will cause a
	dependency error.  The uninstaller now checks for :ignore, :all
	and :executables options.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::initialize):
	Registered Cleanup command.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::CleanupCommand): Added
	Cleanup command to gem.
	(Gem::UninstallCommand::initialize): Added --all, --ignore and
	--executables options to uninstall.  This helps to avoid excessive
	YESes all the time.

2005-02-28  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::write_cache): Open cache file in
	binary mode.

2005-02-28  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: don't warn about not being able to
	find config file.
	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: (for DHH) don't install rdoc docs for
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Print which gems are updated on 'gem
	update'.  If --system is used, report that the rubygems system
	software has been updated.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Cleaned up the uninstall has_dependents
	logic and output.  It was misleading and buggy before.

2005-02-27  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb
	(Gem::ConfigFile::default_config_file_name): Fixed bug in finding
	home directory for the .gemrc file.

2005-02-27  Chad Fowler  <>

	* Released 0.8.6

	* Fixed a small bug with shebang construction

2005-02-26  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Released 0.8.5

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::generate_rdoc):
	Removed warning about generating rdocs on gems w/o an rdoc flag.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::do_rubygems_update): Added --system option to
	update to specifically update the version of rubygems.
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::which_to_update): Fixed some refactoring bugs
	in the which_to_update method.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::read_cache): switched to Marshal
	rather than Yaml for local cache.

	* bin/gem: Added requirement for Ruby >= 1.8.0.

2005-02-10  Chad Fowler  <>
	* bin/gem_server: Added Martin Ankerl's wonderful new gem_server

2005-01-27  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Fixed
	`gem update` so it accepts a list of gems to update and _only_
	updates those.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed a bug in the new shebang code.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Attempt to fix Curt Hibbs'  
	reported Proxy bug without actually having a proxy to test with.

2005-01-22  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb: Lyle Johnson's fix for Bug #1379

2005-01-20  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Applied Austin Ziegler/Kasper Schiess's
	patch to fix unit test running bug.

2005-01-14  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: attempt at fixing Ryan Davis's
	reported Shebang bug.  STILL NOT WORKING, because it doesn't work
	with ^M characters.
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: small but ugly error fixed if no
	config file exists.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Fixed bug

2005-01-01  Chad Fowler  <>
	* Released 0.8.4

2004-12-31  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Rakefile: Switch to standard Rake test tasks.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::read_data): Added a retry to try a
	lower case gem name if the open failed.  This fixes a problem
	where case differences are preventing some gems from installing.

2004-12-29  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InstallCommand::execute):
	Changed the RemoteInstaller to take an options hash rather than
	individual options.  This will leave the interface more resilient
	to changes as more options are added
	(e.g. --install_dependencies).

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification): Marked array
	attributes explicitly.  This allows for explicit conversion to
	arrays when assigned.

	* test/test_specification.rb
	(TestSimpleSpecification::test_array_attributes): Added test for
	array_attributes forcing values to arrays.

2004-12-28  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::ensure_gem_subdirectories):
	Fixed the Ryan Davis patch to work correctly when directories are
	not writable.
2004-12-18  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: Erik Veenstra's sort patch.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Ryan Davis's installation bug fix.

2004-12-14  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* test/test_loadmanager.rb: invalidated it as a unit test; it's
	incompatible with custom_require.rb.

2004-12-12  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb: simple bug fix.

2004-12-12  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/custom_require.rb: new file to replace
	loadpath_manager.rb and speed up the custom require functionality.

	* lib/rubygems/timer.rb: new file; simple benchmarking tool that's
	useful at the moment but needn't stay in RubyGems permanently.

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb: include Enumerable and implement #size
	and #length.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: removed lazy initialisation of
	attributes to reduce #copy_of invocations; folded
	Specification.copy_of into Specification#copy_of.

	* lib/rubygems.rb: require 'rubygems/custom_require' instead of
	'rubygems/loadpath_manager'; removed out of date documentation; added
	"require 'rubygems/timer'" to temporarily assist with benchmarks.

2004-12-07  Jim Weirich  <>

	* Released 0.8.3

2004-12-06  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/test_specification.rb
	(TestLegacyYamlSpecification::test_load): Fixed test to avoid the
	__FILE__ stuff.  Running tests from rakefile guarantees that the
	file paths start from the right location.

	* pkgs/sources/sources.gemspec: Made Gem.sources_spec idempotent.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification::initialize):
	Added @@gather to Gem::Specification to facilitate proper loads.
	(Gem::Specification::Specification): Added Specification.load.

	* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb (Gem::SourceIndex): Fixed comments
	'long name' => 'full name'.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::BuildCommand::load_gemspecs):
	Changed to use Gem.Specification.load.

	* Rakefile: Added sources-*.gem to clobber list.
	(egrep): Upgraded the DBG finder to include breakpoint.

	* post-install.rb (install_sources): Using block version of chdir.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::read_cache): Fixed initialization of

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Updated version to 0.8.2.

2004-12-04  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::writable_file): Now just returns the
	selected cache file (which was selected based on writability).
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::try_file): Added try_file to determine
	if a file is a candidate for a cache file.
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::select_cache_file): Added failure if
	there are not valid cache file candidates.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception): Renamed @@cache to
	(Gem::Exception::source_index): Renamed Gem.cache to
	Gem.source_index (but left cache as an alias).

2004-12-03  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache):
	Added a local cache manager object to implement the read/write
	policies on the system and user cache files.
	(Gem::LocalSourceInfoCache::update): Added update and flush to the
	caching fetcher so that it knows when it needs to update the local
	cache files.
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::initialize): Switched to using a cached
	fetcher in the remote installer.  All the caching logic was
	removed from the installer.  User writable cache files are now
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::write_gem_to_file): write_gem_to_file now
	will create the path if needed.

2004-12-02  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/package.rb (TarInput::zipped_stream): To workaround
	a problem with earlier than 1.2.1, we read the zipped data into a
	string, and then return an IO object on that string.
	(TarInput::each): Refactored getting a stream to the zipped data
	into <tt>zipped_stream</tt>.

2004-12-01  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::convert_spec): We now proprocess the
	yaml string data to reduce it in size.  This was done to
	workaround a problem with large YAML files (although it is just a
	temporary fix because our yaml data keeps growing and growing).

	* Rakefile: Added more targets to the clobber target.

	* test/test_remote_fetcher.rb
	(TestRemoteFetcher::test_explicit_proxy): Added tests for proxy

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::connect_to): Refactored to add proxy

2004-11-28  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb: Added Mauricio's patch to work
	around string contains null byte issue.

2004-11-27  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher::get_size): Switched from open-uri with
	early abort to an HTTP.head call to get the size of the yaml file
	on the server.

2004-11-26  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/test_specification.rb
	(TestDefaultSpecification::test_defaults): Added test for some
	basic defaults in a gem spec.

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb (MockFetcher::source_info): Made
	the fake test data more realistic.
	(TestRemoteInstaller::test_source_info): Improved tests.

2004-11-26  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb (MockFetcher): Added MockFetcher
	to make testing the remote installer easier. Currently there are
	two remote installer test classes.  Eventually TestRemoteInstaller
	will succeed RemoteInstallerTest, which is very incomplete.

	* test/test_package.rb (TC_TarReader::TC_TarInput): Made the unit
	test ignore the setgid bit.  The setgid bit doesn't work on my
	laptop for some reason.  This may be a problem with my laptop
	rather than with this code.  Should investigate further.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb (Gem::RemoteSourceFetcher):
	Added a Fetcher object to the remote installer to handle all the
	details of getting the remote information.  This allows testing
	the logic of the remote installer without actually doing remote
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::sources): Renamed get_caches to
	source_info.  The problem is that cache is too generic and there
	are actually several things that we will cache in the system.

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb (Gem::Cache::self): Changed interface to
	from_installed_gems slightly.
	(Gem::Cache::self): Reordered rescue clauses so that the syntax
	exception might actually be handled.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::ensure_gem_subdirectories):
	Dumped the check_gem_subdirectories method to use the almost
	identical ensure_gem_subdirectories method.
	(Gem::Exception::ensure_gem_subdirectories): Only attempt to
	create the gem subdirectories if we can actually write them.

	* bin/gem_server: Added date of last file modification to header
	of /yaml.  This is in preparation for using a head command with
	date/time stamping in fetching the source cache.

2004-11-25  Ryan Davis <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Added GEM_SKIP functionality, which will tell
	loadpath_manager not to load specific libs from gems.  For
	testing/ development purposes.  Created by Ryan Davis.

2004-11-24  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Allow multiple authors per gem.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: command line error message if you
	run 'gem install' with no args.
	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb: Fixed @specs bug as reported by
	Lothar Schulz on ruby-talk.

2004-11-07  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb,lib/rubygems/installer.rb,lib/rubygems/cache.rb
	Fixes to make non-root installation work properly.  Still need to
	fix uninstallation.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Allow multiple gems/gem names on the
	command line for install.

2004-10-31  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/version.rb,test/test_version_comparison.rb: Patrick May's
	* post-install.rb: Patrick May's fix for rubygems lib not being found
	during install.

2004-10-29  Chad Fowler <>
	* packages/,pkgs,install.rb: renamed "packages" to "pkgs" to avoid
	* remote_installer.rb: Added user-agent reporting for remote
	* setup.rb,install.rb,bin/update_rubygems: removed install.rb and 
	added setup.rb and post-install.rb.  Changed update_rubygems so that
	params passed to it can be passed on to setup.rb
2004-10-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb
	(Gem::Uninstaller::remove_executables): Corrected spelling of

2004-10-24  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Version::Requirement::self): Now
	properly handles arrays of version constraints.

	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb
	(Gem::LoadPathManager::Gem::Specification): Added comments
	describing the fast Spec class purpose. Added to_s to
	Gem::Specification (both fast and slow versions).
	(Gem::LoadPathManager.paths): Returns (cached) list of gem paths.
	(Gem::LoadPathManager::self): Refactored to use glob_over in
	search_loadpaths and search_gempaths.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Added some requires.

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb (Gem::Cache::refresh): Fixed refresh! to
	call load_specification on the Cache class, not on itself.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::activate): added comments to
	activate.  Also made sure that partial name matches in the gem
	cache search were avoided.
	(Gem::Exception::clear_paths): Added code to clear the gem cache
	when reseting the gem paths.
	(Gem::Exception::require): Added a function to take a gem name and
	a library file name (in that gem) and return a path to the library
	in the gem.  David HH was interested in this in order to speed up
	some require statements under ModRuby.  Eventually I hope we won't
	need these special tricks.
	(Gem::Exception::latest_partials): Fixed bug that assumed exactly
	three digits in a version number.

	* Rakefile (egrep): Added two tasks to find all the FIXME/TODO
	markers in the source code comments and to find the DBG print

2004-10-23  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/test_specification.rb
	Verify that an executable doesn't need the bindir if bindir is
	(TestSimpleSpecification::test_no_bindir_in_list_of_files): Added
	test the verify that exectuable can be written without a default

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb
	(Gem::Installer::generate_bin_scripts): Added check so that the
	bindir is access only when there are actually executables to
	install.  Checking for an installable bindir was giving permission
	errors when installing test gems.

2004-10-21  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Show extension build errors during install
	in addition to logging them to gem_make.out

2004-10-02  Chad Fowler <>

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb,lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Added
	--test option for "gem check" that runs unit tests on already-
	installed gems.

2004-09-30  Rich Kilmer  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb -  externalized the loaded_from runtime 
	var on specification
	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb - optimized cache refresh! method and refactored 
	processing of files when building cache.
	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb - fixed bug in loadpath manager in 
	finding native extensions that have ext on os x, win32 and solaris

2004-09-20  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:  If file match during local install is
	a directory, don't try to treat it erroneously as a gem (bug reported
	by Rich).
	* lib/rubygems.rb:  Fixed small bug in #latest_load_paths

	(NOTE: It looks like 0.8.0/0.8.1 was released in this timeframe)
2004-09-14  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Fixed bug in require_gem (thanks Jamis Buck!)
	that would require a gem based on an inexact search of its name
	in the local cache.  This caused copland-webrick to be loaded
	when a request was made for "copland".

2004-09-12  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, test/test_specification.rb: Removed
	library_stubs attribute.

2004-09-12  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* scripts/specdoc.rb: Check that all attributes are documented; and
	  improved formatting.
	* scripts/specdoc.yaml: test_suite_file -> test_files; finished
	* scripts/ misc changes.

2004-09-11  Chad Fowler <>

	* test/test_parse_commands.rb: Fix failing unit tests due to Rich's fix from

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Add bindir to executable path on file list

2004-09-11  Rich Kilmer <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb - got rid of stub options

	* lib/rubygems/install.rb - changed output of messages so the UI would format

	* bin/gem_server - exit! from ^c

2004-09-09  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb: Small bug when gem specs have ruby 
	version requirements.
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Fixed failing
	functional test.

2004-09-08  Chad Fowler <>
	* install.rb: added stub removal to the install process

2004-09-06  Chad Fowler <>
	* test/test_package.rb: Fixed failing unit test as per Mauricio's email to 
	the rubygems list.
	* Fixed minor issues with Windows cmd file generation.

2004-09-06  Rich Kilmer <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb - enabled caching of source caches
	based on the size of the yaml.Z/yaml file.
2004-08-29  Chad Fowler <>
	* /lib/rubygems/gem_command.rb: small big fix for local gem installs
	on Windows.

2004-08-28  Rich Kilmer <>

	* /lib/rubygems/installer.rb, /lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb, 
	/lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb - Added an exception: FilePermissionError
	which checks to ensure write access to the install/uninstall/rdoc 
	destination directories and raises a nice error instead of the standard

2004-08-28  Rich Kilmer <>

	* /lib/rubygems/installer.rb - commented out stub addition and removal

2004-08-28  Rich Kilmer <>

	* /lib/rubygems.rb, /lib/rubygems/loadpath_manager.rb -
	this adds all the loadpath_manager stuff with the 'ultimate require hack' to
	rubygems.rb.  Also, require_gem methods body has been extracted into a method
	Gem.activate that differs in the calling signature in that the second param is
	a boolean that determines whether to autorequire or not.

2004-08-27  Rich Kilmer <>

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction - added ask_yes_no as a method
	which returns true/false and formats/processes the [yn] stuff.
	it also has an optional second parameter of true/false for the
	default value.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, 
	lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb - changed all places where ask 
	was used with [Yn] to ask_yes_no

2004-08-24  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Library stubs are now installed as per
	  'library_stubs' gemspec attribute.  A stub is (still) also installed
	  for the 'autorequire' attribute.  All library stub handling
	  refactored into two new classes: LibraryStubs and LibraryStub.

	* test/test_parse_commands.rb: as per 2004-08-17 below, the 'update'
	  command takes --rdoc as its default now.

2004-08-22  Rich Kilmer <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: fixed stub generation...i added the version 
	stuff that only app stubs should have...sorry!

2004-08-17  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: --rdoc is default on 'update' command,
	  consistent with 'install'.  'default_str' methods changed to reflect
	  --rdoc being default now.

2004-08-21  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Proper checking for gems in local 
	directory on local install.  rescue Gem::LoadError to avoid ugly
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: created Gem::LoadError to hold extra
	metadata.  Setting up for proper dependency installation on local
2004-08-20  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fixed small bug in the previous spec
	change commit.

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb: Prevent catastrophic failure if a gemspec is 

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed (in not a great way) a bug that would
	cause a zero-length spec file to be written to the gem specifications

2004-08-19  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: #files auto-includes any #extensions,
	#extra_rdoc_files, #test_files, etc. that weren't explicitly added
	to the file list.

2004-08-18  Chad Fowler  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: One more bug with #test_files.
	Default value of [] wasn't set, resulting in an attempt to call
	#empty? on nil.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Unit tests appear to be working now.
	Still more testing to do.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed
	minor bugs in default selections for questions asked during 
	installation and uninstallation
2004-08-17  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:
	  - #test_suite_file and #test_files now work on older gems.
	  - Added Specification.from_yaml for loading YAML gemspecs
	  - #to_ruby doesn't emit 'specification_version'

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: Updated test-on-install code to use
	  Specification#test_files instead of #unit_test_suite.

	* lib/rubygems/old_format.rb: Use Specification.from_yaml
	* lib/rubygems/package.rb:    Ditto

2004-08-17  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb: --debug option to turn on $DEBUG
	* lib/rubygems/config_file.rb: ditto

2004-08-11  Rich Kilmer <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: The application stub now defaults to 
	the latest version of the library, and optionally allows an initial 
	parameter conforming to _VERSION_ to be passed to select a prior 
	version of the library (this initial parameter, if present, is shifted 
	off of ARGV). This change was re-added...I erased it somehow :(

2004-08-11  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	  - 'gem spec X' displays spec for _latest_ version of X.  Added
	    '--all' option if you want to see all versions.
	  - RDocCommand code cleanup and slight change: document _all_
	    versions of the gem by default, not just the first.

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: removed 'kilmer' default template
	  option and obsolete error message.

2004-08-12  Chad Fowler <>
	* Added "gem rdoc" command for generating docs for already-installed

2004-08-11  Rich Kilmer <>
	* bin/generate_yaml_index: updated to work with new gem format (and use the Gem::Format
	 class to read).  Will deploy after testing on RubyForge.
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: generate rdoc by default on installs (I think this is
	 just good practice.
	* lib/rubygems/remote_install.rb: raise an exception if dependent gems cannot be found 
	 on remote_install

2004-08-11  Chad Fowler <>
	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: query is now case insensitive (as it used to be)
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: gem_make.out wasn't being written when an extension failed to compile.

2004-08-11  Rich Kilmer <>

	* removed String.to_requirement...we should not modify 
	  base classes in Ruby! modified to get rid of said to_requirement 
	  with Gem::Version::Requirement.create(obj)

	* specification.rb - fixed constructor bug of version requirement...
	  it now defaults to Requirement.default

2004-08-11  Chad Fowler <>

	* One more specification.rb bug fixed.

2004-08-11  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:
	  - Added convenience class methods: attribute_names,
	    attribute_defaults, default_value, required_attributes, and

	  - IMPORTANT: attribute readers now use lazy initialization, just
	    like some of them did before the 2004-08-01 change.  This was done
	    to fix the breakage when loading older gemspecs.

	  - IMPORTANT: replaced instance variable access with attribute reader
	    method calls in many cases.  This is in line with the above change.

	  - Good documentation for the "attribute" method.

	  - Renamed _copy -> _copy_of.

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb:
	  - Some fairly shallow changes. Exception handling needs improvement.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:
	  - (Version.create) new method (for convenience)
	  - (Version::Requirement.create) new method (for convenience)
	  - (Version::Requirement.default) new method (for consistency)

	* test/test_specification.rb: test attribute_names instead of
	  attributes.  Other "class convenience" methods remain to be tested
	  at this stage.  Also added test classes for legacy gemspecs.

	* test/data/legacy/keyedlist-0.4.0.ruby: added.
	* test/data/legacy/keyedlist-0.4.0.yaml: added.

2004-08-06  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:
	  - Added convenience class methods: attribute_names,
	    attribute_defaults, default_value, required_attributes, and

	  - IMPORTANT: attribute readers now use lazy initialization, just
	    like some of them did before the 2004-08-01 change.  This was done
	    to fix the breakage when loading older gemspecs.

	  - Good documentation for the "attribute" method.

	  - Renamed _copy -> _copy_of.

	* test/test_specification.rb: test attribute_names instead of
	  attributes.  Other "class convenience" methods remain to be tested
	  at this stage.

2004-08-01  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb:
	  - (Re)defined class methods: attribute, attributes,
	    required_attribute, read_only, overwrite_accessor.	@@attributes
	    contains a list of attribute names and default values.  This
	    allows higher-level specification of gemspec attributes, and the
	    handling of them in a DRY fashion.

	  - to_yaml_properties now includes all properties, to ensure
	    correct deserialization of a Gem::Specification object.

	  - #to_ruby and #to_yaml_properties rewritten to use @@attributes

	  - Introduced 'specification_version' attribute and three constants:
	    SPECIFICATION_VERSION_HISTORY.  This allows us to track changes to
	    the spec format.

	  - Refactored several "helper" methods, using the new class method
	    'attribute_alias_singular', which provides a "singular" alias for
	    a "plural" attribute (e.g. require_path and require_paths).

	  - All gemspec attributes now defined in a uniform fashion, which
	    implies that they all have valid instance variables on
	    initialization.  Previously, some attributes were lazily

	  - Introduced attribute 'library_stubs', to allow the specification
	    of several stub files.  (That feature not implemented, though.)

	  - Introduced attribute 'test_files' and deprecated 'test_suite_file'.

	  - Provided #warn_deprecated stub of a method, but don't know what to
	    do with it.

	  - Deprecated #has_test_suite? in favour of (new) #has_unit_tests?

	  - Used overwrite_accessor to provide special behaviour for the
	    setting of some attributes.

	  - The 'date' attribute is now a Date object.	We don't need high
	    resolution, and Time objects, being system-dependent, are not nice
	    to deal with.

	  - Various code style changes.

	  - Summary: uniform treatment of gemspec attributes; reduced code by
	    refactoring; 'test_suite_file' deprecated for 'test_files';
	    'library_stubs' introduced; spec versioning introduced.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: (Dependency) added #to_s, #==, and an
	  alias (requirements_list -> requirement_list).

	* test/test_specification.rb: several new tests: _singular_attributes,
	  _deprecated_attributes, _defaults, _to_{yaml,ruby}_and_back,
	  _directly_setting_dependencies_doesnt_work, and more.  Plus a new
	  class to give Specification a more thorough workout (TestSpecificationComplex).

	* scripts/runtest.rb: require 'pp' so it's always available in unit

2004-07-30  Rich Kilmer  <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb The application stub now defaults 
	  to the latest version of the library, and optionally allows 
	  an initial parameter conforming to _VERSION_ to be passed
	  to select a prior version of the library (this initial 
	  parameter, if present, is shifted off of ARGV).

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb correct? is now a class method on
	  Version enabling Gem::Version.correct?(...)

	* lib/rubygems/install.rb make it so uninstalling a gem will
	  not remove executables if another version of that gem is 
	  installed and needs those executables

2004-07-26  Jim Weirich  <jim@tardis>

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::latest_load_paths): Added
	latest_load_paths and refactored all_load_paths to use common

2004-07-25  Rich Kilmer  <>
	* fixed bug in using --source in command.rb (removed short -s version)

	* changed spec to use the RUBY_PLATFORM for Platform::CURRENT

	* added ability to choose from list of available gems on remote install
	  if (1) some of the gems are binary and (2) there are move than one.
	  If the gems are all source gems, the latest is selected.

2004-07-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::all_load_paths): Added
	all_load_paths utility function.

	* bin/update_rubygems: Added a command to update the gem
	installation based on a update gem.

	* Rakefile: Pulled package file list out into a constant so it can
	be reused between the package command and the gem package command.
	Added a gem package target to support rubygems updates.

2004-07-22  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb:
	  * (Requirement#initialize) initialize @version to avoid warning
	  * (Dependency#initialize) initialize @version_requirement to avoid

2004-07-19  Chad Fowler     <>
	* install.rb: Shebang line should point to the ruby version used during

2004-07-19  Assaph Mehr     <>
	* lib/rubygems/command.rb, packages/sources/lib/sources.rb: Added
	command-line-configurable sources.

2004-07-18  Chad Fowler	    <>
	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Fixed a bug that would cause "managed"
	files to appear to be unmanaged due to differences in how the paths
	were formatted.

2004-07-17  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (InstallCommand#execute): removed clear
	  bug (name ->

2004-07-14  Rich Kilmer     <>
	* added old_format.rb which is used in the (hack) in format.rb 
	  to detect the older version of a gem, and if present, switches 
	  to that class instead.
	* fixed the ARGV passing in bin/gem to ingore args past -- which
	  are used for passing params to source gems (extconf.rb)

2004-07-13  Chad Fowler	    <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/package.rb, 
	lib/rubygems/format.rb, test/test_package.rb: Added Mauricio 
	Fernandez's patch to replace old gem format with tar.gz format.
	Fixed some failing unit tests that resulted.  Still a couple left.
	* lib/rubygems.rb: Fixed a bug introduced by the previous patch.

2004-07-13  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems.rb: (#require_gem) added the ability to do
	  "require_gem 'rake/packagetask'", for instance, which is a
	  shortcut for "require_gem 'rake'; require 'rake/packagetask'".

2004-07-13  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: refactored --version option
	  in all cases to the new VersionOption module.

2004-07-13  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb: added 'unpack' command.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (UnpackCommand): added.

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Installer#unpack): added.

2004-07-09  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb (Gem::StreamUI::ask and
	Gem::StreamUI::choose_from_list): Added flush before each gets.

2004-07-05  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command#defaults_str): added.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command#create_option_parser):
	  Defaults for the options are included in the parser output.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb: all commands which have options
	  and defaults now have #defaults_str implemented.

2004-07-05  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command#create_option_parser):
	Make the argument and option sections optional.  They are only
	printed if there are options or arguments defined.

2004-07-05  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	  - scrubbed up the 'help' command a bit, removing its options
	  - added information to 'help commands'

2004-07-04  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	  - modified generic help and examples
	  - improved 'list' and 'search' help, and fixed bug in 'search'

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb: 
	  - explicit support for top-level commands --help and --version
	  - no more support for --examples and --commands

2004-07-04  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	  - added 'list' and 'search' commands ('list' is no longer an alias
	    for 'query')
	  - modified return value from all 'arguments' methods (see command.rb)

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb: added 'search' command.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb:
	    (Command#create_option_parser): enhanced the option parser for 'help'
	    (Command#remove_option): added (to support 'list' and 'search')

	* Rakefile: added 'gem' target.  Runs "local" (not installed) command
	  and libraries.

2004-07-04  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* Rakefile: added 'install' target.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb: code formatting.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb:
	  - refactored common install and update options into new module
	      . consolidated option pairs (e.g. --test & --no-test ==> --[no-]test)
	      . --gen-rdoc is now --rdoc
	  - (UninstallCommand) corrected typo
	  - (InstallCommand) corrected output with local install

	* test/test_parse_commands.rb: :%s/--gen-rdoc/--rdoc/g

2004-07-03  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InstallCommand::initialize):
	Added --no-gen-rdoc and --no-test to allow the user to override
	.gemrc default options.

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::generate_rdoc):
	Concatenate the local rdoc options to the end of the spec's rdoc
	(Gem::DocManager::configured_args): Added configured_args as a
	place to store local rdoc options.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_runner.rb (Gem::GemRunner::do_configuration):
	Configuration handled in do_configuration now.
	(Gem::GemRunner::do_configuration): Set the local rdoc
	configuration from the config file.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command::handles): Added a
	handles? method to Command so that we can detect which extra
	arguments can be used with a command.
	(Gem::Command::add_extra_args): New method to add the config
	file's extra arguments to the front of the argument list.
	(Gem::Command::extra_args): Added extra_args to Command class to
	hold the extra args discovered in the config file.

	* Rakefile: Added TEST=filename option to all the test targets.

	* test/functional.rb (FunctionalTest::test_gemrc): Added
	functional test for gemrc.

	* scripts/ Added an example to the specification command.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception::manage_gems): Added gem_runner
	and config_file to manage_gems.
	(Gem::Exception::use_paths): use_paths now accepts (and ignores)
	nil parameters.

	* bin/gem: Make Gem::GemRunner the top level object.  It now
	creates and calls the CommandManager /after/ the arguments are

	* Rakefile: Added test/data/gemhome to clobber list.

2004-07-01  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/test_specification.rb
	(TestSpecification::test_rdoc_files_included): Test for rdoc files
	included in file list.	Test for redundent file removal.

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb (Gem::Specification::validate):
	Added gem version to validation requirement.  Added normalize to
	remove redundent files in lists.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InfoCommand::usage): Added
	usage and arguments methods for InfoCommand.
	(Gem::SpecificationCommand::usage): Fixed several usage comments.

2004-06-30  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InstallCommand::usage):
	Upcased the comment on the usage statement (and corresponding
	option).  This makes the variable part of the command
	(e.g. GEMNAME) stand out from the static parts.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::process_args):
	Downcased commands before searching (allows upper case or mixed
	case for commands on command line).

	* install.rb (install_rb): Fixed bug where the installer falsely
	triggered the old repository upgrade when the directory part of
	the file contained the matching "-digits." pattern.  Now the
	pattern must be in the file's base name.

2004-06-26  Gavin Sinclair  <>

	* scripts/specdoc.rb: added (to generate gem specificiation document)
	* scripts/ added (supports specdoc.rb)
	* scripts/specdoc.yaml: added (supports specdoc.rb)

2004-06-27  Jim Weirich  <>

	* scripts/ Removed extraneous <em> marker. 

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb
	(Gem::Specification::satisfies_requirement): HA!  Caught another
	version_requirement vs version_requirements error.  (I really
	regret the decision to change that name.)

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::has_dependents):
	Changed call to alert to alert_warning.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::UninstallCommand::execute):
	Again, remove local error handling to allow the error to perculate
	up the chain to the top level.

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::generate_rdoc):
	Removed one level of exception handling.  Only catching RDocErrors
	at the outermost level.  And instead of reporting the error and
	swallowing it, I convert it to a Gem::DocumentError (with the same
	error message).  This is for better error handling.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command::handle_options): Removed
	exception handling from handle_options.  This allows errors to be
	handled at the top level.  Makes for a more consistent error

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocumentError): Added
	DocumentError to wrap RDocErrors (which derive from Exception
	... yuck).

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::RemoteError): RemoteError and
	LocalInstallationError are now Gem::Exceptions (rather than

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Gem::Exception): Changed base of Gem::Exception
	to RuntimeError (was ::Exception).  Apps using gem as a library
	would have to catch Gem::Exceptions explicitly (yuck), or catch
	Exceptions generically.  Catching Exceptions will catch
	EVERYTHING, including things like SystemExit.  By makeing
	Gem::Exception a RuntimeError, apps can catch RuntimeError or even

2004-06-26  Jim Weirich  <>

	* test/functional.rb (FunctionalTest::test_all_command_helps):
	Added functional test to show all commands have usage messaegs.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::HelpCommand::execute): Added
	version option to help (gem help version).
	(Gem): Cleaned up the help text.  Dropped unneeded verbage.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb
	(Gem::CommandManager::find_command_possibilities): Added
	find_command_possibilities to help the Help command look for

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::uninstall): Fixed
	null pointer bug where a list was destroyed in a method.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::BuildCommand::load_gemspecs):
	yaml gemspec files are now accepted by the build command.

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command::parser): Created an
	on-demand option parser for all commands.
	(Gem::Command::handle_options): Command line option hash is now
	and instance variable with a reader.

	* Rakefile: Linked package version to the value in the rubygems.rb
	file.  The gem env command now shows both gem version (e.g. 0.6)
	and the package version (e.g. 0.6.1).

2004-06-25  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InfoCommand): Dropped the
	version command (its available via gem env).  Added a gem info
	command to extract the yaml from a gemfile.
	(Gem::LocalRemoteOptions): Refactored the local/remote options
	(adding and testing) into a mixin module.

	* test/test_version_comparison.rb
	(TestDependencies::test_normalization): Added some tests for the
	normalization issues mentions below.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Dependency::normalize): Old gems
	have requirements and dependencies incoded in the Yaml spec in an
	out of date format.  When loaded, they have incorrect instance
	variables for modern objects.  I added a normalize call to handle
	transforming out dated objects in to modern objects. (Remember
	this next time we change the data structure of something in the
	spec file.)
	(Gem::Version::Requirement::parse): Requirements are comparable
	now, just so that we can test them with asserts.

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb
	(Gem::RemoteInstaller::find_dependencies_not_installed): Fixed
	recursive call to require_gem to properly pass dependency
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb (Gem::Uninstaller::has_dependents):
	Fixed reference to version_requirement (needs to be plural).

	* lib/rubygems/command.rb (Gem::Command::invoke): Command now
	handles it own help messages.  Commands no longer have to return
	true/false to trigger help messages.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::process_args):
	Moved help handling into the help command.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::HelpCommand): Renamed the
	base command to HelpCommand and made it handle a lot of the help
	options.  Still need work on individual command helps.

	* test/functional.rb (FunctionalTest::test_env_version): Added a
	bunch of new functional tests for the environment command.

	* lib/rubygems/gem_commands.rb (Gem::InstallCommand::execute):
	Made multiple gem names an error for now.  Should look at later.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::ListCommand): Added list as an
	alias to query.
	(Gem::UpdateCommand::initialize): Corrected spelling of install
	(intall) in several places.

	* bin/gem_server: Added Gem.manage_gems to the gem_server to fix
	missing requirements.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::InstallCommand::initialize):
	Added missing --both option to install.

	* test/test_command.rb
	(TestCommand::test_invode_with_bad_options): Catch the termination

	* test/mockgemui.rb (MockGemUi::terminate_interaction): Make the
	mock UI throw an exception when a termination is requested.  This
	makes sure that we don't miss accidental terminations.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::find_command):
	Added find_command to handle best matching command names.

	* test/functional.rb (FunctionalTest::test_build): Updated
	functional tests to use the new command structure.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Version::Requirement): Changed the
	pessimistic version comparison operator to "~>".  I like to think
	of it as "approximately greater than".	(It was ">*").

	* bin/gem: Moved gem2 into the standard gem script location.  It
	is now stable enough to use as the standard command.

	* lib/rubygems/cmd_manager.rb (Gem::CommandManager::run): Added
	run method to trap errors while running commands.  Makes for
	prettier output.
	(Gem::CommandManager): Move *all* commands to their own classes.
	Simplified CommandManager.  Lowered the coupling between
	CommandManager and the Commands (the commands don't even need to
	know about the manager anymore).  CommandManager maybe created
	with "new" for testing (the script will continue to use
	(Gem::RubyGemsInfoCommand): New command.
	(Gem::VersionCommand): New command.

2004-06-24  Jim Weirich  <>
	* lib/rubygems/user_interaction.rb (Gem::UserInteraction):
	Significantly rewrote the whole user interaction scheme.  We are
	now using an UI object that responds to the standard list of UI
	commands (e.g. say, alert, ask).  The UserInteraction module
	defines all the interaction methods to be forwarded to the default
	UI objects.  The "ui" method returns that default object (and you
	can use self.ui=(new_ui) to change it).  Also the use_ui(new_ui) {
	} command is convienent for switching the UI object for a short
	period of time.

2004-06-18  Rich Kilmer <>
	* broke test_cmd_manager.rb into test_parse_commands and 
	test_process_commands to test the parsing of command line options
	and the funtionality, respectively. 

2004-06-18  Rich Kilmer <>
	* added new unit test file: test/test_cmd_manager.rb to test the 
	command manager classes.  this is just the first few tests which
	will be expanded to a full test suite.

2004-06-17  Chad FOwler <>

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fixed bug in windows batch file generation
	which was causing file not found errors.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Uninstall now removes scripts and batch 
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fixed install bug.  Thanks to Mark 
	Sparshatt for the fix (via the rubyforge bug tracker). 

2004-06-17  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb (Gem::DocManager::generate_rdoc):
	Changed rdoc generation to do a chdir into the base source
	directory and then to use a relative path for all the source
	files.	This makes the generated RDOC html look better and may fix
	the windows drive/rdoc bug as a side effect.

2004-06-17  Rich Kilmer <>
	* Added ability to capture the UserInteraction with:
	c = Gem::UserInteraction.capture
	and then you can override specific methods like 'say':
	c.on_say {|statement| puts "you said: #{statement}"}

2004-06-15  Rich Kilmer <>
	* Added refactored command handling in rubygems/cmd_manager.rb and a 
	(temporary) bin/gem2 command file to test things out.  Once we feel
	comfortable, we can replace gem with gem2.

2004-06-10  Rich Kilmer <>
	* Isolated all user interaction to pass through module methods on a new
	Gem::UserInteraction module.  Those methods will be the method of abstracting
	the interaction of RubyGems for use in a GUI-based solution.

2004-06-10  Rich Kilmer <>
	* require 'rubygems' now minimally requires only the files needed
	for runtime access to gems...not management of gems.  To manage
	gems you now additionally need to execute Gem::manage_gems prior
	to using the builder/installer/etc.  This makes gemspecs not 
	backward compatible unless they add that line to the gemspec 
	after the require 'rubygems' line.

2004-06-10  Gavin Sinclair <>
	* bin/gem: --upgrade-all was broken, probably as a result of the
	  search changes listed below.

2004-06-09  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_install.rb: delegate search functionality to
	  Cache class, bringing remote and local search and list together into
	  one piece of code.
	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/validator.rb: move all STDIO work to bin/gem.
	  Validator.alien now returns a hash of ErrorData objects.
	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/installer.rb: move most of the STDIO stuff to
	  bin/gem, communicating via exceptions in this case.

2004-06-08  Rich Kilmer  <>
	* Fixed the drive problem on win32 (hopefully) so multiple drives
	  should now work.  Its still a hack until rdoc is fixed.

2004-06-08  Chad Fowler  <>
	* Fixed bug caused by method change on Version::Requirement

2004-06-08  Rich Kilmer <>
	* fixed bug in doc_manager.rb whereby the extra_rdoc_files should
	  be appended to the list of directories prior to prepending the
	  full path.

2004-06-08  Gavin Sinclair <>
	* bin/gem_server: List installed gems in [name,version] order.

2004-06-08  Gavin Sinclair <>
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: don't warn about not being able to
	  install a library stub if a library stub is already installed.
	  Still warn if it's not a library stub that's there already.

2004-06-08  Gavin Sinclair <>
	* bin/gem: renamed --upgrade-dist to --upgrade--all and fixed bug.
	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: fixed bug with Ruby version assertion.

2004-06-07  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb: Fixed old
	  dependency on #version method for Gem::Version::Requirement
	* bin/gem: new --upgrade-dist option allows one to upgrade every
	  installed gem
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb,lib/rubygems/installer.rb: new
	  #required_ruby_version attribute added to gem specification for specifying a
	  dependency on which version of ruby the gem needs.	Format it accepts is
	  the same as the Gem::Version::Requirement format.

2004-06-06  Chad Fowler  <>
	* bin/gem: install_stub is once again the default due to requests.

2004-06-04  Chad Fowler  <>
	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb:  
	Allow arbitrary files to be added for rdoc to run over them (as per
	Jim's request).

2004-06-04  Chad Fowler  <>
	* bin/gem:  Reformatted --search and --list output such that
	multiple versions of a gem are compressed into a single entry
	(with version numbers in parentheses)

2004-05-31  Jim Weirich  <>

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Dependency): Dependency attribute
	renamed to version_requirements (made plural).
	(Gem::Version::bump): Added bump to implement pessimistic
	(Gem::Version::Requirement): Added pessimistic operator to list of
	operators. Operators now implemented using lambda.

	* lib/rubygems.rb (Kernel::require_gem): require_gem now takes an
	array of requirement strings.

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb (Gem::Version::Requirement::initialize):
	Simplified initialization by making parse a bit smarter.
	(Gem::Version::Requirement::satisfied_by): Simplified by using
	(Gem::Version::Requirement::satisfy): Added explicit one
	requirement satisfy test.
	(Gem::Version::Requirement::parse): parse now returns a two
	element string array (operator and version string).  We don't
	bother converting to an integer array during parsing.

2004-05-31 18:38 chadfowler

	* gemspec now supports #rdoc_options, to which you can append
	strings that will be passed to rdoc as additional options.

2004-05-08 21:57  chadfowler

	* Using Gem::RubyGemsVersion to match the release number.  If we
	need to use this as an internal version format specifier in the
	future, we can use the Gem::Version semantics.

2004-05-30 14:33 gsinclair

	* bin/gem: Split --help into --help (basic), --help-options (what
	  --help used to be), and --help-examples.

2004-04-30 15:57  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: --install-stub is no longer the default ;)

2004-04-30 15:51  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Rich Kilmer (who kicks butt) figured
	  out how to fix the library stub stuff.

2004-04-29 19:12  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: Dick Davies fixed a bug in the doc

2004-04-29 13:41  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Added skeleton code and comments to
	  uninstall stub apps and libs

2004-04-29 12:20  gsinclair

	* install.rb: Don't install library stub for 'sources'

2004-04-29 12:20  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Improvements to library stub
	  installation: * don't overwrite existing file (emit warning) *
	  nice warning if there's a permission problem * observe
	  --[no-]install-stub flag (rather, observe the argument to

2004-04-29 12:16  gsinclair

	* bin/gem: --install-stub is now the default

2004-04-26 20:20  chadfowler

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: Cleaning up after Gavin and his
	  test-breaking self. ;)

2004-04-26 12:06  gsinclair

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Installing a gem now causes a
	  library stub to be installed as well, allowing you to require
	  'package' without knowing it's a gem.

2004-04-25 23:18  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/: installer.rb, specification.rb: Prompt user if
	  trying to uninstall a gem that other gems *may* depend on.

2004-04-25 09:27  chadfowler

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: Changed expected test results to
	  match new (old) gem naming scheme--"ruby" doesn't appear as a
	  platform in the gem name.

2004-04-25 05:50  gsinclair

	* bin/gem: Changed @directory -> @install_dir for clarity

2004-04-25 05:47  gsinclair

	* bin/gem: Improved display of gems, platform-wise

2004-04-25 05:46  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Added documentation

2004-04-25 04:17  jimweirich

	* test/functional.rb: Fixed functional test to properly name a Ruby
	  platform gem.

2004-04-25 04:17  jimweirich

	* packages/sources/.cvsignore, test/data/one/.cvsignore: Ignore the
	  proper gem name.

2004-04-25 04:17  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Undefined several attributes that
	  were redefined to avoid warnings.

2004-04-25 04:17  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Need to initialize @gem_home and @gem_path with
	  ||= to avoid warning.

2004-04-25 03:40  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems.rb, test/test_gempaths.rb: RUBY_GEMS -> GEM_PATH
	  (environment variable)

2004-04-25 03:33  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Pretty-print the specification

2004-04-25 03:18  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Handle platform in a (hopefully)
	  consistent manner

2004-04-25 03:16  gsinclair

	* install.rb: Use return value from Builder#build to locate gem

2004-04-25 03:09  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Return file name from #build

2004-04-25 02:32  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Platform goes at the *end* of the
	  full name now.

2004-04-22 06:19  chadfowler

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: Fixed test to reflect fewer cache
	  sources :(

2004-04-21 17:19  rich

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: added support to download the
	  yaml index as a .Z (zlib compressed) file if it exists, then move
	  on to the plain yaml file if it does not

2004-04-20 20:23  chadfowler

	* examples/application/an-app.gemspec, lib/rubygems/format.rb,
	  packages/sources/lib/sources.rb: Committed Dick Davies' patch to
	  fix broken tests.

2004-04-18 01:51  gsinclair

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: RDoc generation observes
	  'rdoc' config file value

2004-04-17 12:15  gsinclair

	* bin/gem: Improved 'build' error output

2004-04-17 12:12  gsinclair

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	  rubygems/specification.rb, rubygems/validator.rb: All
	  gems-related exceptions now extend Gem::Exception

2004-04-17 12:11  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Improved handling of summary and
	  decription strings - convert to single line

2004-04-17 01:09  gsinclair

	* bin/gem: Prevent remote install attempt if local install was

2004-04-17 00:49  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Better formatted the output code

2004-04-16 21:31  gsinclair

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Stoopid coding error (thanks
	  Kent Sibilev)

2004-04-16 00:00  rich

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: added code to optionally use nmake
	  instead of make on win32 systems

2004-04-15 20:12  gsinclair

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Clarified proxy
	  handling and interface: --[no-]http-proxy [URL]

2004-04-13 00:16  jimweirich

	* bin/gem, test/bogussources.rb, test/functional.rb: Oops, missed
	  an instance of GEM_PATH in the gem binary.

2004-04-12 21:28  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb: Oops.	Missed a GEM_PATH.

2004-04-12 21:11  jimweirich

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: removed setting of environment
	  variable for now.

2004-04-12 21:09  jimweirich

	* Rakefile, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/cache.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb, packages/sources/.cvsignore,
	  scripts/runtest.rb, test/.cvsignore, test/bogussources.rb,
	  test/test_format.rb, test/test_gempaths.rb,
	  test/test_remote_installer.rb, test/test_validator.rb: Added
	  test/temp to the clobber list.  Broke out tests into inline to
	  avoid test dependencies on rubygem.

2004-04-12 07:52  chadfowler

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/installer.rb,
	  rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Cleaning up output strings wrt
	  formating of "gem (version)".

2004-04-12 07:41  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Gavin Sinclair's uninstall bug.

2004-04-11 15:26  jimweirich

	* test/data/one/: .cvsignore, one-ruby-0.0.1.gem:  removed
	  one-ruby*.gem from source control.  This gem is automatically
	  generated in testing.

2004-04-11 10:50  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Gavin Sinclair's test code enhancements

2004-04-11 07:50  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, lib/rubygems/specification.rb,
	  test/insure_session.rb, test/test_remote_installer.rb,
	  test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: Gavin Sinclair patches to make
	  installer return types less ambiguous.

2004-04-09 10:29  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb, test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: gem
	  -u input validation patch by Ville Aine

2004-04-07 07:49  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/cache.rb, test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem:
	  Finally have passing tests.

2004-04-07 07:24  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	  test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: Allow default option to work on
	  remote dependency prompt.

2004-04-07 07:05  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, test/test_remote_installer.rb,
	  test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: Applied George Marrows' patch
	  to remote_install

2004-04-07 06:23  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: No longer "seeing"
	  double on remote searches

2004-04-05 07:39  chadfowler

	* Rakefile, test/test_remote_installer.rb,
	  test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: remote_installer tests aren't
	  completely hosed anymore.

2004-04-05 06:16  chadfowler

	* Rakefile, test/data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem: Rake target for
	  running all tests (unit + functional) "alltests"

2004-04-05 00:48  jimweirich

	* test/: insure_session.rb, data/one/,
	  data/one/one-ruby-0.0.1.gem, data/one/one.gemspec,
	  data/one/lib/one.rb: added for functional tests

2004-04-05 00:48  jimweirich

	* test/functional.rb: Moved session gem detection to insure_session
	  file.  Modified functional tests to use gem command.	Removed
	  some directory stuff because rake guarantees the starting
	  directory.  Added test_info functional test.	Added test_build
	  functional test.  Added assert status.

2004-04-05 00:48  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Changed exceptions to inherit
	  from RunTimeError

2004-04-05 00:48  jimweirich

	* bin/gem: Changed Installer to RemoteInstaller in rubygems-info.

2004-04-05 00:48  jimweirich

	* Rakefile: Added generated test gem to clobber list.  Added
	  functional test target to rakefile.

2004-04-04 21:17  chadfowler

	* packages/sources/lib/sources.rb: Added gems mirror at

2004-04-04 20:51  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, test/functional.rb:
	  More improved error messages (don't show stack trace when using

2004-04-04 20:43  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb: Only read specs that end in "gemspec".
	  The code doesn't handle non-gemspecs very well at all.

2004-04-04 20:15  chadfowler

	* test/mock/gems/specifications/sources-0.0.1.gemspec: [no log

2004-04-04 20:09  chadfowler

	* test/mock/gems/gems/sources-0.0.1/lib/sources.rb: Rearranging
	  things a bit

2004-04-04 20:02  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, test/bogussources.rb,
	  test/functional.rb: Better error messages on unresolvable host.

2004-04-04 12:50  chadfowler

	* redist/session.gem, test/bogussources.rb, test/functional.rb:
	  Added the beginnings of a functional test suite.

2004-04-03 22:02  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Just had to explicitly rescue
	  VerificationError.  All is well.

2004-04-03 22:01  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Mauricio fixed a problem with alien
	  (just failed to update it when we changed the gem directory), but
	  now there's another issue I can't find.  Anyway, this fix is
	  obviously needed.  But alien is broken anyway.

2004-04-03 21:57  chadfowler

	* install.rb, lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Batsman's bug report and
	  code for the bugs I introduced today. :)

2004-04-03 09:50  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Defaulting a spec's require_path
	  to [] to avoid downstream errors.

2004-04-03 09:06  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb, test/test_builder.rb: builder now
	  validates the gemspec.

2004-04-03 08:48  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb, test/test_specification.rb: Added
	  checking for gem specs to make sure they have all required

2004-04-03 08:06  chadfowler

	* gemspecs/rublog.gemspec: My original rublog gem was broken, in
	  that it didn't have a require_path.

2004-04-02 07:48  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Prompt for installation of

	  For now, there is a puts/gets in the middle of
	  remote_installer.rb  This should probably be cleaned up later
	  (return control flow to the gem program to install the
	  dependencies, for example.

2004-04-02 07:37  chadfowler

	* TODO: [no log message]

2004-04-02 07:34  chadfowler

	* test/: simple_gem.rb, test_format.rb: Some things I forgot to cvs
	  add earlier.

2004-04-02 07:29  chadfowler

	* example/: test.gemspec, lib/test.rb, lib/test/wow.rb: Removing
	  example directory in favor of "examples" directory (just better

2004-04-02 07:26  chadfowler

	* test/test_all.rb: Removed test_all.rb.  Rake is obviously a
	  better way to do it.

2004-03-31 19:13  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/format.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/validator.rb, test/test_all.rb,
	  test/test_validator.rb: More tests and refactoring to support

2004-03-30 02:41  rich

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: allow passing parameters to extconf.rb

	  ruby -i blah.gem --local -- --with-option

	  everything past the -- will go to the extconf.rb...just like

2004-03-30 02:34  rich

	* lib/rubygems/: installer.rb, specification.rb: very initial
	  capability to build source gems.  this only lets you build native
	  extensions so long as you do not have to specify --with-

2004-03-29 08:31  rich

	* install.rb: switched migration of old gems to new ./gems subdir
	  to use FileUtils rather than ftools...hope to fix reported win32

2004-03-29 01:04  rich

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: fixed bug in pathing based on new
	  directory structure

2004-03-29 01:03  rich

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: fixed bug in default for proxy
	  (should default to nil not true)

2004-03-29 01:03  rich

	* bin/gem: updated with patch to allow for config file with minor
	  difference from gavin's patch which passes a nil to the
	  RemoteInstaller if the proxy does not exist

2004-03-28 23:22  rich

	* install.rb: added code to migrate gems if they are in the old
	  directory structure

2004-03-28 21:30  rich

	* install.rb, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb: changed path of installed gems to


	  which cleans up the root.

2004-03-28 18:53  chadfowler

	* test/test_all.rb: This is the file to run for all of the tests.

	  test_remote_installer is commented out for now.  The open URI
	  patch that George gave us makes the code a lot nicer to look at,
	  but a little harder to test.

2004-03-28 18:50  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb, test/test_cache.rb,
	  test/test_remote_installer.rb: Added some tests for cache search

2004-03-28 12:19  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/validator.rb, test/test_validator.rb: Some
	  tests for the validator.

	  Made the validator more testable.

2004-03-28 09:30  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Fixed a problem with false
	  alarms in the validator.

2004-03-27 08:23  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: No longer have an option to pass http proxy host into
	  the gem program.  Only reads it from the environment.  This is
	  because George's patch (and open-uri) work this way, and I'm lazy
	  right now.

2004-03-27 08:17  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: George Marrows' nice patch to
	  remove a bunch of code from remote_installer.

	  Our remote_installer tests are failing.  We really need to start
	  paying attention to the test directory. :(`

2004-03-24 23:26  jimweirich

	* install.rb: Do not install commands ending in ~.

2004-03-24 23:25  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Changed executables from accessor
	  to writer to avoid redefinition.

2004-03-21 21:10  jimweirich

	* bin/gem: fixed uninitialized directory option

2004-03-21 15:34  jimweirich

	* bin/gem: removed carriage returns that screwed up the #! line

2004-03-21 09:02  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Gavin's bin/gem refactoring.

2004-03-20 17:03  jimweirich

	* bin/gem: added wrapping to gem listing

2004-03-20 12:22  chadfowler

	* install.rb: More cleaning by Gavin Sinclair

2004-03-20 12:08  chadfowler

	* examples/application/an-app.gemspec,
	  examples/application/lib/somefunctionality.rb, lib/rubygems.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Added
	  functionality for installing applications into the system bindir.
	  Needs cleaning and refactoring.

2004-03-20 07:53  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: [no log message]

2004-03-19 23:03  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: More intuitive default.

2004-03-19 10:45  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: * Some minor rearranging of the test stuff so that
	  installation errors will also abort the test run * Don't try to
	  run tests if none are included with the gem

2004-03-18 22:27  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, example/lib/test.rb, lib/rubygems/cache.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb: * Preliminary support for: gem -i
	  blah-0.0.1.gem --run-tests Needs to be cleaned up considerably.
	  * Introduction of new gemspec metadata "unit_test_suite", which
	  will be require'd in order to load all unit tests

2004-03-17 09:33  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Applied Gavin Sinclair's patch to make help output

2004-03-16 21:55  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Added --remote-list option for gem command to display
	  all gems on server.

2004-03-16 21:50  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, doc/UserDoc.html: Fixed --help case inconsistencies and
	  documentation typos as per Scott Harper's email.

2004-03-16 21:41  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: --list and --search display are the same.

2004-03-16 21:33  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Implemented some of Scott Harper's search suggestions:
	  case insensitive sort of returned gems and display description
	  with gem name in search results.

2004-03-16 21:20  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: http_proxy  option

2004-03-15 07:19  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Installation is now case
	  insensitive (like search)

2004-03-15 07:07  chadfowler

	* TODO, bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Better error
	  messages.  updated TODO list.

2004-03-14 21:02  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: --dir didn't work with
	  remote-install.  Now it does.

2004-03-14 17:48  rich

	* bin/gem: fixed uninstall bug

2004-03-14 17:18  rich

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: changed to remove <drive>: on

2004-03-14 16:15  rich

	* install.rb: fixed typo

2004-03-14 16:13  rich

	* install.rb: generate cmd files

2004-03-14 16:13  rich

	* bin/: gem.cmd, gem_server.cmd: now generate cmd files

2004-03-14 15:52  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Fixed a small bug with --gen-rdoc and the remote

2004-03-14 15:38  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Back to version 1.0 ;)

2004-03-14 15:36  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Updated rubygemsversion

2004-03-14 15:31  chadfowler

	* README: credits

2004-03-14 15:24  rich

	* README: initial readme

2004-03-14 15:12  rich

	* doc/UserDoc.html: updated w/doc on documentation ;-)

2004-03-14 15:01  rich

	* gemspecs/jabber4r.gemspec: added jabber4r gemspec

2004-03-14 14:58  rich

	* bin/gem_server: change the documentation path to /

2004-03-14 14:57  rich

	* install.rb: remove installing .rb files from ./bin

2004-03-14 14:32  rich

	* doc/: DevDoc.txt, GemSpecification.txt, UserDoc.html,
	  UserDoc.txt: updated with latest docs

2004-03-14 12:05  chadfowler

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: Fixed tests.

2004-03-14 11:31  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Fixed bug that would manifest
	  itself if a gem creator put apostrophes/single-quotes in the gem

2004-03-14 00:04  rich

	* doc/: UserDoc.html, UserDoc.txt: finished user's guide

2004-03-13 21:48  rich

	* doc/: DevDoc.html, UserDoc.html, UserDoc.txt: updated user's
	  guide...will finish section on ruby's library mgt soon ;-)

2004-03-13 20:48  chadfowler

	* doc/DevDoc.txt: Added documentation on making and distributing

2004-03-13 20:20  chadfowler

	* TODO: [no log message]

2004-03-13 19:51  rich

	* doc/: DevDoc.html, DevDoc.txt, GemSpecification.html,
	  GemSpecification.txt, UserDoc.html, UserDoc.txt, doc.css,
	  makedoc.rb: added these doc (wiki) files from

2004-03-13 17:56  chadfowler

	* TODO, gemspecs/README, gemspecs/cgikit-1.1.0.gemspec,
	  gemspecs/linguistics.gemspec, gemspecs/ook.gemspec,
	  gemspecs/progressbar.gemspec, gemspecs/redcloth.gemspec,
	  gemspecs/rublog.gemspec, gemspecs/ruby-doom.gemspec,
	  gemspecs/rubyjdwp.gemspec, gemspecs/statistics.gemspec: Added
	  some gemspecs for actual RAA packages.

2004-03-13 14:35  chadfowler

	* TODO, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Preliminary HTTP Proxy
	  support.  Untested.

2004-03-13 09:11  chadfowler

	* packages/sources/lib/sources.rb: Changed to point to rubyforge

2004-03-12 22:40  rich

	* bin/generate_yaml_index.rb: generates a yaml index for a gems

2004-03-12 22:02  chadfowler

	* bin/gem_server: No longer serving gem specs.

2004-03-12 21:42  chadfowler

	* TODO, bin/gem_server.cgi: We decided to trash gem_server.cgi in
	  favor of the static content generator Rich is working on.

2004-03-12 21:15  chadfowler

	* TODO: [no log message]

2004-03-12 20:11  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Basic search funtionality in.

	  Slight refactoring of Installer and RemoteInstaller

2004-03-12 18:28  chadfowler

	* TODO: [no log message]

2004-03-12 16:37  chadfowler

	* TODO: [no log message]

2004-03-12 16:14  chadfowler

	* TODO: More TODO items

2004-03-08 13:50  chadfowler

	* TODO, bin/gem_server, example/test.gemspec: Use rdoc templates
	  for HTML.  Nearly XHTML compliant.

2004-03-08 08:21  chadfowler

	* TODO: Added TODO list

2004-03-08 08:12  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Fixed a small (but crippling) bug in
	  the validator.

2004-01-24 13:49  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/cache.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/validator.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb: More cleanup.

2004-01-24 13:29  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: A little cleaning of
	  (Remote)Installer inconsistencies

2004-01-24 13:23  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Removed the weird instance variable thing we had going
	  on. :)

2004-01-07 17:34  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: removed old cruft

2003-12-24 11:32  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Gem validation was returning false
	  negatives (corrupted gems were not reporting their corruption).

2003-12-18 14:18  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb: Lyle noticed some out of date rdoc
	  documentation.  Thanks Lyle!

2003-12-03 08:05  chadfowler

	* install.rb: Gavin's patch for installing the files in bin/ on
	  rubygems installation.

2003-11-30 00:36  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Little warnings adjustment

2003-11-29 17:27  jimweirich

	* Rakefile: added Rakefile to package

2003-11-29 16:23  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Removed defined? and initialized

2003-11-29 16:08  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Initialized @loaded and check
	  defined?(@platform) to silence some -w warnings.

2003-11-29 09:26  rich

	* bin/gem_server, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: updated to support
	  /doc URL to generate list of installed gems w/doc link for rdoc
	  generated links.

2003-11-29 08:30  rich

	* lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb: minor format change of error message

2003-11-29 08:29  rich

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/builder.rb, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb: instantiates DocManager now.  errors
	  out on no install of RDoc.  warns if .gemspec does not specify
	  having rdoc, but rdoc is generated

2003-11-29 02:13  rich

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/doc_manager.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/format.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb: added capability to generate rdoc
	  on install of gem (--gen-rdoc).  this doc is placed in
	  Gem.dir+doc+gem.full_name fixed but in installer when moving to
	  format (not calling each) added doc manager to add/remove
	  documenatation (right now only rdoc)

2003-11-29 01:28  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: should not define the attr_readers
	  for requirements/dependencies so undef is unnecessary

2003-11-29 00:12  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Undefing dependencies and
	  requirements removes warning when used with -w.

2003-11-29 00:12  jimweirich

	* lib/rubygems.rb: Using defined?($GEM_PATH) avoids warning when
	  used with -w switch.

2003-11-28 15:58  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, example/test.gemspec, lib/rubygems.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/validator.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/format.rb: Separated gem file reading into a
	  separate class/file.

2003-11-28 15:20  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: added has_rdoc?/has_rdoc methods
	  ... will be used to autogenerate rdoc

2003-11-28 12:30  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/validator.rb: Rdoc added

2003-11-28 11:51  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/validator.rb: A little
	  rearranging of the validation/alien code.  It's still ugly, but
	  at least it's in its own file now. :)

2003-11-28 11:40  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Removed a little cruft.

2003-11-27 11:04  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Print success message for each gem *not* containing

2003-11-27 11:00  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Preliminary support for gem
	  directory validation (--alien).  Looks for bad or missing gem
	  files, missing spec files, files installed that aren't part of
	  the gem, checksum mismatches, etc.

	  Very ugly code.  Very ugly output.  Work in progress.

2003-11-24 11:58  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: change full_name to include

2003-11-24 09:15  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Option for HTTP Proxy server for remote-install.  Not
	  yet implemented.

2003-11-23 20:22  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Removed a stray \" in builder's success

2003-11-23 20:16  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Leaving escape in but commenting
	  out its functionality because it hosed some other things up.
	  Need to revisit this for the case where:

	   s.summary = "Chad's Thing" # It's the apostrophe

2003-11-23 20:08  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Escape quotes to avoid invalid
	  gemspecs in the #{Gem.dir}/specifications directory

2003-11-23 19:21  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Less ugly error message on file IO problems.

2003-11-22 22:34  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Very simple support for validating a gem.  Will probably
	  move this into the libs eventually.

2003-11-22 20:53  chadfowler

	* example/test.gemspec, lib/rubygems/builder.rb: Generate MD5
	  checksum for gem and store it in the file.  Will be used to
	  validate gem file before installation.

2003-11-22 13:58  chadfowler

	* install.rb, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	  packages/sources/lib/sources.rb: remote-install sources are now
	  installed as a ruby gem at the time of rubygems installation.
	  sources gemspec included in the rubygems distribution.

2003-11-22 12:52  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Allow gem info by --version

2003-11-22 11:50  chadfowler

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/cache.rb: Fixed the bug I introduced
	  by fixing Rich's bug with gem cache caching. ;)

	  Gem::Cache now has a #refresh! method.

2003-11-22 10:16  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: - Fixed bug in Gem.cache
	  (though we may want to revisit it for in-memory caching - Command
	  line configurable version for uninstall

2003-11-22 00:28  rich

	* lib/rubygems/cache.rb: rdoc'd search method

2003-11-22 00:24  rich

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/cache.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb,
	  test/test_version_comparison.rb: removed search_by_name because
	  search does the same thing.  version::requirement was updated to
	  that if you did not specific a version operation, it assumes an =
	  sign.  updated tests accordingly

2003-11-21 23:58  rich

	* lib/rubygems/: cache.rb, installer.rb: allow version to be
	  specified in uninstall (if called programatically)

2003-11-21 23:52  rich

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/cache.rb, rubygems/installer.rb,
	  rubygems/specification.rb: > moved all searching into cache..and
	  now search by name/version and return an
	  ordered list (.last == highest version).
	  > modified uninstaller to allow selecting a specific version to
	  uninstall if
	  multiple versions are installed.
	  > implemented comparison function on specification.
	  > changed require_gem to use new search of cache function

2003-11-21 21:06  chadfowler

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Added ability to
	  specify optional version requirement for remote installations

2003-11-21 20:25  chadfowler

	* test/test_remote_installer.rb: Removed carriage returns

2003-11-21 19:04  chadfowler

	* bin/gem_server: Converted from getopts to optparse.

2003-11-21 18:31  rich

	* lib/rubygems.rb: changed the order in which operations are
	  performed in require_gem.  it now requires dependent gems prior
	  to adding the require_paths to a gem.  otherwise we could have
	  had a LoadError on a dependent gem but the paths were already
	  added...potential problem

2003-11-21 18:21  rich

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: updated to ensure
	  (specifications/cache) directories exist for a provided path

2003-11-21 18:01  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: updated rdoc

2003-11-21 17:59  rich

	* bin/gem, lib/rubygems/builder.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb: fixed various bugs with the
	  $GEM_PATH stuff, specifically on uninstall.  Also, changed to
	  allow specifying a directory on install (--dir) and force install
	  (--force).  Changed the builder generated ruby header to use

2003-11-21 07:03  chadfowler

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/cache.rb,
	  rubygems/remote_installer.rb: Remote installation of dependencies
	  now works.  It downloads all dependent gems or errors out.

	  Fixed bug in require_gem.  Wrong call to cache.

2003-11-21 00:59  rich

	* bin/gem, example/test.gemspec, lib/rubygems.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/cache.rb, lib/rubygems/installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb: added capability to support
	  multiple paths $GEM_PATH in Ruby and RUBY_GEMS in the ARGV.  Lots
	  of changes were needed to support this.  also added the --force
	  and --dir options to gem installtion

2003-11-20 22:50  chadfowler

	* bin/gem: Switched to optparse.  Not a whole lot gained, but it
	  seems to be the way Ruby is going.  It's nice not to have to do
	  the "when" stuff, I guess.

2003-11-19 23:41  chadfowler

	* lib/rubygems/: installer.rb, remote_installer.rb: Added to the hardcoded remote install list.

	  Fixed a dangling YAML.load that broke uninstall.

2003-11-19 22:56  rich

	* lib/rubygems.rb: fixed bug in loading rubygems

2003-11-19 22:51  chadfowler

	* bin/: gem_server, gem_server.cgi: require 'yaml' :)

2003-11-19 22:44  rich

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/cache.rb, rubygems/specification.rb:
	  changed the format of stuff stored in the spec directory to ruby
	  instead of YAML.  This allows us to not have to load yaml in
	  'require_gem'.  switched the specification list to a Cache

2003-11-19 21:56  rich

	* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: write the spec file in ruby and not in
	  yaml format (in the spec dir)

2003-11-19 20:32  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: added to_ruby method to generate a
	  ruby string that can be eval'ed in to build a Gem Specification

2003-11-17 21:37  jimweirich

	* bin/: gem_server, gem_server.cgi: removed carriage returns

2003-11-17 21:19  chadfowler

	* install.rb: Accidentally left some junk in the file.

2003-11-17 19:50  dblack

	* test/test_version_comparison.rb: * Test cases for Version.rb

2003-11-17 19:50  dblack

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: * Split off tests into

2003-11-17 12:37  chadfowler

	* install.rb: Create File.join(Config::CONFIG['libdir'], "ruby",
	  "gems") + "specifications" and + "cache" during installation.

	  Need to remove this from rubygems.rb and replace with
	  ensure_directory call.

2003-11-17 12:29  rich

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: rdoc added

2003-11-17 11:31  rich

	* lib/rubygems/specification.rb: rdoc added

2003-11-17 10:38  rich

	* lib/rubygems/: cache.rb, installer.rb: made rdoc comments and
	  renamed some variables

2003-11-17 08:48  dblack

	* lib/rubygems/version.rb: * Added stricter checking of incoming
	  Requirement string

	  * Added unit tests at end of file

2003-11-17 07:32  chadfowler

	* bin/: gem_server, gem_server.cgi: Refactored gem_server program
	  and added an equivalent CGI version.

2003-11-17 00:14  rich

	* lib/: rubygems.rb, rubygems/builder.rb, rubygems/cache.rb: added
	  rdoc documentation

2003-11-16 17:15  chadfowler

	* bin/: gem.cmd, gem_server.cmd: Added some batch files for Windows

2003-11-16 17:08  rich

	* install.rb, bin/gem, bin/gem_server, example/test.gemspec,
	  example/lib/test.rb, example/lib/test/wow.rb, lib/rubygems.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/builder.rb, lib/rubygems/cache.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb,
	  test/test_remote_installer.rb: Initial import developed at
	  RubyConf 2003 by:

	  Rich Kilmer Chad Fowler David Black Paul Brannon Jim Weirich

2003-11-16 17:08  rich

	* install.rb, bin/gem, bin/gem_server, example/test.gemspec,
	  example/lib/test.rb, example/lib/test/wow.rb, lib/rubygems.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/builder.rb, lib/rubygems/cache.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/installer.rb, lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb,
	  lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/rubygems/version.rb,
	  test/test_remote_installer.rb: Initial revision

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