applemysqlcheckcnf.8   [plain text]

.\" Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Apple Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.
.TH applemysqlcheckcnf 8 "13 July 2009" "Mac OS X Server"
applemysqlcheckcnf \- MySQL configuration upgrade tool
The applemysqlcheckcnf tool creates a MySQL config file which optimizes MySQL 
performance based on available system memory. The tool will install the config 
file as /etc/my.cnf, unless a file by that name already exists, in which case 
it will install it as /etc/my.cnf.default. In the latter case, the optimized 
config file has no effect until it replaces the old /etc/my.cnf.

The applemysqlcheckcnf tool is run automatically each time MySQL service is 
started and does not need to be run by the administrator.
serveradmin(8), Mac OS X Server administration command-line interface.