applemysqlcheckcnf.8   [plain text]

.\" Copyright (c) 2005 Apple Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.
.TH applemysqlcheckcnf 8 "21 April 2006" "Mac OS X Server"
applemysqlcheckcnf \- MySQL configuration upgrade tool
applemysqlcheckcnf is a script that runs automatically when the MySQL service 
is started via the MySQL Manager application or the mysqld_safe script. 
applemysqlcheckcnf installs a default /etc/my.cnf configuration file which 
optimizes MySQL performance based on available system memory.

If applemysqlcheckcnf finds an existing my.cnf configuration, the new 
configuration is copied to /etc/my.cnf.default and the administrator must 
rename the script to enable the new configuration settings.

applemysqlcheckcnf is not intended to be invoked from the command line.
mysqld_safe(1), MySQL Manager application