ntlm_err.et   [plain text]

# Error messages for the ntlm library
# This might look like a com_err file, but is not

error_table ntlm

prefix HNTLM_ERR
error_code DECODE,		"Failed to decode packet"
error_code INVALID_LENGTH,	"Input length invalid"
error_code CRYPTO,		"Failed crypto primitive"
error_code RAND,		"Random generator failed"
error_code AUTH,		"NTLM authentication failed"
error_code TIME_SKEW,		"Client time skewed to server"
error_code OEM,			"Client set OEM string"
error_code MISSING_NAME_SEPARATOR, "missing @ or \ in name"
error_code MISSING_BUFFER, 	"missing expected buffer"
error_code INVALID_APOP, 	"Invalid APOP response"
error_code INVALID_CRAM_MD5, 	"Invalid CRAM-MD5 response"
error_code INVALID_DIGEST_MD5, 	"Invalid DIGEST-MD5 response"
error_code INVALID_DIGEST_MD5_RSPAUTH, 	"Invalid DIGEST-MD5 rspauth"
error_code INVALID_CHANNEL_BINDINGS, "Invalid channel bindings"
error_code INVALID_MIC, 	"Invalid MIC"