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$Id: NEWS,v 1.5 2002/02/19 18:09:46 ken3 Exp $

CMU Sieve 2.1

- Compliant with RFC 3028.  As a result, fileinto and redirect only
  accept a single string and NOT a string-list.

- Compliant with draft-martin-sieve-notify-01.  As a result, notify
  actions will need to be updated to the new syntax.

CMU Sieve 2.0

- Compliant with draft-showalter-sieve-11.txt and 

- Added support for the regex, imapflags, notify and subaddress extensions.
  See README for references.

- Verifies email addresses in redirect and vacation actions are syntactically
  correct (compliant with RFC822).

- Run-time error reporting.

- Changed callback interface to use callback contexts instead of individual
  parameters.  Also added an error string buffer for run-time error reporting.

- Vacation will not reply to any message containing an "auto-submitted"
  header containing anything other than "no".

CMU Sieve 1.4

Now included with imapd distribution (hell, why not?).

Error returning and recovering:
	added error recovering to the parser (but not much!)
	added error messages to the parser

Working on error returning and error recovering.
	run-time errors
	detect some errors in lexer?

Working on even better parsing:
	verify addresses could be addresses
	verify mailboxes could be mailboxes
	verify outgoing headers can be headers

CMU Sieve 1.3

Changed for integration with cyrus deliver.

CMU Sieve 1.2

Added additional callbacks (ok, so I want to make my integration with deliver
easier) and envelope and vacation support.

Made it compile without libcyrus.
It should compile without libcyrus, but then it does not implement the
"address" test.	 That's just too much work to do when I have a neato
library to do it for me.

- regex matching

CMU Sieve 1.1

- Updated to draft-showalter-sieve-07bis.txt

- Simple API (see sieve_interface.h; currently mostly undocumented)

- Implements all of the optional features except "envelope"

- Maintains "if it parses, it probably runs" behavior. (Goal: minimize
  run-time errors.)

CMU Sieve 1.0

- prototype implementation