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<TITLE>Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server</TITLE>
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<h1>                     Known bugs in the Cyrus IMAP Server</h1>

<p>We're working on moving to a <a
href="http://www.mozilla.org/bugs/">Bugzilla database</a>.  It's still
being built up, but you can search/add to it <a
href="http://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu">here</a>.  Eventually, all the
bugs below will be in there.</p>

<h3>imapd and core utilities</h3>

<li> Multiple APPENDs don't always correctly return the EXISTS
response. (can't reproduce?)

<li> Particularly large quotas can wrap around.

<li> The RENAME command is not atomic.

<li> <tt>reconstruct</tt> doesn't deal with the <tt>mailboxes.db</tt> file.

<li> we should deal with having to reset UIDs

<li> the algorithm used for naming stage files is fragile and not

<li> during appendstage(), the message is parsed once per delivery,
not once at the beginning.

<li> <tt>master</tt> should pay attention to processes that have told
it they are listening, and make sure they don't die abnormally.
likewise, it should be on the lookout for continually forking

<li> <tt>master</tt> should probably have a babysitting service
("always keep this process running").


<h3>proxyd and Cyrus Murder</h3>
<li> RENAME across servers isn't implemented.

<li> Tagged lines with literals can cause problems for <tt>proxyd</tt>.


<h3>lmtpd, deliver, and sieve</h3>

<li> 8-bit set characters are coerced to 'X', but not before the notify_zephyr 
code (if used) has had a chance to send them out.

<li> Deliver does not handle messages containing NUL properly due to
stdio problems (the characters between the NUL and the LF will be

<li> Deliver doesn't gracefully handle CR CR sequences in messages.
Well, ok, it hangs.


<h3>authentication and authorization</h3>

<li>Using AFS groups with ptclient, users with negative rights as part of
groups may be granted access to mailboxes if ptclient has died.  We plan
to have this fixed eventually.

<li> In some failures of the krbck program, the error messages printed out
bear no resemblance to what actually went wrong.

<h3>other utilities</h3>

<li> <tt>cyradm</tt> may need to change authname/username stuff.
Something to check.

<li> <tt>imtest</tt>: it would be nice for the authorization name to
default to the authentication name, except when specifically

<li> any utilities doing db operations should catch signals and poll
for them to see if it should exit (like mbpath, ipurge).

<li> <tt>imtest</tt> uses <tt>getpass()</tt> to grab passwords from
users. On some systems (Solaris reported), this will only return the
first 8 characters, causing authentication failures.



<h1>                     Things we want to do</h1>

<li> Implement the IMAP VIEW extension.

<li> Implement the IMAP ANNOTATE extension.

<li> Implement some sort of backup/restore system that's more
efficient and easier to use than Amanda on the filesystem.

<li> Add mailbox version numbers.

<li> Add mailbox tombstones (gives NEWNAME support).

<li> Design and implement ALIST, the advanced list command.

<li> Investigate changing from the prot layer to using sfio.

<li> Write a test module for lmtpengine.

<li> Allow renaming users. (RENAME user.joe user.harry.)  Needs to
move all metadata per-user data. (seen, subscriptions, sieve state?)

<p>Please refer to <a href="feedback.html">Sending Feedback</a> if you
would like to submit a bug, feature request or (best of all) patch.

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