NEWS   [plain text]

Sjeng 11.x

Bugfixes and portability improvements

Sjeng 11

New suicide mode
New losers mode
perft reports leaf nodes (like crafty)
Suicide endgame databases
Fix to movegen (>300 possible moves)
No nullmove on pv 

Sjeng 10.0

Lots of stability improvements
Minor fix to legal move detection
Constrain book learning a little
Updated losers and suicide OPN books

Sjeng 9.2

Endgame tablebase support (Nalimov up to 6 man)
Castling in giveaway is now recognized
Fixes some lockups in suicide/giveaway
More standard chess knowledge (mobility, passed pawns)
Smaller aspiration window
Fix to 'st' command
Updated docs
Fixes to draw detection
Cull very rare book lines
Full losers support
Detect when nullmove is probably bad
Less futility pruning in qsearch

Sjeng 9.1

Bugfix to time allocation
Improved speed benchmark
Bugfix: may not castle in suicide (dunno about giveaway)
Optimized legal move and incheck tests
Added bonus for doubled rooks on (half)open file
King tropisms for normal chess
Updated suicide opening book

Sjeng 9.0

More output during analysis
Support for future winboard protocols
Tecumseh pruning, smarter check extensions
Delay in ptells for mating pieces
Smarter handling of depth-preferenced stores
Free hash/ecache before bookbuild
Tweaks and bugfixes to movegen
Fix in bookbuilding
Platform independent hashes
Extend time on fail-low
Got rid of suicide learning (not used anyway)
Display settings code on servers
Static Exchange Evaluation sorting and pruning
Root move sort based on nodecount
Use ghost piece to anticipate trades
Aggressive backpropagating booklearning
Tweaks to kingsafety in standard chess
Reply immediately on a forced move
Partly merged Dawson eval
Allow setting SmartEval and Attackeval
Support st command
Inform partner when trades are bad
Fixed fast mode
Fixed warnings in source
Allowing switching to PN2 via a #define
Squares macros added for easy eval editing
Workaround for WinBoard/XBoard zippy bug
Fixes for losers movegen

Sjeng 8.6

Pick new move if search fails high and times out
Optimized QSearch ttable usage

Sjeng 8.5

Quiescent hashing
Fixed book learning
Support for losers's chess
Extension tweaks

Sjeng 8.3

Fixed serious hashing bug
Improved moveordering
Improved handling of failed searches
More book randomness
More aggressive book learning
Fixes to Winboard support
Detection of Chessbase Winboard adapter
Recapture extensions
Cleaned up some internal structures
Recognizes 50-move and 3-rep draws

Sjeng 8.0

Much improved crazyhouse evaluation
Support for v2 of xboard/Winboard protocol
New suicide mode (no more alpha-beta)
Simple book learning
Tweaked search & extensions
Fixes to xboard/Winboard support (setboard, undo)
Use a configuration file
Use SAN for move output
Small suicide opening book

Sjeng 7.5

Suicide opening book
Fixes to 'test' command
Tweaked zh piece/square tables
Tweaked suicide eval
Optimized movegenerator
Tweaked bookbuilding code
Faster proof-number search
Fixed MVV/LVA move ordering
Better extension control
Passed pawn extensions
Don't nullmove in endgames
More carefull R=4 usage

Sjeng 7.4 (2000 WCCC Version)

Support for suicide
Faster movegenerator
Faster search
Supports analysis mode for zh games
2-level transposition table
Full proof-number and proof-number^2 implementation

Sjeng 7.3

Faster move generation/Cleaner code
Better handling of failed searches at root
Binary book with transpositions
Automatic bookbuilder
Better time usage
Built-in benchmark
Partial support for SAN moves
Improved evaluation, bad trade, drawn endgames
Positional learning fixes
Improved forward pruning in search

Sjeng 7.2

Fixed an out-of-bounds bug
Better support for systems that lack ftime()

Sjeng 7.1

Books and tests were added to distribution

Sjeng VII

Modified piece values as per Gnejs request
Faster fast mode
more bonusses on partner tells
penalty for pawns blocking development
Marginal Gnejs book support
Removed extra book-loading call
removed depth checks from search timing code
no interruptions in fast mode
narrower ext fut windows again
book selection is no longer fixed for zh/bug
more random book selection
Nullmove R factor is dynamic again
more strict check limiter, but quiescent lock is now added for all
Re-enabled internal iterative deepening
Go fast if fellow sjeng is dead
Sit if losing a --- piece
Automatically tell other sjeng to go if no longer mates us
Automatically resign if both dead
Fixed serious bug in DPVS
Major bugfix to loading of learned data
R=3 used if depth > 6
Disable nullmove in endgame near root
Fix infinite hi-hi bug
-/+ p implies b, q
-/+ r implies q
-/+ b implies b

Sjeng VI

Check whether allocated time is smaller than 1 sec in fast mode
Disable the bug/zh check-qsearch lock
Fixed R=2
Disable internal iterative deepening
Wider ext-fut pruning window
Improved TTable, mate correction, threat and no-null
Capture ordering with king
Set f5 to bughouse or crazyhouse depending on whether we have a partner
Limit check extensions
Fixes to variant-switching code

Sjeng Vb-Vc

Don't try to print search results if mated
Enable the EPD parser
Disable razoring at root
Fix/reorder ptell for bugs

Sjeng V

abort and flag ptell commands added
Only sit if mated in 2 or 1
Don't whisper while playing bug
Give warning on + or -piece commands (temporary)
'time' aliased to 'fast'
Fixed a bug with the '.' command while analyzing
Fixed bugs in edit mode (don't change side to move)
Removed early-mate-breaking
Fix : dont reset pondering status on newgame
Added move-now support (main search may be interrupted now)
Added periodic update support 
Added support for 'st' command (untested)
Fixed bug with changing material values & variants
Fixed bug with king values (missing sign)
Added status output after searching PV at root level
Allow qsearch while in check if standard chess
Fix to move ordering in internal deepening nodes
Severe bugfix in history move ordering
Speedups to makemove/unmakemove in standard chess
Root PVS uses an aspiration window now (REMOVED)
Don't razor the PV
More bonus for pawn @f7 and less for king stepping there
Alias "move" to "go"
Don't accept ptells in standard mode
Alias "=" to "x"
Futility pruing, extended futility pruning and limited razoring can be toggled
Fixed longstanding bug with ep squares
Made pawn bonusses more dynamic