MBCPlayer.h   [plain text]

	File:		MBCPlayer.h
	Contains:	Infrastructure for agents participating in game
	Version:	1.0
	Copyright:	 2002 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved.

	File Ownership:

		DRI:				Matthias Neeracher    x43683


		(MN)	Matthias Neeracher

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		$Log: MBCPlayer.h,v $
		Revision 1.3  2003/04/05 05:45:08  neeri
		Add PGN export
		Revision 1.2  2003/04/02 18:21:09  neeri
		Support saving games
		Revision 1.1  2002/08/22 23:47:06  neeri
		Initial Checkin

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

#import "MBCBoard.h"

// Moves are sent to all interested parties. Trusted clients,
// e.g., chess engines, broadcast MBC*MoveNotification. Untrusted
// clients, e.g. human players, broadcast MBCUnchecked*MoveNotification,
// which is checked by the engine and either turned into a
// MBC*MoveNotification or a MBCIllegalMoveNotification. The legal move
// notification is executed by the board view (possibly using animation)
// and turned into a MBCEndMoveNotification. When the user takes back a move,
// MBCTakebackNotification is broadcast.
extern NSString * const MBCWhiteMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCBlackMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCUncheckedWhiteMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCUncheckedBlackMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCIllegalMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCEndMoveNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCTakebackNotification;
extern NSString * const MBCGameEndNotification;

extern NSString * const kMBCHumanPlayer;
extern NSString * const kMBCEnginePlayer;

// MBCPlayer is an abstract superclass for all possible agents
// that can play a side (a human, a chess engine, a network connection)
@interface MBCPlayer : NSObject

// Start a game playing the black side, the white side, both sides,
// or neither side (in observation mode).
- (void) startGame:(MBCVariant)variant playing:(MBCSide)sideToPlay;


// Local Variables:
// mode:ObjC
// End: