TODO   [plain text]

Perltidy TODO List
    This is a partial "wish-list" of features to add and things to do. All
    of these are of interest, but there is no particular schedule for
    implementing them.

  Improved Vertical Alignment
    There are many opportunities for improving vertical alignment.

    A FAQ is needed to explain some of the more subtle formatting issues,
    and to give examples of different styles.

    The -formatter callback object documentation is incomplete.

  HTML writer
    The HTML writer does not colorize interpolated identifiers in here
    documents or quoted strings. The tokenizer outputs interpolation
    information for here docs; it still needs to be updated to do this for
    multi-line quotes. Then code needs to be written to scan for and markup

  Automatic style detection
    It would be nice to write a program to read a sample of perl code and
    write an approximate .perltidyrc file for that style.

Things which have been suggested but will not be done
  Recursive file processing
    A -r flag might be nice, but this is probably best handled by an
    exterior shell script.