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Revision history for Perl extension ExtUtils::CBuilder.

0.18  Sat Mar 25 13:35:47 CST 2006

 - Yet more fixes for arg_defines() on VMS. [Craig A. Berry and John
   E. Malmberg]

0.17  Wed Mar 15 22:46:15 CST 2006

 - When we're being run from an uninstalled perl distribution
   (e.g. one that's in the process of being built and tested), we
   search for perl first in the current working directory. [Randy

 - More fixing of the arg_defines() method on VMS. [Craig A. Berry and
   John E. Malmberg]

0.16  Mon Mar 13 17:08:21 CST 2006

 - Fix quoting of command line arguments on Windows. [Yitzchak

 - Provided a custom arg_defines() on VMS that does essentially the
   same thing for /define that version 0.14 did for /include. [Craig
   A. Berry]

 - Documented the existing 'quiet' parameter, which silences the
   printing of system() commands. [Suggested by Yitzchak

0.15  Mon Oct  3 17:10:32 CDT 2005

 - Several OS/2 fixes have been made, including: 1) adding the
   necessary version string to DLLs, 2) passing the executable's name
   to 'ldopts' without the .exe extension, 3) avoiding calling 'env'
   via the 'shrpenv' thingy, since it triggers a fork() bug. [Ilya

 - Integrate a couple cleanup-related changes from bleadperl that
   somehow never got into this copy. [Steve Hay]

 - Added a new 'defines' parameter to compile(), which gives a
   platform-independant way to specify various -Dfoo=bar (or the
   equivalent) compiler defines. [Randy W. Sims]

0.14  Mon Sep 19 13:40:37 CDT 2005

 - Several fixes have been made for VMS, including: 1) there can only
   be one /include qualifier, so merge multiple /includes into one; 2)
   make sure the executable is named the same way that dynaloader will
   look for it; 3) make sure the option files for the exported symbols
   and the PERLSHR image are passed properly to the linker. [John
   E. Malmberg]

0.13  Wed Aug 24 20:05:59 CDT 2005

 - Several temporary files weren't being cleaned up during testing,
   because the 'cleanup' mechanism was never properly implemented.
   This is now fixed. [Steve Hay]

0.12  Mon May 30 16:40:10 CDT 2005

 - In order to integrate into the perl core, patches were contributed
   that a) put a $VERSION variable in each .pm file, b) add a 'quiet'
   parameter to new() to shut up some of the command-echoing, c)
   checks for the perl source headers in the CORE/ directory in the
   perl source tree, not in the post-installation location, and d)
   adjusts the CWD when running the regression tests under the perl
   core. [Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes]

 - Various parts of the code were looking for the CORE/ directory in
   $Config{archlib}, $Config{installarchlib}, and $Config{archlibexp}.
   Only the latter is correct, so we use that everywhere now. 
   [Curt Tilmes]

 - For Unix-ish platforms, link_executable() will now prefer
   $Config{cc} to $Config{ld}, because that typically works
   better. [Jarkko Hietaniemi and H.Merijn Brand]

 - Prelinking (invoking ExtUtils::Mksymlists to create options-files)
   is now only done when we're building dynamic libraries. [Yitzchak

0.11  Tue Apr  5 20:58:41 CDT 2005

 - Added a licensing statement to [Spotted by Chip

0.10  Mon Mar 14 20:18:19 CST 2005

 - Split out a few simple routines that format how compile switches
   are formatted, so that we can override them for platforms like VMS
   where they're very different.

 - Fix compile() and link() on VMS. [Help from Michael Schwern and
   Peter Prymmer]

0.09  Tue Feb  8 17:57:41 CST 2005

 - Fixed a broken link_executable() method on cygwin - it now uses
   'gcc' instead of $Config{ld} for the linking, because the latter is
   actually a shell script which calls a perl script which calls gcc
   in a way that only works for creating shared libraries, not

0.08  Tue Jan 18 21:54:11 CST 2005

 - Fixed a testing error in which I had the prototype wrong for the
   main() function. [Jose Pedro Oliveira]

0.07  Wed Jan 12 21:50:34 CST 2005

 - Added the link_executable() method, which provides the ability to
   create standalone executables.  This is NOT yet implemented on
   Windows, and therefore the tests for it are skipped on Win32.
   [Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes]

 - Integrated the latest split_like_shell() for Windows from
   Module::Build (really need to find a better home for this code...),
   which now does a much better job of handling quotes and backslashes
   and so on. [Randy Sims]

 - Fixed a couple of Windows problems related to the output-file name
   in link(), and some clobbering of the 'include_dirs' parameter to
   compile(). [Randy Sims]

0.06  Mon Dec 27 22:51:36 CST 2004

 - Fixed a bug on Unix environments in which our work-around for
   shell-commands like "FOO=BAR cc" (which is supposed to be turned
   into "env FOO=BAR cc" to actually work) wasn't being called.

0.05  Wed Oct 13 23:09:09 CDT 2004

 - Fixed a bug in split_like_shell() in which leading whitespace was
   creating an empty word, manifesting as something like "gcc - no
   such file or directory" during tests. [Spotted by Warren L. Dodge]

 - Incorporate another split_like_shell() fix from Module::Build.

0.04  Sun Oct 10 00:31:08 CDT 2004

 - Changed the split_like_shell() method to use the shellwords()
   function from Text::ParseWords (a core module since 5.0), which
   does a much better job than the split() we were using.

0.03  Fri May 14 23:12:23 CDT 2004

 - Fixed minor problems with the Build.PL file, the module names
   should be quoted.

 - The VMS module declared itself with the wrong package name.

0.02  Fri Feb 20 10:17:40 CST 2004

 - Fixed a bug in .../Platform/, in which compile() was
   ignoring an 'include_dirs' argument.  [Randy Sims]

 - Fixed a bug in .../Platform/, in which output files were
   being created in the root directory \ when they should be created
   in the current directory. [Randy Sims]

0.01  Mon Jan 12 08:12:35 CST 2004

 - Original release, taken from Module::Build's C-building code, with
   patching help from Randy Sims.