META-FAQ   [plain text]

META-FAQ for the Z Shell

The latest version of this META-FAQ can be found at any of the FTP sites
listed below.


Zsh was originally written by Paul Falstad <>.
Zsh is now maintained by the members of the zsh-workers mailing
list <>.  The development is currently
coordinated by Peter Stephenson <>.  The coordinator
can be contacted at <>, but matters relating to
the code should generally go to the mailing list.


Zsh is available from the following anonymous FTP sites.  These mirror
sites are kept frequently up to date.  The sites marked with (H) may be
mirroring instead of the primary site.

      Primary site



The up-to-date source code is available via anonymous CVS and Git from
Sourceforge.  See for details.
A summary of instructions for the CVS and Git archives can be found at

Mailing Lists

Zsh has 3 mailing lists:

            Announcements about releases, major changes in the shell and the
            monthly posting of the Zsh FAQ.  (moderated)

            User discussions.

            Hacking, development, bug reports and patches.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send mail
to the associated administrative address for the mailing list.



All submissions to zsh-announce are automatically forwarded to
zsh-users.  All submissions to zsh-users are automatically
forwarded to zsh-workers.

If you have problems subscribing/unsubscribing to any of the mailing
lists, send mail to <>.  The mailing lists are
maintained by Karsten Thygesen <>.

The mailing lists are archived; the archives can be accessed via the
administrative addresses listed above.  There is also a hypertext
archive, maintained by Geoff Wing <>, available at

The Zsh FAQ

Zsh has a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), maintained by
Peter Stephenson <>.  It is regularly posted to the
newsgroup and the zsh-announce mailing list.
The latest version can be found at any of the Zsh FTP sites, or at  The contact address for FAQ-related matters
is <>.

The Zsh Web Page

Zsh has a web page which is located at  This is
maintained by Karsten Thygesen <>, of SunSITE Denmark.
The contact address for web-related matters is <>.

The Zsh Userguide

A userguide is currently in preparation.  It is intended to complement the
manual, with explanations and hints on issues where the manual can be
cabbalistic, hierographic, or downright mystifying (for example, the word
`hierographic' does not exist).  It can be viewed in its current state at  At the time of writing, chapters
dealing with startup files and their contents and the new completion system
were essentially complete.

The Zsh Wiki

A `wiki' website for zsh has been created at
This is a site which can be added to and modified directly by users without
any special permission.  You can add your own zsh tips and configurations.