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Zsh was originally written by Paul Falstad <>.  Zsh is
now maintained by the members of the zsh-workers mailing list
<>.  The development is currently coordinated
by Peter Stephenson <>.

This file credits only the major contributors to the current release.
See the ChangeLog files for a complete list of people who have submitted
patches.  Note that email addresses below and in the ChangeLog file
are included for disambiguation purposes only, and are not guaranteed
to be currently accurate.  If you feel that you or someone else have
been unfairly omitted from this list please mail the list

Version 4.3

Contributors to the main shell include Clint Adams, Rocky Bernstein, Andrey
Borzenkov, Dan Bullok, Marc Chantreux, Thorsten Dahlheimer, Wayne Davison,
Lionel Flandrin, Michael Hwang, Oliver Kiddle, Greg Klanderman, Matthias
Kopferman, Mikael Magnusson, Dan Nelson, Phil Pennock, Toby Peterson,
R. Ramkumar, François Revol, Bart Schaefer, Tomáš Smetana, Joerg
Sonnenberger, Peter Stephenson, Jon Strait, Takimoto Jun, River Tarnell,
Frank Terbeck, Philippe Troin, Geoff Wing, Matt Wozniski.

The VCS_Info function system was written by Frank Terbeck with
contributions from Julien Langer.

Contributors to documentation and to completion and other shell
functions include those above plus Nuno Alexandre, Ralph Amissah, Micah
Anderson, arno, Frank Benkstein, Jay Berkenbilt, Frank Blendinger, Zack
Cerza, Brendan Cully, Baptiste Daroussin, Danek Duvall, Ryan F, Sean
Finney, Daniel Friesel, Alexey I. Froloff, Tobias Gruetzmacher, Pierre
Habouzit, Richard Hartmann, Benjamin R. Haskell, Ag. D. Hatzimanikas,
Pete Hollobon, Erik Johansson, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Dough Kearns, Hannu
Koivisto, Henryk Konsek, Chris Lamb, Vincent Lefevre, Roger Leigh, Eric
Mangold, Max Mikhanosha, Arkadiusz Miskiewicz, Matthieu Moy, Scott
Murray, Alexander Myodov, Štěpán Němec, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo, Kazuhiro
NISHIYAMA, Omari Norman, Mustafa Oezkan, Tomasz Pala, Peter Palfrader,
Carlos Phillips, Daniel Qarras, Jean-Baptiste Quenot, David Riebenbauer,
Haakon Riiser, Ingo Rohlfs, Felix Rosencrantz, Simon Ruderich, Stephen
Rüger, William Scott, Kris Shannon, Jörg Sommer, Travis Spencer, Vincent
Steman, Mårten Svantesson, Evgenii Terechkov, Magnus Therning, Ingmar
Vanhassel, Markus Waldeck, Motoi Washida, Nikolai Weibull, Jesse

Version 4.2

The contributor list is similar to that for 4.1.1.

Version 4.1.1

Clint Adams <>: termcap/terminfo, completion, configuration,
various modules, networking, prompts

Andrey Borzenkov <>: configuration, completion functions, cygwin

Chmouel Boudjnah <>: Linux completion support

Wayne Davison <>: shell history mechanism,

Zvi Har'El <>: completion functions

Doug Kearns  <>: completion functions

Oliver Kiddle <>: builtins, completion, parameters, prompts,
standards support, tests

Andrew Main <>: zle keymaps, games

Akinori Musha: BSD completion support

Felix Rosencrantz <>: completion, zle

Bart Schaefer <>: configuration, parameters, prompts,
signals, syntax, tests, functions, sanity checking

Adam Spiers <>: completion and other functions

Peter Stephenson <>: configuration, zle, networking, syntax,

Tanaka Akira <>: completion functions

Philippe Troin <>: signals, process groups.

Geoff Wing <>: archiving and distribution network, line editor
display, configuration

Sven Wischnowsky <>: internal completion mechanism and
low-level functions, line editor internals, syntax, wordcode mechanism,

Version 4.0.1

Clint Adams <>: Completion functions, general
configuration and module issues.

Andrej Borsenkow <>: Cygwin support,
configuration, completion functions.

Chmouel Boudjnah <>: configuration support.

Wayne Davison <>: History code.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz: completion functions and substitution code.

Oliver Kiddle <>: Modules and completion functions, AIX support.

Andrew Main <>: Parameters and arithmetic, configuration.

Felix Rosencrantz <>: Test code and shell functions.

Bart Schaefer <>: bits of everything in all parts of code;
general sanity control.

Adam Spiers <>: Completion and other functions, completion

Peter Stephenson <>: configuration and installation, parameters,
completion functions and configuration.

Tanaka Akira <>: Completion and test functions.

Geoff Wing <>: FTP and mailing list archive

Sven Wischnowsky <>: Most of the completion code, zpty,
signal queueing, parameters, builtins, builtouts, built-here-and-theres;
mend garden shed, rewire electricity, reinstall shutters, fix TV aerial in
howling gale...

Other patches from E. Jay Birkenbilt, Jan Fedak, Ulrik Haugen, Paul
Johnson, Fr. Br. George (George V Kouryachy).

Versions 3.1.7 to 3.1.9

* Clint Adams <>: configuration, various fixes esp. in

* Andrej Borsenkow <>:design, testing and
  patches for completion system, documentation, various other fixes

* Chmouel Boudjnah <>: design, testing and patches
  for completion system, documentation, various other fixes

* Wayne Davison <>: History code

* Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>: design, testing and patches for
  completion system, documentation, various other fixes

* Oliver Kiddle <>: AIX dynamic library support, various
  completion functions, web page maintenance, documentation fixes

* Andrew Main <>: configuration and module/DLL code, IPv6
  support, various other bits

* Felix Rosencrantz <>: design, testing and patches
  for completion system, documentation, various other fixes

* Bart Schaefer <>: documentation and many other bits,
  archive maintenance

* Adam Spiers <>: various completion functions, source code
  archive maintenance, documentation fixes, prompt themes

* Peter Stephenson <>: pattern matching code rewrite and
  enhancements, typeset and local variables, zftp maintenance, general
  configuration, floating point support

* Tanaka Akira <>: CVS archive, numerous completion functions
  for common commands, regex shell function state machine

* Geoff Wing <>: mailing list and FTP archive, various other

* Sven Wischnowsky <>: almost all completion code including
  all comp* libraries, all core functions in completion function system;
  styles; job control code; rewrite of internal shell code structures and
  parsing and execution code to use word code; parameter code; repair roof,
  fix guttering, put up shelves in study, recarpet hall, ...

Other patches were submitted by Will Day, Irving Wolfe, John Williams, Vin
Shelton, Akim Demaille, Helmut Jarausch, Gene Cohler, Johan Sundström.

Version 3.1.6

* Sven Wischnowsky <>: completion code,
  major rewrite and enhancements, including matching control, completion
  widgets and function system, complist module; zle code additions; job
  control code changes; parameters code changes; parameter module;
  additional autoloading code; general code changes for extra efficiency;
  subscripting and ordering of globbing lists.

* Peter Stephenson <>: zftp and mapfile modules and zf*
  functions; local parameters and typeset changes; changes in autoconf
  system; case-independent and approximate pattern matching; various
  options; a few completion modules; some zle changes; FAQ.

* Bart Schaefer <>: associative array implementation; other
  parameter changes; keeping track of missing patches; function autoloading

* Wayne Davison <>:  History code novelties and improvements
  with new options.

* Geoff Wing <>:  Zle display code fixes, mailing list and patch

* Zoltán Hidvégi <>: AIX dynamic loading code.

* Matt Armstrong: cygwin configuration changes.

Other improvements, bug fixes and design suggestions from all the above
plus Andrej Borsenkow, Oliver Kiddle, Tanaka Akira, Naoki Wakamatsu, Tatuso
Furukawa, Ville Herva, Will Day, Lehti Rahmi, Larry P. Schrof, Helmut
Jarausch, Phil Pennock, Wilfredo Sanchez, Bruce Stephens, Gene Cohler,
Ollivier Robert, Felix Rosencrantz.

Previous versions of zsh 3 were maintained by Zoltán Hidvégi and Andrew
Main (Zefram).

Version 3.0

* Richard Coleman <> maintained the code till the
  release of zsh-2.6-beta16.  Converted zsh to use autoconf thus greatly
  improving the portability.  Rewrote signal handling code.  Reorganized
  internal hash tables and rewrote the related builtins (enable, disable,
  hash, unhash).  Made some cleanups in exec.c.

* Zoltán Hidvégi <> maintained zsh from version
  2.6-beta16.  Rewrote most of the lexer and substitution and the related
  completion code.  Improved sh/ksh/POSIX compatibility.  Fixed lots
  of bugs in completion, parameter and history code.  Made zsh fully
  8-bit clean.  Made some reorganizations in exec.c.  Fixed signal
  handling bugs.  Fixed lots of bugs in various places.

* Peter W. Stephenson <> the maintainer of the zsh FAQ.
  Reorganizations in exec.c.  Rewrote and reorganized the history code.
  Rewrote the zshcompctl manual page.  Fixed several bugs related to
  programmable completion.  Fixed several signal handling bugs.  Rewrote
  test and read builtins.  Lots of other bugfixes.

* Andrew Main (Zefram) <> reorganized builtin.c.
  Rewrote large parts of the zle vi mode.  Redirection fixes.  Reorganized
  parts of the completion code, added some enhancements and fixed lots of
  bugs.  Made zle fully 8-bit clean.  Fixed several zle bugs.  Reorganized
  zsh option handling.  Lots of other bugfixes.

* Sven Wischnowsky <> wrote most of the
  programmable completion code in zsh-2.5.0.  Several bugfixes in exec.c
  and jobs.c.  Lots of completion bugfixes and enhancements.

* Geoff Wing <> rewrote most of zle_refresh.c.  Some
  other bugfixes.

* Clive Messer <> brought the texinfo documentation

* Mark Borges <> contributed several documentation fixes
  including further texinfo documentation updates and maintained the zsh
  web pages during their tenure at

* Wayne Davison <> improved the the zle search functions
  and made them 8-bit clean.  Some other little bugfixes.

* Bart Schaefer <> submitted several bugfixes, reported
  lots of bugs and gave many very useful suggestions.

Version 2.5

Bas de Bakker maintained zsh till the release of zsh-2.5.0.  People who
have contributed to zsh-2.5.0 are (in lexical order): (Chris Moore) (Irving Wolfe) (Jarkko Hietanimi) (Peter Stephenson) (Richard Sharman)
Tero_Kivinen@hut.FI (Tero Kivinen) (Anthony Iano-Fletcher) (Bas de Bakker) (Benson Margulies) (Bill Burton) (M. Brown) (Carlos Carvalho) (Carl Edman) (Chip Salzenberg) (Hannu Strang) (Richard Coleman) (Chris Ross) (Dimitris Michailidis) (David M. Meyer)
esky@CS.UCLA.EDU (Eskandar Ensafi) (Fran Litterio) (Fred Gansevles) (Ralph Betza) (Florent Guillaume) (John Guthrie) (Peter Hegedus) (Henry Guillaume) (Goran Larsson) (Rob Hooft) (Stephen Harris) (Irving Wolfe) (Jonathan Hardwick) (Jos Backus) (Benjamin Liblit) (Marc Boucher) (Geoff Wing) (Charles Hannum) (D. Hall) (Norbert Kiesel) (Sven Wischnowsky) (Rick) (Paul Maisano) (Per Foreby) (Paul Falstad) (Roderick Schertler) (Bart Schaefer) (Harald Schlangmann) (Russell Senior) (Duncan Sinclair) (Bruce Sterling Woodcock) (Hisao Suzuki) (Timothy Miller) (Karl E. Vogel) (Klaus Wacker) (Laurent Wacrenier)