unzipstb.c   [plain text]

  Copyright (c) 1990-2001 Info-ZIP.  All rights reserved.

  See the accompanying file LICENSE, version 2000-Apr-09 or later
  (the contents of which are also included in unzip.h) for terms of use.
  If, for some reason, all these files are missing, the Info-ZIP license
  also may be found at:  ftp://ftp.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/license.html


  Simple stub function for UnZip DLL (or shared library, whatever); does
  exactly the same thing as normal UnZip, except for additional printf()s
  of various version numbers, solely as a demonstration of what can/should
  be checked when using the DLL.  (If major version numbers ever differ,
  assume program is incompatible with DLL--especially if DLL version is
  older.  This is not likely to be a problem with *this* simple program,
  but most user programs will be much more complex.)


#include <stdio.h>
#include "unzip.h"
#include "unzvers.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    static UzpVer *pVersion;   /* no pervert jokes, please... */

    pVersion = UzpVersion();

    printf("UnZip stub:  checking version numbers (DLL is dated %s)\n",
    printf("   UnZip versions:    expecting %d.%d%d, using %d.%d%d%s\n",
      UZ_MAJORVER, UZ_MINORVER, UZ_PATCHLEVEL, pVersion->unzip.major,
      pVersion->unzip.minor, pVersion->unzip.patchlevel, pVersion->betalevel);
    printf("   ZipInfo versions:  expecting %d.%d%d, using %d.%d%d\n",
      ZI_MAJORVER, ZI_MINORVER, UZ_PATCHLEVEL, pVersion->zipinfo.major,
      pVersion->zipinfo.minor, pVersion->zipinfo.patchlevel);

    D2_M*VER and os2dll.* are obsolete, though retained for compatibility:

    printf("   OS2 DLL versions:  expecting %d.%d%d, using %d.%d%d\n",
      D2_MAJORVER, D2_MINORVER, D2_PATCHLEVEL, pVersion->os2dll.major,
      pVersion->os2dll.minor, pVersion->os2dll.patchlevel);

    if (pVersion->flag & 2)
        printf("   using zlib version %s\n", pVersion->zlib_version);

    /* call the actual UnZip routine (string-arguments version) */
    return UzpMain(argc, argv);