TODO   [plain text]

                                 Hey Emacs, this is -*- outline -*- mode

This is the todo list for Wget.  I don't have any time-table of when I
plan to implement these features; this is just a list of things I'd
like to see in Wget.  I'll work on some of them myself, and I will
accept patches in their direction.  The items are not listed in any
particular order.  Not all of them are user-visible changes.

* Make `-k' convert <base href=...> too.

* Add option to clobber existing file names (no `.N' suffixes).

* Introduce a concept of "boolean" options.  For instance, every
  boolean option `--foo' would have a `--no-foo' equivalent for
  turning it off.  Get rid of `--foo=no' stuff.  Short options would
  be handled as `-x' vs. `-nx'.

* Implement "thermometer" display (not all that hard; use an
  alternative show_progress() if the output goes to a terminal.)

* Add option to only list wildcard matches without doing the download.

* Add case-insensitivity as an option.

* Add option to download all files needed to display a web page
  (images, etc.)

* Handle MIME types correctly.  There should be an option to (not)
  retrieve files based on MIME types, e.g. `--accept-types=image/*'.

* Implement "persistent" retrieving.  In "persistent" mode Wget should
  treat most of the errors as transient.

* Allow time-stamping by arbitrary date.

* Fix Unix directory parser to allow for spaces in file names.

* Allow size limit to files.

* -k should convert convert relative references to absolute if not

* Recognize HTML comments correctly.  Add more options for handling
  bogus HTML found all over the 'net.

* Implement breadth-first retrieval.

* Download to .in* when mirroring.

* Add an option to delete or move no-longer-existent files when

* Implement a switch to avoid downloading multiple files (e.g. x and

* Implement uploading (--upload URL?) in FTP and HTTP.

* Rewrite FTP code to allow for easy addition of new commands.  It
  should probably be coded as a simple DFA engine.

* Recognize more FTP servers (VMS).

* Make HTTP timestamping use If-Modified-Since facility.

* Implement better spider options.

* Add more protocols (e.g. gopher and news), implementing them in a
  modular fashion.

* Implement a concept of "packages" a la mirror.

* Implement correct RFC1808 URL parsing.

* Implement HTTP cookies.

* Implement more HTTP/1.1 bells and whistles (ETag, Content-MD5 etc.)

* Support SSL encryption through SSLeay.