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GNU Wget NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

Copyright (C) 1997, 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.

Please send GNU Wget bug reports to <>.
* Wget 1.5.3 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Wget 1.5.2 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Wget 1.5.1 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Changes in Wget 1.5.0

** Wget speaks many languages!

On systems with gettext(), Wget will output messages in the language
set by the current locale, if available.  At this time we support
Czech, German, Croatian, Italian, Norwegian and Portuguese.

** Opie (Skey) is now supported with FTP.

** HTTP Digest Access Authentication (RFC2069) is now supported.

** The new `-b' option makes Wget go to background automatically.

** The `-I' and `-X' options now accept wildcard arguments.

** The `-w' option now accepts suffixes `s' for seconds, `m' for
minutes, `h' for hours, `d' for days and `w' for weeks.

** Upon getting SIGHUP, the whole previous log is now copied to

** Wget now understands proxy settings with explicit usernames and
passwords, e.g. `'.

** You can use the new `--cut-dirs' option to make Wget create less

** The `;type=a' appendix to FTP URLs is now recognized.  For
instance, the following command will retrieve the welcoming message in
ASCII type transfer:

    wget ";type=a"

** `--help' and `--version' options have been redone to to conform to
standards set by other GNU utilities.

** Wget should now be compilable under MS Windows environment.  MS
Visual C++ and Watcom C have been used successfully.

** If the file length is known, percentages are displayed during

** The manual page, now hopelessly out of date, is no longer
distributed with Wget.
* Wget 1.4.5 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Wget 1.4.4 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Changes in Wget 1.4.3

** Wget is now a GNU utility.

** Can do passive FTP.

** Reads .netrc.

** Info documentation expanded.

** Compiles on pre-ANSI compilers.

** Global wgetrc now goes to /usr/local/etc (i.e. $sysconfdir).

** Lots of bugfixes.
* Changes in Wget 1.4.2

** New mirror site at,
thanks to Karsten Thygesen.

** Mailing list!  Mail to to subscribe.

** New option --delete-after for proxy prefetching.

** New option --retr-symlinks to retrieve symbolic links like plain

** -- script to remove files deleted on the remote server

** --convert-links should work now.

** Minor bugfixes.
* Changes in Wget 1.4.1

** Minor bugfixes.

** Added -I (the opposite of -X).

** Dot tracing is now customizable; try wget --dot-style=binary
* Changes in Wget 1.4.0

** Wget 1.4.0 [formerly known as Geturl] is an extensive rewrite of
Geturl.  Although many things look suspiciously similar, most of the
stuff was rewritten, like recursive retrieval, HTTP, FTP and mostly
everything else.  Wget should be now easier to debug, maintain and,
most importantly, use.

** Recursive HTTP should now work without glitches, even with Location
changes, server-generated directory listings and other naughty stuff.

** HTTP regetting is supported on servers that support Range
specification. WWW authorization is supported -- try
wget http://user:password@hostname/

** FTP support was rewritten and widely enhanced. Globbing should now
work flawlessly. Symbolic links are created locally. All the
information the Unix-style ls listing can give is now recognized.

** Recursive FTP is supported, e.g.
    wget -r

** You can specify "rejected" directories, to which you do not want to
enter, e.g. with wget -X /pub

** Time-stamping is supported, with both HTTP and FTP. Try wget -N URL.

** A new texinfo reference manual is provided.  It can be read with
Emacs, standalone info, or converted to HTML, dvi or postscript.

** Fixed a long-standing bug, so that Wget now works over SLIP

** You can have a system-wide wgetrc (/usr/local/lib/wgetrc by
default). Settings in $HOME/.wgetrc override the global ones, of
course :-)

** You can set up quota in .wgetrc to prevent sucking too much
data. Try `quota = 5M' in .wgetrc (or quota = 100K if you want your
sysadmin to like you).

** Download rate is printed after retrieval.

** Wget now sends the `Referer' header when retrieving

** With the new --no-parent option Wget can retrieve FTP recursively
through a proxy server.

** HTML parser, as well as the whole of Wget was rewritten to be much
faster and less memory-consuming (yes, both).

** Absolute links can be converted to relative links locally. Check
wget -k.

** Wget catches hangup, filtering the output to a log file and
resuming work. Try kill -HUP %?wget.

** User-defined headers can be sent.  Try

    wget --header='Accept-Charset: iso-8859-2'

** Acceptance/Rejection lists may contain wildcards.

** Wget can display HTTP headers and/or FTP server response with the
new `-S' option.  It can save the original HTTP headers with `-s'.

** socks library is now supported (thanks to Antonio Rosella
<>). Configure with --with-socks.

** There is a nicer display of REST-ed output.

** Many new options (like -x to force directory hierarchy, or -m to
turn on mirroring options).

** Wget is now distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

** Lots of small features I can't remember. :-)

** A host of bugfixes.
* Changes in Geturl 1.3

** Added FTP globbing support (*)

** Added support for no_proxy

** Added support for ftp://user:password@host/

** Added support for %xx in URL syntax

** More natural command-line options

** Added -e switch to execute .geturlrc commands from the command-line

** Added support for robots.txt

** Fixed some minor bugs
* Geturl 1.2 is a bugfix release with no user-visible changes.
* Changes in Geturl 1.1

** REST supported in FTP

** Proxy servers supported

** GNU getopt used, which enables command-line arguments to be ordered
as you wish, e.g.  geturl -vo log is the same as
geturl -vo log

** Netscape-compatible URL syntax for HTTP supported: host[:port]/dir/file

** NcFTP-compatible colon URL syntax for FTP supported: host:/dir/file

** <base href="xxx"> supported

** autoconf supported
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