test5.in   [plain text]

Test for autocommand that deletes the current buffer on BufLeave event.
Also test deleting the last buffer, should give a new, empty buffer.

:so small.vim
:au BufLeave Xxx bwipe
/start of
:.,/end of/w! Xxx               " write test file Xxx
:sp Xxx                         " split to Xxx
:bwipe                          " delete buffer Xxx, now we're back here
G?this is a
othis is some more text
:                               " Append some text to this file
:?start?,$w! test.out           " Write current file contents
:bwipe test.out                 " delete alternate buffer
:au bufleave test5.in bwipe
:bwipe!                         " delete current buffer, get an empty one
ithis is another test line:w >>test.out
:                               " append an extra line to the output file

start of test file Xxx
vim: set noai :
	this is a test
	this is a test
	this is a test
	this is a test
end of test file Xxx