test2.in   [plain text]

This is a test if a URL is recognized by "gf", with the cursor before and
after the "://".  Also test ":\\".

:so small.vim
:call append(0, expand("<cfile>"))
:call append(1, expand("<cfile>"))
:if has("ebcdic")
: set isf=@,240-249,/,.,-,_,+,,,$,:,~,\
: set isf=@,48-57,/,.,-,_,+,,,$,:,~,\
:call append(2, expand("<cfile>"))
:call append(3, expand("<cfile>"))
5GdG:wq! test.out
first test for URL://machine.name/tmp/vimtest2a and other text
second test for URL://machine.name/tmp/vimtest2b. And other text
third test for URL:\\machine.name\vimtest2c and other text
fourth test for URL:\\machine.name\tmp\vimtest2d, and other text