test15.in   [plain text]

Tests for :right on text with embedded TAB.
Also test formatting a paragraph.
Also test undo after ":%s" and formatting.

:so small.vim
:set tw=65

:/^\s*test for :left/,/^\s*test for :center/ left
:/^\s*test for :center/,/^\s*test for :right/ center
:/^\s*test for :right/,/^xxx/-1 right
:set fo+=tcroql tw=72
:set nocp viminfo+=nviminfo
:" undo/redo here to make the next undo only work on the following changes
:map gg :.,.+2s/^/x/<CR>kk:set tw=3<CR>gqq
:?test for :left?,$w! test.out

	test for :left
	  a		a
	    fa		a
	  dfa		a
	        sdfa		a
	  asdfa		a
	        xasdfa		a
asxxdfa		a

	test for :center
	  a		a
	    fa		afd asdf
	  dfa		a
	        sdfa		afd asdf
	  asdfa		a
	        xasdfa		asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf
asxxdfa		a

	test for :right
	a		a
	fa		a
	dfa		a
	sdfa		a
	asdfa		a
	xasdfa		a
	asxxdfa		a
	asxa;ofa		a
	asdfaqwer		a
	a		ax
	fa		ax
	dfa		ax
	sdfa		ax
	asdfa		ax
	xasdfa		ax
	asxxdfa		ax
	asxa;ofa		ax
	asdfaqwer		ax
	a		axx
	fa		axx
	dfa		axx
	sdfa		axx
	asdfa		axx
	xasdfa		axx
	asxxdfa		axx
	asxa;ofa		axx
	asdfaqwer		axx
	a		axxx
	fa		axxx
	dfa		axxx
	sdfa		axxx
	asdfa		axxx
	xasdfa		axxx
	asxxdfa		axxx
	asxa;ofa		axxx
	asdfaqwer		axxx
	a		axxxo
	fa		axxxo
	dfa		axxxo
	sdfa		axxxo
	asdfa		axxxo
	xasdfa		axxxo
	asxxdfa		axxxo
	asxa;ofa		axxxo
	asdfaqwer		axxxo
	a		axxxoi
	fa		axxxoi
	dfa		axxxoi
	sdfa		axxxoi
	asdfa		axxxoi
	xasdfa		axxxoi
	asxxdfa		axxxoi
	asxa;ofa		axxxoi
	asdfaqwer		axxxoi
	a		axxxoik
	fa		axxxoik
	dfa		axxxoik
	sdfa		axxxoik
	asdfa		axxxoik
	xasdfa		axxxoik
	asxxdfa		axxxoik
	asxa;ofa		axxxoik
	asdfaqwer		axxxoik
	a		axxxoike
	fa		axxxoike
	dfa		axxxoike
	sdfa		axxxoike
	asdfa		axxxoike
	xasdfa		axxxoike
	asxxdfa		axxxoike
	asxa;ofa		axxxoike
	asdfaqwer		axxxoike
	a		axxxoikey
	fa		axxxoikey
	dfa		axxxoikey
	sdfa		axxxoikey
	asdfa		axxxoikey
	xasdfa		axxxoikey
	asxxdfa		axxxoikey
	asxa;ofa		axxxoikey
	asdfaqwer		axxxoikey

xxxxx xx xxxxxx 
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xx
xx xxxxxxx. xxxx xxxx.

> xx xx, xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx
> xxxxxx xxxxxxx: xxxx xxxxxxx, xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

aa aa aa aa
bb bb bb bb
cc cc cc cc