test11.in   [plain text]

Tests for autocommands:
- FileWritePre		writing a compressed file
- FileReadPost		reading a compressed file
- BufNewFile		reading a file template
- BufReadPre		decompressing the file to be read
- FilterReadPre		substituting characters in the temp file
- FilterReadPost	substituting characters after filtering
- FileReadPre		set options for decompression
- FileReadPost		decompress the file

Note: This test is skipped if "gzip" is not available.
$GZIP is made empty, "-v" would cause trouble.
Use a FileChangedShell autocommand to avoid a prompt for "Xtestfile.gz" being
modified outside of Vim (noticed on Solaris).

:so small.vim
:" drop out when there is no gzip program
:if !executable("gzip")
: e! test.ok
: w! test.out
: qa!
:let $GZIP = ""
:au FileChangedShell * echo "caught FileChangedShell"
:set bin
:au FileWritePre    *.gz   '[,']!gzip
:au FileWritePost   *.gz   undo
:/^start of testfile/,/^end of testfile/w! Xtestfile.gz
:au FileReadPost    *.gz   '[,']!gzip -d
:$r Xtestfile.gz                " Read and decompress the testfile
:?startstart?,$w! test.out      " Write contents of this file
:au BufNewFile      *.c    read Xtest.c
:/^start of test.c/+1,/^end of test.c/-1w! Xtest.c
:e! foo.c                       " Will load Xtest.c
:au FileAppendPre   *.out  '[,']s/new/NEW/
:au FileAppendPost  *.out  !cat Xtest.c >>test.out
:w>>test.out                    " Append it to the output file
:au! FileAppendPre
:" setup autocommands to decompress before reading and re-compress afterwards
:au BufReadPre      *.gz   exe '!gzip -d ' . shellescape(expand("<afile>"))
:au BufReadPre      *.gz   call rename(expand("<afile>:r"), expand("<afile>"))
:au BufReadPost     *.gz   call rename(expand("<afile>"), expand("<afile>:r"))
:au BufReadPost     *.gz   exe '!gzip ' . shellescape(expand("<afile>:r"))
:e! Xtestfile.gz                " Edit compressed file
:w>>test.out                    " Append it to the output file
:set shelltemp                  " need temp files here
:au FilterReadPre   *.out  call rename(expand("<afile>"), expand("<afile>") . ".t")
:au FilterReadPre   *.out  exe '!sed s/e/E/ ' . shellescape(expand("<afile>")) . ".t >" . shellescape(expand("<afile>"))
:au FilterReadPre   *.out  exe '!rm ' . shellescape(expand("<afile>")) . '.t'
:au FilterReadPost  *.out  '[,']s/x/X/g
:e! test.out                    " Edit the output file
:23,$s/\r$//                 " remove CR for when sed adds them
:au! FileReadPre    *.gz   exe '!gzip -d ' . shellescape(expand("<afile>"))
:au  FileReadPre    *.gz   call rename(expand("<afile>:r"), expand("<afile>"))
:au! FileReadPost   *.gz   '[,']s/l/L/
:$r Xtestfile.gz             " Read compressed file
:w                           " write it, after filtering
:au!             " remove all autocommands
:e               " Edit test.out again
:set nobin ff&   " use the default fileformat for writing

start of testfile
line 2	Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
line 3	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
line 4	Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
line 5	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
line 6	Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
line 7	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
line 8	Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
line 9	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
line 10 Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
end of testfile

start of test.c
 * Here is a new .c file
end of test.c