vimspell.txt   [plain text]

This is a simple script to spell check a file and generate the syntax
statements necessary to highlight the errors in vim.  It is based on a
similar program by Krishna Gadepalli <>.

To use this script, first place it in a directory in your path.  Next,
you should add some convenient key mappings.  I use the following (in

	noremap <F8> :so ` %`<CR><CR>
	noremap <F7> :syntax clear SpellErrors<CR>

This program requires the old Unix "spell" command.  On my Debian
system, "spell" is a wrapper around "ispell".  For better security,
you should uncomment the line in the script that uses "tempfile" to
create a temporary file.  As all systems don't have "tempfile" the
insecure "pid method" is used.

    Neil Schemenauer <>