efm_filter.txt   [plain text]

[adopted from a message that Ives posted in the Vim mailing list]

Some compilers produce an error message that cannot be handled with
'errorformat' in Vim.  Following is an example of a Perl script that
translates one error message into something that Vim understands.

The compiler that generates this kind of error messages (4 lines):

line 50: error(3114):
	   identifier "PRIMITIVE_M" is undefined

You can find a small perl program at the end.
The way I use it is:

:set   errorformat=%f>%l:%c:%t:%n:%m
:set   makeprg=clearmake\ -C\ gnu
:set   shellpipe=2>&1\|\ vimccparse

If somebody thinks this is useful: feel free to do whatever you can think
of with this code.

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