python.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:	Python
" Maintainer:	Neil Schemenauer <>
" Last Change:	2009-10-13
" Credits:	Zvezdan Petkovic <>
"		Neil Schemenauer <>
"		Dmitry Vasiliev
"		This version is a major rewrite by Zvezdan Petkovic.
"		- introduced highlighting of doctests
"		- updated keywords, built-ins, and exceptions
"		- corrected regular expressions for
"		  * functions
"		  * decorators
"		  * strings
"		  * escapes
"		  * numbers
"		  * space error
"		- corrected synchronization
"		- more highlighting is ON by default, except
"		- space error highlighting is OFF by default
" Optional highlighting can be controlled using these variables.
"   let python_no_builtin_highlight = 1
"   let python_no_doctest_code_highlight = 1
"   let python_no_doctest_highlight = 1
"   let python_no_exception_highlight = 1
"   let python_no_number_highlight = 1
"   let python_space_error_highlight = 1
" All the options above can be switched on together.
"   let python_highlight_all = 1

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items.
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded.
if version < 600
  syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

" Keep Python keywords in alphabetical order inside groups for easy
" comparison with the table in the 'Python Language Reference'
" Groups are in the order presented in NAMING CONVENTIONS in syntax.txt.
" Exceptions come last at the end of each group (class and def below).
" Keywords 'with' and 'as' are new in Python 2.6
" (use 'from __future__ import with_statement' in Python 2.5).
" Some compromises had to be made to support both Python 3.0 and 2.6.
" We include Python 3.0 features, but when a definition is duplicated,
" the last definition takes precedence.
" - 'False', 'None', and 'True' are keywords in Python 3.0 but they are
"   built-ins in 2.6 and will be highlighted as built-ins below.
" - 'exec' is a built-in in Python 3.0 and will be highlighted as
"   built-in below.
" - 'nonlocal' is a keyword in Python 3.0 and will be highlighted.
" - 'print' is a built-in in Python 3.0 and will be highlighted as
"   built-in below (use 'from __future__ import print_function' in 2.6)
syn keyword pythonStatement	False, None, True
syn keyword pythonStatement	as assert break continue del exec global
syn keyword pythonStatement	lambda nonlocal pass print return with yield
syn keyword pythonStatement	class def nextgroup=pythonFunction skipwhite
syn keyword pythonConditional	elif else if
syn keyword pythonRepeat	for while
syn keyword pythonOperator	and in is not or
syn keyword pythonException	except finally raise try
syn keyword pythonInclude	from import

" Decorators (new in Python 2.4)
syn match   pythonDecorator	"@" display nextgroup=pythonFunction skipwhite
" The zero-length non-grouping match before the function name is
" extremely important in pythonFunction.  Without it, everything is
" interpreted as a function inside the contained environment of
" doctests.
" A dot must be allowed because of @MyClass.myfunc decorators.
syn match   pythonFunction
      \ "\%(\%(def\s\|class\s\|@\)\s*\)\@<=\h\%(\w\|\.\)*" contained

syn match   pythonComment	"#.*$" contains=pythonTodo,@Spell
syn keyword pythonTodo		FIXME NOTE NOTES TODO XXX contained

" Triple-quoted strings can contain doctests.
syn region  pythonString
      \ start=+[uU]\=\z(['"]\)+ end="\z1" skip="\\\\\|\\\z1"
      \ contains=pythonEscape,@Spell
syn region  pythonString
      \ start=+[uU]\=\z('''\|"""\)+ end="\z1" keepend
      \ contains=pythonEscape,pythonSpaceError,pythonDoctest,@Spell
syn region  pythonRawString
      \ start=+[uU]\=[rR]\z(['"]\)+ end="\z1" skip="\\\\\|\\\z1"
      \ contains=@Spell
syn region  pythonRawString
      \ start=+[uU]\=[rR]\z('''\|"""\)+ end="\z1" keepend
      \ contains=pythonSpaceError,pythonDoctest,@Spell

syn match   pythonEscape	+\\[abfnrtv'"\\]+ contained
syn match   pythonEscape	"\\\o\{1,3}" contained
syn match   pythonEscape	"\\x\x\{2}" contained
syn match   pythonEscape	"\%(\\u\x\{4}\|\\U\x\{8}\)" contained
" Python allows case-insensitive Unicode IDs:
syn match   pythonEscape	"\\N{\a\+\%(\s\a\+\)*}" contained
syn match   pythonEscape	"\\$"

if exists("python_highlight_all")
  if exists("python_no_builtin_highlight")
    unlet python_no_builtin_highlight
  if exists("python_no_doctest_code_highlight")
    unlet python_no_doctest_code_highlight
  if exists("python_no_doctest_highlight")
    unlet python_no_doctest_highlight
  if exists("python_no_exception_highlight")
    unlet python_no_exception_highlight
  if exists("python_no_number_highlight")
    unlet python_no_number_highlight
  let python_space_error_highlight = 1

" It is very important to understand all details before changing the
" regular expressions below or their order.
" The word boundaries are *not* the floating-point number boundaries
" because of a possible leading or trailing decimal point.
" The expressions below ensure that all valid number literals are
" highlighted, and invalid number literals are not.  For example,
" - a decimal point in '4.' at the end of a line is highlighted,
" - a second dot in 1.0.0 is not highlighted,
" - 08 is not highlighted,
" - 08e0 or 08j are highlighted,
" and so on, as specified in the 'Python Language Reference'.
if !exists("python_no_number_highlight")
  " numbers (including longs and complex)
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<0[oO]\=\o\+[Ll]\=\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<0[xX]\x\+[Ll]\=\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<0[bB][01]\+[Ll]\=\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<\%([1-9]\d*\|0\)[Ll]\=\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<\d\+[jJ]\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber	"\<\d\+[eE][+-]\=\d\+[jJ]\=\>"
  syn match   pythonNumber
	\ "\<\d\+\.\%([eE][+-]\=\d\+\)\=[jJ]\=\%(\W\|$\)\@="
  syn match   pythonNumber
	\ "\%(^\|\W\)\@<=\d*\.\d\+\%([eE][+-]\=\d\+\)\=[jJ]\=\>"

" Group the built-ins in the order in the 'Python Library Reference' for
" easier comparison.
" Python built-in functions are in alphabetical order.
if !exists("python_no_builtin_highlight")
  " built-in constants
  " 'False', 'True', and 'None' are also reserved words in Python 3.0
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	False True None
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	NotImplemented Ellipsis __debug__
  " built-in functions
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	abs all any bin bool chr classmethod
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	compile complex delattr dict dir divmod
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	enumerate eval filter float format
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	frozenset getattr globals hasattr hash
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	help hex id input int isinstance
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	issubclass iter len list locals map max
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	min next object oct open ord pow print
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	property range repr reversed round set
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	setattr slice sorted staticmethod str
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	sum super tuple type vars zip __import__
  " Python 2.6 only
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	basestring callable cmp execfile file
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	long raw_input reduce reload unichr
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	unicode xrange
  " Python 3.0 only
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	ascii bytearray bytes exec memoryview
  " non-essential built-in functions; Python 2.6 only
  syn keyword pythonBuiltin	apply buffer coerce intern

" From the 'Python Library Reference' class hierarchy at the bottom.
if !exists("python_no_exception_highlight")
  " builtin base exceptions (only used as base classes for other exceptions)
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	BaseException Exception
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	ArithmeticError EnvironmentError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	LookupError
  " builtin base exception removed in Python 3.0
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	StandardError
  " builtin exceptions (actually raised)
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	AssertionError AttributeError BufferError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	EOFError FloatingPointError GeneratorExit
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	IOError ImportError IndentationError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	IndexError KeyError KeyboardInterrupt
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	MemoryError NameError NotImplementedError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	OSError OverflowError ReferenceError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	RuntimeError StopIteration SyntaxError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	SystemError SystemExit TabError TypeError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	UnboundLocalError UnicodeError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	UnicodeDecodeError UnicodeEncodeError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	UnicodeTranslateError ValueError VMSError
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	WindowsError ZeroDivisionError
  " builtin warnings
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	BytesWarning DeprecationWarning FutureWarning
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	ImportWarning PendingDeprecationWarning
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	RuntimeWarning SyntaxWarning UnicodeWarning
  syn keyword pythonExceptions	UserWarning Warning

if exists("python_space_error_highlight")
  " trailing whitespace
  syn match   pythonSpaceError	display excludenl "\s\+$"
  " mixed tabs and spaces
  syn match   pythonSpaceError	display " \+\t"
  syn match   pythonSpaceError	display "\t\+ "

" Do not spell doctests inside strings.
" Notice that the end of a string, either ''', or """, will end the contained
" doctest too.  Thus, we do *not* need to have it as an end pattern.
if !exists("python_no_doctest_highlight")
  if !exists("python_no_doctest_code_higlight")
    syn region pythonDoctest
	  \ start="^\s*>>>\s" end="^\s*$"
	  \ contained contains=ALLBUT,pythonDoctest,@Spell
    syn region pythonDoctestValue
	  \ start=+^\s*\%(>>>\s\|\.\.\.\s\|"""\|'''\)\@!\S\++ end="$"
	  \ contained
    syn region pythonDoctest
	  \ start="^\s*>>>" end="^\s*$"
	  \ contained contains=@NoSpell

" Sync at the beginning of class, function, or method definition.
syn sync match pythonSync grouphere NONE "^\s*\%(def\|class\)\s\+\h\w*\s*("

if version >= 508 || !exists("did_python_syn_inits")
  if version <= 508
    let did_python_syn_inits = 1
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

  " The default highlight links.  Can be overridden later.
  HiLink pythonStatement	Statement
  HiLink pythonConditional	Conditional
  HiLink pythonRepeat		Repeat
  HiLink pythonOperator		Operator
  HiLink pythonException	Exception
  HiLink pythonInclude		Include
  HiLink pythonDecorator	Define
  HiLink pythonFunction		Function
  HiLink pythonComment		Comment
  HiLink pythonTodo		Todo
  HiLink pythonString		String
  HiLink pythonRawString	String
  HiLink pythonEscape		Special
  if !exists("python_no_number_highlight")
    HiLink pythonNumber		Number
  if !exists("python_no_builtin_highlight")
    HiLink pythonBuiltin	Function
  if !exists("python_no_exception_highlight")
    HiLink pythonExceptions	Structure
  if exists("python_space_error_highlight")
    HiLink pythonSpaceError	Error
  if !exists("python_no_doctest_highlight")
    HiLink pythonDoctest	Special
    HiLink pythonDoctestValue	Define

  delcommand HiLink

let b:current_syntax = "python"

" vim:set sw=2 sts=2 ts=8 noet: